After the wipe sore throat

What are the consequences of smoking an electronic cigarette?


Valentin Douglas (Celt)


Again to cigarettes. Only you start smoking even more.

When switching to electronic cigarettes for the purpose of quitting at all.. There is one tricky point. Electronic can not be used more often than cigarettes before that. Otherwise, waiting for a great hitman. Return to tobacco with double traction.

By going to. whitefish. it is necessary to continue reducing the number of smoke breaks. Until they get rid of them.

Personally, through it all passed. El. whitefish. I personally did not help. Threw on another. Almost a month I do not smoke. I know that this is not much. But.. This is after more than 30 years of experience.

If interested, write in a personal.


the habit of pulling all the crap into your mouth.

Toha Tochavić

cheers, I do not smoke

Pavel Radushinsky

Loss of emptying of the intestine.
The man explodes.


In electronic cigarettes there is a chip. As for a household appliance, he passed the certification, but from the point of view of safety for the body, there was not even any research, it was the harm itself that was not studied for man. it is not worth trying

After a cold drink it hurts a lot of throat, than to relieve pain? Help. And the child from me will not catch? It hurts since yesterday


Zhenya Kr

it is necessary to keep warm, you can drink hot, most likely it's inflammation, not the virus, so do not infect anyone.

Gulnara Tokoeva

to drink a tincture of echinacea

Eugene Mayfrend

And for the future - after a cold drink or a meal - to massage the area of ​​the tonsils in the direction of the angle of the lower jaw, that is, the neck, to increase blood circulation. Without fanaticism, but massage. And so - while rinse, drink hot. Keep the child from a distance, or wear a mask.
And do not get carried away with cold salads and champagne! Strip with a stronger or hot))
Happy holiday, dear ladies!


Take a hot drink-hot tea with a spoonful of vodka or cognac and will pass.. . And do not let the child drink cold, that would not catch ...

Lena Kachalova

Try not to drink cold, it is possible that you have chronic angina, and hot should not be abused. From the child it is better to "stay away", do not drink from one dish, and consult an ENT doctor (in fact, angina can bring many troubles as various complications). Infection disease doctor, infectiologist> To me at pains in a throat the infusion of a camomile helps, I hope will help or assist. Be healthy!!!

Alya Ninash

It is often necessary to gargle with a solution of Lugol or Chlorophyllipt, decoctions of chamomile, sage, oak bark every half hour. Physicians are increasingly giving preference to sorbent Polysorb. This drug stabilizes the general state of health and is able to replace antipyretics. Polysorb helps to eliminate the effects of intoxication of the body and all symptoms of poisoning, which are mandatory observed in patients with colds.


I dont know. Nyasha. no really.

He talked a lot, his throat hurts, it's unpleasant to say what to do?



We get rid of the pain in the throat, once and for all.
Pain in the pharynx, larynx appear during inflammatory processes (pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis). To get rid of these phenomena, it is necessary to stimulate immunity, that is, rub the palm base with a hand and forearm, the outer region, up to the elbow inclusive, and the legs - the lift of the foot and the shin, from all sides, up to the knee inclusive, three to eight times a day. Legs can rub your foot on the leg. Local effect: tear the skin over the larynx and rub the crease between the toes especially painful places. Find on the surface of the cartilage of the larynx painful points and press them with the fingernail of the index finger. Also, the nail of the index finger to press and hold for 3-5 seconds the soreness and on the front surface of the cervical spine. Especially effective is the pressure on those places, when exposed to which there is an arrow of pain (painful irradiation), a point which just reaches your glands or inflamed mucous, that is, it reaches exactly the pain that bothers you. Try to press on this pain, to cause the arrow and to hold this arrow of pain within 3-5 seconds, change the place of touch and again press and hold. That's how to handle all parts of the neck and especially painful places. With the first symptoms of the disease with a proper massage from the pain in the throat, you can get rid of in two to three hours, in some cases, even for 10-20 minutes. The sore throat either does not develop or ends within three hours. An important indication: all painful areas are subjected to massage, massage them day after day and a day several times until complete the disappearance of pain during massage, with the pushing, despite the fact that the pain in the throat, the larynx already ceased to disturb you. Fulfilling this condition, you once and for all can get rid of colds of the throat, larynx.
The indicator of weakened antimicrobial immunity, in mild cases, is the presence of a sensation of burning and soreness on the skin of the limbs that are revealed, when we begin to rub our legs or hands with the base of the palm of our hands or this burning sensation, the soreness is felt by itself, even without touch. Such level of weakened antimicrobial immunity will be accompanied by inflammatory processes in the larynx, throat, in the lungs, kidneys and. and so forth. The presence of aches, aching pain in the bones and joints of the legs and hands, this is already a signal about the strong suppression of antimicrobial immunity (rheumatism, polyarthritis, arthritis). To strengthen or restore antimicrobial immunity, it is necessary to rub the base of your palm with the back of the hand and the outer area forearm to the elbow inclusive, rub your legs: leg on the leg, begin with the lifting of the foot, shin, from all sides. We rub the knee joints, knead them between their palms. The rubbing is carried out every day until the burning and soreness on the extremities disappears completely, and in the case of severely weakened immunity, to the complete disposal of aches and pains in the bones and joints as the hands And this requires a local massage by the area of ​​the joints. At elevated temperature, grinding should be done 8-10 times a day, spending on the entire massage of the limbs, at a time, about 5 minutes of time. What effect can you expect from such exposure at elevated temperature? First of all, this is a drop in temperature from high figures to 37.5 ° C and lower. The effect appears in just 20-30 minutes. Pain and aches can pass, also, in some cases, even after the first exposure, but that it is more you have never appeared, in light cases - it will take you about two or three weeks to work with yourself. Daily rubbing of feet and hands on the effect of antibacterial exposure significantly exceeds the best, the most expensive import, of course, an antibiotic of the widest spectrum of action and in this you can very quickly be convinced. Good luck to you.


