Cough syrups for children list

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List of effective syrups for children's cough

Choosing the most effective and maximally natural cough syrup, many parents seem to be a priority. This opinion is a little erroneous, because the recovery of syrup affects only indirectly, and with the focus of infection another antiviral drug or antibiotic is fighting. Cough syrup will help to speed up liquefaction and sputum discharge from the bronchi and lungs, but with a particularly painful and dry cough it is due to the syrup that the most painful symptom is removed. That is why it is worthwhile to seriously and responsibly approach the choice of a suitable drug and not engage in self-medication. Cough syrups for children list can be seen by reading the article below.

How to use a cough syrup during pregnancy Dr. Mom, is indicated in this article.


The medicinal form of the syrup is very convenient, because the mixture is ready and it remains only to accurately measure the dose and give the child. A great advantage of syrup will be a pleasant taste, children are usually very willing to take this medicine and even ask for supplements. Along with this, there are also shortcomings, which these medicines also have. More details can be classified as follows.

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Pros and cons of syrups

Benefits disadvantages
  • Ready mix that does not require cooking.
  • To maintain consistency, special chemicals are used.
  • Sweet taste that children love.
  • Often, the composition includes unnatural sugar substitutes.
  • Good efficiency in complex treatment.
A doctor's consultation is required to determine the causes of cough.
A wide range of pharmacy products. Difficulty in choosing the right drug.
Varied price range. The cost of many syrups is artificially inflated by marketing techniques and advertising in the price.

What syrup from an allergic cough for children is best used, is specified in the article.

This list can be continued indefinitely, the main thing is that every parent should understand the basic theses himself and do not trust the blindly advertised drug that helps the TV hero win-win. Before buying a suitable drug, it is necessary to find out the cause of the cough, and only then to choose a remedy that can contribute to the treatment of this disease.

The video tells about the causes of cough and ways to treat it:

Causes and possible treatment

Coughing is not an independent disease, but simply a symptom that is caused by a number of reasons. Correct diagnosis is already half the journey on the way to a speedy recovery. Sometimes, in order to defeat a cough, cough syrup can and should not be taken, it will be enough to change some environmental factors or resort to other procedures, such as inhalations or rubbing.

How to use and what is the dosage of the cough syrup Erespal for children, you can find out by reading this article.

By its nature, a cough can be:

  • Allergic: in this case, conventional means will be powerless, should be removed if possible allergen and take special antihistamines, which can also be in the form of syrups.
  • Drycaused by a bacterial or viral infection. Dry cough can manifest itself at the very beginning of the disease and it should be treated only if it does not go into the "wet" stage itself. To do this, use antitussive drugs that stimulate the formation of mucous secretions. The more and more sputum is secreted and coughing up, the faster the organism will cope with the disease.
  • Wetcough suggests that the process of recovery is progressing naturally and the main task is to create optimal conditions for an early correction. Syrup from a wet cough will ensure maximum excretion of sputum, but if you take antitussive drugs, you can aggravate the situation. In this case, a large sputum discharge will lead to serious problems with mild and complications of the disease.
  • Cough can be caused by a specific disease -pertussis.

What is the price of the cough syrup Dr. Mom, you can find out from this article.

Apparently, there can be several options, and this, if not yet go deep into the medical jungle and not classify possible catarrhal diseases. Causes may be caused by parasites, as well as by strong dustiness of premises, for example, at work. Dry air can also provoke periodic attacks of cough, so it is so important to maintain a comfortable level of humidity, especially if the family has small children.


There are many variants of cough syrups in pharmacies, they all differ in composition and principle of action, so it is rather difficult to classify these drugs. If the characteristics take into account the price category, it will be a little easier to decide on the choice. But the principle of choice remains the same: all medicines must be prescribed by a doctor, because sometimes even a similar drug may not cope with the cause of the cough due to a slightly different principle actions.

What is the price of syrup from a dry cough Herbion, you can find out by reading this article.


  • Propane - a product of plant origin, can be used to treat children from birth, the price is from 708 rubles per bottle 200 ml, homeopathic remedy.
  • Herbion plantain for dry cough, the cost of 221 rubles, 150 ml.
  • Herbion primrose for a wet cough, the cost is from 223 rubles, 150 ml.
  • Dr. Tys syrup with plantain: price 187 rubles per 100 ml.
  • Doctor Mom on herbs, the cost is from 145 rubles, 100 ml.
  • Gedelix syrup, can be used for children up to a year old, contains exclusively natural ingredients. The price is 352 rubles per 100 ml. Quite cheap in the ratio of price and quality.
  • Stoppussin phyto - a collection of natural herbal extracts, 100 ml costs only 186 rubles.
  • Tussamag 200 ml for 206 rubles.
  • Phytolor is a two-component preparation, the cost per 100 ml is 121 rubles.

