Plaster of pain in the back, joints and muscles


  • 1Plasters, helping with pain in muscles and joints: species, description, composition and application
    • 1.1Healing properties of plasters
    • 1.2Pepper plaster
    • 1.3Plasters with reflective coating
    • 1.4Plasters with NSAIDs
    • 1.5Voltaren
    • 1.6Ketotop
    • 1.7Adhesive plasters
    • 1.8Versatis
    • 1.9Chinese plasters with medicinal herbs
    • 1.10Xinyi 003
    • 1.11Medical plaster "Miao Zheng" with a magnet
    • 1.12Tiger Plaster
    • 1.13Black Ants Speranskia Health Paste
    • 1.14Nanocouplers
    • 1.15Nanoplast forte
  • 2Plaster for back pain: best analgesics and Chinese remedies
    • 2.1Where does the pain in the back come from?
    • 2.2What patches help with back pain
    • 2.3Nanoplast forte
    • 2.4Plaster with lidocaine Versatis
    • 2.5Orthopedic
    • 2.6Relief from back pain
    • 2.7Warm-up
    • 2.8Pepper plaster
    • 2.9Ketonal thermo
    • 2.10Chinese medical plasters
  • 3Overview of therapeutic patches for back pain
    • 3.1Pain in the muscles and trauma
    • 3.2Occupational diseases
    • 3.3Overvoltage
    • 3.4Injuries of varying degrees
    • 3.5Diseases of the back muscles of a psychological nature
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    • 3.6Diseases of the spine
    • 3.7Properties and curative substances of popular patches
    • 3.8Glucosamine sulfate
    • 3.9Chondroitin
    • 3.10Thiamine: vitamin B1
    • 3.11Classification
    • 3.12Pepper
    • 3.13With NSAIDs
    • 3.14Reflected heat
    • 3.15Overview of modern plasters: description, prices, reviews
    • 3.16With natural ingredients Nano Patch GS (Nano Patch)
    • 3.17Anesthetic anti-inflammatory medical plaster Nanoplast
    • 3.18Voltaren
    • 3.19Anesthetizing - Versatis
    • 3.20Heating - Ketonal
    • 3.21Chinese plaster
    • 3.22Bone from Black Ants with Magnets
    • 3.23Tiger
    • 3.24"Miaochzhen" anesthetizing with a magnet
    • 3.25"Xin 003"
    • 3.26Application
  • 4A patch for back pain: the causes of discomfort, the therapeutic effects of transdermal drugs

Plasters, helping with pain in muscles and joints: species, description, composition and application

Microtraumas of muscle fibers, spasms and hypertension of muscles provoke pain, and can even restrict the movement of a person. The most effective method of myalgia to date is a local thermal effect on the pain zone. For this, warming tinctures, gels and ointments are used.

But the most easy to use special patches, which quickly and effectively help get rid of spasm, remove puffiness and eliminate pain syndrome.

Their action is provided by the medicinal substances contained in the plasters, which gently penetrate the tissues and warm the deep layers.

Healing properties of plasters

Kinesioplastic (kinesis - movement)perfectly combined with basic therapydiseases in which muscles ache. They can be used in the following conditions and diseases:

  1. edema of soft tissues;
  2. lumbulgia;
  3. stretching;
  4. bruises;
  5. arthrosis;
  6. arthritis.

Reducing the timing of recovery, plasters to the samehave no side effectson the gastrointestinal tract. It is advantageous for them to differ from analgesics, antispasmodics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Pepper plaster

This most famous and common patch is used mainly for back pain. It includes:

  • extract of chilli pepper;
  • tincture of arnica;
  • extract of belladonna;
  • natural rubber;
  • pine rosin;
  • lanolin;
  • petrolatum.

After gluing the pepper patch to the problem zone, a warming effect is created.

butThe treatment with it can be limited, because with incorrect use the main component strongly irritates the skin.

That's why pepper stick-plaster can not be used for skin diseases.

Plasters with reflective coating

This is the most environmentally friendly adhesive plaster, the action of which is based on reflecting the heat produced by the body and accumulating it in the problem area.It does not contain any active substances, therefore has no contraindications. The adhesive plaster is fixed not to the skin, but to the underwear.

Plasters with NSAIDs

Healing adhesive plasters, which includenonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, are used for the following conditions and diseases:

  1. bruises and sprains;
  2. degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine;
  3. sciatica and lumbago;
  4. radiculitis;
  5. arthrosis and arthritis.


