What you need to take with you to the hospital, going to the hospital 2017-2018: a complete list of necessary things and a bag for a future mother and newborn baby

Birth is a responsible and exciting event in the life of any woman. They need to be prepared in advance, so that at the "cherished hour", without wasting precious time, you can quickly get together in the hospital - throw bags in the trunk, jump into the car and focus on the process of the emergence of a new life. And do not run from corner to corner, do not puzzle over where there is one thing, where to take another and not need anything else.

Therefore, we are going to the maternity ward in advance, better - one and a half to two months before the expected date of delivery( suddenly birth will begin sooner).Let's take a quick look and look at the complete list of necessary items for mom and newborn baby.

It should be noted that not all maternity hospitals have the same conditions and requirements, and some things from the full list may not be needed. Nevertheless, it is better to lay out "superfluous" than to experience discomfort from the lack of what really turned out to be necessary.

So, we are going to the hospital,. .. what should I take with me? Is it possible to prepare in advance a complete list of necessary things for a future mother and newborn baby in 2017-2018?Let's understand!


What to take with you to the hospital: how best to assemble, that we take

In order to easily navigate the future mother, do not get confused when picking the necessary things for delivery, the list is divided into four groups. And you, just like, collect instead of one bag - four, under the numbers.

  1. Bag with which you will go to the maternity home - № 1.
  2. Bag that will be brought to you after delivery - № 2.
  3. Bag with things on the statement for the newborn baby - № 3.
  4. Bag with things on the statement for you - № 4.

HowYou understand, for what is used daily, can be crumpled and can not be pre-packed, record on a piece of paper and attach to the bag with the selected number. Then in the "treasured" time, when you're in a hurry, you will not forget anything!

For example, bag-1: "Report documents, scallop, cell phone, a bottle of drinking water."Bag-4: "Doukomplektovat - a suit( dress), boots, jacket."

When you have lists, bags, things - everything will be ready, show and explain to your husband. Then you have a historic chance and the fact that in your absence he will not forget anything and will not mistake.

Bag, list number 1. We go to the maternity ward

The contents of this bag you need before you enter the maternity ward.

  1. Documents : Passport ; compulsory medical insurance policy ; exchange chart of a pregnant ; generic certificate with coupon number 2 ( if a woman did not register with a women's consultation, this certificate will be given to her directly at the hospital).
  2. Bathrobe ( comfortable and lightweight tracksuit or pajamas).
  3. Slippers .Rules of maternity hospitals prescribe washable. This is justified - they are more convenient, and they are easier to keep clean.
  4. Nightgown .It should be comfortable, made of natural fabric.
  5. Socks ( 2 pairs of cotton).
  6. Underwear .In case you have to go to the hospital beforehand, you need to take a pair of replaceable underwear.
  7. Towels : one for the face, the other for the body. By the way, disposable paper towels( roll) are quite convenient.
  8. Hygiene items : soap in the soap dish; toothbrush in the case; toothpaste ; comb ; mirror ;Disposable shaving machine .
  9. For toilet : toilet paper ( choose the softest one);disposable coating on the toilet seat .These are special paper napkins that are placed on the toilet( literally with one hand), and after using the toilet spontaneously slip inside, carried away by drain water. They do not clog the sewage system, since they are easily soluble, suitable for toilet bowls of any shape, make the toilet convenient and hygienic.
  10. Cosmetic products : hygienic lipstick ; hand and face creams , which you use daily.
  11. Deodorant ( better ball, with a weak fuzzy smell or without it at all).
  12. Manicure scissors .Among other things, they are useful for domestic needs( open the packaging, cut the bandage, etc.).
  13. Cell phone .Do not forget the charger and the card to replenish the balance( if it is used).
  14. The watch is a wrist watch or a small desktop clock( preferably with a second hand or digital).Although the clock is also in the cell phone.
  15. Electric kettle ( boiler).In addition to its main purpose, this device will provide you with boiling water, which can later be useful for sterilizing a dummy.
  16. Garbage bags .There will be no problems, where to put the packaging from food, used tampons, etc. In packages it is convenient to pack and dirty laundry.
  17. For entertainment : a magazine or a book;player or radio.