What price of cough syrup Stodal, you can learn from this article.

Optimally affect the cough of different types of syrups with a combined effect. Usually they are at least two-component, so they have such an effect on the causes and symptoms of coughing.

Combined action

  • Ambrobe, a good mucaltic effect is due to the active substance - ambroxol, 100 ml 124 rubles.
  • Lazolvan analogue of an amber, but with a lower concentration of active ingredient, 100 ml can be bought for 266 rubles.
  • Ambrohexal also has a similar effect, 100 ml of 112 rubles.
  • Ascoril - a combination of bromhexine, salbutanol and guaifensin, is often used in the treatment of bronchial asthma. The cost is from 328 rubles for 200 ml.
  • Bronchipret price of 295 rubles per 100 ml.
  • Omnitus 200 ml of 158 rubles.
  • Suprima Broncho a wide range of effects, 100 ml of 130 rubles.
  • Travisil syrup, 100 ml - 180 rubles.
  • FLUIFORT - an active substance carbocysteine, which has a strong mukaltic effect, the cost per 100 ml 289 rubles.
  • Halixol - 100 ml, active substance ambroksol. The cost is about 470 rubles.
  • Terasil D is a three-component preparation with an additional antihistamine effect. The cost is from 261 rubles per 100 ml.
  • Erespal, active substance fenspiride, the price is from 244 rubles for 150 ml.
  • Libexin Muko is in children's and adult dosage. The cost for 125 ml of a child's drug is 312 rubles, the adult - 349 rubles.

There are also special categories of medicines without sugar. They are designed primarily for people with diabetes, but they are also great for children, because usually the sugar substitutes are more useful for the developing organism.

How to properly use the cough syrup with laryngitis in children, you can find out by reading the article.

No added sugar

  • Linkas, a special formula without sugar, 120 ml, cost - 181 rubles.
  • Tussamag without sugar 175 g 222 rubles.

For children in the first year of life, a lot of cough syrups have also been created, but their use requires strict medical supervision, so do not risk the health of a little man and prescribe medication yourself or by advice friends.

What syrup with laryngitis in children to choose and use, is indicated in the article.

The most safe for treatment


  • Prospan: can be used to treat children from birth, the price is from 708 rubles per bottle 200 ml.
  • Linkas for children from six months, 90 ml 148 rubles.
  • Eucabal is also applied from six months, 100 ml to 201 rubles.
  • Sinecode can be used from two months, it helps from a dry cough of 200 ml of 318 rubles.
  • Gedelix syrup, can be used for children up to a year old, exclusively natural ingredients, on herbs. The price is 352 rubles per 100 ml.

Many of us remember the taste from childhood: Soviet cough syrups cope with any disease faster and more efficiently. Most people now trust precisely proven recipes, so they buy inexpensive analogues of foreign preparations.

What syrup with a barking cough is most often chosen, is indicated in the article.

The most inexpensive "Soviet" cough syrups:

  • Altea syrup, 125 ml - 45 rubles.
  • Pertussin - a combined herbal preparation, 100 ml of 26 rubles.
  • Syrup of licorice is an inexpensive and effective drug, 100 ml costs only 45 rubles.
  • Broncholitin - 125 g. 85 rubles.
  • Bromhexine is a good help to get phlegm, the price is about 124 rubles per 100 ml.

What syrup from barking cough in children is the most effective, indicated in the article.

Apparently, the choice is really huge and constantly updated with all new drugs. Most of them already have analogs, some are absolutely unique. An integrated approach in the treatment of cough will be a reliable and responsible decision, in which there is no place for thoughtless "self-activity". Do not abuse and prescribe yourself and children drugs on the advice of friends or by choosing at random from the pharmacy showcase.Cough syrups are also medicament preparations and contain many active ingredients in the formulation.If the disease is not properly diagnosed, they will not bring anything but harm.

Cough syrups for children

Coughing a child can be provoked by a huge number of reasons. Parents are always very concerned about this manifestation of the common cold, because they are ready to try any cough syrups for children to help crumbs. In order to find the best and most useful means for use, one should try to determine which disease the symptom is caused by. You must learn about the most popular and effective modern preparations.

Features of cough treatment in children

The symptom of sputum production is the natural reaction of the organism to external stimuli. It is quite normal that every person periodically coughs. It is not necessary to panic if the symptom of the infant before the age of two does not cause him anxiety, does not interfere with sleep, is not accompanied by a fever, a runny nose. However, if he does not give the baby a normal sleep or is, is an allergic reaction or a residual cold phenomenon, then urgent measures must be taken.

