Goat fat when coughing in children reviews

Badger fat from coughing

Badger fat from coughingAmazing next door. It would seem that when coming to the pharmacy most people find there the required medications. But, everything turns out to be completely wrong. After all, after using some medicines, one has to resort to others in order to cure the consequences of previously taken medications. And so on a circle. But you can always try on yourself badger fat from a cough and evaluate all its advantages, which is really a whole storehouse.

The use of badger fat for lungs

Considering all the useful properties of badger fat, you can get carried away. The use of badger fat for the lungs is invaluable. Moreover, it perfectly stimulates the work of the immune and nervous systems, allows you to easily get rid of chronic diseases and addictions.

A very important point is the use of badger fat in various diseases of the lungs. In this case, it is not just about coughing, but even about such a serious disease as tuberculosis. Due to the content of unsaturated and polyunsaturated acids in fat, the tubercle bacillus itself is destroyed, which leads to a complete cure of the disease. Although the reception of some effective drugs, no one has canceled.

The use of badger fat for the lungs is also in the large content of vitamin A. As it is known, a sufficient amount of it helps prevent the development of chronic diseases respiratory system, as well as actively fighting the formation of malignant and benign tumors.

Badger fat is used to restore and prevent the development of various lung diseases:

  • Pleurisy.
  • Tuberculosis.
  • Chronic and acute bronchitis.
  • Catarrhal diseases.
  • A variety of suppuration in the larynx.
  • Pneumonia.

Even as a general restorative and stimulating immunity, this panacea is the best.

Badger fat from coughing to children

When an annoying and prolonged cough prevents a child from living normally and developing, it is worth taking emergency measures. Badger fat from coughing to children is an effective tool that brings exceptional benefits. Stagnant processes of accumulation of purulent formations gradually cease, since active excretion of pathogenic microbes from the body takes place and the baby begins to feel better. And the main thing is that cough becomes productive, sputum is actively excreted. Especially the use of this natural product is useful in cases of suspicion of pneumonia, when the baby has a dry and barking cough. It is necessary to act immediately. The only problem, in this case, is the child's refusal to accept this component. Therefore, it is worth going to small tricks and mixing fat with milk, honey or even jam. In that case there will be a double benefit.

In order for badgered fat from coughing the children had the right effect, take it 1 teaspoon 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating. Drink it is a curative decoction of wild rose or thyme.

Badger fat from coughing during pregnancy

In the period of gestation of a child, every woman aspires to injure her body as little as possible and thus affect the baby. But, despite all the precautions and protection of respiratory diseases can not be avoided. In this case, it is recommended to select natural remedies that have an exceptionally beneficial effect on the body. Badger fat from cough during pregnancy is an ideal option. It stimulates the work of almost all body systems and helps to cope with many complex diseases.

If desired, as soon as possible to get rid of cough should be properly calculated its dose of admission. Almost always it is one tablespoon three times a day. It should be borne in mind that the reception should be done before meals at least for half an hour. The length of the course depends largely on the patient's condition. But, badger fat from cough during pregnancy can be taken for a long time, as there is a significant strengthening of the body, nervous and immune systems.

Treatment of badger fat from cough and bronchitis

For even a large number of vitamins and amino acids, many bronchial problems are solved quite quickly. In this case, the treatment of badger fat from cough and bronchitis is carried out systematically and constantly. One or two spoons have never cured a patient. In this case, it is necessary to correctly calculate the dose. If the patient weighs up to 60 kilograms, then it is worth taking 1 teaspoon for 30-50 minutes before eating. At a weight of up to 100 kilograms, the recommended dose is 1 tablespoon. If the body weight exceeds 100 kilograms, then it is worth taking two tablespoons.

Treatment of badger fat from cough and bronchitis

How to take badger fat from a cough

The reception of this natural remedy is almost always the same. But, much depends on the type of disease and its stage. In this case, how to take badger fat from a cough will be prompted by the attending physician. It will more accurately calculate the required dose and the number of times that it is taken.

