How to quickly get rid of lice - effective remedies

When a child or an adult has lice, this is an excuse for every member of the family, because pediculosis is a rapidly transmitted disease. Depending on the degree of development of the disease, you can use mechanical or folk remedies for therapy, and in more neglected forms, medicines are mandatory. It is important to know how to get rid of lice in order to protect themselves, their loved ones when necessary.

  • Features of pediculosis
  • The best remedy for lice
  • Folk remedies
  • Medications
  • Prevention
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Features of pediculosis

To quickly select a remedy for lice, you need to know what the disease is and what its types are. Pediculosis is a parasitic disease in which insect parasites (lice) are active on the human body. They belong to the category of bloodsuckers, which determines their way of eating - they drink human blood.

Lice reproduce, like many other parasites, very quickly, which brings to the person certain inconveniences. In addition to the aesthetic side of the question, there are painful sensations, itch, burning sensation is felt in places of bites. Even an adult is difficult to tolerate, he can comb these areas of the skin, which leads to redness and irritation. If the wound gets an infection, there may be pustular lesions of the skin (pyoderma). All this indicates the need for urgent treatment.

Pediculosis is of three types:

  1. Head. Lice settle on the head, mainly on the back of the head and temples, the hair covering of which and its temperature are favorable conditions for laying nits and reproduction. To do this, they "stick" the eggs with the larvae to the hair with a special viscous secret, which they themselves produce.
  2. The Wardrobe. These lice settle in the clothes of a man, while choosing hard-to-reach places - seams, pockets. Their favorite place of habitation and reproduction is underwear. When they need food, they crawl over to the body of a person, they drink blood, especially their bites are seen on the buttocks, neck, shoulders, abdomen.
  3. Pubic. The main habitat of pubic lice is the sexual organs, they are more rarely found in the area of ​​the armpits. A prerequisite for the life of these parasites is the presence of hair, so compliance with hygiene rules can prevent their occurrence.

Important! In some cases, there is a mixed pediculosis, from which it is not so easy to get rid! To tighten with treatment while doing this can be especially dangerous.

The best remedy for lice

The best remedy for lice is a mechanical method of removal. Combing lice can achieve good results, even within 1 day completely get rid of parasites. Our ancestors just and struggled with the disease, if not used a more radical method - haircut naked.

Today, to achieve a mechanical result, lice can be removed only at the initial stage of the disease. If parents notice a parasite on the head of a child, they can respond in time by carefully examining the entire surface, looking at the strand behind the strand. If only a few lice are found, it means they have not yet settled. In cases where a lot of lice and nits are found during the examination, it is impossible to effectively cope with them in this way.

In pharmacies, you can purchase special products for more convenient combing of lice. On long hair to detect and remove their fingers can be difficult, so these adaptations come in handy. The simplest of them - metal scallops, equipped with special small teeth.

More modern means are electronic combs, which act on parasites by electric discharges, absolutely safe for humans. They cost an order of magnitude more expensive than metal ones, but their use is more convenient, efficient and practical. Despite the abundance of drugs on pharmacy shelves, it is the combing that remains the most effective method of treatment, which allows you to get rid of parasites once and for all.

Advice! Do not neglect combing even when treating pediculosis with other folk or medicines! Stronger struggle against parasites will allow to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies for lice help get rid of them at home without resorting to medication. However, it is important to remember that in cases of severe infection, when parasites have a lot and obviously a large number of delayed nits, it is better not to risk and consult a doctor.

Some of their popular folk recipes can be unsafe, so it is important to follow the recommendations clearly and, for example, do not keep the remedy for longer than the time specified in the instructions, wishing to strengthen the effect.

Common methods in the people that help get rid of lice at home are:

  1. Kerosene. This method has been preserved since the times of the Soviet Union, when this substance was processed by the head of each child in the kindergartens, as soon as the epidemic of lice erupted. In fact, it's not safe to poison lice with kerosene, because if you compress the compress, you get a burn. If you want to take a risk, make it simple: spread the hair and head with kerosene, wrap it with a towel and hold it for half an hour.
  2. Cranberry. Compared to the previous, this substance is absolutely safe. It is recommended to rub natural cranberry juice into the head to facilitate combing out lice and nits. Do this for a week.
  3. Vinegar. To prepare the product, stir 2 tbsp. l. vinegar in a glass of water at room temperature, lubricate the hair and head. The supposed effect - such a solution with vinegar should dissolve the "glue", which parasites attach the nits to the hair. Experts consider it dubious, but confirm that such a procedure can facilitate the process of combing out.
  4. Onions with garlic. Based on these products, you can prepare a mask that is applied to the head. Hold it for 1 hour. For cooking, you need to take onions and garlic in equal amounts and rub to the state of gruel.
  5. Paint for hair. Some fight lice with this cosmetic. In fact, dyed hair, you can accelerate the death of parasites, but this does not affect the nits. Paint for hair as a basic treatment is ineffective.

Important! Any folk recipes used to apply to the head and hair are strictly forbidden to use from pubic lice! It is impossible to etch them with home remedies, it can even be dangerous to health.


On pharmacy shelves, you can find a lot of medicines against lice. They can have different dosage form:

  • shampoo;
  • spray;
  • ointment and cream;
  • gel;
  • powder;
  • liquid soap.

The drugs are for external use. They contain substances that are toxic poisons for parasites, but are safe for humans by strictly following the instructions. The main groups of medicines are:

  1. Based on permethrin: Para-plus spray, Medifox shampoo, lotion, Nittifor cream, NOC shampoo.
  2. Based on malathion: Shampoos Pedilin, Parasidosis, Veda.
  3. Based on pyrethrin, sumitrin: liquid soap Anti-bit, Spray Pax spray.
  4. Based on esdepaletrin: spray A-steam, spray Spregal.

To prescribe drug therapy, you need to contact dermatologists. It is best to go for advice to those of them who specialize in skin pathologies and parasitic diseases. When lice are found in children, you need to turn to the pediatrician, and then, in his direction, to the children's dermatologist.

Important! To choose independently a preparation on the basis of that operating component which will be the most effective, it is impossible! This requires an examination of the dermatologist.


Ways to prevent infection with lice are simple and will be useful from many parasites. The main rules are:

  1. It is necessary to avoid close communication with people living in unsanitary conditions. Even one contact with such a person can contribute to infection.
  2. Refusal of casual sexual relations will avoid possible infection with pubic lice.
  3. Use your own hairbrushes, hairpins, any other ornaments worn on the head. This applies to hats.
  4. A close inspection of the hair, especially after contact with a potentially infected person. If a child at school has an epidemic of pediculosis, it is necessary to conduct an examination every day.

Thus, lice are parasites from which it is impossible to be secured forever. No matter how stable immunity may be, one contact with an infected person may be enough. When choosing a method of treatment, you can use folk remedies, medicines, and do not forget about combing out.