Ambrohexal with dry cough

Drugs for dry coughing for adults: expectorants

Cough is a protective reaction that allows the body to respond to stimuli. Such an unpleasant symptom appears when smoke, dust or some chemical substances enter the throat.

Quite often it occurs in the case of allergies. But often the cause of this symptom lies in the presence of an infectious disease. With a dry and long cough, the throat is irritated, which prevents the patient from relaxing at night.

The primary cure for cough is that it must first be made productive. For this purpose, expectorants with dry cough are shown, making the sputum not too viscous.

Causes of a cough

As a rule, dry cough is accompanied by diseases such as influenza and acute respiratory infections. This manifestation often indicates the presence of irritation of the mucous by some object.

Another attack can happen with pneumonia or bronchial asthma. A characteristic sign is a whistle when inhaled. With this phenomenon, you need to quickly consult a doctor and conduct treatment in the hospital, where the patient will need to take effective antitussive tablets.

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Sometimes a dry cough occurs when hypertension is treated. After all, some remedies (Enalapril, Liznopril, Maleat) strongly irritate the throat.

In this case, when you cough, you need to drink special preparations. In addition, you need to stop taking medicine from high blood pressure or to reduce their dosage.

Allergy to pet hair and pollen often leads to bronchospasm. In this situation, there is a sharp cough, and this symptom does not go away until the treatment with an antihistamine is performed.

A persistent allergic cough is very problematic. If it is not treated, then bronchial asthma can form.

What to choose tablets

Today, the pharmacy sells various antitussive drugs that help to eliminate perspiration in the throat and cough reflex. However, the cough syrups and all sorts of syrups should be prescribed by a doctor.

In order for the treatment to be effective, it is first important to determine the causes of such an unpleasant manifestation. So, various analyzes are used, with the help of which the diagnosis is specified. After all, in certain cases, the therapy of an allergic cough with the use of simple expectorants is unsuccessful.

With a debilitating dry cough that does not allow resting at night, often combined medicines are prescribed. Such drugs dilute sputum and remove irritation in the throat, which allows you to translate dry cough into the wet.

But it is important to note that mucolytic cough drops can not be drunk when antitussive drugs are taken.

The list of tablets that are most often prescribed for a prolonged and dry cough:

  1. Bromhexine;
  2. Haliksol;
  3. Lazolvan;
  4. Ambroghexal;
  5. Omnitus;
  6. Libexin;
  7. Stoptussin;
  8. Lorraine.
Bromhexine is a popular remedy with an expectorant effect. Such antitussive tablets should be taken with diseases of the respiratory system, which are of an infectious nature, with the passage of which viscous sputum is released.

These cough lozenges are the best remedy, diluting the secret in the bronchi, which makes it possible to translate an unproductive cough into a damp cough. This medication is often used if it is necessary to carry out complex treatment of bronchial asthma and chronic pneumonia.

Bromgexin has no contraindications. But occasionally there may be a high sensitivity to certain components of the remedy.

Reception of these tablets can not be combined with preparations containing caffeine, after all such therapy will be ineffective. For violations of the gastrointestinal tract, medication should be agreed with the attending physician.

Adults should drink three times a day. And when the dry cough turns to wet, Bromhexine should be stopped.

Halixol is an effective cough medicine for adults, the main component of which is ambroxol hydrochloride. List of excipients:

  • microcrystalline cellulose;
  • sodium carboxymethyl starch;
  • lactose monohydrate;
  • magnesium stearate.

Halixol exerts an expectorant and mucolytic effect. It helps in the presence of chronic diseases of the respiratory system. In particular, it is prescribed for infectious diseases of respiratory organs.

However, such pastilles from cough can not be taken until 15 years. And during pregnancy these antitussive tablets can be drunk, starting from the second trimester. With renal insufficiency, Halixol is not prescribed.

Ambroghexal is the best cough medicine for adults, belonging to the group of mucolytics. The active ingredient is ambroxol hydrochloride. The list of auxiliary components includes:

  1. silicon dioxide colloidal;
  2. calcium hydrogen phosphate dhydrate;
  3. magnesium sarate;
  4. sodium carboxymethyl starch.
Cough lozenges Ambroghexal have a positive effect after the first days of treatment. These antitussives are used for chronic bronchitis, pneumonia and bronchial asthma.

Treatment with Ambroxol should not be given if the patient is younger than 6 years old. In addition, tablets are contraindicated in the first trimester of pregnancy and when breastfeeding. People suffering from an ulcer, the drug should be taken under close medical supervision.