Dry cough

The reasons for this symptom are different:

  • cold, virus, infection;
  • supercooling;
  • whooping cough;
  • reflux (often observed in infants until the year);
  • irritation of mucous membranes by external factors.

It is more difficult to cure a dry cough in a child than in an adult: the baby moves less and is more in a supine position, due to which stagnation of sputum occurs. To treat illnesses in infants from year is resolved only by those preparations which the expert will register, and the dose he calculates, instead of mum. It is advisable to use expectorants, because up to two years of infants can not drive out the mucus themselves, so be sure to buy them the means by which sputum goes. Still it is necessary to make sure that during the treatment the infant drinks a sufficient amount of liquid.


The wet type of cough in infants is easier to treat. Children from three years of boldly give a syrup from a cough inexpensive and effective with a safe compound. Breasts are more suitable herbs, for example, mother-and-stepmother, but only after consulting a pediatrician. Cough preparations with plant elements in the composition will also help. During treatment, it must be ensured that the baby drinks a lot. Mucolytic agents, for example, Omnitus, Stoptussin, Travisil, Fluimutsil, can not be used categorically.

Classification of cough medicines

According to their characteristics, all antitussive drugs are divided into three groups:

  • expectorant;
  • mucolytic;
  • combined and central action.


If the infant is sick, he needs to urgently buy a medicine for a dry cough, for example, "Erespal "Alphabet "Gelisal". These drugs dilute mucus and transform an unproductive symptom, from which the babies are very much tormented and sleep badly. After their reception the sputum becomes less dense and viscous, leaves easier. Expectorant can be a reflex action that irritates the mucous membranes, or resorptive. After taking a resorptive drug, mucus is released more.


Suspensions of this group, for example, "Mukaltin "Linkas "Bronchicum "Ambrobene dilute thick and sticky sputum, which is difficult to separate. Such drugs are not recommended for newborns and infants until two years. Mucolytics, for example, licorice root syrup, simply dilute mucus, but do not contribute to an increase in its volume, which can not be said about expectorants. They should be used in diseases of the lower parts of the respiratory tract. Never combine them with antitussive agents.

Combined and central action antitussives

Such a cough medicine for children should be used very carefully, because the composition may include harmful components. Often these drugs are produced with codeine, for example, syrup or "Sinekod" drops. The presence of a dangerous component is reflected in the name, and the drugs act on those segments of the brain that cause the reflex. The funds of this group not only block seizures, but also anesthetize, soothe. As a rule, they are used for infants who cough so much that they can not sleep at night, suffer from severe attacks.

List of the most effective cough syrups for children

Pharmaceutical companies offer cough syrups for children in a wide range. The most popular at everyone on hearing, but it is necessary to find out the necessary information in detail, after all it will help mums and dads to pick up the best syrup from a cough for children if they are ill. It is important to always think about the fact that it is necessary to apply the drugs, clearly following the recommendations of the attending physician and carefully measuring the dose. Syrups and drops from a cough should not become a kind of drug, all you need is moderation.


  1. Composition: 15 or 30 mg of ambroxol hydrochloride in a 5 ml formulation.
  2. Indications: "Lazolvan syrup for children" is suitable for older children and infants, who have viscous sputum. Apply in diseases of the upper respiratory tract in an acute or chronic manifestation: bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, in which mucus leaves badly. "Lasolvan" strengthens secretion and dilutes sputum, facilitates the process of its separation.
  3. Application: infants from birth to two years are prescribed 3 ml of the drug twice a day, from two to six years the dose is the same, only three times a day. Older children should take 5 ml each two to three times. If 5 ml is 30 mg of ambroxol hydrochloride, then the dosage should be reduced by half.
  4. Price: from 195 rubles.


  1. Ingredients: in a child care per 1 ml of 20 mg of carbocisteine.
  2. Indications: "Children's Fluidite" is taken inside by children over two years old with acute diseases of the lungs or bronchi, a cough with hard-to-recover sputum. Recommended appointment in diseases of the nasopharynx, middle ear.
  3. Application: children under five years of age are recommended 5 ml of the drug twice a day. Older children should use the remedy in the same amount three times during the day.
  4. Cost: from 280 rubles.


  1. Composition: the main active substance of the syrup from dry cough is the extract of lanceolate plantain. The composition of the drug from wet - root extract root.
  2. Indications: should choose a remedy based on the symptoms of the child. Means with plantain beneficial effect on the throat, does not allow stimuli to provoke seizures. Vitamin C in the composition has a general strengthening effect on the body. "Herbion" with a primrose dilutes and removes mucus.
  3. Application: Herbion from moist cough apply three times a teaspoon. The drug from unproductive is applied three times in two spoons. Both remedies should be taken with a good drink.
  4. Cost: with plantain - from 240 rubles., With primrose - from 230 rubles.


