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How can I quickly cough a cough and runny nose

Knowing how quickly to cure a cough and runny nose is simply necessary, especially in the spring-autumn period. Temperature changes, sharp thaws and cold snaps can cause unpleasant diseases even in people with a very stable immune system. Especially predisposed to frequent colds and cough are children, the elderly or people already already suffering from chronic diseases.

Cough and coryza treatment alone

Having discovered the malaise, the first prerequisites, indicating the appearance of a cough or sputum, associated with a common cold, you must immediately begin treatment. Even with immediate response, the disease stops only on day 5. Recollecting that it's time to take some measures, too late, stretching the "pleasure" of treatment will take several weeks.

If a person does not have serious illnesses, and cough and runny nose has a clearly catarrhal character, you can try to do without "chemistry using exclusively folk remedies. But if the process is delayed, and the patient has not felt improvements in health, the temperature in the evenings of the beginning to rise, reaching 38 degrees, an appeal to a doctor and a strong prescription prescribed by him simply certainly.

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Additional caution: self-medication is possible only with those components for which the diseased adult or child does not have allergies. The first steps to recovery should be a daily wet cleaning of the room, where the patient is isolated from the rest of the household. If possible, all objects that act as dust collectors are removed: soft toys, carpet paths, decorative pillows, figurines, books. So, humidification of air and cleaning will take a few minutes, which is important not only for the patient, but also for the family member caring for him.

Rhinitis and cough are effectively treated if all methods of traditional medicine are used at once:

  • abundant drinking;
  • decoctions, tinctures;
  • inhalation, rinsing;
  • compresses, cans.

After isolating the patient, it is necessary to prepare him a drink consisting of ripe berries of raspberries and viburnum (:). In fact, it is a compote, which can be further sweetened with honey instead of sugar. Drink can not be sugary and sweet, eliminating it will help a few drops of lemon juice.

No less effective is drinking from milk, a spoonful of oil and a few drops of juice of the bulb.The product is not very pleasant to taste, but it perfectly eliminates headaches, helps to fight with a cough and abundant rhinitis.

To ease the breathing will help and tincture of crimson stems. Only the tops of the plant are used, which are crushed for the speed of the preparation of the drink. A small amount of the mixture is poured already with hot water, and then boiled for an additional 20 minutes. The mixture is filtered, carefully poured into a thermos bottle and infused for about 1.5 hours. A day should drink no more than 1 cup of tincture.

Available cough and cough medicines

When treating children, you can do a little trick, which many parents resort to. It is known that babies can be capricious for hours so as not to eat raw onions, garlic. But their use is very desirable: the bactericidal properties of these plants are known for centuries. The trick is that the chopped onion and several cloves of garlic on the plate are put on the cupboard so that the child does not see it. The smell in the room will be a bit specific, but, in combination with frequent airing and wet cleaning, this method will help to get better quickly even without medications.


In rhinitis or even the slightest hint of a possible diagnosis, it is necessary to do inhalations. And in this case the potato is recognized as the most effective in the people. Small potatoes or cleaning are cooked to full preparedness, the pan with them is transferred to the patient, and he, having covered his head with a towel or a dense tissue, should inhale the steam. A modern, supplemented interpretation of this procedure is the addition to the potatoes during the cooking of the leaves of eucalyptus and thyme, and immediately before inhalation a little fir oil. If the rhinitis in the initial stage, there will be abundant discharge, and it will recede.

For a daily rinse of the throat, you can prepare a well-known soda solution: a spoonful of soda for 150-200 g of warm water. For greater efficiency, it is alternated with a decoction prepared from chamomile and sage, the anti-inflammatory properties of which help get rid of not only cough, but in parallel and from the cold. Herbs are mixed, one serving is enough to use 1 spoon, and pour boiling water. After 20 minutes, rinse is ready, you just need to wait until his temperature drops to an acceptable level and start rinsing.

Too strong, debilitating cough will soften honey, mixed: with butter. Take the mixture with a small spoon, holding in the mouth until it is completely absorbed.

With a cold, it is necessary to warm up, for which alcohol is used, mixed with castor oil. The mixture is rubbed into the back and chest of the patient with massage non-intensive movements. After the skin becomes pink, you need to carefully cover the area of ​​massage. If the rub was performed on the chest, the evaporation of alcohol and oil will alleviate even the runny nose, although the remedy is recommended for coughing.

The most common cabbage helps fight colds, if you smear it with liquid honey, put it on your chest and insulate with food film.

