What pills to drink for colds

Tip 1: What Drugs to Drink for Colds

In the autumn-winter period, the risk of getting cold is especially great. To date, on the shelves of pharmacies, the choice of medicines for colds is very large. However, do not engage in self-medication, buying this or that drug. First, consult a doctor.


  1. Increasingly, a variety of medications are advised from television screens, including colds. Of course, such drugs as "Ferveks "Teraflu "Coldrex in fact, help to remove the first symptoms of the disease: sore throat, swelling of the nose, a feeling of aching muscles, fever, headache. But this is directly "first aid". Such medicines eliminate only the symptoms, but do not cure a cold. Admission of such drugs is justified in the case when the disease only comes up, but before you leave work you need to finish urgent business. Specialists do not recommend abusing these drugs, as their composition, as a rule, includes paracetamol. When overdosing, serious problems with the liver, kidneys and heart can occur.
  2. To facilitate a dry cough with a cold, which is caused by perspiration and discomfort in the throat, it is recommended to take mucolytic drugs. This is the so-called class of drugs that effectively and painlessly dilute sputum, removing it from the bronchi. For example, "Ambroxol "Bromgexin "ACTS". It is very important to drink a large amount of warm liquid - herbal infusions, mors, and tea. If possible, various inhalations with herbal remedies are especially useful for coughing. For infusions, it is recommended to choose breast picks, lime blossom, eucalyptus, chamomile.
  3. To cleanse the nose for a cold very deserved popularity received such sprays as "Otrivin "Akvalor "Aquamaris". In addition, these drugs can be used as a prophylaxis - after visiting crowded places during the flu epidemic. With a blocked nose and difficulty breathing, vasoconstrictive drops should be used. For example, "Naftizin "Sanorin "Galazolin". Such drugs effectively remove the swelling of the nasal mucosa. Please note: vasoconstrictor drops are not recommended for use for more than 7-10 days.
  4. Among the popular homeopathic remedies that doctors often prescribe to patients for the treatment and prevention of colds are Anaferon and Otsilokoktsinum. In addition, antiviral capsules "Arbidol drops in the nose "Grippferon suppositories "Viferon" have proved themselves in the pharmaceutical market. These drugs have an immunostimulating effect. They are used for complex therapy.
  5. Antibiotics can be taken solely for the purpose of the attending physician. As a rule, they are prescribed in case the patient is confirmed with a bacterial infection. Note: uncontrolled use of antibiotics can cause serious consequences.


What pills to drink for colds

Without a common cold and flu, there is not a single cold season. We spend money on expensive medicines, trying to quickly get rid of all the unpleasant symptoms, forgetting about effective and inexpensive drugs. Meanwhile, there are pills for colds, which are several times cheaper than the advertised counterparts. The main thing - to understand the mechanism of action of drugs, use them competently and purposefully.

What pills to drink with flu and colds

Drugs that help cope with colds, SARS, acute respiratory infections, influenza, are divided into two groups. The first of these is for symptomatic treatment. Tablets from the common cold of this group have antipyretic (aspirin), antihistamine (dibazol), anesthetizing, vasoconstrictor, diluting sputum (acce) action, are struggling with the following manifestations diseases:

  • nasal congestion;
  • elevated temperature;
  • lacrimation;
  • itching;
  • pain in the muscles;
  • swelling of the mucous membranes.

The second group of drugs affects the immunity and causative agent of the disease. They are appointed only in case of detection of the viral nature of the common cold. Funds of this category include:

  • inducers of interferon;
  • viral protein blockers;
  • inhibitors of neuraminidase.