The diclofenac-based patch has many advantages:

  • A wide range of indications. It can be used for pain in muscles after stretching, trauma, bruising and overstrain. It will perfectly help with degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the spine and joint pain. Will remove puffiness and inflammation of joints and soft tissues after injuries or with rheumatic diseases.
  • Prolonged analgesic effect. Due to the long process of drug release, the anesthetic effect lasts for 24 hours.
  • Ease of application. Quickly glued to the painful area and does not require repeated application.
  • The possibility of use from adolescence (from 15 years).
  • Ease of use. The plaster is fast and convenient to stick, so you can use it in any situation. He does not leave any marks on his clothes. And due to corporal color is almost invisible.

Voltaren is produced in different types of packaging. You can buy just 5 patches or buy an economical option - a package of two pieces. Because thethe patch of the Voltaren line has contraindications, before using it, you should read the instructions.


The active substance of the patch isanti-inflammatory and analgesicketoprofen. In addition, it includes:

  1. polyisobutylene;
  2. hydrogenated diclopentadiene gum
  3. propylene glycol monolaurate;
  4. acrylic adhesive.

Ketoton is easy to use,has a minimum number of side effects, quickly and accurately acts. It does not contain coloring components, therefore does not have a strong smell and does not leave stains on clothes.

Duration of treatment andduration of wearing Ketotop plasterin each case is individual. With pain, the course of treatment is usually a week. Change the patch two times a day. However, before use, consult a physician.

Adhesive plasters

itanesthetizing adhesive plasters, which include the blocking nerve surface receptors of the substance. Used as a substitute blockade for severe pain in the muscles and joints.


The mainactive ingredientThis local anesthetic is lidocaine. With the help of this, the nerve impulse is blocked on sensitive nerves, due to which an anesthetic effect is obtained.

Indications for use:

  • hernia;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • tumor compression of the spinal roots;
  • neuralgia;
  • myositis;
  • postherpetic neuralgia.

The patch is glued to the painful area and fixed for 12 hours. At the same time, you can stick up to three patches. Between treatments there should be a break of 12 hours. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the pathology. For more than five days, the drug should not be used.

Chinese plasters with medicinal herbs

Chinese plasters for jointsare effectivewith a variety of diseases.

Their action is based on the slow penetration of therapeutic agents into the deeper layers of the skin.

Under the influence of skin temperature, the drug is heated, and the beneficial substances begin to affect the affected area, soothing the pain and relieving the inflammation.

Xinyi 003

Patchconsists of natural componentsand is a safe alternative to chemicals. It includes:

  1. the Momordica of Cochin;
  2. Willow branches weeping;
  3. myrrh;
  4. bosveliya;
  5. beeswax.

Xinyi 003 is usedwith pain associated with trauma, post-operative pain in the joints, hematomas, humeroscapular periarthritis, chronic tendon diseases, swelling of soft tissues. They can be used to prevent and treat bursitis, calcaneal spur, lumbar and cervical osteochondrosis.

Before applying the plaque plate, a painful place is recommended to massage a little with light movements. The time of application is 18-36 hours.

Medical plaster "Miao Zheng" with a magnet

Designed by the South Korean hanfonthe drug connects the method of external treatmentChinese medicine with magnetic field treatment.

Thanks to the latter, the medications are quickly absorbed into the painful place and eliminate pain, resolve the inflammation, expel rheumatism and cold.

The composition of the plates "Miaojen" includes:

  • magnet;
  • Jianhuang;
  • The buffalo horn;
  • Sichuan multicolor mountaineer;
  • Spirit;
  • jyusyan;
  • tuyuan.

It is used for pain in muscles and joints, injuries, bruises, fractures, traumatic swelling of soft tissues, sciatica nerve inflammation, numbness of limbs, rheumatoid arthritis. On the problem place "Miaojen"applied for 48-72 hours. For a full course of treatment is enough for 4 to 8 plaster plates. Contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation.

Tiger Plaster

Tiger Plaster Platesare based on innovative technologieswith the use of more than 35 types of medicinal plants.

The most effective component is stinging, which has a pronounced analgesic effect.

In addition, the composition of the product includes medicinal oils, vitamins, camphor, menthol and other useful substances.

Tiger patch removes inflammation and swelling, increases local blood circulation. But most importantly -it eliminates pain in arthrosis, arthritis, osteochondrosisand post-traumatic pain.

Tiger plaster plates will help with numbness, convulsions and paralysis.

Their action is that the components warm up, increasing blood circulation, nourishing the nerves and restoring sensitivity.

The exposure time of the product is 11 hours.In the first minutes of contactwith the skin there may be a burning sensation or a slight tingling.

This means that the medicinal components began to function. After a short period of time, unpleasant sensations must pass.

The course of treatment is not more than three weeks.

Black Ants Speranskia Health Paste

The product is used for muscle and joint pain, it is used for bruising and bruising.The composition of the patch includes nanoparticles, which quickly penetrate into the focus of pain and extinguish it. Therapeutic components of the product:

  • black ants;
  • magnet;
  • propolis;
  • safflower;
  • papaya;
  • Angelica;
  • ginger;
  • Hu Yuan;
  • pink radiolink;
  • borneol;
  • ferromagnetic nanoparticles.

