"Oko-plus" - a universal remedy for eye disorders

About 80% of the adult population have vision problems or various eye diseases. With the development of technology, the load on the eyes has increased, so this problem becomes more and more urgent. To maintain the health of the organs of vision, there are 2 effective methods: perform gymnastics for the eyes and use modern eye drops. One of the latest developments of Russian scientists is eye drops "Oko-plus".What are the features and benefits of Oco Plus? This is the question and answer in our material.


  • 1Description of the preparation
  • 2Pharmacological action and group
  • 3Indications and contraindications for use
    • 3.1Dosage for adults
    • 3.2Oko-plus for children
    • 3.3Mode of application
  • 4Possible complications caused by the drug
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Description of the preparation

Eye drops "Oko-plus" is a curative and prophylactic remedy that eliminates not only the symptoms, but also the causes of the drop in visual acuity. With prolonged use of the drug, vision becomes clear and clear, so users of these drops, as a rule, forget about lenses or glasses after a while.

The drug "Eye-plus" is recommended for those who do not have significant eye problems, but they are trying to maintain good eyesight under the condition of strain and fatigue of the organs of vision.

The composition of the eye drops includes only natural components, which is especially valuable.Herbal components of this solution can not cause harmful effects on the body, while effectively contributing to treatment.The structure of "Oko-plus" includes the following medicinal components:

  • Zeaxaline(improves visual acuity);
  • Lutein(helps strengthen the retina and a clearer vision);
  • Barley Milk(prevents eye diseases and eliminates various infections);
  • Milky Clover Juice(causes eye pressure back to normal and restores damaged capillaries);
  • Carnosine(restores cell membranes for all possible damages and normalizes metabolic processes).

All components of the drops "Eye-plus" contribute to improving eye health. The effect of the use of drops is noticeable after only 1-2 uses. And only for 1 course the drug will restore vision with farsightedness, astigmatism and myopia, prevent from appearance of glaucoma and cataract, and also protect against the negative effects of ultraviolet rays, wind and smoke.

Pharmacological action and group

Drops "Eye-plus" have the ability to enhance the protective function of the eyes from negative influences from the outside.In addition, this drug is able to prevent, stop, treat and eliminate the effects of common diseases of the visual system. The principle of the action of the solution is due to the combination of the components of the basic formula, the mechanism of which is aimed at combating eye pathologies.

Drops act gently, penetrating the shell of the visual organ and, without changing its structure, improve the visual system at the molecular level.Ingredients in the composition of drops "Oco-plus" are biological activators and therefore capable of to resist and destroy free radicals, preventing their spread and pathogenic effects.

Active substances "Oco-plus" have the following properties:

  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Regenerating;
  • Immunostimulating;
  • Antioxidant;
  • Restorative.

Penetrating the eyes, the activators of drops "Oko-plus" act locally, without getting into the total blood flow and not spreading throughout the body. Thus, the improvement in the patient comes in a few minutes, and the overall result is manifested after only a few days from the first day of application of the remedy. This is confirmed by the feedback of many users of drops.

Indications and contraindications for use

Eye drops "Eye-plus" are indicated for use by people who have the following violations:

  • Visual impairment due to age-related changes or prolonged stay in front of the computer monitor(TV, tablet, phone);
  • Burning, irritation, redness, rubbing, discomfort in the eyes;
  • Rapid drying of the mucosa - dry eye syndrome;
  • Constant pressure;
  • Increased pressure inside the eyeball.

Drip this drug can patients with such ophthalmic diseases as:

  • Myopia;
  • Various inflammations (keratitis, conjunctivitis, blepharitis and others);
  • Complications after intraocular hypertension - glaucoma;
  • Partial or absolute opacification of the lens;
  • Structural disorders of metabolic processes in the eye tissues.

It is especially recommended to use drops "Oko-plus" in the event that a person spends most of the day at the computer and at work with documents.

The course of therapy with drops is also worth starting if a person develops dryness of the mucous membrane, redness, pain in the eye sockets.