Compress will not cause discomfort, and therefore it is desirable that he was on his chest for about 12 hours.

Use of medicines for colds

With a dry and very intense cough, it is advisable for children to purchase special lollipops in the pharmacy, "Doctor Mom" ​​pastilles. Adults will benefit from pharmacy products:

  • Tusuprex;
  • Glaucine;
  • Libexin;
  • Sinecod.

Excellent cleansing of the lungs and relief from coughing will provide "Khaliksol "Bromhexine" and for a long time known to all mukaltin.

In the fight against sputum during cough, Ambroxol, Lazolvan, and Acetylcysteine ​​are effective. The drugs have an excellent anti-inflammatory effect on the body, so that together with a cough passes and a cold.

Counteracting a cough, one should not forget about the common cold, which must also be urgently cured. Since ordinary sprays only relieve temporary symptomatology, being vasoconstrictive, and some of them cause later chronic rhinitis, doctors are increasingly advised to resort to them only in extreme cases: this is Galazolin, Xylen, Sanorin, Ximelin, Naphthysine.


Runny nose is easy to defeat by washing, solutions for which are sold in pharmacies. These are the medicines Saline, Otrivin, Aqualor, Aquamaris, Dolphin, the use of which is effective only with systematic application. Manufacturers have developed a special series of the same medicines for babies, which are simply identified by a special "Baby" note to the name. If the disease is not started, you can use the usual sea salt without the additives in the form of flavors, bought there, and make a solution yourself, making sure that it is not too salty.

It is advisable to resort only to the means created from plants. The medicine Pinosol, containing the oil of such plants as eucalyptus, mountain pine and mint, as well as vitamin E.


However, self-treatment is dangerous enough if the process lasts more than 5 days, and relief does not come. In cases of infants, pregnant women and the elderly, even this time is not worth waiting. Treatment should be conducted only with the use of drugs prescribed by a doctor.

How to treat a cold cough

Cough is the most common sign of colds. And it often happens that the temperature and cold are long gone, and a debilitating cough does not rest for several weeks after the illness. Not cured until the end of the cold can turn into serious complications, and therefore with the ailment it is necessary to fight until it finally recedes.


  1. Ask your doctor to listen to the lungs and eliminate such serious diseases as bronchitis and pneumonia. It will not be superfluous to have a blood test in order to make sure that the cause of the cough is not in the bacterial infection. In all of the above cases, treatment with antibiotics is required, and the specialist should select a drug and its dosage.
  2. When you are sure that the cough is caused by a viral infection (more simply, a common cold), you can start fighting with it at home. First, determine what kind of cough you have - wet or dry, since in different cases, different treatment will be required. With a wet cough, sputum is separated. When dry - phlegm is too viscous to go outside, so the patient, despite the efforts made, can not clear his throat.
  3. The first stage of treatment of dry cough is the dilution of sputum. Thanks to this, it is possible to make it productive and, thus, to facilitate the patient's well-being and speed up recovery. Drink plenty of fluids and moisten the air in the room. These seemingly simple measures significantly alleviate the condition with a dry cough. Drug therapy consists of taking mucolytic drugs. Some prefer to take old proven drugs, for example, bromhexine, but modern medicines have a more pronounced effect, so it's better prefer tablets / syrups based on ambroxol ("Ambroene" Lazolvan etc.) The popular remedy for the painful dry cough is black radish. Cut the vegetable in half and remove the pulp from the middle. Pour honey there and wait a few hours until the radish gives juice. Take it to eat one tablespoon each. Within a day after the beginning of treatment, the cough will become productive.
  4. Wet cough is treated with expectorant drugs. Especially effective are drugs based on natural components, for example, "Bronchicum" Dr. Mom "and others. But lovers of non-drug treatment can drink a warm mixture of milk, mineral water, a spoonful of honey and a piece of butter. This agent will accelerate the departure of phlegm and facilitate its removal from the respiratory tract.

How to recognize and cure a cold in babies?

The disease of infants causes many experiences on the part of parents. But, in fact, knowing how to behave with colds in children, you can avoid many complications and accelerate the process of recovery. Given that the common cold is considered the most common disease, the mother must know how to recognize and cure her.

What should mom do?

