What to cure bronchitis in adults

Treatment of bronchitis in the home: acute, chronic, folk remedies

Bronchitis often begins in the program of influenza or ARVI or as their complication, when dry and debilitating or wet joints to the cold and reddened throat cough and if in time to help your body, quickly transfer dry cough to wet, then bronchitis can be cured faster than 10 days.

However, if untimely therapy, violation of a calm semi-fasting regime, or worse - go to work for patients, acute bronchitis easily turns into chronic. More details about symptoms, signs of bronchitis in adults, read in our article. On how to treat bronchitis at home, so that it does not become protracted or chronic, we'll tell in this article.

Any treatment should be comprehensive:

  • Active control of the virus and infection
  • Improve patency of the bronchi, dilution of sputum and the fastest removal of sputum
  • Elimination of provoking factors

The regime with bronchitis

At the very beginning of the illness, you just need to have a bed rest for 2-3 days, then you can have a half-fast mode for 3-4 more days, when it's easier, the temperature will be normal, you can go out and make small walks in the fresh air, better in the park, and not along the motorway.

It is necessary to observe a predominantly vegetable - cereal, milk diet, during the illness the body especially needs vitamins, it is better if it is natural vitamins - fruits and vegetables.

If a person smokes, smoking cessation should occur as if by itself, because smoking so increases and provokes a dry cough, and delays the day of recovery, which is not even worth talking about. Very many inveterate smokers who think about their health quit smoking after acute bronchitis, pneumonia or obstructive bronchitis!

One of the options for rapid recovery with bronchitis is the prompt dissolution of sputum and its excretion from the body, and this is very simply achieved by abundant warm drinking. This is a commonplace advice, but the most correct and correct, the more fluid the patient drinks with bronchitis, the faster the sputum is produced, which means the bronchial discharge.

Also, inflammation during intoxication produces a mass of harmful toxic substances that poison the body, and a plentiful drink of up to 2-3 liters a day is the way to clearing toxins and recovering as quickly as possible.

You can drink any drinks, it's best if they are fortified with natural vitamins - a decoction of dogrose, raspberries, limes, mint, chamomile tea, milk-mineral honey cocktails (mineral water without gases Borjomi, Narzan + milk + honey). And from strong tea and coffee should refrain, because caffeine dehydrates the body, which is not desirable for any disease.

In dry air, cough is much stronger, so try to moisten the air in the room where the patient is. It is best to use an air cleaner and humidifier for this purpose. It is also desirable to carry out a daily wet cleaning of the patient's room, to purify the air.

Do you need antibiotics for bronchitis?

There are cases of very severe bronchitis with obstructive syndrome and respiratory failure, in such a situation, hospitalization in the pulmonology department is indicated. With a mild form of bronchitis, uncomplicated other pathology, after consulting a doctor, you can treat acute bronchitis at home, using various medications or traditional medicine.

Treatment of bronchitis in the home

Usually, to apply antibiotics for bronchitis is not advisable, if it is caused by the flu virus, the common cold. Strong immunity perfectly copes with inflammation of the bronchi. Antimicrobial agents in the absence of appropriate changes in blood and in the absence of purulent sputum, can not be used for bronchitis, since they not only do not have anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect, but also increase allergization, can provoke broncho-obstructive syndrome. But in case if:

  • long lasts a high fever, with coughing purulent sputum
  • or after an acute period of the disease after 4-5 days suddenly the condition worsens, a new high temperature jump, when coughing purulent sputum (yellow or green) is released, the general condition of the patient worsens

should once again see a doctor who will examine, listen to patients, send for tests and X-rays, after which is recommended by the course of antibiotics directed at the destruction of the attached bacterial infection. You should never start taking antibiotics without a doctor's recommendation. 11 rules - how to take antibiotics correctly.

How to quickly cure bronchitis at home

Antiviral drugs

If bronchitis occurs against the background of the flu, then for therapy you can connect antiviral drugs. You can use interferon preparations intranasally, that is, instillation into the nose of both children and adults, the use of other antiviral drugs for acute respiratory infections and flu for today The day is widely advertised and recommended, however, there is no convincing research and evidence of their effect and safety, therefore the decision to use them is a private matter for everyone.


To improve sputum removal, the doctor prescribes expectorant, mucolytic drugs, there are many of them in the pharmacy network - the most popular and effective among them: Lazolvan, Ambrohexol, Bromhexin, Herbion, herbal piles (which can be used in the absence of allergies to medicinal herbs). With prolonged cough and bronchial obstruction, Ascoril (Josette, Cachnol) is prescribed, containing salbutamol.

At the very beginning of bronchitis, the patient usually has a prolonged dry, unproductive cough. Therefore, to facilitate the condition, you should take funds such as Glaucine, Libexin, Tusuprex, Levopron, suppressing dry cough, and expectorants are taken later, when the cough goes into the wet. Also it is possible to use and the combined preparations, such as Sinekod - the instruction, Bronhikum, Bronholitin. For the treatment of bronchitis with folk remedies, with dry cough they use thermopsis, licorice, mother-and-stepmother.

