Spray Generolon: user manual, reviews of men and women

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Generolon spray - a highly effective remedy for hair loss, activates their growth.

Minoxidil-based hair remedy is prescribed with androgenic form of baldness in order to stabilize the process of hair loss and the subsequent restoration of hair follicles. Can be used Generolon for the beard, as it stimulates the growth of hairs.

On this page you will find all information about the Generalolone: ​​full instructions for use on this medicated medium, average prices in pharmacies, complete and incomplete analogs of the drug, as well as reviews of people who have already applied Generolon. Want to leave your opinion? Please write in the comments.

Clinical and pharmacological group

Means for the treatment of alopecia.

Conditions of leave from pharmacies

Available without a prescription.

Price list

How much does the Generalolon cost? The average price in pharmacies is at the level of520 rubles.


Form of issue and composition

Medicinal form of the release of Generolone - spray for external use: a transparent water-alcohol solution, somewhat colored (with yellowish shade) or colorless, has the smell of alcohol (in polyethylene bottles of 60 ml, in a cardboard bundle 1 or 2 bottles complete with 1 nozzle for spraying and 1 plastic measuring pump or 3 bottles complete with 2 nozzles for spraying and 2 plastic measuring pumps).

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Composition of 1 ml of solution:

  • active substance: minoxidil - 20 or 50 mg;
  • auxiliary components (20/50 mg): 96% ethanol - 571/243 mg, propylene glycol - 104/520 mg, water - up to 1/1 ml.

Pharmacological effect

In the case of local use of minoxidil, there is a significant acceleration of hair growth in individuals suffering from androgenic form of alopecia. The drug generolon improves local microcirculation, activates the transition of hair into the growth phase. In this case, the effect of testosterone on the hair follicles is transformed. There is an oppression of the synthesis of one of the testosterone derivatives - 5-alpha-dehydrosterone, which stops hair growth and stimulates their loss.

The best effect from the use of this drug in baldness is observed at a young age and with the fact that pathology occurs at an early stage (up to 10 years), presence of a parietal bald head no more than 10 cm, in the center of the bald head there is more 100 hair. You can evaluate the result after 3-4 months. active use. The degree of severity of the effect and the speed of its onset also depend on individual characteristics. The drug with minoxidil 5% activates hair growth faster than, for example, a 2% solution.

The mechanism of treatment by the General has not been studied in detail at the moment. Spray Generolon is not effective at so-called medicinal alopecia and in baldness, provoked by a defective diet or regular hair styling. In the case of external use of hair products based on minoxidil, there is an insignificant absorption of components, in the total blood flow, only% of the used dose falls. About 95% of minoxidil, which has penetrated the bloodstream, is slowly removed from the body (for 4 days).

The process of biotransformation of the active ingredient of Generolon is not fully understood. It does not enter into a relationship with plasma proteins, excretion of metabolites is carried out with the participation of the renal system. Does not penetrate the blood-brain barrier.

Indications for use

Instructions for use contain information that the main indication for the use of the drug is androgenic alopecia. With other types of baldness, the drug will not be effective.


Hypersensitivity to minoxidil or other components of the drug; age younger than 18 years; violation of the integrity of the skin, dermatosis of the scalp.

Application in pregnancy and lactation

Do not use the drug during pregnancy and lactation.

Instructions for use

The instructions for use indicate that the drug "Generolon" should be applied topically, applying it to problem areas. Thus, in women, baldness is usually observed in the middle part, and in men - on the crown and on the frontal part.

The main stages of application:

  1. The composition is applied with the aid of a dispenser. First, remove the lid from the vial and put a measuring pump on the neck, and then fix the nozzle on it for direct spraying. Now make a few taps to get the product into the dispenser.
  2. Begin applying from the center of each problem area. Rubbing the composition into the scalp is optional. In total, you will need to perform seven clicks on the dispenser.
  3. Wash your hands. To wash out a preparation it is not necessary.

The daily dose should not exceed 2 milliliters, only two applications are required per day (that is, a single dose is 1 ml).

According to individual reports, within 3-4 months after the cessation of treatment can be expected to restore the original appearance. The duration of treatment on average is about 1 year.


Side effects

Typically, the drug "Generolon" is transferred well, but some side effects are possible:

  • seborrhea (formation of scales on the surface of the scalp);
  • unwanted hair growth on the body (for example, on the face);
  • when the funds fall on other parts of the body, allergic manifestations are possible (urticaria, edema);
  • excessive dryness and peeling of the treated areas of the scalp;
  • burning, itching, discomfort in the application area;
  • redness, swelling;
  • occurrence of vesicles (occurs infrequently, usually with increased sensitivity of the skin);
  • with accidental swallowing of the remedy, symptoms such as nausea, shortness of breath, heart rhythm disturbances, chest pains, headaches, severe swelling,
  • blood pressure, dizziness and so on.


Symptoms of overdose usually develop when the drug enters the gastrointestinal tract and absorbs the active substance into the systemic bloodstream. In this case, a decrease in blood pressure (hypotension), increased heart rate (tachycardia). When an overdose is symptomatic therapy.

special instructions

When there are systemic side effects (retrosternal pain, palpitation, dizziness, lowering blood pressure, sudden weight gain, swelling hands and / or feet), as well as redness and irritation in the place of rubbing, minoxidil should be discarded and, if necessary, appropriate therapy.

The drug is applied solely to dry scalp in the scalp after bathing or 4 hours before bathing. It is forbidden to let the head get wet before the specified time. Do not apply the drug to other than the head, body parts. Wash hair when using the drug is advised in the usual mode

In some patients, after the application of minoxidil, a change in the color and structure of the hair was observed. The composition of Generolone includes ethanol, which can cause irritation and inflammation of the eyes. If the product gets on sensitive surfaces (irritated skin, eyes, mucous membranes), rinse with plenty of water.

Drug Interactions

With simultaneous application to the skin of minoxidil and topical preparations containing tretinoin, anthralin / dithranol (which cause a change in the protective function of the skin), it is possible to increase the absorption minoxidil.


We picked up some feedback from people about the drug Generolon:

  1. Robert. I used 5% for 3 months 2 times a day (morning, evening). Hair really got bigger, BUT! After stopping the use of the drug 4 months later, everything returned to normal, so I do not even know... why do I keep spattering my whole life?
  2. Novel. I use the year, after 2 months stopped falling. At the expense of new hair I can not say. Most likely they grow, but up to a certain length, after which they fall out. In general, for me the result is acceptable.

Reviews of men and women about the spray Generrolon in most cases report a high effectiveness of the drug, subject to adherence to the regimen. In a number of patients, the effect is noticeable after two months. Also, men's reviews and women's reviews of the Generolon indicate a higher percentage (compared to analogues) of dermatitis due to the high content of propylene glycol.


According to the active substance and therapeutic effect, similar to the spray of Generolon are preparations of Cosilon, Revasil, Minoxidil, Alopexy.

Before using analogues, consult your doctor.

Storage conditions and shelf life

Store at temperatures up to 25 ° C. Keep away from children.

Shelf life:

  • 2% solution - 3 years;
  • 5% solution - 4 years.

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