Massage for back pain: how to do so that there is no pain?

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  • 1Is it possible to do massage with back pain
    • 1.1Causes of pain
    • 1.2Indications for massage and other manual actions
    • 1.3Contraindications
    • 1.4Massage options
    • 1.5Other Treatment Options
    • 1.6Prevention
  • 2How to do a back massage for back pain? Preparation and recommendations
    • 2.1What you need to know about the massage of the lower back?
    • 2.2Indications for a massage at home
    • 2.3Cautions for a massage
    • 2.4Preparation for massage and recommendations
    • 2.5Massage and Pregnancy
    • 2.6Massage as a relief from pain
    • 2.7Conclusion
  • 3How to do lumbar massage for pain | Treatment of back pain
    • 3.1Benefits
    • 3.2Instruction for execution
    • 3.3How to do massage with low back pain at home
    • 3.4Lumbar massage at home
    • 3.5Technique of massage of a loin
    • 3.6Massage for back pain # 8212; simple rules
    • 3.7Massage for back pain: stroking, rubbing, kneading, stroking
    • 3.8Selfmassage with back pain
  • 4Massage techniques for back pain
    • 4.1When you need a massage of the lumbar spine
    • 4.2Implementation Techniques
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    • 4.3When to start a massage
    • 4.4List of absolute and relative contraindications
    • 4.5Efficacy of external impact on the lower back
  • 5Features of massage for pain in the lumbar spine
    • 5.1In what cases will massage help?
    • 5.2Types of massage effects
    • 5.3Contraindications
    • 5.4Denial of responsibility

Is it possible to do massage with back pain

Most people have repeatedly faced severe pain in the lumbar region, which indicates a problem with the musculoskeletal system. In this state, many try to get rid of this terrible pain with the help of massage.

But thisextremely dangerous, as the causes of this condition can be quite a lot from osteochondrosis and radiculitis to problems with the liver, kidneys, appendicitis and other organs. Provoke pain can also be pneumonia.

Therefore, before doing a massage for back pain, you need to find out the reason and only after a comprehensive examination, the appointment of a doctor can begin the sessions. Otherwise, you can seriously damage your body.

When the acute period passes, you can start a full course.

If the expert will correctly massage the lower back, this procedure will lead to a significant improvement in the condition after the massage, while:

  • pain in the lower back;
  • the inflow will be provided to the affected area;
  • faster inflammation will pass;
  • swelling in the tissues will decrease.

Causes of pain

If the back is hurting, thiscan indicate problems, which are often determined by the nature of pain. Whether it is possible to do massage the doctor should define, for this purpose it is necessary to make a number of clinical researches.

Pain in the lumbar region can indicate the following diseases:

  • lumbago;
  • lumbulgia;
  • pear-shaped muscle syndrome;
  • hernia of intervertebral discs;
  • radiculitis;
  • myositis;
  • arthrosis;
  • neuritis;
  • osteochondrosis and others.

Indications for massage and other manual actions

Massage is a prophylactic measure that is prescribed, if already diagnosed, or in rehabilitation after the trauma, aggravation of the disease.

Massage is recommended for pain in the lumbar region, if a diagnosis of osteochondrosis is established, dystrophic disorders or changes in tissues are revealed.

It is also shown in myositis, arthrosis, sciatica, radiculitis, neuritis, osteoporosis. In this case, different techniques are used.

If a complex approach is applied to treatment, therapeutic physical training, other physiotherapeutic methods, reflexotherapy, possibly after a massage to achieve a positive result in the shortest terms.

Very often, massage is prescribed if the lumbar spine is painful to athletes and people who have constant physical activity. After the massage, the normal state of the muscles is restored, the state of health improves, pain gradually passes.

This procedure is useful for those who spend a long time in a sitting position or simply lead a sedentary lifestyle for a long time.


