Onion from cough

Onion from cough

Cough onions are used both raw and cooked. Many may wonder how the onion can cough, because there are no antitussive ingredients. In the bow, maybe not, but in combination with certain products, you get quite tasty and useful medicines.

So, for the first effective recipe will need 500 g of onions, 400 g of sugar, 50 g of honey. The onion must be cleaned and finely chopped to a gruel-like condition. Transfer it to an enamel container, sprinkle with sugar, mix, sprinkle with sugar, add 1 liter of water and boil over a small fire for 3 hours. To the cooled mixture add honey, mix well, pour into a glass container (bottle or jar) and store in a dark cool place. Take after each meal, but at least 4 times, 1 tablespoon.

If it's a pity to spend so much sugar, you can make a mini version. For this evening, one large onion finely cut to a mushy state and pour sugar several times, but not more than 2 tablespoons. Until morning put the mixture in a dark place. Throughout the day, regardless of meals, you need to eat the resulting onion gruel and drink the remaining juice for the night. In the evening, again prepare the mixture for taking over the next day. The duration of treatment is at least 3 days, but not more than 14 days. If the cough does not go away, it's worth talking to the doctor.

A mixture of milk and onions is known a long time ago. As early as the beginning of the 20th century, this remedy was already very popular due to its positive effect even on the cough caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis (Koch's sticks). Of course, it will not cure completely of tuberculosis, but it will perfectly relieve the irritation of the throat, and coughing attacks will noticeably decrease. To make this mixture, it is necessary to finely chop 2 medium bulbs, add a glass of milk to them, boil for an hour, and then insist in a dark place for 4 hours. The resulting cooled solution to strain and take every three hours for 1 tablespoon.

With a prolonged dry cough, this recipe will help: 10 medium-sized onions to clean, cut into small cubes as a roast, add finely chopped garlic head of small size. Pour the mixture with a glass of milk and cook until soft. Slightly cool and add 2 tablespoons of honey and 3 tablespoons of mint juice, all carefully moved to homogeneity. Take the medicine every hour throughout the day for 1 tablespoon.

If coughing attacks do not allow you to fall asleep and are disturbed mainly at night, you can try to prepare the following Tritur: one large Crimean bulb (onion purple), clean, rinse with water, grate on a large grater. The resulting gruel mix with goose fat in equal proportions. This mixture is necessary in the chest area, trying not to touch the neck. Tie up the breast with a warm wide scarf or shawl made of natural wool. Do not remove as long as possible, but rather until the morning. With a strong cough, 1 tablespoon of the mixture is taken on an empty stomach in the morning.


Recipe for cough onions with honey

Cough accompanies a variety of diseases, in particular, colds. In order to get rid of such an unpleasant symptom as quickly as possible, the patients resort to both various pharmaceutical preparations and to all kinds of folk remedies.

For example, honey with a cough onions, which help to cope with the disease, is very popular. After all, both of these drugs are excellent antiseptics and fight against pathogenic microbes well. Of course, they can be used separately, but they are often confused.

Why are onions and honey used for coughing?

For many decades, many diseases have been treated with honey and onions, but most often they are used to get rid of cough.After all, both of these ingredients contain very valuable substances that help the body to cope faster with the disease. For example, honey is rich in glucose, which has a restorative effect, stimulates the work of the nervous system.

It is very important to choose a truly high-quality product, in which no extraneous ingredients, for example, sugar syrup, are added. To combat coughing, fresh, not yet sugared buckwheat honey, which is best bought from beekeepers, is best suited.

Of course, honey is not useful to all people. It is contraindicated for those who suffer from diabetes, as well as those who have allergies to it. And patients who have pathologies of the liver or pancreas, it can be taken, but with caution. To treat small children, honey and onions are allowed only after consultation of the pediatrician.

Onions are very rich in antiseptic substances that kill various pathogens. As a result of taking onions and honey, the human body is strengthened, which contributes to a speedy recovery and serves as a preventive measure for recurrent disease. Taking onions, it is worth considering that it contains essential oils that irritate the walls of the stomach, so those who have any pathology of this body, it is worth consulting with a doctor.

Juice made from onion and honey

Juice made from honey and onions is considered one of the best remedies for coughing caused by sore throat, ARVI, bronchitis or influenza. For its preparation, half a kilo of fresh onion should be crushed thoroughly, and then mixed with a couple of tablespoons of sugar and 50 grams of honey. After that, the mixture should be poured with a liter of boiling water and let it stand for an hour.

Ready juice is recommended for taking on a tablespoon 5 times a day after a meal. Honey helps to soften the sore throat, and also destroys germs. A bow irritates the bronchi and nasopharyngeal mucosa, thus helping to sputum. Typically, this treatment helps fight cough in about one week.

Kashitza made of honey and onion

The recipe for making medicinal gruel is extremely simple, therefore it is often used for the first symptoms of cold and flu. To make it blender, you need to grind one medium sized bulb, and then add the same amount of liquid honey in the mashed potatoes and mix everything well. Ready mix can be taken on a tablespoon three times a day. In the event that the honey is too thick, then it needs to be heated a little in a water bath, until it becomes more liquid.