Bag, list No. 2. What you need after the birth of

After delivery, you will bring this bag. Since now you are two, the bag will consist of two "offices".

For the mother

  1. Bathrobe .
  2. Nightgown .It should be convenient for feeding. If you could not buy a special shirt for nursing mothers, then the usual one with a deep cut on the buttons will be just what you need.
  3. Panties - the simplest cotton( minimum 2 pairs) or disposable postpartum( sold in packages of 4-6 pieces).This is a special mesh panties, with which it is easy to fix the diaper or pads.
  4. Hygienic gaskets .There are special for postpartum discharge. But the usual, only the largest and most absorbing.
  5. Bra for feeding .Two pieces to replace. Add to this one-off liners in the bra. Postnatal bandage. The earlier "take" the stomach, the faster it will come back to normal.
  6. Socks .The feet should be warm. Pen + notepad. Record your observations. This process though difficult, but fascinating: he and the day will help organize, and then you will be happy to reread your records.

A pregnant woman carries a lot of documents: a passport, an exchange card, a policy, directions for tests and their results, recipes, memos. Documents can be dirty, wrinkled or lost. To save them, purchase the office envelope folder on the button. Thanks to the transparent material from which it is made, your documents will always be in sight and in safety.

For newborn baby

  1. Baby soap in soap dish. In order not to confuse, let it not be the color of your soap.
  2. Towel - very soft, so as not to injure the delicate baby skin.
  3. Wadding .Buy sterile cotton in a small package. It will be needed to wipe the baby's eyes, make flagella to clean the spout and the ears. Wadded balls will do.
  4. Comb or brush .Let your baby from the first days be neat and beautiful. Deliver him the pleasure of stroking the soft brush on the head.
  5. Baby nail clippers .If a baby was born with a "claw", he can scratch himself. Therefore, they must be cut off or temporarily put on the handles-scratches .
  6. Baby cream .Buy small packages( bottles or tubes), because you first have to try, if these cosmetics are suitable for your baby, and they will take up less space( remember, you are not at home yet).
  7. Wet Wipes .
  8. Cream for the diaper .
  9. Powder .Use it will be more convenient if you buy a special powder with powder puff( this does not apply to liquid talc). Do not use cream and powder at the same time!
  10. Disposable diapers .A small package will be enough. Choose the smallest and the "breathing".
  11. Diapers .In the hospital there are "state", and usually there is no shortage of them. But if you want to use your own, include this item. The main thing is that you regularly bring clean diapers to replace. It is unacceptable to arrange a "laundry" in the hospital.
  12. Blouses , body armor .One or two thin and one flannel will be enough.
  13. Sliders , overalls .
  14. Bonnet , cap - one light and one flannel.
  15. Bottle with pacifier .For sure, it will not have to be used, but, just in case, let it be. Of course, after childbirth it will not be easy and take care of your health, and get involved in maternal care. And yet, do not relax, watch yourself, be neat and tidy - the most beautiful mother in the world!

What should I take with my father?

Take care of your dad! If your husband is going to "give birth" with you, then for him, too, you need to prepare an " bag in the ".To be present at birth, the future father should have the following documents on hand:

  1. The results of the tests( specify which tests will be required in your hospital and when they are appropriate to hand over).
  2. Passport or other document proving your identity.
  3. Prepare for your husband light clothing and change shoes. It's better if it's washable slippers or disposable shoe covers. A bathrobe, a hat, a mask must be provided in the hospital. If you decide to make a film about the birth of a child, keep the video camera ready for work - with charged batteries, with a cleaned flash memory or cassette. If the husband after childbirth remains in the hospital for a joint stay with his wife and child, he will need personal hygiene items, a towel, shaving accessories, change clothes and linen.
  4. If the mother with the baby will be without a dad, but in a separate room, for their subsequent visits to the father of the family would be nice to stock up: medical disposable shoe covers;medical masks.