Badger fat from cough: rubbing

Along with internal reception, it is possible to use in another way badger fat from a cough. Rubbing is an excellent option, especially at night. Thus, it is possible to treat both adults and children. It is good to rub the back and feet of the patient, in order to enhance the effect of taking the product. Quite quickly, this approach will bear fruit and help to cope not only with colds, but also skin diseases and nervous stress.

Compress with badger fat from cough

In this case, the treatment is almost identical to grinding. The only exception is that a compress with badger fat from a cough means a strong wrapping of the stretched places. But, at a high temperature, this method of treatment is not permissible.

Badger fat with milk from a cough

This method of using the product is useful in cases of tuberculosis treatment. Badger fat with milk from a cough is taken 40 minutes before meals. It is very important that its medicinal properties are not mixed with food and managed to prove itself. In this case, the tubercle bacilli are rapidly destroyed and the patient receives the proper effect from the influence of badger fat.

Badger fat from cough: reviews

Even from a long time badger fat from coughing reviews had exceptionally positive. Due to its healing properties, almost incurable patients were cured. Healers used it in their drugs, getting really miracle cures.

It is important to remember that the use of any traditional method of treatment should be reported to your doctor. And let the badger fat from a cough has phenomenal properties, it is worth remembering that in some cases it is recommended to combine several drugs to obtain a stable effect.


Badger fat, fat from cough

Cough fatAmong the various means and methods of traditional medicine, which help to fight reflex spasms of the respiratory tract, the use of the internal fat of animals stands out in its effectiveness. Badger, bear, dog, goose, mutton, groundworm, goat fat from cough used to heal from various ailments from time immemorial. Symptomatic treatment of sharp spastic exhalations with the help of these products gives staggering results, bribes with its simplicity and accessibility.

Non-fatty fat from cough: external application

A common method of dealing with reflex spasms of the respiratory tract are rubbing and warming compresses with the help of fat of various animals. To do this, any available internal fat: badger, pig, goose, mutton, bear, dog. There are several ways in which the use of interior fat from cough has the maximum effect:

  • Animal fat (for example, badger) needs to melt. Imbue them with gauze or a wide bandage, folded several times. Wet cloth put on your back. Top with a clean cut or towel. Then an oilcloth, a warm kerchief and a blanket.
  • Take the heated lard (for example, badger) and rub the back and chest of the patient before going to bed. Top with a polythene and a warm scarf. To wind the person in a blanket.

Rubbing fat with cough is very effective. Often an unpleasant symptom occurs even after the first application. However, do not forget that this remedy can not be used at elevated temperature and children up to a year old.

In addition to external application, fat from cough is taken inside. There are many different recipes. Let's get acquainted with the most effective.

Badger fat: use for coughing

Interior badger fat is a unique therapeutic agent, possessing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Used badger fat from coughing with rubbing, compresses, and also taken inside.

There are a lot of folk recipes, which include this component, it can also be used in pure form:

  • Badger fat from coughingBadger fat from cough is taken 3 times during the day for 1 tablespoon. Duration of treatment for colds is a week, with chronic or severe - a month. The product is very effective, but not all can use the product in its pure form.
  • Badger fat helps with coughing and in combination with other ingredients. It is necessary to take 6 tea spoons of cocoa powder, 8 - interior badger fat, 100 grams of chocolate and butter. Such ingredients are recommended to be added to those who do not tolerate a pure badger product or are going to treat a child. The composition of the cough is prepared as follows: chocolate and oil are heated on a water bath, then interior badger fat and cocoa are added. All is mixed until uniform. The mass is allowed to cool. The medicinal composition can be smeared on a sandwich and eat like chocolate butter.

On the use of badger fat from cough, the reviews are most positive. Often with its help, you can remove a chronic symptom, as well as reflex spastic exhalations caused by pneumonia and tuberculosis.

Goose Fat from Cough

In addition to grinding and compresses, this animal product is also applied inside and successfully fights with respiratory tract spasms. The therapeutic effect has a raw fat, which is heated from a bird in a water bath for about 4 hours. It has a yellowish tinge. Its healing properties are quite high. Goose fat:

  • Goose Fat from CoughActs as an immunostimulant.
  • Softens mucous throat and nasopharynx.
  • Eliminates inflammatory processes in the respiratory tract.
  • Stimulates liquefaction of mucus.