These manipulations are contraindicated in various pathologies, they include:

  • malignant and benign tumors;
  • active phase of tuberculosis;
  • Diseases of the skin, its hypersensitivity, the presence of moles in places that are subject to massage;
  • febrile state, acute inflammatory processes;
  • blood diseases, predisposition to bleeding;
  • high blood pressure;
  • violation of heart rhythms;
  • pregnancy, etc.

If after the massage the condition has not improved, or even worsened,continue self-treatment, it is necessary to consult a doctor

Obviously, this method of prophylaxis to the patient is not appropriate.

Massage options

In the case of pain in the lumbar spine can be used the following types of massage effects:

Can, during which vacuum cans are installed, installed on the waist. This allows you to improve the supply of blood and nutrition of the affected area.

Watch a video of the technique of doing this massage

Classical, in which the back surface is stroked, kneaded, dispersed, the muscles warmed, resulting in reduced tension and pain.

The technique is shown in the video

Spot, the impact on acupuncture points that have a connection with certain organs, if the impact on these points was carried out correctly, after the massage, the well-being will significantly improve.

More information about this type of massage can be found in the video below

Other Treatment Options

Back painare treated in a complex way, therefore in parallel it is necessary to make a number of inspections, after acknowledgment of the diagnosis the doctor can appoint:

  • Exercise therapy;
  • medicamentous treatment in accordance with the diagnosis;
  • manual methods;
  • spinal traction;
  • surgical intervention;
  • blockade;
  • physiotherapy treatment.


As a preventive massage meansallows you to avoid pain in the lower back, therefore it is recommended to all who are engaged in power sports, leads a sedentary lifestyle, experiences serious physical and mental stress. With the help of such manipulations relieve tension in the back. It can be done not only by adults, but also by children.

Prophylactic massages are done for 10 sessions with interruptions 2-3 days.

Their duration is up to one hour. Sometimes the number of sessions can be increased or decreased depending on the specific indications.

If the massage technique is chosen correctly, the result of physical exposure will give a positive result.
Be sure to watch the video on

The patient will be relieved of the pain, but if they begin to increase as a result of the massage, you need to consult a doctor, since it is possible that the treatment was not properly administered.How to forget about joint and spinal pain?

  • Does pain limit your movements and full life?
  • Are you worried about discomfort, crunching and systematic pain?
  • Perhaps you have tried a bunch of medicines, creams and ointments?

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How to do a back massage for back pain? Preparation and recommendations

Massage is the best recipe for solving problems with the lower back.

A large number of patients managed to say goodbye once and for allwith back pain after professional massage procedures.

Some people try to master the knowledge of the massage at home.

What you need to know about the massage of the lower back?

Massage with low back pain provides an opportunity to get rid of problems with the musculoskeletal system.

Thanks to the physical effect on the muscles, you can say goodbye once and for all with unpleasant symptoms that make life and movement unbearable.

Every second person at least once in his life encountered pain in the lower back. At the same time, painful sensations can have a different nature and cause of occurrence.


Therefore, before recording for massage sessions it is important to identify the cause and establish a diagnosis.


Back paincan wear:

  1. Temporary nature;
  2. Periodic character.

Pain in the lower back is not uncommon for representatives of modern society. Unfortunately, this problem can occur at the most inopportune moment. Therefore, it is important to make every effort to eliminate pain,not bringing harm to the body.

Causes of permanent back pain

Massaging the lumbar spine has a high relaxing effect, thanks to which you can get rid of the pain in just a couple of sessions. Immediately after the massage, the pain may intensify. But such a phenomenon is a norm.

Risk group for diseasesloins:

  • Drivers;
  • IT staff;
  • Seamstresses;
  • Builders.

People who work for a long time in a sitting posture are most likely to have problems with the lumbar department.

Due to busy work schedules and other problems, many do not have time to visit a manual therapist or masseur. And then there is the question of how to do the massage yourself at home?

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Indications for a massage at home

Before you start massaging, you should understand all the indications, effects and contraindications. The person who will massage you or you yourself should be extremely cautious.If there is no confidence in the correctness of the procedure, then it is not necessary to begin.