On the affected area, the plaster plate can be kept for up to 4 days. Before use, the affected part of the body should be thoroughly washed and thoroughly dried.


Based on the bio-additives data types of patchesare made using nanotechnology. In medicine, this technology has appeared quite recently and is used in the following cases:

  1. To carry out bloodless and seamless operations.
  2. To deliver drugs with the help of nanoparticles directly to the source of the disease.
  3. For diagnostics, using nanoelectronic robots and sensors.
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Nanoplast forte

On the polymer basis of the productbioactive substances ground up to "nanosize"of plant origin.

Since the production of nanoplaster is Chinese, then all supplements come from non-traditional Chinese medicine.

Through the skin, bioactive components "self-absorb" into nanocomplexes and penetrate only into the diseased area, without touching the healthier tissues.

Nanoplastyt forte is superimposed on the affected area and heals within 24 hours. It is thin, small and water resistant, odorless and long-lasting.Apply the patch only on a cleaned surface.

Do not use it, if the skin has wounds, allergic irritations, ulcers. To remove acute pain, enough treatment in 3-5 days. The duration of treatment for more complex diseases can reach nine days.

Of course, plasters are not one hundred percent effective means for eliminating pain and inflammation in muscles and joints. Sameuseful for all they can not be.

After all, even the most proven and powerful drugs for different people have different effects. Everything depends on the individual characteristics of the body.

However, experts say that in most cases, medical patches are effective and show good results.

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Plaster for back pain: best analgesics and Chinese remedies

The unbearable pain in the back is a phenomenon that everyone has faced to some extent. The modern market of the pharmaceutical industry is replete with all sorts of means that facilitate the syndromes at home.

A patch for back pain is the offspring of large manufacturers of medicines. This method of getting rid of unpleasant symptoms has been known for a long time, but it was not used so actively in the treatment of various pain syndromes until it acquired a new form.

Efficiency, ease of use are among the decisive factors in the growth of the popularity of patches.

Where does the pain in the back come from?

The soreness of different parts of the back appears for many reasons. Lack of proper attention to the first signs of pathology can lead to serious complications, the fight against which will take a long time.

The constant ignoring of the body's signals with time flows into the weakening of the muscular corset of the back of the trunk, the negative changes in the musculoskeletal system.

The most common causes of back pain are:

  • muscle spasms;
  • injuries;
  • stretching;
  • long stay in an uncomfortable position (drivers, office workers);
  • stress;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • infringement of nerve roots;
  • irradiative pains against the background of diseases of internal organs.

Transdermal therapeutic systems (TTS) are designed to slowly release the drug formula through the patient's skin to the focus of inflammation.

The main mechanism of action of such drugs is to contain the production of prostaglandins, thereby eliminating puffiness, inflammation, and unpleasant sensations.

Plasters of pain in the back can contain various components that contribute to the temporary suppression or complete elimination of syndromes:

  1. Analgesics or anesthetics block surface receptors, as a result of which a person does not feel any discomfort.
  2. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory substances (diclofenac sodium) help to quickly eliminate pain syndrome in an acute period, have a variety of side effects.
  3. Glucosamine sulfate promotes the synthesis of "cartilaginous" cells. Vitamin B1 accelerates metabolism, takes part in the restoration of the nervous system.
  4. Medicinal herbs trophically improve the condition of damaged tissues, due to beneficial effects on blood circulation and metabolic processes.

What patches help with back pain

A great alternative to injections, medicines that have a lot of side effects - drugs with a local transdermal mechanism of action. There are many patches of pain in the dorsal region, which have a different therapeutic effect.

If the cause of discomfort lies in the spine, then TTS will effectively eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

Pathologies of the internal organs often cause soreness in the back of the trunk, with this diagnosis a patch of back pain will not help: it only temporarily "drowns out" the irradiative nature of clinical manifestations paintings.

The principle of the analgesic patch is based on the mechanism of percutaneous penetration to the focus of inflammation.

Analgesics or anesthetics, which form the basis of TTS, block the surface nerve receptors, whereby the sensitivity of the affected area is reduced and inflammation is removed.

