How to cure a runny nose and cough in a child

How to quickly cure a cough and runny nose in a child

Weak immunity and close communication in the children's team are the main causes of frequent colds in the child. Often, the disease-causing process drags on for weeks, and the long-awaited recovery is replaced by another runny nose and cough. But in order not to let the disease drag on, it's better to start intensive treatment right away.

You will need

  1. - mustard plasters, set for compress (cotton wool, oilcloth, bandage);
  2. - Pharmaceutical drops for the nose, carrot juice;
  3. - a large salt for heating.


  1. To quickly cure a runny nose and cough in a child, assess the condition of the baby: can I apply thermal procedures, and they are contraindicated at a high temperature and purulent inflammation, are there any other dubious symptoms that threaten the life of the child and require medical observation. If not, treat yourself and use for this purpose mustard, warming compresses on the chest, warming the sinuses of the nose. These procedures improve blood circulation, due to which the inflammatory process in the bronchi and nasopharynx is removed.
  2. For compress use ordinary warm water. Dampen the cloth in it, squeeze it lightly and put it on the upper third of the chest. Cover the cloth with oilcloth, cotton and bandage or wrap diaper crosswise. During the application of the compress, make sure that each layer is 1 to 1 cm above the previous one. Do it for 3-5 days at night until the morning. To warm the breast with mustard plasters, use only those that are isolated in the paper. And since children are impatient to the pain, apply them to the skin dry, then they will warm up much longer without causing irritation.
  3. Be sure to give the child hot drinks. To soften the cough and liquefy sputum, give warmed milk with mineral water or with honey and a small a pinch of soda, and for the excretion of sputum from the bronchi - expectorant teas, for example, from licorice root, a currant leaf or raspberries.
  4. To treat a cold at the child several times a day, warm up the sinuses of the nose. Spread a large salt in a pan, pour it into 2 bags and tie it. So that they do not burn the skin, put on the sides of the nose first terry napkins, and on them bags. Instead of salt, you can use a hot egg. This procedure is not carried out with a purulent runny nose. In this case, use the following method.
  5. To cure a purulent runny nose in a child, use drug drops, and only after allocation will become transparent - folk remedies, for example, carrot or carrot-beet juice, according to 3-5 drops. However, pre-clean the nose with a solution of salt. Dilute 1 tsp. in, l of boiled warm water, put it in a syringe with a rubber tip and enter alternately into each nostril. To prevent water from getting into the airways or the middle ear, put the baby close to the bath and, holding it with one hand on the chin, tilt the baby's head forward slightly. This procedure is unlikely to please him, so if the resistance is strong, just pump out the mucus with a rubber can.
  6. If a child's cold is not accompanied by a malaise or fever, do not forbid him to walk. Fresh air has a healthy effect, and mobility during walks improves blood circulation, which additionally contributes to the treatment of a cold and cough in a child.

Tip 1: How to cure a cold in one day in a child

Among childhood diseases one of the most common is the common cold. Rhinitis or rhinitis occurs in children of different ages very often, and the sooner parents take action to eliminate the causes and symptoms of the disease, the easier it will be for the baby. In this article we will describe how to quickly and effectively eliminate the causes of the common cold and cure it with folk remedies in one day.


