Folk signs for the weather for children: World around class 2

  1. When there is a strong wind early in the spring, this indicates an early warming, but a lot of precipitation in the future.
  2. If it rains and the wind blows, and the outside temperature is "+", it means that soon the precipitation will stop and the weather will become warmer.
  3. If early in the morning rattles, then in the coming days you can wait for the return of cold weather.
  4. If the first thunder bursts when the wind blows from the north side, it symbolizes the approach of the cold spring.
  5. If, in dry weather, the east wind blows, it symbolizes a wet spring.
  6. If there are many clouds in the sky at night, and the wind becomes stronger, you can not expect frost.
  7. When in the spring the larks have already returned from the south, this indicates that warmth is coming. Rooks, who returned early from the south, also bring people the news of the warm early spring.
  8. If the forest violets, sparrows and snowdrops are revealed, this is to the long-awaited spring. If the buds of these forest flowers close, then it's bad weather.
  9. Large drops of the April rain indicate that the rain will not be long.
  10. If in the morning on the grass hang dew drops, then in the daytime it will rain.
  11. If the night is quiet and bright, and there is no dew in the morning - it says that it will rain in the daytime.
  12. The stronger the breeze on the street, the less likely it is that there will be frost.
  13. Daisy flowers lower their heads very low before inclemency, practically touching the ground.
  14. If the sky is gloomy-gloomy, but the flowers of buttercups are open, then there will be no rain. If in sunny weather these buds are closed, then it is just to be rain.
  15. Somewhere a day before the rain, the flowers of honeysuckle begin to give off sweet nectar and incredibly strong smell.
  16. Bees and other insects are heavily visited by sediments before precipitation.
  17. The flowers of strawberries fall before rain and storm.
  18. Dandelions also hide their bright yellow flowers before precipitation.
  19. If the bad weather is somewhere close, the bees will fly out of the hive, but will not fly away from it.
  20. Before a good and clear day a nightingale will sing all night.
  21. If the cranes fly fast and low, but still remain silent, it indicates the onset of bad weather.
  22. When the swallows fly high in the sky, then being a day is good and clear. If swallows fly low, then it's just to rain.
  23. When the larks are singing long and sweetly, one can expect a good day without rain. If in the morning the singing of this bird is not audible, then the weather during the day will be bad.
  24. If there is a lot of rain in April, then in May everything will be green-green.
  25. If in the rainbow sky, you need to hope for a long warm rain.
  26. When a lot of stars are on the summer sky, then the next day's weather is to be clear.
  27. Lightning in the west indicates a rapid rain.
  28. How to understand that there will be a thunderstorm at night? You need to look at the weather in the evening: the dew will not come out, there will be no fog.
  29. Does the breeze get stronger in the evening? In the morning, the weather will be bad.
  30. The first sign of clear weather in the future summer day is evening dew.
  31. If the thistle needles are not pricked, then be the rain.
  32. Before good weather, the leaves of the fern will curl downward, and before the inclement become straight.
  33. When the sparrows begin to swim in the dust, it indicates a fast rain.
  34. In good weather, the cuckoo sing.
  35. If a woodpecker woodpecker knocks on trees, then the weather will change soon.
  36. When the doves coo, you should expect only good weather.
  37. When the beetle bug appeared, good weather would follow.
  38. If soon there will be precipitation, then the flies are especially painful and often start to bite.
  39. From the water will pop up a fish before the rain. The cave will stop. As for the catfish, they will leave the depths and try to climb as much as possible to the surface.
  40. Good luck for weather 2 class in the surrounding world in autumn: if crows and ticks in the air whirl, it will soon snowball.
  41. If crows loudly croak, then this is the onset of severe frost. When the crows sit on the ground - this is a warm weather.
  42. Is there a chicken on one leg? So, soon there will be frost!
  43. The horses are also asleep to the frost, but to the heat they lay down on the ground.

Here are the national signs about the weather for children, students of the 2nd class on the subject "The World around" for simple, high-quality and quick preparation of homework, well, adults will also be interested in reading the signs and beliefs of our ancestors.

By the way, there are people who can accurately compile a weather forecast, basing their analysis on the knowledge of people's perceptions, intuition and personal experience. And yet, why is it important for us to know what the weather will be like in the yard?