The main indications for the procedures are such diseases as:

  • Neuralgia;
  • Osteochondrosis;
  • Headache;
  • Spot pain in the back.


Point painHead painNevralgia

Lumbar massage is aimed at:

Direction №Result
1 Preventing problems
2 Relaxation
3 Improve blood circulation
4 The onset of strengthening effect

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Cautions for a massage

Massage in such cases is an effective tool to reduce the burden on the lower back and eliminate soreness.

It is important to understand and contraindicationsfor carrying out massage procedures aimed at the lumbar region.

Impact on the lower back is not permissibleif there are the following problems:

  1. Increased body temperature;
  2. Diseases associated with the heart and blood vessels;
  3. Problems with blood coagulability;
  4. Skin problems;
  5. Cancer;
  6. Presence of hernias;
  7. The presence of infectious diseases.
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Related photos:

High temperature Diseases associated with the heart Poor blood clotting Skin problemsHouse

Also, do not do massages to patients in traumatology departments who have suffered spinal injuries. Such people need a long period of recovery. Therefore, massaging for them is dangerous and contraindicated.

Regarding self-massage, most doctors are wary of this method and do not recommend resorting to it, arguing that the patients do not know which zones of the waist need to be manipulated to fight the pain.

Anyone who has decided to fight back pain, are wondering if the massage done at home helps? It should be understood that it should be properly taken into account all the requirements and norms. Learning to do massage for your household is a useful skill.

But in this matter it is important not to harm anyone.

Important!It is recommended to study special literature, it is possible to watch video lessons.

Recommended for viewing:

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Preparation for massage and recommendations

The optimum option for the surface is a table with a special coating that will not slide

If you decide to help someone from your family get rid of back problems, it's worth sticking to the rules and algorithm.

To begin with, you need to correctly choose the surface on which the patient will lie.

Regarding home conditions, the mat, laid on the floor, will also suit. Near a table or a rugit is necessary to arrange oils and towels. The oil should not have strong repulsive odors. Means for massage without problems can be purchased at any pharmacy.

For massage you can use:

  • Oils without fragrances;
  • Creams;
  • Gels.

Pictures of massage aids:


Back massage can be done by several techniques:

  1. With the help of stroking;
  2. Slapping;
  3. Rubbing;
  4. Squeezing;
  5. Vibration;
  6. Muddling.

The position of the patient during massage is important. The person should lie on his stomach in the most relaxed pose. MassagedShould stretch his arms along the trunk. The palms should be turned upward. The head should be turned in the side, most often in the direction of the masseur.

Before starting to do massage it is important to understand what zones the back consists of:

The collar It starts from the head and ends at the base of the scapula
Back It begins at the beginning of the scapula and ends at the last rib
Lumbar It starts from the last rib and ends near the coccyx

You need to start massaging by warming up your muscles with stroking. The palms should be placed on the lower back, the thumbs should be connected on the spine, the other fingers should look to the side. Thus, you need to move your palms up and down.

Stroking movements in the lumbar region

Next stage- more intense stroking. All the same, only a little increased pressure. Perform from the waist up to the coccyx fifteen to twenty times. Then you should start rubbing the muscles.

It is necessary to do this by pads of fingers from top to bottom. Then you need to grab some of the skin between your fingers and move with the help of sliding movements up and down.

Next, you need to put the palm of your hands and beat on the back. Such beatings should not be strong.

It is important to be careful, especially in the lumbar region. Complete the massage with light cotton. You need to calm your muscles and relax them as much as possible.

Duration of massage can be from ten to forty minutes. Everything depends on individual feelings.

It will be useful to view:

Basically for the elimination of lumbar pain can be used such types of massage as:

  1. Classical
  2. Can
  3. Pointed.

Photo varieties:

ClassicBaby massageTotal

The classic look is aimed at improving blood circulation, warming up muscles, relieving pain and tension.

The use of vacuum with the help of jars will allow to establish blood supply in the affected area of ​​the back.