Mixture of honey and onion

To prepare the medicinal mixture, four pre-cleaned bulbs must be crushed well, and then add 400 grams of sugar and 50 grams of honey. After this, pour a liter of hot water into the mixture and cook on very slow heat for about an hour. Then the broth should be cooled and filtered, using a clean gauze for this.

Store the finished mixture in a refrigerator, in a tightly closed container. Before using this mixture, it needs to be heated slightly, using a microwave oven. Take this medicine four times a day on a tablespoon.

Resorting to such tried folk remedies as onions and honey, do not forget about those medicines that the doctor prescribed. After all, any disease with the help of people's means alone can hardly be defeated. If after a few days of using honey and onion cough still does not disappear, it is worthwhile again to consult the doctors and undergo a survey.


Does the onion help with honey from coughing?

Onions and honey are the best antiseptic medicines that help to destroy a large number of microbes. The human body needs these substances. Honey is rich in glucose, which has a beneficial effect on the work of the brain, the state of the nervous system. Necessarily in the diet with diseases of the upper respiratory tract should be honey and onions. Recommend them to prepare special medicinal mixtures.

Useful properties of honey and onions

Honey is often consumed with milk, food or separately. A day is enough for one teaspoonful. It is impossible to get involved in the product of beekeeping, it can lead to an inflammatory process in the pancreas.

A bow is needed for every human organism, so that it functions fully. It is recommended to include it in daily meals, always raw. It has many different antiseptic components, they not only destroy bacteria, viruses, infection, but also strengthen the body, enrich it with the necessary amount of vitamins.

Onions with honey are the best cough remedy, the combination of ingredients makes the product effective and healing. It is not necessary to exclude the onion from the diet, it contains essential vitamins B, A, E, C, PP. It is saturated with the necessary amount of phosphorus, protein, calcium, it also contains sodium and iron. Especially useful onion juice, it is used for the treatment and prevention of colds.

It is proved, if every day to eat half a bulb a day, improves the immune system. When a person does not tolerate it in its raw form, it can be used as an additive to the second dish. It is especially good with potatoes.

Honey with a cough onion - is it useful or not?

If you get sick, onions need to be eaten more, several times a day, be sure to remember the measure. An excellent combination of folk remedy for cough is onions and honey. Preliminarily chopped onion, honey melted, it should not be liquid. Insist about a day, the onion should let down the juice. Advise to use for preventive purposes not less than one teaspoon. For treatment on a teaspoon 4 times a day.

Especially useful onion juice for colds, with the help of it can destroy viruses. Therefore, with a strong cough, they recommend breathing over onion evaporation. To make a medicine with onion, honey, it will take half a liter of water, two onions, a tablespoon of honey. First, the onion should be thoroughly cleaned, then thrown into the water, which is boiling, bolted the fire and let it simmer for about two minutes. Then bend over, throw a towel on his head and inhale the onion pairs for about one minute. The procedure lasts no more than 3 minutes, perform twice a day until it becomes easier.

Preparing a cough medicine with onions and honey

In honey, a lot of glucose, which will help to quickly overcome the disease. It is important to use only quality products. Active buckwheat honey cough. Please note that it is forbidden to use this ingredient for those who suffer from diabetes mellitus, has an allergic reaction. It can not be used for liver diseases, inflammatory process in the pancreas. For young children, a recipe for cough and onions should be used very carefully, consult a doctor who is treating.

When onions and honey get into the human body, they are actively fighting. Therefore, the body becomes strong and quickly overcomes the disease. Do not forget, the onion contains a lot of essential oils, because of which the gastric mucosa can be irritated, so do not use honey with onions.

A recipe for healing onion juice with honey

This drug has been used since ancient times, it is proved that it is possible to cure cough, sore throat, bronchitis, acute respiratory infections, influenza. To prepare the medicine you need a fresh onion - 500 grams, sugar - two tablespoons, honey 50 grams. Insist all about two hours.

Juice with honey should be drunk up to 6 times a day after meals. Honey will help to soften the throat, which is inflamed, remove bacteria from it. Onions have an irritant effect on the nasopharynx, bronchus, so a large amount of sputum leaves. For a week with this medication, you can forget what a cough is.

Onion-honey mush

If you have the first symptoms of flu, cold, you should immediately use this gruel. To cook it, the onion is ground in a blender, then warmed honey is added. All to prevent. Use the mixture in the morning, at lunch and in the evening no more than one tablespoon. Honey for gruel should be of medium consistency - not liquid and not thick.

Mixture of cough with honey and onions

Take the onions - 4 pieces, put the sugar - 300 grams, honey - 50 grams. All pour boiling water, boil. Insist for about two hours, wait until it cools, filter through gauze. The mixture is stored in a cool place, the container must be tightly closed. Apply only in a warm form, up to 4 times a day, not less than one tablespoon.

