Effective against dry cough for children

Effective folk remedies for dry cough for children

Folk remedies for dry cough for children are used by very many parents in the period of their baby's illness. Often, some folk remedies can cure a child faster and without harm to health. Catarrhal and viral diseases are almost always accompanied by a cough in children. Very often he is dry, prolonged and barking, the child does not sleep well at night because of a debilitating cough. The child in such cases should be shown to the pediatrician who will prescribe the medication - medicamental or homeopathic, depending on the severity of the disease. In most cases, doctors prescribe antibiotics and antitussives, but what should children do that are allergic to sweet syrups and suspensions? Folk remedies and compresses come into the fight against this disease.

Recipes from improvised products

A very large number of recipes are prepared at home from the products available in the refrigerator of each hostess, or herbs, which can be purchased at a pharmacy or a store, and they will cost much less than ready-made syrups from dry cough.

For example, the most proven recipe for dry cough is a black radish with honey. The preparation is very simple: we cut the radish into cubes and fill it with honey; After the radish leaves the juice, the syrup is ready for use. It is very important to make fresh syrup every day, and take it up to 5-6 times a day for 1 teaspoon or dessert - depending on the age of the child. Cough is literally in a matter of days.

Dry cough well softens warm milk, which is added a little honey, a piece of butter and soda at the tip of the knife. This drink not only eases tracheal cough, but also soothes perspiration in the throat.

From coughing helps out a pharmacy decoction of herb-coltsfoot. 1 tbsp. l. herbs pour 1 cup of boiled water at room temperature, bring to a boil in a water bath, filter and take 25-30 minutes before eating.

There are other herbs, and ready-made antitussives, which are brewed in a manner similar to mother-and-stepmother. The effect of taking such herbal decoctions is a hundred times better and more useful than ready-made suspensions.

For cough, sugar is also used: 1 st. l. sugar-sand. When heated, it begins to melt and changes its color to caramel. Then the resulting candy is bred in a glass of boiled water. Thus, a ready-made syrup from a cough prepared at home is obtained.

Are inhalation effective?

In the old days our grandmothers knew that inhalations and heat were the best healers from coughing. To do this, they heated the bathhouse, brewed the herbs and inhaled the medicinal compounds in the steam room. Even in the fight against dry cough, the native stove helped: she warmed the sick child to the bronchi, as a result, the cough passed very quickly.

In our time, inhalations can be carried out in the bath and under the blanket with a hot water bottle, as well as buy a special inhaler. And the heating was replaced with mustard and all kinds of compresses from cough.

Inhalations can be done with:
  • eucalyptus;
  • baking soda;
  • decoction of calendula flowers;
  • boiled potatoes;
  • chamomile medicinal;
  • mother-and-stepmother.

After inhalation of a cold, a child needs to go to bed. Usually inhalations are carried out at night. After them, the child's well-being improves and sleep becomes normal.

Cough compresses

With the help of compresses, mustard plasters and rubbing, getting rid of a child's cough can be much faster. In places where the compress is applied, blood circulation increases, and thus the inflammatory process decreases.

Compresses are liquid, in the form of lozenges and alcohol. They can be prepared from pharmacies and antibiotics, but the composition of the compress is prescribed by the doctor. Gorchichniki and compresses are put to a sick child in the absence of increased fever. Consider the simplest and most frequently used recipes in everyday life.

  1. Recipe number 1. Cake. It is made from honey, corn oil and flour.
  2. Recipe number 2. Another cake can be prepared from boiled potatoes in a uniform, which must be crushed with a fork, add a little alcohol tincture, honey and mustard powder.
  3. Recipe number 3. Honey compress is an excellent treatment for dry cough. Honey is heated in a water bath to the body temperature of the person, spread on the chest or back of the baby, on top put a cabbage leaf, cover with cellophane and wrap. This compress is done for the whole night or at least 4 hours.
  4. Recipe number 4. Oil compress. It is prepared in a ratio of 1: from olive oil and the addition of essential oils of pine, eucalyptus, pine needles.

All the above compresses help cure dry cough in children, but the compress, which includes alcohol tincture, it is not recommended to put children under 2 years old or children suffering from thyroid disease glands.

In diseases of the respiratory tract it is important to replenish the body with vitamins. Perfect for these purposes is a decoction of rose hips. This berry is used as one of the best remedies for restoring the body's immune system.

Get rid of coughs

Honey and plantain can be used in the fight against coughing. You need to take honey and plantain juice in equal proportions, cook them on low heat for 20 minutes, then cool and take 1 tbsp. l. for 20-30 minutes before meals 3 times a day.