  1. Ingredients: the main active ingredients in the composition are herbal extracts.
  2. Indications: "Alteika" is recommended for use in the treatment of infants with an unproductive cough. The drug expectorant, promotes the removal of edema and inflammation, and also reduces the amount of produced gastric juice, so that the upper respiratory tract is not irritated by it.
  3. Application: "Alteika" is recommended for infants twice in, ml. Infants under two years of age need the same amount, but three times a day. Preschoolers apply 5 ml of the drug 4 times, and older children 2 small spoons 4-5 times from morning to evening.
  4. Cost: from 135 rubles.

Syrup of plantain Dr. Tais

  1. Ingredients: the composition of the product is exclusively plant components, the main one being the plantain extract.
  2. Indication: the drug is classified as mucolytics. Cough medicine for children, like other mucolytic drugs, relieves spasms and inflammation, kills bacteria. Helps the bronchi to get rid of mucus. The drug is suitable for use in colds of the respiratory tract, allergies.
  3. Application: from year to 6 years - 3 ml four times a day. Older children are recommended to drink 5 ml as many times.
  4. Cost: from 170 rubles.


  1. Composition: the main component in the composition of the herbal preparation is the extract of ivy leaves. In 5 ml of the remedy is 35 mg of extract.
  2. Indications: "Prospan" is recommended for children with non-productive cough. Has a calming effect, relieve the baby of seizures and contribute to the withdrawal of secretions.
  3. Application: Infants from 1 to 3 years - 2 ml of the drug 2 times. Children under five years of age are used in the same amount three times. Children over the age of five are recommended to use 5 ml of the drug three times.
  4. Price: from 420 rubles.

Doctor MOM

  1. Ingredients: the preparation contains extracts of a whole set of herbs.
  2. Indication: the drug is recommended for children with respiratory diseases with a paroxysmal cough and sputum, which does not depart. Only two days later, the child's condition improves significantly.
  3. Application: the syrup is given at the age of 3 to 5 years by 2 ml three times, and the older ones are recommended to double the dose.
  4. Cost: from 148 rubles.


  1. Composition: the main substance in the formulation is ambroxol hydrochloride. In a child 5 ml of the drug, 15 mg of the main component.
  2. Indications: mucolytic drug with a pronounced expectorant effect. Recommended use for getting rid of diseases of the upper respiratory tract: bronchitis, tracheitis, colds, pneumonia, sore throats.
  3. Application: from birth to two years, twice daily needed, ml. Up to seven years it is necessary to drink the drug in the same amount three times, and older 5 ml.
  4. Cost: from 20 rubles.

Granules for the preparation of syrup

  1. Ingredients: tablets with acetylcysteine ​​in bags, which are bred with boiled water. In 5 ml of the formulation will be 100 mg of the active substance.
  2. Indication: the resulting syrup is used to treat inflammation of the respiratory tract, which manifests a dry cough with hard-to-separate mucus, otitis media, acute and chronic sinusitis. Converts it to wet, has an expectorant effect.
  3. Application: babies can not use granules. Children from 2 years should be bred on a bag three times a day.
  4. Price: from 120 rubles. for 20 bags.


  1. Composition: 5 milliliters of the drug contains 1 mg of salbutamol and 2 mg of bromhexine.
  2. Indications: Combination drug. Salbutamol in the composition has a bronchodilator effect, prevents spasms. Bromhexine has expectorant and antitussive properties, makes mucus less viscous. The drug is used to stop non-productive cough in diseases of the respiratory system.
  3. Application: up to six years - 5 ml three times a day. Children older than 10 ml.
  4. Cost: from 170 rubles.


  1. Ingredients: 100 g of "Eucabal" contain in the composition of 3 g of plantain extract in liquid form, 15 g of thyme extract.
  2. Indications: The drug is used in complex treatment for inflammation of the respiratory tract, in the presence of difficult to separate sputum. Recommended use for rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis.
  3. Application: infants up to 6 months give 5 ml daily. For infants up to one year, the same dose is recommended twice a day. For older children, the dose is doubled and applied twice.
  4. Cost: from 200 rubles.


  1. Composition: the main component of the composition is an extract of ivy leaves.
  2. Indication: Homeopathic remedy "Gedelix" is prescribed for diseases of respiratory organs Infectious-inflammatory genus with the presence of mucus, which is heavily departs: bronchitis, tracheobronchitis. It liquefies phlegm, promotes its rapid excretion.
  3. Application: infants up to a year are given after ingestion on, ml per day. Up to five years of age, three times a day are used, and four are more senior.
  4. Cost: from 350 rubles.


