Syrup Irish moss from cough

Icelandic moss is an effective cough remedy

moss and cough treatment

Icelandic moss is an effective plant, thanks to which it is possible to eliminate such an unpleasant manifestation of a cold as a cough. It is he who provides a lot of inconvenience, especially at night. Most people start panicking in pharmacies and look for an effective and inexpensive cough suppressant, not suspecting a plant such as Irish moss. It allows you to eliminate a cough that has arisen for various reasons: a cold or an allergy, as well as a mixed type.


Icelandic moss can boast of its amazing healing characteristics. His homeland is America and Europe. But in Iceland it grows much more often. Its composition is very rich in such components:

  • carbohydrates;
  • proteins;
  • fats;
  • acids;
  • microelements (iodine, iron, manganese, etc.).
Icelandic moss from cough

The presence of polysaccharides allows preparations based on Icelandic moss to have an enveloping effect. But the antibacterial effect on the body is lichenic acid. In addition to fighting cough, Icelandic moss also has its positive effect in the treatment of ulcers, gastritis, anemia and diaper rash.

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The video describes the use of Icelandic moss from a cough:

As for contraindications, this natural medicine is practically absent. During its entire use in humans, no toxic or side effects were found. In addition, pregnant women actively use this component to treat cough. Although Icelandic moss has such positive properties, it is not recommended to use it without a doctor's appointment.

But small children to give such a medicine is very difficult, because it tastes not very pleasant.To somehow mask this, it is better to prepare a decoction based on milk, then the medicine will get a sweetish taste. To treat a child, it is better to use ready-made syrup for coughing on the basis of Icelandic moss.It tastes sweet, so the small patient will not be capricious, but will gladly take the medicine.

Children generally prefer syrup to other forms of medication. For the treatment of cough in children also use: sirooa kahornya altakeki (here you can find instructions), onion syrup for children, cough syrup Erespal and other medications.

How to brew and take

Irish moss is actively used to treat cough. It can be used as a ready-made version, and prepare the healing broth yourself. The method of preparation and the necessary dosage is determined taking into account the cough to be eliminated.

With tuberculosis

To prepare the medicine, take 4 tablespoons of the main component and pour 400 ml of water. Cook over medium heat for 5 minutes, and then strain and take everything throughout the day.

On the video - an instruction how to brew icelandic moss from a cough:

With pertussis

To eliminate this symptom, use the following: dessert spoon of thyme and Icelandic moss pour boiling water. Infuse the broth for 5 minutes, clean the broth from the grass, take a glass 3 times a day.

Icelandic moss brewing

With bronchitis

In enameled dishes place a glass of milk, a tablespoon of moss. Cover with a lid and put on a fire. Cook the broth for half an hour. The received means to take in a warm form, before going on a night rest. On the link you can read more how to treat bronchitis. Also read how to properly treat the bronchi in a child. Also, read what medications bronchitis is treated.


To overcome a strong paroxysmal cough, it is necessary to apply the following tincture. Take 40 g of the main ingredient and pour alcohol. After a week the drink is ready for use. It is enough only 10 drops 2 times a day.

Milk and moss and milk

With bronchial asthma

Take 2 dessert spoons of moss and 200 ml of boiling water. Combine the two components in a bowl, insist half an hour to take 2 large spoons 6 times throughout the day. It is advisable to take a decoction before eating. The duration of therapy is 10 days. Then make a rest for 3 days and continue again.

For colds and allergies

This symptom should be eliminated with the help of infusion, for which take 2 tablespoons of crushed moss. Pour it with a liter of water, set on a plate. When the water boils, cover the pan with a lid and cook over low heat for another half hour.

Icelandic moss with cough

To understand, the broth is ready on such factor, as a consistence of the kisselike form. After this, the product can be filtered and left in the refrigerator. Take this medicine is necessary for cold cough in the amount of 2 liters per day, for allergies - 1 liter. Presented infusion does not have an exquisite taste, for this reason, before using it, dilute the medicine with water.

cough with green expectoration in adults

What does cough with green expectoration in adults mean?

