How to help a child with dry cough at night

Dry cough in the baby at night

Dry cough in the baby at nightThe appearance of a cough in a child at night indicates that in this way the children's organism is protected from foreign pathogens, microorganisms, mucus. A strong dry cough in a child's sleep helps to clear his throat, trachea and bronchi. Do not worry for a long time about the fact that the child coughs at night - it is necessary to establish precisely the cause of what is happening.

Causes of dry cough at night in a child

Not necessarily the reason for a dry cough in a child at night can be covered in colds or SARS. Its occurrence can be caused by various diseases of the cardiovascular system, parasites, gastrointestinal diseases, allergies or asthma. All these conditions can cause a child to have a dry cough that does not go away for a very long time. A normal condition is fifteen coughs throughout the day. In the event that attacks of a night dry cough are repeated more often, it is necessary to address for the help to the doctor.

There is a situation where a dry cough with snoring is observed in a child at night, and during the day, such symptoms are absent. The thing is that the mucus accumulated in the respiratory tract during the day resolves itself and independently occurs its removal, while at night the plugs of mucus clog much of the space of the nasopharynx, irritating the receptors. In such a situation, cough is a kind of reflex, arising as a way of cleaning the space of the nasopharynx. Similar processes occur in the lungs. The situation is complicated by the presence in the child's room of dry air, therefore, in order to alleviate the situation, Humidifiers should be used to help prevent the occurrence of a dry night cough in a child.

Also, a night cough in a child can be triggered by gastro-food reflux - a disease that is caused by throwing into the esophagus the contents of the stomach. It also happens that the child coughs at night until vomiting, in the event that undigested food enters the oral cavity. Possible occurrence of vomiting as a result of the consequences of the child's disease with whooping cough. In this case, even for several months, the appearance of dry cough as an echo of the transferred disease.

Dry cough in a child at night, how to calm?

All parents who have small children should know how to calm a dry cough at night with their babies. Recommendations on this issue are fairly simple and easy to assimilate.

Often, a dry cough occurs as a result of being in a room with dry air, the consequence of which is the defeat of the microorganisms of the mucosa, resulting in a dry cough. It is quite often difficult to calm down such attacks. To prevent the occurrence of this kind of cough, you should hang wet towels around the perimeter of the room. The result of this hanging is the evaporation of moisture and, consequently, the moistening of respiratory organs and systems. The humidifiers of air, which have long and successfully proved their effectiveness in solving this issue, are of great help in this matter.

Means for calming cough at night in a child

A good remedy for calming a dry night cough in a child is a hot tea with the addition of honey. A glass of tea is enough to dilute with two teaspoons of honey and drink in small sips. After a while, a dry cough will weaken its effect and the baby will feel better. If he does not want to drink tea, you can simply dissolve honey, this method is also very effective and effective.

Good cough alleviates through the use of mineral alkaline water, which helps to soften the pharynx. Before drinking this water the child should get rid of the gases, before going to bed one should drink one glass. If a dry cough is repeated even during the day, in order to calm it, you should drink mineral water throughout the whole period of the disease in small doses. In order for a dry cough to turn to wet, you should drink about three or four liters of water per day.

In order to calm the dry cough, a recipe is recommended that combines milk and soda and is characterized by a specific, not quite pleasant aftertaste. For its preparation, a glass of milk is taken, heated and some soda is added to it. When heating it should be ensured that the soda is not extinguished as a result of overheating of the milk, since in this case the effectiveness of this product will significantly decrease. It is recommended to drink milk and soda several times a day. This makes it possible to calm a dry cough in the child and soon completely get rid of it.

Dry cough in the baby at night, what to do?

If a child continues to dry for a long time, he should be shown to the doctor. In case of suspicion he had any serious illness, whether it be whooping cough or asthmatic bronchitis, examination should be appointed more thorough, so that a more accurate diagnosis is made. If the cause of cough, according to the doctor, is ARVI, parents can help their child by themselves.

