What can I give a child to cough?

Cough in a child 2 years - how to treat?

Cough is often a concern for young children. Note that the smaller the baby, the more coughing is more dangerous for him. Most often a cough in a 2-year-old child accompanies a cold, so first you need to get rid of it, and then start cough treatment. If he does not get rid of him on time, serious problems and complications may arise in the case of a small child. Most often in 2 years, they treat with the help of syrup, inhalations, it needs to be done only under the supervision of a doctor.

Danger of cough in children 2 years old

When the child coughs, this indicates that his airways are inflamed. If the cough is not treated in time, the inflammatory process will go down, first to the bronchial system, then the pulmonary system. In this case, high body temperature rises. Cough becomes much deeper, becomes paroxysmal.

Because of a cough, the ENT organs can become inflamed, as a result, tonsillitis, otitis occurs. To learn about the complications, you can do this:

1. Check the temperature.

2. To follow the child's condition,

3. Check whether his ears and nose are laid.

Methods of cough treatment in children 2 years old during the cold

It is necessary to call the therapist, he should carefully examine it, listen to it, then appoint special medicines. Do not self-medicate so as not to harm the child.

With a dry cough, you need to drink as much as possible, warm water, tea with chamomile, lime, dog rose, milk, so the cough will turn into wet. You can use compresses to warm the breast area, only if there is no high temperature.

The therapist prescribes such medicines to two-year-old children:

1. To get the sputum out faster, you need to use expectorant medications.

2. Dilute sputum can be using mucolytic agents.

3. Expand the area of ​​the bronchi can be with the help of bronchodilators.

If a 2 year old child is disturbed by a severe dry cough that does not go away for a long time, the treating doctor may prescribe special medications.

In cases when coughing barking, there are problems with breathing, and there is no temperature, you can take baths for legs, so the blood will cling to the legs, then spread over the entire body of the child and warm up the respiratory organs, swelling will subside.

The child should be calm, because a cough in a 2 year old baby can appear due to light, noise, other irritants. Also pay attention to food, it should be high-grade, it should contain vitamins, it is especially useful to include in the diet - citrus fruits, cranberries, if the child does not have an allergic reaction. In the event that there is a reaction, use is prohibited, can lead to irritation and swelling of the mucosa.

To small children inhalation at home should be done very carefully, it often leads to the fact that the child has a spasm in the respiratory system. A child in 2 years can give small amounts of broths with mother-and-stepmother, chamomile. If there is no allergy, you can breathe thyme, eucalyptus, menthol. Treatment in a 2-year-old child will depend on the reason for which a cough appeared.

How to relieve the child's condition when coughing?

1. The child must constantly drink, for this warm water, a jug of dried fruits, fruit drinks, tea will suit. With the help of liquid all toxic substances, pathogenic microflora will be eliminated. A warm drink will help restore the water-salt balance in the body.

2. If the child has a perspiration in the throat, you need to pour boiling water, put a little bit of mustard there and get your feet up to 20 minutes. Please note, this can be done only for children who do not suffer from various allergic reactions and at normal body temperature. After the procedure, wear woolen socks.

3. Using mustard plasters, they are put on the back area, then they are removed. No need to worry, a small redness on the back will be in the child, after it needs to be covered and put to sleep. At high temperatures the procedure is prohibited, it can jump up even more.

Traditional methods of cough treatment in a child 2 year old

Cautiously the child can breathe over boiled potatoes, it is impossible to do this for a long time to avoid bronchospasm. It is useful to breathe thyme, chamomile, mother-and-stepmother.

It is helped by inhalation based on soda. Essential oils for a child of 2 years is best not to use, so that an allergic reaction to the cough does not join, which can result in edema.

You can cure cough with radish and honey, you need to give the syrup in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, not more than a teaspoonful.

Effective is a recipe, for it you need a ground onion, add honey, a little lemon, also glycerin, insist all about an hour. Give the child after eating food.