A very effective cough remedy is badger fat. Children up to 3 years of age are only used as rubbing for the feet, chest and back. Rinsing is carried out at night, the child is then wrapped in a warm blanket and woolen socks are put on feet. A few days of such treatment is enough - and the cold recedes. Older children can be given for 1 hour. l. badger fat, diluted with warm milk or mixed with honey, inside 20 minutes before meals 3 times a day.

It helps a lot from celery bronchitis. 4 g celery root pour 1 liter of water and insist 8 hours, filter and drink this infusion for 1 hour. l. 3 times a day.

Children are very fond of drinking delicious teas and compotes with raspberries, and this berry helps fight dry cough. If the house is not jam, you can break the sprig of raspberry or brew 2 tbsp. l. her leaves for 300-350 ml of boiling water, let the broth brew and take it half a cup 3 times a day. If desired, you can add sugar to it.

Cure a child can cure a currant. In a juice processor or a juicer, you need to make juice from 2 kg of currant, add 2 tbsp. l. honey or sugar. Such juice can be drunk instead of tea without restriction: it not only relieves of cough, but also saturates the body with vitamins.

To children prepare a decoction from oats, it perfectly fights with a cough. For this recipe take 1 cup of raw oats, pour, l fresh milk, dampen in the oven for 2 hours on low heat. Then wrap in a warm towel and leave until completely cooled down for about 4 hours, then filter and give a child a drink during the day for several receptions.

Onions in the fight against coughing

Traditional medicine has a large number of recipes containing this golden vegetable. This product is in every house, it is loved in many countries. Onions have curative properties: it contains volatile substances phytoncides, which destroy pathogenic and putrefactive bacteria. In the fight against colds and coughs, he proved himself only on the positive side.

Onion recipes:

  1. To prepare onion syrup, it is necessary to grind 1 onion, add to it 2 tbsp. l. sugar and leave to infuse for the night. The next morning you need to start giving your baby a half-hour syrup. l. fractional throughout the day.
  2. 2 bulbs in the husks and 1 glass of sugar pour 1 liter of water, bring to a boil and languish on the stove for 1 hour, after which we cool to a warm state and take it inside.
  3. 2 bulbs of medium size pour 1 glass of milk, cook on low heat for 4 hours, then insist in a dark place. Such milk-onion syrup is given to children three times a day for 1 hour. l.

In conclusion, I would like to wish all children health, because traditional medicine is an excellent doctor in the fight against colds and cough, the main thing is to observe the proportions and follow the prescription exactly. If you treat complex, then the disease very quickly recedes, but if you treat negligently health, then a slight malaise can result in a number of complications. Be healthy!


How to cure a dry cough in a child: the best folk remedies

Each parent wants that his baby is never sick, but sometimes unpleasant symptoms still appear. A fairly common symptom in children is a dry cough, and here it will be described in detail how to cope with it with folk medicine. Cough occurs as a reaction to an irritant in the airway. These same irritants can be viruses, bacteria, chemicals, foreign bodies. A dry (barking) cough is called, if during it sputum is not removed, and wet, if it occurs. Dry cough can also be allergic and require special treatment.

What to do when a cough in the morning for a long time does not stop, you can understand reading the article.

Why does dry cough occur?

The causes of the appearance of such a symptom as a dry, irritating cough can be quite diverse. Below are listed the main ones.
  • Laryngitis. This disease is characterized by inflammation of the mucous membranes of the larynx. Accompanying the disease with acute pain in the throat.
  • Tracheitis- inflammation of the mucosa of the trachea. Cough in this case is intense, paroxysmal. Pain in the throat is not observed.
  • Bronchitisin acute or chronic form.
  • Pneumonia(pneumonia) or pulmonary membranes (pleurisy).
  • Whooping cough.

What to do with when the cough comes out green sputum, indicated in the article.

Clarify the cause of dry cough is extremely important, because of this depends largely on the way of treatment.

If with ORVI, laryngitis and other similar diseases it is quite possible to cope with the help of folk medicine, pneumonia, pleurisy and the presence of neoplasm in the lungs require immediate intervention physicians.

Treatment with folk remedies

In folk medicine, there are many recipes that can cure a variety of ailments. The dry cough is not an exception. Some of these folk recipes for children will be cited here.

Broth horsetail

The horsetail is an effective remedy for coughing. A tablespoon of dried stems of this plant should be poured half a liter of boiling water, cool, and then drink 4-5 times a tablespoon.But if it is a question of treating a child, then such treatment has a significant disadvantage - a decoction of horsetail is effective, but very bitter.

How to treat a cough before vomiting in an adult, what drugs or medicines to take for it, you can learn from the article.