  1. Composition: combined preparation with salbutamol, bromhexine and guaifenesin in the composition.
  2. Indications: Diseases of the respiratory system with the separation of mucus - colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, acute and protracted tracheobronchitis. Effective cough syrup for children and with exacerbation of bronchial asthma, allergies. "Ascoril" is taken with pertussis with spasmodic seizures. Assign it and with tuberculosis. "Ascoril" is prescribed to babies with cystic fibrosis-a defective defect.
  3. Application: preschool children are given 5 ml three times a day. For older children, the dose is doubled.
  4. Price: from 230 rubles.

Video: How to choose a cough medicine - Dr. Komarovsky

See the video in which the famous specialist Eugene Komarovsky advises how to choose a cough syrup for children. In a half-hour program, the doctor, along with his parents, understands the causes of coughing of babies, their types and treatment rules. After watching the video, you are guaranteed to know which cough syrups for children should be bought in pharmacies and safe to use for small patients. See the video with the opinion of an authoritative pediatrician about the disease and its treatment.

Feedback on results after application

Veronica, 28 years old

As soon as it gets cold, my baby starts to catch a cold and cough. It is best served by syrup "Alteika". I trust this remedy, because it is vegetable and tasty. Buy it started after it found a photo in the magazine for moms. The product is inexpensive and I am completely calm, because its components do not harm my son.

Tatiana, 34 years old

The daughter often suffers from a paroxysmal cough. We give her a cheap and time-tested syrup Ambroxol, recommended to us by a doctor. Previously drank Flavamed. The drug works well for her, seizures calm down by the evening of the first day of treatment. I give my daughter three times a half of a small spoon, as stated in the instructions, so we have enough bottles for a long time. I advised my friend to treat them to children.

Елена, 40 years old

My children are always very good at coughing Eucabal. I give it in the treatment of colds, bronchitis. In this case, we also use other means for treatment. It has long been heard that plantain and thyme are very effective for colds. Very satisfied with the effect of the reception of "Eucabalus". The condition of the children improves almost immediately, the cough becomes wet.

Which syrup is suitable for treating wet cough in children?

Children's diseases often begin with a cough. He accompanies many colds. First you need to determine what cough in the child, and then on the advice of the doctor to buy potions from him. There are several forms of medicines for cough: pills, suspensions, troches, injections, solutions and syrups. The latter are the most effective and often used for young children. It is necessary to know exactly which syrups are used for dry, and which for moist cough. Buhykanie with phlegm the child transfers more easily, than without it. But excess fluid can accumulate, so they must be immediately removed from the body. And this is exactly what syrups should help.

What is the price of the syrup from Alteika cough, is indicated in this article.


Their effect is aimed at liquefaction and excretion of sputum. Syrups are of central and combined directivity. They act on the respiratory organs and remove the irritation of their mucous membranes, eliminate the cough. Drugs for wet cough should:

  • relieve inflammation;
  • to stop spasms;
  • eliminate irritations;
  • make sputum less viscous;
  • increase the expectorant reflex.

Natural remedies

These funds mostly consist of natural components. They have almost no age restrictions, many of them can be used by one-year-olds. The drugs have no side effects.

In this article, you can read reviews of the Herbion primrose syrup.

Important! Natural remedies with prolonged use can also negatively affect the health of the child. Therefore, you should not use them for more than two weeks. And if after five days of their use there was no visible improvement, then it is worth consulting with a doctor. It may be necessary to increase the dosage or replace the drug with another remedy.

For children up to 2 years old


Propane - an Ivy-based preparation. He has antitussive action, liquefies, and then displays phlegm. It must be taken three times a day. The amount of medication for admission is prescribed by the doctor, given the age of the child. Babies up to six years of age, the dosage is, ml at a time. Disorders include stomach upset.


Bronchitis is prescribed to crumbs from three months. He has the following actions:

  • antimicrobial;
  • expectorant;
  • antifungal;
  • anti-inflammatory.

This article lists the most effective cough syrup for children.

Its main active substances are extracts of herb thyme and ivy leaves. They gently eliminate phlegm and clean the cough.

The syrup is drunk after eating and is washed down with a small amount of water. Dosage for children:

  • to one-year-old babies - from 10 to 16 drops;
  • over 1 year - the basic 17 drops and add up to 3 pieces for each year of the child.

Take three times a day for 7 to 14 days. The drug is generally well tolerated. But with his admission, such side effects as diarrhea, vomiting and nausea can begin.

What candies from cough during pregnancy are the most effective, is indicated in this article.


Bromgexin dilutes sputum, stimulates its fastest way out through the activation of bronchial function, and also normalizes the activity of the alveoli. Its active substance is bromhexine hydrochloride. This drug can be prescribed even to infants. But it can not be given to children with liver and kidney problems or if the baby has an individual intolerance to his components. But in general, a very good and effective tool.