The doctor can prescribe for cough mucolytic drugs - ATSTS, Ambroksom, Libeksin. There is a large number of expectorants, syrups with the addition of plantain, licorice, althea.

If the child has 2 years of cough, it can not be treated on his own, especially the medicines for coughing are dangerous, which, if I do not take into account the dosage, I can lead to nausea, vomiting. Also keep in mind that not all children can tolerate cough syrups, some cause diathesis because of them, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, allergic reactions to various components that are included in the composition medicinal product. Most drugs contain alkaloids, if they are abused, first the breathing will be actively stimulated, then it may start to be oppressed, which leads to serious complications.

Thus, it is important to ensure the child in the room with fresh moist air, also give as much as possible drink warm, food should be useful and balanced, walk in the fresh air, if not temperature. Pay attention to your illness, because it needs support and your psychological help, remember that often a child's cough can become complicated due to the fact that he worries, worries stress. Do not rush a small child to drink antibiotics, they can only further aggravate the disease.


Prompt please the effective agent from a cough to the child 8 month??? ROCHNO!!! You can folk


*** R.D ***

I treated my baby in 6 months with syrup - Erespal. It helps and from a dry, moist cough. You can add tea or juice. At night, it is possible to rub the breast and back (without touching the heart area) with Pulmex baby's ointment. Put the baby on her knees with her tummy down and tap lightly on the back, 1-2 minutes several times a day. If the cough is wet, sputum will pass away faster. To us such treatment has helped or assisted for 3-4 days. Lazolvan did not help at all. Yes. and more, buy in the children's store of chamomile tea in bags. Drink more tea, warm water, juice of children diluted with clean water. Get well!

Irina Temnikova **



You did have lor, mother. Well, if you are too lazy to go to the doctor, read the literary literature. Lazolvan, blah.

Alexey Zlygostev

I cough differently! at a dry cough one treatment at a wet another.. and children with allergies in general, folk recipes can worsen the condition. and yet, a cough is a symptom of the disease, and it is necessary to treat not the symptom but the disease itself!

Natalia Ganashek

Compression on the chest of boiled mashed potatoes (warm but not hot, 15 minutes)


It is fraught with bronchitis. Cough is different. This is the responsibility of the pulmonologist, do not pull, the later the baby get acquainted with antibiotics, the better.


I sing my own thoracal elixir and smear the breast with Dr. Mom.


You can not quickly help people with folk remedies, you can bring them to bronchitis! so little Erispal is discharged, he is from 0 months. It is better to the doctor (pulmonologist), so he listened to the child! Do a gentle massage of the back and breast with the pattings, if there is no temperature - warm the legs and chest with the help of ointment-rubs. Good luck!

Natalia V.

in a drugstore they sell in powder Children's medicine for coughing - the third part (because the age is "shallow") can be given for reception (soluble in warm water), it helps (even adults)... when the younger at night had a cough (before vomiting, before the blue child), I gave euphyllin (the dose depends on the weight of the child... You need to carefully read the annotation... there literally grains are missing, so that the child sleeps all night calmly), mukaltin can be - it is easily dissolved in water (such a small halva is enough for the reception)... a drop of fir oil on the pillow will sleep and breathe medical air


It is better to go and Laura. And then you are here to sue. All kinds of folk remedies for grass and heating can only complicate things. I have already tried to cure a cold with the advice of local healers, I am not engaged in self-medication anymore. And in the end ran to run to Laura.


From Borjomi, release gas, stir with a spoon. Half Borjomi, half the milk and let's drink as often as possible. But this is not a cure, it's a drink when you cough. Good expectorant. And of course, warm compresses. I always warmed my hands and feet, I did the massage. In general, babies get sick from lack of attention, affection and love. Try to be close with the child not when he gets sick, but always, so that he will not get sick. Less scold, often praise, even if it is still very small, for example, like yours. Children are very sensitive and feel your mood, so they get sick, it's the reaction of their body. Try not to swear at the child with loved ones.