  1. At the very beginning of the illness, hang a crushed garlic over the baby's crib, which will scare off the germs. Prepare a sterile solution of sea salt and dip into each nostril of the child two or three drops with a pipette. This will release the nasal passage from the mucus.
  2. Washing should be done regularly - it will maintain the purity of the nose and contribute to the elimination of the disease. If the nasal cavity of the child swells, making breathing difficult, do not bury the vasoconstrictive drops more often than twice a day - for example, Nazivin or Derinat.
  3. Use a special pear to suck off mucus from the child's nose, if he does not know how to blow his nose. Bury the drops inside only after cleaning your nose.
  4. The child should be in a humid room - regularly ventilate the room and do a wet cleaning. Give him more warm drink to replenish the moisture in the body. It is useful to use drops "Protargol which relieve nasal passages from purulent mucus.
  5. At night, lift the child's pillow to raise the level of his head. This will make breathing easier. Do before bedtime inhalation of balsam "star".
  6. To wash the nose in addition to the saline solution, use infusions of chamomile, calendula, plantain, sage, oregano, and sea buckthorn, peach and eucalyptus oil, which can be added to herbal infusions. Herbs insist on a glass of boiling water for two hours, then cool and flush the baby's nose through the pipette.
  7. Take two fresh sheets of aloe, rinse them in warm water and squeeze out the juice. Dissolve the aloe juice with boiled water in the proportion: 0 and bury 3-4 drops of juice in each nostril several times a day. Aloe can quickly and effectively fight with the common cold.
  8. The recognized means of treatment for children are the foot and hand baths. Do them before going to bed, then put your baby's woolen socks on and put him to sleep. Prepare for the foot bath infusion of birch leaves and pine needles. Spread a tablespoon of each herb with two liters of boiling water and boil for five minutes. Insist herbs an hour, pour into a basin and dilute to a temperature of 30-40 degrees. The child should sit next to the basin, putting his feet in it, so that the water reaches the knees. Do a bath for 20 minutes, after which the baby needs to be put to bed.

Cough and runny nose without fever, treatment methods

Cough and runny nose without fever can talk about a hidden inflammatory process, hypersensitivity. Most often, such symptoms appear if a person inhales the polluted air, small dust particles. If these symptoms do not go away, you need to urgently consult with your doctor to clarify the diagnosis.

Causes and coryza without fever

If a person changes in the body, a cough may appear that helps to remove foreign particles, sputum. Cough and runny nose talk about certain malfunctions in the human body, about the onset of a serious inflammatory process.

The most common symptomatology is observed in children who are often exposed to ARVI. If the cough is barking, the body temperature does not increase, it indicates an inflammatory process in the nasopharynx or that the adenoids begin to form. Also cough and runny nose can be a reaction to dust, household chemicals, perfume.

If the cough acquires a permanent character, the body temperature does not increase, it indicates that acute bronchitis or pneumonia develops. It is dangerous when symptoms occur with tuberculosis.

Cough and runny nose without fever during pregnancy

When a cough and runny nose appears during pregnancy, it is dangerous for the fetus. A woman, when she coughs, constantly strains the abdominal muscles, her ligaments are actively contracting, all of which threatens with bleeding. Because of the common cold, often lays a nose, there is nothing to breathe and the child suffers from severe hypoxia. A pregnant woman can not use medicines, so alternative medicine will be the means of traditional medicine, you must choose those that are recommended by the attending doctor.

Prolonged cough and runny nose without fever

If the symptoms are protracted, the temperature is normal, this indicates a hidden inflammatory process or an allergic reaction. Hypersensitivity can occur in a polluted environment when a person inhales sickly particles. When a long time disturbs a dry cough, you need to increase the production of sputum, as much as possible to drink fluids.

How does the runny nose and cough manifest without fever?

When a person becomes infected with a viral infection, he develops catarrh in the upper respiratory tract, which becomes a cough and runny nose, but the temperature does not rise. Also in this situation, there is no sore throat, but cough can be severe.

When you suddenly have a dry cough, it can talk about a serious allergic reaction to the color of the plant, animal, cosmetics, perfume. Note that often in carpets, beds can accumulate a lot of different allergens, because of them there is a constant dry cough. Typically, with allergies, the temperature rarely rises.

If you are fond of different powders, flavors, detergents, abusing aromatherapy - all this can lead to a runny nose and a cough.

Often, when a person has been infected with a virus, an infection, he may be aching in the throat for about one month, there is a cough, tickles in the nasopharynx and the runny nose does not go away. If the symptomatology is delayed for longer, you need to undergo a test.

Treatment of cough and cold without fever

Sometimes symptoms can indicate a serious illness. For example, pneumonia. In this situation, you need to go through fluorography, give phlegm for analysis, a general analysis of blood and urine.

Before you start treatment, you need to know the cause of its occurrence. Smokers can often be bothered by a runny nose, cough, nasopharyngeal irritated by nicotine. Often there are severe attacks of cough, especially, they are aggravated in the morning, then a lot of sputum begins to stand out. This suggests that the smoker already has lung atrophy, which first develops in the alveoli, then affects the entire organ.