Antiviral drugs

Medicines for colds of antiviral action do not belong to antibiotics. Their task is not to destroy the pathogen, but to destroy its protein membrane, which blocks the development of the virus in the body. Antibiotics for colds are prescribed only if there are bacterial complications. Popular effective antiviral drugs:

  1. "Tamiflu" is a drug based on oseltamivir (azintomivir, aziltomirin). Suitable for an adult and a child.
  2. "Grippferon" is a complex preparation based on interferon alfa-2b.
  3. Relenza. The main active substance of the drug is zanamivir. It is prescribed for treatment of influenza A, B.
  4. "Ingavirin" is an effective remedy for swine flu, ARVI.
  5. «Amiksin». The analogue of the preparation is Tiloron and Lavomax.
  6. "Arbidol" is a drug for the treatment of influenza A, B, subtypes H1N1, H2N2, H3N2 and H5N1.
  7. "Acyclovir" is an antiviral drug based on thymidine nucleoside.
  8. "Cycloferon" is a drug containing methylglucamine acridone acetate.


To this kind of medicines are homeopathic and synthetic medicines. With catarrhal diseases, thymus preparations, interferons, cytokines are prescribed:

  • "Imunofan
  • Betaleikin;
  • "Timogen
  • "Amiksin
  • Aflubin;
  • "Roncoleicin
  • "Kipferon;
  • Ribomunil;
  • "Bronhomunal
  • "Pyrogenal
  • "Galavit
  • "Dyuzifon."

It should be remembered that it is impossible to take synthetic immunity modulators on your own. Assigning them, the doctor necessarily takes into account the age of the patient, the degree of weakening of the body's defenses, the variety of the disease. In some cases, stimulation of immunity is limited to the intake of vitamins or medicines of natural origin (tincture of echinacea, eleutherococcus, ginger, medinitsa, chicory, etc.).

List of the best drugs for treating colds in adults and children

Modern combined cold preparations for simultaneous symptomatic treatment:

  • Anaferon;
  • Arbidol;
  • "Baralgetas
  • "Antigrippin
  • "Grammidine
  • "Coldrex
  • Kagocel;
  • Remantadin;
  • "Rinza
  • "Rinikold
  • Sinupret;

Tablets that help quickly get rid of cough:

  • Butamirat;
  • Glaucin;
  • Mukaltin;
  • "Dextromethorphan
  • "Ledvropropizin
  • Prenoxediazine.

From a sore throat:

  • Strepsils;
  • "The Trachian
  • "Linkas
  • "Grammidine
  • Septefril;
  • Faryngosept;
  • "Lisobakt".

Homeopathic preparations:

  • "Ocillococcinum
  • Aflubin;
  • "Engystol
  • "Aconite".

What can I drink to pregnant and lactating mothers

Antiviral in ARVI in its most contraindicated during pregnancy, feeding newborns, so the main task of women is the prevention of colds. If you can not get rid of the disease, you have to choose safe drugs that help to knock down heat, cope with a cough, giving an anti-inflammatory effect. From a fever it is best to take paracetamol. This medicine has both antipyretic and analgesic effects. Analogues of "Paracetamol" - "Panadol "Efferalgan."

Safe (according to the instructions!) For pregnant and lactating mothers, medicines for sore throat will be pills based on lysozyme (natural enzyme) - Laripront, Lizobakt. Tablets for colds, accompanied by a strong cough, will be "Lazolvan "ACTS" (powder), "Coldrex broncho" (syrup). Homeopathic "Ocillococcinum "Anaferon "Aflubin" are also allowed. In any case, the medication should be agreed with the doctor, who will make a final verdict in favor of or prohibition of any medication.

What drugs are inexpensive but effective for preventing colds

Pharmaceutical companies offer a huge assortment of cold pills, which are easy to find cheap analogs. Thus, for example, most combined drugs for symptomatic treatment include paracetamol, which tops the rating of cold tablets. You can take it at the beginning of the disease. High-speed effervescent aspirin will successfully replace inexpensive acetylsalicylic acid, and included in antiviral drugs interferon is easy to find in pharmacies as an independent medicine for prevention influenza.

To this end, it is worth using oxolin ointment, inexpensive tincture of eleutherococcus or rhodiola rosea, ascorbic acid. Expensive "Immunal" will be replaced by a tincture of Echinacea, "Nurofen" - "Ibuprofen "Lazolvan" and "Ambrobene" - "Ambroxol "Mukaltin tablets "From a cough". Gargling with throats of furacilin tablets will help either "Strepsils" or "Grammidine."