After 4 days, as a rule, sputum begins to depart, so the suppressant cough supplements should be canceled, and take the medications diluting sputum:

  • Mucolytics - these include acetylcysteine ​​- ATSTS, Mukoneks, Fluimutsil, as well as carbocysteine ​​- Fluviert.
  • Ekspectorants - means that improve the expectoration of phlegm, that is, the reflex effect, they are treated by all a famous plantain (Herbion), ivy leaves (Prospan), marshmallow, thyme, aniseed drops, as well as Breastfeeding.
  • Mukokinetics are agents that facilitate the promotion of sputum, for example, Bromhexine. Such popular medicinal products as Lazolvan (in Ambroxol tablets), Ambrobe, in addition, have the property of diluting sputum, making it not so viscous, it is easily removed from the body.


It is very effective to treat bronchitis with the help of various inhalations. If you want to quickly cure bronchitis, you should definitely do inhalation. Just first make sure that there is no heat and no palpitations.

Recipes for steam inhalations in bronchitis are many - it's salt and soda solutions, and essential oils of eucalyptus, pines, soaps, herbal preparations, inhaling phytoncids, which are rich in essential oils of garlic, rosemary - reduce coughing tremors and facilitate the coughing process. However, it is not uncommon for the essential oils and medicinal herbs to develop allergic reactions and therefore prone to allergy to people (pollinosis) it is better not to take risks and avoid using different herbs and essential oils.

Also for those who have a home inhaler, you can perform inhalation in bronchitis with a nebulizer with Lazolvan, Ambrobene, etc. Special medicinal solutions designed to improve the release of bronchi from sputum.

In the case of obstructive bronchitis in children or adults, the effective bronchodilator is Berodual, special solutions are available for inhalations.

Massage, breathing exercises

Always effectively and quickly helps to cope with almost all diseases - massage, with bronchitis it can be done only in case of normalization body temperature, you can do it yourself, with the help of various massagers, Kuznetsov's applicator, or a vibrating massage. To date, there are many different types of massagers, so you can buy any of them.

After the acute period of inflammation ends and there are only residual effects in the form of a rare cough, you can begin to do therapeutic respiratory gymnastics, for example, according to Strelnikova. Women can try to perform simple exercises from breathing exercises Bodyflex, which strengthens not only the respiratory system, but also normalizes metabolism and promotes weight loss.

On the recommendation of a doctor, you can also take a course of physiotherapy.

Oddly enough, old proven tools are forgotten by modern people, and methods such as cans, mustard plasters, warming compresses are rarely used by people. But these are safe and very effective procedures.

Treatment of chronic bronchitis with folk remedies

In each family there are grandmothers, great-grandmothers, who used to treat all diseases, exclusively with folk remedies. Among all the methods of treating chronic bronchitis with folk remedies, we will talk about the simplest and most accessible to everyone:

Radish, honey

A very ancient and effective recipe is a radish, in it a small indentation is made, in which is laid a teaspoon of honey. After a while, the radish gives juice and you can eat it 3 times a day. This is a good way to relieve cough, if there is no allergy to honey.

Chamomile, St. John's wort, sage, calendula, calamus

Such medicinal herbs as chamomile, St. John's wort, sage, calamus, calendula possess anti-inflammatory properties and in the absence of allergies you can make infusions - 1 st. spoons on a glass of boiling water, insist for one hour and drink 3 r / day.

Garlic, dill, butter

Sandwiches with garlic, dill and butter - to prepare this sandwich, take 5 cloves of garlic, squeeze through garlic, mix with butter 100 gr., you can add finely chopped dill or parsley. Eating a sandwich 3 times a day.

Medicinal Herbs

  • Plantain has always been valued by folk healers for its excellent expectorant properties. Therefore, to treat bronchitis, you can buy leaves of plantain, 4 tbsp. Spoon the leaves with chop, pour half a glass of boiling water, allow to stand for 4 hours, drain and drink this amount during the day.
  • Such medicinal plants as thyme, eucalyptus, pine buds, cumin, St. John's wort, fennel have an expectorant effect, so they can also make infusions and inhalations.
  • To increase immunity in chronic bronchitis, such medicinal plants as decoctions of plantain, yarrow, violets, althea roots, mother-and-mahihi help.
  • The intake of natural mummy, tincture of echinacea, licorice root syrup also helps to increase immunity.
  • Decoctions of parsley, juniper, horsetail, birch, cowberry leaves. These remedies are not direct methods of treating acute bronchitis at home, but they help a lot to strengthen the body and speedy recovery.


To remove symptoms of intoxication in viral and infectious diseases, in order to quickly remove toxins from the body, you can use and pharmacy agents sorbents - Polysorb, Enterosgel, Filtrim STI, Polyphepan, etc., but they should be taken in between gaps medicines and food, best once a day at night, 2 hours after the last meal and medication and a short course.