Actions for a dry night cough in a child

When a dry cough occurs, the child is recommended to parents:

- Ventilate the child's room before going to bed, it is more often to make a wet cleaning in it;

- to carry out additional moistening of the baby's room or with the help of special devices that moisturize the air, if there is no such device, you can use wet towels, putting them on batteries;

- During the day should give the child more drinking. Well suited broths of rose hips, tea, vitaminized mors;

- shortly before going to bed should be flushing the nasal cavity of the baby with a weak and warm solution of salts;

- in no case should we forget that we should not treat dry night cough in a child with antibiotics and antihistamines. If a child has a dry cough, the following medicinal products may be prescribed by the doctor:

- anti-cough drugs of non-narcotic effect - Glaucine (glavent), Butamirate (Sinekod), Pentoxeverin (Sedotussin), Levropropizin (Levoprint).

- Means against cough of general, mixed action. It can be Stopoutsin, Bronholitin, Tussin plus.

Causes of dry cough at night in a child

Expectorants for children's night cough

In the case when a night cough occurs against a background of sputum (this is possible in case of illness bronchitis or pneumonia), doctors recommended the use of the following expectorants:

- Alcoholic syrup;

- elixir of broncholitin;

- glycyram;

- solutan;

- Pectusin;

- Tarmopsis;

- tussine;

- terpinhydrate.

Of course, the health of the child should not be risked. In order to establish the exact cause of the cough and properly appoint and conduct treatment should consult a doctor.

Dry cough at night, in a child, than cure?

With a dry night cough, the child is recommended to give him a lot of fluids. Water helps to liquefy mucus. It is also useful to take measures to moisten the air in the children's room. In the event that the appropriate appliance is not available, you can hang a wet towel in the baby cot. You should not take responsibility for independent decision-making on the question of drugs of the medicinal type, which must be taken to the baby. Appoint them - the prerogative of a doctor. Dry cough requires its own, special approach to treatment, different from the approach to treating a wet cough. Sometimes cough should be stimulated, sometimes muffled.

If the child is not yet six months old, do not grate his breast with ointments for heating purposes. This provokes active sputum liquefaction, which can cause suffocation, because the child is too small to know how to fully expectorate it. Approximately a similar effect has steam inhalation. In addition, thanks to a couple, the infection can penetrate even further along the respiratory tract.

The minimum that needs to be done to make it easier for a child to have a dry night cough is to put it in a different position in a dream. The best position for sleeping a child is the position on his side. It is worth to lower the temperature in the child's room a little - about a couple of degrees. Discomfort this baby does not deliver, but his breathing will be greatly facilitated.

Approximately at the age of five the child already understands that the attack of a cough is not dangerous and will soon pass. To children of younger age at approach of attacks of tussis sometimes becomes simply terrible. Therefore, parents should reassure the baby by picking him up. In this case, parents themselves should be calm, because their condition is transmitted to the child very quickly.

Before you send your child to bed, you should rinse his nose with a weak saline solution. In no case should the child be given antibiotics or antihistamines for the treatment of cough, drugs of this type are contraindicated to him.

If the child is already older than six months, inhalations should be given to treat dry night cough. For children younger than the specified age threshold, these methods are contraindicated for the reason indicated above.

Methods for removing a strong cough in a child at night

metodu sniatiia silnogo kawliaAttacks of night coughing disrupt the sleep of the child, do not rush to give antibacterial drugs, can only worsen the situation. It is important to find out the reason in time, only then to begin the necessary course of therapy. If at night the child is disturbed by a cough that can result in vomiting, the main thing is not to panic. Cough is a defense, it appears in the inflammatory process in the bronchial system, the upper respiratory tract. During the cough, the body is cleared of a large number of bacteria in the disease.

Causes of coughing at night

When a child sleeps, a lot of mucus begins to accumulate in the area of ​​the nasopharynx, it does not resolve, it can stagnate. When a large amount of mucus accumulates, it begins to overlap the area of ​​the nasopharynx, because of this cough is reflex.

This happens to the lungs, when a person lies, mucus and sputum may not resolve at all, because of this, blood circulation in the lungs area may be disturbed. Most often the disease appears in late autumn.

Provokes a paroxysmal cough at night cold, overdried air. Because of it, the mucous membrane is strongly irritated in the larynx, so a strong cough appears.

It is important to treat the cough under the supervision of the therapist, because often, especially in young children, a strong cough at night can cause choking. It must be urgently treated.

