Dry cough and fever

Dry cough and fever

Dry cough and feverDry cough is a common symptom of many diseases. He disturbs normal sleep and makes breathing difficult for the child. It is not easy to cure such a cough and everyone needs to know the basic principles of treatment.

Dry cough - a consequence of irritation of the receptors in the airways. O can be caused by both infection and allergy or other causes. Attacks of unproductive cough can last a very long time - up to several months.

Causes of dry cough and temperature in a child

If dry cough manifested in a newborn, it is necessary to immediately react. The fact is that babies have no reflex, allowing to cough up the mucus that has accumulated in the bronchi. This can lead to the child's risk of drowning. Usually in this case, the baby begins vomiting, in which the mucus partially leaves. Drugs that dilute the exudate, in this case will not help and need treatment, which suppresses barking cough. It is important to carry out treatment under the supervision of a pediatrician to exclude the likelihood of such diagnoses as whooping cough, measles and acute allergies.

In infants who have emerged from infants, the most frequent cause of dry cough with an increase in body temperature are infectious diseases. If the temperature and cough is accompanied by sore throat and lethargy - it is necessary to check the symptoms for compliance with angina, laryngitis, bronchitis or SARS and influenza.

If on the eve of the child was in contact with a patient with pertussis infection or measles, most likely he contracted.

If the dry cough started abruptly and without signs of illness, during meals or games, it is possible that something has got into the respiratory tract of the child and it is necessary to immediately remove the foreign object.

Another reason for a dry, unproductive cough in a child is an allergy to smoke and sharp odors.

Symptoms in a child: dry cough, fever

The task of coughing is the elimination of a defect that interferes with normal breathing. But in the case of a dry cough, it does not help, but only irritates the airways, without excreting the exudate.

There are several symptoms that determine the dangerous development of dry cough:

  • Barking off the onset character of cough;
  • Severe bouts of coughing, which give the impression that something is stuck in the throat;
  • Cough does not stop at night and does not allow to sleep;
  • Cough provokes vomiting;
  • Coughing attacks are accompanied by fever and general weakness.

Such symptoms indicate the development of the disease. If entry of a foreign object or allergy is excluded, then, most likely, it is an infection of the respiratory tract.

Dry barking cough and temperature at the child

Barking cough and fever are dangerous symptoms. Children have weak respiratory muscles, it does not allow them to fully cough up mucus. Because of the irritating effect, the larynx can swell and the airway narrow. This leads to the fact that the child starts to choke, his breathing becomes loud, whistling sounds appear, the baby's skin covers turn pale. These signs are an indication for urgent hospitalization.

Especially dangerous barking cough in infants, it leads to a sharp swelling of the larynx.

The child's temperature, runny nose and dry cough

If dry cough manifests gradually, with fever and the appearance of the common cold, it is an infection.

In most cases, we are talking about ARVI caused by the ingestion of the virus. The body responds adequately to the effects of infection. In the course of the inflammatory process, immunity to the disease is developed.

Immunity should be treated, otherwise the symptoms of a non-productive cough and temperature can be aggravated by complications, including sinusitis or pneumonia.

Symptoms in a child: dry cough, fever

Dry cough and temperature in a child, than to treat?

Treatment of cough and high fever for colds is the reception of mucolytics and antipyretic agents. After the cough acquires a productive character, the temperature decreases itself. If the disease is long-lasting, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics. Independently prescribe drugs is dangerous - treatment may not correspond to the type of infection and not only not lead to a positive effect, but also aggravate the situation.


In the case of a dry cough, you will need to use drugs that will have an effect on the cough center in the area of ​​the medulla oblongata. Such drugs can be used not for any cough. They are shown only in cases when the cough is unproductive, paroxysmal and accompanied by an emetic reflex. Children, unlike adults, can not be prescribed antitussive drugs with codeine. Therefore, in childhood, a plant-based drug (Herbion) and mucolytics with a diluting action (Pertussin, Ambroben) are shown.

Folk remedies

In the fight against dry cough, children will receive significant help from medicinal herbs. Here are some of their types:

  • Mother-and-stepmother - liquefies thick mucus and removes her bronchi, additionally having an anti-inflammatory effect. For children, a warm broth of this plant can sweeten honey
  • Licorice root - has an expectorant effect and significantly relieves the condition with a dry, prolonged cough. Licorice has an immunomodulatory effect and helps restore strength.