Acupressure is known and used for a long time. This method allows you to get rid of pain by clicking on individual dots. To the content ↑

Massage and Pregnancy

Separately it is necessary to say about massage during pregnancy. The special load in this period falls precisely on the lower back. It is difficult for women to walk, sit and lie.

Massage for pregnant women is not prohibited. Butit is very important to follow the correct methodology and follow it clearly.

When doing massage to a pregnant woman, it is important to perform all movements without pressure with the help of relaxed hands. Stroking should be easy and slow.

It is important to note that before proceedingto massage during pregnancy it is necessary to get permission from your gynecologist for this.

It's worth a look:

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Massage as a relief from pain

Patients suffering from constant low back pain are able to get rid of this problem with the help of a massage.

Particularly effective form- point. You can use both a massager and massage your hands.

Many people who have a low back pain do not even realize how effective the method is in the fight against the problem is massage. But it is professional massage performed according to all the rules.

With the right techniqueguaranteed high result. You can once and for all get rid of the pulling pain. The most competent and right decision is to have a massage therapist.

When choosing a masseur, you need to make sure that he has a medical education

The professional knows which areas to influence in order to achieve the result.A specialist should state all his complaints. After the history is collected, the masseur will develop a course of procedures for you.


Pain in the lower back is an insidious attack that can be caught at any time.


With back pain it is difficult to lead a habitual way of life. This is especially true of people who mostly lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Therefore, an important measure for preventing the occurrence of problems with the lower back isperformance of elementary gymnastics. But if there is pain in the lower back and spine, exercise should not be used.

To make an appointment for a massage is important:

  • Get a referral or recommendation from a doctor;
  • Make sure that you have the medical education of the masseur chosen by you;
  • Study reviews about the work of a specialist.

Interesting video:

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Thus, to get rid of back pain, it is important to apply a comprehensive approach.

Starting to do the procedures or self-massage a painful patch is not recommended. Your first step should be to go to the doctor.

The doctor should diagnose and identify or exclude the presence of contraindications to the massage.

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How to do lumbar massage for pain | Treatment of back pain

Massage is used by people for different purposes: for relaxation, for the treatment of many diseases or for prevention. Lumbar massage is one of those procedures that help to cope with nervous tension, stress, strengthen the nervous system and cope with muscle spasms.

Our spine # 8212; rather fragile design, despite its stamina and mobility. Therefore, you need to take care of his healthy condition in advance, performing a massage for preventive purposes. Especially, this applies to people whose professions include working in a sitting position.

A more elaborate sacral area


This massage has a number of advantages:

  1. massage helps relieve fatigue, tension, pain in the muscles and joints. It should be noted that the waist is experiencing great physical stress. Massaging this zone, the patient instantly feels a sense of relaxation and comfort.
  2. Massage is an excellent preventive method and a means of treatment of diseases of the spine, such as scoliosis, osteochondrosis.
  3. There is a strong activation of blood circulation. Noticeably improves nutrition of cells and tissues. Thus, the process of slowing down the wear of the intervertebral discs occurs.
  4. Massage improves the functioning of the kidneys, cardiovascular system, pelvic organs, eyesight, has a beneficial effect on immunity.

In general, this massage is valued for a special relaxing effect. The resulting tension from the waist to the superficial and deep muscles between the shoulder blades disappears. The patient feels lightness, comfort.

The procedure can be called a unique treatment for many diseases:

  • muscle spasms;
  • injuries with damage to muscles, ligaments;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • scoliosis;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • migraine.

Massage in the lumbar region will help cope with back pain

Instruction for execution

The first step is to prepare the surface on which the patient will be located. It should be a special table, or a floor with a massage mat. Next to you put butter for massage (preferably without perfumes) and a few towels.

Determine the surface to be worked on # 8212; it includes the area from the lower ribs to the gluteal folds. Particular attention is paid to the development of the lumbar and sacral parts. The patient should lie on his stomach, hands to lead along the body.