Goose fat for cough can be taken in pure form. This is done in the morning on an empty stomach in the amount of 1 tablespoon. And you can use it as an ingredient in various folk remedies:

  • 5 ml of honey and 15 ml of fat put in a glass of hot milk. Drink in the morning before eating.
  • Within 10 minutes, boil the lemon. Cut and squeeze it into the water in which it was boiling. Add 30 ml of goose fat to the solution. Drink a few days until the reflex spasms of the airways disappear to 5 tablespoons before eating.

Bear oil: use for coughing

The inner fat of the bear has long been considered an excellent assistant in the treatment of various colds and their symptoms. It is rich in various microelements, proteins, acids, oils, vitamins A, B, E. Bear lard is a great help:

  • Bear oil in the treatment of coughReduce the intensity of sharp spastic exhalations caused by a cold.
  • To soften mucous throats.
  • Activate the process of expectoration of mucus.
  • Strengthen the protective functions of the patient's body.

Bear oil from cough is used as a means for rubbing, compresses and inside. To do this, a teaspoon of melted bacon is placed in a glass of milk, preheated to 60 degrees. They drink in small sips. For taste, you can add a little honey. After taking the medicinal composition, to enhance its effect, it is recommended to eat fresh or canned raspberries, currants, blueberries.

Canine fat from cough

Such a remedy is very effective in the symptomatic treatment of reflex respiratory tract spasms caused by various pulmonary diseases. Applying canine fat is simple enough: you need to eat three meals a day with food on a teaspoon of the product. You can add to the soup or smear on bread.

Goat fat for coughing

Quality interior viscid fat must be pure white color and a dense consistency. It does not have any unpleasant or sharp odors. If the fat pick with a knife, it easily crumbles.

There are many recipes for coughing with this ingredient. Here are some of them:

  • Goat fat from coughA slice of goat's fat, honey, soda is added to the glass of hot milk. This drink should be drunk 3 times a day. With its help, the cough caused by inflammation and swelling of the throat, as well as by perspiration, is perfectly removed.
  • In a glass of milk, boil 4 garlic cloves and 1 chopped onion. Add a little soda and a small piece of goat's fat. Drink 1/4 cup 4 times a day. The drink helps to cope with a strong chest cough.

  • In a glass of hot milk put a tablespoon of honey, a piece of goat fat, a few drops of propolis tincture, which is sold at the pharmacy. Take the composition in the morning and at bedtime. The medicine perfectly suppresses reflex spastic exhalations, which are a symptom of respiratory diseases of respiratory organs.

Lamb fat from coughing

Lamb fatVery often, for therapeutic purposes, the interior fat of ram is used. This product contains a large amount of saturated organic acids, as well as vitamins A, B1, E. Sheep fat is considered a potent cough remedy. The product is contraindicated for people with diseases of the bladder, liver, kidney, stomach ulcer, atherosclerosis and gastritis. All the rest of the drug should be used carefully, adhering to prescription doses.

A simple, effective and popular recipe is the following: put a tablespoon of heated lamb fat in a glass with hot milk. Allow to cool slightly and drink. This composition perfectly helps with prolonged cough, associated with chronic bronchitis and smoking.

Pig fat from cough

This product is very widely used in folk medicine when getting rid of sharp spastic exhalations of various etiologies. Pork fat is an affordable remedy available on the shelves of many shops and markets. Unlike many other animal fats, you do not need to specifically look for it in pharmacies or order it to friends.

Pork fat perfectly cope with a cough caused by colds and bronchitis. The main thing is to start applying on time and do it regularly. In addition to grinding and compresses, there are many recipes for the internal reception of the product:

  • Brew hot milk with green tea. Put in a drink a piece of pork fat, a pinch of red and black pepper. Drink before going to bed.

  • To heat the fat, dilute the product with honey and broth of dogrose. Drink 3 times a day.

