Corrector posture, orthopedic reklinator

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  • 1How to choose posture correctors - physicians' advice
  • 2What is an orthopedic reklinator and why is it needed?
    • 2.1Appointment
    • 2.2Return health
    • 2.3Types of recliners
    • 2.4How to use
    • 2.5Cost
  • 3Orthopedic reklinator: types, benefits, price, popular models
    • 3.1What is a posture corrector
    • 3.2Types of proofreaders
    • 3.3Popular Models
    • 3.4How to wear
    • 3.5How to choose
    • 3.6Benefits of corsets
    • 3.7Appointment
    • 3.8Can recliners do harm
    • 3.9Where can I buy
  • 4Posture Corrector (recliner): how to choose how to wear
    • 4.1What is the danger of spinal pathologies?
    • 4.2Indications for the use of posture correctors
    • 4.3Types of posture correctors
    • 4.4Reclaimer - what is it?
    • 4.5What material are the correctors made of?
    • 4.6Benefits of corsets
    • 4.7Can recliners do harm
    • 4.8Healing posture correctors
    • 4.9Features of use in children
    • 4.10How to choose the right corset
    • 4.11Most popular models
    • 4.12Rules for wearing posture correctors

How to choose posture correctors - physicians' advice

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Experts recommend that before deciding which corrector of posture is better, conduct a thorough diagnosis of the spine.

Only in this case it is possible to take into account all physiological features of the patient and on their basis to make a measured decision.

We'll try to figure out which types of proofreaders can be assigned, how to choose and wear correctly, and also look at popular models that buyers have already purchased.

To correct various pathologies of the spinal column, a special adaptation is used - a posture corrector.

Its main function -Support the back, trying to return the spine to the correct position, and develop the habit of maintaining posture even with excessive muscle fatigue.

It can be used with a therapeutic and restorative purpose, if the patient has already diagnosed this or that disease. The ideal option is preventive wearing of the corrector, which reduces the risk of pathologies to "no".

A list of violations in which a bearing corrector can be recommended is quite large.

Firstly, this scoliosis is the most common disease, which affects both children and adults.Corrector may be prescribed for prophylaxis at school age, when the child holds a long time for the preparation of lessons, as well as for scoliosis 1 and 2 degrees.

Particularly important is the use of an orthopedic accessory in cases where the doctor is convinced that Scoliosis is progressing, because if the 2 stage of scoliosis can be stopped, then at the third stage it will be much more difficult.

In order to diagnose the curvature of the spine in time, you should regularly undergo an examination with an orthopedist and surgeon.

Secondly, the corrector is used in other pathologies, which can be both congenital and acquired:

  • hyperlordosis (excessive deflection of the spine in the lower back);
  • kyphosis (curvature of the upper part posteriorly);
  • S-shaped deformation;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • pronounced stoop.

There are five types of violation of posture, in which the back can be round, flat, round or concave, and stooped.

As contraindications may be the individual intolerance of the components, of which a specific model, as well as various types of skin diseases and some types of chronic diseases. For example, a magnetic corrector is not used for diabetic pumps, wearing a pacemaker and pregnancy.

Depending on what degree of influence should be exerted on the spine and where the pathology is located, several types of posture correctors differ.

Reklinator - posture corrector, which is used only at the initial stages of deformation of the spine.

The design of the accessory in the form of a waistcoat allows to align the upper part of the spine with the help of the strengthened retraction of the shoulders back.

Staying in the right position, the muscles "learn" to keep the spine exactly.

There are preventive soft recliners, which are usually prescribed to children, as well as medical models with ribs of medium stiffness (usually plastic). They can be recommended for early problems in order to exert a strong influence on the muscles and spine, restoring their work and position.


It is worth remembering that to correct the posture in many cases, one corrector will not be enough. It is only an additional means. The main purposes are therapeutic and prophylactic gymnastics, massage, swimming.


Orthopedic posture corrector can be thoracic and chest-lumbar. It is clear that each of them has an effect on a certain section of the spine.

Thoracic correctors may look like corsets or as wide belts. Often they have a "hybrid" design, in which the corrector, acting on the spine, is supplemented with a shoulder recliner.

Any orthopedic corset can effectively distribute the load on the muscles and spine, improving muscle tone and helping to develop a useful habit to keep your back straight.

Chest-lumbar posture correctors are used in cases where it is necessary to fix most of the spine and affect the elimination of pathologies that are located in several places. Such a product not only helps to combat stoop, but also with serious diseases, for example, osteochondrosis.

In addition to mechanical impact, modern orthopedics suggests correcting the posture with electronic devices. It can be a device that is put on the ear, and with excessive stoop it reminds you of the need to straighten.

Another type of device looks like a pendant. He puts on his neck and fixes the correct position of the spine. The device reports all deviations from the set parameters by means of vibration. The same principle applies to electronic proof-readers fixed to the body or placed in the pocket.

Electronic posture correctors discipline a person and stake on his desire to correct his bearing independently. Theycan only be used as preventive devices, which are recommended for people engaged in sedentary work, or, for example, drivers.


On sale there are also many varieties of magnetic proofing posture. Most often they look like vests, in which magnets are embedded. They affect the body, relaxing muscles, improving blood flow, removing puffiness and pain.