Dangerous symptoms are "flies" in the eyes, blurred vision. In this case, the use of drops will help to stop these negative processes.

In what cases are the "Oco Plus" drops prescribed? We list all cases:

  • Sight began to deteriorate;
  • When cutting, pain, resulting from prolonged work on the computer;
  • Drivers as prevention;
  • If phlebitis, conjunctivitis, cataract, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and other ophthalmic diseases are diagnosed;
  • To people whose profession provides for a constant presence under the scorching sun, in the wind, in industrial enterprises;
  • With an age-related decrease in visual acuity and with increased intraocular pressure;
  • With the syndrome of "dry eyes
  • When overexertion, irritation;
  • With diagnosed myopia;
  • After surgical correction of vision and performed operations on the eyes.

Improvement of the condition of users is noted after the first application of drops, but this should not be an excuse for discontinuing treatment. On the effectiveness of therapy can be judged only after the completion of a full course of therapy, which is 1 month.

Dosage for adults

In the instructions for using the drug, it is recommended to instill 2 drops of solution into each eye twice a day (morning and evening). It is necessary to inject the solution into both eyes, even if symptoms of the disease appear only on one of them.Before using the drop, it is necessary to hold it in the clamped palm of your hand or lower it into warm water so that the solution warms up and does not cause irritation due to the difference in temperature.

Oko-plus for children

Eye drops "Oko-plus" are indicated for use by children from 3 years of age. The preparation consists exclusively of natural components, therefore droplets do not tweak the eyes. They are shown to be used by children for the following violations:

  • Fuzzy, blurry vision;
  • Syndrome of "dry eye
  • Stress, tired eyes;
  • Discomfort when working at a computer, pain in the eyes;
  • Redness and irritation;
  • High intraocular pressure;
  • Myopia;
  • Various diseases of the eye;
  • Decreased visual acuity.

"Oko-plus" can be used from an early age for any diseases, as well as for prevention.

Eye drops "Oko-plus due to the natural ingredients included in their composition, are allowed for use during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

The drug has no contraindications, except for individual intolerance of the constituents of the drug, so drops are dispensed without a doctor's prescription.

Mode of application

Use eye drops as directed.

  1. First you need to wash your hands thoroughly.
  2. Before instilling it is worth checking whether there is a dust on the pump that can get into the eye. It is also important not to touch the bottle of eye mucosa or eyelashes, because bacteria can very quickly get into the eye, causing irritation or infection.
  3. Then it is recommended to take a horizontal position of the body, so that the drops do not spread out.

Methods of application for various diseases:

  • With eye fatigue, to relieve tension apply 1 drop to each eye 2 times a day.
  • With infectious diseases and inflammatory reactions: 2 dropsand 3 times a day.
  • When tearing, allergies: 1 drop in each eye 2 times a day.
  • With glaucoma, myopia, cataract: 2 drops 3 times a day.
  • With a decrease in vision: 2 drops in each eye 3 times a day.

"Oko-plus" is recommended to use the course for 5-10 days (depending on the need) with breaks of 3 days for 2 months.

Keep the drug is recommended at a temperature not higher than 25 ° C away from children and from direct sunlight.After opening the bottle it is necessary to store the drops closed for no more than 6 months in the refrigerator. Shelf life: 2 years.

Possible complications caused by the drug

"Oko-plus" does not cause side effects, complications and is well tolerated by all patients. The drug has successfully passed ophthalmological and dermatological studies, meets all quality standards, therefore it is safe for children and adults. In addition, the drops are not addictive.


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So, eye drops "Eye-plus" - an effective therapeutic and preventive tool with a wide range of action. Plant components give the drug a mass of benefits, the main ones among which are:

  • Powerful impact and consistent results.
  • Instant effect after first use.
  • The ability to restore health and clarity of vision.
  • Rejuvenation, healthy eyes.
  • Absence of contraindications.
  • Admission for children and women in the situation.

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