Pig fat from coughInternal fat when coughing (whether it be badger, bear, pig or any other) has been used in folk medicine since ancient times. However, this does not mean that the product is a panacea for any cough. After all, a symptom can be caused by various diseases and before it is treated it is absolutely necessary to visit the doctor and establish the cause of the unpleasant phenomenon. Only after receiving an accurate diagnosis and agreement with a specialist of all methods of fighting cough, you can proceed its symptomatic treatment by various means, including with the help of interior badger or other fat animals.


Goat fat: useful properties. Goat fat for children and adults

It has long been known that animal fats help in the treatment of many diseases and serve as a preventive agent. On the basis of this product cosmetic preparations, ointments and all kinds of medicinal mixtures are prepared. More often in folk medicine use fish, badger and pork fat, but not everyone knows that goats are also a valuable source of this product. Depending on the animal from which this component is made, it will have some or other healing characteristics. Therefore, the properties of goat's fat differ from fish, poultry or pig.

goat fat health benefits

What is it for?

Thanks to many studies it became obvious that fats are of great service to the human body. Without this component, the cells fail, leading to an incorrect exchange process. Also, this solid element allows the body to generate energy. The high rate of absorption of animal fats by our cells makes it possible to use this product as a basis for the preparation of many ointments, and also as an independent medicinal preparation.

Where does it come from

goat fatAnimal fat has several varieties, depending on the method of its production. Usually it is extracted by the method of fat burning of animal deposits. But goat fat can be made from milk, so it is called butter. This way of obtaining the product is very good, since all the substances, vitamins and components that make up the milk remain in it. Also this substance has a gentle consistency, because of this it melts at body temperature and is well absorbed. Thanks to such indicators, the use of goat fat far exceeds the characteristics of the pig.

General information

As this product is made on the basis of milk, it retains healing properties. This includes the main groups of vitamins A, D, E, B and F. In addition to this, lactoenzymes, amino acids, coenzyme, biotin and various minerals are present in the product. Many doctors are sure that the most effective are those fats that include a lot of biologically active elements. Proper use of such drugs has an amazing effect on the body. Also, scientists say that the milk of this animal contains components that rejuvenate the skin. The same characteristics goat fat.

the benefits of goat fatUseful properties of this product were seen even in the time of the Egyptian queens, who used it to preserve their youth. It becomes obvious that this product will be useful to people of different ages.

Than the goat fat is useful

Even if you are not an adherent of folk methods of treatment, this product can still become an indispensable medicine in your medicine cabinet. This is indeed the case, since the spectrum of its useful effect is quite wide. To begin with, it is good to eat goat fat to maintain immunity. Useful properties of this product are also noticeable in colds, as it lowers the temperature, fights against bronchitis and has a therapeutic effect. This product also helps with respiratory diseases - tuberculosis, pneumonia, silicosis and bronchial asthma. Also, it is eaten to eliminate intestinal disturbances and burning sensations or to get rid of constipation. With ulcers, this product can serve as a good medicine. Goat fat is actual with painful sensations in joints, for healing of burns and wounds. It is worth noting that to strengthen the men's strength, doctors recommend paying attention to this product. Also, if a person suffers from mental disorders, this fat can be prescribed to him.

For the treatment of children

Since all parents tend to give their baby the safest treatment possible, fat is a good alternative to many tablets and spices.

goat fat from coughing to childrenThis product can cure even advanced stages of the disease. Therefore, doctors who seek to provide quality treatment are often credited with giving goat fat from coughing to children. To prepare the triturate, you need to buy a tincture of propolis. 20 milliliters of this product must be poured into melted in a water bath fat. This mixture is kept on fire until a homogeneous liquid is obtained, during this time all alcohol must evaporate. The medicinal rubbing is cooled and stored in a refrigerator in a glass container. If you have a real propolis at hand, you can put it instead of tincture. To do this, it is thinly sliced ​​and put in fat, so that it melts. The finished product is used for grinding the chest and back. The procedure is usually performed before bedtime.

A few more features

Surprisingly, goat fat is used for the prevention of those people who have a predisposition to oncological diseases. The fact is that these animals are not affected by cancer, not only because of their endurance. In the milk and fat of goats there are regenerating components and oncoproteins that can serve people in maintaining their health.

properties of goat fat

It is also known that the most high-quality product is obtained from those goats that graze in the highlands. Such animals have excellent nutrition and good immunity. Since they have good health, the most saturated goat fat is obtained from them. Useful properties of this product are that it will not contain carcinogens, larvae and worms. Also, there is no saturated fat, so the use of goat fat in order to prevent and improve immunity will only benefit.