About the kashchlya - it's more like a pulmonologist or just a pediatrician. Lazolvan - pulmonologists do not recommend until two years. Constructive treatment only a doctor can appoint, and an auxiliary one can. My children and children of my friends have always been helped by such a compress. It is very simple and absolutely harmless. Heat the sunflower oil, soak the warmly oiled gauze in several layers and as a usual compress (on top of a foil or a compress paper. then a layer of cotton wool and tie with a warm kerchief) on the chest. You can grab the neck (and the back). The advantage of such a compress is. that it can be worn for several hours, at least all day or night, and it will act; does not cause irritation, allergies and discomfort, is absolutely harmless. It also removes suffocation, facilitates breathing. Particularly well calms cough at night. If the cough is wet, then the pulmonologists are advised to put the baby on his lap and the downward body with the head down (on the floor, you can put something down to look down on the floor) to pat on the back. Thus, sputum is very good and the baby does not choke with it. And the rest is the doctor!

Natasha ...

The doctor prescribed the syrup for the althaea, it costs a penny, but it really helped us. Half a teaspoon 2 times a day.

Oksana Kinkova

syrup linkas.

Effective children's cough medicine

Childhood illness is always fear and anxiety for parents. It would seem that yesterday your little one was running or crawling cheerfully, and in the morning woke up hot and capricious. The main problems in this case are faced by mothers, whose kids do not yet know how to talk. After all, complaining of a headache or a tickling in the throat of a baby can not yet. But if the child has a cough, then, of course, it can be seen right away. This childish symptom can not be confused with anything, and, in most cases, must be treated. How good and effective the treatment turns out depends on how well the children's medicines were selected.

Drugs for cough for children: in which cases can you do without special means

Newborn children often suffer from runny nose in the first months of life. This happens for various reasons. Some of them purify the respiratory tract after the mother's womb, some have congenital narrow Nasal passages, which eventually become standard size (about six to seven months).

In this case, cough medicine for children is not required, because this symptom arises because the baby can not blow his nose off himself and does not give his mother a good nose cleaning from mucus. As a result, the secret from the nasal sinuses partially falls into the pharynx, thus irritating the cough receptors. Children's breathing becomes whistling, wheezing and bubbling, which frightens inexperienced moms. They begin to feel that the child's cough is accompanied by wheezing from the lungs.

Effective good children's cough medicine for up to a year

The most difficult test for mom is a baby's disease for up to a year. Firstly, because she is very worried about the health and well-being of the crumbs, and secondly, because in pharmacies to her great surprise there is no suitable medicine. Specialists in the field of medicine recommend treating cough in children under one year with antiviral or antibiotic drugs. Assign them to a specialist only after taking the tests and identifying the cause of the appearance of this symptom.

If you still decide to give the children medicines for coughing dry, get in the pharmacy "Tantum Verde". This spray can not be given to children under three years of age, but some pediatricians allow it to be used for infants, reducing the minimum dose several times. Of course, you will not be able to accurately measure the required amount of the drug, therefore, a small amount of medicine can be splashed into a pacifier and given to her baby.

If you are looking for a cure for a child from a damp cough, use the drops "Gedelix." Before using them, you should also consult your doctor. Not bad in this case, also helps antiseptic "Miramistin as well as chamomile tea with a small number of dried leaves of plantain.

Effective medicine for a child from one to three years

If the child is more than a year, Lazolvan, Ambroxol or Ambrobene can be used for his treatment. If the baby's cough is wet, these funds will help thin the sputum and remove it from the lungs or bronchi.

It is extremely important in this case not to engage in self-medication, but to visit or call a pediatrician at home. An experienced specialist will diagnose, in a diagnostic and laboratory way, which disease caused this symptom and prescribe the right treatment. Thus, with bronchitis or pneumonia, which develops very quickly in children with improper treatment, in addition to antitussive expectorants, antibiotics are also indicated.

Good children's cough medicine - nebulas for inhalation. This is Pulmecort and Berodual. For such a procedure, you need a special device - a nebulizer. Inhalations with these medicines can be done on saline or alkaline mineral water. If you do not have an inhaler, then you can hang a baby's neck around your neck with juniper oil, eucalyptus or tea tree.

