Effective ways to quit smoking

Now there are many ways to quit smoking. Choose a method of treating dependence on nicotine for yourself - not a problem. And the question of the effectiveness of the selected method can be found in the various responses of those who quit smoking or, in any case, tried to do so.

You can quit smoking, not necessarily medically. It is possible and independently, without any directions, methods and means. The main thing - to keep yourself from the temptations to smoke a cigarette. Consider the characteristics of all possible methods of quitting smoking at home.

How to be and what to do if you really want to smoke? The question is, of course, rhetorical!

Ten ways to quit smoking

Any method of treating nicotine addiction includes a conscious desire to quit smoking. Next - to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day. The "I do not smoke" behavior pattern must be constantly recognized in the field of consciousness.

When you want to smoke a cigarette, you need to analyze the reasons for the behavior that leads to the habitual pattern. A good method that pacifies the thought of cigarettes is the use of nicotine containing candies, chewing gum, patches. Quit smoking help seeds, nuts, sugar candies. The absorption process of which, like the monotonous process of smoking.

Method of quitting smoking with nicotine patches and chewing gums .There is a gradual withdrawal from nicotine addiction. The method is good for those who want to quit smoking, although the period of withdrawal from nicotine is rather difficult to bear. The minus of this method is the transition to nicotine substitutes.

The method of treatment by coding or hypnosis .The method is not always officially approved, but is designed for a one-time and irrevocable cessation of bad habits. The method implies a psychological impact on the client to develop a negative attitude towards smoking. Often the patient is put into a state of hypnotic trance. It is required to spend some number of sessions in a row. Sometimes the treatment is repeated.

Acupuncture, or acupuncture as a method of tobacco control .The method of treatment has long existed. Introducing needles to the right points of the body, the specialist is able to suppress cravings for smoking from the client. Most patients have from one to five sessions of acupuncture.

A real way to quit smoking with the strenuous activity of .Due to the fact that the patient is heavily loaded and he does not have time for smoke breaks, and also, when the smoking room is located sufficiently distant from the workplace, the amount of smoked cigarettes per day is noticeably reduced and the organism is weaned from the usual amount of nicotine intake inorganism. With a clearly defined task - to quit smoking, the method is effective.

Sport as one of the methods of treatment of nicotine dependence .For those who are accustomed to an active lifestyle, you should choose a regular, moderate exercise, which brings pleasure. This favorite load can alleviate the state of nicotine withdrawal when you quit smoking and give strength to create a healthy lifestyle without the use of new medications.

Outdoor activities as one of the ways to combat dependence on nicotine. Wherever we live, we can always find natural places where "the spirit captures".Where you have never been, although this is in your area of ​​residence. Travel along the river( pond) by boat, cross the forest, quarry, pit, visit the hill or the mountain. The received impressions will distract from requirement for nicotine and will allow to forget about cigarettes.

The right method for getting rid of smoking by Allen Carr .There is an audiobook "Easy way to quit smoking".You can read, listen and participate in support groups. A book is intended for self-elimination of bad habits.

Privacy can help yourself to get rid of smoking .Voluntary solitude in nature beneficially restores harmony within a person, positively affects health, reassesses and adjusts life values ​​in favor of peace of mind and balance. And certainly help yourself quit smoking.

There are also non-standard methods of .Appeal to individuals who may have charisma, authority: folk healers, healers. They can, by applying their good will to those who really believe in them, help significantly in getting rid of bad habits.

Support for close people .If you tell friends, colleagues, relatives that you really want to quit smoking and ask them for support, then they will help you to remind you of your desire and not to let you break at a difficult moment.

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