Feedback on results after application

Marina, 30 years old: The best medicine for ORZ than the powerful "Cycloferon" I just do not know. Excellent cope with a viral infection in five to six days! I bought the notorious "Coldrex "Teraflu" and other new-fangled medicines, but paracetamol is much more effective and cheaper! I recommend everyone to take our domestic analogues of expensive imported tablets and not to overpay money.

Irina, 36 years old: I caught a cold one time at a conference where I had to make a report. Coryza, the temperature is just a nightmare. I asked the pharmacy to choose something effective, I was advised to "Rinikold". I drank a pill at night, and then in the morning. All the symptoms as a hand took off! It was easy to perform, in the photo the nose was not red. So the tablets are excellent, but they need to drink according to the scheme, every 4 hours.

Dmitry, 56 years old: Do not buy expensive imported pills for colds. Instead, take a package of paracetamol, Echinacea and ascorbic in the pharmacy. It's just that they are part of all sorts of cadavers. To not get sick, use oxolin ointment and interferon, and on the temperature of drinking aspirin. Do not be tempted by fashionable names, at the first sign of inflammation drink "Ibuprofen" and "Paracetamol".


Drugs for colds. What drugs to take with colds

The risk of catching an acute respiratory disease persists people at any time of the year, even in hot summer. But especially colds sicken us in the winter months, as well as in the off-season. What medications for colds can help get rid of it most quickly and effectively? Our review is devoted to this question.

Antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drugs

When we catch cold, then, as a rule, our temperature rises, nasal congestion, perspiration in the throat, coughing are unpleasant symptoms, to be sure. What drugs for cold will help to quickly relieve the condition, lower the temperature, remove puffiness in the nasopharynx, slow or even stop the development of inflammatory processes in the body? There are three tested, reliable and universal medicines:

- "Aspirin

- "Ibuprofen


All of the listed cold tablets are widely used in therapy directed against ARI, but today it is considered that "Paracetamol" is the safest. It is produced not only in tablets, but also in the form of rectal suppositories, syrups and drops (for small children). Analogues are preparations "Panadol" Efferalgan "Kalpol" Flutabs "and others. medicines. On the basis of paracetamol, many modern preparations for influenza and cold are produced:

  • "Fervex
  • "Solpadeen
  • "Caffetin
  • "Coldrex
  • "Teraflu
  • "Rince
  • "Maksikold
  • "Parkotset
  • "Sedalgin
  • "Grippex" and others.

A question may arise: "If all these drugs for the treatment of cold unites paracetamol, then how do they differ from each other?" A business in that all of the listed drugs include various additional components that help the body to cope more quickly with disease. For example, in the notorious "Fervex except paracetamol, there are still other substances such as ascorbic acid and poriramine, in" Solpadein "are contained in small doses of codeine and caffeine, etc.

What can be dangerous paracetamol

This drug is well tolerated by most patients, it has relatively few contraindications. In favor of paracetamol is the fact that this medicine is approved for use even in infants (in droplets and syrups). Nevertheless, even the safest drugs for colds can have some side effects on the body. And the drug "Paracetamol" is not an exception.

In the press, they write a lot about medical research, claiming that this drug, taken in a child's age, is able to further provoke the development of asthma in adolescents, and also contributes to the emergence of eczema and allergic rhinitis. Therefore, cold medicines for children should not be used without a good reason and without consulting a doctor.

Paracetamol adversely affects the liver (however, like many other drugs), so patients with severe diseases of this body should take this drug with great care.

Drugs from the common cold

What remedy for cold and flu can effectively fight with nasal congestion with a cold? Such a drug should be sought among the so-called decongestants - drugs that have the ability to narrow the blood vessels, so that they can remove the swelling of the nasopharynx, and the sick person gets the opportunity relatively freely breathe.

These drugs are available in the form of tablets, as well as in the form of drops, ointments and sprays. The most popular today are sprays, drops and emulsions. All vasoconstrictive drugs can be divided into three groups: short, medium and long.