Honey with milk

If the baby does not have allergies, honey with milk is the best cough remedy

This recipe will be much more pleasant for small patients than the previous one. In a hot glass of milk, you need to dissolve a teaspoon of honey and give your child a drink. Repeat twice a day. But the baby had previously been diagnosed as having an allergy to honey, then this remedy can not be used.

What to do when an adult does not clear a dry cough, will help to understand the content in this article.

Decoction of anise seeds

Anise is oriental spice, and it not only is able to impart a unique taste to food, but also helps to get rid of dry cough.The anti-inflammatory properties of this plant are strong enough.Two teaspoons of seeds should be poured a glass of hot water, and then drink a decoction of several tablespoons three times a day before eating.

Mandarin crusts

Mandarins - this is an excellent treat, especially in the winter, but they can also be used for medicinal purposes. Peel for this you need to grind in a meat grinder, pour boiling water, and then insist for about an hour under the lid. Eat 2 tbsp. before eating.

The article cites the causes of a child's cough without a cold, and how to treat them can be understood by reading the article.

Black radish juice and honey

Black radish has long been known as an excellent anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and immunomodulatory.Honey will only enhance the healing effect, and also give the medicine a pleasant taste, which is important in treating a child. You can get juice in two ways: you can cut out the flesh from the middle of the radish and pour liquid honey, so that the juice is gradually allocated and mixed with honey, and you can simply clean the radish, grate and squeeze it juice.

The second method of curing a radish cough is much easier. Children mixed with honey radish juice should be given three times a day for 1 teaspoonful

Tea with mint

Probably everyone had to drink tea with fragrant mint leaves. Tea, which was added to the leaves of mint or melissa, is not only tasty, but also extremely useful. Including with a dry cough. You can add peppermint into ordinary black tea or use it as a stand-alone tea. It is also recommended to add a slice of lemon to tea.

What are the symptoms of tracheal cough and how to treat it correctly, is indicated in the article.

Tea with berries of viburnum

Kalina has a pronounced mucolytic effect, which makes it an effective remedy for dry cough.The principle of use is simple: the calyx berries are poured with boiling water and left to stand. Drink the infusion in an amount of approximately 100 ml two times a day. However, there is one nuance: if you are addicted to hypotension, you should use cauliflower with caution, but it is better not to use it at all. If the prescription is suitable for the child, and the medications are not skipped, then the improvement can be seen after a few days, a frequent cough will soften, become wet, sputum will begin to depart. And this means that full recovery is not far off.The drugs themselves, because of their naturalness and mild action, can be taken until the symptoms completely disappear - usually it takes about a week.

After reading the article it becomes clear what to treat bronchitis and a strong cough.

How to treat dry cough in babies

The child's organism is much more tender and fragile than the adult, but the baby's organism is gentle in twins, therefore such little children need a special approach. The methods of treatment should be extremely gentle.Bitter herbs, potent tinctures - all this is not suitable for an infant.

A good remedy for a baby with a dry cough will be sweetened with honey warm milk (it's warm, not hot), tea with chamomile or mint.

What else can help

Maintaining high humidity in the room (especially during sleep) is one of the effective recommendations for a dry cough

In addition to the drugs that must be taken orally, there are other ways to alleviate the condition of the child with a strong dry cough. Among them:

  • Warming with salt. This method was widely used by our grandmothers. RaGrilled in a skillet, the salt is poured into a special tissue bag, and then put on the baby's breast. At the same time, you should make sure that the compress is not too hot - if the salt is heated too much, then the bag should be wrapped in a towel.
  • Bath with eucalyptus.For the bath it is necessary to collect warm water, thoroughly warm the bath and sprinkle the eucalyptus tincture on the walls. It is important to ensure that the child after the bath is not supercooled after the bath - immediately after bathing the baby should be wiped dry and put under a blanket.
  • Inhalations with decoctions of herbs.Sometimes it is useful to use medicinal herbs not only in the form of broths, but also to breathe them in pairs. You can use for these purposes a special inhaler, which poured hot to boiling water decoction, but if there is no special device, then it is quite possible to do with a bowl and a sheet folded into a tube paper.

On the prescription of the doctor, it is possible to use vegetable-based syrups, for example, syrup for children of Alteika. In addition to the above procedures, it is necessary to take some other measures that promote recovery, even if they are difficult to attribute to medical procedures. Among them - maintaining a slightly increased humidity in the room (this can be achieved by using a spray gun or hanging wet towels around the room), airing and wet cleaning.

Are complications possible?

Cough must necessarily be treated! Otherwise, complications can occur in the form of an inflamed trachea or bronchi

What is the treatment of dry paroxysmal cough and what medicines becomes clear after reading this article.

