Inflammation of the eyelid - features of the disease and recommendations for treatment

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Inflammation of the upper or lower eyelid is an ailment that everyone has experienced at least once in their life. In view of the large number of factors leading to its appearance, it is rather difficult to avoid it to a person who leads an active lifestyle and is in constant contact with other people. Fortunately, the disease can be effectively treated. About this, how to determine it by the symptoms and correctly eliminate the disease, will tell this material.


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What it is

Inflammation of the eyelid is a pathological process affecting the marginal tissues of the upper or lower eyelid. Can have a different etiology, but usually accompanies viral and bacterial infections. The inflammation of the upper and lower eyelids can manifest in various forms.

Demodicosis on the eyelids

Among them:

  • Demodecosis(the main cause of tissue damage is a skin mite living in ciliated bulbs).
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  • Scaly, different from other forms of scales of such dandruff.Also called seborrheic.
  • Angular, accompanied by the formation in the corners of the eye of foamy discharge.
  • Ulcerative.The most complex form of the disease, leads to the loss of eyelashes and the formation of sores at the edge of the eyelids, which are then covered with connective tissue.
  • Meibomian.In this process, the meibomian glands of the eye are also affected. Often accompanied by foamy secretions and conjunctivitis.

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When untimely treatment, this disease goes into a chronic form, and then the fight with it becomes extremely difficult.

In order to avoid further development of the inflammation of the upper or lower eyelid, you need to monitor your own health and, if you have any manifestations of the disease, you should consult a doctor.Such manifestations will be discussed later.

Inflammation of the upper eyelid


To the appearance of this pathology results more than a dozen reasons, among which:

  • common diseases of the body, including diabetes;
  • violation of the rules of eye hygiene;
  • general decrease in immunity;
  • allergy;
  • infection of tissues with a fungus or skin mite;
  • viral infections, in particular, chronic;
  • disruption of the digestive tract;
  • Burns, wounds and other mechanical damage to tissues;
  • eye fatigue as a result of prolonged work in front of the monitor;
  • bacterial infections.

Inflammation of the eyelid can be provoked not by one specific cause, but by a number of factors, including the use of substandard cosmetic products, impaired hygiene, and reduced immunity. Of course, the catalyst in this process will be one definite factor.However, all the others also need to be taken into account when selecting the treatment of this disease. Otherwise, the therapy chosen by you can be ineffective.

That's what inflammation looks like


In the vast majority of cases, inflammation of the eyelid is accompanied by such characteristic manifestations:

  • pain in the affected area;
  • narrowing of the eye gap;
  • changes in the color of the skin;
  • edema;
  • slight increase in body temperature;
  • increased tearing, especially in the wind or in bright light;
  • itching and other uncomfortable sensations;
  • formation of scales at the edge of the injured eyelid;
  • in rare cases - the formation of sores;
  • secretion of a transparent secret when pressing on the inflamed zone.

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Also, this ailment is accompanied by a decrease in overall performance, increased eye fatigue, and sometimes, photophobia.

The totality of the symptoms characteristic for him, as well as the intensity of their manifestation, directly depend on the cause of the ailment and the general state of the organism.However, whatever they are, with the appearance of such characteristic signs of the inflammation of the century, in particular, when forming scales, a person should immediately consult a specialist and undergo a comprehensive examination.


In case of inflammation of the eyelid, the patient should consult an ophthalmologist, undergo an examination, and take samples for analysis (if they are available for your form of the disease).If you suspect certain types of infection or specific reactions of the body to certain substances, the doctor may recommend consultations of an allergist, venereologist, immunologist.After the passage of all these specialists and the comprehensive collection of anamnesis, the patient will certainly be given adequate effective treatment.


In the course of inflammation of the eyelid, a conservative medication is usually prescribed.It will be aimed both at eliminating local manifestations of the disease, and at fighting the cause of inflammation. Such treatment may include:

  • reception of antiseptic agents, including eye drops and ointments;
  • use of anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • general restorative therapy on the basis of special vitamins and products containing microelements necessary for rapid tissue repair;
  • depending on the type of pathogen of the disease: antifungal drugs, antiviral agents, anti-allergy drugs, and antibiotics.

For fast and effective passage of the course of treatment the patient is also recommended:

  • regularly make special lotions for the eyelids;
  • to change the means of personal hygiene, to boil and treat with special preparations pillow cases, and also personal towels;
  • to refuse to wear contact lenses;
  • reduce the time of work at the computer, if necessary, take a sick-list in the place of employment.

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In extreme cases, including, with the turn of the century, surgical treatment is recommended.Conduct it in a hospital. The operation is done under local anesthesia, lasts only half an hour and an hour after which the patient can be discharged for outpatient monitoring.

On average, a full-fledged treatment of the inflammation of the eyelid takes several weeks. During this time, doctors manage to fully cope with this disease and prevent its occurrence in the near future.


With improper or untimely treatment of inflammation of the eyelid, both upper and lower, the risk of complications in this disease increases substantially. Among them:

Inflammation of the cornea
  • the turn of the upper eyelid;
  • inflammation of the cornea;
  • loss of eyelashes (in particular, with peptic ulcer disease);
  • abscess of the eyelid;
  • decreased visual acuity.

In the future, these ailments can lead to serious injury to the mucous eye, which in turn will require long and complex treatment.That is why it is so important to start the fight against this disease in a timely manner, so as not to collide later with these unpleasant symptoms.


Avoid long-term treatment, as well as reduce the risk of this unpleasant disease simple preventive measures effective against the appearance of inflammation of the century will help.They include:

  • compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, in particular, in relation to such personal things as a towel, handkerchiefs, pillowcases;
  • increased immunity;
  • maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoiding smoking and alcohol;
  • caution in choosing and using eye cosmetics, observing the recommended terms of use of certain products;
  • correction of nutrition with the mandatory addition in the diet of foods containing vitamins, minerals and proteins.

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These recommendations are universal for people of all ages. But in order for them to prove to be effective, it is also extremely important to keep them. In this case, you are likely to be able to avoid the inflammation of the century.



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As we see, more than 10 factors, both external and internal, lead to the appearance of this very unpleasant disease. And this means that the inflammation of the eyelid in one form or another can arise in any person. However, they are not afraid of this phenomenon. It is enough to turn to specialists and undergo complex treatment, and then you can forget about this unpleasant illness for a long time. Otherwise, inflammation can result in infectious conjunctivitis and other diseases.

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