Psychological attitude

It is possible that many will seem strange and unacceptable, but psychological, emotional, positive the mood for recovery is always very important, especially for chronic diseases. Faith in healing - gives the brain a very strong push to strengthen the struggle of the body with the disease. Daily reading of positive attitudes, which you can think up for yourself, pronouncing affirmations, self-hypnosis, meditation - can help more than some medications. The main thing is to believe that it works, to believe in the strength of your body and the illness will go away.


Sokoterapiya has long been considered the most powerful way of healing the whole body. Especially useful are vegetable juices:

  • Beet juice is considered to be the most highly effective juice for cleansing the blood of toxins, it helps to normalize the blood composition, especially increases the platelets, the only the condition for its reception is that you can not drink freshly squeezed juice, first the raw beetroot rubbed on the grater, squeezed the juice, and then put in the fridge, after 3-4 hours it can be drunk.
  • Carrot juice - a lot of beet juice is not recommended to drink, not more than 100 ml., It is better to dilute it with a useful carrot freshly squeezed juice. It's tasty, and extremely useful.
  • Cowberry juice - very good for sputum.
  • Cabbage juice is fresh, it's not very pleasant to drink, but if you add a little sugar, then as an expectorant it is very effective. In addition, cabbage juice helps and with diseases of the stomach.


How and what to treat bronchitis in adults

The question of what to treat bronchitis in adults, the doctor-therapist decides. The tactics of treatment depend on the shape of the bronchitis (acute or chronic), symptoms, indications for antibiotic treatment and many other factors.

We treat bronchitis in adults most often at home. You need a lot of drinking, full nutrition, rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins. At elevated body temperature, bed rest is prescribed for 2-3 days. Do not forget about the humidification of air in the room, regular airing and wet cleaning. It will be useful to limit the patient's contacts with children and weakened people, since bronchitis, especially acute, can be contagious.

Treatment of acute bronchitis

Acute bronchitis in most cases is caused by a viral infection. It is accompanied by a painful cough, runny nose, hoarseness, in severe cases - shortness of breath. Characteristic increase in temperature to 37.5-38 ° C, headache, malaise.

It is recommended first of all symptomatic treatment of the acute form of the disease. Compulsory components are antitussive drugs of central or peripheral action ("Sinekod", "Libeksin"). With a strong, debilitating, dry cough, there are indications for prescribing codeine-containing drugs (Terpinkod).

"Sinecod", in addition to suppressing cough, enlarges the bronchi, reduces inflammation and facilitates expectoration of sputum.

When there are signs of bronchospasm (wheezing, elongation of exhalation, exhalation through closed lips, swelling of cervical veins on expiration) treat bronchitis in adults with the help of bronchodilators and their combinations with other agents (Atrovent, Berodual). They are used in the form of aerosols for inhalation. These drugs effectively dilate the bronchi, stopping attacks of suffocation. It is very effective in this disease using a nebulizer. This device will help drugs to get directly to the walls of the bronchi.

We treat bronchitis in adults with mucolytics only when viscous sputum appears, which does not clear the throat. Common medications include ambroxol, acetylcysteine, bromhexine, and their ready-made combinations.

In acute bronchitis, fenspiride can be administered. This drug reduces the amount of sputum produced and reduces the intensity of cough. It has an anti-inflammatory and bronchodilating effect.

Treatment with antibiotics is prescribed if there is a suspicion of the bacterial nature of bronchial inflammation, in particular in elderly people with concomitant diseases. Macrolides ("Clacid", "Azithromycin"), cephalosporins, respiratory fluoroquinolones (levofloxacin) are used, mainly in the form of tablets.

In acute bronchitis, especially accompanied by typical signs of acute viral infection (runny nose, in the eyes, hoarseness of the voice), it is possible to take interferon preparations ("Ergoferon"), and also "Kagocel". It should be understood that the more time passed from the onset of the disease, the less pronounced their effect.

At a high body temperature, symptomatic agents are prescribed.

Treatment of exacerbations of chronic bronchitis

First of all, antibacterial therapy is prescribed. The main groups of antibiotics for the treatment of exacerbations of chronic bronchitis are macrolides ("Azithromycin"), penicillins ("Amoxiclav"), respiratory fluoroquinolones ("Tavanic"), cephalosporins ("Cefaclor"). The duration of treatment with antibiotics is determined by the doctor. For most drugs, it is 7-10 days, and only for azithromycin - 3 days. With frequent exacerbations of the disease it is necessary to conduct sputum examination on the sensitivity of microflora to antibiotics. Further antibacterial drugs should be prescribed taking into account the results of this analysis.

When viscous sputum appears mucolytic and expectorant drugs are prescribed, as well as their combinations (ambroxol, acetylcysteine, bromhexine, "Ascoril").

The appointment of fenspiride, which has a bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory effect, is shown.