  1. Like the back massage. we begin to work the surface by stroking. For this, we put both hands in the waist region so that the thumbs are almost connected. Begin to perform an easy stroking along the spine up and down.
  2. We pass to a deep stroking of the waist. To do this, we perform pressure with reinforcement in the lumbar region, passing the arms up to the coccyx. Then we return to the starting position. This deep stroking should be done 15-20 times.
  3. Next, we rub the muscles. To do this, the pads of the four fingers, lightly pressing on the skin, move slowly and smoothly up and down. Then, with the same movement, we work the waist diagonally from both sides. Add the movement of the thumbs. In this case, four fingers are compressed, the main movement is performed by thumbs. Next, change the position of the hands and perform cross-grinding # 8212; The fingers must move towards each other.
  4. Then we perform the kneading of the waist. We grab a part of the muscles with our fingers and move our fingers up, as if sliding on the skin. Movements should be smooth and slow, hands should move from bottom to top, fingers tightly pressed to the skin.
  5. After a deep kneading, we perform light beatings.
  6. End the massage session with the patting movements of both hands.
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One massage session can last from 10 to 40 minutes. The recommended course of treatment is 10-15 procedures.

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How to do massage with low back pain at home

Unfortunately, in the conditions of modern life, the pathology of the vertebral column becomes an urgent social problem and is gaining mass character.

Hypodinamy, the quality of food consumed, the lack of essential trace elements, a long sitting at the computer... And this is not all the factors provokingback pain.

and in particular in the most vulnerabledepartment of the spine - lower back.

What is his vulnerability? First, thelumbarthe maximum load is necessary, and secondly this segment of the spine has great mobility and passes into the sacral and thoracic areas, which do not have such mobility.

With regard to the second factor for a more understandable vision of the problem, you can draw an analogy with a concreted reinforcement in the wall. If you start to bend the reinforcement in different directions, then it is the place in which it comes out of the wall and will be most vulnerable to destruction.

The same vulnerable spot in the spine is the thoraco-lumbar andlumbosacraljoint.

The latter is especially troublesome, since changes that occur in this area can affect the nerve trunks, such as compression of the intervertebral disc on the nerve root with protrusions board(osteochondrosis).

Not infrequently such processes affect the largest in diameter nerve trunk - sciatic nerve, then painful sensations are manifested not only in the lower back, but also in the lower extremities, the back of the thigh and in the calf muscles.

What can I do if the pain in the lower back I give constant or periodic discomfort? Of course, to see a doctor neurologist, traumatologist, vertebrologist, who in turn will carry out a diagnosis, identify the cause and prescribe a comprehensive treatment.

But it often happens that the short-term effect of medication or other medical therapy is of a short-term nature, and pain returns with time.

Many simply learn to live with this pain, periodically trying, through trial and error, various ways of treating alternative medicine, massage. physiotherapy exercises. respiratory gymnastics.


and in fact such medical and recreational activities do end with success. The most important thing is not to lose heart and to observe the systematic nature of classes and procedures, even if the course is prolonged for a long time.


Below is a picture of the structurelumbar and sacral parts of the spine.

The lumbar region has 5 vertebrae connected with each other connective tissue and separated by cartilages - intervertebral discs.

The sacral department also consists of five vertebrae, but not divided by cartilage, but fused together (false vertebrae).

Lumbar massage at home

Immediately it is necessary to identify important points. In carrying outlumbar massage at homeshould adhere to all the rules of massage and do not neglect contraindications to massage.

Also, it is strongly recommended not to perform any massage manipulation in acute and subacute stages.

In this case, acute pain is removed with the help of gels, ointments, creams, patches, applications with active substance - diclofenac, indomethacin, ketaprofen, ibuprofen, as well as on the basis of a bee or snake poison.

If the pain syndrome is very strong and accompanied by limited mobility - it is often a doctor appointed more powerful analgesics, reducing spasms, cramps and arbitrary contraction of the muscles of the skeletal musculature.

When the inflammation in the tissues is eliminated and the pain syndrome is removed or muffled, it will be useful to pass a course of massage of the waist.