Regardless of whether your husband supports a joint birth or not, he should know how to contact the maternity hospital and your doctor. Therefore, provide it with the appropriate phone numbers.

Bag, list number 3. What things to take for discharge to a newborn baby

Here, put things on the baby's statement.

Decide for yourself what your child will be wearing, and prepare everything according to the time of the year. Among winter and summer things it is better to put both light, and warmer clothes and blankets. Let it be better to remain unnecessary than something is not enough.

Special kit "on the statement" will greatly facilitate the collection of a newborn baby.

  1. In the , the can include an envelope, a blanket, a diaper-nap, a bonnet, an sweatshirt. All these things, made in a single style, very elegant and beautiful, just to match your festive mood.
  2. Body clothing : blouse, body, sliders, overalls .
  3. Diaper ( put two so that the "baby surprise" during dressing does not come as a surprise to you).
  4. Suit .
  5. Diapers - thin and flannel( if the baby will swaddle).
  6. Outerwear : overalls, envelope, quilt in quilt, tape .
  7. Hat for the street.

When going home, please note that according to the new( introduced since 01.01.2006) traffic rules, it is possible to transport a child in a car only with the use of special restraints. Therefore, it is worthwhile in advance to think about the auto-case or car seat .

Required documents

Be sure to check the correctness of the data entered in these documents:

  1. Birth certificate .Based on this certificate, your baby will be registered in the registry office and receive a birth certificate.
  2. "Child" part of the exchange card .Here you will find the physical parameters of the baby at birth, the features of the childbirth process, the conclusion about the health of the child after birth and at the time of discharge, the information about the vaccination, the doctor's recommendations, etc. This certificate you will give to the clinic where your baby will be observed. It will be the beginning of his development history and ambulatory card.
  3. Certificate of preventive vaccination .This will include information about the preventive vaccinations done to the baby. The certificate will be kept by you, do not forget to present it in the future for making new data.
  4. "Mother" part of the exchange card .Here you will find information about the birth and about their characteristics, about the medicines used and the procedures performed( if any).You will give this certificate to your doctor in the women's consultation.
  5. Other documents( if any): part of the generic certificate , remaining with the woman;her copy of the policy of voluntary medical insurance, the contract ( contract) for obstetric aid, etc. These documents confirm the fact of rendering you medical care and services and can be useful in the future in case of complications.

Bag, list in the hospital number 4. What to take for the mother for discharge

When planning which clothes you will go from the hospital, keep in mind that the abdomen and hips will not yet be in its original form, if you have gained a lot of extra pounds for the pregnancy. Give preference to loose( stretch) clothing, adjustable in width( with a smell, on an elastic band).

  1. Underwear .Add pantyhose here.
  2. Clothing .What will it be: a tracksuit, jeans or a smart dress, a trouser suit( skirt) - it's up to you.
  3. Outerwear : jacket, raincoat, jacket, coat, coat( depending on the season).
  4. Shoes .Shoes without heels, of course, convenient. But for the pregnancy, she usually already bored - especially those who love "hairpins".If this is just you, and you will not have any medical contraindications, please yourself with heels! After all, you will not have much to go to them, and the baby will be borne by your father.
  5. Cosmetics , hairspray, ornaments.

Cheer up your loved ones with a good mood and blossoming appearance! Light make-up, laid hair, favorite jewelry - today you are in the spotlight. Remember, this is exactly what you will remain in photos and videos, which your child will then be happy to watch.

Day of discharge simultaneously and long-awaited and exciting. When you're going home, check if you've collected all your things. Do not forget about the documents that you will prepare the hospital.

Thoughts about the upcoming exciting moment, the efforts to collect everything you need for yourself and the child, the desire to make things work out as it should and even better is a great way not to think about the bad and make the dream a reality. With a positive attitude, with calm confidence that everything is ready for you, that you have foreseen and taken into account, you can safely go to the maternity ward, easy labor and you and your baby are guaranteed!

Now you know how to gather in the maternity hospital and a complete list of necessary things that you need to take with you!

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