To drugs from the common cold shorts are:

  • "Sanorin
  • "Tysin
  • "Naphthyzine"

The advantage of these drops is their quick action and inexpensive price, and the disadvantage is that they "work" only a few hours, and sometimes even less. Meanwhile, they can be buried in the nose no more than 4 times a day.

Drugs of medium duration:

  • "Rinostop
  • "Ximelin
  • "Galazoline
  • "Xylen
  • "Otrivin".

The composition of these drops and sprays includes the substance xylometazoline. It is thanks to him, in these drugs, the duration of the action (up to 10 hours) is successfully combined with high efficiency. Disadvantage: these drugs can not be buried in the nose of children up to the age of two, and their use should not last more than 7 days.

Drugs for colds with a runny nose:

  • "Nazol
  • "Nazivin".

Use these funds is allowed only twice a day and not more than 3 consecutive days. They are capable of providing free breathing for a long time. The disadvantage is that prolonged vasospasm acts destructively on the mucous membrane of the nose. Contraindications for use are the age of the child under 1 year, pregnancy, as well as diabetes and kidney disease.

If you have a sore throat

We will continue to study the issue of how to fight against flu and colds. Drugs that are used for this, can not be limited only to tablets from temperature and drops for the nose. If the throat hurts, and this happens in ARI in most cases, then effective medications are also needed for it.

Today, very popular are various absorbable lozenges and pills that can have a local anti-inflammatory effect, as well as aerosols:

  • "Inhaliptus
  • "Propofol"
  • "Cameton
  • "Tharyngosept
  • "Akvalor throat
  • "Yoks
  • "Laripront
  • "Strepsils
  • "Hexoral
  • "Terraflu LAR
  • "Neptune Neo
  • "Septolelet Plus
  • "Anti-Anginas
  • "Ajicept
  • "Sebidine
  • "Stopangin" and others.

The big plus of the listed drugs is that they are indicated for topical application, their penetration into the body is negligible, they practically do not flow into the blood. Meanwhile, these drugs have a strong effect against viruses and microbes, which, in case of colds, actively multiply in the mouth and cause inflammation and sore throat.

However, one must understand that with severe angina such medications can not cope entirely with the disease. The attending physician usually prescribes effective pills for influenza and colds, sometimes even antibiotics. You can also read about them in our article.

What will help cough

Runny nose, sore throat, fever is not all symptoms of ARI. If a person coughs badly for colds, what to drink then? It will be better if the doctor prescribes the medicine on the basis of the diagnosis, because cough can be caused by different causes (bronchitis, laryngitis, pneumonia, tracheitis, etc.). In addition, the cough can be dry or wet, with the spitting of phlegm.

To get rid of dry painful cough used such tools as:

  • "Kodelak
  • "Stopoutsin
  • "Terpinkod
  • "Tussin plus
  • "Sinecode
  • "Neo-coding
  • "Cophanol
  • "Insty
  • "Glycodine
  • "Butamirate
  • "Bronhicum
  • "The Falimint
  • "Hexapnevmin" and others. preparations.

Expectorants for the treatment of wet cough:

  • "Bromhexine
  • "Lazolvan
  • "ACC
  • "Mukaltin
  • "Toussine
  • "Glyceram
  • "Ambrobene etc.


Sometimes the illness is so strong that the doctor decides to appoint the most powerful drugs to the patient, which are available in the arsenal of modern pharmacology. What antibiotics for a cold should be taken to the patient - only a qualified doctor can decide. The fact is that different bacterial drugs affect different types of bacteria. Here is a list of modern antibiotics, which are most often used in the treatment of acute respiratory disease, bronchitis, pneumonia, tracheitis, etc.:

1. Penicillin group:

  • "Amoxicillin
  • "Amoxiclav
  • "Augmentin" and others.

These drugs are effective against bacteria that cause inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.

2. Group of cephalosporins:

  • "Zinzef
  • "Zinnat
  • Supraks.

Drugs of this group help with bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy.

3. Group of macrolides:

  • "SummaMed
  • "Hemomycin".

This is one of the strongest antibiotics of the last generation. They are able to cope fairly quickly even with SARS.