The medication is taken three times. Children up to two years of age are prescribed 2 mg each. From two to six years - 4 mg, and from six to 14 years - 8 mg.


Eucabal is prescribed for complex therapy. It is used to eliminate inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, helps to reduce the viscosity of the fluid released from the bronchi. Produced from thyme and plantain.The first stimulates the motor activity of the epithelium of the respiratory system in the upper part and improves expectoration.Has antimicrobial effect. Extract from psyllium stimulates the mucus from the bronchi. It has a healing effect.

What syrup from an allergic cough for children is one of the best, you can learn from this article.

Take it in the following dosage:

  • from six months to 12 - one hour. spoon once;
  • up to 6 years - the same dose only twice a day;
  • for schoolchildren - 1 dining room. twice a day.

Virtually no side effects. But with personal intolerance of the components of the drug may appear rashes or dermatitis.

For children over 2 years old


Gedelix-widely used ivy drug. It is prescribed for coughing with difficult-to-separate mucus that accumulates in the bronchi. The medicine is drunk after taking the main food and washed down with water in large quantities. It can not be drunk if an allergy to ivy has been detected, or to other components of it, or if there are disorders in the urea cycle.

How to apply the syrup from cough Erespal, you can learn from this article.

Dosage according to the instructions:

  • from birth to a year ml once a day;
  • up to four years - the same dose three times a day;
  • from 4 to 10 years - 2, 5 ml 4 times;
  • over 10 years - 5 ml three times a day.

The dose per day should not be more than 15 ml. In one bottle of the drug contains 100 ml, this amount is calculated for 20 - 40 doses.

Libexin MUKO

Libexin MUKO is a drug that promotes the excretion of mucus accumulated in the lungs. Its active substance is carbocysteine. Acts gently, but effectively. Medication can not be used for such abnormalities of the body:

  • cystitis;
  • with acute chronic glomerulonephritis;
  • during peptic ulcer exacerbation.

It is not prescribed with high sensitivity to the ingredients that make up the drug.

The syrup comes with a special measuring spoon, the volume of which is 5 ml. When you take the syrup inside it does not need to be washed down with liquid. Therapy should be performed within 8 days, but the effect of using the medication will be visible on the third day.

In this article, you can read the instructions for use and the price of cough syrup Dr. Mom.


  • to children from two till five years - 1 spoon twice a day;
  • children older than five years - the dosage remains the same, the number of receptions is increased by one.


Herbion from a wet cough contains extracts of the rhizomes of the primrose and thyme, as well as levomenthol. Its components help to eliminate the viscosity of mucus and improve its evacuation from the bronchi. And also relieve inflammation, anesthetize and have an antiseptic effect.

Dosage and administration:

  • crumbs from 2 to 5 years in, ml of the drug;
  • children from five to 14 years - 5 ml;
  • for adolescents - 10 ml.

You need to consume the medicine three times a day, regardless of food. It should be washed down with a lot of tea or water. The therapy lasts a week.

What is the price of the syrup from Herbion's dry cough, you can learn from this article.

Sputum preparations are effective


Lazolvan - a potent mucolytic drug. Ambroxol hydrochloride is present as an active substance. It increases the volume of the pulmonary surfactant, thereby improving the hatchability of excess mucus.

For children it is prescribed in such doses:

  • to children under 2 years ml twice a day;
  • from 2 to 6 years - the same dosage three times a day;
  • from six to 12 years - the dose is doubled, and the number of receptions remains the same;
  • for adolescents - 10 ml three times.

This article contains reviews of the cough syrup Stodal.

It is drunk inside regardless of the meal.


Fluidite is a mucolytic syrup. Its active substance is carbocysteine. It has an immunostimulating effect. The drug is able to reduce the secretion of phlegm, by reducing the activity and number of goblet cells. It normalizes the work of the bronchi, relieving them of excess mucus.

For children, 2% syrup is used, the dosage is 5 ml (about 1 h. spoon of medicine). Babies from two to five years should take the drug twice a day, over 5 years - three times. It is drunk before meals or two hours after it. The course of therapy is 10 days.

Such drugs are prescribed only by a doctor. You can not choose for their child their dosage.


Sinekod as an active substance in it acts bituminata citrate. This medication refers to a non-narcotic subspecies and has an antitussive direct effect. It can be given to children over 3 years old. To eliminate the cough reflex it is taken three times a day before the main meal.

Dosage for children is:

  • from 3 to 6 years - 5 ml;
  • from six to 12 - 10 ml;
  • adolescents - 15 ml.

Medication can cause the following side effects: nausea, diarrhea, exanthema, allergies, drowsiness and nausea.

What kind of cough syrup with laryngitis in children should be used, is indicated in the article.