In the absence of treatment, coughing can have many unpleasant consequences. So, if you do not cure in time, for example, laryngitis, then the infection will move down the respiratory tract, affecting the trachea and bronchi. And if the sore throat can be put in order for a week, or even a few days, then with bronchitis will have to tinker much longer.Therefore it is important to catch such symptoms at first and immediately begin to be treated - then recovery will come quickly enough.


Video-advice of a doctor how to remove a fit of dry cough in a child:

As for summarizing, we can say that many methods of traditional medicine are very effective in the treatment of dry cough in children. It is important only to strictly follow the prescription and take into account the individual characteristics of each child.


Choosing cough medicine for children

Children get sick very often. This is due to the fact that their immune system is imperfect. Cough can be a manifestation of many diseases: bronchitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, whooping cough, pneumonia, bronchial asthma. The cause is often caused by viruses, less often by bacteria.

The cough can be dry. It is also called unproductive. Attacks of this cough can be excruciating. When sputum appears, talk about a productive, moist cough. The cough medicine for children is chosen taking these features into account.

Treatment of dry cough

An unproductive cough, if it causes discomfort and does not bring relief, must be suppressed. In this case, antitussive drugs are used.

Preparations of the central action

The drugs of this group work at the level of the brain, acting directly on the cough center. Doses of drugs depend on the age of the child. Exceeding the dose increases the risk of developing unwanted reactions.

  • Broncholitin

The syrup contains glaucine, ephedrine, basil oil. The drug, in addition to suppressing cough, promotes the expansion of the bronchi and reduces the edema of their mucous membranes. It is prescribed for children over three years old. During treatment, there may be drowsiness, weakness. Possible increased blood pressure, palpitations. The head can be dizzy.

  • Sinecod and Codelac Neo

The active substance is butamyrate. There are two forms of release: drops for ingestion and syrup. In addition to antitussive action, the drug causes bronchial dilatation. Drops are contraindicated up to two months, and syrup can be given to children who are already 3 years old.

On the background of treatment, digestive system disorders can sometimes appear in the form of frequent loose stools and nausea. Possible drowsiness and dizziness.

  • Stopoutsin

This is a combination of butamirate and guaifenesin. The second component stimulates the formation and excretion of phlegm. Drops for oral administration can be used to treat babies starting from six months. The medicine is dissolved in any drink, which is very convenient. Syrup can be taken from three years. When calculating the dose, the weight of the child is taken into account.

Side effects are the same as those of the "Sinekod" preparation. But there may still appear shortness of breath, palpitations, it is possible the formation of stones in the urinary system.

  • Kodelak fito

It is an elixir that contains codeine, licorice root, thermopsis, herbal extract of thyme. Can be used for children from two years old. You can buy such a drug in a pharmacy only by a special prescription, like any other and codeine-containing remedy.

Side effects are few: disruption of the digestive system, drowsiness and headache.

Preparations of peripheral action

Such drugs block the flow of cough impulses from the larynx, bronchi and trachea into the brain. Often have a local anesthetic effect.

  • Libexin

The form of release is only one - tablets, which can not be chewed, so as not to cause anesthesia of the oral mucosa. The dose of such cough medicine should be calculated on the basis of age and body weight.

In addition to digestive and allergic disorders, drowsiness, fatigue, dry mouth and decreased sensitivity of the oral mucosa may occur during treatment.

  • Falimint

The drug is a dragee for resorption. It has a local anesthetic effect, due to which an unproductive cough is suppressed. It is taken every 2-3 hours, but not more than 10 pills a day. Allowed for use in children older than 5 years. In rare cases, there is an allergy.

Treatment of productive cough

Cough medicines for children in this case are prescribed to facilitate sputum discharge if it is viscous and difficult to separate. Such agents stimulate the secretion of mucus and dilute sputum. Some drugs also have an anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator effect.

  • Acetylcysteine ​​(ACTS, Fluimutsil)

The forms of output are varied. ATSTS and Fluimutsil are available in the form of effervescent tablets, granules for the preparation of solution and solution for injection. Effervescent tablets are allowed to children from the age of two, granules from six years. Injectable form of the drug is suitable for inhalations. The drug is diluted with saline solution to obtain a 5% solution of acetylcysteine ​​and used through a nebulizer. The procedure can be repeated 3 to 4 times a day.

Children with bronchial asthma may experience shortness of breath and bronchospasm during treatment. When you take the medicine inside, you may have diarrheal disorders. Rarely there is noise in the ears, headache and stomatitis.

