Treatment of scabies in the home: the best folk remedies

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Scabies are a parasitic infectious skin disease that is provoked by an itch mite. The human eye can discern it only as a white point, measuring with a poppy seed. Infection with scabies often occurs as a result of close contact with the patient.

Article Contents:
  • Possible Causes of
  • Symptoms of
  • General Recommendations of
  • How to treat folk remedies?
  • What is not recommended?
  • Prophylaxis

Possible causes of

People from all over the world are affected by this disease at any age. Scabies are spread with direct contact with other people already afflicted with this disease. Less often you can get infected through bed linens, hygiene items or clothes of an infected person. It happens that scabies affects whole families.

Scabies are a fairly common phenomenon in dormitories, hospitals, nursing homes, children's centers and other similar institutions.

Small mites, about 1/3 cm, provoke the disease. They penetrate the skin where eggs are laid. The larva forms a hole, similar to a pencil line, which is often called an itch.

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On the 21st day, a tick appears from the egg. This tick multiplies extremely quickly. Less than three months, there may be about 150 million individuals. At room temperature, the life of the mite is 5-14 days.

At high temperatures, around 60 degrees, mites die within an hour. They immediately die at boiling and at temperatures below zero. The manifestation of an allergic reaction to a tick is an itchy rash.

Animals can not spread scabies. Quite low probability of infection in the bath or in the pool. The most common form of infection is sexual contact.

However, it is also possible with other types of contact, for example, from mother to child with normal hugging. Among children, a variant of infection through toys is common.

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Symptoms of

The main symptoms of scabies are as follows:

  • Itching , which in most cases manifests itself at night and at warm temperatures. During the first weeks it will be weak, then it can become more intense. And after a couple of months a person can be so tormented by itching that sleep will become impossible.
  • Appears rashes , having the appearance of small bubbles and nodules. Basically, they affect the area between the fingers and the side surfaces of the fingers.
  • The skin appears ulcers and abrasions .Mostly the reason for them is in combing places that itch. Also can join and a purulent infection.
  • thin lines may appear on the skin, having a white or dirty gray color. Their length can be from one millimeter to several centimeters.
Symptoms during the first two months may not be manifested at all. But even in this case a person can infect another person's disease.

Children usually have the following symptoms:

  • Ticks can be spread all over the skin, in particular on the trunk, and only on the soles and palms in the form of small blisters.
  • In small children, the infection can affect the head, neck, shoulders, palms and soles.
  • In older children, as in adults, the infection can affect the hands, wrists, abdomen and genitals.

General recommendations of

Before starting treatment, it is necessary to wash thoroughly, and it is better to boil clothes, linens, pajamas and towels of the sick person. Also need to handle personal items, toilet seats and door handles.

It is important to vacuum the furniture and carpets well. Treatment is necessary for the whole family or sexual partner of the patient, even if the symptoms do not manifest.

Scabies never pass by itself. It can take years, periodically exacerbating. For the cure, it is sufficient to destroy the mite and its eggs. With this, usually the local means of coping.

Now we offer a lot of effective drugs that help to cure the disease. It is necessary to go to the dermatologist, who will help to appoint the right treatment.

In the treatment of scabies widely used ointments, which include sulfur, lindane, permethine and other substances. Before rubbing such products into the skin, it is better to take a warm shower, which will help remove mites from the surface of the skin and loosen the stratum corneum.

Take a shower is not necessary, if there is pustular skin disease. Such means are rubbed into the skin of the body and limbs. Special care is needed in those places where scabies are localized.

How to treat folk remedies?

In addition to traditional methods of treatment, there are also time-tested folk remedies that can also help in the fight against the disease.

  • Garlic .You need to take 100 g of garlic and grind to the state of gruel. Pour mustard oil and leave for about 20 minutes, then drain, and then wring out. Store such oil in a dark place and apply it to affected areas.
  • Cleaner .This herb has proven itself in the treatment of parasitic skin diseases. It must be remembered that this plant is poisonous, and it is important not to let it get into the eyes and mucous membranes. It is necessary to grind the dry raw materials of grass and mix it with cream. With this ointment, treat affected areas.
  • Household soap .The soap must be crushed with a small grater. Add water and boil to get a stiff condition. Next, take the head of garlic and grind it until smooth. Similar actions to do with the bow of the bow. The resulting gruel is added to the soap. Cool, blend a convenient piece of soap for you and wash your body every day. Bakery kvass .You need to take 200 ml of bread kvass, add a few spoons of common table salt, heat it, and use it several times for the affected areas. It is important that the solution is very hot. Carry out until you can withstand burning.
  • Buckthorn bark .It is necessary to pour a liter of boiling water four teaspoons of dry raw crust of the buckthorn, insist until it cools. You can simply wipe the body, add a decoction to the bathroom or use it for oral administration. Take a tablespoon three times a day.
  • Birch tar of .It should be applied to the affected areas for 2-3 hours. Then lubricate tar previously moistened in warm water, which is added with bran, a swab. After the treatment, apply a tar soap to wash the body and hands.
  • Infusion of walnut .It is necessary to grind unripe fruits, shoots and young walnut leaves in the amount of 20 g, pour them a glass of boiling water and allow to stand under the lid for half an hour, then filter and use for the body two or three times a day.
  • Juniper .You need to take half the wind of berries and twigs of juniper, pour ten liters of boiling water and hold on for another 15 minutes. In this broth, you can take a bath, adding water to the desired level, or just use it to wipe the body.
  • Infusion of rye .Rye grains should be placed in a jar with a volume of 1 liter, pour boiled with warm water to the edge, close the lid and leave in a dark warm place, where the infusion should be infused for 9 days. After the infusion, strain and several times a day to lubricate the entire body.
  • Butter and turpentine .It is necessary to prepare the mixture, take four parts of soft oil and one part of turpentine, and after two times a day, lubricate the affected areas with this remedy.

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What is not recommended?

There is an opinion that it is possible to get rid of a tick using kerosene. Nevertheless, it is better not to resort to this method, since kerosene provokes inflammation of the skin, and at the same time it is quite toxic to the body.


After the diagnosis of scabies, a specialist must fill out a special form and notify the sanitary-epidemiological station of the disease. Preventive measures and their scope are determined depending on the specific situation.

All people who were at the site of infection should be treated simultaneously to avoid re-invasion. It is recommended that once the skin is treated with drugs that can kill mites.

People who have come in contact with the sick or have had scabies to prevent relapse can be helped by such measures:

  • In a pot or aluminum bucket, boil water, add detergent, then put the things that the infected were carrying and boil themwithin seven minutes. After wet clothes pat with hot iron.
  • The objects to which the patient touched must be packed in a sealed bag, left there for a week, and after it is reached - during this time the mites will be killed.

There is a widespread view that the appearance of a tick is always associated with improper hygiene compliance. But this is not so - the tick is immune to soap or water. Regular intake of bath or shower does not reduce the risk of infection and the number of ticks.

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