Technique of massage of a loin

Conditionally working area withlumbar massage. can be divided into three zones:

  • 1) the paravertebral zone - the near-invertebral muscles;
  • 2) lumbosacral zone - sacrum and lumbosacral joint, hip joints;
  • 3) gluteal region - small, medium, large gluteus muscles.

The position of the massaged lying on the abdomen, the arms along the body are slightly bent at the elbows, the legs are separated from each other by 30-45 °, an ankle is located under the ankle.

The massage begins with applying the massage to the massage area. The following methods are used:

stroking (longitudinal and transverse, palmar, fan-shaped, comb-like, stroking with burdening);

squeezing (flat, girth, pushing the forearm);


rubbing (palmar, comb-like, sawing, crossing, rubbing with pads of fingers);


kneading ordinary, double neck, double ring, kneading fingers, comb, stretching, shearing, pressing);

vibration (chopping, tapping, patting, percussion).

The sequence of the performances is the same as with classical massage. Since the outflow of lymph in the lumbar region occurs in the inguinal lymph nodes, - all movements when performing massage techniques should be carried out from the top down the lymph channels.

Below, for clarity, is givenvideowith the author's technique of carrying out a massage for back pain at home.

Massage for back pain # 8212; simple rules

Many of us face the problem of pain in the back area. The reasons for this can be a lot - from sedentary work, then great physical exertion.

Coping with the pain will help a tool that has been tested for millennia! Doctors recommend a therapeutic massage for back pain, as well as for various diseases musculoskeletal system, including osteochondrosis, radiculitis, neuritis, arthrosis, myositis, sciatica, etc.

Therapeutic massage not only reduces pain, but also improves nerve conduction, enhances blood flow to massaged tissues, and helps to strengthen them.

Massage for back pain: stroking, rubbing, kneading, stroking

First and foremost, it is important to choose a couch. The patient should be placed on a flat and hard surface, otherwise, with a massage, the spine will bend. This is not only painful, but also harmful.

Correct posture during the session - lying on your stomach, with arms stretched out along the body. Under the head and lower leg, you can put a small pillow. Thanks to this, the blood will be better circulated.
Apply massage oil on your hands.

Find out which side it hurts more, and start massaging with the opposite. Be careful, if you are not an expert, do not use force, it can not only cause severe pain to the patient, but also injure him.

1- 3 minutes just easily stroke, this will relieve muscle spasm, then proceed to rubbing. This method can be carried out using pads and phalanges of a large or 4 fingers, the base of the palm. Each type of rubbing is performed for about 3 minutes.

The hands move simultaneously upwards # 8212; down, or in turn, in a circle.
What would be good to stretch the muscles used plucked movement - one hand grabs the skin, the second strokes. It is best to move along the side to the shoulder.

Thus, treat the shoulder and neck and get down to the waist, through the back area between the shoulder blades.

Remember that during exacerbations massage can not be done! When radiculitis massage techniques are better to do half-heartedly, so as not to harm the patient. When treating the areas above the kidneys, lungs and the heart, be especially careful.

Selfmassage with back pain

It happens that the back caught, and next to no one. I'll have to help myself. Lie on a flat, hard surface and try to relax. Knees bend, and press your thumb to the waist.

Start stroking the muscles, from the top down, moving towards the coccyx. Try to get as far as possible. After 1-3 minutes, go to the stroking of the thumb from the spine to the sides, moving along the ribs. Returning, each time lower your finger a little lower.

After 2-3 minutes turn over on the other side and repeat everything.

Banks against cellulite on the stomach

What exercises need to be done to sit on a string

What exercises need to be done to pump the pectoral muscles


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Massage techniques for back pain

Professional massage with back pain allows you to cope with numerous problems of the musculoskeletal system.

Physical impact on paravertebral muscles allows you to get rid of numerous symptoms of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

But with the wrong technique, massage can harm the patient, so these methods should be resorted only after consultation with a specialist.

