Phimosis in men: symptoms and treatment at home

Sometimes our health does not depend on us. Unfortunately, illnesses can be waiting for us from the earliest childhood and it is very difficult to struggle with them. In particular, it is difficult to fight against diseases that are associated with the genitourinary system of men.

Phimosis is one of the diseases that has been developing since the very young age. Unfortunately, such a disease is not only an external defect, but also hinders the processes of vital activity.

For a long time, many doctors have been trying to fight this disease, both surgically and with alternative medicine.

It's hard to say that it's getting better, but the fact remains: heredity and bad ecology contribute to the development of this defect for more and more males, which causes a lot of problems at first to parents, and then to adult young people.

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Phimosis is not a harmless disease that causes discomfort. It promotes the development of other diseases that are associated with the occurrence and development of urinary infections as a result of stagnation of urine and poor access to water.

Today, many men who are susceptible to this disease, do not want to lie under the surgeon's knife. They are frightened by a long period of rehabilitation, loss of sensitivity and pain.

That's why many people and many people are studying alternative medicine methods that involve physical exercise, proper breathing, specialized nutrition, and various procedures.

Also popular is gaining folk medicine and its methods, which allows you to fight phimosis effectively and painlessly. About what means to use, how not to aggravate the disease and where to begin when following the folk methods - in our article.

Causes of

Phimosis in men can be transmitted both by inheritance and as a consequence of malformation of the reproductive organ.

Newborn boys are born with the skin of the penis attached to the head. As development and growth, by about three years, the peel gradually begins to move away, making the process of urination more convenient.

The process of removing the skin from the head can take several years and ends at about nine years. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to follow the process, because at this age the boys feel embarrassed and do not hurry to share uncomfortable feelings with their parents.

This is how phimosis begins to develop, more precisely, it is its final stage, when it is possible to influence the disease only by treatment.

In some boys, the process of separating the peel from the head is delayed and enters the norm only after fifteen years. What happens to the male organ and how does phimosis manifest itself?

The skin not only does not separate from the head, but also grows together with the overall growth, covering the head completely and tapering to the end. This complicates the process of urination, becomes a breeding ground for infections, and also gives pain.

To fight this disease you need to start right after detection and you can not expect that everything will pass by yourself. It is also important to know the main symptoms of phimosis.

Symptoms of

Symptoms in adult men and in children differ from each other.

  • Children usually feel a slight discomfort when urinating and burning, which can not be said about adult men.
  • In the case of phimosis in adult men, characteristic and corresponding pains appear. They relate to pain in the process of erection, which leads to stretching the skin on the head of the penis.

These pains are manifested with advanced degrees of phimosis. But, even at the initial stages it is necessary to say that discomfort appears in the case of temperature changes and rapid excitement. It's worth paying attention to it in time.

This does not end with the symptoms, although they do not appear in all the stronger sex of phimosis patients, but selectively.

So, very often there are redness of the skin at the level of the head, there are corresponding discharge after urination.

General recommendations of

Before starting treatment, it is necessary to consult a physician. Often self-medication can not lead to the most pleasant consequences and as a result - the stage of the disease becomes depressing.

Also should not be treated with folk medicine if the degree of the disease is high and only surgery is possible. Unfortunately, only operations can allow to get rid of pains and prevent the development of even more serious diseases, including impotence.

Also, a doctor's consultation is necessary in order to choose the right treatment line. Remember that many ingredients from folk remedies can lead to an allergic reaction, which will reduce the effectiveness of treatment by no.

Also, when choosing treatment should not be abused. Choose only a couple of ways that you will use. If one of them does not suit you - it will be easy to exclude it and try new ways.

When treating phimosis, you should also pay attention to the psychological mood. Unfortunately, sometimes people do not believe in what they are trying to heal and accordingly do not see even weak improvements, and stop treatment.

Do not abuse. When resorting to traditional medicine, you should not invent ways of treatment on your own. It is quite possible to harm yourself. Therefore, without consulting a specialist, one should not resort to folk remedies at all.