Contraindications of onions with honey

The agent is not allowed for allergic reactions, if a person does not individually tolerate onions, bee products. Also, the agent is contraindicated in the inflammatory process in the stomach, intestines, when the diseases become aggravated. Before using the medication you need to consult a specialist. Especially careful to use it for young children. They often have a large number of side effects, due to the fact that the gastrointestinal tract is not fully developed, also an allergic reaction to honey or onions often occurs.

So, onions and honey from cough are a useful and effective tool. The products contain vitamins, microelements and other useful substances necessary for the body. You can use different recipes, which include these components. Pay attention, despite all the useful properties, the product should be treated with extreme caution, so as not to harm the body. Before use, read the contraindications.


Onion with honey from cough

For sure, each of us has repeatedly heard about the benefits of honey and onions. During a cold, sometimes these products are among the first to come to the rescue. Most often, of course, honey and onions are used individually. But in the treatment of cough, including bronchitis, a mixture of onions with honey helps a lot.

Recipes based on onions and honey

Onions with honey from a cough are very easy to cook. Depending on your desire, you can use one of the following recipes.

Recipe # 1:

  1. Grate the onion on a fine grater and squeeze the juice using a sieve (or gauze).
  2. Mix it with the same amount of honey.

Recipe # 2:

  1. To prepare this recipe for cough, you need to grind half a kilogram of onions, add 20 grams of sugar and four or five tablespoons of honey.
  2. Pour the mixture with one liter of boiling water and let stand for about an hour.
  3. Then strain.

Recipe # 3:

  1. Three large or four medium-sized onions finely chopped and mixed with 350 grams of sugar. Add 50 grams of honey and mix.
  2. Pour hot water and simmer for at least an hour.
  3. Strain and store in the refrigerator.

In emergency cases, to treat a cough, you can simply mix grated onions with honey in equal proportions.

You can take all these medicines three to five times a day.

In addition, you can prepare a fairly pleasant mashed potatoes from honey and apple onions. For him, the products are rubbed on a fine grater and mixed in a ratio of two tablespoons of apple, two tablespoons of honey and a tablespoon of onions.

Advantages and disadvantages of the drug

The undoubted advantage of this recipe is the complete naturalness of the mixture and its high efficiency in the treatment of cough. Honey is a storehouse of vitamins and nutrients, which stimulate the immune system and exert a restorative effect on the body. Also, honey has powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties, helping the body to fight the disease.

Onions contain phytoncides, which give it a powerful antibacterial effect. A large number of vitamins and mineral salts contribute to the normalization and restoration of water-salt metabolism in the body during illness.

Despite the naturalness of the mixture of onions with honey and sugar from cough, this remedy also has some contraindications. If there is a food allergy to honey, take this medicine categorically is contraindicated. But do not despair. You just need to exclude it from the recipe and add a little more sugar.

In diseases associated with the gastrointestinal tract, especially in the phase of exacerbation, it is also worthwhile to refrain from taking this medication.

It is not necessary to give a combination of these, undoubtedly, useful products and children up to a year and a half or two.


Treatment of cough with milk and onions

Traditional medicine offers a variety of cough treatment methods that are used for both adults and children. The most common and effective is milk with a cough onion, which has an anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, antiviral effect on the body. This mixture has been used for a long time, this tool was used in the 20th century for the treatment of colds and their symptoms. Onions at that time was applied even in the treatment of cough caused by mycobacteria tuberculosis - a stick of Koch.In addition to onion, disinfectant properties are also known for garlic, because these products are rich in phytoncides, and with their penetration into the body creates a reliable barrier for the penetration and spread of pathogenic microorganisms.

How to treat?

It is known that warm milk has a beneficial effect on the body for colds, and adding to it medicines of traditional medicine, you can only strengthen the effect of this natural product. The use of onions with milk from cough is based on the use of the most effective therapeutic methods aimed at eliminating the inflammatory process from the irritated throat and bronchi. You can use such effective recipes:
  • Take 10 bulbs, a garlic head and a liter of milk. All chop, pour milk and cook until soft, stir until smooth, cool to 40 degrees and add a spoonful of honey. Children give on a spoon before eating, adults - 2 spoons. Take the medicine until full recovery. Garlic with milk from a cough has the same effect on the patient's body, as is the onion.
  • For a glass of milk, take a large chopped onion, cook until soft, rub everything and drink for 2 times. Such a medicine will help in case of a dry dry suffocating cough.
  • To get rid of coughing attacks, you can use this recipe: boil a glass of milk, adding a spoonful of sage grass. Allow to stand for a while, drain and boil again. The use of milk with sage from cough will soften the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, relieving the patient's condition. It is especially recommended to drink this folk remedy before bedtime. Before you drink this medicine, you can add a spoonful of butter in it, so it will have an enveloping effect on the sore throat and bronchi.

This therapeutic method is also used when other symptoms of a cold develop. The use of onions with milk for colds helps to cope with pain and perspiration in the throat. It is useful to add a spoonful of honey and butter to the drink, although it is possible to use beekeeping products only if there is no allergy to them.


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