When tuberculosis develops, sputum appears with blood. With pneumonia, the thoracic part strongly hurts. With infectious and viral diseases, except for a cough, there is a sore throat, a strong persecution worries.

Antibiotics will be useless if a runny nose and cough provoked:

1. Nicotine (in smokers).

2. When a person inhales various environmental irritants that do not perceive his body.

3. Cough and runny nose due to an allergic reaction.

4. When dust or dust mites have got into the respiratory tract.

5. If cough is caused by worms.

Antibacterial drugs can be used only when the temperature rises, there is an acute inflammatory process, which the body can not overcome by itself.

Cough and runny nose without fever most often has symptomatic treatment:

1. It is important to drink as much as possible - purified water, tea with lemon, chamomile broth, mint, rose hips.

2. If you are worried about a severe dry cough, you need to take medications with which you can dilute sputum - Ambrobe, Bromhexine, Mukaltin.

3. It is recommended to treat a runny nose and coughing with infusions of linden, coltsfoot, plantain, althea, linden.

4. With a common cold, you should wash your nose as often as possible, sea salt, a decoction of chamomile, is ideal.

5. If there is no temperature, you can use warming procedures - soar your feet in soda, mustard. To do this, pour a bowl of hot water, add there two tablespoons of mustard or soda, constantly pour water, so it does not cool. After putting on warm woolen socks and going to bed.

6. You can use different inhalations - steam, nebulizer, etc.

So, cough and runny nose without temperature are a protective reaction from an infectious, viral disease. Most often this symptomatology is characteristic for different types of allergies. Cough with a runny nose occurs if the room is overdried air or hit a foreign body in the airway. Also such symptoms are observed after the experienced stress. It is important to know the cause in time, only then choose methods of treatment so that the disease does not worsen. Especially dangerous is a cough and runny nose without fever in a child, you need to constantly monitor his state of health.

How can I cure a runny nose and cough for a child 2 years1month


Olga Gorskaya

my baby "year? And while it is better drops? than aquamaris and protorgol I have not met? alternate? and a runny nose will pass


What would the nose pierce. buy an aqualor - it's a sea water for washing and treating a cold. There are uneven nozzles in the force of injection so to speak) Oochen convenient! We also use it for the throat. Believe me, no, but my husband and I got sick just now. The child was treated with sea water with a spout and a throat - she would at least have henna! Go to the Aqualor. ру aqualor

Tanya Hotuleva

Cough very good syrup PROSPAN. Po, ml 2 times a day


suck it must be necessary.
My recently been ill. Kapala several times a day saline (pinch of salt + a little warm water... tasted like a tear), and sucked off the mucus with an aspirator. Otrivin is a great thing. I'm very yelling, but I need to heal.. .

Elena Volgina

Sea water cleans well, a bulb in hot milk can be strewed, drunk or pokapat, I with my inhalation with an asterisk did, closing a towel over a hot kettle played in guerrillas, soldiers, etc. e. and so on, it helps a lot.


yes, for the nose is a good wash, and for a cough aisle, even better if the same awning, just not syrup, but a solution, through the inhaler, so cough generally we were treated for two days. In the inhaler, by the way, there are nozzles for both the nose and the mask.


With a cold, you can Rinoflumucil (Spray) or Nazivin (drops), and when we cough, Gedelix helped us very much!


From the cough badger fat buy in the pharmacy. Rub the back, breast (except the heart area), feet, at night. Child warmly, on the legs of the toe. my baby of the day 4 coughed dryly, after rubbing badger fat after a day cough softened through 3 were only a rare cough. Runny nose is not treated at all. itself passes. Buy in the pharmacy patches "sopilka" or soak the quilts with essential oil of eucalyptus and asterisk, diluted in water and put around the baby for the night. Rinse your nose with sea water or salted water. If the nose does not want to breathe, dilute the asterisk in the water and spread the wings of the nose and sinuses. I so-so during pregnancy did and to a daughter (1 year) while sleeps differently all on the face smeared. At the expense of the snot suck a contentious issue... I read that you can damage the mucous membrane. However, I sucked the pear and what to do if the child can not breathe. ventilate the room regularly, make sure that the temperature is not higher than 22. Do everything to increase the humidity. a wet towel on the battery, bowls of water on the windowsill, Microbes adore dry air and heat. I also laid garlic around the crib. I do not know if it helps or not, but the smell is terrible :) And one more recipe for sore throat and cough. Honey cake: in equal proportions mix 5 ingredients of honey + vodka + mustard + flour + sunflower oil on the breast, spread it under the film and wrap it in a scarf. It also helps you to do it well in the daytime. I took a little less for the baby mustard. Get well.