Lazolvan is the best mucolytic medicine that helps if a dry cough needs to be transformed into a moist one. The main active ingredient of the drug is ambroxol. Additional components include:

  • magnesium stearate;
  • lactose monohydrate;
  • colloidal silicon dioxide;
  • corn starch.

Lazolvan is effective when treating the cough reflex in influenza and acute respiratory infections. In addition, it is used if it is necessary to dilute sputum in bronchial asthma and pneumonia.

Such tablets from a dry cough adults can not drink during breastfeeding and in the first trimester of pregnancy. Another drug is contraindicated in the treatment of children and adolescents.

You should know that Lazolvan is considered a mucolytic, for these reasons, its reception can not be combined with treatment with antitussive medications. Otherwise, the process of excretion of sputum from the bronchi is difficult.

When coughing adults should drink 3 tablets Lazolvan for the day. When the cough becomes wet, then the drug should be stopped.

Omnitus - pastilles from cough, the active ingredient of which is butyrate citrate. Auxiliary components:

  1. magnesium stearate;
  2. hypromellose;
  3. lactose monohydrate;
  4. anhydrous silicon dioxide colloidal.

This antitussive drug helps with severe attacks provoked by infectious diseases: acute respiratory disease, pertussis, influenza. In addition, Omnitus can be prescribed to suppress the cough reflex if an operative intervention has been performed.

Omnitus is an inexpensive but effective medication for non-productive cough. The cost of such pastilles is not more than 200 rubles. However, you can not buy a medicine without medical advice.

Quite often, patients become intolerant of certain components of the drug. Moreover, pastilles are contraindicated in the period of breastfeeding. In the second and third trimester of pregnancy, Omnitus is prescribed if the potential outcome is higher than the harm that may affect the health of the fetus.

Libexin is prescribed if it is necessary to eliminate an unproductive cough. The active substance of the drug is prenoxdiazine. Additional components are:

  • corn starch;
  • talc;
  • lactose monohydrate;
  • glycerol;
  • magnesium stearate.
Libexin is prescribed for the treatment of various inflammations of the respiratory system. Pills are often taken before bronchoscopy.

Cough antitussives can not be taken in patients with a disease that causes a high separation of the bronchial secretion. It is worth noting that pregnant women and children - this drug can be taken.

Therapy must necessarily be carried out under medical supervision. Occasionally, a high sensitivity to the main substance of the drug is observed.

Stopoutsin is indicated when dry cough occurs. To simultaneously obtain several effects, combined medicines have been developed. These tablets are Stoptopsin, which has an antitussive and expectorant effect, so this is an excellent expectorant.

The main active substance of the drug is dihydrocitrate butamirate. As additional components are used:

  1. magnesium stearate;
  2. colloidal dioxide;
  3. glyceryl tribehenate;
  4. microcrystalline cellulose.
Stopoutsin is indicated in the treatment of irritating and dry coughs that appear in infectious diseases of the respiratory system. However, tablets can not be taken until the age of 12 and during the first months of pregnancy. During the lactation period, the drug should not be taken until after a medical consultation.

Lauraine's antitussive lozenges are a low-cost but effective remedy. The composition of the drug is phenylephrine, chlorphenamine and paracetamol.

The medicine has a combined effect. Often, it begins to take, when there are primary symptoms of colds in adults.

This medicinal substance dilutes sputum, general strengthening of immunity and lowering of temperature. However, for pregnant women and children under 6 years of age, the drug should not be taken.

In addition, allergies and people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract Loraine should be used with extreme caution.

Can I not expectorant for dry cough?

Only the attending physician can prescribe a certain drug to treat an unproductive cough. But what if there is no possibility to seek medical help in a timely manner? In such cases it is possible to apply recipes offered by traditional medicine.

So, with the help of non-traditional treatment it is possible to eliminate unpleasant manifestations of colds. In addition, fast liquor sputtering is promoted by warm drinks.

For this purpose, the milk should be slightly heated, and then add 1 hour to it. l. honey. This tasty drink has an expectorant effect and eliminates irritation in the pharynx.

Equally effective is inhalation based on herbal medicine at home. For this purpose, you need to prepare 2 liters of water and bring them to a boil, and after adding a couple of drops of tincture of chamomile. Treatment is carried out this way: the patient leans over a bowl of hot liquid, covering his head with a warm towel. A video in this article will help with the choice of treatment with a dry cough.