Effect of fat on the human skin

It is already known that you can get butter or goat fat from milk. The useful properties of the product obtained remain practically unchanged, so they can have a beneficial effect not only on internal organs, but also on the skin. After the application of the goat's fat on the skin, our pores seem to steam out and open, which allows the nutrient components to penetrate very easily. After the procedure, the dermis and the rest of the layers are restored and the necessary moistening is obtained. In our skin, metabolic processes always occur, but because of weak blood flow they gradually slow down. Fat of the goat, getting on the body, warms it, and this facilitates the flow of blood into the "hot spots thereby activating the work of metabolic processes. Such heating also allows all useful substances to enter the cells of the body. Together, all this brings a unique benefit. Applying fat, you can remove puffiness, get rid of irritations on the skin and give it a healthy appearance.

Precautionary measures

goat fat is good and bad

Despite the healing properties of this folk remedy, some still doubt whether it is worth using goat fat. The benefits and harms of this product have been discussed by medics for a long time. During this time it turned out that excessive use of the drug can indeed lead to allergic symptoms in the form of skin irritation. Therefore, it is not recommended at the time to apply a large amount of fat to the body or use it more often than stipulated in the instructions. Also, if the agent is used in large portions, this can lead to a strong laxative effect.

Carefully follow the recommendations for use should people with obesity. If there are allergic reactions or intolerance, the product should not be consumed. Also, if there are any doubts whether it is worth using this drug, it is better to visit your doctor and consult.


Rubbing on a child's cough

Is it possible to rub the child with a cough?

Rubbing on a child's coughThe most difficult experience for parents is their baby's illness. Children often get colds. Self-medication should not be dealt with, but it is perfectly permissible to use proven recipes. To such methods is rubbing. It can be used when the child is six months old, but, like in any treatment, you must follow certain rules:
  • Trituration of the baby can be done only after consultation with the pediatrician;
  • children can not be rubbed with camphor oil until the year;
  • it is better to perform the procedure before bedtime;
  • You can not rub the ointment in the heart and papilla;
  • It is necessary to do circular movements clockwise;
  • can not be ground at elevated temperature;
  • after the completion of the procedure you need to wrap your child and put on warm socks.

How to squander a child when coughing?

Razirat child with cough can be with the use of pharmacy. Use and recipes of traditional medicine with the use of liquid honey, melted butter. Since ancient times, our grandmothers have used interior, badger and goat fat, as well as propolis, as warming rubbing. Suitable for the procedure and seed oil cumin. To alleviate and soften the cough helps rubbing vodka with a moderate pat.

Bear oil increases immunity and prevents the development of complications after illness. External it is applied with intensive movements, covered with a napkin or gauze bandage.

Sheep fat has a warming effect. It can be used to treat children after a year. With a dry, prolonged cough, it should be melt and applied to the back and chest. Place the film on top and roll the baby.

Goose fat is a good expectorant. With a strong cough, mix fifty grams of goose fat and two tablespoons of vodka and rub your neck and chest.

With prolonged cough, rub the back, chest and legs dry with internal pork fat.

Non-nutrient fat has medicinal properties that are not found in other fats. It must be melt in the oven or on a water bath, until the mass becomes homogeneous. You can store it in the refrigerator with the lid closed tightly.

Trituration with honey on coughing

If the honey cooked for grinding is sugared, then melt it in a water bath. Prepare a t-shirt and socks, that they would be warm. Rub honey back and chest and dress the baby. You can smear honey and attach a cabbage leaf. Then rub the heels and soles and put on warm socks. Put the baby in bed and cover with a warm towel.

By morning, honey completely absorbed.

Rubbing fat with cough

To mulberry, melt half a kilogram of any fat. To do this, put it in a pot of hot water. Add twenty milliliters of propolis tincture. Put the pan on a small fire. Stir until all the alcohol has evaporated. Then remove from the plate and store in the refrigerator. For grinding, you need to take a small amount of fat obtained.

