Diet with rheumatoid arthritis - choose a suitable diet

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The conducted studies showed that in those countries where a high percentage of consumption for food of rye, oats, wheat, many joint diseases were recorded. Similar problems are often noted in people who have coffee, eggs, soy products every day in the diet.

Based on these data, there is no doubt that proper nutrition with rheumatoid arthritis, excluding harmful products, if not cure, then significantly improve the health status.


  • 1Test your food for harmfulness
  • 2Products to be feared
  • 3Healthy foods
  • 4Examples of healthy dishes
  • 5Self-treatment is dangerous

Test your food for harmfulness

Scientists noted that if the patient uses food, causing allergies, then manifestations of rheumatoid arthritis are intensified. But each organism reacts in a special way to different products, therefore it is necessary to try the elimination diet (which excludes one product from the set).

This experiment lasts approximately 1-2 weeks for each product. It is excluded from the usual menu completely - if the allergenicity of milk is checked, it is not only not drunk in any form, but also does not eat cheeses, milk porridges, ice cream, cottage cheese.

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After a fixed period, the product is consumed one day, and then the body's reaction is carefully monitored - whether the course of the disease has worsened or not.

If there are doubts as a result, testing should be repeated.

With this method, all "suspicious" food is tested. When dangerous foods are identified, they are excluded from the diet, preferably forever or at least for the time of exacerbation of pain.

On the basis of verification, each patient for the prevention of arthritis can make for himself an individual diet that helps him in the period of exacerbation of pain.

It is very useful to try vegetarianism - half of people suffering from joint pain feel better after a plant diet.

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It may not be very strict and allow infrequent use of sea fish.

The so-called Mediterranean diet also alleviates the condition of the joints by preparing food on useful olive oil, a lot of vegetables, fruits, seafood and greens.

Products to be feared

Thanks to scientific research it is known that one can and can not eat with rheumatoid arthritis, what foods have a negative effect on the body, so when using an elution diet, they should be checked first.

These products include:

  • citrus;
  • pork and any fatty meat;
  • plants of the Solanaceae family: potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants;
  • uncooked milk;
  • Rye, millet, oats, corn;
  • cocoa.

Also there are products that do not even need to be tested, but must be immediately removed from the diet:

  • coffee, strongly brewed tea;
  • canned and smoked food;
  • any alcohol;
  • spicy, fried, fatty foods;
  • bought sweets, buns, chocolate.
All this food is harmful to its cooking technology, it has a bad effect on the liver, kidneys, the gastrointestinal tract, which already suffer from the effects of rheumatoid arthritis and the reception of strong medicines.

Healthy foods

Scientific research has been going on since the 19th century, and during this time it was found that relapses are less frequent in patients using a vegetarian and sour-milk diet.

Their effectiveness is explained by the fact that food of this type contains substances that stop pain and inflammation in the joints, and fruits and vegetables replenish the body with trace elements and vitamins.

An obligatory requirement for healthy food - it should be prepared only for a couple, that is, without oil, or cooked, stewed, baked in the oven. All these ways make food safer than when frying, they save more vitamins.

If the patient complains that the diet is too poor and severe, so you can include a fatty marine fish containing omega-3 fatty acids, which will enrich the diet with vitamin D.

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Many drugs are hormonal and therefore wash away calcium from bone tissue.

To replenish the supply of calcium, the patient must take calcium-containing foods:

  • leafy greens - cabbage salad, cabbage;
  • dairy products with low fat content - cottage cheese, sour milk, homemade yoghurts;
  • various dried fruits.

Examples of healthy dishes

You can prepare many dishes, products for which there is in every house:

  • salad of cucumbers, carrots, other vegetables;
  • boiled rice as a side dish to different dishes;
  • raw buckwheat, filled with kefir for the night;
  • boiled rice with yogurt;
  • lean borsch, lean soup, soups without meat;
  • stewed vegetables - stew from zucchini, potatoes, carrots;
  • baked in the oven vegetables - beets, zucchini, carrots;
  • mashed potatoes without butter, boiled potatoes baked in the oven in a peel;
  • some pasta from hard wheat;
  • instead of bread - black homemade croutons;
  • green tea, unsweetened compote of dried fruits;
  • raw vegetables, raw fruits.

Self-treatment is dangerous

Before starting complex treatment, you should consult with your doctor on all questions. He will diagnose all organs and systems, recommend a diet, medications, exclude harmful products, and possibly prescribe treatment in a sanatorium.

In no case can you prescribe yourself a diet, procedures and methods of recovery - all this should be done by a doctor.

The method of food intake can be completely different, it depends on the degree of the disease - if the patient is recumbent, then he is assigned a very strict diet, so as not to gain extra pounds. Sometimes doctors recommend curative fasting, but this method needs to be approached with caution.

Each disease requires compliance with certain rules, treatment methods, restrictions. The more strict the adherence to them, the quicker the relief comes.

Care of oneself is very difficult because of the joints that sometimes twist to such an extent that a person becomes a helpless invalid.

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However, this does not mean that you should drop your hands and obediently accept the blows of the disease.

Any smallest step shortens the distance leading to health. The right diet will be a big step towards healing - the overweight will not put pressure on the sick joints, replenished supplies of calcium, potassium, iron will have a beneficial effect on the state of all organs and systems organism.

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