Ambroghexal instructions

Ambroghexal is a medicinal product with mucolytic, secretory and expectorant action, and active drug is ambroxol. The mechanism of action of this drug is associated with a decrease in the viscosity of phlegm resulting from the depolymerization of mucopolysaccharides of sputum, which consists in rupturing disulfide bonds in molecules, enhancing the release of active hydrolyzing enzymes from cells Clark. Ambrohexal also increases the activity of the cilia of the bronchial epithelium, and normalizes the ratio of all sputum components and, in connection with this, stimulates its mucociliary transport. This facilitates the expectoration of sputum from the respiratory tract, and also stimulates the secretion and blockage of the breakdown of the surfactant.

Ambrohexal is rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract, having a high absorption capacity, and its optimal concentration in plasma is achieved in for two hours after taking the drug: tablets, syrup, capsules with prolonged action and a solution for inhalations. The action of the drug occurs when taken in the form of syrup or tablets - after 30 minutes and depends on the rate of absorption of the drug in the stomach and intestines. The metabolism of this drug occurs in the liver, where it is converted to dobranthanthranic acid and glucuron conjugates, and is excreted from the body by the kidneys.

Ambrohexal application

Indications for the use of Ambrohexal are: acute, obstructive bronchitis, pneumoconiosis, bronchial asthma, tuberculosis and cystic fibrosis of the lungs, bronchiectasis, acute pneumonia, pleurisy, emphysema, acute, chronic and chronic sinusitis, chronic rhinitis. And also he is appointed with congenital pathology of the respiratory tract and a complicated course of infectious diseases (whooping cough, scarlet fever, parotitis, chicken pox, measles and rubella).

Contraindications and side effects

Contraindications to the use of Ambrohexal is hypersensitivity to the active active ingredient (ambroxol hydrochloride) or excipients included in the drug dosage form and pregnancy, especially in early terms.

Side effects of Ambrohexal are local allergic skin reactions in the form of angioedema, hives and contact dermatitis, and with prolonged uncontrolled use of the drug may cause nausea, gastralgia, vomiting or heartburn.

Mode of application

This medication has release forms: syrup for children and adults (3 mg in one milliliter and 6 milligrams in one milliliter) for 100 and 250 milliliters in a vial, tablets of 30 milligrams, and retard capsules (prolonged action), 5 grams of ambroxol hydrochloride. And also a solution for inhalation and ingestion, which has a milligram of ambroxol hydrochloride in one milliliter and is produced by Salutas Pharma.


Contraindications to the use of Ambrohexal is hypersensitivity to ambroxol or components that make up this drug and during pregnancy.

Ambrohexal in pregnancy

Admission Ambroheksala during pregnancy is contraindicated in pregnancy, because there is always the risk of adverse effects on the developing fetus. However, due to the fact that ambroxol is a stimulator of lung development in the perinatal period, by increasing the synthesis of surfactant and blocking its disintegration, it is prescribed to pregnant women with suspected fetal hypotrophy to stimulate the maturation of the lungs, as well as the threat of premature childbirth.

Ambrohexal for inhalations

The solution for inhalation contains, milligram of active substance in one milliliter.

Inhalation solution Ambrohexal, adults and children from the age of five applies:

From 5 to 12 years old

With 12 years and older,

Adolescents and adults

40 drops (2 ml) of the solution

(15 mg of ambroxol)

one to two times a day

40-60 drops (2-3 ml)

(15-2, mg of ambroxol)

one to two times a day

The duration of treatment is determined by the attending physician, but should not exceed five days.

Inhalation Ambrohexal solution can be used in any inhalation device except for steam inhalers. The drug mixes with physiological solution (in equal proportions) and is heated to 36 - 37 C. Inhalations are carried out without deep breaths, so as not to provoke a cough, in the mode of normal breathing.

Ambrohexal syrup

In the syrup is active active substance - ambroxol hydrochloride, as well as a number of components that serve to give a pleasant taste, aroma and create consistency. The syrup has a thick consistency, a pleasant berry taste and a slightly yellowish solution, which is realized in glass bottles of 100 and 250 milliliters of dark amber glass. It has two concentrations - 3 milligrams of ambroxol hydrochloride in one milliliter of syrup and 6 milligrams of active substance in one milliliter of syrup.
Ambrohexal Syrup for 3mg / ml is used in children over the age of twelve and adults - first two scoops are prescribed two to three times a day for the first two days, and then two spoons twice a day.