Olga M

and we are treated by inhalations! We bought a compression inhaler, lazolvan (can be ambrogen) (2ml.), Saline solution (4ml) and forward! We treat quickly and effectively! Warm socks on the legs do not hurt too!

To us medicines too do not help or assist! We save only this way!

What to do when there is a cough and runny nose without fever

The main signs of a cold in most patients are cough, runny nose and fever. But sometimes the disease in children and adults can also occur at normal body temperature. There are several reasons for the process, when there is a cough and runny nose without fever.

Causes of pathological process

Increased body temperature indicates that the body is fighting with pathogens, which triggered the development of the disease. Therefore, many doctors say: if there is a cough and runny nose in a child without temperature, there is nothing good in it. Most likely, it happens with weak immunity, which can not cope with the disease on its own. But to say that the temperature should be with a cold and cough, you can only in the case of a bacterial or infectious nature of the disease.

It should be remembered that these symptoms can be satellites of an allergic reaction of the body, which is not always accompanied by fever. If the cause of such a person's condition is an allergy, symptoms such as dry cough and swollen nose should appear, often there are transparent discharge from the nose.

In recent years, in medical practice, cases of the defeat of the child's organism by the avian influenza virus have been increasingly recorded -H1N1. Symptoms of this type of flu and catarrhal disease have the same manifestation, with the exception of an elevated temperature that the virus does not causeH1N1.

Cough without a cold and fever may occur in case of foreign matter entering the respiratory tract. Then the child is worried about a dry cough that does not go away even with the use of medicines. The child's condition will improve and the symptoms will disappear when the foreign body is removed from the throat.

What is the cough?

Signs of a cold without a rise in body temperature can be observed in many diseases. Most experts diagnose such diseases:

  • pharyngitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • Chronical bronchitis;
  • rhinopharyngitis;
  • physiological rhinitis;
  • allergy.

Cough without fever and cold is very often observed with a disease such as pharyngitis. Such an acute inflammatory disease does not always occur as a result of penetration into the respiratory tract often pharyngitis develops in people who are for a long time in dusty or smoky premises. In young children, pediatricians often find pharyngitis of non-infectious origin, caused by excessively dry air in the children's room. In addition to high fever, children have a sore throat, causing painful sensations. If the cause of the disease is an infection, the clinical picture is accompanied by a runny nose and fever. In this case, the disease rarely goes without a cough.

The second common disease is laryngitis. It has much in common with pharyngitis, but in young children against the background of the course of the inflammatory process in the body, the temperature rises more often. Moreover, laryngitis is also unpleasant because when a voice ligament is affected, the voice often "sits".

Especially dangerous for children is the occurrence of stenosing laryngitis, in which the puffiness of the larynx becomes so strong that it can completely block the airways. This is one of the most dangerous diseases in which there is a cough and fever, and there is no rhinitis.

In a baby, it is not uncommon for a cough and runny nose to be physiological in nature, then there is no danger for health of the child, parents simply have to perform certain actions aimed at alleviating the state of health the kid. Treatment is usually not required, because the cough reflex arises from the need to clean the airways of dust particles and accumulated mucus in them. Such a process can be observed within 2 months from the moment of the birth of the child, which is due to a long stay in the mother's womb.

If a person is concerned about a dry cough, it can be the cause of chronic bronchitis. The process resembles the acute form of bronchitis, but chronic disease is not characterized by high fever

body.Bronchitis never passes without a cough - at first it is dry due to puffiness of the mucosa, then it becomes wet with a small amount of phlegm, which gradually increases.