Read how to prepare the root of ginger from a cough.

Approximate prices for children's drops in the nose:

In the form of tablets and syrup

Preparations based on this unique product can be bought at a pharmacy. There they are presented in the form of tablets and suspensions.


Such a medicine can be taken with ENT diseases. The tablet is absorbed or swallowed. Adults may use the pill by inhalation. To do this, it is necessary to crush it into powder and inhale alternately in one, and then in another nostril. Such therapy is very effective in rhinitis and sinusitis.

Icelandic moss in the form of tablets

Icelandic moss has components in its composition, due to which it is possible to obtain antibacterial effect. Due to this, tablets can be used in the treatment of cough caused by bronchitis, whooping cough. In addition, such a medicine serves as an effective restorative in the period of recovery from illnesses. Irish moss is used as an auxiliary therapy in the treatment of cough in pulmonary tuberculosis. Also, the tablets perfectly protect against side effects from the use of medications used in chemotherapy.

In addition to Icelandic moss, the tablets also contain such components:

  1. Black elderberry- has a positive effect on the body in the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, which is characterized by cough and high fever.
  2. Sagehas astringent effect, effectively fights with cough during catarrhal diseases of the upper respiratory tract.
  3. Calendulaallows to remove inflammation, has antiseptic and healing effect.


Irish moss in the form of a suspension actively eliminates cough caused by colds. Due to the presence of active components, it is possible to create a protective film and to remove the inflammatory process from the mucous membrane of the pharynx, nose and mouth.

Iceland moss in the form of syrup

Syrup, as well as tablets, has an antibacterial and fortifying effect. The syrup contains no alcohol and cane sugar.

Use the syrup is allowed to children at the age of one year. For adults it is allowed to apply 10 ml 3 times per knock; children 8-16 years old - 5 ml 3 times a day; 1-8 years - 5 ml 2 times a day. There are no gluten in this product, which make it suitable for a gluten-free diet. Can be used in patients with lactose intolerance.


  • Marina, 35 years old: "I am the mother of two children, so I know about bronchitis not by hearsay. At children this disease proceeded with wheezing and whistling. For a long time, the drugs prescribed by the doctor were used, but it was not possible to achieve the desired effect. Then I was advised to give the children infusion based on Irish moss. I brewed it in a thermos, and the kids took 2 tablespoons 3 times a day. We managed to eliminate the cough after 2 weeks. When the next time the child had a cough, I immediately brewed Irish moss and all the symptoms of colds disappeared in a short time. "
  • Tatiana, 23 years old: "A painful cough visited me for a long time. As the doctor told me, this is a sign of an allergy. To tolerate it was already unbearable, and pharmacy drugs did not have the desired effect. Then my mother told me the prescription for a truly amazing medicine. I brewed Irish moss on milk and took medicine for the night. After a week, the intensity of the cough was significantly reduced, and after 3 weeks I was completely healed. "
  • Margarita, 27 years old: "I used this medicine in the form of a suspension. I fell ill with a cold, there was no temperature, but my cough was painful. I immediately went to the pharmacy, where I was advised to use syrup based on Irish moss. I took the drug 3 times a day, according to the dosage indicated in the instructions. I managed to overcome this unpleasant symptom in 2 weeks ".

Icelandic moss is a unique plant that is used to eliminate many diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Drugs prepared on its basis allow very quickly and effectively to overcome such a symptom as a cough. Despite the fact that the plant has no side effects, it is not advisable to consult a specialist before using it.