Drink hot milk


honey, milk, menthol


Pain in the throat
1. Decoction of the leaves of the plum (one part of the leaves for ten parts of water) rinse your mouth with a throat, to protect against colds, resorption of the tumor of the larynx and tongue, to strengthen the gums.
2. Three cups of boiling water pour a teaspoon of chaga and boil for five minutes. Do steam inhalation for seven days for five minutes. Helps with throat diseases.
3. The pain in the throat is softened by a decoction of cherry twigs - ten grams of raw material per cup of boiling water. Boil thirty minutes, drain, bring to the original volume and gargle. This broth is very effective in scarlet fever.
4. If you have a sore throat, you need to put a poplar bud in your mouth and dissolve it until you feel its gummy taste. The procedure should be repeated periodically until recovery, which occurs very quickly. Acts stronger than sprays and sugar candies. To keep the broken kidneys (up to four or five weeks) is necessary directly with a twig, wrapped in a plastic bag. The medicine is available practically all-the-year-round. The resin of poplar buds has a good bactericidal effect and at the same time softens the mucous membrane of the pharynx.
5. In the autumn season, a decoction of physalis can gargle with colds, the result will not keep you waiting, it also strengthens weak gums, even relieves toothache. Recipe for broth: fruits are washed, stacked in two rows in a saucepan and poured with boiling water (one part - to two parts of water) per liter of water - twenty-five grams of sugar. Boil for half an hour, cover with a lid and insist for two hours. You can drink warm with colds for half a cup three times a day. Decoction can gargle and nasopharynx.
6. It is necessary to gargle every morning in the morning with the infusion of herbs of calendula, St. John's wort and thyme. Helps and infusion of mallow flowers, even with catarrh of the upper respiratory tract and cough.
7. As soon as the sore throat, take, without washing down, a teaspoon of kerosene, infused on nuts. After three hours, repeat the appointment. My throat stops hurting.

Deni Didro

Go to the doctor there will help.

Katya Vasil'eva

take a septiphil tablet. Dissolve 2-3 per day

Osipova Olga

For such a throat, any emollient-enveloping agents are suitable. From home - milk (preferably higher fat), soda, you can take a small piece of butter and rassasyvat.

The throat should be warm - wrap something soft around your neck for this evening.
Just do not drink milk very hot - it's important. It must be intensely warm.

And in the autumn season - who will ask, the broth of physalis - the first thing)))) (to be honest, I sob... and about the kidneys, too, liked it)

September 1. They swelled a little. After the vodka, my throat hurts. What to do?



Heal, you know the method.


All had time: both to get drunk, and the throat was sick already. And September 1 is still in full swing!

Kuzmich Julia

I have not seen cases that the vine is the throat hurts


Happenes. If there is pectusin - a pill in the teeth. If there is 1 hour. a spoonful of soda; 1h. a spoonful of salt; 1h. spoon (drip) iodine - in a liter of warm water, mix and stand over the sink - gargle. ALL liters. Well, if the poor people become - fish, such as feed..., it's even for the best, the extra byaka will come out - it will become easier. And that would not get sick, you can wash your nostrils with soap. Well, usually with a soapy finger.

Help! Sore throat after sneezing! (Details inside)



and what do you usually do, knowing that you are allergic?

Kristina Mironova

Drink a pill from an allergy. What problems then? Drink the pills while the cat lives.


drink a sip of alcohol and do not swallow immediately and hold in your mouth

Maria Zinchenko

Allergies, allergies, and angina angina. You apparently have both. At an allergic rhinitis, I use Aqua Maris sens, it moisturizes the nasal mucosa and clears allergens. But with a sore throat, you should see a doctor, that would make sure that you do not have angina, because with angina need antibiotics, if the angina is not treated with antibiotics, you can earn complications and rumble to the hospital. Now, with sore throat, a lot of drinking is beneficial, but not hot, but warm, and often rinsing with chamomile broths, for example, or furacilin. Look to yourself in the mouth, look at the tonsils, if they increased in size, became red and a white coating appeared, call the doctor.