Most common cold and cough without fever appear with rhinopharyngitis - inflammation of the throat and nasopharynx. The disease occurs as a result of getting into the body of a rhinovirus infection. If a child becomes infected with rhinovirus, in most cases it will have a severe fever, but if the infection enters the body of an adult, this symptom will not occur. In such diseases, the patient is concerned about the typical signs of a cold - sneezing, sore throat, coughing, runny nose or nasal congestion, headache. In adults with a nicotine addiction, there may be a constant dry cough.

How to treat cold symptoms?

Treatment of a runny nose and cough that are not accompanied by fever is necessary to treat depending on the causes of these symptoms. If they are caused by a cold, vasoconstrictive drugs will help - Nazivin, Tizin, Otrivin, and also expectorant or mucolytic agents - Lazolvan, Libeksin, Gedelix, Fluimucil, Flavamed, Ambroxol, Ambrogen. To the benefit of the respiratory tract will go inhalation, rendering on the mucosa anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and emollient action.

If such a painful condition is caused by an allergy, we can not do without the use of antihistamines, the specialists prescribe Claritin, Suprastin, Diazolin to their patients. It is also necessary to exclude the contact of the patient with the allergen.

In any case, regardless of the factors that caused the cough, a profuse warm drink will benefit the patient, which has a soothing and softening effect on the inflamed mucosa. If you have symptoms of a cold, you should always consult a doctor who will diagnose and prescribe the right treatment.

How to cure a cough and runny nose in a child 5 months old pharmacy is far away in the village


this is exactly me

Spout can be washed with a 2% solution of soda, if there is no temperature, then the mustard wraps should be done on the breast and on the legs. Mix the dry mustard with sunflower oil. Rub on dry clean cloth. It is possible on a diaper, which is not a pity, to cover in several layers of fabric, so that the mustard gets on the baby's skin, and wrap it around the chest and back. And the legs are the same way you can. But only if the child does not have temperature. If there is, then no way to warm. If you live in the village now, then maybe there is a radish in the garden. Make a hole in it, a little more on the bottom, put a little honey in the hole, and put the radish into a clean mayonnaise jar. The solution, which will drip into it, give the child 5 drops with milk. Do not be afraid that he (she) is still small, this is all you can do. God bless you.))


Squeeze out the carrot juice, bury it - it helps. Aloe juice helps, if there is. And I need to wash the spout. Solution - a glass of water for 1 teaspoon of soda and salt. If the throat is in order, then the cough, most likely, is a consequence of the common cold. From coughs tea from a plantain - both from a root, and from leaves well helps or assists.

maestro 49

Finely chop (crumble) the onion head and clove of garlic-put on a plate and put on the headboard, at night. Phytotherapy-there will not be a cold in the morning.

Olga Pashkova

Cough is very good to treat milk with butter and honey.

Mashenka d = 209 here it is for infants!


in 5 months... nothing to experiment... blow into the pharmacy and buy some drops of itablotochki at least... since he will not drink decoction from the herbs-no chamomile or pine buds, or thyme or lime-tree... and honey is nizya them... about garlic can not be silent... and to drip different juices - beetroot garlic onions, etc. - it's dangerous - asthma can start... Well and hot milk poiki

Marina Smirnova

Eucalyptus oil should be applied to a cotton pad or added to a container with warm water, placed near the baby's crib. In general, it is better to consult a doctor, do not engage in self-medication, especially a child is very small, there is a risk of complications.


In such cases, you need to stock up on medicines for your baby. Or are you watching the broadcast MALAKHOV +

Nastya Rodina (Konakhova)

We were saved by carrot juice and beet juice. Dilute one to one and dig into the spout!


Oh my God. And now take and try on yourself all the things that you have been sung! The only one of this must do regardless of whether you are treating the child with pills or not - rinse your nose with a cold. On a glass of water a teaspoon of soda and no salt or anything else. In each nose, bury the floor with a pipette of this solution and after 2-3 seconds a small enema with a bulb suck out all that is in the nose. At the same time, close the second nostril and mouth! After this procedure, you need to drip your nose with drops!


when cured, try to temper gradually and regularly, prevention is better all the same


Experimenting with traditional medicine have a huge risk of getting into a hospital with acute bronchitis (or pneumonia). Only a doctor can accurately diagnose and on the basis of this make appointments. The baby may have an allergy to carrot juice or aloe. Good luck!

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