Pyelonephritis acute, chronic: symptoms, treatment of inflammation of the kidneys

Pyelonephritis - Inflammation of the kidneys is an infectious and inflammatory disease of the urinary tract mucosa, renal parenchyma and renal pelvis. Inflammation of the kidneys - pyelonephritis - can be considered a combination of two major diseases: pyelitis - inflammation of the renal pelvis and nephritis - inflammation of the glomerulus and tubular apparatus of the kidneys.

Pyelonephritis is common in children and in women. Men suffer less often. Today we will talk about the symptoms and treatment of acute and chronic pyelonephritis folk remedies at home, consider the diet, medications and drugs used in the treatment of pyelonephritis in medicine.


Symptoms of pyelonephritis

Differentiate pyelonephritis in acute and chronic.

Acute pyelonephritis: symptoms

Develops as a result of the introduction of pathogenic microorganisms into the kidney. It begins violently with a sharp rise in temperature, which is of an unstable nature.

Patients complain of severe headache, rapid breathing, dryness of the tongue, pain in the lumbar region, nausea and vomiting. Even in the absence of inflammation of the bladder, acute pyelonephritis is accompanied by frequent painful urination. Urine in these patients is turbid, in the sediment is found a large number of bacteria and leukocytes. When it settles, a precipitate of a yellowish-dark color is clearly visible.

Pyelonephritis often occurs in an erased form, when the symptoms are mild, there may not be pain in the lower back, but the subfebrile temperature is constantly maintained. This should alert both the doctor and the patient.

Prevention of pyelonephritis consists in combating infectious processes in the body and in removing obstacles that disrupt the normal outflow of urine. Of great importance is the timely sanitation of the mouth, throat, paranasal sinuses, vigorous treatment of all inflammatory processes in the urinary tract.

Chronic pyelonephritis: symptoms of

Differently latent, sluggish current development, so it is often diagnosed in the late complications stage - arterial hypertension, anemia, kidney failure.

The result of untreated acute pyelonephritis is common in elderly people.

Patients complain of rapid fatigue, headache, general malaise. Fever is often absent, rarely subfebrile( 37.1-37.4 degrees) temperature.

One of the frequent manifestations of chronic pyelonephritis is arterial hypertension. This is essentially a hypertonic form of chronic pyelonephritis. Arterial hypertension is observed in approximately 60% of patients with chronic pyelonephitis, and 15% is malignant.

Chronic pyelonephritis takes a long time and can last 20 years or more.

Treatment of pyelonephritis

Treatment of pyelonephritis with folk remedies at home

In acute and chronic pyelonephritis in children, women and men, folk medicine advises such natural remedies at home.

Kidney Failure No. 1 :

  1. leaves of coltsfoot,
  2. rosehip,
  3. barley seeds,
  4. St. John's wort,
  5. clover grass.

Total take 2 tablespoons, mix, chop.2 tbsp. Spoon a mixture of pour 500 ml of water and boil in a water bath for 15 minutes. Cool at room temperature for 1 hour, strain. Take 1-2 tablespoons.spoon three times a day.

Collection for the kidney No. 2 :

  1. licorice root,
  2. bearberry leaves,
  3. sage leaves,
  4. grass horsetail field.

Preparation and use as in the previous recipe.

Collection for inflammation of the kidneys No. 3 :

  1. rhizome root,
  2. birch leaves,
  3. rose hips,
  4. grass sheepskin bags,
  5. herb parsley,
  6. yarrow herb.

Take everything in equal quantities, 1 tablespoon of the mixture pour a glass of boiling water, heat on a water bath for 15 minutes, cool at room temperature 45 minutes, strain. Take 150 ml 3-4 times a day between meals.

Collection for the treatment of pyelonephritis No. 4 :

  1. comfrey root - 2 parts,
  2. blackberry leaves - 1 part,
  3. bearberry leaves - 2 parts,
  4. juniper fruits - 1 part,
  5. flax seed - 2 parts.

TABLE tablespoon of the mixture pour a glass of boiling water, leave for 1 hour, strain. Take half a glass three times a day for 20 minutes before eating.

Kidney Failure No. 5 :

  1. birch leaves,
  2. juniper fruit,
  3. cumin fruit,
  4. herb mountaineer,
  5. herb St. John's wort,
  6. grass horsetail field.

Take everything in total, mix, chop.2 tablespoons of the mixture pour 300 ml of boiling water, boil for 5 minutes on low heat, infuse for 1 hour, strain. Take one quarter cup 4 times a day.

Collection for treatment of kidneys No. 6 :

  1. St. John's wort grass,
  2. grass and flowers of violet tri-color,
  3. grass motherwort,
  4. grass horsetail field.

Preparation and use as in the previous recipe.

The course of treatment of acute pyelonephritis lasts up to three months, until urine tests become normal.

During periods of remission with chronic pyelonephritis, simplified collections of medicinal plants can be prepared.

Shepherd's bag . Herb infusion. 1 tablespoon per cup of boiling water. Insist 1 hour, strain. Drink 1 glass three times a day.

Renal Collection No. 7 :

  1. shoots of renal tea,
  2. St. John's wort,
  3. flowers of cornflower blue,
  4. linden flowers.

2 tablespoons of the mixture pour 2 cups of boiling water, bring to a boil, infuse for 1 hour, strain. Drink half the glass 4 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.

Decoction of cranberry leaves .8 tablespoons fill with 1 liter of water, boil for 10 minutes on low heat, infuse for 1 hour, strain. Drink 1 glass three times a day before meals.