Icelandic moss from cough

The benefits of Icelandic moss from coughing

Icelandic moss from coughWhen we have a cough, we need to take this as a signal of the onset of the disease. It brings us a lot of inconvenience. These are sleepless nights, and searches for the right medicines and visits to the doctor. Icelandic moss helps cure cough, both cold and allergic. Often there is a mixed form of cough, which is caused by the deterioration of the ecological situation, and the presence of harmful preservatives in food. In these conditions, to select the right drug, which would not only improve our state of health, but also affect the cause of the disease, it takes no time.

Icelandic moss is a perennial lichen. It grows on trees and in soil of tundra and forest-tundra. This is an indicator of the purity of the environment. It grows throughout the Northern Europe and in Russia in wet and sunny areas. The peoples of the north used it as a food additive from ancient times to recover from a serious illness. The thallus was crushed and cooked with a thick, thick broth. He was well absorbed by the body, while increasing the secretion of gastric juice, increased appetite, and regulated the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

The plant contains vitamin B12, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamin C, wax, manganese, zinc. Icelandic moss is rich in iron, copper, molybdenum. It also contains usnicovoy acid, rich in sodium salt. It is used to treat tuberculosis, pertussis, bronchial asthma, since it is one of the best antibiotics.

Icelandic moss from cough syrup

The syrup prepared on the basis of Icelandic moss is an effective immunomodulator. Mucous substances of the plant contain enveloping components that have a beneficial effect on the mucosa of the respiratory tract. As a biologically active additive with uronic acid content, it is prescribed for diseases:

  • acute respiratory viral infection;
  • flu;
  • inflammation of the lungs, bronchitis, pleurisy;
  • tuberculosis of the lungs and bone tuberculosis;
  • postoperative rehabilitation period.

Icelandic moss: application for coughing

Traditional medicine uses the useful properties of Icelandic moss for the removal of inflammation and antibacterial action. To prepare a cough medicine, pour two tablespoons of the finished product into a liter of cold water. After boiling, cook over low heat for an hour. The broth should be a mucous consistency and remind jelly. Infuse for ten minutes with the lid closed, and then drain. Take medicine in a warm form. The remaining part can be placed in the refrigerator, but no more than two days. To reduce bitterness, add sugar.

Here's another recipe: two teaspoons pour a quarter of a glass of cold water. Slowly bring to a boil, remove from heat and strain. Drink three times a day for one cup. You can sweeten with honey.

When bronchitis is recommended to use this recipe from a mixture of Icelandic moss and mother-and-stepmother. Drink one cup each morning. This will facilitate the departure of phlegm and relieve coughing attacks.

It is useful to add thyme when cooking. Half a spoonful of each plant should be filled with a glass of boiling water and insist. Drink one glass three times a day.

Icelandic moss from cough: contraindications

Contraindications to use are:

  • individual intolerance;
  • period of pregnancy and lactation;
  • diabetes.

Icelandic moss from children coughing

Using Icelandic moss to treat a child's cough is effective, but the baby may not like the taste of the medicine. When preparing the broth, use the recipe with milk. In enamelware, pour a glass of milk and put a tablespoon of moss. Put it on the fire for thirty minutes. Obtain the resulting broth, and give the child a warm bath before going to bed.

Icelandic moss: application for coughing

Where to buy Icelandic moss from cough

Icelandic moss or Cetraria can be bought in the form of grass or tea drink. They are sold both in city pharmacies, and in online pharmacies, or on specialized sites. Delivery is carried out in any city.

Icelandic moss from cough отзывы

Elena: "Icelandic moss helped to get rid of long-term treatment"

Pluses:quickly got rid of a cough

Disadvantages:did not find

I have two children of five and three. Both very often had bronchitis with strong wheezing and whistling. We have been treated for a very long time and observed by different specialists, but the immunity did not improve, and the illnesses continued. I was advised to brew Icelandic moss in a thermos, and gave the children two tablespoons three times a day before meals. Once again a cough started, but we did without serious medications and cough was gone in four days. I was very surprised and pleased. Now he uses this remedy as strengthening, and we practically do not get sick.