Effective pediatric medicines for dry unproductive symptoms in this case are also practically absent. Among them, we can distinguish "Sinekod which suppresses coughing urges.

The best and best children's medicines after three years

Babies at the age of three, as well as adolescents, find it much easier to find good medications that help cope with this symptom. Most drugs according to the instructions can be taken from this age.

With a wet cough, you can give your baby expectorants, such as Broncholitin, Suprima-Broncho, and Herbion and Doctor MOM. With three years of crumbs, you can also take mucolytics, actively diluting sputum, and removing it from the lungs. This syrup "Lazolvan "Ambroxol as well as tablets "Mukoltin" and "Bromgeksin."

With a dry, unproductive childhood symptom, "Sinekod" and "Kodellak NEO" are prescribed.

What children's cough medicine is recommended by Komarovsky

The pediatrician Komarovsky, known to many on transfers and online videos, has his own opinion about the effectiveness of one or another method of treating a child's cough. He believes that the excessive intake of drugs at such an early age is not only unreasonable, but also dangerous, because can seriously undermine the immunity of the baby, the restoration of which will later take a lot of time, effort and means.

Dr. Komarovsky recommends treating a child's cough with the help of herbal remedies. In pharmacies, they are sold everywhere, but are in most cases a lot. Meanwhile, components of these miraculous medicines from childhood ailments grow practically on all territory of our country, therefore, it is expedient to consider their acquisition in dried form. It's about violet, sage. And also pine buds and plantain. With the help of these ingredients, you can independently make medicines that will help cope with a child's cough.

Dr. Komarovsky also draws parents' attention to the fact that there is no remedy for this child's symptom. And there are various diseases that accompany dry or wet children's cough. Therefore, before you look for effective medicines in your pharmacy, you must visit a doctor. After all, children's cough is not always associated with respiratory diseases. It can indicate problems with the brain or central nervous system. Medicines for coughing in these cases are meaningless, since they either do not help or alleviate the condition for a while. At the same time, the children's organism can react unexpectedly and contradictorily to the senseless reception of these funds.


What can I give a 10-month-old baby from a cough?



The doctor !!!


gesoral on the nipple after a meal


Ambrobe, But it's better to go to the doctor, or call the ambulance, consult!

Alexander Tkachev

Here you will be advised That such a question is the answer for you
Help me please.
At my 9-month-old daughter 2 weeks ago there was a strong nasal infection, temperature under-39 and cough.
In addition to coughing, she cured everything, although she had cough for a long time.
I was treated to a pediatrician, I was prescribed a Doctor-Mom and a pill, from all this there was a rash on the whole body.
Even I do not know how to cure this cough.
Advise: What can be given an effective medicine for a 9-month-old child from a cough.
Answer: 04/09/06 1: 5
Hello, Xenia! Unfortunately, it is not possible to recommend any treatment in absentia. We recommend that you contact the pediatrician to clarify the diagnosis and adjust the therapy.

Sokolov Sergey

Syringe althea, pertusin, (infusion), for the throat inhalipt (spray), breast anoint with a weak "asterisk" with a kitten on the lid


It is better to ask in emergency.
Or ask at the pharmacy.


Watching what cough: dry or expectorant and, depending on this, it is necessary to select a medicine.


this is not a cure, of course, but my daughter helped warm the milk to add a little butter, and better lamb fat. And on Night rubbed legs warmed slightly sunflower oil wrap a package on top of a warm woolen socks this is called boots. recover it should help you.


Cough is different, but what you thought was just a red neck still does not say anything... it may not be red at all. and maybe vice versa. Types of cough and the causes of their cause - a whole bunch. In some cases, antitussives are prescribed, in others mucolyptics, in the third you can warm the ointment, and several other types of drugs and each has different effects... it can only be told by the doctor after the baby is examined. Therefore, do not listen to what is being said here, but rather call a doctor, a child should be examined. I could write you all the cures for all types of cough, and how much and how is taken at your age and at what disease, but to do or make it silly, on an Internet to define or determine that with redbenkom and to diagnose not perhaps. And giving a wrong medicine can be very bad.