Antiviral drugs

Often people identify flu with colds. This is because the symptoms are similar in many respects. With the flu, the throat also hurts, the nose does not breathe, the head hurts, the body temperature rises, etc. That's why, when self-medicated, grief-sick people try to fight the flu by taking usual anti-cold medications, including antibiotics, which can be very harmful for themselves.

Meanwhile, you need to know that the nature of the flu is not bacterial, as in conventional ARI, but viral. And this means that antiviral drugs are needed to fight the disease. The following medicines are most often used in complex therapy for the treatment of influenza:

  • "Amiksin
  • "Kagocel
  • "Arbidol
  • "Relenza
  • "Grippferon
  • "Rimantadine
  • "Midantan
  • "Ribamidyl
  • Interferon.

Medicines that strengthen immunity

When we are already sick, the flu and cold pills, of course, will help to quickly overcome the disease and get well, but there are medicines with which you can strengthen immunity and avoid infection even in the peak of the epidemic ARI.

Very popular and safe are immunomodulators, which are produced on a plant basis:

  • "Immunal
  • "Tincture of Echinacea
  • Extract of echinacea "Dr. Theiss
  • "Tincture of ginseng
  • "Extract of Eleutherococcus
  • "Tincture of Chinese magnolia vine".

It is also possible to increase the resistance of the body to catarrhal diseases with the help of medicines that contain microscopic doses of enzymes of various pathogens (streptococcus, staphylococcus, pneumococcus and other). In the pharmacy network the following drugs are sold for the prevention of colds from this group:

  • "Lycopid
  • "Ribomunil
  • "Broncho Munal
  • "Imudon
  • "IRS-19".


With a cold, what else to drink? Usually the doctor necessarily prescribes vitamins to his patients who have taken up ARI. In no case should not neglect this recommendation, because these drugs effectively strengthen the body of a sick person, stimulate immunity, help the damaged cells to regenerate, e. Here is the list of vitamins that we need for a successful fight against the common cold:

1. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid, or ascorbic acid). This is the most powerful assistant in ARI. It is able to actively inhibit the multiplication of viruses and bacteria. When ailments a day, it is recommended to take 1000-1500 mg of vitamin C;

2. Thiamine (B1). It promotes the regeneration of damaged epithelial cells of the upper respiratory tract.

3. Riboflavin is a vitamin B2. It needs an organism for the synthesis of antibodies.

4. Pyridoxine is a vitamin B6. Participates in the regenerative processes of nerve endings when the disease is affected by the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract.

5. Nicotinic acid is a vitamin PP. Thanks to it, blood circulation improves, vessels are restored.

6. Retinol - vitamin A. This is a very necessary element for the successful regeneration of epithelial cells.

7. Tocopherol - vitamin E. It has powerful antioxidant properties; can stimulate the immune system.

Of course, vitamins enter our body with food, but this is not enough, especially in winter and spring. In the pharmacy you can buy universal multivitamin complexes, for example:

  • "Complivit
  • "Multivit
  • "Polivit
  • "Undeeth
  • "Pangexavite
  • "Oligovit
  • "Nutrisan
  • "Macrovite
  • "Hexavit" and many others.

There are multivitamin preparations, the action of which is enhanced by useful mineral substances. Independently to understand the abundance of vitamin funds is difficult, so it is better to rely on the choice of a doctor.

Medications for children

Drugs for colds for children should be prescribed by a pediatrician. After all, individual drugs from an adult home medicine chest can be harmful to children. But to have at hand some proven drugs in the family, where there is a baby, is also necessary.

Antipyretics for children:

  • "Panadol" children's candlelight or in suspension.
  • Analogues of "Panadol" Cefekon "Kalpol" Efferalgan. "

Cough medicine:

  • Syrup "Tussin".
  • A solution or syrup "Lazolvan".
  • "Sinecod" in drops or syrup (from a dry cough).