Catherine: "This tool really works"

Pluses:inexpensive and effective medicine

Disadvantages:in ordinary pharmacies it is difficult to find

Cough has tormented me for a very long time. Any cold always leads to bronchitis. I went to many doctors, all kinds of procedures were prescribed, but nothing helped. People began to think about me that I had a smoker's cough, although I did not smoke, and I never smoked. The neighbor on her own experience tried the healing properties of Icelandic moss and advised me. I decided to follow her advice, not particularly hoping for a result. Brewed grass in a thermos and drank before bed. Two days later I felt a sharp relief, and a couple of days later the cough completely went away. For six months, bronchitis did not return to me, and I did not even catch a cold, although there was a period of epidemic. I realized that not only cured cough, but also thoroughly strengthened the immune system of my body. I recommend this miraculous plant to everyone. In order not to look for Icelandic moss in pharmacies throughout the city, order online. It is much more convenient and even cheaper.

Icelandic moss from cough

Icelandic moss

Lichen, which is called Icelandic moss, has long been known to northern peoples, who used it from time to time as a fortifying agent. It can be found in the middle belt and in the north, in the tundra, in the pine forests, in the forest-tundra, in the marshes and in the swamps. It grows directly on the soil and on the stump of stumps, preferring an unshadowed and sandy terrain, as well as clean air.

Composition of moss

In moss contains about 75% of mucus, which envelops the mucous membranes. In addition, it contains lichenic acids (licesteric, fumarprototsentrarovaya, protolyihesterinovaya, usynovaya and many others), which give it a specific bitter taste, and also cause its antibiotic and tonic properties.

In addition, Icelandic moss has a valuable substance in its composition, like sodium sulphate, which helps to cope with the tubercle bacillus. And also it contains iodine, enzymes, pigments, starch, wax, sugars and vitamins B1, B12 and A.

Properties of moss

Icelandic moss is appreciated, above all, for its antiseptic properties. Usninovaya acid, which it contains, has a pronounced antiseptic effect. And licesterinovaja and protohlichesterinovaja acids have high antimicrobial activity concerning such dangerous causative agents of diseases, as streptococcuses and staphylococci. Usinat sodium promotes the healing of various burns and wounds, including those infected.

Slime, which is very rich in moss, helps reduce inflammation in the pharynx, nose, mouth, and intestines and stomach. In addition, these mucus have also calming properties. Therefore, for the treatment of cough, medicines made from this plant are often used. In addition, sometimes moss is recommended to brew to rinse the infused sore with a sore throat.

Of course, Icelandic moss, like any other medicine, can be prescribed exclusively by a doctor. Indications for its use can be not only colds accompanied by cough, but also such serious pathologies like pertussis, tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, bronchitis and chronic obstructive disease lungs. And since moss has a general toning effect, it is also used in the treatment of depleted and severely weakened patients.

Mash Preparation

Icelandic moss is successfully used to treat many pathologies accompanied by coughing. Some people buy this lichen in the pharmacy, but in summer it can be procured on their own. Finding this moss in the forest, you need to carefully cut off its roots with scissors, which usually have a slightly rusty hue.

At home, the collected raw materials must be carefully sorted out, removing from it all the sticks, needles and other unnecessary impurities. After this, it must be dried in the sun, outdoors or using a special dryer.

Folk recipes

Many diseases that are accompanied by a cough are recommended to be treated with Icelandic moss. For example, with tuberculosis, you can make a decoction from this plant. To do this, 4 tablespoons of lichen tablets should be poured with 2 cups of boiled cold water and boil for 5 minutes. The resulting broth should be well filtered, cooled and taken 3 times a day for a couple of small sips.

When pertussis will help tea, for the preparation of which you need a teaspoon of lichen and thyme pour a glass of boiling water. The resulting mixture should be allowed to infuse for about 5 minutes, and then strain it. Take tea should be on the cup no more than 3 times in one day.