Anesthetic plaster helps quickly get rid of back pain. The main therapeutic means of this type of TTS can be called:

  • Plasters with NSAIDs. At the heart of such a transdermal system are non-steroidal agents that have many contraindications. The appointment of a doctor of such TTS occurs in the acute phase of the disease, in order to facilitate the patient's condition. Prolonged use of NSAIDs can cause a number of undesirable consequences in the form of: gastritis, stomach ulcers, liver and kidney pathologies. Plaster with non-steroidal agents is used for arthritis, radiculitis, arthrosis. Among the pain relievers of TTS, the "Voltaren" patch for back pain, "Diclofenac-ratiofarm "Ketotop" are very popular.
  • Anesthetics. The composition of such preparations is saturated with preparations blocking surface receptors. Plaster "Versatis" contains lidocaine, which has an anesthetic effect, and many other substances that accelerate the healing of cartilage tissues and joints.
  • Plasters based on herbs. This group is produced by Chinese pharmaceutical companies, which rely on non-traditional medicine. Active herbal extracts in these patches improve blood flow, relieve swelling of tissues. Plasters of Haogang and Zhong Bang brands are very popular.
  • Nanoplastic. These transdermal agents contain bioactive substances of plant origin. The focus of the disease is surrounded by the smallest nanoparticles that have the property of penetrating through the cell membrane. Among such patches, the TPS "Nanoplast Fort" became widely known.

Nanoplast forte

The TTS agent was developed on the basis of 12 layers of bioactive substances. The unique nature of the patch of the nanopatch is that its components only affect pathological cells, and do not touch healthy ones.

TTS of this kind does not have contraindications and side effects: nanoplast during pregnancy and feeding is allowed. Especially it is necessary to allocate the device Nanoprost, carrying out vibromassage on a background of a pulsating magnetic field.

This device effectively fights with chronic pelvic pain.

Plaster with lidocaine Versatis

Therapeutic transdermal patch, the main active ingredient of which is lidocaine. With the help of "Versatis an analgesic effect is quickly achieved, due to the blocking of nerve conduction.

The drug with lidocaine has one contraindication: an individual intolerance to the anesthetic.

It is forbidden to use a patch when driving a vehicle, because lidocaine reduces the activity of nervous activity.


Transdermal systems of this type are indispensable for all kinds of problems with the spine, they help to eliminate the symptoms of sciatica, lumbago, osteochondrosis, joint and muscle pain.

Orthopedic TTS of Chinese origin have only natural components of plant origin. The composition of the drug base of such drugs is derived from a long study of alternative medicine.

Plasters of back pain do not contain chemical impurities, do not have contraindications and side effects.

Relief from back pain

Orthopedic anesthetic transdermal preparation "Relief" is made in China. The recipe for this drug TTS includes more than 10 herbs, it is manufactured according to modern standards, meets international requirements.

"Relief" has passed many clinical trials and proved the effectiveness of its application. When using a patch, it is recommended to stop eating milk, meat, spicy and salty foods.

"Relief" is successfully used in the fight against bronchitis, for this you need to simultaneously glue two squares on the chest and back.


Means with a warming effect are designed to improve blood circulation by irritating the skin and accelerate metabolic processes within the affected area.

Immobilization of the spine during exacerbation of the syndrome leads to the accumulation of the products of the vital activity of cells and, as a result, to the intensification of unpleasant sensations.

It is very important to restore normal blood circulation when symptoms of soreness of the back appear.

Pepper plaster

The main substance in this TTC is the extract of chilli peppers. In addition, a constituent element of the patch are plant components: belladonna extract, pine rosin, arnica tincture.

The warming transdermal is contraindicated in the presence of dermatological diseases and allergic reactions.

Pepper patch can be glued in small squares to certain acupuncture points or used entirely, placing on a large focus of inflammation.

Ketonal thermo

TTC agent with a warming effect, the constituent elements of which are: activated carbon, water, salt, iron powder.

The action of Ketonal Thermo is aimed at deep warming, promoting muscle relaxation, alleviating pain syndrome.

The patch has a number of contraindications: dermatological diseases, pregnancy, lactation, diabetes, circulatory disorders, children under 14 years.

Chinese medical plasters

Descriptions of Chinese remedies claim that they have unique healing qualities and are able to heal any ailment without applying basic therapy.

Chinese therapeutic patches, according to their instructions for use, are not considered medicines, which frees these TTCs from the need for certification.

Clinical studies on many of them are absent, which once again proves the inefficiency of the drug. Among all the abundance of Chinese plasters, the following are of particular interest:

  1. Ant with magnets. The combined effect of ant venom and magnetic field solves many problems with the back. Special nanotechnology delivers a medical secret to the focus of inflammation and brings considerable relief to the patient. Contraindications: pregnancy, lactation, open wounds.
  2. Miaozhen. The TTS is made of environmentally friendly spunbond, impregnated with curative composition and medical glue. It has a therapeutic effect on bone, muscle and joint pain. Contraindications: pregnancy, lactation, individual intolerance to the components of the plaster, oncology, heart and kidney disease.
  3. Blue 003. This drug consists of completely natural ingredients. It has an anti-inflammatory, local anesthetic effect, relieves swelling of tissues, activates metabolic processes in the joints. Contraindications: individual intolerance, purulent inflammation of the joints and soft tissues.

