Treatment of plantar warts at home: the best folk remedies

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Plantar wart is a special lesion on the foot or between the toes. It can be slightly light or normal skin color.

If you feel pain when walking or pressing on the appearance of a build up, you should definitely start treatment. Plantar warts can spread quickly and affect other parts of the body.

Article content:
  • Reasons for
  • General recommendations
  • How to get rid of them with the help of folk remedies?
  • Purity
  • Redwood Rowan
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Onion and Vinegar
  • Garlic
  • Wormwood
  • Flour and Vinegar
  • What is not recommended?
  • Wart prophylaxis

Causes of

The plantar wart can arise at any age. The main reasons for its appearance include:

  • buying too narrow or small in size shoes;
  • infectious and bacterial diseases of the blood and skin;
  • diabetes mellitus of any type;
  • presence of varicose veins;
  • strong sweating of the feet;
  • wearing synthetic fabrics;
  • trauma to the dermis and deep tissue of the foot;
  • improper hygiene;
  • strong dry skin of the foot.
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General recommendations

In order for the treatment to proceed much faster, it will not be superfluous to visit a specialist. You may need antiviral drugs to get rid of the wart. If you do not have the opportunity or desire to go to the doctor, try to follow the folk methods of treatment exactly.

Also during therapy it is worth to abandon socks and tights from synthetic fabric, wear only cotton. Carefully watch your shoes, do not allow the insoles to roll down. Shoes must be your size.

If you have diabetes, before starting therapy, be sure to ask the therapist about the advisability of using traditional treatments for you, since they can greatly affect the glycemic level.

When treating children, use only gentle recipes that will not damage the baby's skin.

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How to get rid of them with the help of folk remedies?


This plant has long been famous for its ability to help remove the rash from the body and limbs. For the treatment of plantar warts, you can use the concentrate purchased at the pharmacy or prepare the juice yourself.

To do this, take a fresh plant and pass it through the press. Press the juice and pour it into the dark dishes.

Bought the concentrate three times a day with the purchased concentrate or juice obtained until the problem disappears completely. Try to apply celandine gently, without touching other parts of the body, since the juice of the plant can leave severe burns.

Redwood Rowan

For preparation it is necessary to take fresh berries of red mountain ash and to pass them through the press. Take a sterile bandage and apply a small amount of gruel to it to completely cover the wart.

Wear such a compress for three days, changing it to fresh as needed .Gradually, the wart will dry up and fall off.

Salicylic acid

Before using it, soften the crust covering the wart. This is done simply. It is enough to put your hands in hot water for five minutes. After this, carefully dry your hands and start treating the wart with salicylic acid.

Repeat this procedure several times a day. At night, you can make a compress of salicylic acid. To do this, blot the gauze in acid and wrap around the sore spot.

Onion and Vinegar

Take the fresh onion head and cut it into several pieces. It should be poured with acetic essence and left for three hours. After that, take a small piece of the onion head and attach it to the wart.

Fix the onion with a safe dressing and leave it on all night. It usually takes about ten procedures to completely remove the plantar wart.


Before starting the procedure, it is worth protecting the skin around the wart. This should be done with a waterproof cloth. Cut a small piece and inside it make a hole for the wart.

Fasten the fabric to the finger. Then cut the clove of garlic and attach it to the sore spot. You will feel very burning, but worth it.

Try to sit out for at least five minutes. After that, wash your hands and rub a moisturizer. Wart will pass for a few uses of garlic.


Take 30 g of dry wormwood and make from it a concentrated infusion. This should be taken 200 ml of boiling water and pour the grass. It should be infused for about 40-45 minutes under a tight lid.

After the readiness should be wiped with the resulting infusion of warts several times a day, avoiding a healthy patch of skin. This recipe can be used by children after ten years.

Flour and vinegar

To prepare a medicine, take a tablespoon of flour and add vinegar to it. It is better to take the most concentrated liquid in order to achieve a quick result.

Make a steep dough from flour and vinegar and put it on a sore spot. Secure the dough with adhesive tape. Sit for hours and clean the compress.

You can repeat the procedure three times a day. It is strictly forbidden to apply the dough to healthy areas, as there will be a severe burn.

What is not recommended?

During treatment it is not necessary to exceed the number of recommended procedures and their time. This can cause the necrosis of tissues and ulcers.

Do not prescribe treatment for children and pregnant women , because the body can respond to the techniques used by unexpected reactions. For their treatment, it is better to take traditional medicine.

You can not continue the chosen therapy even with a good result, if it brings considerable discomfort and strong side effects.

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Prevention of warts

To avoid the appearance of plantar warts, the following rules should be observed:

  • every evening to wash your feet with warm water;
  • wear only natural fabrics;
  • use moisturizing cream for the feet;
  • to consume foods containing healthy fats and vitamins of group A;
  • for strong sweating use special deodorants or talc for feet;
  • treat wounds if they are present.

If the warts do not go away for a long time, it is worthwhile to thoroughly take care of your health and undergo a test.

It will not be superfluous to pass tests for hidden immune infections , because of which warts can appear. When treating, try to use complex therapy, which gives the fastest and most noticeable result.