Than to treat a fungus of fingernails or nails on legs or foots? Reviews!

how to treat nail fungus on legsFungal diseases of nails and feet cause a lot of trouble for a person - in addition to an unpleasant appearance, the fungus has a destructive effect on the human immune system.

Cure a fungus only with the help of medications is not always obtained.

Therefore, for successful treatment of nail fungus on the legs at home, you can turn to folk medicine. Folk remedies have proved their effectiveness and safety to our ancestors.


The main causes of nail fungus on legs are known well to everyone, but most are confident that this trouble will blow them. True, only until the moment of infection. What happens is much more often than we think.

This disease arises from the effects of mold and yeast fungi. Harmful microorganisms quickly multiply, in connection with which, the nails crumble, crack, thicken and eventually break down. Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), impaired metabolism, the presence of diabetic diseases, AIDS, obesity, decreased immune defenses against the background of taking antibiotics or oral contraceptives.

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To prevent the appearance of this unpleasant disease on your own feetyou need to adhere to several rules:

  • Do not walk barefoot in public places;
  • do not use someone else's or worn shoe;
  • clean once a quarter bath with disinfectants;
  • use antifungal aerosols;
  • observe the hygiene of the feet;
  • Keep your feet warm and dry.

Using public transport, running around shopping, swimming in the pool, walking barefoot on the beach, jumping on trampoline and doing many other everyday or entertaining affairs - we are at risk of contracting a fungus. Legs are least protected from this disease, because they are in contact with the environment.

Symptoms of fungal nail infections

At the initial stage of the lesion, the nail fungus on the toes is almost invisible and does not cause any inconvenience (cf. a photo).Then the characteristic symptoms appearfungal infection:

  • the surface of the nail plate on the legs acquires an unpleasant, murky tint;
  • the nail plate begins to exfoliate, separating from the nail bed;
  • the diseased nail loses its original shape, thickening and becoming unkempt;
  • Cracks gradually form between the toes; a person begins to feel pain in the area of ​​the damaged nail;
  • the skin on the toes begins to peel off;
  • there is a skin itch between the toes.

To treat a nail fungus is necessary, it is best in the initial stage. In this case, you can do only with external drugs: ointments, varnishes and folk remedies. In a more neglected form, you need to take antifungal tablets, in which case you will not be able to quickly get rid of the fungus on your legs.

Photo of nail fungus on legs

Below are detailed photos of fungal nail lesions on the legs, both in the initial and in the advanced stage.

nail fungus on legs photo 2Prevention

Rules to be observed for the prevention:

  1. Use special cosmetics for foot care. Talc will help to reduce excessive sweating of the feet, and a moisturizer will prevent dry skin and the appearance of cracks on it. After washing, thoroughly wipe your feet, especially between your fingers.
  2. Be sure to wear shoes in the changing rooms, saunas, public toilet in the pool.
  3. Observe personal hygiene with your family. If the fungus was picked up by someone from your family, be extremely careful and regularly disinfect the bathroom, sponges, sponges and linen.

Regardless of the way the fungus is treated, you need to process your shoes, underwear, floors, skin care products and nails, rugs in the room and bathroom, etc. This can be done by boiling, vinegar, ironing. In shoes, you can put formalin, first putting it in a bag.

What is dangerous for untreated onychomycosis?

In addition to the unpleasant external manifestations of this disease, the fungus is a pathogenic microbe that harms the entire human body:

  • Timely untreated nail fungusopens the gate to other infections.
  • In addition, the fungus is capable ofact as an allergen, and eventually provoke a hypersensitivity to the fungus of nails, as an allergen.
  • Onychomycosiscomplicates very many diseases, for example, diabetes mellitus.
  • In especially severe cases, against a background of prolonged course of the disease or reduced immunity, a fungal infectioncan cause deep mycosis- penetration of the fungus to the internal organs through the blood.

To avoid complications, you need to quickly begin treatment if you have found the first signs of fungal nail infection.

How to get rid of the fungus on the toenails?

Drugs used to treat nails infected with fungus are represented by two groups.

  1. First groupAre local means of influence. This group includes therapeutic varnishes and patches with the effect of exfoliation, ointments and creams, gels. The bulk of drugs for external use is effective only in the initial stage of the disease.
  2. The second groupis a systemic antimycotic drug that is taken by mouth. Usually, these are capsules or tablets that exert a depressing effect on the fungus. They block the spread of mycosis, have a prolonged effect, which significantly reduces the possibility of a second outbreak of the disease.

But given that the drugs that are used to treat onychomycosis have high toxicity and often cause side effects, and the clinical picture for lesions fungus skin and nail plate on the legs is always strictly individual, it is best to provide an answer to the question of how to cure the fungus on the legs of an experienced specialist.

Treatment of nail fungus on legs

The disease itself will not disappear, the fungus is very tenacious. Gradually, in the process of development, the fungus affects all parts of the nail, completely destroying it, after which it begins to affect other nails, and often the skin.

Until recently, the disease was considered incurable. However, nowadays to treat the nail fungus on the legs with the help of antifungal drugs is very successful. Nevertheless, the treatment is complex and requires a versatile and systematic approach. Depending on the degree of infection, it can last from 2-3 weeks to several months.

Below we will consider different techniques, how to quickly cure nail fungus on the legs.


If the question is, how to treat the nail fungus on the legs in the early stages, then antimycotic varnishes and solutions can help, for example:

  1. Loceril1400 - 2300 rubles.
  2. Batrafen- varnish, the price is 1500-1700 rubles.
  3. Cyclopyroxolamine- varnish, the price is 1500-1600 rubles.,
  4. Oflomilvarnish 900 rub.
  5. Mycosis- Serum for nails and 10 nail files, the price of 600 rubles.