Piktusin - the best Russian medicine for kids

Personal Cabinet Removed

Namazat sogrevajusej mazju (doktor MOM ili KUK) grudku, kolenack, jatacki, odet na nozki serstjanie nosocki, vse eto nanoc.

Katyushka + 3

Do not listen to anyone, you can give him anything, but someone who will answer for the consequences, better call the doctor.

Your Happiness

Linkas-syrup on the herbs.


Onion tea. Need a prescription - write to me at the address ..

Cough in the baby 1 year old

Cough is the most common symptom of colds in children of the first and second years of life. Despite the fact that the presence of a cough in a baby indicates a lesion of the bronchi, larynx or trachea, its presence is useful, since during coughing, the child cleanses the airways from harmful microbes and sputum, which accumulated for a long time time.

Causes of wet and dry cough in a child in 1 year

Before treating a coughing child, it is necessary to establish the true cause of its appearance:

  • the presence of an inflammatory process in the upper (nasopharynx and oropharynx, nose) and lower (lung, trachea, bronchus) airways;
  • inflammation of the nasal sinuses, adenoids;
  • Cough as a symptom of bronchial asthma can act as a choking hazard;
  • excessively dry and warm air in the children's room;
  • contact with allergens that cause coughing.

In some cases, cough can be psychogenic when it is manifested in a situation that is stressful for the child. Then it is necessary to consult a child psychologist and find out the exact cause of the fear, as a result of which the child begins a violent cough.

It is possible that the baby swallowed a foreign object and therefore began to actively and continuously cough. In such a situation, it is necessary to immediately provide the child with first aid and refer to medical personnel.

Cough in a child in 1 year: what to treat?

Treatment of cough in a child, if he was 1 year old, without fail requires a close attention from the physician and the ENT specialist in order to avoid further complications of development disease.

At home, parents need to ensure the child's compliance with sleep and wakefulness, and in addition provide peace and quiet for the period of illness.

Abundant drink and proper nutrition, rich in useful microelements and vitamins, can strengthen the immunity of the baby and speed up the healing process. Since a child spends a lot of energy and energy on fighting his illness in the form of a cough, his nutrition should be different high calorie, so that the body could make up for energy losses. Abundant drink will facilitate faster sputum production from the bronchi.

If a child is 1 year old and has a strong cough, a dry and wet cough should be distinguished, since they require different treatments. For example, there is a herbion syrup, presented in two versions: from a wet cough and dry. Tablets from a cough can be given to a one-year-old baby in a crushed form, mixing previously with a liquid. However, the purpose of the syrup is preferable, since it starts its action faster and more efficiently.

As expectorants, the doctor can prescribe the following medicines: glaucine, butamate, prenoxyndiazine, ACC, ambroxol, bromhexine. The use of mucolytic drugs is not able to completely cure the child of cough, but they help to alleviate cough, as dilute the sputum formed in the bronchial tubes.

For cough treatment in a one-year-old child, one can turn to folk medicine, which suggests using the root of the althea, licorice, leaves of plantain, mother-and-stepmother, thyme for liquefaction of sputum in bronchi and its early removal from the nursery organism.

If a cough is caused by an allergy, the doctor may prescribe the use of antihistamines.

If the child coughs at 1 year for a long time and conservative treatment does not have the proper effect, the doctor can prescribe the use of potent medicines blocking the cough reflex at the level of the cerebral cortex:

codeine, dimmorphan, ethylmorphine. However, the advisability of their use is discussed with the attending physician and the treatment takes place under the close supervision of the medical staff, so how, despite their high effectiveness, such drugs have serious adverse reactions that are undesirable in such an early childhood age.

It should be remembered that cough is not a disease in itself, but acts only as a symptom of a disease, which should be treated. And only complex therapy with the use of expectorants will help a little man to quickly recover.


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