Especially effective is the collection of several herbs: oregano, licorice, mint, calendula and violets.


From the age of three, the child can be given physiotherapy, warming up and inhalation. For inhalation, usually used soda, herbal tea and essential oils (lavender and eucalyptus). For inhalation apply pork or chamomile broth. Use essential oils carefully so as not to cause an allergic reaction.

Useful for coughing rubbing warming ointment and mustard. It should be noted that all heating procedures can be carried out without fail after the temperature drops. When you cough, rub your chest, the back of the child, and, necessarily, the feet.

Before putting mustard plaster, the baby's delicate skin should be lubricated with baby cream to prevent a burn.

For a warming compress, you can take one spoonful of mustard powder, honey, flour and vegetable oil. When mixed, a mass similar to a soft dough will be obtained. A cake from this mass is put on the chest, covered with polyethylene, and the baby wraps up the heat. Compress gives a long warming effect.

If a dry cough does not pass

A prolonged course of coughing can form a habit in the child's brain. The cause that caused the cough will pass, but the attacks will continue. It is important to create a house favorable for normal breathing: more ventilate, do wet cleaning or purchase a humidifier.


How to treat a cough at a temperature

How to treat a cough at a temperature

Cough in combination with high fever is one of the most unpleasant symptoms of a cold. Especially unpleasant is a dry cough. He gives a lot of worry to the patient at night. Fortunately, there are many methods to improve your condition. However, first and foremost, you need to visit a doctor.


  1. With a dry and painful cough, you can alleviate your condition with the help of medicines. They contribute to easy sputum discharge, suppress cough reflexes. A good effect is the sage lollipops, "Libexin etc. With viscous sputum, drugs prescribed that dilute it are "Lazolvan "Bromhexine". They not only relieve inflammation in the throat, but also eliminate spasms in the bronchi.
  2. Treatment with antibiotics is prescribed when it is necessary to suppress the activity of pathogenic microorganisms. For example, with bronchitis, pneumonia.
  3. Before prescribing an antibiotic, the doctor should take a sputum examination, and also establish sensitivity to the components of the medication. You can cure cough with antibiotics in a short time, but their thoughtless use can cause other diseases.
  4. Coughing is the consequence of a malfunction in the respiratory system, so treatment can begin with inhalations. Breathe over a hot solution of iodine and soda. A glass of water takes two drops of iodine, a teaspoon of soda. Iodine destroys bacteria, soda liquefies phlegm and facilitates breathing. This procedure is best done before bedtime for ten minutes.
  5. For inhalations, you can use a variety of herbs. The most effective are calendula, sage and thyme. Bring water from the grass to a boil and breathe on your health. An excellent remedy, used for the same purpose from time immemorial, is boiled potatoes in the skin. Also, when coughing, you can use mustard plasters, cans, medical cakes.
  6. Methods to combat coughing should be alternated: for example, today put mustard plasters, and tomorrow - banks. In combination with inhalations, a good and lasting effect is achieved. Drink more fluids. Better than the herbs that were used as inhalants.
  7. A wonderful remedy for coughing is a black radish with honey. Squeeze out the radish juice and mix it with honey. Take a teaspoon twice a day. This medicine not only saves cough, but also eliminates the throatiness. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the radish has a number of contraindications. It can not be taken to patients with heart, liver, kidney problems, and stomach ulcers.
  8. No less effective against cough is carrots, boiled in milk with the addition of honey and butter. Also brewed figs. A few berries pour a glass of milk and bring to a boil. When the drug is fed, you can start treatment.


The child has a fever of 38 and a dry cough acquired in one day in the kindergarten. what is the traditional way to treat it?


Vita Milkin

This may be the onset of pneumonia. Therefore it is necessary to listen easy. - to the doctor.
In the meantime, give warm milk with butter (this is the most neutral minimum for coughing).

Maria Chernitsa

That's about the poor garden do not... Surely there were snot and cough, and you drove without paying attention. Here's the result!!! And it is necessary to treat not folk, and medicamental at such-and-such temperature.

gena sofa

cough-black radish with honey well relieves a fit of cough sifted sugar to suck like a lady, well, and the temperature of any antipyretic medicines or pound vodka or vinegar 9%


500g onion
1 tablespoon honey
200 g of sugar
1 liter of water
to simmer on low heat for 3 hours to cool the field and strain it, pour into a bottle. Take 1 tbsp spoon 4-6 times a day Keep refrigerated

Svetlana S

Wipe all areas of the body, without touching the heart area, with a weak solution of vinegar - this will remove the temperature. And from a cough - to make a hole in a black radish and there to put a teaspoon of honey. After the infusion, a syrup is formed and consumed three times a day. Continually add honey to the radish so that the syrup does not end. Recover and do not be ill!