  • Carbocysteine ​​(Fljuditek, Libeksin Muko, Fluviert)

For children, a form such as a syrup is suitable. It acts similarly to acetylcysteine. Contraindicated drug for children under two years. There are few side effects: dyspepsia, malaise, headache and weakness.

  • Ambroxol (Ambrobene, Lazolvan, Ambrosan, Flavamed)

For treatment, you can use tablets or syrup. It is allowed to use for children of any age. Tablets can be given if the child is already six years old. The drug is well tolerated, but diarrheal disorders are possible.

Lazolvan still released as a solution for oral administration and inhalation. Drops can be added to any drink from 1 to 2 ml, depending on the age. For inhalation solution diluted: with saline solution and use a nebulizer.

  • Bromhexine

In the pharmacy you can find tablets, pills and syrup. The first two forms are designed for children 6 years and older. Syrup can be given from two years. Treatment can be accompanied by a digestive disorder, headaches, dizziness. In rare cases, gastrointestinal bleeding is possible. Individual intolerance is not ruled out.

Combined preparations

Such means include several components, due to which it is not only an expectorant effect. Depending on the composition, the drug can promote the expansion of the bronchi or reduce the activity of the inflammatory process.

  • Ascoril exponent

Contains bromhexine, guaifenesin and euphyllin. The latter component has a bronchodilator effect. A similar composition of the drug "Dzhoset". It is not recommended for use in children under two years of age.

Side effect is rare. On a background of reception the palpitation, convulsions, a tremor, a sleepiness can be marked. The head can be ill and dizzy. Disorders of the digestive system are possible.

  • Kodelak broncho with thyme

The basis of the drug is ambroxol, the action of which is enhanced by sodium glycyrrhizinate and thyme extract. Due to this combination, an anti-inflammatory effect is additionally provided. Syrup can be consumed by children over two years old.

Taking medication can cause dry mouth, disorders in the digestive and urinary system, rhinorrhea.

Preparations based on medicinal herbs

Such medications are usually issued in the form of a syrup or elixir, have a pleasant taste, are easily dosed, cause a minimum of side effects. There are age restrictions.

  • "Linkas" - from 6 months;
  • "Doctor MOM" - from the age of 3;
  • "Suprima-Broncho" - from the age of 3;
  • "Gedelix" - from 2 years;
  • "Bronchicum C" syrup - from the age of 6;
  • "Bronchicum TP" elixir - from 1 year;
  • "Herbion" syrup primrose - from 2 years;
  • "Pertussin" - from 3 years;
  • Syrup of licorice root - from any age.

Erespal and Eladon

A special place in the treatment of cough is taken by preparations based on fenspiride hydrochloride. Produced in the form of syrup and tablets. Can be prescribed for dry as well as productive cough. Main therapeutic effects: bronchial dilatation, reduction of inflammation activity, reduction of the edema of the mucous membrane of the bronchial tree. The drug is used in children from two years old.

The dose depends on the weight of the child's body. Of side effects, changes in the performance of the digestive organs are more frequent. Tachycardia and hypotension develops less often. Sometimes there is drowsiness, dizziness, fast fatigue. Allergic reactions are also possible.

Given such a variety of drugs, a cough medicine for children should be prescribed by a doctor. Only an expert can determine what will be most effective in each case. Any medicine can cause an allergic reaction. And the simultaneous use of antitussive and expectorant drugs is simply unacceptable.


Medicine for dry cough: reviews

A dry cough is a problem that at least once bothered each of us. It occurs both in adults and in children. If you or your baby suffer from this phenomenon, the first thing you need to do is to consult a doctor, as it will help to find out the cause of the cough and eliminate it with the right drugs. These drugs are very many and pick the most suitable is quite difficult. In this article we will find out what kind of mixture of dry cough is most effective in treating children and adults.

What is a cough?

Cough is a reflex response of the body to the presence of an irritant in the respiratory tract. It can be a foreign body, sputum, etc. Nevertheless, as soon as it becomes uncomfortable and painful, its elimination becomes simply necessary. Pharmaceutical campaigns provide a huge list of drugs aimed at reducing the severity of cough. You can not find anything on chemist's shelves - the medicine (from dry cough and from wet) can be presented in the form of tablets, drops, inhalers, syrups, suspensions, infusions, etc.

Choose antitussive drug correctly

The abundance of drugs is explained simply - it all depends on the nature of the cough. If it is wet, then drugs are used for better separation of sputum, and if dry - drugs to suppress cough receptors. In this case, most often the cough turns dry into wet.

