Do I need to be vaccinated against influenza reviews?

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Inoculation against influenza. Who did? what feedback??? ochu make a child



do not do it... better give vitamins. fruit. especially oranges. and fewer antibiotics. so as not to reduce immunity... Inoculation, she just is done to get sick. I did not do at school. and at work I do not. t. To. Practically all classmates in a day two have fallen out with temperature. and there are complications. and had been ill for a very long time. ..just how old the child is. when eating soup. chop the garlic cloves. very useful thing. I always eat.

You do not have to hurt your Baby!

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I did, I still want to))

Fox Mulder.

Little sense! Precisely I say! Every year a different flu!

Elliott J-Di

late this year you suddenly realized. And in the next, consult a few doctors and decide whether you need it or not.

Yulia Yegorovskaya

I never did to my children.
The point is that the vaccine is made from one strain of the influenza virus, which, as it is supposed, will be this winter. But it is not necessary that your child does not meet another strain of the virus and does not fall ill.

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So vaccination is effective at 50 percent.

Zaytsev Artem Valerievich

I'm a tough opponent of vaccinations. why should you load immunity.

Elena Alexandrova

do not you do it


We have been doing since the age of 6, now to my daughter. 9. I did not get sick with grippom. I'm unvaccinated, this year I got sick, and she even sneezed for decency.


Inoculation against influenza is done from September to November.
often get sick with flu, it's unlikely.
these are other viral and bacterial diseases.

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do not get vaccinated against the flu = useless


At children now and so immunity is not present: what for superfluous inoculations? In our garden, even from chicken pox were offered - delirium full!
It is better to temper, lead a healthy lifestyle.
Earlier the older child for 2-3 months gave spirulina6 the effect was.

c s

oh, I put my own in 2 years, and after 2 weeks I got sick and 3 months later, there were diagnoses: hospitals, otitis, purulent otitis, and at the end of pneumonia. Now for 3 years no vaccination against influenza and such problems no!!! so I am against both of these vaccinations


I think that the flu vaccine is the most useless because the flu every year mutates and is grafted from last year's strain just useless and an extra blow to the immune system.

Flash in the night

What does it mean "often get sick with the flu"? You were diagnosed? Complications were not? It is better not to vaccinate, because the epidemic is already beginning, the body will not have time to develop antibodies.

Boris Aizikovich

Depending on the vaccine and vaccinator, the approach to carrying out works excellently, and good protection. But this year alone, vaccination is no longer worthwhile, it should be carried out from August to the end of October, the maximum of the first decade of November.


Not only does the flu mutate. Measles chickenpox and others, also mutate. And this has long been proven by scientists. Business on our immunity.

Should I get a flu shot from a child?


Man - you are Peace, you are Eternity.

Do not, better strengthen the immune system.
Inoculations can not be done, these are the same small diseases. Vaccination-business. Autoimmune diseases are a consequence of early vaccination. Diabetes mellitus type 1 in children under 14 years of age, this is the consequences. Inoculations are 100% healthy. Statistics say that 3% of children are healthy.
There is a list of contraindications, for example, dysbacteriosis is one of them.. .
Vaccines can be preserved with endogenes-mercury and aluminum salts.
Stamens of viruses, bacteria muttiruyut.
It is necessary to strengthen immunity, he himself cope.


I have to do my child every year

Hookah @

costs, because the disease will be easier


Of course not!! !
From generation to generation, the human offspring is weakened because we are vaccinated.


Do not, get vaccinated against the flu, and no one knows what will be-A, B, etc. Will do from one, and there will be another, and immunity has already been reduced, and the child is even more strongly sick

Nikolay Tesla

I heard that good doctors forbid their children and grandchildren to put them. Ask about this for more details. Vaccinations seem to undermine the health of children, just the state, this requires doctors.


If immunity is weak, then the vaccine will become the root cause of infection
If the immunity is strong, then it is not needed
Vaccinations should be made from smallpox, polyemilite and other serious diseases
And from the flu, in my opinion, there is no sense


We did the daughter last year - almost 3 months on the sick-list from the day of vaccination - first the classic flu, then twice otitis and bronchitis at the end. and no one will ever convince me to do a child vaccine against the flu.

Tatyana Orlova

no it is not !!!

Marina Babikova

It seems to me that it's not worth it. It is better to strengthen immunity.
To my children, I do not vaccinate against the flu, because it can cause complications of all kinds. My brother did 4 years ago a flu shot and lost his sight. He was treated for a very long time, but it was not possible to restore the vision completely.