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Overview of therapeutic patches for back pain

There is a misconception that back pain occurs only in the elderly.

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However, the facts show that various diseases of the back in young people are not less common.

Pain in the back area can be divided into three main groups:

  • Muscle pain in the back area (muscle spasms, trauma and stretching of the muscles).
  • Osteochondrosis and other diseases of the spine, their complicated forms.
  • Pain in the back, which are symptoms of diseases of the internal organs of man. For example, in the kidney area.

Pain in the muscles and trauma

Muscle pains are quite common and very diverse.

Most often, pain in the back muscles arises from a long stay in one, often uncomfortable, posture.

Occupational diseases

This is a professional disease of drivers, office workers, medical workers and many other representatives of professions. In this case, there is a high risk of the disease becoming chronic.


In some cases, the overstrain of individual muscle groups can lead to trophic changes in them.

Overexertion of the back muscles can occur with prolonged exposure in one fixed form.

Nnaprimer if the patients comply with bed rest, in the treatment of fractures and other similar injuries, or just during deep sleep.

Also, the cause may be hypothermia, wearing uncomfortable heavy clothing, improper carrying of weights.

Injuries of varying degrees

Obtained by athletes and people engaged in manual labor.

Most often occur in beginner athletes or after a long break in classes.

As a rule, the main reason is that unprepared or insufficiently heated muscles undergo significant physical exertion. These people tend to rarely seek medical help.

It happens that minor injuries are almost by themselves.

However, it is not necessary to neglect traumas, their systematic nature can give complications and further transition of the disease to the musculoskeletal system.

Diseases of the back muscles of a psychological nature

In other words, it is cramping in the muscles, as a result of emotional stress and depressive state. Chronic stress and depression can provoke chronic same forms of diseases of the muscles of the back.

Diseases of the spine

Diseases of the back, such as osteochondrosis and its complicated forms, cause the most severe pain in the back area.

It is very important to begin treatment of osteochondrosis in the early stages of the disease!

Further degenerative-dystrophic changes can have extremely complex consequences for the spine.

Also, back pain can besymptom of diseases of internal organsrights. People say about such cases "give in the back." In this case, of course, a serious diagnosis and appropriate treatment of the disease itself is necessary.

Properties and curative substances of popular patches

Orthopedic patches consist of the following three basic substances:

Glucosamine sulfate

This substance promotes the production of cartilage cells in the human body.

The effect is based on the following principle: the substance enters the body and participates in stimulation production of long chains of sugars, the latter, in turn, participate in the restoration of damaged cartilage tissue.

Medical studies found that glucosamine sulfate is absolutely harmless to the human body, there are no side effects.


A substance intended for normalization of cartilage tissue functions. When chondroitin enters the body, cartilage tissues are supplied with a lot of moisture and nutrients. Thus, chondroitin protects the cartilage from destruction.

Thiamine: vitamin B1

In the human body, thiamine is converted into a cocarboxylase substance, which is an accelerator of the processes of assimilation of fats and carbohydrates. In addition, vitamin B1 is involved in the restoration of the nervous system and the protective properties of the human body. and protective properties of the human body.



Known, proven look.

The name speaks for itself: the main substance in this patch is an extract of chilli pepper.

In addition, substances such as belladonna extract, arnica tincture, pine rosin, natural rubber, vasilin, lanolin and others are contained.

Contraindicated in skin diseases.

Paste both on the sick site, and small squares at certain points of acupuncture.


Anti-inflammatory drugs contained in the plaster are absorbed through the skin. In contrast to pepper does not cause overheating, however, irritations are not ruled out, mainly of an allergic nature. It is not devoid of side effects, characteristic of chemical preparations.

Reflected heat

The most eco-friendly look. The action is based on the reflection of heat generated by the human body and accumulation in the right place. Does not contain active ingredients, there are practically no contraindications.

Overview of modern plasters: description, prices, reviews

With natural ingredients Nano Patch GS (Nano Patch)

Nano PatchGS is an innovative adhesive that can not only relieve pain, but also completely cure joint disease, including back problems.

Preparations of this group are also calledchondroprotectors.

Contains effective substances in its composition: glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin, thiamine: vitamin B1.

It stops the production of enzymes that destroy cartilaginous tissues and stimulates the synthesis of cartilaginous cells. The plaster is more effective than the dosage form of the same or similar preparations.

The cost of a package of 18 patches, calculated for a monthly course of treatment is on average3000 rubles(year 2014).

Anesthetic anti-inflammatory medical plaster Nanoplast

Nanoplast is an orthopedic plaster that effectively affects both osteochondrosis and muscle spasms and injuries.

The duration of the action of Nanoplast is about 12 hours, which is more than that of other patches and other forms.