For ears, throat and nose:

  • "Nazol Kids" and "Nazol Baby" (spray and drops) - from the common cold.
  • "Otypaks" - droplets for the ears, not containing an antibiotic.
  • "Aqua-Maris" - a weak solution of sea salt in the form of a spray. It moisturizes and cleanses the mucous membranes of the throat and nose. Analogues: "Salfin" and "Valleys".

The listed funds are enough to hold out until the doctor arrives.

Folk remedies

Good cold pills - it's certainly great! But some people, for various reasons, prefer to be treated purely by natural means. Well, folk medicine can offer a lot of excellent recipes and recommendations. Here are some of the most versatile and effective:

1. Raspberry tea is a remedy for colds and flu, which has been used by mankind since time immemorial. Raspberry berries in dried form or in the form of jam will help to quickly lower the temperature, they have antipyretic properties, since they contain natural salicylic acid. In addition, in raspberries in sufficiently large quantities there is vitamin C.

2. In the gruel, garlic is added honey (proportion:), the drug is thoroughly mixed and given to the patient twice a day, one to two teaspoons. Garlic is also recommended for inhalation. To do this, several of its teeth are crushed, poured with water (1 tbsp.) And boiled for 10 minutes. Then this "shock" medicine can be put in front of the patient, so that he breathes over it.

3. Another remedy (and very effective) for a cold is ordinary milk. Perhaps you do not know that it contains enzymes that enhance immunity, and there is also a tryptophan substance, which contributes to the development of serotonin in the body - a strong soothing. In a liter of milk, you need to add a few spoons of honey, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, bay leaves and a couple of peas of sweet pepper. Bring the milk drug to a boil and insist before use 5 min.

4. If the patient is suffering from cough, you can try to use such a proven means, as the juice of black radish, mixed with honey. The drug is prepared as follows: from the washed root the apex is cut off, a part of the pulp is scraped from the middle, so that an empty cavity is formed. The hole is put honey (2 h. l.), and the radish is closed by a cut top, like a lid. Wait 12 hours - during this time, the juice will be allocated, which, combined with honey, will turn into an antitussive medicine. Take the drug is recommended as follows: for adults - 1 tbsp. l. 3 times a day, for children - 1 hour. l. three times a day.


We are used to fighting flu and cold from time to time. Drugs in the pharmacies are abundant, so most meet the disease with the certainty that it will not be easy to cure. But prevention is a great and necessary thing. Therefore now we will remind, what preventive measures help happily miss each other with a heavy foul:

1. Inoculation against influenza. Every year, doctors warn the public about the need for timely vaccination, but many of us simply ignore it, and in vain.

2. In the cold season, when there is not enough sun in the street, and there are not enough fresh fruits and vegetables on the table, you can and need to feed yourself synthetic vitamin complexes and do not forget about lemon, cranberries, decoction from the hips - all this will save the body from a deficit vitamin C.

3. Oksolinovaya ointment, neatly applied before going out on the mucous membrane of the nose, is a strong shield that can repel attacks of bacteria and viruses.

4. Personal hygiene should be on top. That is the motto "more often to wash hands with soap" is actual as never!

5. The room in which you are, you need to ventilate and conduct mandatory wet cleaning, since in a dry dusty atmosphere, the microbes feel incredibly comfortable.

6. During the epidemic of influenza and acute respiratory disease, it is not recommended to go to popular shopping centers, cinemas, cafes and other places where a lot of people gather. But walks (especially skiing) in the open air in a country park or a forest are excellent for strengthening the body.


Having become acquainted with information about what preparations to take with cold, you can meet ORZ or the flu fully armed. But it's better, of course, never to catch a cold and not get sick! Take care of yourself, we wish you strong health!


To drink at once a lot of tablets for colds


Tatiana Lagunova

Sergei, it depends on what kind of tablet she gave you! If you wrote the names here, I, of course, would answer you... There are absolutely incompatible together... And there are those who need to drink together. Well, for example, "Lazolvan" can be drunk with "Sinupret"... However, SIX is too much, of course. Write me in the commentary all the names of medications and the recommended dose of a neighbor - I'll tell you! I believe that six medicines can strongly damage. Something there is clearly superfluous, Sergei!

