How to return a husband: strong conspiracies plus psychological advice

Article, probably, not only for women, but also. .. for men.

Is it possible to restore relationships with a beloved man through strong conspiracies or prayers? It also happens that a man does not want to communicate at all, avoid contacts, is there a chance for a renewal of marital relations? It is necessary to try all means, suddenly it will turn out!

Sometimes life presents situations, coping with which does not always work, especially if it is a separation between a man and a woman. It does not matter who was wrong - but here he is gone, does not answer phone calls and SMS. .. What to do if this is the case.

Let's talk about ways of returning the former beloved husband with the help of strong conspiracies, possibly in a situation after a divorce from a mistress.


How to return the man: what to do?

The most important thing - do not look for those guilty of parting. This will not give any effect. Let's consider:

  1. If you are to blame. When the cause of the departure of a beloved man from you was a quarrel, perhaps you can make peace without rituals, waiting some time. Or maybe you have changed a man? Did he see everything? Maybe your relationship is interrupted by a gossip? And if it was, swear it was not. Usually men believe in what they want to believe.
  2. When the fault is a fault, it can also solve the time here. A man who at first bites on a bright appearance or the young years of a beautiful girl will eventually notice that in addition to beauty, a new passion, he has nothing to give - he does not cook very much, talks about superficial nonsense, writes with errors, listens to incomprehensible music, and you have a family,children, pies, always smoothed shirts. .. The main thing, do not wait long for the mistress to not have time to give birth to your child's husband. Then it will be even harder for him to leave her. Although this is not yet a verdict. The conspiracy, of course, will help how to get rid of the rival and return your beloved man, but remember that the family budget will leave alimony, and besides, your husband will have to regularly visit his second family to meet with the child. .. And it is necessary?
  3. He is guilty - the husband. Here you could be glad that such a relationship is over, but you can not order your heart!

Can I fix it?

To return a beloved man with the help of a conspiracy

Perhaps in the event that the cause of the departure of a man was clearly voiced by him. For example, some men only feel sympathy for the worst, and when the wife recovers from childbirth, they are ready to look for another thin half. If the wife can not live without a fan of thin, engage in a surge of extra pounds in the gym, diet for weight loss.

Often in a woman's life, problems slide into one big snowball: a deterioration in appearance, a reluctance to go to work from a decree, or a bad relationship with her husband's relatives. If you want to return the love of her husband, solve problems, find the strength.

I'll have to make peace with my mother-in-law, father-in-law. They can very negatively affect their son.

What not to do if I want to return my man?

Part of psychologists recommend that women after a break in relationships find the strength to enjoy life, such as your husband will see you happy and come back. But you understand what a ridiculous advice it can be to laugh, run to the movies, when you want to cry from grief.

What to do:

  1. Cry!
  2. You can close for a few days at home, take a sick leave sheet for exclusion from daily contact with colleagues at work.
  3. Take the children to your grandmother.
  4. Pick up a forgotten sweater.
  5. Tear out all your feelings.

Drinking with a girlfriend is not welcome, this is not an output of the problem. A good friend will help you better than a psychologist!

A woman is easy to bring to tears, but know that along with tears from the soul takes a negative( so women live longer than men).After you have burst into tears, you can move on.

Try not to call your mother-in-law and scold her son, do not complain to your mom about life!

The man also does not call, do not make hysterics in the tube. Reproaches, quarrel - push him even further.

Great power of prayer: Lord, help to return husband

Appealing to God inside of ourselves not only helps you to return a husband or a guy, will also help you find peace in your heart, endure separation. If the feelings of a loved one are strong, and leave him resentful, God will help you make peace and forgive each other. This prayer-conspiracy must be read in the morning one time, throughout the week.

My Lord, God! You are my defense, to which I endlessly hope! Mother of God, Lady of Heaven! Blessed Saints, Martyrs! I bring my soul to you in the most difficult moment of my life. I ask for help, encouragement and support! May God's servant Vasily forgive me, let love return to his heart, and our beloved husband in our family. Forgive all the sins of the servant of God Tatyana, hear my request. Give me back my beloved Basil, do not leave me in sorrow. Amen, amen, amen.

After this, cross three times to the east.

Important! If you are a wedding couple, this will strengthen the action of prayer. It will be good if, during the pronouncement of the conspiracy, you will not name the secular name of the beloved man, which in the registry office was written to him in the passport, and church, received at baptism( they sometimes differ).And, of course, when reading a plot, how to return a beloved man, you need to do it alone, preferably before the icon.

Appeal to magic alone: ​​a toy, or a serious force?

The way to believe not all, often considering the rituals as a trivial pastime. But, people engaged in conspiracies say that if rites are "played", they can do harm. If you decide to try, read carefully how to spank correctly.

What can not be done:

  1. Read the plot for the plot, hoping that at least one yes will work. No, it turns out on the contrary - they will not return, but will turn away from you the beloved. So read just one plot, and wait for what happens next.
  2. Read any plot during the waning moon - it can hurt your health.
  3. You can do this with full confidence in your rightness. So if you just decided to bewitch your beloved man to yourself out of revenge, "to run like a dog," the reverse effects of such magic can strike you.

The conspiracy for the thing of the man

  • The heart is sad, the heart is twisting,
  • heart to the beloved wants to approach,
  • bitter anguish without me pouring,
  • tenderness in dreams my name sounds,
  • in the human crowd my image seems to be,
  • next to my eyes are eyes.
  • We are with you half of the whole,
  • we are with you forever and forever,
  • things are drawn to things,
  • to man is a person.

A conspiracy for a thread or a button

  • I'm not sewing a thread - I'm sewing your love in,
  • is strong-strong, do not tear, do not go away, do not frustrate.
  • A string with a strong hand will lead you home,
  • let no one likes you - only here you will be happy!

Conspiracy in the photo

A bird flew over the field, and dropped the feather. How his wind throws up, how the snow falls on him, how his rains are soaked-let your heart throws at night not with me, freezes in bed not with me, tears me up from separation from me. Come back to me, Basil, as the birds turn to their native shores, and there are no instructions from others - only God's will. May she bring you to me, Tatyana's servant, and order from me!

Here we have considered ways of returning the former beloved husband with the help of strong conspiracles alone. Have patience, wait, he will come to you, but everything is clean, clean, smells like his favorite dish, you are in a beautiful dress with makeup.

He will remember what he loved you for and will necessarily want to stay.

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