Since the immunity of the infant is still weak, a cold can cause many complications. Therefore, it is important to call the doctor when the first symptoms of a cold catch are found. If a 3-month-old child has risen to 38, then immediately call not the pediatrician, but an ambulance. After 3 months of age, it is worth calling if the temperature has reached 38, 5. Prior to the arrival of a doctor or an ambulance, the mother is recommended to follow such actions:

  • it is not necessary for the child to forcefully force to eat, he knows how much he should eat;
  • if the child completely refuses food, you should give him boiled water every 10 minutes;
  • Dressing the baby should be in accordance with the temperature of the air in the room, but do not forget about its possible state, because it can shiver or it can be hot;
  • The child should be kept in such a position that his head is slightly higher from the level of the whole body;
  • Do not use nasal drops without doctor's prescription;
  • You can not rub the child with vinegar or alcohol, because these substances penetrate through the pores into the body of the baby;
  • all preparations of the baby can be given after a doctor's examination.
To reduce the temperature, pediatricians are often prescribed Nurofen, Panadol, Ibufen, Viferon, Analdim. Children's products of this group are available in the form of tablets, syrups and candles, which allows parents to choose the most appropriate method of treatment. Also do not forget that some syrups, especially with honey, can cause allergic reactions.

Treatment of a cold

Runny nose, being the main symptom of the common cold, usually occurs in infants. If the runny nose does not cause difficulty breathing, then it usually passes by itself without the intervention of adults. Overcome the manifestations of the common cold, including the common cold, will help frequent attachment of the baby to the chest.

If a child has a cold during the introduction of complementary foods, it is worth giving up new food for a few days until the full recovery. As this will be a great burden on the weakened organism of babies.

It is recommended to use children's nasal drops, which do not overdry

mucous - Aquamaris or Salin. Also, the salt solution can be prepared independently, in a glass of water, adding a spoonful of salt. It is very important to regularly release the baby's nose from mucus, sucking it with a pear.When a child suffers from a cold, which is accompanied by abundant discharge from the nose or its stuffiness, it is important to take care of the presence of an air humidifier.

It is necessary to refuse washing the nose with the help of pears or from its abundant instillation, since the baby The eustachian tube is very short and all liquid quickly enters the ear, causing an inflammatory process, which is dangerous for health.

During this period of childhood in the treatment of the cold will help such procedures:

  • massage of the wings of the nose;
  • instillation with Kalanchoe juice or aloe;
  • use of Vital for instillation in the nose;
  • in the crib of the baby at the time of sleep, you can put a napkin, moistened with eucalyptus oil;
  • it is useful to drip the spout with carrot juice diluted with water:.
  • After an hour, rinse the nose with saline solution, digging in half a pipette into each nasal passage;
  • can be used to instill thuje oil;
  • use herbal collection "Eelosol" to prepare a decoction against the common cold;
  • use homeopathic medicines.

It is important to know: parents should not use herbal infusions and decoctions, as well as other means for treating colds without first consulting a specialist.

Treatment of cough

Cough syrups, as a rule, pediatricians are prescribed after 6 months of age. In this case, the drug is used depending on the type of cough - wet or dry. The most common syrups and cough syrups intended for infants are the following:

  • Dr. Thais;
  • Bronchicum;
  • Doctor Mom;
  • Tussamag.

Also in the treatment of colds in children, which is accompanied not only by a runny nose, but also by cough, the use of inhalations is considered effective. At the time of illness, it is necessary to monitor that the child drinks as much liquid as possible - tea with honey and lemon, warm milk.

Mustard has proven to be good in treating colds. Mustard can be used to make foot baths, and it can be covered in warm socks and left overnight.True, these methods of treatment should be used, starting with the 9-month-old child.

It is important to be able to properly carry out the procedure:The legs of the child should be placed in water 38 degrees, gradually bringing it to 41 degrees, pouring hot water. After the baby's legs turn red, they need to be poured with cool water and put again in a hot bath. Such actions should be repeated 3 times, put on warm socks and put the crumb to sleep.

When coughing is good to use mustard, but you can put them only in cases where the baby is not allergic. As you know, any smelling substances can cause bronchospasm and cause breathing difficulties.

Red Throat

With reddened throat, the baby should be given Aflubin, and at night, spread the throat with eucalyptus ointment. Good helps to eliminate the inflammatory process of tincture of propolis, diluted in water. The child should rub the throat with such medicine.

Constantly the kid should be given a warm drink, so that the neck does not dry out.

Children can gargle with herbal medicinal herbs - chamomile, sage, eucalyptus, mother-and-stepmother. Doctors basically appoint Septefril, Efizol, Eraspal syrup, Tantum Verde sprays and Hexoral.