Decoction of birch leaves .6 tablespoons fresh leaves per 1 liter of water. Boil 10 minutes on low heat, persist for 1 hour, strain. Drink 200 ml 3-4 times a day in a warm form for 30 minutes before eating.

Kidney Recovery Kit No. 8 :

  1. nettle leaf,
  2. cuff leaves,
  3. juniper fruit,
  4. heather grass.

Take all in all.2 tablespoons of the mixture pour 400 ml of boiling water, boil for 10 minutes on low heat, infuse for 1 hour, strain. Drink half the glass 4 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.

Collection for Urinary Tract Treatment No. 9 :

  1. Birch Leaves,
  2. Grasshopper's Grass,
  3. Herd Sheep's Herb,
  4. Grassgrass.

Cook and take as in the previous recipe.

Infusion of the flowers of the cornflower .1 tablespoon of flowers pour 300 ml of boiling water, leave for 1 hour, strain. Drink in a warm form 3-4 times a day for half a glass.

In the period of remission with chronic pyelonephritis it is useful to prepare infusions and teas from berries cranberries, cranberries, strawberry, pulp is useful in ( in the winter - powder from watermelon peel at 1 g 3-4 times a day).It is advisable to fully switch to a vegetarian diet or observe the days of fasting. In general, observance of posts perfectly cleanses the body and improves the condition of patients with any chronic diseases.

Diet, drugs, antibiotics for pyelonephritis - inflammation of the kidneys

Patients with acute pyelonephritis should strictly follow the bed rest, they are prescribed a milk-vegetable diet, a plentiful drink in the form of tea with lemon or mineral waters. With acidic urine, usually appointed "Borjomi", "Essentuki-4", with alkaline - "Slavyanovskaya" or "Smirnovskaya" water.

Treatment for acute pyelonephritis usually does not differ from that in acute cystitis or urethritis, but it takes much longer. The main task in the treatment of acute pyelonephritis is the elimination of inflammation, in the treatment of chronic form of pyelonephritis - prevention of exacerbations.

The basis for the treatment of any kidney disease is diet - diet. At different stages of the disease, with acute or chronic course of the process, the diet changes.

In case of acute pyelonephritis, it is necessary to exclude canned and overly acute food products, reduce the amount of salt and meat consumed. Absolutely contraindicated alcohol!

All too spicy, sour, salty causes an intensification of the inflammatory process. The main emphasis in nutrition for acute pyelonephritis should be done on cereals, vegetables( except tomatoes and tomato juice) and dairy dishes.

In chronic pyelonephritis, special restrictions in nutrition should not be made. The only thing you need to watch out for is salt and overly spicy dishes. The same should be done with high blood pressure. With an exacerbation of the process, nutrition should be the same as in the acute course of the disease.

The main emphasis in acute pyelonephritis is on antibiotics and sulfonamide preparations. Antibiotics are chosen depending on the nature of the pathogen, sulfanilamide preparations - easily absorbed and secreted mainly by the kidneys:

  1. Norsulfazole, Urosulfan( 3-4 g per day);
  2. Levomycetin, Synthomycin 3-4 g per day.
  3. Furadonin( 0.1-0.15 g 3-4 times a day).The course of treatment is 5-8 days;

In the treatment of chronic pyelonephritis, medications are used:

  1. Urosulfan, Sulfazol, Sulfadime toxin. With an exacerbation of the process, the doses are increased to 5-6 g per day;
  2. Furadonin 0, 15 g three times a day. Treatment course for 12-15 days, 3-4 courses;
  3. in many cases shows antibiotics( depending on the flora).Antibiotic therapy lasts from 3 weeks to 1.5 months. Treatment is most effective during periods of exacerbation.

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Pyelonephritis - a serious inflammation of the kidneys - can even lead to kidney loss. Chronic pyelonephritis in women is even with hygiene in cases of decreased immunity, as microbes and bacteria can not always be removed completely.

Kidney inflammation test

Pasternatsky's symptom is tenderness in the kidney area when the lumbar region is inflamed. However, this symptom may not appear, and the kidney disease already exists. Urinalysis will help in this situation. An increase in the level of leukocytes in the urine is a sign of the inflammatory process. And sowing on microbes shows the presence in the urine of the E. coli - the most frequent pathogen in the urinary tract.

How to check the condition of the kidneys at home?

Test strips for analysis can be purchased at the pharmacy. They allow to determine the presence in the urine of leukocytes, red blood cells, sugar.

A special color scale will help determine what exactly happens to the kidneys.

Causes of pyelonephritis

The most common pathogen in the urinary tract is E. coli. The colon usually lives in the intestine. In some situations, the bacterium can creep into the urethra, climb up the urinary tract and reach the kidneys. As a result, inflammation develops.

Hygiene rules will help avoid this. Women are particularly important to repeatedly wash out, while the movement should not be from the rectum forward, but in the opposite direction.

In addition to E. coli, Gram-positive and Gram-negative flora - streptococci, staphylococci - can settle in the kidneys. But 90% of kidney inflammations are still related to the rules of personal hygiene.

How to treat pyelonephritis?

The purpose of treatment is primarily in eradication, that is, removal of the pathogen. For this, antibacterial therapy( antibiotics), copious drinking and ancillary drugs are used.

It is important to drink at least 2 liters of fluid per day. This will help wash the kidneys.

Cranberry juice is very useful for kidneys. It will help and improve immunity. Cranberry acidifies urine and contains active ingredients that enhance the antibacterial effect.

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