Nanoplast is produced using a unique technology. Contains as part ofmixture of rare earth magnetic mineral and powder of hypoallergenic polymer.

The principle of operation is based on a combination of a warming effect and the action of a constant magnetic field. Restoration of damaged tissues occurs naturally.

Form of issue:3 patches, sealed in a sealed bag. average cost170-190 rublesfor packing at a plaster size of 12x9 cm (2014).


Voltaren is a transdermal patch containing, as an analgesic and an anti-inflammatory agent, diclofenac.

A small amount of excipients is present.

A wide range of applications for diseases of joints and muscle tissue.

Overdose of diclofenac with the use of voltaren plaster is practically excluded. However, allergic reactions are possible. Has a number of limitations in diseases of internal organs, is not recommended for children, pregnant women.

The cost of a pack of 5 patches on average is230-250 rubles(year 2014).

Anesthetizing - Versatis

Versatis is a therapeutic transdermal patch with the main active substance lidocaine.

Quickly relieves pain by blocking nerve conduction.

The auxiliary substances contained in the composition of the patch, to some extent create the conditions for tissue repair.

The main effect of the plaster Versasis is the rapid removal of pain.

The main contraindication is lidocaine intolerance. Do not use when driving a vehicle: lidocaine inhibits the reaction.

The average cost of a pack of 5 patches is600 rubles(year 2014).

Heating - Ketonal

Ketonal is a patch of warming action. Contains iron powder, salt, activated carbon and water.

Healing the sick area, promotes deep relaxation of the muscles, thereby relieving the pain.

Has a number of restrictions on the use in pregnancy, skin diseases, diabetes, circulatory disorders. It is not recommended for children under 14 years.

The average cost of a package of 10 patches is700 rubles(year 2014).

Chinese plaster

Of the many varieties of Chinese patches for the treatment of back problems, the following are the most popular:

Bone from Black Ants with Magnets

Removes all kinds of pain, effectively heals. Contraindicated in pregnancy, with open wounds, with allergies. The cost of 200 rubles per package of 2 pieces.


It is made of natural plant components. Soft effect with the least side effects. The cost of 140 rubles.

"Miaochzhen" anesthetizing with a magnet

Combination of the effects of medicinal herbs and magnetic field. Opposition: pregnancy, with breastfeeding, open wounds. The cost of 70 rubles.

"Xin 003"

Removal of pain syndromes, prevention and treatment of osteochondrosis. Vegetable components with beeswax. Contraindicated with individual intolerance and purulent inflammation of joints and tissues. The cost is 50 rubles.


Recommendations for the use of adhesive tape from different manufacturers are somewhat different.

So, with plasterNano PatchGSIt is recommended to use every day in the first week of application and every other day in the following.

For best results, the manufacturer recommends a three-month course of treatment. When curving the spine, it is recommended to undergo a course of manual therapy at early stages of treatment.

Nanoplastapply up to 9 days with exacerbations of back problems, up to 6 days - in the treatment of sports injuries, bruises, sprains.

The course of treatment of exacerbations of chronic diseases of the spine for 9 days with a weekly break.

Nanoplast almost without limitations can be combined with exercise therapy, physiotherapy and massage.

Voltarenpatch, if there are no special instructions of the attending physician, apply no more than 14 days with soft tissue injuries and no more than 21 days with joint and muscle diseases. If the first week does not give tangible results, it is recommended to consult a physician.

Duration of application of the plasterVersatisis limited to 10-12 hours during the day. Maximum permissible simultaneous application of up to 3 pieces of plaster. The used plaster should be disposed of carefully, without allowing children and animals to access it.

PatchKetonalIt is able to warm up the body area to 50oC. If the temperature is unacceptably high, you can use it through a thin cotton fabric.

Chinese plasters for back pain, as a rule, have a milder effect. It is desirable to have complex treatment with Chinese patches in combination with therapeutic massages.

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A patch for back pain: the causes of discomfort, the therapeutic effects of transdermal drugs

The use of transdermal drugs is a fundamentally new method for treating many diseases.

Such medication forms ensure a uniform and constant release of active substances, in addition, they are safer to use than tablets and parenteral species preparations.

Currently, transdermal drugs are widely used in urological practice, gynecology to prevent unwanted pregnancies, cardiology, endocrinology.

But the most popular is a patch from back pain, since it is this problem that affects almost everyone, regardless of age and the presence of concomitant systemic pathologies.

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As shown by medical statistics, discomfort in the spine arises during life in about 85% of people.

And only about half of them apply for professional medical care, others prefer to fight with unpleasant symptoms on their own, which in some cases is gross error.

As a rule, the first manifestations of pain in the back occur in people aged 33-40 years. This may be due to the everyday way of life, overweight, hereditary predisposition and other factors.