What can complicate the course of the disease?

There are certain factors that cause complications for colds. First of all, they include overheating of the child, contaminated skin, overeating - these factors increase body temperature, worsen the child's condition and delay the healing process.

Timely appeal to the pediatrician will help to avoid complications

Also worsen the situation when the disease may be exceeding the dosage of the medicine,
because sometimes moms, so that their child quickly recovered, begin to give them medicines more often. Thus, cleansing the bowels, adherence to diet and hygiene rules, the correct dosage of medications, will help the baby to overcome the cold more quickly.

Colds in babies are much faster if the parents have turned to the pediatrician in time, and at the same time strictly observe all of his appointments.

What is the common cold and sore throat without fever?

Whatever disease is not affected by the human body, it is accompanied by a mass of unpleasant symptoms. One such ailment is a cold. Very often it runs without temperature, but the patient has a runny nose, coughing, sneezing and sore throat. For successful treatment, it is necessary to determine the cause that triggered all of these symptoms, and direct all efforts to eliminate it.

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Cause of dry and wet cough

With a dry cough, the patient does not have abundant sputum production. He can take a strong, disruptive character and be accompanied by a pain syndrome.The cause of this pathological process lies in the infection of the respiratory organs.At the initial stage of the common cold, a person suffers a sore throat and a dry cough. But after a few days, it turns into wet, as the body begins to actively produce phlegm.

From this article you can learn how to treat the common cold with folk remedies.

But after a while the dry cough comes back again, because the mucus begins to stand out in a smaller amount. The most common causes of dry cough are:

  1. Smoke from cigarettes, overdried air in the room.
  2. The defeat of the body by the influenza virus, which first causes dry, and after a wet cough.
  3. Specific smells of chemicals.
  4. Foreign body in the goal. If the cough is worried by a person without obvious signs of cold and temperature, then most likely a foreign object has entered the throat, which is the cause of suffocation.
  5. Laryngitis. When a dry cough disturbs a person often during the day, then there is a high probability of having this infectious disease, for which a voice has a hypersound and a spasmodic cough.

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The video tells about the causes of the common cold and sore throat without temperature:

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The next kind of cough is wet. It is very easy to recognize it, because sputum is secreted during the cough. This symptom has received one more name - productive, in fact thanks to it it is possible to clear bronchuses from slime.

Huminate a person can cause a wet cough, if there is an acute respiratory disease, a common cold, an allergy, pneumonia and bronchitis. For a sputum a viscous consistency is characteristic, for this reason it can not be kept in the bronchi for a long time, because this is an excellent place for the reproduction of bacteria. It is worth immediately taking measures and removing it from there.

The color of the discharge during moist coughing may be slightly unclear, which indicates the onset of the inflammatory process. Mucus with a rusty hue indicates an allergy, and green color makes it clear that the person has sinusitis, tuberculosis or bronchiectasis.

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Frequent wet mucus is the cause of bronchitis or tracheitis. A moist cough that occurs as a result of treatment replaces dry cough, which serves as a harbinger of the patient's recovery.

Causes of a cold

Mucus secreted from the nose, without temperature, indicates that the body has infected the infectious disease. During a runny nose, the nasal mucous membrane is moistened, resulting in stuffiness, the patient loses smell, and frequent sneezing attacks occur. A rhinitis can take a chronic form and arise in a particular case. The result of this process is a strong swelling of the nasal mucosa, vasodilation. The content increases after the liquid begins to separate.

The acute form of rhinitis occurs on its own or due to flu, ARVI. Inflammatory process arises from the ingress of bacteria, viruses on the nasal mucosa.

What kind of drops in the nose for allergic rhinitis is worth using, is indicated in this article.

The main factors contributing to the formation of a cold without temperature are:

  • prolonged exposure to cold;
  • infection of a viral or bacterial origin;
  • injury to the nose;
  • bad habits;
  • poor blood circulation in the mucosa of the affected organ caused by vascular or hormonal disease.

On the video - possible causes of a common cold:

What triggers sneezing

This symptom appears in the case when the nasal mucosa is affected by an irritant.In the role of this annoying factor can act dust, down or animal hair.Another reason for sneezing is the influence of volatile substances. As a rule, a person begins to sneeze at the inhalation of perfume fragrances or cigarette smoke.

The formation of a sneezing reflex is often the cause of a change in temperature, when a person from a warm room went out into the street, where the frost. Also, sneezing can cause allergic and acute respiratory viral diseases.