Even when there was no science - meteorology, which is a detailed weather forecast, it was vital for our ancestors to know when to plant seeds, cultivate the soil, harvest, what kind of winter - cold or warm, and much more. After all, it depended very much on providing families with food in the periods of autumn, winter, and spring. Heard, probably, that there are years with a drought in summer or torrential rains. It was important to have our ancestors who hoped only for themselves to help them make a prediction and further algorithm of actions, there was no help from them.

So for many centuries of practice of observing the rhythm and laws of Nature our ancestors have issued a whole system of unique observations into simple formulas - omens, or folk proverbs and sayings.

People's observations and signs have been worked out practically for each month, season and annual cycles. Consider the most famous of them.


People's signs on weather 2 class on the outside world

These are the most important signs for weather class 2 in the world around, which children and adults will be able to remember and apply in everyday life. Yet children need to explain that signs are observations and suggestions. They are not absolute and do not always come true!

Popular signs about the weather for adults

  1. Rings around the moon - to the wind.
  2. Long icicles - to a long spring.
  3. Snow melts soon, and the water runs amicably - to a wet summer.
  4. The first thunder in the north wind - spring is cold: at the eastern - dry;at the western one it is wet;at southern - warm.
  5. Scarlet Dawns - to the winds.
  6. Dawn at sunrise and sunset - golden or light pink - to clear weather.
  7. A month down the horns - to the heat.
  8. If lightning flashes in the early spring, and thunder is not heard - the summer will be dry.
  9. Clouds are floating high - to good weather.
  10. Blue clouds - to heat and rain.
  11. The sun goes red - towards the wind.
  12. If the spring flies a lot of cobwebs - the summer will be hot.
  13. A lot of juice flows from the birch - to a rainy summer.
  14. When bird cherry blooms - it will be cold.
  15. Early arrival of larks - to warm weather.
  16. The lark is not heard from the very dawn - to rain or bad weather. Ravens bathe in early spring - to heat.
  17. Cranes stretch to the north - to heat, fly back - to the cold. Ashberry has a lot of fruits - to severe frosts.
  18. If there are a lot of fat in the hares in autumn, the winter will be long and cold.
  19. The more ant piles are by autumn, the more severe the winter will be.
  20. The bees in autumn are stuck with waxed leaves, leaving a slightly prominent hole - in the cold winter, leave it( the ducts) open - to a warm winter.
  21. If the mice in the forest nest together, then in winter there will be more snow.
  22. Moles and mice make large reserves - to harsh and snowy winter.
  23. In autumn birds fly low - to cold, high - to warm winter.
  24. The hare has white hair, the winter is close.
  25. Indoor birds are silent - the cold still stays.
  26. In winter, dogs are lying around - be blizzards.
  27. Ringing in the ears in the summer - to rage, in winter - to the snow.
  28. Many berries - to a cold winter.
  29. If the spring does not chase the hares for a long time, wait for prolonged cold weather.
  30. Chickens sit down early for nesting - to be harsh in winter, to frost, the higher - the frost will be stronger.
  31. The cat catches the wall - to the bad weather, the ball lies - to the frost.
  32. Titmouse begins to squeak in the morning - expect the night of frost.
  33. Autumn leaf fall will take place soon - expect a cool winter.
  34. October thunder promises a snowless winter.
  35. Thunder in September heralds a warm autumn.
  36. The ice is very cracks - expect the frost.
  37. Glass will begin to sweat with double frames - the frost will intensify.
  38. Geese hide their beaks under the wing - to frost.
  39. Wolves are howling near the house - to frost.
  40. Cat puts his head under his arm - to frost.
  41. Cat climbs on the stove - to the frost.
  42. In which direction the animals lie, from the other side, wait for the wind.
  43. In the summer, yellow leaves appeared on the trees - autumn will be early.
  44. If the thunder roars for a long time - the bad weather will be fixed for a long time.
  45. The rainbow circle near the moon - to the wind, to rage.
  46. Around the Moon one or two dim reddish circles are visible - wait for strong frosts.
  47. If the stars are many and very frequent - in the winter to the cold.
  48. Bees return without honey - to spoil the weather.
  49. Swallows fly low - to the raven. In the evening there is no fish - to rage.
  50. The fog rises up - to the rage.
  51. The ants close the moves in the anthills - to rage.
  52. Branches of fir trees descend downwards, and cones close their scales - to rawness.

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