It is also important not to forget about the cause of the problem - an allergic cough is treated with antihistamines, to reduce Cough smokers are recommended to treat bronchi and quit smoking, but the tuberculosis does not need an integrated treatment. However, the most frequent cough is caused by infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract. It is their treatment that requires the use of lower-level drugs. In this case it is worth considering - the medicine for dry cough for children from 2 years old is not uncommon, many drugs are contraindicated for use by very young children. Therefore, before use, it is important to carefully read the instructions of the drug, and better - to see a doctor, because very small patients require special attention.

Types of antitussive drugs

There are 3 types of drugs against cough:

  1. Drugs that inhibit the work of the cough center in the brain.
  2. Drugs affecting the bronchial mucosa and their smooth muscles.
  3. Drugs that affect the secret, secreted by the bronchi (phlegm).

Safe and unsafe

Dry cough occurs due to irritation of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. The reason can be any - allergic, infectious or non-infectious. To eliminate it, the use of drugs that affect the cough center in the brain is recommended. Such drugs (for example, Codeine) cause dependence and affect the respiratory system in a bad way, so some of them can be taken only in small courses. It's clear that they are contraindicated to young children. Therefore instead of similar narcotics apply now safer - "Libexin" Pakseladin "Tusuprex" Glaucin etc. What are the medicines used for dry cough? Names and brief instructions will be discussed below.

Drugs for dry cough

To cough dry character has become more productive, that is, wet, prescribe drugs related to the group of mucolytics that have anti-inflammatory activity. These drugs are often made on the basis of medicinal plants. They include:

  1. "Mukaltin."
  2. "Broncholitin".
  3. Ambroxol.
  4. "Lazolvan".
  5. Bromhexine.

Medicine from dry cough is a medicine not only for children, but also for adults. They are often devoid of a large number of side effects and are allowed to children under two years of age. Drugs for dry cough for children usually have a much more harmless composition and do not have a harmful effect on the body. They are presented by syrup. This is a convenient form for children, since the tablet shell is usually stuffed with "chemistry". So, what are the medicines for dry cough allowed children?

Treatment of dry cough in children: drugs

  1. "Ambrogen".
  2. "Lazolvan".
  3. Ambroxol.
  4. "Ambrosan".
  5. Ambrohexal.

The most popular means for coughing

In this section, we will list the drugs that are used most often in medical practice. These include "Herbion" Sinekod "and others. Let us consider them in more detail.

  1. Potion from dry cough "Gerbion". This is a herbal preparation that has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antitussive and expectorant effect. Softens and relieves dry type cough. The drug is based on the extract of plantain and mallow. It is recommended to use with caution in diabetes mellitus. In this case, the only contraindications - individual intolerance of components, including fructose. Average price: 200 rubles.
  2. Potion from dry cough "Broncholitin". It is antitussive, bronchodilating and bronchoseptic. Has a slightly pronounced analgesic and anti-inflammatory, as well as sedative (sedative), antimicrobial and antispasmodic effect. The composition includes glaucine hydrobromide, basil oil and ephedrine. The latter stimulates breathing, expanding the bronchi and exerting a vasoconstrictive action, which helps to eliminate the edema of the bronchial mucosa. Women during pregnancy, lactation, with heart failure and children under three years of age are contraindicated. It has many side effects, including numbness of the limbs, tachycardia, sleep, vision and urination disorders, rash, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting and increased sweating. Average price: 60 rubles.
  3. The medicine from the dry cough "Sinekod" receives favorable reviews. It is indicated for acute cough of various origin. Affects directly to the cough center, exerts an expectorant, brodilating and anti-inflammatory action. The drug is not contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation. Children under two years are not allowed. Since 3 years, the use of syrup is allowed, and after 12 - tablets. Children under three years are given only a drop. The drug can cause allergic reactions, as well as nausea, dizziness and diarrhea. The price of drops is 320 rubles, and the syrup is 220 rubles.
  4. Analog "Sinekoda" - "Omnitus" (which, by the way, also received his portion of compliments on the forum). The latter in the form of a syrup costs 150 rubles. This mixture of dry cough, the reviews about which are numerous and mostly positive, is suitable for children and adults with a dry cough.
  5. "Libexin" - a drug whose activity is equal to "Codeine." However, it does not inhibit the respiratory system and does not cause dependence, therefore it is considered more refined. "Libexin" is shown with a dry cough during acute and chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pleurisy. In this case, the drug should be taken with caution to children. It is contraindicated in cases of intolerance to lactose, galactose, as well as other components of the drug, malabsorption (malabsorption) of glucose-galactose. The price: 200 rubles.
  6. "Dextromethorphan". Has a hypnotic and analgesic effect, markedly reduces cough after only thirty minutes after use. It is forbidden to use the product at the same time as mucolytics. Dextromethorphan is indicated for the treatment of cough of various origin in children over six years of age and adults. This tool has a quite democratic price, but many prefer to purchase more modern and expensive combination preparations, the main active substance of which is also dextromethorphan. This "Ferveks" Tussin + "Paracetamol DM".