Goat fat with cough rubbing

Goat fat is a drowned interior fat. Some goat's fat is considered to be butter derived from goat's milk. Both products have health-giving properties, although many do not like their smell and taste. They contain vitamins of group A, B, C, D, E, coenzymes, microelements and polyunsaturated fatty acids. For use in grinding, fat should be heated and rubbed into the back, chest and feet. After you need to warmly dress and go to bed. Goat fat can be kept in the freezer. There it will not deteriorate for many years.

Badger fat rubbing on coughing

In the composition of badger fat, there are many vitamins and polyunsaturated acids. It is obtained from the subcutaneous fat layer of the animal. Rubbing gives a good warming effect, activates blood flow in the affected area and metabolic processes. This is an effective way to treat cough for children with weakened immunity. It is very helpful in the treatment of a protracted cough, if certain rules are followed:

  1. The procedure should not be performed in the acute stage of the disease, since rubbing increases the body temperature.
  2. Apply badger fat to a small area of ​​the body, and make sure that the baby does not have an allergic reaction.
  3. The procedure should be carried out at the stage of recovery, when there are no inflammatory processes.

Rubbing with vodka on coughing

Vodka has a disinfectant and warming property, so it is used to treat many diseases. Based on it, elixirs, tinctures and compresses are made. The most commonly used fire water for grinding. When coughing rub the back of the child, use patting movements. This needs to be done several times. Use this procedure if the baby does not have a fever. After that, heat the baby and put it on the bed.

Ointment for rubbing with cough for children

Ointment for rubbing with cough for children

Heating rubbing ointments are applied to specific areas of the body. As a rule, they consist of natural components. They include essential oils, turpentine or animal fat. They have a wide spectrum of action. Ointment Doctor Mom contains eucalyptus, turpentine and nutmeg oil, as well as menthol and thymol. The medicine can be used for kids over three years old. The product has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Spread the chest, bypassing the heart area, and rub your feet. There may be allergic reactions, so apply the ointment first not a small area.

Equally effective is an ointment based on turpentine turpentine. It anesthesizes, kills germs and relieves inflammation. When you cough, apply on the chest, back and heels. Use these funds better when the first signs of the disease, then recovery will be rapid. Pulmex Baby's warming ointment contains rosemary oil, eucalyptus, camphor and Peruvian balm. In addition to anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, it promotes expectoration and sputum production. Ointment is applied to the area of ​​the bronchi and evenly distributed on the back. Follow the indicated dosage to avoid burns. When spreading, do not rub heavily. In ointments "Bear cub" and "Badger" contains badger and bear fat. They are also used in cough treatment. Most ointments can be used to treat babies from three years old.

You can wash your child no more than three times during the day. After each procedure, the baby must lie down, otherwise the procedure will not give a positive effect. Take care that there are no drafts.

Ointments, which contain turpentine, are contraindicated in diseases of the kidneys and liver. Also, their use in skin diseases is not recommended.

Not all doctors welcome the use of ointments to treat cough, as this can cause burns to tender baby skin, so always consult with a specialist before use.


The method of using badger oil for coughing

badger fat from cough in children and adults

Healing properties of badger fat are explained by the presence of biologically active substances, which the animal accumulates in order to suffer a prolonged hibernation. Thanks to subcutaneous fat reserves, the badger does without food and water for several months. looking at this feature, a man learned to use for his benefit fat reserves badger. The drug has proven effective in diseases accompanied by coughing.

Than to treat a dry cough at the child and what preparations, it is possible to learn or find out from the given article.


badger fat for coughing

Such a miraculous drug, like badger fat, has been used for centuries. The great physician Avicenna wrote about him in the Treatise on Medicine. And today it is used as an alternative therapeutic and prophylactic.

The effectiveness of the product is based on a unique composition:

  • vitamins B2-B6, B12, A, E, PP, K;
  • a set of polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3, Omega-6);
  • cytamines (bioregulators);
  • micro- and macro elements;
  • minerals.