When you need a massage of the lumbar spine

If you are concerned about back pain, the first desire is to make an appointment for a massage. It seems that light stroking movements will instantly relieve all unpleasant sensations, but this is not always justified.

With severe pain, when the disease of the musculoskeletal system is in an acute stage, the massage of the waist is contraindicated. At this time, you can further damage tissues and organs, so fighting pain is done in other ways.

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When the acute period passes, you can complete a full course of massage.

Properly performed massage provides:

  • pain relief in the lumbar region;
  • inflow of blood to the affected parts of the spine;
  • reduction of inflammatory processes;
  • decrease in swelling of tissues.

Massage is recommended for pain in the loins of different etiologies, with the detection of osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, other dystrophic disorders and changes in tissues.

At its execution various techniques are used. Often, specialists use additional devices to relieve pain in the lower back.

The complex effect of traditional massage, exercise therapy, other methods of physiotherapy gives a positive effect.


It is important


Turning to the masseur, make sure that he has a medical background, sufficient experience and skills of work. It is advisable to take a massage course to eliminate pain in the lower back of an expert working in the hospital.

Implementation Techniques

There are many different techniques for performing massage to eliminate back pain. Specialists use one or more of them in the complex. Among them are especially common:

  • stroking;
  • pat;
  • squeezing;
  • trituration;
  • vibration;
  • kneading.

To master each of these techniques, you need special knowledge and skills. A professional masseur affects the deep layers of the muscle, connective tissue. When doing self-massage, you often only use the upper layer of the epidermis.

Such sessions do not give any positive effect. If the massage is performed by a person with low back pain without the necessary knowledge, then it can cause serious damage to health, and injure the organs and systems that are so affected.

Any mechanical action always begins with warming up. You can not dry the skin, so professionals use special creams, rubs, other means.

Some of them contain painkillers, anti-inflammatory components. They penetrate deep into the hearth of inflammation.

This also has a positive effect on the general condition of the body.

When to start a massage

When identifying the disease of the musculoskeletal system, you should immediately know about all the methods of treatment. The doctor will tell you about them, will acquaint you with the prognosis regarding rehabilitation.

In acute period, when pain does not allow to lead a full-fledged way of life, all efforts of the doctor and the patient are aimed at the removal of annoying symptoms.

When the condition stabilizes, you can think about exercise therapy and massage, which eliminates pain in the lower back.

Women are advisable to begin the course in the middle of the menstrual cycle. On average, 8-10 procedures are sufficient to achieve a positive effect.

It is advisable to do them every day. After the massage you need to avoid significant physical exertion.

This external influence is a stress for the body, which is struggling with a serious ailment.


Sometimes experts recommend that you visit massage from low back pain after a hot shower or sauna. Soft tissues are warmed up, the masseur influences them more deeply and effectively.


It is important


For a complete recovery of one course will not be enough. Now you must accept the fact that massage courses will have to be done regularly, at least, every six months, if the disease does not exacerbate.

List of absolute and relative contraindications

Not all patients can be massaged from low back pain.

This direct impact on the spine should be avoided by those people who suffer from an intervertebral hernia.

Even if the patient has experienced an operation to remove it and install a titanium cage instead of the intervertebral disc, he is not recommended to perform a massage of the waist.

Read the same: Basics and recommendations for massage of the lumbar region

Patients of trauma departments after serious spinal injuries also do not attend massage sessions until the moment of complete recovery. If there is even the slightest risk of tissue damage due to external mechanical stress, it should be avoided.

Many doctors negatively relate to self-massage technique, because ordinary patients do not know how to properly influence the individual zones of the waist.

The maximum positive effect is achieved if the person lies on a flat solid surface on the abdomen. It is impossible to achieve this with self-massage.

Efficacy of external impact on the lower back

With properly chosen technique, physiotherapy gives an excellent result.

It relieves patients from drawing dull pain, helps the active components of rubbed compounds in the back to penetrate the inflammation focus and neutralize it.