Diseases that cause a violent cough at night

1. If a cough is provoked by a viral infection at night, it is accompanied by a strong cold.

2. Cough can appear due to chronic rhinitis, sinusitis.

3. If the cough is accompanied by tingling, perspiration, this indicates pharyngitis of a chronic nature.

4. When a coughing wheezing, it speaks of bronchial asthma. If the child has a mild form other than a cough at night, there are no other symptoms. To clarify the diagnosis, you need to immediately consult a therapist.

5. If the cough lasts a long time at night, while it is dry, it indicates a disease - whooping cough. The disease is easy to distinguish from others, seizures are repeated at the same time, can be aggravated at night. When a child coughs, his face becomes very red, tears appear, lead breath, may be accompanied by severe vomiting.

6. When a child is often troubled by heartburn, a cough at night can be a symptom of reflux.

7. Because of adenoiditis, when the mucus enters the laryngeal region, the child breathes in the air with air, begins to dry out the mucous membrane, a violent cough begins.

8. Care must be taken to the symptom, which is accompanied by high fever, deterioration of the child's condition, it can speak of a serious illness.

Ways of getting rid of a child from a night cough

1. How often can I give a baby at night? With the help of it you can get rid of a dry cough. It is best to prefer warm milk with the addition of Borjomi mineral water, honey, butter, as well as herbal tea based on chamomile, dog rose, linden. When a child does not breathe a nose, he makes it with his mouth. With abundant drinking, you can moisturize your throat, so get rid of a strong cough. If the child has six months, you need to give a decoction on the herbs with a spoon, no more than three times a day, under one teaspoon. If the child is an adult, you can give a decoction on the herbs on a tablespoon.

2. Pay attention to the air in the room, do not allow dry air, constantly ventilate the room, especially when the room is heated, because of it the respiratory system becomes irritated.

3. Often a cough can be triggered by an allergic reaction, this requires the child to give an antihistamine.

4. If the child has not yet reached the age of six months, in no case should antihistamines, rub off the breast, use steam inhalation.

5. Force the child to roll over, so the sputum will not have time to accumulate.

In cases where cough after a course of treatment has not been taken for a long time, it is necessary to consult with the attending physician, blood tests, X-rays, and bronchoscopy.

Remember that coughing always indicates that the body is actively fighting the disease, so not It is worth to focus on the treatment of cough, you need to get rid of the main reason that caused it. Most often at night, an allergic cough worries, so pay attention to which pillow the child is sleeping on, maybe his body does not perceive stuffing from sheepskin, feathers, poor-quality sofa padding, pajamas, on the powders with which the bed is washed. If the cough has appeared abruptly, notice that you have a new one at home, often allergies are aggravated by red eyes, a problem with the skin, dermatitis, itching, redness in the face or body.

That the child was easier to clear his throat, the child's therapist can prescribe medications that will help to get out sputum faster and cough will become productive

If the child's cough is dry at night and it is difficult for him to clear his throat - the doctor can prescribe expectorant medications.

At night, advise to use a compress with potatoes, for this it must be boiled beforehand, a little cool, mash in puree and attach to the back of the child, first go to the diaper, then just compress, so as not to burn the child's skin. On top put on something warm, so that the respiratory organs get warm well. After cooling, the compress is removed.

Thus, cough at night is a symptom of many diseases, do not immediately begin to stuff the child with different medicinal chemical preparations, if he has an allergy and you start giving antibiotics, the situation will only get even worse. The main thing is to monitor the air in the room, give the child plenty of drink and provide him with peace of mind, often in children a strong cough at night can be a consequence of severe stress, nervous strains.

Dry cough in the baby

The child coughs when the surface of the throat is irritated. This happens during illness or when the body fights the infection, secreting a lot of phlegm. What if I have a dry cough in my baby? Young mothers often become confused and begin to panic, especially if there is no coughing up. How to help the baby calm down, get rid of this ailment, find out the causes and ways of treating the disease? Treat or rely on folk remedies?

What is dry cough?