With bronchitis in an enamel bowl, pour 250 ml of milk and put a tablespoon of crushed moss. Then the bowl should be covered with a lid and left on fire for about half an hour. The resulting broth is drunk hot before going to bed.

With a strong cough, it is recommended to take a tincture, for which about 40 grams of dried lichen is poured a glass of sixty-degree alcohol. After the mixture is infused for 7 days, it can take 10 drops.

Medicines that contain Icelandic moss

Pharmacies sell drugs that include Icelandic moss. For example, the German drug Isla is great for treating a sore throat. These gel lozenges, intended for resorption, are of two types: Isla Mint and Isla Moos. Both contain an extract of acacia flowers, and the composition of Isla Mint also includes mint oil.

Tablets for coughing Icelandic moss
These lozenges perfectly protect and moisturize irritated mucous membranes, at the same time, increasing local immunity. Preparations of Isla, due to the fact that they have antibacterial effect, will help with infectious and inflammatory pathologies of the throat.Cough syrup containing Icelandic moss
In some pharmacies, you can find a syrup, prepared on the basis of a liquid extract of Icelandic moss. It is used to treat cough in ARI, whooping cough, flu, chronic or acute bronchitis. Syrup can not be taken by those who have diabetes or do not tolerate any of the components of the drug.

How to brew Icelandic moss from a cough? Application of Icelandic moss in folk medicine

Lichen, which is called Icelandic moss, is known from ancient times to the northern peoples, who used it as a fortifying aid. You can meet him in the north and in the middle lane, in pine forests, tundra, chasers, forest-tundra, and also in swamps. It grows on the stump of the stumps and directly on the soil, preferring a sandy and uneven terrain, clean air. From this article we learn what it is, its useful properties, including how to brew Icelandic moss from a cough.

how to brew Icelandic moss from a cough

Botanical description

The height of the plant is 12 centimeters. It is a bush with widely spaced leaves. Its individual branches are up to 10 centimeters wide, mostly bent. Their outer side is olive to dark green, the lower one is light brown, light green, often with spots of white color.


It contains about 75% of mucus, enveloping the mucous membranes. In addition, there are lichenic acids (fumarprototsentrarovaya, licesterinovoy, ussinovaya, protolyihesterinovaya and etc.), which are given to him a bitterish specific taste, in addition, determine its tonic and antibiotic properties. Icelandic moss also has sodium sulphate in its composition. It helps to get rid of a tubercle bacillus. In addition, it contains enzymes, iodine, starch, pigments, sugars, waxes and vitamins.


The plant is valued for its high antiseptic properties. The usnicic acid contained in it possesses an antiseptic pronounced effect. And protohlichesterinovaja and лихестериновая acids have antimicrobic high activity concerning various dangerous originators of illnesses, among which staphylococci and streptococci.

Usinat sodium helps healing various wounds and burns, including those infected. Reducing the inflammation of the nose, pharynx, mouth, stomach and intestines is facilitated by mucus, which is rich in Icelandic moss. From coughing (how to brew it, we'll tell you a little later) it is also an effective tool. For this, medicines made from this plant are often used.

Sometimes moss can be brewed, so that the infusion can be rinsed with a sore throat. Of course, Icelandic moss can be prescribed only by a specialist for treatment.

Iceland moss for coughing

Indications for using it can be various colds accompanied by a cough, and serious pathologies, including tuberculosis, whooping cough, obstructive chronic lung disease, bronchitis and bronchial asthma. In addition, moss has a tonic effect, it is used in the treatment of severely weakened and depleted patients.


The plant is successfully used to treat various pathologies accompanied by coughing. Some people who already know how to brew Icelandic moss from a cough, this lichen is bought in a pharmacy, although it is possible to prepare it in the summer with their own hands.