But in older patients, the main reason for the occurrence of unpleasant sensations is physiological dystrophic changes that lead to thinning of the connective tissue of the intervertebral discs, their protrusion and offset. As a result, the load on the back muscles is incorrectly redistributed, their tone increases, which also causes painful sensations.

Displacement of the vertebra often leads to pinching of the nerve fibers, which is given by painful impulses to the hands and feet, the area of ​​the ribs and chest. The defeat of the cervical spine is fraught with frequent headaches and insufficient blood supply to the brain.

If you collect all the available data, you can make a list of the main factors that can cause back pain. It:

  1. Overweight. The human spine also has a reserve of cushioning strength, of course, every extra kilogram increases the load on the connective tissue of the intervertebral discs and can cause them to protrusion and offsets.
  2. Malignant and benign in the spine.
  3. Rheumatic processes. Scientists are still arguing about the cause of autoimmune rheumatoid diseases. Most tend to believe that this is a combination of the effects of a viral or bacterial flora, a persistent weakening of the body's defenses and a hereditary predisposition. Be that as it may, rheumatic diseases cause inflammation in the joints of the spine and as a consequence, cause it to use a plaster against back pain.
  4. Injuries (fractures, sprains, bruises).
  5. Lack, as well as excess physical exertion. Weakened muscles are unable to maintain the normal position of the spine, and too much tension also affects the structure of the connective tissue. In this situation, the saying that "everything is good in moderation" is more appropriate than ever.
  6. Infectious lesions of bone and connective tissue. This is osteomyelitis, tuberculosis spondylitis, purulent abscesses. Similar pathologies are relatively rare and occur only with severe immunodeficiency.

According to doctors, women suffer from soreness in the back, which is associated with a violation of calcium metabolism during menopause.

In addition, discomfort in the spine arises in most smoking patients.

To date, the exact relationship between the effect of nicotine and the appearance of painful symptoms is not established, perhaps painful impulses appear due to a chronic cough.

Before using a patch for back pain, it is necessary to exclude concomitant pathologies that cause similar clinical manifestations. These are kidney lesions, diseases of the bronchopulmonary system and gastrointestinal tract, neoplasms.

A patch for back pain is used only in the presence of connective tissue diseases of an inflammatory or degenerative nature, pinching of nerves, to eliminate the consequences of injuries.

The main indications for the use of such transdermal drugs are such states:

  • osteochondrosis of the lumbar, cervical or thoracic spine;
  • hernias and protrusions of intervertebral discs;
  • arthrosis and arthritis and other joint dysfunction, regardless of the cause;
  • neuralgia, myalgia and other conditions caused by changes in the position of the intervertebral discs;
  • back pain associated with injuries or occupational activities;
  • stretching muscles;
  • pinching roots of the spinal cord.

Pathologies of internal organs, manifested as irradiating pain in the spine, are not indications for the use of patches.

As a result of the use of these transdermal drugs affect not only the symptoms of the disease, but also the pathogenetic factors of its development.

The vast majority of such drugs have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, have a warming effect.

Certain components, which contains a patch from back pain, help saturate the cells of the connective tissue of the intervertebral discs necessary for their regeneration with collagen.

Most of these drugs include synthetic compounds.

But the warming pepper band is made on the basis of natural ingredients, and plant extracts are also found in many transdermal products of Chinese origin.

Means are designed to fix on painful skin areas over the focus of inflammation. They are attached to the lower back, the thoracic region of the spine, shoulders, the lateral surface of the back to eliminate the symptoms of neuralgia.

Depending on the effect, the patch from back pain can be of the following types:

  1. Anesthetic.Typically, such drugs contain a local anesthetic lidocaine. However, they have no therapeutic effect, so this type of transdermal drugs are used only for symptomatic treatment. Also to this group include Salonpas (Japan production).
  2. Anti-inflammatory.The basis of such patches are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). They are the most common drugs for the therapy of various lesions in the structures of the musculoskeletal system. Currently, only diclofenac sodium is used to manufacture transdermal patches based on NSAIDs (the drug is sold under the trademark Voltaren).
  3. Orthopedic.Such patches contain chondroprotectors - components that accelerate the formation of new cells of intervertebral disc cartilage. Effective for the treatment of degenerative changes, protrusions and other similar diseases.
  4. Warm up.Plasters of this group contain components that have the ability to activate blood flow in inflamed tissues. By this principle, the papillary patch works, as well as an innovative tool made from nanoparticles Nanoplast.

However, this division is very arbitrary, since each patch for back pain (with the exception of lidocaine-based medicines) has a complex effect.

The increased inflow of blood and lymph to the foci of inflammation quickly removes swelling, relaxes skeletal muscles, provides cells with essential nutrients and speeds up their regeneration.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the Chinese plaster for back pain, for example, the Green Tiger.