Preparations for dry cough. Reviews

Of the numerous drugs presented on pharmacy shelves, good reviews have already been mentioned above "Omnitus is an analog of the preparation" Sinecode as less expensive but no less effective means. Also mentioned are "Broncholitin" Elikasol "Kodelak" (it is shown with an allergic cough), "Tussin +". A good mixture of dry cough, the reviews of which are numerous - is "Lazolvan".

And, of course, do not forget about such safe, but effective means of traditional medicine as warm milk with honey, chamomile, etc. Be healthy!


Effective expectorants and folk remedies for dry cough

Coughing periodically torments almost all people. Therefore, it is very important to learn in time and correctly treat it.Expectorants for dry cough are used primarily for liquefaction and withdrawal of sputum.After using such medications, the cough becomes wet, and this is already halfway to recovery.

There are a lot of such drugs - medical drugs, traditional medicine, ready-made formulations for inhalations. Many effective means are offered to us by nature itself - propolis, honey, onions, milk, herbs and other plants. Of course, from an arid cough to an adult, you need to use one means, and for children - quite different.

Causes of dry cough

Dry cough usually occurs in the first stages of colds, acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory infections, influenza, bronchitis caused by hypothermia, bacteria, viruses, allergies. It is worth noting that all these diseases, as a rule, occur against the background of weakened immunity. Rarely is hereditary predisposition, that is, a tendency to catarrhal diseases at the gene level.

Cough - a way to protect the body from bacteria by producing sputum. So do not try to get rid of it. But to make the damp dry, so that sputum is removed - this is the task of both doctors and patients suffering from cough.

In addition to infections that penetrate the bronchi, dry cough can also be caused by the following reasons:

  • cough can be caused by an allergy, while the muscles surrounding the bronchi are contracted, under the action of serotonin, histamine or bradykinin, that is, substances produced by the body under the influence of an allergen;
  • ailment can cause stagnant phenomena in the lungs, this happens if the heart can not deliver to the lungs the amount of blood necessary for their work;
  • dry cough can cause and blockage of the bronchi, for example, with a tumor;
  • in some cases, medication can also provoke an ailment, for example, certain drugs to reduce pressure.
But coughing is not always a sign of a disease. It often occurs suddenly when a foreign body enters the respiratory tract. Even a simple speck of dust, unsuccessfully flown into your mouth, can provoke a cough, because our body tries to get rid of it. Inhalation of smoke, too, usually causes a cough.

Cough in heavy smokers is also not uncommon. The ailment is often caused by obvious everyday causes. After all, cigarette smoke, like other stimuli, stimulates the release of excess sputum in the bronchi, from which the body gets rid of, coughing it out.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Dry cough is different, and its manifestations can be used to judge a particular disease. Cough can be rapid and prolonged, with and without seizures, coughing at night or just during the day, barking cough or calm. Factors accompanying the ailment are also taken into account: fever, weakness. For all these indicators, an experienced doctor will immediately diagnose and prescribe the right treatment. The main thing is not to miss the moment for the treatment to be timely. Only in this case it will bring good effect in a short time. Consider these symptoms in more detail.

A long-lasting cough indicates a chronic illness. If the cough passes quickly, then it is most likely an acute illness.

If a dry cough occurs at night, and in order to soothe it, you have to sit for a long time so that the trunk was in the vertical position, it is a pulmonary cough that occurs due to increased pressure in the vessels lungs. To lower the pressure, a person instinctively gets up or sits down, leading the trunk to a vertical position. The cause in this case is the poor work of the heart - it does not pump blood into the lungs. Overcooling or even emotional stress also occur among the causes of dry cough.

Coughing attacks often occur with a diagnosis such as bronchial asthma. Such a cough is accompanied by a whistle or wheeze. Attacks occur at night. Bronchitis in chronic smokers also has similar symptoms.

If the patient's body temperature rises and he feels weak, then this indicates an infectious disease. The feeling of general weakness in this case often indicates blood diseases or even tuberculosis. With tuberculosis, these symptoms are accompanied by sweating and severe thinness. They are considered characteristic signs of the disease.

To identify the causes of dry cough, additional studies are being carried out - radiography, fluorography, bronchoscopy is prescribed for suspected bronchoconstriction.

When suspected of the allergic nature of the disease, blood tests are performed. A general blood test will be useful in all cases of dry cough.