Nikita Doroshenko

Better drink something complex - teraflju, koldreks or something anti-catarrhal

Anastasia Kochetova

Harmful. Often in a single pill of the common cold, several substances are combined that help with all the symptoms.


do not you dare drink too much at once. This will have a bad effect on the liver. at first you will not feel, but then the liver will make itself felt.

Alexander Lebedev

You can not get sick without medicine, but you'll get poisoned. Tablets, like other medicines should be drunk strictly according to metered doses, often the doses are indicated on the packages.


horror, she told you from one series, amaferon is right for the immune. and from the others choose one, and not a bunch at once. So you can make an edema of a quincke, allergy medicinal cause, up to lethal... With the tab is not joking and hindering as horrible is very dangerous!

Treatment of colds in pregnant women with medicines

Most pregnant women in every way try to avoid the occurrence of colds, observing preventive measures. But, unfortunately, it is possible to protect your body from the penetration of a viral infection not always.Treatment of the disease should be carried out immediately after the discovery of the first symptoms of a cold.In this case, you need to visit a therapist who will prescribe safe medications for colds during pregnancy. If a cold has overcome a woman at the beginning of pregnancy, you need to take extra care, because during this period the child's body is just beginning to form and the wrongly chosen remedy can lead to irreversible consequences.

What preparations to choose?

According to experts, the safest, but at the same time no less effective means for a cold for pregnant women are those that were made on the basis of natural components. You can choose a drug only for the prescription of your doctor, giving up self-treatment. To treat each of the symptoms of colds - a cold, cough, sore throat, temperature, special medications should be used.

When treating a cold during pregnancy, you can not soar your legs, as this can threaten the interruption of pregnancy.

Antipyretic drugs

In the treatment of colds in pregnancy to reduce temperature, analgin, aspirin, and also complex preparations such as Coldrex, Verfeks, Antigrippin are contraindicated. In such medicines, in addition to dyes and harmful food additives, there are aspirin, caffeine and phenyramine maleate, which, if ingested, can cause serious complications.

With a cold, a woman can confidently take paracetamol in the form of such drugs as Panadol or Efferalgan, this active substance exerts an antipyretic and analgesic effect on the body. Paracetamol has the ability to penetrate the placenta into the baby's body, but it does not have a harmful effect on it.

Cures for the cold

Very often, women do not know what exactly to treat a pregnant woman with a cold, when a strong cold or nasal congestion, which causes a bad condition, is disturbed. A woman who is troubled by a runny nose, complains of a difficult nasal breathing, restless sleep, general weakness, headaches. In addition, that the runny nose causes a poor state of health for the expectant mother, it is a great danger for child, because with bad nasal breathing or breathing through the mouth, the intake of insufficient oxygen through placenta. The duration of such a process can cause such a serious consequence as oxygen starvation, which in time can lead to intrauterine hypoxia of the fetus. That is why it is important to take timely measures to release the nose from accumulated mucus, as well as aimed at eliminating the very symptom of the common cold.

A woman expecting the birth of a child should understand that it is strictly forbidden to tolerate the rhinitis, it is better to choose an effective drug, the use of which is permitted during pregnancy. However, it is forbidden to drip into the nose vasoconstrictive drops.Among the banned drugs are:

  • Naphthysine;
  • Nazivin;
  • Tysine;
  • Nasol;
  • Oxymetazanol.

Each time before you drip your nose, you need to wash it with saline or decoctions of herbs such as chamomile, calendula, eucalyptus, to eliminate excess mucus that failed to blow out. In addition, such actions allow the removal of pathogenic microorganisms, which are the cause of the formation of the inflammatory process. You can safely apply drops with nasal congestion, made on the basis of sea water or extracts of medicinal plants. To the number of authorized drops and sprays in the nose, experts include such drugs against colds for pregnant women:

  • Aqualor;
  • Aquamaris;
  • Merimer;
  • SALIN.