The assortment of similar products is becoming wider, their price is relatively low, they contain camphor, menthol, pepper extract and other components and on a par with "traditional" drugs are effective against a variety of diseases the spine.

Eastern medicine enjoys well-deserved popularity due to the original and effective combination of natural ingredients.

They are safe to use, practically have no contraindications and have a pronounced anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

Chinese patch for back pain is intended for the treatment of acute and chronic dorsopathies (arthrosis, osteochondrosis, spinal hernia and other such diseases).

It is also used for neuralgia of various genesis, painful hypertonic musculature, trauma. And it can be glued not only on the back, but also on the knee, elbow, ankle joints and other foci of inflammation.

The most common are such patches of Chinese production:

  • Dasezi.Contains natural products of animal and vegetable origin - concentrated extracts of medicinal herbs, essential oils, poison of insects, scorpion, crushed black ants. The cost is 180 rubles for one package containing 4 plasters. To provide therapeutic effect, this Chinese patch is fixed in the right place and left for 48 hours, then it is removed, taking a break and pasting the next. The recommended course of therapy is 6-8 patches.
  • Xinyi 03.In its composition only plant components come off, so it can be used even for patients with sensitive skin. Before application, the skin should be massaged for 2-3 minutes, then the adhesive is fixed and left for 18-36 hours. The course of treatment is several weeks. The cost of one package of 4 plasters measuring 7 × 7 cm - 125 rubles.
  • Miao Zheng.Contains extracts of ginger, cinnamon, mint and chili pepper. In addition, the patch is enriched with magnetic inserts, which enhance the therapeutic effect of using the drug. The course of therapy is 2-3 weeks, the price of one package is 200 rubles.
  • The tiger.It consists of almost two dozen plant components that quickly remove the symptoms of inflammation. The activity of one patch lasts from 12 to 14 hours, and the duration of use is 15-20 days. The price of the product is 120 rubles.
  • Bang De Lee.It includes a complex of extracts of medicinal plants. Due to its ability to improve tissue regeneration it has a pronounced chondroprotective and orthopedic effect. Attach this Chinese patch from back pain for 2-3 days, then take a break for 5 hours, and then use the next. The course of therapy - 5-12 patches, depending on the severity of symptoms of pathologies and individual characteristics of a person.

These products are not recognized by representatives of official medicine, so they are not sold in pharmacies. However, they are quite effective and are recommended for use on a par with medicines.

Contraindications to their use is pregnancy, lactation (active components, which contains a Chinese plaster from pain in the back, can get into the milk and change its taste), individual intolerance of the ingredients, open wounds in the zone application.

Despite the emergence of a large number of various means of Chinese production, the championship belongs to official drugs that are sold in the pharmacy network.

The maximum result is obtained with the use of such transdermal agents:

  1. Pepper plaster (Russia).Appeared in the pharmaceutical market was one of the first. The principle of its action is simple. On the adhesive base is applied a concentrated extract of pepper, which has a warming and distracting effect. Can stay on the skin for up to 2 days. In addition to treatment of diseases of the spine, they are used for the therapy of broncho-pulmonary pathologies instead of mustard plasters. The cost depends on the size and is from 10 to 30 rubles for an anesthetic plaster for the back.
  2. Nanoplast Forte (China).According to the manufacturer, it contains rare-earth metal nanoparticles, which, upon contact with the skin, heat up and have a warming and anti-inflammatory effect. Many people are skeptical about this product, but the clinical trial data confirm the therapeutic activity of the product. Attach for 12 hours, then take a break. Duration of use from 3 to 9 days. The price ranges from 130 to 220 rubles.
  3. Versatis (Japan).Contains lidocaine and has analgesic effect. Fix an analgesic patch for the back for 12 hours, then do the same for the duration of the break. A distinctive feature of the product is the possibility of use in children over 2 years old. The price of a package of 5 pieces is 905 rubles.
  4. Voltaren (Great Britain).The main component of the product is the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac sodium. The plaster quickly relieves pain and fights with other manifestations of inflammation in the joint tissue. Attached for a day, then take a short break. The total duration of therapy is up to 2 weeks. The cost is 249 rubles for two pieces.

Common contraindications to use an anesthetic plaster for the back are pregnancy (in some and lactation period), individual hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the product, open wounds on the skin in the area of ​​drug fixation, children under 15 years of age (with the exception of plaster Versatis).

The use of such tools has several advantages. First of all, the risk of systemic side effects is minimal, only the appearance of local irritation on the skin, which occurs after removal of the product, is possible.

An anesthetic plaster for the back has an active warming, anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect, stimulates blood flow.

They are convenient to use in everyday life, the plaster is almost not noticeable under the clothes.

And prolonged wearing provides the effect of active components of medical products of this type.

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