Fat allows badgers to endure, without losses, heavy winters and other troubles. There are substances in it that can even dissolve the shot of a wounded badger. It has long been noted that badger fat:

  • strengthens the immune system;
  • successfully fights against colds;
  • heals burns, frostbite, psoriasis.

In the video - the use of badger fat when coughing:

After reading the article, you can know how to recognize an allergic cough in a child.

Badger fat quickly and gently treats diseases that are accompanied by a cough. All due to polyunsaturated fatty acids: they act as an anti-inflammatory agent and participate in the formation of immunity.

Bioregulators act at the cell level. These substances normalize the processes of metabolism in the body, help absorb nutrients, which is important for an organism weakened by a cold.

badger oil from coughing

Organic acids have a bactericidal property. In this case, vitamins A and E activate their action of acids and the function of cytamines. They also stimulate the synthesis of hemoglobin.All this leads to an increase in the body's resistance to infections and the regeneration of damaged tissues.

From this article you can learn how to stop a cough at night.

The drug is effective for such diseases, accompanied by a cough, like:

  • influenza states;
  • ARVI;
  • bronchitis;
  • angina;
  • acute and chronic inflammation of the respiratory system;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • pulmonary tuberculosis.

How to use

How to drink badger fat when coughing, is quite a legitimate question. For treatment, take natural fat or a capsule drug. The properties of these bioadditives are identical. They differ in ways of use. If capsules can only be taken orally, then the melted fat is suitable for external and internal use.

How does coughing at night look like in children is indicated in the article.

The video tells about the use of badger fat when coughing in children:

How to distinguish a quality product

Quality Badger Badger has a white, sometimes slightly creamy color. A fresh high-quality product is not yellow. Should be pricked up and an unpleasant putrefactive smell, and bitter or sour taste. These indicators indicate that the shelf life of the fat has expired or the product was stored incorrectly.

For what reason there is a cough for tonsillitis in a child, indicated in the article.

Harvest the badger fishers hunters. In order to preserve the medicinal properties of the product, the fat must be properly prepared and heated.For treatment, fat is taken only from healthy badgers. To do this, the veterinarian must inspect the animal and issue an appropriate certificate.According to the technology, they heat the fat in a Russian oven or on a steam bath.

On the video - more information about the benefits of badger fat:

Keep the fat in a tightly closed container. The bank is put in a refrigerator with a temperature of + 4oC... + 6oC. At a temperature of about 34 ° C, the badger fat melts. In the cold, the substance solidifies and acquires a dense consistency. Room temperature is sufficient to make it viscous. The most useful is fat, harvested in autumn. During this period, animals have time to accumulate the maximum amount of nutrients.

What to do when a strong barking cough appears, is indicated in the article.

How to use

A valuable therapeutic product is consumed orally and externally. Unpleasant smell and taste of the product masked with honey, jam, drink it with warm milk, washed down with broths of wild rose or other medicinal herbs.

The treatment and prophylactic scheme for taking badger fat is as follows:

  • Inside fat badger is consumed 1 hour before meals;badger fat for coughing
  • number of receptions per day - 2-3;
  • course of admission - 1 month;
  • the course is repeated 2-3 times a year, if necessary;
  • you need to do 2-4 week breaks between courses.

For what reason there is a barking cough without temperature, you can learn from the article.

Regardless of the method of application, the fat needs to be heated. For this, the portion needed for a single take gets their refrigerator 20-30 minutes before the planned use and put on a plate. When fat acquires a gelatinous consistency, it is ready for consumption.

You can put a spoonful of cold fat in a glass of warm water and so drink. It is not recommended to heat the fat in a microwave oven or on a fire. From this, it loses its properties.


Despite the fact that badger fat is not a medicine, but a biologically active additive, its application has a number of limitations.

badger fat possible contraindications
  • Propensity to allergies and individual intolerance.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Diseases of bile ducts in acute form.
  • Children under three years of age are not recommended to drink inside.
  • External application is prohibited in diseases accompanied by high fever.

When there is a strong barking cough in a child, it is worth reading this article.

How to do rubbing

To combat coughing, in addition to internal reception, they practice rubbing with badger fat. For this, a small amount of fat is applied to:

  • back;back massage with badger fat
  • feet;
  • chest area;
  • shoulder blades.

