Can I quit using 25 frames and hypnosis

A large percentage of chronic smokers want to quickly and effectively get rid of nicotine addiction. In Russia, annually about 350 thousand people die from tobacco-induced tobacco. Now in the arsenal of doctors-narcologists there are many author's techniques combining psychotherapeutic and medicamentous type of treatment. Psychotherapeutic treatment includes hypnosis.

Quitting smoking forever with hypnotic suggestion is a great solution. It is considered that smoking is a conditional reaction to everyday stressful situations. A reflex is formed - a recess - a temporary respite, an attempt to escape from the straining life situations. And if a person wants to quit smoking quickly, irritability, sleep disorders, and the like can increase.

In specialized clinics, psychologists and psychotherapists, as well as physicians engaged in private practice, believe that it will help to stop smoking hypnosis in the amount of one or two sessions. With the help of hypnosis, it is possible to destroy the deeply rooted in the subconscious psychoemotional connections that determine the nicotine need. The positive effect will be long, as in the Dovzhenko method.



How to stop smoking with the help of 25 frames

  • Hypnosis process
    • Three ways to conduct hypnotic sessions
  • Additional programs
    • Hypnotherapy should include the key points:
  • How to quit using the 25 frames

    The term "hypnosis" from Ancient Greek means "sleep", Is a temporary state of consciousness. Consciousness becomes narrowed by the type of "corridor" and clearly perceives the content of suggestion. The functioning of personal self-consciousness and the locus of control is changing. The hypnotist increases the hypnotic state of trance in the patient with the help of self-hypnosis formulas and some special methods of exposure.

    In the most general sense of the word, hypnosis is a complex of methodical methods of verbal-figurative and sound purposeful influence on the psyche of a smoker through his consciousness, which is inhibited and borderline close to the subconscious layers of consciousness. The so-called "thrust" state takes literally to execute hypnotic commands. The person is in a state of drowsiness or pseudo-nasal.

    Hypnotic states, trance states refer to the altered state of consciousness, to the special functioning of the mode of operation of the brain( central nervous system) and the bodily state.

    James Weikeri, the author of the idea of ​​the technique of the 25th frame, developed an original special technique for influencing the human subconscious. This technique will help you quit smoking quickly.

    The 25 frame technique is based on the fact that the perception of a person is tuned to distinguish 24 frames per second. And the twenty-fifth frame is not fixed by a conscious perception of a person and when it slips after twenty-four frames, the information embedded in it moves directly into the deep layers of the viewer's consciousness-the subconscious.

    Any smoker tries to quit smoking at least once in a lifetime. A small number of smokers managed to do this from the first time, but most smokers quit smoking themselves hard. You can try to contact a specialist.

    Hypnosis is an effective and alternative method of quitting smoking. It is practiced both independently and in combination with other methods.

    Hypnosis process

    The hypnosis session consists of hypnotic suggestion to a person suffering from tobacco and nicotine addiction, aversion to the process of smoking, to smoke and cigarettes. A person is taught how to quit smoking easily and forever.

    Three ways to hold hypnotic sessions

    • Developing a person's feelings of respect for themselves, their body, as well as a position of rejection of those things that destroy his health. Upon entering the hypnotic state, the subject is impressed with clearly set directives and attitudes designed to induce in a smoking dislike for tobacco, smoke, and cigarettes. And also awareness of the benefits and positive prospects of quitting smoking.
    • Strategy for root cause diagnosis and elimination. By conducting a hypnotic session to quit smoking, the therapist finds out the root cause that led to smoking, deep in the subconscious of the subject. After clarifying the reasons, the motives are corrected, or they are removed from the person's subconscious. Thus, it becomes possible to quit smoking quickly.
    • The method of associations. For a person who smokes, the hypnologist instills associations in which the reception of nicotine is equated with a bad, indecent, unattractive process. At the end of the hypnotic session, a psychological attitude is set that it's easy to quit smoking, because tobacco smoke is burning, decomposition, decay.

    The choice of a method or a combination of these and the combination of techniques is the decision of the therapist. The choice of ways to quit smoking quickly depends on the experience of the smoker, the frequency of smoking during the day, the analysis of situations that motivate you to take a cigarette in your hands.

    If you need to do tests to predict the correctness of choosing a strategy for developing a revulsion for smoking. Most patients are helped to quit about five sessions under hypnosis.

    Additional programs

    Will help to stop smoking the connection of additional methods of influence: medical preparations, diet food, weight control, viewing of special videos, reading of literature.

    Hypnotherapy should include key points:

    1. Effective and powerful installations aimed at changing the client's attitude towards cigarettes towards the negative.
    2. Mobilization of the subconscious mind to a steady and purposeful motivation to quit smoking by all means.

    The session, which really helps to quit smoking, is designed to bring up the independent aspiration of the smoker to get rid of the bad habit. If a smoker does not have the opportunity to complete a full course of several sessions, then you need to help yourself on your own. You can find and buy techniques of self-hypnosis and auto-training on audio CDs and stuff. You can listen to the recording at a convenient time. True reviews about these methods and methods involve longer treatment of nicotine addiction. Of course, when a number of professionals coding from smoking, the healing process is faster and easier.

    To date, hypnotic treatment sessions are considered promising and promising. Although efficiency can determine the individuality of a person's personality. With a hard and painful ban on smoking, there may be discomfort, a rise in neuropsychic tension. Hypnosis can remove side effects. However, not all patients are hypnotic and about 20% of people do not perceive hypnosis.

    And what should I do in this case? So, we stop smoking with the help of other methods!

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