Nails should be coated with Loceril every 3-4 days for 6-12 months. Batrafen is used according to the scheme monthly courses, the first month 1 time in 2 days, the second - 2 times a week, the third month and further 1 time a week until the full restoration of the nail plate.

Remember that all local drugs can be effective only in the early stages of the disease. In the late stages of infectionit is necessary to apply complex treatment- Combine internal and external drugs.

Antifungal tablets

If the disease is already neglected or develops very rapidly, the lesion zone is extensive, then systemic antimycotics can not be avoided.

Tablets from a nail fungus are huge and should be prescribed by a specialist, choosing a medicine based on feedback on successful treatment is not always correct. It is important to remember that such medications have a number of contraindications.

These are the best agents for oral administration:

  1. Ketoconazole - Nizoral 460-510 rub., Fungavis 150 rub.
  2. Fluconazole price 20-50 rubles. (analogues: Diflucan 460-490 rubles, Mycosyst 310 -620 rubles, Flukostat 180-270 rubles, Forkan, Mikomaks).
  3. Terbinafine - Lamizil 1800 -2100 rub. (analogues: Onihon, Terbinafine 360-420 rub. Fungoterbine, Terbizil 1200-1300 rub., Exifin 650-690 rub.).
  4. Itraconazole - Orungal 2600-2700 rub. (its analogs are Rumikoz 760 rub, Kanditral 520-620 rub., Itrazol 415-719 rub., Irunin with a fungus 350-600 rub.).

If properly and timely to treat fungal diseases, the symptoms gradually disappear, and the nail tissue affected by the fungus is replaced by a healthy one. To fully verify that the disease is finally defeated and the treatment can be completed, it is necessary to conduct laboratory studies.

Laser therapy

If the neglected form of the fungus does not respond to treatment with medications, you can resort to laser therapy.

  1. Laser treatment of fungus is considered one of the most effective ways to get rid of this disease.
  2. Under the influence of the ray, the cells of the fungus instantly die.
  3. The laser beam does not harm nearby tissues.
  4. The fungus can be cured in just four procedures of laser therapy.

Having made the decision, it is important to take laser treatment also in parallel to take all the necessary pills and vitamins.

Treatment of nail fungus at home

At the initial stage of the disease at home, you can try to use proven folk remedies.

  1. Apple vinegar. Simply soak your feet 1-2 times a day in a mixture of apple cider vinegar and warm water (1 to 1) for about 15-20 minutes. After soaking, let the nails on the legs dry completely (you can use a hairdryer). And for about two weeks you will notice that the fungus is leaving, and in place of the old damaged nail grows beautiful and new.
  2. Tea Tree OilYou need to lubricate the skin and nails, infected with fungus, three times a day. A single dose is 4 to 10 drops of food. Such treatment should be continued for at least two weeks, and even longer - to make sure that the infection does not return to you. This oil can not be used by children and pregnant women.
  3. Freshly cleaned celandinepass through a meat grinder, and from the resulting pulp squeeze the juice (do this through 3-4 layers of gauze). Should leave approximately 200 ml. juice. It is combined with 200 ml. 70% alcohol and insist 24 hours. Prepared juice is used to lubricate the affected nails, but the treatment is carried out only after 10 minutes of steaming the legs and completely drying them. The course of treatment is 10-12 days, 3-4 treatments per day.
  4. Another way to eliminate the nail fungus is to treat at home with iodine. It's very simple. For three weeks, the nail plate is covered daily with iodine. In this case, the growing tip of the damaged nail is regularly removed.
  5. Combat the fungus will also help the mushroom. For this treatment, compresses are made: wrap the tea mushroom plate in cellophane and wrap the leg with a bandage, then put on socks. In the morning, you should wash your feet with warm water, gently wipe the necrotic areas and lubricate with iodine. Among the side effects, there is quite a lot of pain, but you can achieve the desired result much quicker.

If folk remedies did not give you the result, you should contact specialists for the purpose of complex therapy.


Below we picked up some reviews about the successful treatment of nail fungus.

  1. Tortured with this ailment all spring. Went to the doctor, he appointed a bunch of drugs among which was Mikozan. It helped, but as soon as I stopped applying the solution to the nails, the whole effect evaporated. And so on a circle. Then came summer, broke out into the country and I saw a beautiful plant called "celandine" that literally lay underfoot. She dried it, made a gruel, applied about 3 weeks in the evenings. A week later there were significant changes in the structure of the nail, and after two all passed! Nature really helped! Now I stock up on autumn and winter.
  2. Oh, and I'm so lazy in terms of people's means. Bought from a fungus mycosis - very convenient, and by the way very effective agent. Fungus passed quickly, all his friends now advise him. But of course, there are amateurs and folk, however, I doubt that it is equally effective.
  3. I had a fungus for 25 years. Cured the fungus of the nails of the legs (almost no nails), arms, groin, not only in themselves but also with their relatives, capsules FLUCONAZOL 100mg. I took one capsule once a week, with neither diet nor dry law. I took only two packs of ten capsules. If you forgot to drink a capsule, it does not mean that next week you have to drink two. Only one per week.
  4. My mother tried to treat the fungus with acetic essence. I do not know exactly what and how she did, but the burn was not weak. I mean, you need to keep the recipe exactly in line and follow all the recommendations.

And how did you cope with this ailment? Leave your feedback in the comments!

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