All of them are not medicinal preparations, but only allow to moisten the mucous membrane and release the nasopharynx from mucus and microbes.Effective is a drug such as Pinosol, which includes antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory essential oils. However, it can be used as a medicine for a cold during pregnancy only after appointment by a specialist or approval from him. Usually, when using such oil droplets, there is no deterioration of the mucosa, on the contrary, it begins to recover quickly. It is recommended to treat the common cold with the help of safe homeopathic medicines Euforbium compositum or EDAS-131.

Do not underestimate some traditional medicine that has a powerful curative effect. To this end, a pregnant woman can prepare drops herself, using aloe and calanchoe juice together or separately. The juice should only be used fresh, diluting it with water 1: 1.

Preparations for cough

Choose a remedy for colds during pregnancy, when the disease is accompanied by a cough, is not so difficult, because there are many effective drugs safe even for the child.First of all, treatment should start with the use of steam inhalations, for which you can use essential oils of tea tree and eucalyptus.

Despite the fact that during pregnancy, both oils are considered useful, during breastfeeding from the inhalation of essential oils of tea tree and eucalyptus it is better to refuse.

For the procedure, you need to pour 150 ml of warm water into the medicine tank and drop 2-3 drops of oil there. Breathe through the mouth for no more than 7 minutes, otherwise the procedure will not benefit the future mother, but harm.

From a cough you can take such syrups and pills against colds during pregnancy:

  1. Coldrex is a syrup that contains guaifenesin, safe for the baby and the mother. It does not contain dyes and other harmful additives. However, if the cough does not go away when it is used, you need to see a doctor for another medication. Also it is necessary to exclude its independent application.
  2. Lazolvan - tablets, syrup, solution, are allowed to use, starting from the 12th week of pregnancy.
  3. ATSTS - a preparation that dilutes sputum, the active ingredient of which is fluimitsil. He is appointed at all terms of pregnancy, but treatment should be carried out strictly under the supervision of a specialist. During the intake of the drug, you need to drink more liquid, which contributes to the dilution of phlegm.
  4. Mukaltin - tablets against colds for pregnant women, are made on the basis of the extract of the altea root. Belong to expectorants, they are prescribed for the treatment of dry cough.
  5. Ambroxol - a drug based on medicinal plants, is allowed to use only the second and third trimester of pregnancy under the supervision of a specialist.

Antibiotics in the treatment of colds are ineffective, as they are aimed at the destruction of microbes, while viruses continue to rapidly multiply. Moreover, these are very dangerous preparations for the child's organism. The only thing when one can not do without an antibiotic is the development of angina or pneumonia, but the drug itself and the course of treatment should be prescribed only by a specialist.

What to use for sore throat?

In pregnancy, only a small amount of drugs for sore throat are allowed to use. It is strictly forbidden to use medicines based on alcohol - sprays and tinctures. Absolutely safe are such sprays, tablets and solutions for rinsing the sore throat in a pregnant woman:

  1. Chlorhexidine - a solution of 0, 1%, has a slightly bitter taste, does not have the property of being absorbed into the blood, so the drug does not enter the baby's body. The drug is effective in pharyngitis and angina, it is used as a solution for rinsing the throat in undiluted form. The agent has one important drawback - after it for a while on the teeth remains a dark raid.
  2. Miramistin - a solution for rinsing the throat, is sold as a spray. It is prescribed for pregnant women in the treatment of pharyngitis and sore throat, it is not absorbed into the blood, so it does not reach the baby. Use the product in undiluted form.
  3. Lugol's solution - a drug that includes iodine, glycerol and potassium iodine, is prescribed to lubricate the inflamed tonsils with severe angina.

Lollipops, which are so often used in the treatment of colds when the throat is affected, are practically not prescribed to pregnant women, since they are either ineffective or contraindicated in pregnancy. The only exception concerns two preparations made on the basis of the natural component of lysozyme. To this group belong lollipops for the throat of Lizobakt and Laripront. These drugs against colds for pregnant women will help cure not only pharyngitis, but also neglected sore throat. A cold for a pregnant woman and her child with proper treatment does not pose a serious danger, the main thing is to choose the right medicine and adhere to all the recommendations of the treating doctor.


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