In pediatric practice, Ambroghexal is prescribed for children up to two years - ½ teaspoon twice a day, for children from two to five years - ½ teaspoon three times a day, five to twelve years - one measuring spoon two to three times a day day.

Ambrohexal tablets

Ambrohexal in tablet form has the form of white, round, flat tablets with a notch on one side containing 30 milligrams of ambroxol hydrochloride. They are prescribed in adulthood, adolescents and children over the age of twelve inside, after eating one tablet three times a day, but if necessary, the dose can be increased to two tablets twice a day day. In childhood, over six years of age, Ambroghexal is used for ½ tablets two to three times a day.

Ambroghexal price

Any form of Ambroghexal is freely sold in the city's pharmacy network and is a non-prescription drug. The cost of Ambrohexal in a syrup of 3 mg / ml in a 100 ml vial is from 160-165 rubles, Ambrohexal tablets - 85 - 87 rubles, retard capsules - 139 - 145 rubles.

Ambroghexal reviews

Ambrohexal is a medicinal product, which is a unique development of the pharmacological company Salutas Pharma, and is currently considered very effective drug, which is used in the medical practice of pediatricians and therapists, as a drug for cough treatment in children and adults, and also in otolaryngology as one of the components of complex therapy of sinusitis and chronic rhinitis for liquefaction of a viscous secretion in the sinuses nose.

Ambrohexal belongs to the secretolitic, secretory and expectorant antitussive drugs, it has excellent efficacy and liquefies a viscous mucous secret that accumulates in the lumen of the bronchi, trachea and alveoli, as well as thick mucus of the nasopharynx and perianosal sinuses. This therapeutic effect is due to a change in the structure of the mucous or mucopurulent secretion. The main feature of Ambrohexal is its ability to dilute sputum without increasing it quantity and complete absence of negative reactions in contrast to many other expectorant drugs preparations.

It is widely used to treat cough caused by inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract - bronchitis, pneumonia and laryngotracheitis of infectious and inflammatory genesis, accompanied by a pronounced wet cough.

Tell me which cough mixture to start giving to the baby for 1 year. Ambrohexal was used, the cough did not stop.



Cough is dry, obtrusive, painful, painful, the child has a disturbed sleep and appetite. - Tumor medicines (Sinekod (in drops to children from year), Libexin, Broncholitin (children over 3 years old), Stoptussin. Cough with thick, viscous, poorly expectorated sputum - Mucolytic drugs (ATSTS) and mucolytic drugs with expectorant effect (Bromhexin, Bronchosan, Ambroxol, Ambrobene, Ambroghexal, Lazolvan, Halixol, Medox, Fljuditik) preparations based on plant extracts (Prospan, Herbion Syrup primrose). Cough is unproductive, but not intrusive and does not disturb the sleep and appetite of children - Expectorants (Dr. Mom, Altey, Mukaltin, Licorice, Pertussin, Suprima-bronho). Linkas, Bronchipret.

Irina Erina

Watching what a cough! Gedelix to small children, lazolvan. And tried ambrogexal-how many days did you drink?

Julia chalaya

Syrup of licorice root, will pass in 3 days-verified!

Butterflies in my stomach

it all depends on the type of cough. dry, wet? syrups are different, for us personally Ambrohexal shorthand helps, probably you give little (I mean by the time) but in general it is better with this question to the doctor


try the doctor mom syrup


The kid is very small! my opinion, or when I did not, I would ask advice in the answers, but I turned to the doctor, I do not put experiments on the child and do not do it myself!


Licorice they love it, sweet and natural. For a coughing up of a frost, it is better to brew the mother of the match. And grind the rump-warm with warm.

Enigma One

potions are different. Watching what cough, dry or wet. I treated my own ambroxol.. has cured to that she slugged herself with mucus. Be careful. Little kid, no right to be wrong


if you just cough and there is no tempura, there is no allergy, then try this recipe from a black radish, make a pot of radish and fill it with honey put in a warm place, just the next day there will be juice, this juice and you need to water the baby for 1chay. spoon x 3 times, and even at night, you can make such an wrapping of honey, nutrient fat and vodka. 1st. spoon of honey, 1 st. l. fat and 5 ml of vodka mix everything and apply a thin layer on wax paper and wrap gr. a child's cage, put on a flannel tutu on top and put him to bed, and wipe with warm vodka in the morning, so that the sweet mass does not remain on the body. all this can be done if there is no temperature. Get well


radish with honey!!! year-old! Oh my God.. go to the doctor do not risk the child ...