How to treat folk remedies?

Traditional medicine is considered to be very effective and modern doctors also look at it with interest. Many recipes really deserve reasoning and careful consideration.

Let's get acquainted with the most effective recipes and discuss how to properly perform the procedures in order to ensure that the result does not take long to wait.

Bath with decoction of medicinal herbs

Many believe in the healing power of steam and water baths. Indeed, the steamed skin with phimosis can repeatedly be exposed to your effects and move away from the glans penis.

Of course, taking a bath is with the decoctions of medicinal rights, since they have an antiseptic and healing effect, fixing the result.

You need to bath twice a week. For this, it is necessary to fill the container with warm, slightly hot water. In parallel, dilute in a glass of boiling water one of the herbal dues that are permissible for you. Strongly recommend in their composition - a line and chamomile, since they have a powerful antiseptic effect.

After immersion in the bath, stay in it for a few minutes. As soon as the skin starts to steam, try to begin to gently move it from the penis. If you have phimosis in extreme degree - you can just relax for some minutes in water, thereby obtaining an antiseptic effect from the herbs.

In such baths you can bathe and small children, having arranged them a comfortable temperature.

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Infusion of chamomile

Another way to soften the skin is to make lotions. To do this you will need an infusion of chamomile. Get in the drugstore the dried chamomile and boil it with boiling water. Allow the liquid to cool slightly.

After this, moisten the cheesecloth with a decoction and make lotions for the penis. As soon as the moisture on the cheesecloth starts to cool, moisten it again. The procedure should be done within fifteen minutes twice a week.

After that, it is desirable to get wet with a towel and wear cotton underwear. This recipe will save you from inflammation and rashes.

Infusion of sweet clover medicinal

Also, lotions can be made using a medicinal millet. In addition to antiseptic and healing effect, it gives the code elasticity, which allows the patient to feel relief afterwards during urination.

Make the broth recommended in the following proportions: for 300 ml of boiling water, add one tablespoon of dried flowers and insist 10 minutes before use.

Barley grain

The benefits of barley grain were known to our distant ancestors. It is it that helps to soften the mucosa, is a good bactericidal agent. At night, you should pour a glass of boiling water 50 grams of barley grain.

In the morning, the solution should be boiled again for several minutes and filtered. Further it is necessary to do a washing of a head of a sexual member this solution daily within one week.

Blackberry leaves

A good antiseptic and a germicide is the blackberry, namely its leaves.

The leaves are dried in the oven and crushed. Shredded leaves must be boiled. As the cooling cools again, it is necessary to boil the solution. Then the cooling procedure takes place. Further, lotion with washing.

The main rule when working with strawberry leaves is to maintain the temperature. You can not let the broth be cold. Then it will not bring good, but can only irritate the mucous more.

What is not recommended?

When treating phimosis, do not abuse the means. Perhaps some methods can not be combined with each other, so before you apply something on yourself, carefully read the information.

Also doctors do not recommend performing massages of the penis, because you can damage the skin.

Do not use medicines with small seeds , because the possibility of getting them into the urethra is extremely high. If you use in the treatment of plants that can secrete small parts, then carefully decoctions.

Do not use in the treatment of herbs and agents, which are strong allergens .Even if you have never suffered from allergies, it is likely that the components of medications can irritate the mucosa.

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Prevention measures

It is not necessary to wait for phimosis to develop into a full-blown disease, do everything possible to prevent it from touching you.

If it is a child of , then visit a pediatrician more often. In addition, when bathing, use decoctions of herbs with antiseptic effect. There are some exercises that parents should do with the newborn in order to prevent this disease as much as possible in the future.

If it comes in the adult male , then it is necessary to maintain the purity of the intimate area of ​​his body for prevention purposes and also to make lotions. It is necessary to visit the doctor more often and take tests for infection.

Your health depends only on you, so listen to the unpleasant sensations in your body and perhaps you will prevent the development of the disease in time.

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