Karina Solovyova

it is necessary. Vaccination against the flu does not prevent colds, but it helps to avoid the actual flu, complications of which are tonsillitis, pneumonia, otitis, sinusitis, bronchitis and other kaka, not to mention that in general the flu is much more complicated than ARVI, and is very contagious, so it may very well be that the whole family will cram with the temperature 40. Do you need this?
So do not only vaccinate the child, but all the rest of the family.

Tanya Chudodeeva

Mne kazhetcj, to eto becpole3no-virycov grippa mnogo! He yadaada kakoj bydet v etot ra3... 3a4em liwnij ra3 k ximii pribega? y4we na4inajte c limon4ikom i 4ecno4kom dryzhit! :)


NO. uniquely. vaccination is nonspecific, and even more so to a child.

Svetlana Begerskaya

immunetet should not be strengthened, but restored. Immenos vaccinations kill him. Up to one year 9 vaccinations, 9 small diseases. And then we think, why our children have this and that. I refused all vaccinations, because I have the right to do so. And the hospital is simply losing money, so we are told about the benefits of vaccinations., Urge to make a plan for them. Think for yourself. I do not spend more experiments on children ..

Halida Shavkieva

Yes, now I have to think about it or not))))))


No, do not! We are 6 years old and have never been influenced by the flu. And the flu was like everyone else. Only with the hospital man went out to the garden before all. Those who are vaccinated, for some reason, get sick longer.

Alexandra Antipova

On the one hand, like you should do it. On the other, it's dangerous. But we live in the modern world and I do more to prevent infections. Although of course it is now difficult, that it does not catch. I myself, for example, bought the Barrier Reef. Though the husband also was against. And I liked it. And the effect is.

Is it worth it for an adult to get a flu shot?


Lisyonok Dobry

The protective effect of vaccinations persists for at least one year, and after two to three years of consistent vaccination - for two years or more. However, there is one "but" - the flu virus easily mutates, and now there are several of its varieties. The introduced vaccine creates immunity only against one particular species. In addition, a person may well become infected not dominant in this season, but another kind of infection. Which also spreads, albeit in smaller numbers, and is looking for a "victim." Therefore, the effectiveness of vaccination, according to various estimates, does not exceed 50-60%.
Do not forget about the adverse reactions that may occur with the use of vaccines: Local reactions are the most common effects. They are expressed in the form of redness at the injection site. These are short-term events that usually take place within 1-2 days. Nonspecific systemic reactions include fever, chills, malaise and myalgia. Usually occur 6-12 hours after vaccination and last no more than 1-2 days. Hypersensitivity is a rare reaction, which is supposedly allergic in nature.
Serious contraindications for vaccinations are the following:
acute disease;
allergy to chicken protein;
bronchial asthma;
diffuse connective tissue diseases;
adrenal gland diseases;
diseases of the nervous system;
chronic diseases of the lungs and upper respiratory tract;
cardiovascular insufficiency and hypertension II and III stages;
kidney disease;
disease of the endocrine system;
blood diseases
Risk groups: small children and the elderly, as well as patients with chronic cardiovascular and broncho-pulmonary diseases. These patients often exacerbate their chronic diseases: rheumatism, tuberculosis, bronchitis and others. Of course, complications can occur in any other person. But, as a rule, in the event that he does not comply with bed rest and recommendations of a doctor. In order to decide whether or not to be vaccinated against influenza, the first thing to objectively assess the likelihood of infection with the flu is you. If you are at risk and the danger is high enough, you should consider whether there are any possible complications in your case. If they are very likely, go straight to your doctor about whether you can inject a flu vaccine. In the case of a negative answer, you will not have to think about anything. In the case of a positive doctor's answer, weigh all the pros and cons and make a decision.
Well, if you do not belong to the risk group, and complications are unlikely - do not overtake fear. And then you can and "get scared" get sick.

ba zil

at your discretion.


it's your decision. My mother-in-law does every year, says she is less sick. Daughters do at school, sick for the whole school. year about 2-3 times. I never did myself, but if I start to get sick, then the cold usually shows up. I have not yet had the choice to do or not, but I think that I will try, when they offer and compare before and after

* MAD *

I never did because I think this shit is a shit.. Those who at least once did or made it was pleasant to a flu (I about those whom I know)

Olga Gallyamova

not worth it


Here the question is ambiguous. If you can know exactly what kind of vaccination. whose production, as in what terms and under what conditions they will do, it certainly stands. Provided that you do not abuse them now and do not feel well. In this state, the vaccine can not be done, and even there are many contraindications, you should explain everything. Because when we get vaccinated, it seems like nothing terrible, made a shot and went, and it's not. When we were with children abroad, we had to vaccinate them, so we pre-donated a lot of tests, watched us for almost a week, for our well-being, and these vaccinations there are different manufactures, and there are kotorey calculated for 4 doses, that is, as soon as the ampoule is opened, should be used immediately, and not so keep open until the next patient. If you can control all this, then of course it is worth doing, the flu is now such that it is not so scary as the consequences after it ...