Coughing in an adult and a child is one of the reflexes that helps to rid the body of excess mucus, germs and foreign bodies. When it becomes suffocating, the liquid does not clear up in the form of phlegm, then this process is called dry cough. Especially dangerous if it appears in the baby. This is a symptom of a viral infection, which can be of a long character, and can go away in a few days, with proper diet and adequate treatment.

When a dry cough in a baby or older child acquires a permanent character, this is a consequence of a serious illness. An inflamed larynx, trachea or tonsils lead to a severe attack, which becomes suffocating and brings the baby to vomiting. In such cases, you should not torture a child, you need to immediately contact the pediatrician, who will tell you what to take and how to soothe the baby.


To stop the incessant dry cough in a child and to alleviate his condition, it is necessary to determine what triggered this process. Modern medicine has several dozen reasons, the occurrence of seizures in children, we list the most frequent of them:

The doctor determines the causes of a child's dry cough
  1. Acute bronchitis is a consequence of the inflammatory process in the bronchi, which is accompanied by an increase in body temperature to 38 ° C, dry barking cough, and general weakness. Diagnosis is performed by listening to the bronchi with a stethoscope. Treatment of this disease is aimed at diluting the dried mucus in the bronchi. Dry cough caused by acute bronchitis, successfully treated with drugs and folk remedies for 5-7 days.
  2. Laryngitis and pharyngitis are diseases in which severe laryngeal edema occurs. Accompanied by a continuous swelling in the throat, a sonorous voice becomes hoarse. At the slightest exertion, dyspnea appears. Dry throat does not give the child peace.
  3. Whooping cough is an ailment that begins with a dry cough, at first it does not bother the child much. After a week, seizures become more intrusive. It is not possible to diagnose pertussis immediately. there is a similarity with the common cold. Often it is confused with an allergic cough. The disease is long, weakly treatable. Pertussis is ill once in a lifetime, then persistent immunity is produced.
  4. Diphtheria of the oropharynx (croup) is a deadly disease. It is accompanied by an elevated temperature up to 38 ° C, dry barking cough. Over time, it becomes paroxysmal. If you do not call the doctor in time, diphtheria becomes chronic. Often this ailment is complicated by pneumonia.
  5. Tuberculosis provokes a dry cough in the child. This disease is determined only by clinical analyzes.
  6. Allergic and cold cough. These two ailments are often similar in their symptoms. Many parents ask themselves: how to distinguish between an allergic cough and a cold? Do it not just without putting the relevant tests. Allergic cough occurs unexpectedly, has a paroxysmal character, colds, on the contrary, increase gradually, moving from a slight cough to deep spasms for a day or more.
  7. Bronchial asthma is a combination of three components: allergies, low immunity, disruption of the nervous system. During an asthmatic attack, the child, when inhaled and exhaled, hears whistling sounds in the bronchi, there comes a prolonged, dry cough.
  8. The presence of some species of living organisms (helminths) in the human body contributes to dry cough in the child. Ascarids live not only in the intestines, like the bulk of worms, but move through all the internal organs: getting into the lungs, they cause a dry cough.

Treatment of cough with folk remedies in children

Many parents during the illness of the child do not want to resort to the help of modern medicine. If you do not want to stuff your child with harmful syrups and pills, load a small organism with chemical advertised products, then you can take advantage of the experience of our grandmothers who knew what to treat and how to alleviate the patient's difficult condition. Most types of cough in a child can be cured at home, using folk recipes.


Folk remedies for the treatment of dry cough

Herbal treatment for many centuries has accumulated a lot of experience and does not cease to show a positive result in the fight against a dry cough in a child. Thanks to the healing properties of plants, many diseases are cured, and the preventive use of natural elements secures the result. Here are a few options for useful herbs:

  • Mother-and-stepmother takes the first place in the treatment of all kinds of dry cough. Tannins contained in the leaves of this plant have a diluting effect for thick, viscous sputum, helping it to quickly expectorate. Tea from mother-and-stepmother is drunk warm in the morning, and in combination with natural honey will taste even the most fastidious child. It is advisable to drink it in the evening, before going to bed. Providing anti-inflammatory effect, this plant quickly put on the feet of your baby.
  • Licorice root like the previous grass has an expectorant effect on sputum. With proper use, it will quickly cure of bronchitis, laryngitis. Will ease the condition with a debilitating dry cough during an asthmatic attack. Licorice has an anti-inflammatory effect, beneficently influencing the general well-being of the child. Grass is used to improve immunity and restore strength after ailments.
  • The root of the althea will help get rid of dry cough due to the large content of essential oils, mucus and ascorbic acid. This herb dilutes the withered phlegm, thanks to the enveloping property, contributing to its rapid excretion from the lungs and bronchi.
  • Collection of oregano, calendula, mint, licorice root and violet grass has an effective expectorant effect during a dry cough in a child.

