Can I get a flu shot?

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Was it necessary to get a flu shot? At work, do they have the right?



For a long time, article 33 of the Law on the Protection of Citizens on the right to refuse medical intervention (from July 22, 1993 N5487-1), Article 5 of Federal Law No. 157 (on the right to refuse preventive vaccinations).
I and most of my acquaintances have long written Refusals to children and myself. And if suddenly in school, a garden or at work they will force - demand explanations in writing - and in Office of Public Prosecutor. So far, the intervention of the prosecutor was not required in Russia.
By the way, even physicians now Rospotrebnadzor can not force, law-abiding officials prefer to observe laws and the Constitution.
The form of refusals is on the website, in the same place on the forums such information that many supporters of vaccination cease to be so - just statistics and just facts.
This is harm from flu shots: Comed Files prove that Thimerosal-containing flu shots lead to a miscarriage & start = 135

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There is also a link: William Engdahl: Bill Gates on the "vaccine for population reduction" ...- dlya.html
About 15 years ago, it was easier to "buy" a certificate of support, and now the laws were made


Nonsense all this - on have the right.

Katya Yesenin

Vaccinations are done on a voluntary basis! Have no right to force

Nurzhan Turdaliev

this is a voluntary matter


looking in what sphere you are working - doctors are being forced - the highest-ranking doctor of medicine makes himself. but as practice shows, they do not save a flu from a flu, especially when everyone is sick all the time (




We always have everything voluntarily - forced! but you should know that the effect of vaccination is only 15% and the risk of getting complications is also present ((


no one can force, can refuse in writing, say that you are allergic and all will be left behind once and for all

Tatyana Sedova

force - do not have the right. According to statistics, 83 percent of those vaccinated against influenza in the past year, fell ill with this very flu. The reason is simple: to be vaccinated effectively, a person must be absolutely healthy. no slightest rhinitis, no scratching in the throat, no inflammation in the body, including a sick tooth. who is waving at it - there is no sense to inculcate, even harmful, because you will get sick in any way.

Svetlana Mosolova (Gornostayeva)

They do not have to force you. I never do

Olga @

If you have never been ill with the flu, then it is not recommended to vaccinate.

Alexander Aleshin

It's worth it. If you work with people, management has the right to pressure.


It depends on where you work. If in a "private" organization, it is better to do, but you can forget about "rights". And then everything can end in dismissal.


This business is voluntary, it is not allowed to force them. But I would have done

Does the kindergarten worker need to get vaccinated against the flu? is the manual doing the right thing?



This vaccine is at your discretion, to force you or who can not.

dobrozhelatelj da imenno tak

Do not you know your rights?

Write a refusal of vaccination and no one will force you.

Anastasia Volkova

I work in the cabinet of medical examinations, we really had such an order. Do not allow employees to work without such vaccinations, only if there is a medical officer. This is done for the safety of children! That teachers did not bring the infection into the group. But it seems to me that it's wrong, you can not force a person to do what he does not want.

Svetlana Vladimirovna

Vaccination is voluntary, but keep in mind that during an epidemic you can be removed from work without saving wages as a source of infection of children. I myself have been inoculated for seven years in a row and when all my friends are treated for months on complications, it's enough for me to anoint with a couple of days in the nose and to drink something for prevention. Even with ARI and SARS, or not at all sick, or I endure very easily. I'm inoculated! The educator.


SARS and flu are different things... vaccinated then from a certain strain of influenza... but what kind of question does it get to you... I was vaccinated without checking the health status, there were complications, the doctors said, it was lucky that everything turned out, then it hurt for a long time... This, by the way, was one of the reasons to start looking for others. work ...


Is the teacher the source of infection of children? How many years I work with children, only they infect me, then with chickenpox, then with flu.

Can I REFUSE to get a flu shot, is it compulsory? the management of the institution forces it to do (


Irina Ilyina

The refusal of vaccinations on the basis of the Federal Law on Immunoprophylaxis of Infectious Diseases, of July 17, 1998.

Ololoyeva TASKA

tired of everything

Tatyana Golyaka

This case is voluntary, it is not allowed to force them.


do not have the right to force.


better to do. but you can and refuse. what for obyazalovka such? your own health.

Nadezhda Zhuravleva

I have been refusing this vaccination for several years, at first I tried to put pressure on them. But since they can not punish in any way, they are also behind. Just do not succumb to pressure, if you require a written refusal write, that's all)


Not necessarily after this vaccination, most of them fall ill... There is no sense ...


Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 15, 1999. N 825 "On approval of the list of works, the implementation of which is associated with a high risk of infectious diseases and requires compulsory vaccination"
Look at the list of works here http: // base. garant. com / 12116330 / (remove spaces)

♍Galina Zhigunova♍

At our workplace, too, we were vaccinated against influenza, I categorically refused it, no one raped. In childhood, from vaccinations, I had a medical guide, from them there are complications, because of what I am afraid to do them.

Victoria Kuznetsova

The vaccine is best done, since you will then spend more money not on medicine and on recovery time. And how many viruses now, and how many complications.. . From vaccination complications are sooo rare.
It's just that infectious diseases have seen so much last season that they're all vaccinated.
You decide. =)

Can I get it vaccinated?



Inoculation is voluntary and no one has the right to force it

Vitaly Valygin



They can not force you, but you should.

Irina Nafikova

Vaccination is voluntary. You have the right to refuse. MAKE-do not have the right. But.. can and restrictions imposed (for example, in a kindergarten during an epidemic can remove not vaccinated ..)

Andrey Smirnov

Fuck these vaccinations are unnecessary! nothing bringing, except for harm - refuse to the last! besides before the competition to weaken the body - at least NOT reasonable!

ya ay

require them a written receipt that they guarantee the absence of any consequences, and in the event of their occurrence they will pay all material, moral damage, up to the payment of life alimony.


no! Inoculation is not necessary.. it is a violation of the doctor! tell me. that you have not passed and 2 weeks after the temperature rise or just refuse without explaining the reasons! you already have 14 years. if not then you can refer to the fact that parents do not give permission for vaccinations !!!

Lena Sovka

A refusal is written, if you are a minor, then the parents write a refusal!
And they can not force, although there will be sticks in the wheel to set them, then they must pass the accounts! Konovaly!

Recent vaccinations against influenza carried away several lives of schoolchildren, and they even had henna,. . type and there was nothing!


under the Constitution, no one can force. But do not sign the certificate without vaccination easily. The complications of vaccination are not comparable to those of influenza - so it's up to you.


You can refuse. the competition will not go. It's your business

If kidney failure, can I get vaccinated against the flu and have the right to get it vaccinated.


Fairy Winged

to force rights do not have, that's for sure. With kidney failure, it is very dangerous to do any vaccinations, no one will guarantee that there will be no relapse, take care of yourself.

Sergey Bondarenko

This is decided by the nephrologist, depending on the case and the diagnosis. No one can make any medical manipulation, except for the cases stipulated in the law (mentally ill in case of danger for themselves, the surrounding and helplessness, with the risk of infection in infectious patients, in children by decision of the guardianship authorities).

Oxy The Moon

It is better not to do. And they can not force it, they can not, do not be afraid.

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