Suspicion of a cardiac cough is confirmed or refuted by analyzing the results of ECG, ultrasound of the heart and small physical exertion. Almost always, a feces analysis is taken to reveal the presence of helminths. After all, they can be the cause of a dry cough.

Review of expectorants with dry cough

The choice of a medicine for dry cough depends primarily on its nature and the symptoms accompanying it, discussed above. In addition, one must take into account the individual preferences of the patient. The best way to choose a drug is to consult a doctor.

For the treatment, both medical pharmaceutical preparations with dry cough and folk remedies are used. Dry cough is also called unproductive, and moist productive. The primary task of treating dry cough is to turn it into a productive wet cough for the production of sputum. For this purpose, expectorants and tablets are used for dry cough. In addition to performing its direct function - diluting viscous sputum - such drugs also expand the bronchi, improve breathing.

Expectorant drugs for dry cough are divided into two groups. The first include the so-called secretotomotor drugs that increase the amount of sputum produced. The essence of their action is to stimulate the expectorant reflex. These drugs include: licorice root, benzonate, hydrogen carbonate and sodium iodide, potassium iodide, thermopsis.

The second group includes the directly diluted sputum preparations, the so-called mucoregulators. These drugs are aimed at reducing the viscosity of sputum, which is achieved by breaking intermolecular bonds. Examples of such agents are ambroxol, bromhexine, trypsin.

Some medicines for dry cough

At home, you can cope with a dry ailment by drinking a large amount of warm liquid, prepared in various ways. For example, even simple warmed alkaline mineral water makes the symptoms of dry cough easy. Borjomi, narzan, essentuki are suitable here.

Inhalations are the most effective remedy for such a disease. This method allows the use of different formulations for inhalations and achieve sustainable results in a short time. In any case, inhalations even with the use of simple soda bring quick relief.

Of course, to date, many devices for inhalation have been invented, among which nebulajzar, perhaps, the best has proved due to ease of use, safety and efficiency impact.

However, if there was not at hand a special device - an inhaler, you can do inhalations over the pan, covering yourself with a towel or blanket. In this case for the inhalation will be suitable just cooked potatoes, broths of chamomile, sage, inflorescences of linden, plantain, St. John's wort and other medicinal herbs.

This inhalation should be carried out for at least 15 minutes while the steam is still hot. But you need to keep in mind that at elevated blood pressure it is better to refuse inhalations, do not do them at elevated body temperature.

Recipes of traditional medicine

The wide experience of using folk remedies with dry cough distinguishes the simple recipes presented below from the whole variety. Onions can be used additionally as an antibacterial agent.

For this recipe you need to prepare a decoction of oats in milk. One glass of peeled oats should be added in two glasses of milk and cooked over low heat until the oats completely boil. This broth should be drunk at least six times a day.

Healing with a dry cough will be and the following composition: a teaspoon of honey, butter and soda melt in a glass of warm milk and drink in small sips to the bottom.

Particularly distinguish the recipe from black radish due to its beneficial effect on cough and the ability to excrete phlegm.

The action of radish is recommended to strengthen with the help of honey.

Black radish on honey. The top of a large radish needs to be cut, so that the lid turns out. Take out the core with a teaspoon. Bee honey is poured into the resulting cavity in a radish to about half. Then you need to close the radish cut at the first stage of the lid and lower the root into the water. After a six-hour exposure, the radish extracts the healing juice. The obtained effective agent has expectorant properties.


It is rare to find a recipe from a banana broth that helps with coughing. It is necessary to knead two bananas and dilute in a glass of water, adding one teaspoon of sugar. Heat to boil and remove from heat. The broth is ready.

Recipe based on baking soda. Suitable for adults and children. After dissolving a teaspoon of soda in a glass of warm milk, take a few small sips inside the reception.

Nature comes to the rescue

We reviewed recipes based on such well-known products as black radish and honey, milk, onions. Against dry cough often used and a variety of herbal preparations. The combination of herbs can be selected, based on the individual preferences of the patient and the characteristics of his body. In addition to herbal decoctions, propolis, vegetable oil, goose fat is often used.

A lot of herbs having an expectorant effect are given by nature. The root of licorice, chamomile, birch, plantain, mother-and-stepmother, oregano, marshmallow - all are herbs and plants that can cure us not only from cough, but from many other ailments. However, broths from such herbs should not be drunk with allergies or asthma.


All these medicinal decoctions are suitable for adults and children alike. It is advisable to take them after consulting a doctor. Medicinal broths, cooked from these herbs, are aimed at softening the sputum and are expectorants with a dry cough.

Many people are used to treatment with medications. But there are a lot of those who can benefit from this kind of treatment with the help of means that nature takes care of us.


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