Eye drops Cationorm

Every day our eyes are seriously tested. Especially it is noted by those who constantly work at the computer. All this inevitably leads to discomfort in the eyes and negatively affects the eyesight. Cationine eye drops can effectively solve a number of such problems and save a person from various unpleasant sensations.


  • 1Description of the preparation
  • 2Pharmacological action and group
  • 3Application
  • 4Indications for use
    • 4.1Contraindications in use
    • 4.2In pregnancy
    • 4.3To small children
  • 5Possible complications caused by the drug
  • 6Analogues
  • 7How to properly instill Cationorm
  • 8special instructions
  • 9What responses do patients have?
  • 10Video
  • 11conclusions

Description of the preparation

Cationorms are eye drops to eliminate symptoms of dry eye syndrome and moisturize the cornea.Symptomatology of this disease - burning, itching, redness of the conjunctiva, sensation of sand in the eye, foreign body.

The volume of each vial, inside which the medication is located, is 10 ml. The composition of this medication includes:

  • Mineral oils;
  • Tyloxapol;
  • Glycerol;
  • Tris;
  • Poloxamer;
  • Purified water.

The color of the product is milky. Preservatives in the composition are absent, the vial itself together with the instruction is packed in a cardboard box.

Kathinorm - drops that eliminate the "dry eye" syndrome

There are no preservatives in these eye drops.

Pharmacological action and group

Cationorm is aimed at moistening the cornea and the conjunctiva region.In addition, it can normalize the osmotic pressure of the film on the surface of the eyes.

By its action, it is very similar to the human tear.Due to its composition it is able for a long time to relieve dryness and irritated eyes even to patients who wear contact lenses.

Kathinorm aims at moisturizing the cornea of ​​the eye

The drug under consideration is extremely similar in principle to the human tear.


Usually ophthalmologists are advised to instill one drop in each eye, one to four times a day.When co-administered with other drugs, it is recommended to take a break of five minutes between procedures.

Indications for use

Cationorm perfectly copes with the following problems:

  • Dry eyes after intensive work at the computer;
  • Burning sensations in the eyes;
  • Itching in the field of vision;
  • Tingling in the eye.
  • When you feel a foreign object in your eye, such as sand.

Contraindications in use

These eye drops should not be used by those with high sensitivity and allergieson those or other components that make up the drug.

In pregnancy

Since the composition of the drug is completely safe for humans and is not absorbed into the systemic circulation,Use of the medication during pregnancy and lactation is not prohibited.

To small children

Since the earliest age,if necessary, it can be buried in the eye of Cationorm.

The components of the remedy allow any person, except those who have an allergy, to use these eye drops.

Possible complications caused by the drug

There are practically no complications and side effects.It is extremely rare for patients to experience discomfort after instillation of a medicine. This is due to the fact that Cationorm though similar in composition with a natural human tear, but still has minor differences.

The medication is practically incapable of provoking complications, unless the discomfort that occurs in an extremely small number of patients.


Provided that this drug does not show its due effectiveness, you can ask for drops that relate to a similar pharmacological group. They may well be:

  • Defisle. A decent and cheaper analog with very similar properties. However, those who constantly wears contact lenses for a long time to use Defislez can not. Also, with caution, you need to be the one who drives. For some time this drug is able to blunt vision.
  • Artelak. Suitable for long-term use. Many patients noted that when used with contact lenses, the effect becomes even better. The disadvantage is that Artelak is contraindicated for children.
  • Vizin is a clean tear. There are no preservatives in the composition and can be applied for a long time. However, the expiration date will be lower than that of many drugs with a similar effect.
The deflise is analogous to Katinorm
  • The oxial. An excellent option for those who lenses are a lot of inconvenience. Thanks to a slightly different composition when used together with lenses, their wearing becomes more comfortable.
  • Systein ultra. Excellent helps to get rid of dry eye syndrome, very well moisturizes the cornea and mucous eyes. You can instill without removing contact lenses. In this case, the pharmacological effect is weaker from this.
  • Hilo-chest of drawers. Many patients note the convenience of the vial and a relatively low price in comparison with the drug in question.
Systein ultra-analog Kathinorm

All of the above eye drops are excellent in their task and can be claimed as an alternative to the drug in question.

Before using an analogue, you should consult a specialist.

How to properly instill Cationorm

Correctly executed procedure of instillation is a pledge of long-term action.So, it is necessary to observe the following points:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly and dry them with a sterile towel.
  2. Pulling on the bent valve, remove the protective ring from the hood.
  3. Open the vial by pulling on this same cap.
  4. Grasp the bottle so that it is between the thumb and forefinger.
  5. Tilt your head up.
  6. Lower eyelid to pull down, to look at it it is necessary upwards.
  7. The vial with the preparation should be placed in a bag in the area of ​​the conjunctiva and the solution is dripped there.
  8. Carefully blink so that the substance completely and evenly fills the skin of the eye.

Each point of this procedure is recommended for implementation.

special instructions

Do not use the Cationorm to treat other ailments or eye problems that have not been listed above.

It is strictly forbidden to take this medicine inside.

When used together with other medicines, you should make a break between the installations for at least five minutes.

It is impossible that the cap and the dispenser of the vial are in contact with any surfaces, the more dirty. Such actions can lead to damage to the medication, and even worse - to catch the eye infection.

What responses do patients have?

Many people who have used Cationorm leave very positive reviews.The only disadvantage is a fairly high price, which is an order of magnitude higher than that of analogues.

The effect of the patients is noted after the first application, and also a very long time of action.

The majority of positive responses are reserved by those who spend all day in the office at the computer or wear contact lenses on an ongoing basis.

Some may not immediately get used to the pipette-dispenser, but then note its very high convenience.

Reviews about Kathinorm are positive, the minus is the price of the product.



This drug perfectly copes with the dryness and irritation of the organs of vision. One of the best options for wearing contact lenses and often sitting in front of the monitor. Patients note the high efficiency of Cationorm after the first application and long-term action. It is important to properly use eye drops and follow all the individual doctor's recommendations, then eye troubles will bypass you.