Dry cough - very bad. Also, the temperature is appropriate, here the lungs need to be listened. Possible inflammation of the lungs. This is not a joke. Folk remedies are good for wet coughing.


Clean the radish and vykalupat hole, so that it turned out like a pot. Put the radish in a bowl, only not small. There to pour honey and let stand. Radish will give juice, it will appear in the dish, if juice does not, look honey should soon become radish inside the radish - this is also because of the radish juice. With this juice, drink the baby three times a day on a tablespoon. If the child likes you can give more often. Very useful and harmless. GET WELL!!!

Victoria Matveeva

On Tuesday, I took my 2-year-old son from a nursery with a temperature of 38 and with a cough. She put candles on the temperature and gave nurofen. No more medicine! CRANBERRY! Mars from cranberries do it in order that the kid would always drink. The more you take fluids, the sooner you will recover. Cranberry is a natural antibiotic. A dry cough to treat, unfortunately, I do not know what folk remedies. But wet - or chamomile tea or hot milk with butter and soda (of course, sugar can be added or honey). Drink more often. Honey contains all the vitamins that are prescribed to children. Of course, if not allergic to honey, it helps a lot. That's how we cured. Tomorrow we go to the manger. Get right!


Black radish pick pick up with honey or sugar and give this juice

Natalia N

1. In the nozzle, drip the following mixture: in a syringe 2 cubes (without a needle, of course) to collect boiled water, 2 drops of juice of onions, 2 drops of any drops in the nose.
2. Drink a warm boiled water with lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey. (kills the virus, softens the cough).
3. After 15 minutes after instillation into the spout, apply oxolin ointment. In general, it should be used constantly during the period of colds, before each exit from the house.
4. Put in the room a plate with a cut onion. Onion perfectly kills the virus in water.
5. About radish with honey you are well advised. Heals the most chronic cough. And the children really like it.

Ptenchik 777

Part of the water, part of the vodka and part of the vinegar - wipe off all the body with a towel soaked in this solution and under the blanket. If there is a black radish in the house and honey, make a hole in the radish (do not clean, just wash.) In the hole a little honey, cover the hole with foil. This syrup to drink for the night, or the onion also make a hole and sugar or honey there and in the oven. This is an old tried and tested means of that dry cough. Well, tomorrow you must see a doctor, check your lungs! And then sit down on the medication (if necessary)

naf-naf nif-nif

Begin with a doctor, since a dry cough can also be due to dry air in the room, and a debilitating intense cough may well give such a temperature, however, for a short time. And so you all rightly advise, if it really cold.


do not torment the rebuke with all sorts of rubbish! buy medicine!

papinadoch papinadoch

that correctly to be treated even national means it is necessary the diagnosis even approximately


Cabbage spread honey and attach one such sheet to the back, and the other to the breast. Then put polyethylene on top and tie it with a woolen shawl. At night, perfect, but if the child can not stand it for so long, leave it for a couple of three hours. you will feel that the cough becomes wet, and this is already the beginning of recovery. And from the temperature let the children's "Efferalgan." "Efferalgan" is very helpful. And it's nice to drink. In a couple of days the baby will be healthy. The second way: If a child has the unbearability of honey (well, it happens), then just take two double sheets in a box (I know. sounds absurd, but, nevertheless, is effective), pierce these sheets with a needle at the intersections of cells and smear these leaves sunflower oil, and one leaf on the back, and the second on the breast, and further-polyethylene and woolen handkerchief. A couple of days so do, and everything will pass)

Strong cough in a child, temperature: what to do?

kawel u rebenka i temperaturaVery often a cough can be accompanied by a fever in a child, in this situation it is necessary immediately to call the treating doctor. This indicates a serious inflammatory process, various irritants in the respiratory organs. Cough and high fever are typical of such diseases as bronchitis, pneumonia, laryngitis, also for acute respiratory viral infection.

Cough in a child with a fever

When the temperature rises to 38 degrees, this is normal, so the child's immune system is struggling with a virus-respiratory infection. Therefore, this temperature is not recommended to be knocked down. Only when it exceeds 38, 5 degrees, it must be knocked down.