Sick throat after the ice cream. Prompt how it is treated?



hot tea


rinse with soda. hot tea with lemon.

Bychkova Svetlana

Oh, today almost died at work, so my throat hurt!! She did an iodine net for a whole day on her throat (she was in a turtleneck), came home-she made a compress of vodka (with water) on her throat, wrapped the shawl over it. and I also bought strepsis with eucalyptus, now I feel much better :)


Rinse with furatsillinom 2 tab on a glass of warm! water, rassasyvat during the day streptotsid 5-6 times 1 tab under the tongue


and I just took a little diluted a little calendula with water 50 / 50. makala cotton and throat lubricated. for a day or two passed all

Why does my throat hurt for a long time: causes and treatment

If the throat is sore for a long time, the reasons can be very different. Sometimes prolonged sore throat can be caused by diseases of other organs and systems. Before the examination, the doctor must necessarily interview the patient in order to obtain the fullest possible information about his complaints.

The problem of sore throat

Sore throat, most patients call such feelings:

  • Persecution;
  • burning;
  • scraping sensation;
  • sagging;
  • scratching;
  • sense of foreign body presence.

All these sensations can be of different intensity.

Possible causes of pain

Signs of sore throatTo determine the exact cause of the pain in the throat, it is necessary to study what factors preceded the appearance of soreness, what symptoms accompany pain.At an elevated body temperature, the disease most often has an infectious and inflammatory character.

Many diseases that are accompanied by the course of the inflammatory process in the pharynx, the tongue almond, the bottom of the mouth, are characterized by excessive salivation.

Inflammation in the area near the tonsils leads to the fact that the patient can not open his mouth: there is a trisus of chewing musculature. Also, this is often accompanied by the fact that the patient is forced to tilt his head to the sore side.

If you have any pain in the throat, especially with their long flow, you need to urgently consult a therapist or an otolaryngologist for an accurate diagnosis. If the pain is accompanied by a refusal of food, hoarseness or a deaf voice, drooling, fever, speech can go about an epiglotte (an inflammation of an epiglottis caused by a special kind of pathogenic bacteria).

Pharyngoscopy in this case must be done very carefully, as rough examination with a spatula can lead to laryngospasm, which is fraught with a fatal outcome.

If the throat hurts more than a month, then this can be a sign of chronic pharyngitis caused by diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Gastritis, peptic ulcer, esophagitis and other such diseases can provoke chronic pharyngitis, which is characterized by a prolonged pain in the throat, accompanied by a sensation of a lump or foreign body in it.

Diagnostic RhinoscopyIf the pain is accompanied by a perspiration and cough, its causes can be active or passive smoking, inhalation of smoke or too dry air. The same symptoms cause sinusitis and adenoiditis with the flow of discharge from the nasopharynx. If the pain occurs when swallowing, then this may indicate varicose veins in the esophagus.

Careful collection of anamnesis is the best way to find out the dynamics of the symptomatology, the cause of its appearance, to find out if pain is caused by throat injuries, for example, after a gastroscopy.

Factors that caused pain can be contact with infected patients, contact with harmful or poisonous substances (chemistry, hot air, dust), hypothermia or the use of cold products. Sore throat can be caused by infections that are transmitted sexually: chlamydiosis of the respiratory tract, syphilis, gonococcal pharyngitis, etc. Lesions of mucous membranes are caused by infection with HIV.

The main causes of painful sensations

In the absence of adequate treatment, a sore throat of any origin can last for several weeks. The main causes that can cause sore throat are:

  1. Acute tonsillitis (tonsillitis). The disease is accompanied by inflammation of the lymph nodes under the jaw, the temperature rises to 38-39 degrees.
  2. Chronic tonsillitis in the stage of exacerbation. The temperature rarely rises more than 38 degrees. The intensity of pain, as a rule, is less.
  3. Paratonzillitis causes unilateral painful sensations.
  4. Acute pharyngitis or chronic in the stage of exacerbation.
  5. Larynx or lingual angina.
  6. Fungal infection of the posterior wall of the larynx and palatine tonsils. Such diseases can be a consequence of diabetes mellitus, immunodeficiency, gastrointestinal diseases.
  7. Acute laryngitis. A characteristic symptom that indicates this disease is a hoarse voice.
  8. Long-term pain in the throat can lead to overstrain of the larynx muscles with constant voice loads.
  9. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which are accompanied by throwing acidic stomach contents into the esophagus.
  10. Neoplasms in the throat or thyroid gland.
  11. Cervical osteochondrosis.

So, why the throat hurts for several weeks, only the doctor can determine. The reasons for this can be a great many, many of the diseases that cause prolonged pain in the throat, can affect other organs and systems, for example, the gastrointestinal tract, locomotor system, etc.

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