The mustard

Cough treatment in a child mustard plasters

In medicine, mustard plasters are used as a warming agent due to the content of essential oil, which causes a rush of blood and leads to a deepening of breathing. Use them with caution. mustard causes increased production of sputum, which can cause spasm in the bronchi and the larynx, hence the complication - obstructive bronchitis. The vapor from the mustard plasters is caustic, and if inhaled, they can cause a mucous burn. The mustard is a distraction, the benefits of this drug have not been proven. Contraindications to use:

  • Allergy to mustard. If red spots appear on the back during the application of hot packets, then it is necessary to immediately abandon this procedure.
  • Skin diseases.
  • Increased body temperature.
  • Diseases of the heart and pressure problems.


Inhalations for treating a child's cough

Children rarely like inhalation, if you manage to persuade your child to breathe over a warm steam, then a dry, prolonged dry cough can be cured quickly without harming your health. Applying this folk way, you will replace them with chemical preparations, syrups and tablets. Advantages of using inhalation for dry cough:

  • active moisturizing of the nasopharyngeal mucosa, promotes liquefaction of sputum;
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect;
  • safety, provided that natural ingredients are used for inhalation;
  • adding one or two drops (not more) of lavender essential oil, rosemary or tea tree, you will get a double effect: relieve dry cough and relieve the child of a headache.

But with all the positive qualities that inhalation has, do not forget about contraindications:

  • body temperature above normal;
  • emphysema (lung disease);
  • heart problems;
  • presence of purulent sputum.


Cure for a child with a compress

Do not underestimate the benefits of a simple, at first glance, popular way of cough treatment. During the application of compress on the chest area, deep warming of the tissues takes place. This action has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect. Compresses are of several types:

  1. Alcoholic.
  2. Oil.
  3. Dry.
  4. Wet.
  5. Hot.

Applying a compress, you need to make sure that the baby's temperature is normal, otherwise it will provoke an even greater increase. Carry out this procedure in the evening, so that after taking off the child immediately went to bed. With care, you need to use a honey compress. Often the child is allergic to this product. Doctors warn parents of alcohol bandages, because, absorbed through the skin, alcohol harms the small body.

Cough medicine

Sometimes folk remedies, with all their advantages, do not cope with a neglected disease. Then, to help parents come medication from a night dry cough. To quickly get rid of the disease, you need to seek help from a pediatrician who will tell you how to relieve a fit of cough and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Antitussive medications are taken at night, just before bedtime, and expectorants during the day.


A girl drinks syrup from a dry cough

Modern pharmaceuticals consist of several hundred different syrups from cough, expensive and cheap. Made for the child, they have a pleasant sweet taste, the smell, thanks to the fruity additives and natural dyes. This medication is prescribed for children under three years of age. a child of this age is difficult to swallow a pill. Syrups from a dry cough in a child, depending on the cause of its occurrence, have a soft, enveloping effect. Before use, read the instructions carefully, exclude contraindications. There are several types:

  • syrup with antitussive effect, for example, "Sinekod". It is prescribed for an unproductive, painful, not ceasing cough. He treats such diseases as pertussis, croup;
  • syrup with mucolytic effect, such as "Ambrobe" is prescribed in order to soften the cough and dissolve thick sputum;
  • syrup with spasmolytic action, for example, "Pectolvan Ivy", is taken to relieve a painful, barking dry cough.

Preparations for allergic cough

The most effective way to cure this kind of cough is to eliminate the source of allergy. This can be animal hair, dust, chemicals (washing powder, aerosols). In case this did not solve the problem, you need to use the drugstore drugs that suppress the allergic reaction. Only a doctor is entitled to prescribe a treatment. It is necessary to know that such medicines have an effect if you cleaned your house of the cause that caused the allergy. Otherwise, the action will be weak.