Rub the body fat badger better before going to bed. Fat is applied by massage movements. After the appearance of light burning, rubbing should be stopped and the place wrapped in massage.You can wear warm underwear, socks and cover the patient with a blanket.Note that the fat soaked in the laundry and a peculiar smell will be difficult to neutralize by simple washing. Perhaps with this clothes you will have to say goodbye.

For a long time, there is no coughing with phlegm, what to do about it, you can learn from this article.

Remember that at elevated temperature, you can not carry out any warming procedures, including grinding badger fat. Such manipulation can lead to a worsening of the condition.

Children do not like this massage because of the strong smell of the drug. If the child does not allow him to rub his chest and back, try to apply a tool even on the legs. Together with the intake of such manipulation will also have a positive effect.

What to do when the child does not get cough, you can learn from this article.

From what age can you use

Badger fat for external use has no age restrictions. With internal use, the situation is different. A single dose of admission depends on age. Children under 3 years old should not be given this remedy, they later give one in one step:

  • adults with a weight of up to 80 kg - 1 dessert spoon of fat (you can add honey in the proportion or:);child and badger fat
  • adults weighing over 80 kg - 1 tablespoon;
  • children 3-6 years old - 1/3 teaspoon;
  • children 6-12 years - 1/2 teaspoon;
  • children 12-16 years old - 1 teaspoon.

Rubbing of babies

All manipulations with badger fat for babies should be carried out under the supervision of a pediatrician. In children of this age, a short funnel-shaped trachea. Such features of the structure of the respiratory system at an early age limit the use of highly odorous fats in the treatment of babies.

Careless application of badger fat can lead to stenosis (narrowing of the larynx). Therefore, small children are shredded with badgers' fat, and then they put on socks. Young children should not apply fat to the heart area. Since three years you can use the cream "Badger".

grinding of babies with badger fat

Rubbing the children

Not all types of cough can be treated with warming rubbing. With bronchitis, the external application of badger fat can be carried out only after consulting a doctor. And in other cases, the doctor's advice will not be superfluous.

To treat a cough, the badger fat, heated by a natural method, is applied to the back, feet and chest, avoiding the heart area, and bypassing the nipples.Then, the skin is gently triturated and the places of application of fat are insulated. The procedure is best done at night.

At observance of the recommended dosages and application of qualitative fat cough quickly recedes. Positive dynamics is noticeable after a few days of treatment, but the course should be continued for at least seven days.

grinding of children with badger oil


Ancient recipes of badger fat are passed down from generation to generation. More than one generation of children has grown up, which helped cure this cough. Evidence of this is user feedback.

  • Irina:"My son is two years old. He has frequent colds. In this case, the cough torments so that he can not sleep. Strong medications at this age I'm afraid to give. I tried rubbing badger fat for the night. The smell of the drug is really persistent. Even after washing, there was a strong smell. But this is nonsense compared to the effect of treatment. For a week we completely got rid of a cough. "
  • Larissa: "Relatives handed a jar of badger fat. So he stood in the fridge until I caught the flu. The temperature after treatment by traditional means slept pretty quickly, but the cough did not pass. Then I remembered badger fat. Two weeks of a three-hour reception on a dessert spoon on an empty stomach with milk did their job: the cough was gone. Now I take it in the morning on a teaspoon for prophylaxis. "
  • Victor:«I decided to make a nice wife on the wedding anniversary - to quit smoking. All would be nothing, only after that I began to suffer coughing attacks. I read that badger fat helps cough smokers. I started to drink it in the morning and in the evening on a tablespoon a day. At lunch, I did not succeed. Within a week I began to cough much less. I continue to drink, I hope that the cough will pass completely. And I would not say that fat has such a strong smell. Unpleasant - yes, but no more. "

Badger fat is a real storehouse of useful elements. He quickly cures a cough, and does it safely. In people it is called panacea for cough: grandmothers always kept a jar with medicinal composition in a cold place. Admission funds for an empty stomach really gives an amazing therapeutic effect in the treatment of cough of different origins. But, as well as in any other method of treatment, the consistency and observance of dosages is necessary here.


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