A severe cough and high fever accompanied by rhinitis, sinusitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, laryngitis. At the child bronchuses are not developed up to the extremity or end, therefore the sputum leaves when it accumulates, bacteria actively develop.

Treatment of cough with fever in a child

1. Will address to the treating doctor, completely to be surveyed, to hand over all necessary analyzes when at the child suspect a pneumonia, it is necessary to pass or take place a roentgenography.

2. If the inflammatory process in the respiratory tract does not become inflamed, cough is cured and the temperature is soon brought down body, you need to drink as much warm tea, compote from dried fruits, milk with honey and butter.

3. With dry cough and high temperature, it is necessary to use medicines, with the help of which can get rid of cough reflex, get rid of hypersensitivity, irritants in the throat.

4. In cases of high body temperature and wet cough, the child should be given mucolytics, they can be given from one year. It is very important to carefully read the instructions, take exact doses, take it correctly and on time, the medicine should not harm the baby.

Medication for cough with temperature in a child

Medicines must be consumed with a dry cough, so you can reduce the sensitivity in the respiratory tract. You can treat a strong moist cough with various means. Note that mucus is often viscous, to get rid of it, you need to take an expectorant, so you can quickly get the phlegm, to restore the secretion of bronchi. With the help of these drugs can cure bronchial asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, cystic fibrosis.

Methods for treating various types of cough with child temperature

With a productive cough, the child makes loud noises, while a sufficient amount of sputum goes away. If the child coughs only in the morning, the temperature at the same time keeps, this indicates that the mucus in it accumulates in the nasopharynx, throat. In this case, it is very important to examine the child at the ENT, check the nose, ears. Perhaps due to the fact that the mucus is constantly accumulating, there is a pathogenic microflora. Note that mucus may appear from the area of ​​the stomach. Up to one year, this process is called regurgitation, older children suffer from reflux esophagitis. In this situation, you need to treat a nose or stomach, in no case can you stuff a child with cough syrup, it will not help, but will only do much harm.

If a child constantly coughs and has a high fever, it can talk about obstructive bronchitis or pneumonia. It is very important in this situation to take a blood test, with the help of it you can learn about the inflammatory process, than it is caused by a virus or a bacterium.

If the doctor hears rales in the lungs or bronchi, he will definitely prescribe antibacterial drugs. In cases where a wet cough does not pass, the temperature keeps, there is no wheezing, you need to contact LOR, maybe your child has sinusitis or sinusitis.

If the temperature exceeds 38.5 degrees, it must be knocked down. When your child has neurological diseases, he suffers from intolerance to high body temperature, it is necessary to give immediately antipyretic drugs. You can shoot down Panadol Children, Nurofen, Effergangan. To small children it is best to put candles on the temperature, to give syrup to the elders. Do not use aspirin, if the child has a viral infection, it can lead to Ray's syndrome.

Watch for the child's health, watch for a cough, runny nose, whether the child has such an additional symptom, a vomiting, nausea, pain in the stomach.

In the event that a child begins to worry about a convulsive condition, the temperature is above 40 degrees, immediately call an ambulance, before that, knock down the most febrifuge. The child should lie down, distract him, tell the tale, the games should be calm.

The more a child goes to sleep, the sooner he will recover. Also pay attention to the baby's nutrition, it should be easy - meat of low-fat varieties, do not give sweets, preserves. Try to give the sick child as much fluid as possible, so the viruses will soon be removed from the body. It is best to give tea black with lemon, raspberries, milk, useful properties are mors, juice, in which a large amount of vitamin C. Alkaline mineral water, herbal infusions, fruit tea helps in this situation. The room should be clean and moist air.

Folk remedies for cough cough with fever in a child

The best remedy is a black radish with honey, for this you need to wash it, cut it up, make a cutout and put honey there. Top cover the remaining cut part, be sure to put it in a deep dish, the radish should not fail, so the juice will flow well and accumulate in the container. So that she starts to start the juice faster, you need to pierce it. After 7 hours you will be able to get 50 ml of liquid, eat it three times a day before eating.

A severe cough and fever is treated with this recipe, for him you need to take sugar - two table spoon, fry it, it should go brown, dissolve in 150 ml of warm water and give a teaspoonful to kid.

Thus, a cough with a high fever is a dangerous symptom, so in this case you can not self-medicate, immediately you need to consult a pediatrician.