If necessary, symptomatic agents are used to lower the temperature. In the recovery period, vitamins and immunostimulants are prescribed.

Folk remedies for bronchitis

Treatment of bronchitis with folk remedies can only be a supplement to medical therapy. Trying to save yourself from the disease only by folk remedies can lead to lengthening the terms of recovery, as well as to the development of complications (bronchiolitis, pneumonia and others).

Most often recommend warm compresses with potatoes on the interscapular area, as well as mustard plasters. Do not hurt warm foot baths with mustard. Never put mustard plasters or apply compresses on the front surface of the chest. It is harmful to the heart, and can also disrupt the functioning of the thyroid gland.

Beneficial effect in this disease honey, especially in combination with phytoncide substances (for example, with onion juice or with radish juice).

Inside with inflammation of the bronchi it is useful to take infusions of sage, lime blossom, raspberry, plantain, althea root, mother-and-stepmother. They have an expectorant, anti-inflammatory effect, promote the activation of the body's defenses.

Reduce cough and help to cough up steam inhalations with soda, sea salt with the addition of a few drops of iodine tincture. A proven recipe for inhalation over cooked potatoes will also help.


How correctly and how to treat bronchitis in adults?

Than to treat a bronchitis at adults? Such a question can cause difficulties for every person. However, you should not give in to panic, as the funds that will help cope with the disease, a large number. It is important to understand them, choose the most effective means. It will not be superfluous to see a doctor who will help you find the right method.

Bronchitis in adults

Medication method

Drug treatment of bronchitis is the main way, the use of which will relieve the disease. Preparations are divided into several groups, united by the direction of action. The first group includes antibacterial agents. The form of their appointment depends on the severity of bronchitis, prescribed suspensions, tablets, injections and syrups. There are the following types of antibacterial agents:

  • fluoroquinolones: moxifloxacin and levofloxacin;
  • Macrolides: Rovamycin, Azithromycin, Fromiloid, Macrolen and Hemomycin;
  • cephalosporins: Suprax, Clarophane, Cyphadox, Cefixime, Cephazoline, Ceftriaxone;
  • penicillin antibiotics: Amoxiclav, Augmetin and Flemoclav.
Treatment of bronchitis with medicinesAntiviral drugs are used when a suspected infectious origin of bronchitis. These include drugs such as Viferon, Arbidol, Aflubin and Groprinosin. If there is a need for antipyretics, then Ibuprofen, Paracetamol and Aspirin are used.

Often there is a need for expectorant drugs. In this case, the funds will come to Bromgexin, ACTS, Flavamed, Gederin, Lazolvan, Fljuditek and Mukaltin. If the patient has shortness of breath, then it is possible to eliminate it with the help of Euphylin, Teotard, Ventalin and other bronchodilators.

It should be said about the presence of combined types of drugs, which combine the effects of several groups at once. Examples of such drugs are Ascoril, which is also a bronchodilator and expectorant, and Erespal, which has an expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect.

In addition to drugs, this method includes the intake of vitamin complexes and agents for stimulating the immune system. Recently, the popularity of homeopathic remedies has increased. They have a wide range of effects. Thus, such drugs have anti-spastic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory and desensitizing effects. They are rich in useful herbs and components, and you can often see in their composition calcium, iron, zinc chelate, althea root, fennel, ginseng, peppermint, echinacea, string, propolis and other useful ingredients.

Application of phytotherapy

Broth for bronchitisTreatment of bronchitis in adults can be carried out with the help of phytotherapy. The technique implies the use of essential oils of plants and their useful qualities. The oils of Ledum, oregano, mint and eucalyptus contribute to the relief of breathing due to bronchodilator effect.

To soften the pain when coughing, mother-and-stepmother, chamomile, plantain are well suited. They literally envelop the bronchi, helping to get rid of the unpleasant sensations in the patient. If using these plants to use vitamin C, then such a tool helps to eliminate inflammation.

Among the plants that help expectorate, isolate flax seeds, althea root and fennel. Calendula and licorice have a good restorative effect. Therefore, the use of plants can be carried out together with drug therapy, but it is important to take into account some features.

The use of plants should be treated with care, as some components may develop an allergic reaction. People with an existing allergy to certain plants should abandon this method.

Do not use alcohol tinctures, as they lead to vasodilation. This causes swelling of the mucosa, which only worsens the patient's position, and does not help in recovery. During inhalation, you should take only those herbs that contain essential oils.

Honey and radish with bronchitisThere is an opinion that the use of honey and radish helps to eliminate bronchitis. It should be said about the danger to which a person who uses a similar remedy for treatment subjects himself. The fact that honey can cause an allergic reaction leads to an increase in the number of bacteria. As for the radish, the development of bronchitis due to the presence of ARI, this component can lead to bleeding.

It is recommended to use herbal preparations, but only after the tests and consultations with a specialist. Good breastfeeding, which can be freely purchased at pharmacies. There are several variations of such means.