Should I put inoculations from the FLU, do you put them yourself?


Man - you are Peace, you are Eternity.

strengthen immunity
Inoculations can not be done, these are the same small diseases. Autoimmune diseases are a consequence of early vaccination. Diabetes mellitus type 1 in children under 14 years of age, this is the consequences. Inoculations are 100% healthy. Statistics say that 3% of children are healthy.
There is a list of contraindications, for example, dysbacteriosis is one of them.. .
Vaccines can be preserved with endogenes-mercury and aluminum salts.
Stamens of viruses, bacteria muttiruyut.
It is necessary to strengthen immunity, he himself cope.


this is a matter for each person individually. if you do not want, no one will force


I ingested and still got sick as usual

Holy Dolly

To put or not to put is a private matter for everyone. Three years ago, I was vaccinated, and I fell seriously ill - now I am keeping away from vaccinations on the FAN. But if the doctor is good and does everything right, I think there will be no harm

Sergey Razboev

Nobody can answer unequivocally. Even doctors do not suspect what strain of influenza will come. The matter is that because of various medicines the virus mutates. Therefore, to do or not to decide for yourself.


I think it's not worthwhile putting them. A small dose of influenza is introduced into the body so that it in turn develops antibodies against this virus. Firstly, who weakened immunity immediately swallows this flu, secondly, the flu is very many varieties so it's not a fact that if you put the vaccine you will not get sick by another species influenza. I somehow read that many more vaccines are done in Europe and tested on animals (rats) then when a successful result is obtained, these vaccines are sent to third world countries as charity. To test them in public. And only then let it go on sale. And our people take this charity and sell it to naive citizens.


I once listened to the doctor foolishly, made a child - he then suffered for a year, in hospitals ...

Reznikova Lyudmila

No. Definitely not. Why infect yourself with a weak virus? Who has established that your body is strong enough to cope with it?


I read the answers to your question and will not be vaccinated now.


we do not put an inoculation against the flu, but as you wish, we can not impose our opinion on anyone


This is VERY necessary! What is the FLU? This is not only a snot to the knee and an eerie cough, it's a temp no lower than 3, which does not decrease, it's weakness to exhaustion, loss of appetite, dizziness, etc. etc. But this is not all, it is terrible for the INFO with its complications, they can be fatal!!! Do not confuse the flu with colds. If you put an inoculation and get sick with snot from 3, and yes, God be with him! But you saved your immunity and did not catch the hardest complication. But what to put the vaccine-our or imported, it's up to you.


Honored, just nonsense some, it's amazing to hear that in our time so think about vaccinations. So. it turns out, Pasteur for 200 years did not achieve anything. Full of speculation and idle fabrications. First, about mutating influenza, it is different every year, but the epidemic is gradually beginning with Asia and by the time its appearance in Europe is already ready for a new vaccine, designed with a view to prevailing in this epidemic virus. Secondly, for a hundred years already no one uses mercury salts in vaccines. Earlier, in my childhood, about 20 years ago, yes, it was. Thirdly, the vaccine is NOT VIRUS, at any rate not an alive virus, but its particles of DNA, and most often its toxins. Thus, swine flu from vaccination is a complete nonsense. I myself am inoculated every year for 4-5 years, I do not remember exactly. Pah-pah, the flu did not hurt, although it is far from good health, with heart and autoimmune diseases.

Natalia Romanova

He will not turn his own eye off. And physicians. They will always protect all kinds of vaccinations. My friend always makes the whole family vaccinated against a different flu. And still sick. Well, as she says: not in the same severe form, we got sick. We in a family never did them. And pah-pah did not hurt. I do not even Mantu even to my schoolboy. I wrote a refusal. But for self-satisfaction it is better to consult. Look, for example, here Or to find it is better than the immunologist, From immunity all health depends. Eating more vegetables and fruits will never hurt.

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