What to do if the child has a cough and a temperature of 37-38

chto delat pri kawle i temperatureHigh fever in a child and cough are symptoms of various diseases, most often this is a consequence of respiratory viral infection, influenza, SARS. First, children have a temperature of 37 to 38.5 degrees, then a runny nose may appear, and a little sore throat. After the child is already on recovery, begins to actively move and he has a cough. In this situation, you need to urgently turn to a pediatrician, such a symptomatology can talk about the inflammatory process in the larynx, bronchi, trachea, lungs.

Causes of fever 37-38 and cough in a child

Most often, the symptoms speak of a cold, a viral infection, can also accompany diseases such as rhinitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis and pneumonia. Depending on the disease and its complexity, the doctor decides whether to take antibiotics or not

Methods of cough treatment in a child with a temperature

If children have a respiratory viral infection, do not need to use a large number of medications, The immune system must itself overcome it, if you begin to stuff the child with antibiotics, the disease only aggravated. Coryza and cough are symptoms that help the child fight the virus.

When the child rises to 3 degrees, not higher, it can not be knocked down, this indicates that the body produces special substances to fight the disease. Give the child as much warm drink as possible, if high, then you need to use antipyretic drugs and drink something sour. So not only can you lower the heat, but also relieve cough.

If a child flies without a problem, make him do it as often as possible, is forbidden use handkerchiefs, so the runny nose only worsen, for this purpose you need to buy napkins, which immediately throwing away.

In cases where the child is still small, it is impossible to blow his nose, you need to wash your nose with the help of "Aquamaris "Salina "Humera."

Cough is treated depending on its kind and the cause that caused it. If the child normally clears throat, you do not need to specially drink various medications, this way the body cleanses. When a child is disturbed by a dry persistent cough, you need to drink as warm as possible, therapists prescribe Sinecod, which helps to eliminate dryness, dilutes sputum, additional mucolytics are not recommended accept.

Pay attention, often mothers like to use expectorants, they can further aggravate the disease. Because of Mukoltin, Alteika often vomits.

An important role in temperature and coughing is played by the child's diet, it should be easily absorbed, if the child refuses food, do not scold him, it is better that he drinks more. Some doctors say that the food even more burdens the child's body, he does not have enough energy to fight the disease.

A small child who has not yet turned one year old at a temperature and a cough should be carried in his arms, constantly massage the back, breast, so you can help him get the phlegm. With a cold, you need to wash your baby's nose, then bury your nose with "Nazivin "Vibrocilum etc. To take a great interest in drops is not recommended, it sosudosuzhivayuschie drugs, can lead to the fact that the child will be taken to the intensive care unit, often because of drops in children, the temperature drops sharply body.

An important role is played by psychological support of parents, do not panic, sit and cry over the child, you should be in a good mood, charge them and the child. The psychological atmosphere in the family plays an important role in the treatment of the child. Within a week the child can return to the usual way of life.

It is important to turn to the doctor in time, if the child is less than six months old, the child does not drink well, he is worried about constant vomiting

It is important at home to help the child cope with the cough and temperature:

1. If you need to knock down the heat.

2. To force a child to drink to protect him from the loss of body fluids.

3. To watch how the child is behaving, feels.

Cough and fever - cold or flu symptoms?

It is necessary to be able to distinguish between two diseases. A cold refers to an infection that can develop within two days. With her greatly inflamed and pershit voice, then lays the nose, there is a runny nose, the child coughs, the head hurts, some are accompanied by sore throat. Catarrh disease can easily catch a child in a kindergarten, school, public place, it often ill. It is dangerous for small children, they have complications on their ears, otitis occurs. Adults are ill not so often, no more than 4 times a year, most often in late autumn and winter.

Influenza in a child is difficult, although the symptoms are a bit like a cold. Influenza is constantly accompanied by high fever up to 40 degrees, muscle pain, trembling. The disease lasts a long time.

Danger of fever and cough in the child

It is important to turn to the doctor in time, if the temperature is high, more than 38 degrees, the child is troubled by the pain in the chest, the disease does not pass within a week.