Olga Ustinova

pills of mucaltin in milk

Julia Patrina

Try folk-milk with honey and soda, spoon. Precisely, there will be no harm. Chest massage. And all syrups are addictive, so do not help.


always see the instruction when buying medicines for the baby-there it is indicated from what age it is possible give this medicine-for children under three years old it's better to pour drugs that do not contain alcohol basis-honey. radish-strong allergens for this age-licorice syrup recommend after 3 years-when we had a cough escaped syrup GEDELIX-it without sugar and without alcohol-searched for a long time, but without a lot of drinking (chamomile tea), the effect was also not-get better and be extremely careful in choosing medicines


call a doctor, and he will tell you how you can listen to the opinions of completely unfamiliar people, because how many people - so many opinions

The child just a very strong cough 3 day just at night begins to cough heavily I give ambrogexal



Do you have doctors in your village?


Try to give syrup awning, arbidol (suddenly a virus), some candy (strepsils, neoangin, etc.)


At me the daughter too was ill: (today for the night has given 1/2 tablets libeksina though she sleeps easy, will sleep, and to me will allow to have a sleep ...


If a coughing barking then this laryngotracheitis it at night exacerbates

Elena Avdeeva

At night, Ambrohexal is not given. Not less than 4 hours before bedtime. T. He intensifies the cough to get phlegm, and the child is in the horizontal position of the macro goes bad - coughing with the walls. at night you need to give a synecote at the age of dosage, and in the morning and hours at 15 ambrohexal.

Yuri Strelkovsky

If the cough is dry, e. sputum does not clear, then ambrohexal only aggravates the situation, further narrowing the lumen of the bronchi. And if a wet cough, then Ambrohexal sputum, but giving it at night, you can flood the lungs with mucus

Yuri Solntsev

I realized that I had recovered from coughing... The child breathes with his mouth rather at night... mucous dry here is the effect... go to the bath you type only hot water in the water and a little more with the steam.. and make you breathe with your mouth... this is the only quick way to stop the cough... and watch the nose so that the child breathes them and not the mouth ..

Maria Zinchenko

You must call the doctor, let the baby's lungs listen. As for cough medicines, it is important for the beginning to know what kind of cough is dry or wet, and already starting from this and give medicines, if the cough syrup is not properly selected, then you just aggravate the situation with cough. Therefore, I would advise you to remove the syrup and not to aggravate the cough, let the doctor prescribe the treatment. While you can do inhalation with saline, be sure to moisten the air, with dry air, cough only worsen, so moisten necessarily. I rub it for another night with Tiger balm, essential oils soothe cough. In addition, when coughing, let's drink more often, you can brew chamomile or a dog-rose, and drink they, instead of sugar, you can and should add honey, if there are no allergic reactions to foods beekeeping. In any case, you can now only lighten the cough a little, and not necessarily with the help of cough syrup. But the syrup itself and the cough treatment, you will be appointed by a doctor.

Ambrohexal for inhalations

CoughIs a protective reaction of the body against viruses and microbes. With the help of a cough, the bronchi are cleared of mucus, and thus the disease recedes much more quickly.

When there is a cold and cough, it means that the disease develops with complication, - first appears dry, and then a wet cough.

Any mucolytic drugs, to which Ambrohexal belongs, are intended to treat the phase of a wet cough. If the medicine is taken during a period of dry cough, it will only lead to a complication of the disease in the form of an increase in seizures.

Ambrohexal for inhalations - instructions

First, we will study the composition of the drug. Amroghexal contains ambroxol hydrochloride - this substance promotes the dilution of sputum, stimulation of receptors, and thus simultaneously facilitates coughing and shortens the attack time. When the bronchi are cleansed of mucus, the cough stops.

Ambroghexal, getting into the body, is quickly absorbed by the digestive tract, and its bioavailability is about 80%.

Ambrohexal is available in several forms:

  • pills;
  • syrup;
  • solution - it is used for oral and inhalation.

Indications for use Ambrohexal:

  • pneumonia;
  • chronic and acute bronchitis;
  • bronchial asthma (with difficulty of sputum discharge);
  • prevention of respiratory distress syndrome;
  • bronchiectatic disease.

Contraindications to the use of Ambrohexal:

  • children under 6 years (for tablets);
  • children under 12 years (for capsules);
  • hypersensitivity to the active substance;
  • first trimester of pregnancy.