The video tells about syrups from wet cough for children:

In fact, there are a lot of cough syrups. The article contains well-known drugs that have been used by mummies for their children more than once. They are safe to use if you follow the pediatrician's recommendations and follow the dosage. But do not forget that cough can not be cured by one remedy, to completely get rid of it you need to carry out complex therapy. One syrup with all manifestations of the disease can not cope.

Which child cough syrup is better to choose?

Parents often face the problem of choosing an antitussive syrup for children. It seems that the assortment of pharmacies can offer an option for any possibilities, but often you have to be confused when choosing the right syrup.

First of all, it should be clear to yourself that any miracle - a tool universally advertised, you can not buy without first consulting a doctor. Only an expert can determine the cause of the cough and its classification. If, with a dry, debilitating cough, give drugs that dilute sputum. In the best case, there will be no effect and the cough remains the same. A worse option is spasm of the bronchi and prolonged therapy of the consequences of such "treatment".

Any drug in the pharmacy is created specifically for the removal or treatment of a symptom, so if you or your child six months ago this particular remedy has helped, not the fact that it will help now.

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There is no universal remedy, as has already been noted, and can not be. At the same time, such a drug group as antitussive syrups are extremely popular and are often used in the complex therapy of acute respiratory viral infections, bronchitis, and even inflammatory processes in the lungs.

Syrups can be classified according to the active ingredient into synthetic and conditionally natural (conditionally, because the chemical composition is still included, but in a small amount). The second, of course, is preferable, especially if it is a child. Synthetic syrups will be more available and in some cases will act faster than natural analogues, but often after This treatment requires an additional recovery course to remove possible complications after taking these preparations.

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With natural composition

The most popular syrups with a natural composition:

  1. Gedelix.
  2. Doctor Mom.
  3. Doctor Tice.
  4. Stoppussin fito.
  5. Propane.

With a dry cough

The action of the drug in this case should be aimed at dilution of sputum and its safe excretion. By itself, one drug can not cope with this, in addition, there is also a true cause of the disease: a virus or infection, which "fight" the main drugs taken by the patient. To enhance the effect of the syrup, it is recommended to use a lot of warm liquid. In addition to traditional tea, it can be compotes and berry fruit. The temperature of the fluid is best kept low, colds are often accompanied by inflammation and swelling of the mucous throat, in which hot drinks can cause additional problems.

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Preparations for dry cough:

  1. Ambroghexal.
  2. Broncholitin.
  3. Omnitus.
  4. Sinecod.
  5. Terasil D.
  6. Erespal.

A painful dry cough is often accompanied by quite severe pain, so first aid should be aimed at diluting sputum. When taking such drugs, great value has an abundant warm drink, because the mucosa needs constant moisturizing.

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Syrups diluting sputum in bronchi:

  • Ambrogen.
  • Ambroxol.
  • Bromhexine.
  • Bronhobos.
  • Herbion plantain.
  • Josette.
  • Lazolvan.
  • Libexin Muko.
  • Fluidite.
  • Haliksol.

After the cough has become sufficiently moist, there is usually no problem in withdrawing the accumulated sputum naturally. If this does not happen, the situation is fraught with possible complications and repeated infection of the body. To avoid this, you can help the pulmonary system with special medications. They are called "expectorants" by the principle of action. Most of these syrups are prescribed immediately at the beginning of treatment, but, as already mentioned above, with a sufficiently moist cough.

How to use Gedelix syrup for children is indicated in the description for this article.

For wet cough

Here the drug should be treated in two ways: first dilute sputum, and then safely remove it. Unlike antitussive syrups, this type of medication has an additional bronchosecretory effect.

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Expectorants in the form of syrup:

  1. Syrup of Althea.
  2. Ambrogen.
  3. Ambroxol.
  4. Ascoril.
  5. Bronchipret.
  6. Bronhobos.
  7. Bromhexine.
  8. Bronchicum.
  9. Gedelix.
  10. Primula Herbionum.
  11. Doctor Mom.
  12. Doctor Tice.
  13. Josette.
  14. Coughshop (licorice / elderberry).
  15. Cough.
  16. Coldrex Bronho.
  17. Co -anol.
  18. Cook.
  19. Lazolvan.
  20. Linkas.
  21. Omnitus.
  22. Pertussin.
  23. Propane.
  24. Stoppussin Fito.
  25. Suprima Broncho.
  26. Syrup of licorice.
  27. Travisil.
  28. Tussamag.
  29. Eucabal.

The above drugs are updated periodically with new ones, but the most tested ones remain. Of great importance is the composition of the syrup: if it is planned for children's treatment or for pregnant women, it is necessary to choose the least possible chemical. The natural components of plant syrup will help to recover with less loss and the probability of side effects.