Finding this moss in the forest, it is necessary to carefully cut off its roots with scissors - basically they have a slightly reddish hue. Collected raw materials at home must be carefully sorted out, remove from it all needles, sticks and other excess impurities. Then it should be dried in the sun. Now let's talk about how to brew Icelandic moss from a cough.


Various diseases with a cough can be treated with this plant. So, with tuberculosis will help decoction from it. To do this, 4 spoons of lichen should be poured over with two glasses of cool boiled water, then boil for 5 minutes. Ready-made broth should be well filtered and taken thrice a day for 2 gulps.

how to brew Icelandic moss from a cough for children

Now we learn how to brew Icelandic moss from a cough in milk. You need to pour a glass of milk in an enamel bowl and put a spoonful of crushed moss there. Then the bowl should be covered with a lid and put on fire for half an hour. A ready-made broth is used for bronchitis before going to bed hot.

With whooping cough, the next tea will help you. You need a teaspoon of thyme and lichen to pour a glass of boiling water. The resulting mixture should be allowed to infuse for about five minutes, after which it should be filtered. Tea should be taken on the cup about 3 times a day.

It is recommended when using a strong cough to use tincture, for the preparation of which you need 40 grams of lichen. It must be filled with a glass of 60-degree alcohol. After a week, the mixture can take ten drops.

Preparations with Icelandic moss

In modern pharmacies are sold drugs that contain Icelandic moss. So, the drug "Isla" is suitable for the treatment of a sore throat. These gel lozenges, which are designed for resorption, produce two types: "Isla Moos" and "Isla Mint". In both is an extract of acacia flowers, while the latter also includes mint oil.

how to brew icelandic moss from a cough in milk

These lozenges moisturize well and protect mucous irritated membranes, increasing immunity. These drugs, having antibacterial properties, will help with inflammatory diseases of the throat. In addition, in some pharmacies you can find syrup, which includes Icelandic moss from cough. How to brew a plant in this case, it does not matter, because it is already a ready-made preparation.

They use it for whooping cough, acute respiratory disease, acute or chronic bronchitis, influenza for cough. It can not be consumed by people with diabetes mellitus, or who do not tolerate any of its components.

With tuberculosis, you can pour 4 tablespoons of moss with 2 glasses of cool boiled water. The mixture must be brought to a boil, keep on low heat for 5 minutes. Use three times a day for a quarter cup.

Prevention of vitamin deficiency

The same broth to drink, starting from two liters a day, reducing gradually the dose to a glass per day. It is necessary to eat in the spring, it is possible twice a year.

how to brew Icelandic moss from a child cough


So, how to brew Icelandic moss from a cough for children? To do this, a spoonful of moss must be poured a glass of cool milk. Cook with the lid closed in enamel ware on a small fire for about 30 minutes. Drink before going to bed warm.

Emphysema of the lungs, chronic bronchitis

Now we learn how to brew Icelandic moss from cough with the above diseases. A mixture of mother-and-stepmother and moss (in equal proportions) weakens coughing attacks and facilitates expectoration. To do this, 2 tablespoons of the mixture should be poured a glass of cool water, bring it slowly to a boil, then strain. Eat one cup twice a day.

Whooping cough

Not everyone knows how to brew Icelandic moss from coughing to children. For this, the mixture of this plant and thyme is taken in the same proportions. Spoon the mixture you need to pour a glass of boiling water, insist 5 minutes. Use 1 cup twice a day.

Stomach ulcer

It is necessary to take in the same proportions the seeds of flax, Icelandic moss, and also the root of the althaea. Pour the spoon of the prepared mixture with two glasses of hot water. All this boil for 7 minutes on a small fire, drain. Eat one third of glass five times a day.

how to brew Icelandic moss from cough folk medicine

Purulent wounds, boils, burns, ulcers

So, from this article we learned how to brew icelandic moss from a cough. But how to use it for such skin diseases? For this purpose, the lotions from the decoction, superimposed on the wound, as well as washing are suitable. Powder from dried moss can be used as a powder.

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