How to use Ambrohexal for inhalations?

Before the inhalation, make sure that the cause of the cough is not allergies, but viruses or bacteria. Against an allergic cough you should use other medicines.

Inhalations during colds are very effective, because the vapors of the substance contact the site of inflammation and the location of the bacteria.

Steam procedures contribute to warming up, which creates an unfavorable environment for bacteria and viruses, and thus they receive damage simultaneously from two positions - from one side, there is heat treatment, and on the other hand, vapors affect tissues and promote sputum and reduce the likelihood of the spread of bacteria and viruses.

During the inhalation you need to monitor the temperature of the solution - it should not burn the throat and bronchi. Also, arrange inhalation at a time so that there is no need to visit the street and breathe the cold air. If this is not taken into account, complications are likely.

How to grow Ambrohexal for inhalations?

The dosage of Ambrohexal for inhalations is 3 ml, which corresponds to 60 drops of the solution.

Before diluting Ambrohexal for inhalations, read the nebulizer instructions - in many models the manufacturer notes that the amount of liquid corresponding to less than 8 ml reduces the efficiency inhalation.

In this case, the proportion of inhalation with Ambroheksalom determines the instruction of the drug - no more than 60 drops of the solution should be diluted with a physiological solution - 5 ml.

How to do inhalation with Ambroghexal?

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Solution for inhalation Ambrohexal should be diluted with saline solution(sodium chloride) in the nebulizer tank.
  2. Do not forget to treat the device to relieve it of settled bacteria.
  3. Do not inhale until half an hour after ingestion. And after the inhalation, do not eat for an hour.
  4. Breathe deeply and evenly, holding your breath for a few seconds and then exhaling through your nose.
  5. Before the procedure, do not take mucolytic drugs, so as not to provoke a cough reflex during inhalation.

What is the best medicine for a dry cough?


Sasha Nosov

Be healed, be healthy!)
Drugs used to treat dry cough:
- Acetylaminonitropropoxybenzene (paliminate)
- Bronchicum cough syrup
- Bronchitis Vramed (broncholitin, bronchitis, bronchocin)
- Butamirate (omnite, panatus, panatus of forte)
- Codeine (codeine phosphate hemihydrate, codeine phosphate hemihydrate, codeine base)
- Kodelak
- Kodelak broncho
- Kodelak fito
- Neo-Codion for adults
- Neo-Codion for children
- Neo-Cody for babies
- Tablets for cough
- Terpin code
- Fervex from a dry cough

Yevgenia Fomushkina

Herbion from a dry cough, also Lazolvan, and cheaper and more reliable is the Doctor MOM


Stoptusin, sinecode, omnitus, drugs in the composition of which is butamyrate, substance is an overwhelming cough, if there is a slightest hint on phlegm, stop drinking them and start expectorants (based on herbal preparations, and ambroxol - lazolvan, Ambrohexal).

Ekaterina Zagratkina

have a drink. even though the chest elixir. if you make a thyme and add it to tea. coughing is always dry at first. Warm drink. milk with mineral water

Whether it is possible to use simultaneously tablets ATSTS and AmbroGeksal ???


Mikola Antipas

not only it is possible, but it is necessary. Will explain:

ATSTS - direct mukolitik - that is, acting directly on sputum - tearing in it the connection and phlegm is diluted (moreover, all kinds of sputum - mucous, purulent, mucopurulent + snot). The speed of the onset of the effect is 30 minutes.

Ambroheksal - expectorant, the mechanism of action is due to an increase in the surfactant - a broncho-pulmonary secret. Promotes the "swelling" of phlegm, as well as a better distribution of antibiotics on the surface of the lungs. The speed of the onset of the effect is 48 hours.

Thus, we get: if you have a cold or ARD and started coughing (usually starts dry at first), which means that there is already sputum (there is inflammation of the bronchi and there is sputum), but it is extremely dry - we start taking ACTS and Ambrohexal - the first one will help you to fight sputum immediately, the second will ensure complete removal of its residues through 2 day. Plus, ATSTS also has an antitoxic effect (stimulates the production of glutathione) - which is very important if you have a viral cold or ARI

Vladimir Popov

Vodka without beer is money to the wind.
What for? Is it interesting for you to try? Try, then write.


preparations of one group, but different mechanism of action. In principle, it is possible, but I would recommend that you stop at the ACC.

c s

and plus 5-7 titles-will definitely help

Yojik v tumane


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