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Top 10 Most Popular

The expediency of such ratings is very controversial, because in any case you should not chase the fashion and take medicine depending on the degree of its popularity. On the other hand, such lists indicate a large number of recoveries, which was facilitated by these drugs.

How to apply syrups from a dry cough for children is indicated in the article.

Rating of popularity of children's syrups from cough:

  1. Проспан- a favorite of pediatricians and parents, because it can be used since infancy. It has practically no contraindications and is equally suitable for children, as well as for pregnant and lactating mothers. Good cough syrup for children.
  2. Gedelixalso has a high content of natural ingredients. In fact, he is a more accessible analog of Prospan, with minor changes in the composition. It is recommended to take Gedelix from six months of age. It is considered one of the best syrups.
  3. Lazolvan: despite the synthetic composition, this syrup quickly and effectively will help to get rid of cough. The active substance - ambroxol, is often used in mukaltic drugs. Has a combined effect and is used to treat children from the age of two (earlier after the appointment of a pediatrician).
  4. Bronchiprethas proven itself for treating all types of cough. In some cases, there may be allergic reactions to active natural components of the drug. It is used for children from the age of three months.
  5. Eucabal- one more representative of natural preparations, it is possible to use children who have already turned six months old. It has good expectorant effects and quickly eliminates dry and wet cough.
  6. Syrup AlteI and its derivatives also enjoys well-deserved popularity due to the affordable cost and the absence of harmful chemical additives.
  7. Herbion, both of its kind: with plantain and primrose. It is well suited for complex treatment of all types of cough and is characterized by a good plant composition.
  8. Sinekodjudging by the reviews just a real godsend for parents. Strong active substances are able to effectively treat severe conditions and diseases. It differs in affordable cost and excellent pharmacological characteristics. One of the best and most effective means.
  9. Linkasalso confidently conquers the market and the gratitude of parents, because its effectiveness has shown itself well in the treatment of a variety of pulmonary diseases.
  10. Pertussincloses the top ten leaders, which means that this syrup has withstood the real test of time. Many still remember his characteristic taste, and most importantly - efficiency.

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The video tells you which child cough syrup is better:

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The above list can not serve as an instruction to buy, because even the same disease is purely individual. Of course, every specialist has his own "favorites which doctors often recommend to their patients. If the pediatrician is confident in his effectiveness and has already been convinced of the excellent effect of the drug on the treatment of this disease, his recommendations should be heeded. In any case, the thoughtless purchase of any syrup you like can not be justified, because it is about the health and safety of your children.

Which cough syrups for children are the most effective

Cough in children is usually associated with colds. To ease the condition of the baby, you can use syrups, which are abundantly presented in pharmacy chains. Unfortunately, not all of them help, so it's worth taking a close look at the choice.

Baby cough syrups

Syrup "Erespal" helps with painful cough in children, relieves spasms with laryngitis and tracheitis. The composition contains fenspirida hydrochloride, licorice root extract and auxiliary substances, as well as flavors. Allergic reactions during admission occur frequently, but rarely are serious.

"Sinekod" is made in the form of drops and syrup. You can take the drug from an early age, but consultation with a doctor is mandatory. The composition includes butamirate, which inhibits dry cough, affecting certain areas of the brain. Take the drug can be no more than 7 days or until the sputum is away.

Expectant syrup "Gerbion" has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. The preparation is made from natural raw materials: extracts of mallow and plantain. Syrup is prescribed to children from the age of two, if there is no increased sensitivity to fructose.

Lazolvan is a reliable drug that contains ambroxol. Syrup without alcohol and sugar, so allergic reactions during its use are minimized. Despite this, it is better to take the remedy, and especially give it to the children, after consulting a doctor.

German syrup "Gedelix" - a herbal preparation, in which there is an extract of ivy. The drug does not contain dyes, pleasant to taste, does not cause allergy in the vast majority of patients. Helps with prolonged cough with viscous sputum.

"Dr. Theiss - DR. THEISS »helps to get rid of a cough that is accompanied by poorly departing phlegm. The composition contains extracts of plantain, chamomile, mint, lemon balm and other plant components. The drug is recommended for children older than a year and adults.

Self-treatment is dangerous!

Treat children, focusing on advice on the Internet or the experience of friends, at least, it is dangerous. Before giving any syrups, you need to find out the cause of the cough, take blood tests and visit a pediatrician.

No cough syrup will help with pneumonia, which will only progress without therapy. If in addition to coughing there is a strong temperature, pale skin, go not to the pharmacy, but call an ambulance or doctor at home.

Remember that with the intake of any syrup, allergic reactions of an immediate type can occur, which often lead to death, if the ambulance does not manage to deliver the patient to the hospital. Do not risk the health of your children, saving time for a visit to the doctor.

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