Dry medicine

Powder for preparation of medicine for coughing

To ease the obsessive cough in a child, the doctor often prescribes a dry potion. This drug before consumption is diluted with boiled water and taken internally. Advantages of dry medicine:

  • has a natural composition, which includes the root of licorice;
  • has a wide range of actions, it is used as an expectorant, relieves spasm, painkiller;
  • convenient dosage in the form of bags, used immediately after manufacture;
  • large expiration date.

Other drugs

With pneumonia, inflammation of the bronchi, trachea and laryngitis, the doctor, in addition to folk methods, prescribes soluble powders from a cough, such as "ATSTS". This medicine is taken for 7 days. Relief comes on the second day of treatment. Well dissolves the dried sputum and allows it to easily release bronchi and lungs. Due to the irritating and antioxidant effect it fights bacteria and infection, which is caused by ARVI.

What to do if a dry cough does not go away

The longer the child coughs, the faster the coughing habits in the brain are formed. The reason is gone, and the seizures remain for months. In most cases this is due to dehydration of the body, low level of humidity in the house. These reasons are easily eliminated by copious drinking (not carbonated, not sweet drinks), daily wet cleaning, or by the inclusion of an air humidifier (preferably).

Video: Komarovsky on a dry cough

All respected doctor Komarovsky as no one else will be able to talk about the causes of the onset of a prolonged dry cough, how to help alleviate the condition of a sick kid and his parents if the child has cough all night. Available and with the humor inherent in this pediatrician, he will disclose information about the methods of treatment, about contraindications to these or other methods. Answer the most exciting questions of parents.

Feedback on treatment

Irina, 27 years old: "My son is 3 years old. A month ago I started to go to the kindergarten, less than a week passed and fell ill next morning. I returned home with fever. Dry cough only began at night. I did not know what helped in such cases and began to treat it with folk remedies: I made chamomile, mother-and-stepmother and rose hips. After applying herbs, a few days later the cough became wet, the runny nose disappeared. "

Olga, 25 years old: "After discharge from the hospital, my baby has a dry cough. I did not know how to properly treat in children up to a year this disease. The child was without temperature and there were no other signs of a cold. Accidentally I saw the transfer of Dr. Komarovsky, who talked about coughing in children. The reason was found in the soft toys and carpet that were in our room. "

Natalia, 32 years old: "When my child has an unproductive cough, I think it's from the dry air in the house and I know how to stop the illness: I spend wet cleaning in the room, I enter the drinking regime, in the form of clean water and warm tea with honey, I turn on the humidifier for the night from dry air, I air the house. I do not close the window for sleep, even in winter. And that's all! I do not welcome any chemistry, and we do not go to the doctors, we do not drip anything into our nose. "

Dry cough in a child - treatment

dry cough in children treatment

Child cough is one of the most common causes of parental anxiety. In this article, we'll talk about how to relieve the child a dry cough, what kind of help a child should have with a dry cough, and consider the most effective medications for a child from a dry cough.

How to cure a dry cough for a child and should it be treated?

Dry cough in children is not always a sign of illness. A healthy baby coughs on average 15-20 times a day. Cough is, in fact, a protective reaction of the body, a method of releasing the respiratory tract from foreign particles and bodies that prevent breathing normally. And hyper-caring mothers (and especially grandmothers) at the slightest manifestation of a cough in a baby are treated with his medicinal medicines and syrups, without digging up the reasons for the appearance of a cough. And since the most frequent guests in home medicine kits are expectorating syrups, the cough does not disappear, but is strengthened (since the main function of such drugs is to help in the excretion of mucus, stimulation of coughing).

So, the first thing to remember yourself and explain to all relatives: not every cough is a sign of illness. Do not immediately rush to treat, first of all, you should establish the cause of the cough and only then determine the scheme and procedure for its elimination.

Cough is not necessary if:

  1. In addition to coughing, there are no other symptoms.
  2. The behavior and mood of the child is normal.
  3. The child has a normal sleep and appetite.
  4. Coughing does not prevent the baby from leading a normal lifestyle.