The first collection is a licorice root, leaves of salvia, pine buds and althea roots. The agent has a well expressed expectorant effect and is therefore used for this purpose. The second collection includes oregano, mother-and-stepmother and althea root. The agent has an anti-inflammatory effect

The following collection has the enveloping effect, the composition of which is represented by licorice root, plantain leaves and mother-and-stepmother. As a means for expanding the bronchi, a collection of Ledum, Calendula, Peppermint, Chamomile and Violet is used. These fees should be drunk with bronchitis, but after receiving the necessary advice from a doctor.

Use of rubbing and compresses

Compresses for bronchitisCure bronchitis will help rubbing the patient. The tool is applied against the background of the others, therefore it is an additional method, but not the only one. The following components are suitable for grinding:
  • essential oils;
  • camphor alcohol;
  • turpentine ointment.

These remedies help warm up the patient's body, which causes an improvement in the blood supply to the respiratory system. At high temperatures, vinegar dissolved in water can be used, the ratio is 1 to 5.

For better effect, the patient should consume plenty of fluids. In this case, a decoction of violets, elder, lime blossom, sage or clover will be useful. Especially useful is the famous tea with raspberries. The patient should consume at least 1.5 liters of fluid per day.

To treat the disease apply compresses that have a warming effect. The simplest are mustard plasters, which fit on the back or chest of the patient for 15 minutes. Time depends on the patient's condition and pain effect. After the procedure, you should drink a decoction based on St. John's wort, licorice, coltsfoot, chamomile or burdock root.

The previously mentioned rubbing is well combined with the method of compresses. If you rub the chest or back of the patient with ethyl or camphor alcohol, turpentine ointment or other similar components, then these areas of the patient should be covered with a warm cloth or film. Such measures lead to an improvement in the patient's well-being. After the procedure, the patient must necessarily drink warm milk in which to add honey. It is also useful to drink tea with lemon.

Another means for compressing can be prepared with the help of potatoes. It is necessary to make a reservation that only a boiled option is needed, the peel should be left. Welded potatoes must be mildly mashed, sprinkled with fir oil or alcohol, after which the remedy is placed on the patient's chest. Then you need to cover your chest with a warm scarf. In this form, the patient should be left overnight, in the morning the compress is removed.

Features of inhalation and massage

The effect of inhalation is very high, especially when using other methods of treating bronchitis. The composition of inhalation includes vasodilator and antimicrobial components, which makes it possible to exert a multifaceted effect on the patient.

The following substances and components can be used as inhalants:

  • grated onions or garlic;
  • essential oils of plants: tea tree, pine, eucalyptus or fir;
  • boiled potatoes, in which you need to add Validol or Vietnamese balm.
Inhalation with bronchitisIn the absence of a special device for inhalation, you can use a simple method. It will require a large capacity, which is added to the previously named components. The capacity is heated, after which the patient begins to perform the procedure.

During the inhalation of vapors from the tank, you should periodically maintain the desired temperature, for which you just need to heat the container. A similar situation is with the components that should be added to the tank after a while. You should pay attention to the obstructive form of the disease. It is recommended to take as a component of the grasses. Good results are shown by fruits of anise, mother-and-stepmother, tri-colored violet and roots of elecampane.

With the aim of alleviating the situation of the patient and improving his state of health, it is advised to apply massage with fir oil. It is required to massage the upper back, then the effect from the action will be high. But it is not recommended to apply this method with increasing the patient's temperature, otherwise the result from such treatment will be the opposite. It should be noted that the previously mentioned methods require careful application and compulsory consultation with a doctor.

Thus, the treatment of bronchitis is carried out not only by medications, but also by other methods. This will improve the effectiveness of procedures and achieve a speedy recovery of the patient.

However, do not abuse home treatment, it is recommended to go to the hospital with bronchitis



Treatment of bronchitis with folk remedies at home in adults

Bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchi that accompanies certain symptoms.

Bronchitis is successfully and quickly treated at the initial stage, if in time to determine its symptoms.

But in neglected form it gives numerous complications in adults to other organs and turns into chronic. How to treat bronchitis at home to avoid this?

Symptoms of bronchitis are as follows:

  • Coughing;
  • Headache;
  • Increased body temperature;
  • Weakness;
  • In some cases, tachycardia.

Why does bronchitis develop?

The causes of bronchitis in adults are:

  1. Subcooling.
  2. Infections in the upper respiratory tract from the outside.
  3. Infectious diseases of the respiratory system - flu, cold, ARVI.
  4. Chronic or acute infectious diseases of other organs - pyelonephritis, cystitis.
Why does bronchitis develop?Infection, penetrating the respiratory tract from the outside or from the inside, is introduced into the tissues of the alveoli and bronchi. The patient feels discomfort in the throat, perspiration, then there is a dry cough, pain.

If treatment of bronchitis is started at home, the accumulated mucus will leave the bronchi. Often the temperature rises.

