Otitis: Is it possible to treat the ear with warmth?

Otitis is an inflammatory process in the ears, which is accompanied by unpleasant sensations in the ear, extending to the temples, the occipital part and to the jaw region. Can I warm my ear with otitis? Correctly done procedure can relieve unpleasant pain symptoms, especially at an early stage of the disease.

  • Anatomy of the disease
  • Methods of warming the ear with otitis
  • Compress
  • Blue Lamp
  • Pouch with salt
  • Warmer
  • Red lamp
  • Treatment of otitis in children
  • Warming at home
  • Contraindications
  • Prevention of otitis
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Anatomy of the disease

As you know, the person's ear is formed from such parts:

  • external;
  • average;
  • internal.

Accordingly, in each of these parts the inflammatory process can begin. The most common is otitis media of the middle ear. Otitis is an infection that occurs in a variety of ways. Therefore, improper heating can spread it throughout the body, and lead to serious consequences. Only a specialist can accurately determine the degree of disease, prescribe warming up.

The correct procedure for warming the ear with the disease has a beneficial effect on recovery, since it is aimed at the following tasks:

  • reduction of pain and spasm;
  • improves blood circulation in the place of injury;
  • in a complex with medicinal preparations restores the amazed tissues.

It is important to know!When purulent otitis is contraindicated to treat the ear by exposure to heat! This leads to a dynamic spread of infection.

Methods of warming the ear with otitis

There are many ways to affect the disease with the help of heat. The most common of them should be considered in more detail.


Warming the affected area with a compress is the most reliable way to influence the ear. In order to carry out this procedure, a mixture of water and boric alcohol in a ratio of 1: 1 is required. You should take a small piece of natural tissue, cut out the hole under the auricle. The same must be done with the oilcloth. Dampen the cloth in a warm solution and apply to a sore spot with the oilcloth. Top with a kerchief. The duration of this procedure should be at least 2 hours. Better in the warm-up period to observe bed rest.

Blue Lamp

Exposure to the ear with a blue lamp is one of the easiest methods for treating otitis media. Very effective at an early stage of the disease, when the middle ear is affected. The lamp should be operated for about 15 minutes at such a distance that burning and too much heat can not be felt. The procedure must take place with eyes closed. It is performed 4 times a day until complete recovery. With regard to situations in which treatment with a blue lamp is contraindicated, these are:

  • purulent formations in the ear canal;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • tumors of the ear, throat or nose;
  • pregnancy;
  • disorders of the endocrine system;
  • tuberculosis.

Also, use a blue lamp at elevated body temperature is contraindicated.

Pouch with salt

Can I warm my ear with salt? This method of treating the disease offers alternative medicine. For the procedure it is required to heat a small amount of salt in a dry frying pan and fill it in a small dense bag. Apply it to the affected place. The procedure lasts until the salt cools down in the bag. Painful sensations go away after about 10 minutes. Use this method should be 3 times a day.


The treatment with a warmer is to put it on the sick ear. It is necessary to fill the hot water bottle with hot water with a temperature of about 50 ° C. Wrap gauze, lie down and put on the affected place. Keep until the water is completely cool. Very effective in otitis media.

Red lamp

The effect of the red lamp on the disease is somewhat different from the blue lamp. It has a more saturated thermal effect, so it penetrates deeper into the tissues. Possesses anesthetizing and resolving action. This method is the most safe for humans.

Important to remember!Before applying the procedure for warming up the ear, you should consult a specialist who will put the correct diagnosis and prescribe the most effective and safe method of treatment!

Treatment of otitis in children

To the disease the child should be treated with all seriousness. The smaller the age, the more dangerous the consequences of the disease may be. With external otitis, the otolaryngologist appoints drops that have an antiseptic effect, as well as pain medication. If the temperature of the child does not increase during the period of the disease, then the warming up procedure will be very effective. More serious inflammations require treatment with antibiotics. The complex form of otitis is treated only in a hospital under strict doctor control.

Important to remember!Do not take care of the child yourself! This can lead to serious complications.

Warming at home

This type of treatment can be used only with external or average otitis media, but it is first necessary to consult a specialist. It is used to treat the disease, both in adults and in children. But provided that the body temperature does not exceed the norm. The following methods of influence are used:

  1. Warming with onions. This will require a crushed onion in a blender, which should be wrapped in a small piece of tissue and applied to a sick ear. Secure with a bandage and lie on the heating pad.
  2. Flax seeds. It is good to heat the seeds in a dry frying pan, pour them into a small bag and apply to the affected area until the contents cool down completely.
  3. Garlic. Bake the garlic in the oven and grind it to a smoothie. Fill the resulting gruel into a dense tissue and apply to the diseased ear.
  4. UHF or UFO. These procedures are most often performed in a hospital and can speed up recovery.

It is important to know!The regular occurrence of otitis media should be prevented in the sanatorium-resort conditions!


When treating the disease at home, there are small rules that should be followed to avoid severe consequences:

  1. Do not act on purulent formations. Even if they are clearly visible, do not try to squeeze out. This can lead to infection of tissues, which will slow the healing process.
  2. Do not heat your ear with high body temperature.
  3. When pregnancy should refrain from this method of treatment, as well as with heart disease.

In any case, self-medication can be dangerous by the development of serious complications. Therefore, an examination of the doctor and his recommendations will help in the fight against otitis.

Prevention of otitis

In order to avoid the disease, all efforts should be directed to excluding the occurrence of colds. Therefore, you need to adhere to such rules:

  • boosting the immune system;
  • use as much liquid as possible;
  • avoid sudden temperature changes;
  • Do not freeze;
  • protect your ears at the moment of diving.

With a cold, you need to blow your nose correctly - tighten the nostrils alternately. If the duration of the cold lasts longer than a week, you should definitely contact a specialist.

These measures will help to avoid otitis. And in combination with proper nutrition and compliance with the regime of the day, relieve other possible diseases.