The procedures that are performed for children with an early degree of scoliosis, allows you to get rid of the curvature of the spine in all its segments.

Knowing all the advantages of this method of treatment, it is necessary to find a qualified specialist who will help get rid of the annoying disease.

please select a piece of text and press Ctrl + Enter.

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Features of massage for pain in the lumbar spine

Massage with low back pain often becomes a very effective way to fight the pain syndrome.

It can be an additional measure in addition to the traditional directions of therapy, and if combined with special exercises, it can give a lasting health-enhancing effect.

But this happens only on condition that this method is recommended by the treating neurologist, and a specialist performs massage.

In what cases will massage help?

Back pain, in particular in, can talk about various problems that can be roughly determined by the nature of the sensations. We remind you that the final diagnosis can only be made by a doctor.

  1. . An intense acute pain appears suddenly, after sharp movements, slopes, gives in and out.
  2. . Chronic, uneasy sensations after long preservation of an uncomfortable position, after a supercooling, - remain with different intensity within several days.
  3. Pear-shaped muscle syndrome. as a result of trauma or load pear-shaped muscle, pain blunt or burning, spreads to one limb.
  4. . Pain sensations of different strength and character (pulsing, etc.) spread right up to the toes.

These diseases (syndromes) most often develop because of.

In the course of medicine and eliminate only the symptoms - pain, swelling, and the maximum possible effect - correction of metabolism, restoration of the affected muscles and joints.

But you need to return the spine the previous mobility, strengthen the muscles that support it, cope with the compression of the nerves and generally stop the degenerative-dystrophic processes.

Therefore, an adequate physical load and competent influence on bone structures, a muscle-ligament apparatus is important. It is helped by therapeutic exercises and massage of the waist.

Types of massage effects

For lumbar osteochondrosis, various types of massage can be recommended.

  1. Classical. Superficial stroking, kneading can "disperse" the bloodstream, warm up the muscles, then relieve tension and pain. Initially, the effect extends to the entire back, then to the buttocks and thighs, again to the back, then specifically to the lumbosacral region. It may be painful, but it disappears after several sessions.
  2. Canned. Setting on the lower back region improves the blood supply of the affected area. And this means that intervertebral discs will be better supplied with nutrients.
  3. Pointed. It has been proved that acupuncture points are associated with various organs and systems, and the correct massing of these points significantly improves the patient's well-being.

If a person is worried about a lumbar hernia, a non-intensive manual effect without twisting and shaking is recommended, so as not to damage the intervertebral disc.

General relaxation and recovery in hernia can bring the Swedish massaging technique, which differs by mashing and sliding movements, and also neuromuscular therapy shiatsu - pressure by fingers, elbows or fists of the masseur at different points of the patient's body during a certain time.

But in some cases, for example, with large hernial protrusion, when (when the disc splits into parts), the massage may be contraindicated.


There are other pathologies and conditions in which massage can not be performed. Absolute and relative contraindications are:

  • benign / malignant tumors;
  • tuberculosis in the active stage;
  • high blood pressure;
  • heart rhythm disturbances;
  • skin hypersensitivity, skin diseases, at the site of the intended effect;
  • blood diseases, tendency to bleeding;
  • acute inflammation, fever;
  • pregnancy.

If all these contraindications do not apply to the patient, the doctor in any case recommends massaging lumbar department only after the acute period of the disease has passed and the main symptoms.

Massage is a good way to combat diseases of the spine, as it successfully relaxes and strengthens it with adequate combination with the rest of the treatment program.


If after the session the loin hurts a little - this is normal, it takes time to get used to this method of exposure.


But if the usual pain begins to increase, the general condition worsens - a doctor's consultation is necessary. Probably, with massage it is necessary to wait or similar therapy to the patient does not approach.

Denial of responsibility

The information in the articles is intended only for general reading and should not be used for self-diagnosis of health problems or for therapeutic purposes.

This article is not a substitute for medical advice from a doctor (neurologist, therapist).

Please consult your doctor first to know the exact cause of your health problem.

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