Treatment is required if:

  1. Cough paroxysmal, bothersome, very strong.
  2. The child can not sleep normally, wakes up at night from a cough.
  3. There are signs of an allergy.
  4. Coughing attacks provoke vomiting.
  5. Cough becomes stronger, seizures become more frequent.
  6. The baby is listless, complains of fatigue, feels bad.
  7. The child has a fever.

And the very first thing that parents should do is not look for a cough remedy for children themselves, but go to the pediatrician.

What is the cure for dry cough?

Treatment for a cough will depend on the cause that caused it. If this mechanical blockage (for example, something is stuck in the nasopharynx), then the treatment will reduce to the release of the respiratory tract from the foreign body. If the cause of the cough is an allergy, then first of all it will be treated (prescription of antihistamines and restriction of contact with the allergen are the most frequent measures). It is not excluded the development of cough as a symptom of infectious diseases (pertussis, false croup, parainfluenza, etc.)

Tablets, injections or cough syrups (dry or wet) should not be given to children without consulting a doctor. Similarly, it is impossible at your discretion to change the dosage, the regimen of admission or the duration of the course of treatment - this can not only reduce the effectiveness of therapy, but also harm the baby.

Non-medicamentous ways to relieve a child of a dry cough

To make it easier for a child to ease a fit of dry cough, you can give him:

  • some buckwheat honey (natural). Of course, this method is contraindicated for those who have intolerance to honey;cure dry cough to the child
  • a glass of warm milk with soda (for 200 ml of milk about a fourth of a teaspoon of soda);
  • a cup of warm tea with raspberry jam.

Inhalations with dry cough can help a child well and greatly alleviate his condition. For inhalation use alkaline mineral water or a weak aqueous solution of baking soda. Remember that you can not use boiling water for inhalation of children.

A good effect is the massage of the chest and feet.

If the dry cough in the child has changed to wet, the sputum began to expectorate, which means that the healing process has begun.

How to sleep a child when coughing

How to sleep a child when coughing

When a person is sick, coughing during the day usually does not cause special problems, unlike the night. It is at night, to be exact at midnight, there is a sharp exacerbation of a cough, a person can not fall asleep and prevents sleep to his relatives. And in a greater degree children suffer from this.

What should I do if I have a cough?

The main cause of a cough is a viral infection. It categorically can not be treated with antibiotics - if only because the coughs cleanse the bronchi and lungs. When suppressing a cough, natural protection against serious bacterial infections, for example, pneumonia, will be eliminated.

If you are not able to see how your child is suffering and can not fall asleep at night due to a severe cough, then you should start taking action.

Help the child fall asleep

The first recommendation is traditional: drink more water. The liquid will not only soften the cough, but it also helps to remove phlegm. As a soothing means will help a hot drink - milk with honey and butter, cranberry mors or herbal infusion from expectorant herbs. Such a drink will help moisturize the throat, thereby weakening the cough.

The second recommendation is to keep the baby's nose clean. A clogged nose will cause the child to start breathing through the mouth, which will lead to drying of the throat and mouth. To do this, before going to bed, it is necessary to cleanse the baby's nose and, if necessary, bury with child's vasoconstrictive drops. Or wash the nose with brine.

The third recommendation is to lower the temperature in the room. Hot air in the room can strengthen cough, and cool air is more moist, which is what is needed in this situation. Just do not use artificial instruments to humidify the air, because in them the pathogenic bacteria and mold multiply much faster.

The fourth recommendation - you can not rub the baby's breasts at night. The ointment will not affect the night cough in any way, but the inhalation of its vapors can lead to pneumonia.

General tips for a child's night cough may be as follows. If you are absolutely sure that your baby is allergic, this cough should be stopped with antihistamines. But before using, be sure to read the instructions to accidentally prevent the child from taking an adult medicine and accurately observe the dosage.

If the baby does not sleep for several nights, try giving him drugs containing dextromethorphan and guaifenesin. Such medications soften phlegm and relieve cough. Of course, they will not give a 100% effect, but this is considered to be their dignity, since it is strictly forbidden to suppress cough completely.

Remember that giving a child under 1 year of potent cough medicines is prohibited, since their effects may affect the baby's breathing.

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