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Very often women in the position complain that before the very birth they constantly sneeze, and they have a stuffy nose. This is due to the swelling of the nasal mucosa, which provokes hormonal restructuring. Such a process in medicine is called "rhinitis of pregnant women".

Painful sensations in the throat

Often the pain in the throat is a harbinger of a viral or bacterial disease. There are a number of reasons for this symptom. For example, sore throat (sore throat) can cause pharyngitis, which is characterized by inflammation of the posterior pharyngeal wall.When the pains acquire a frequent character, then it is possible to affirmly affirm the transition of pharyngitis to a chronic form.

In addition, severe pain can lead to the development of tonsillitis, which leads to inflammation and swelling of tonsils located on the sides. Since children very often get sick for this disease, it often becomes chronic. Pain in the throat may also occur due to laryngitis, for which a hoarse and hoarse voice is characteristic.

This article shows how to breathe on a potato with a cold.

In addition, the formation of the presented symptom can be influenced by the following factors:

  • viral infection;
  • bacterial infection;
  • allergy;
  • irritation of the throat with harmful substances;
  • dry air.

Causes of a common cold with weakness

Many had to observe such a picture, when all the signs of a cold appear on the face, then there is no temperature rise. What is the reason? It's all about the physiological characteristics of the organism that hit the virus. After he penetrated the body, a person has increased blood circulation, which results in poor blood processing by the heart.

If another cold affected the person with weak immunity, a slight rise in temperature indicates that the body has entered into the fight against infection. If the temperature is within normal limits, then the person has a strong and strong immunity, which does not include in the process its protective functions of the brain to fight infection.

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The video tells about the causes of the common cold and sore throat without temperature:

Can I catch a cold without the temperature?

To catch a cold disease, even without the temperature, absolutely everyone can do this airborne way, when through the respiratory tract the virus enters the body and begins to exert its influence.

Catch a cold with a kiss. Typically, infection occurs as a result of the fact that the virus is transmitted from a person who has an incubation period, and he does not even suspect a cold.

The next way of transmission is through products.When a person with ARVI sneezed at food or touched them with his hands, then they get viruses. When they are used by a healthy person, there is a likelihood of developing a cold in him.

Strangely enough, but forks and spoons also serve as a source of transmission of infection. And this option is considered the most common transmission. Do not drink a drink from one bottle or cup. All cutlery should be treated with a detergent composition.

Whether treat a cold without temperature antibiotics

Very often during self-treatment, most people use antibacterial drugs, believing that such medications will help get rid of the disease quickly. But doctors do not prescribe antibiotics in all cases, because their negative impact on the body has not been canceled. In addition, when taking antibiotics during an uncomplicated cold, no one gives a guarantee that they are the ones that can accelerate the process of recovery.

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In the video - the use of antibiotics with sore throat without temperature:

In medical practice, cases are known where the result was reversed. When taking antibacterial medications, a number of patients experienced side effects. Because of such treatment, dysbacteriosis, allergy, and immune forces of the body are very often developed. In addition, the action of antibiotics can hardly be called antiviral, their goal is to hit the bacteria, and after all the cold is a viral infection.

Treatment of a common cold without complications in a pregnant woman

Colds often occur in women at the time of bearing a child. The reason is that the period of pregnancy is accompanied by depression of the immune system, even the healthiest woman, as a result of which her body becomes susceptible to various seasonal diseases.

In the video - a cough and runny nose without fever in a pregnant woman:

Than to treat?Prescribe an effective treatment can only a doctor. As a rule, he prescribes medicinal preparations that are absolutely safe for the health of the future mother and baby:

  1. To eliminate the runny nose, saline solutions for washing the nose are very effective - Aquamaris and Dolphin.
  2. Safe pain for pregnant sprays and solutions - Chlorhexidine, Miramistin, Ingalipt, Pinasol.
  3. To overcome coughing attacks it is possible with the help of Caldex broncho, Lazolvan, ATSTS.
  4. The doctor may prescribe rubbing the area of ​​the chest and nose. For these purposes, with a cold, the "Zvezdochka" or "Doctor Mom" ​​balm has a positive effect.
  5. Use homeopathic preparations during pregnancy is completely safe. The doctor may prescribe Antigrippin or the Flu-hel.

A cold is a very insidious and unpleasant disease.Even if it runs without temperature, it is very important to determine the cause of its formation will prescribe adequate therapy.Otherwise, it can complicate and become chronic.

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