Colds are always accompanied by such diseases:

1. Sinusitis, when the nasal cavity becomes inflamed.

2. Laryngitis, because of an infectious disease in the larynx, the child is difficult to talk.

3. Tonsillitis, when the tonsils are inflamed.

4. Because of pneumonia, bronchitis, when the infection affects the pulmonary system.

So, cough and temperature of 37-38 degrees can be a symptom of the common cold, the virus, which is not dangerous to health, but also a serious inflammatory process in the body. Often a strong cough with such a temperature accompanies the disease - pneumonia, it can not be started in any case, the child can die. Especially dangerous are such symptoms for small children, you need to constantly monitor their body temperature, help them to clear their throats, they have not developed a reflex - cough.


Temperature, coughing and vomiting - what do the symptoms say?

Elevated body temperature is observed in the presence of inflammatory processes in the body. Depending on its magnitude, you can make a diagnosis, and draw a conclusion about the stage of the disease. If it is accompanied by a cough, a cold and weakness, then it indicates the presence of respiratory diseases.

The usual cold, which occurs when you are undercooled, get into the respiratory tract infection, reduce immunity, characterized by the initial appearance of dry cough, fever, sometimes with a throat and weakness. With aggravation of the patient's condition, symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and a bad cold are added.

Causes of fever with increased fever

Depending on the level of progression of these symptoms, it is possible to conclude that there is an infection that caused the disease. It can be such diseases:

  • A cold characterized by developing signs of respiratory diseases, such as a slight cough, a beginning cold, an elevated temperature of about 37 degrees. If in time to stop the development of the inflammatory process and get rid of the symptoms, soon recovery will come.
  • Tracheitis caused by a primary infection of the upper respiratory tract causes an unpleasant cough that is accompanied by a temperature of up to 38 degrees, a dry cough and other respiratory symptoms. If this type of disease is not cured in time, then the infection descends into the bronchi.
  • Bronchitis, which appears when lowering the infection from the upper respiratory tract to the bronchi, proceeds more seriously. A severe dry cough, accompanied by fever, nausea, weakness and runny nose, becomes a bothersome symptom that torments the patient even during sleep. To facilitate the condition, doctors prescribe funds that soothe respiratory attacks and antipyretic drugs.
  • Pneumonia, which appears as an independent disease, with severe hypothermia, accompanied by a decrease in immunity functions, and as a complication after a cold, bronchitis and other ailments. It has a more severe form of symptoms, a very high temperature, sometimes reaching 40 degrees, nausea, dizziness, weakness, aching joints, dry cough and other disorders. Without medical intervention, it is extremely difficult to cure pneumonia.
  • Pleurisy is a disease that occurs with infection of the lungs. It can be either one-sided or two-sided. Its peculiarity is the appearing pains during coughing, temperature, nausea, vomiting, excruciating dry cough and weakness. The disease manifests itself extremely hard, in some cases reaches a loss of consciousness. And such symptoms as nausea and vomiting do not pass until the infection is completely cured.
  • Flu is a serious viral infection that affects the respiratory system. In an adult, it initially manifests as a normal respiratory disease, accompanied by nausea and vomiting diarrhea. In the presence of this disease in children, there is fever, a sharp deterioration in mood, they begin to complain about snot in the nose and difficulty breathing. For the treatment of this disease, antiviral drugs that are prescribed by the attending physician are appropriate. Cough in this case is treated only in an unproductive form.
  • Pertussis is another disease that causes bouts of dry cough, nausea, vomiting, weakness. It is observed mainly in children, slightly less often in adults, and it is very difficult.

Causes without fever

Sometimes such an ailment as a cough can appear without accompanying any symptoms. In order to eliminate it, you need to correctly identify its cause, among which can be:

  • The latent inflammatory process. If a person has respiratory attacks, nausea, vomiting and weakness without fever, sometimes this indicates an uncertain disease in the body. This is very dangerous, since immunity does not react to the emergence of danger and is inactive.
  • Long stay in a room with polluted air causes nausea, coughing, sometimes reaching vomiting. Sometimes there is dizziness and weakness. To prevent this, you need to go into a similar room with a gauze dressing, pre-moistened with clean water.
  • Allergic reactions in some cases manifest themselves as symptoms such as coughing, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, all without increasing body temperature. In this case, eliminating the stimuli completely eliminates the problem.

To accurately identify the cause of the appearance of such symptoms, a series of tests should be performed to reveal the nature of the disease. To do this, the attending physician prescribes the diagnosis and makes a decision to further elucidate the presence or absence of any illness. In such cases, you should not self-medicate. This leads to consequences of varying severity. Take medications prescribed by a specialist, and no diseases will not be a problem for you.


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