Factors provoking the development of the disease in adults are the abuse of cigarettes, poor working conditions, weakened immunity. To quickly and permanently get rid of cough, you must necessarily eliminate them too.

Cope with the infection and overcome unpleasant symptoms - first of all an excruciating cough, - timely treatment of chronic bronchitis with folk remedies.

How and what to treat acute bronchitis in adults

For the treatment of bronchitis in adults, three main methods are used:

  • Drug therapy - pharmacy tablets, powders, solutions for injections and rinses. Antibiotics, antiseptics, analgesics, mucolytics for cough and, if necessary, antipyretic drugs are used.
  • Folk remedies - medicinal herbs, plants, bee products and other cough remedies.
  • Physiotherapy - inhalation, heating with the use of various devices, ozocerite, quartz, massage.

In chronic bronchitis in adults, often coughing is protracted, which can not be quickly removed. How to cure bronchitis in this case?

To reduce the symptoms of the disease, it is recommended to alternate and combine the methods of treatment: after two weeks of medication therapy to pass to homeopathic treatment, in parallel to carry out physiotherapeutic procedures.

Treatment of bronchitis with the help of folk remedies

Folk remedies can be effective in bronchitis in adults as both curative and preventive. A variety of rubbers and compresses, inhalations and infusions help:

  1. Defeat even a protracted cough of any kind;
  2. Eliminate the attendant symptoms - sore throat, swelling of the mucous membrane, temperature;
  3. Prevent development of complications;
  4. Strengthen immunity.

They are made mainly from medicinal plants. Select those herbs that would facilitate the dilution of sputum in the bronchi and stimulate the immune system of the patient. It is the root of licorice and ginseng, eleutherococcus, nettle, echinacea.

You can prepare medicinal decoctions and infusions yourself, or buy in the phytoapteke preparations containing the extracts of these plants.

Razirki and decoctions from cough with bronchitis in adults

Rastirki have a strong warming effect, expand the blood vessels and accelerate blood circulation. This is important if you need to quickly cure a cough. The following substances are used for adults:

  • Camphor alcohol.
  • Turpentine and ointments based on cough.
  • Essential oils.
bronchitisIf the cough is accompanied by symptoms such as fever, severe weakness, chills, warming rubbing is contraindicated.

In this case, alleviate the condition of the patient and the symptoms will help rubbing with vinegar diluted in water in a 1: 1 ratio.

When bronchitis is shown abundant drink - a day you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid, especially if the temperature rises.

To prepare medicinal tea or a decoction from a cough, such plants, fruits and herbs are suitable:

  1. Raspberries and currants;
  2. Violet and clover;
  3. The elder and linden;
  4. Sage and thyme;
  5. Kalina and mountain ash.

All these plants can be used not only for treating cough, but also as a diaphoretic for bronchitis in adults. Do not forget about such a proven cough remedy, like heated milk. It is good to add honey, butter, badger fat, soda, cocoa butter.

Some recommend treating cough in adults with alkaline mineral water, which also needs to be heated. Minerals contained in it, promote dissolution and sputum, increase immunity. It's Borjomi or Yessentuki.

Quickly defeat the cough helps onion syrup. Prepare it this way: a medium peeled bulb drops into a saucepan, 2 cups of water are poured. When the water boils, you need to reduce the heat, add 2 tablespoons of sugar and cook over low heat for half an hour. The resulting broth from cough take half a cup three times daily before meals.

In order to cure as quickly as possible cough, it is necessary to alternate all means and procedures. Treatment at home with folk remedies will consist of such stages:

  • Regular use of warm drinks, including herbal decoctions of honey.
  • Healing inhalations and rinses.
  • Massage with fir or eucalyptus oil.
  • Compresses before bedtime (usually they are put on all night).

If there was a massage and inhalation with a cough, then compress on this day is not necessary.

Compresses for coughing with bronchitis

Cough compresses - this is a proven home remedy that allows you to quickly ease the patient's well-being and stimulate the departure of thick mucus from the bronchi. Dry cough after 1-2 procedures goes into the wet, sputum begins to expectorate, inflammation decreases.

Cough compressesThe simplest and most affordable compress, if you suffer from a severe cough, are mustard plasters. Preliminarily they are soaked in warm water, then applied to the back in the area of ​​the scapula on either side of the spine. Keep them for more than 20 minutes should not be - this is enough to get the desired therapeutic effect.

Otherwise, you can burn the skin. Determine when it's time to remove the mustard, you can feel the patient (burning, a feeling of heat on the skin under the mustard plasters) and on the characteristic red spots. To prevent burns between the mustard plaster and the skin, a bandage is applied, folded in two or three layers.

Rinsing with turpentine ointment, camphor oil or ethyl alcohol also give a good effect. But first you need to determine exactly whether the patient has a fever. The chest and back of the patient are triturated with a remedy, polyethylene or special paper for compresses is placed on top, then the torso is warmed with a woolen shawl or bandage.

After the procedure, you should go to bed under the blanket. Strengthen the effectiveness of the compress warm milk with honey or cocoa butter. After three hours, the handkerchief and polyethylene can be removed.

For the whole night put compresses of potatoes. To do this, potatoes must be washed and boiled or baked in a peel. Then knead still hot, add a little vodka, fir or camphor oil. The resulting mass is applied to the patient's chest, covered with a film, and warmed from above with a handkerchief. By the morning, cough will become significantly less.

The most sparing compress for coughing is a steamed cabbage leaf with honey. A cabbage leaf should be dipped in boiling water and held there for 2-3 minutes. Then lightly squeeze, abundantly lubricate with honey and attach to the chest. From above, as in previous recipes, cover with a film and woolen scarf or scarf. After an hour, the compress can be removed, the remnants of honey washed off and lubricate the skin with a fat cream or ointment.

You can make lollipops yourself for resorption. To do this, in a saucepan over a slow heat, heat the sugar until it turns into a thick syrup of golden brown color.

You do not need to add water, you can add licorice or a little syrup of the root of the altaika. The resulting caramel should freeze, then it is broken into pieces and dissolves several times a day.

Inhalation in the treatment of bronchitis

For inhalations solutions with essential oils or decoctions of medicinal herbs, boiled potatoes, onions or garlic are used. Ideally, use an inhaler or nebulizer. But if there are no such devices at home, you can simply place a medical solution for inhalation in a saucepan or a basin, cover yourself with a towel and inhale evaporation.

Carry out the procedure carefully, so as not to burn yourself. Hot steam dilates blood vessels, improves the blood supply of tissues, and the medicinal substance removes inflammation and promotes the dilution of sputum in the bronchi.

After inhalation, it is useful to do massage, so that diluted sputum is better left. After the procedure, you can not go out for an hour. All this in the video in this article will tell a specialist.


One of the most common diseases of the upper respiratory tract in adults and children is bronchitis. If children get sick, mostly with acute bronchitis, then, becoming older, more people face the chronic form of this disease. Smoking, environmental contamination, frequent ARVI and colds all this provokes the risk of upper respiratory tract diseases and complicates the treatment of bronchitis in adults.

Causes and symptoms of bronchitis

Bronchitis is an inflammatory disease of the bronchial mucosa. It occurs as a result of hypothermia, adverse environmental factors, frequent colds or as a result of decreased immunity. More than 10% of the adult population of our country have these or other symptoms of bronchitis, in adults it is associated with pollution air in large industrial cities, a large number of people who smoke cigarettes and with other factors. Also, allergic or asthmatic bronchitis is common.

With bronchitis inflammation and swelling of the mucous membrane provokes constant attacks of dry or wet cough, pain in the chest and disruption of the normal breathing process.

The main signs of bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis in adults is manifested by constant coughing, arising or worse with the inhalation of cold air, smoke or chemical vapors. During an exacerbation there are also other symptoms of bronchitis in adults - a sore throat, chest pain, bouts of coughing with separation of mucous or mucopurulent sputum, increased body temperature, other signs of intoxication of the body.

Principles of treatment

Treatment of bronchitis depends on the type of disease, but in all cases the following treatment methods are used:

  1. Bed rest is a complete rest and sleep,
  2. Drugs that improve spitting and promote bronchial cleansing,
  3. Anti-inflammatory drugs,
  4. Means to improve immunity.

When treating any type of disease, the patient needs to ensure a proper rest and sleep, he must As much time as possible to spend in bed, avoid physical exertion and nervous overwork. You can not tolerate bronchitis on your feet, even if it does not seem to affect your overall well-being, as in this case the risk of development of complications and transition of the disease to a chronic form is very high. It is better to devote 10-14 days to complete treatment and get rid of the disease forever.

During the treatment of the patient it is necessary to drink warm alkaline solutions, this will help cough and restore the level of fluid in the body. It is recommended to drink at least 2-2.5 liters of warm milk, mineral water without gas, infusions of wild rose or other berries. All drinks should be warm.

Inhalation is one of the best tools to help quickly get rid of the symptoms of bronchitis. You can carry out inhalations with the help of special devices or simply inhaling hot steam over a cup with a decoction of chamomile, string, boiled potatoes and other folk remedies. It also helps to breathe hot steam in a tea tree, citrus or rosemary oil dissolved in clothes. To prepare a solution for inhalation, it is enough to throw a few tablespoons of dried plants into boiling water or to drop 5-19 drops of aromatic oil.

Humidification of the air - apart from inhalations, to alleviate symptoms such as coughing, chest pain and lack of air will help moisturize the air. This is especially important in the treatment of chronic bronchitis caused by the ingress of dust into the respiratory tract, chemical residues or smoking.

Mucolytic and expectorants - help to thin phlegm, facilitate its excretion and purify bronchi. For the treatment use the infusion of licorice root, ambroxol, ACC, bromhexine and other medicines.

Means for increasing the general and local immunity - vitamins, immunostimulants, restorative means.

Treatment of the main types of bronchitis

Treatment of bronchitis in adults

Acute simple bronchitis in adults, usually develops against a background of a viral infection, its treatment does not differ from ARVI treatment and is performed, according to the scheme described above.

Purulent bronchitis - not infrequently on the background of a viral infection, with a decrease in the defenses of the body, general exhaustion or inadequate treatment, a bacterial infection joins the viral infection. This greatly worsens the general condition of the patient, signs of intoxication of the body appear, sputum becomes purulent - dense white or green, with visible veins of pus. In this case, treatment of bronchitis with antibiotics is necessary. Usually used drugs penicillin series, cefazolines or macrolides. But, only the doctor can accurately determine whether or not to prescribe antibiotics and choose the appropriate drug.

Treatment of chronic bronchitis is much more difficult and requires a lot of effort from the patient and his attending physician. Because of the constant effect on the mucous membrane of inflammation, which is the result of frequent viral infections or the ingress of particles of dust and smoke into the bronchi, developing hypersecretion of phlegm, gradually mucosal atrophy and relieve the symptoms of chronic bronchitis becomes very difficult.

Such therapy involves the use of all the above methods, in addition, you need to increase immunity and restore the body's defenses. To do this, use the courses of immunostimulants and immunomodulators, physiotherapy, curative gymnastics, respiratory gymnastics and many other ways. In order to cure chronic bronchitis it is necessary to abandon bad habits and, if necessary, change the place of work.

Treatment of obstructive bronchitis - obstructive bronchitis develops as a result of a narrowing of the lumen of the bronchi during spasm and edema of the mucous membrane. This leads to a violation of the function of external respiration, a constant shortage of air and the development of oxygen starvation and respiratory failure. To reduce obstruction use drugs that help to expand the bronchi - salbutamol, terbutaline, fenoterol and others.

Allergic bronchitis develops when the allergen hits the bronchial mucosa. This causes a general allergic reaction and, as a consequence, edema and bronchial obstruction. At an allergic bronchitis usual means of a biscuit do not help or assist. To get rid of the disease you need to find and eliminate contact with the allergen, and if you can not, start taking antihistamines.

With the timely and proper treatment of bronchitis, all signs of the disease pass for 2 weeks, most importantly do not forget to comply with all the prescriptions of the doctor, even after getting rid of the symptoms of the disease and do not forget about the measures of general prevention - improving immunity, playing sports and avoiding bad habits.


How to treat bronchitis in adults at home

You can effectively treat bronchitis in adults at home

A serious question that often arises with the onset of colds is how to treat bronchitis in adults at home? To quickly defeat the disease, get back on track and return to the usual way of life, it is enough to perform a few simple and understandable actions.


  1. Before treating bronchitis in adults at home, it is necessary to consult with the attending physician-therapist, who will establish an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the first-line treatment. If you experience a strong and long-lasting cough accompanied by fever, most likely the doctor will prescribe one or more antibiotics, as well as expectorants. All this must be taken first of all strictly according to the accompanying instruction.
  2. As a rule, mucolytics are prescribed to treat bronchitis, for example, ATSTS, Fluimutsil or Mukoneks. Also, the treatment includes eksponkoranty for improving the expectoration of phlegm, which include Gerbion, Prospan and Breastfeeding. These are herbal medicines, so you can buy them at the pharmacy and start taking them even without the doctor's instructions. Finally, mukokinetics are appointed to facilitate the advancement of sputum (Bromhexin, Lazolvan, Ambrobene and others).
  3. Medical means do not always cause a full recovery. Quickly and completely cure bronchitis in adults at home will help additional actions. Once in 1-2 hours, drink a glass of hot drink (berry juice, herbal infusion or green tea). This will help soften the larynx and bronchi, quickly withdraw the accumulated mucus and bacteria in them. If you have a high fever, keep the bed rest until it stabilizes. Do not forget about the timely nutrition even in the absence of appetite.
  4. Take advantage of folk remedies. For example, an effective remedy for bronchitis is radish. Make a small indentation in it and put a teaspoon of honey in it. Wait until the juice starts to radiate from the radish, collect it and eat it three times a day. Sandwiches with garlic, butter and dill are another effective way. Rub five cloves of garlic, mix with a slice of butter, add dill or parsley. Use these sandwiches as much as thrice a day.
  5. After the appearance of improvements in the treatment of bronchitis, it is recommended to abstain for a while from prolonged exposure to cold air in order to avoid relapses. In addition, you should often ventilate the living area and do it in a wet cleaning, as dust and bacterial debris can have a harmful effect on the body. Finally, it is necessary to begin to strengthen immunity. In this you will benefit from various vitamin complexes, a gradual increase in the time spent in the fresh air during walks, sports and hardening.


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