Electronic correctors should be used only after general diagnosis of the body and in the absence of chronic diseases.

Prophylactic orthopedic correctors, as well as therapeutic onesshould only be in pharmacy chains or specialized orthopedic salons.

And, although the price in the pharmacy may be slightly higher than, say, on the Internet, you will have the opportunity to try on the corrector. This is especially important when it comes to choosing a product for a child, as well as buying medical correctors.

But the reklinator for prevention can be bought in the online store, using the help of consultants to select the correct size.

When choosing, one should also take into account the opinions of doctors, first of all, those specialists you are seeing, and also to study the feedback of customers, which can be concluded about the shortcomings and shortcomings in the specific models. But the most important thing is to buy the corrector, which corresponds to the following parameters:

  • the nature of the disease and its location;
  • hypoallergenic and safety - here it is necessary to pay attention to the fabrics from which the product is sewn - they should be well ventilated, soft and tactilely pleasant;
  • compliance with size - you need to clarify your own parameters: height, chest and waist;
  • availability of certificates, instructions for use in Russian.

During the fitting in the store, check whether it is convenient for you in the corrector, whether it rubs the armpits and does not squeeze the abdominal cavity. Wherein,Your back in the corset should be even.

To check this, go to the wall and "stretch" along it, touching the back of the head, shoulder blades and buttocks. If the corrector does not cause discomfort in this position, then it is likely that it suits you.

The mode of wearing a posture corrector should be regulated by an orthopedist. If the violations are not too significant, then the reklinator should be worn no more than 4-6 hours a day, taking breaks for half an hour every 2-3 hours.

With serious problems, the time of using the corset can be increased.

But,In the mode of wearing hard models, there must always be breaksso that the muscles can work independently.

Otherwise, it will not be possible to avoid a serious problem - the atrophy of muscle tissue.

To put on the corrector should be on cotton linen: a vest, a T-shirt, a shirt. It is better if the body clothes are seamless - this will help to avoid rubbing and discomfort when wearing the corrector.

You can not sleep in the corrector, unless another is recommended by a doctor.

For many patients, the popularity of the model is determined not so much by its effectiveness, as by the affordable value. Which models are most in demand in the market?

The main advantage of the model is wide belts, which can be adjusted by the force of tension.The corrector helps to eliminate stoop and facilitates the condition with cervical or thoracic osteochondrosis.


In combination with exercise therapy and medication, the "Trives" bandage accelerates recovery and rehabilitation of the patient.


Can be used after injuries or surgeries, but is most often used to correct curvature of the spine in the area below 4-5 thoracic vertebrae.

The model is equipped with removable stiffeners, which are placed in a special pocket along the spine. Gradual restoration of the correct posture occurs by adjusting the tension force of the belts.

Despite the "air" design - the belt and a few straps - the corrector affects the entire spine. In addition, unlike the corset, it does not limit the muscles, does not worsen their tone, but, on the contrary, improves them.

When choosing this model, remember that the adjustment mode of the belts and the increase in tension force are determined by the doctor after diagnosis.

The rigid corset is provided with simulated ribs that repeat the anatomical curves of the human body.Corrector fixes the entire vertebral column, except the cervical. But in such "ammunition" to tilt your neck wrong will not work.

The peculiarity of the model is that the manufacturer allows to put it on the naked body, and promises that discomfort will not even be in the strongest heat.

The only drawback can be considered a very tight belt, which will not be very convenient for a long sitting at the desk.


Gradual improvement of posture becomes possible by adjusting the tension force of dense shoulder straps.


In addition to correcting the posture, this model corrector normalizes muscle tone, reduces the burden on intervertebral disks, reduces the trauma of nerve endings, protects the vertebrae from displacement.

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Marina K., 38 years old
magnetic corrector «Magnetic Posture Support»

I'm fond of magnetotherapy. Maybe this was another argument in favor of buying "Posture Support". The main thing, of course, is that with a large breast size it is difficult for me to keep my back flat. So I decided to try it out. The corrector has 12 magnets.

When ordering in one of the online stores, I was asked the size of the waist. I have 80. I was chosen the size of "small medium which perfectly fitted. Another thing surprised that in the received product there was not a single word in Russian.

How to wear it? How long can I wear? Can I wash it? I decided to wear it for a few hours a day at my own peril. The result pleased. The back does not stoop in the evening, I hold it evenly, without too much effort.

True, the belts in front are twisted and rubbed, so go to the corrector to work did not dare. To put on it is necessary only on a T-short with a long sleeve - then not so rub belts.

But the main thing for me is that the back began to feel great, so with all the "minuses" I was happy with the purchase.

Irina S., 43 years old
orthopedic posture recliner "Trives T-1778"

After the birth of the child, the back began to ache strongly. I waited a long time until I "resolved but still went to the hospital. There was no need to go around one doctor.


As a result, they directed me to physio and massage, and the neurologist advised me to buy a corrector for my back. After studying the reviews, chose "Trives". Bought in a drugstore. He has 4 stiffeners.


Itself is made of jersey, but I wear it on a T-shirt, because I feel I can rub it. I wear no more than 6 hours a day. I use 2 months and the posture has considerably improved, and pains almost do not arise.

I plan to buy the same husband - he spends a lot of time driving and often complains of pain. I hope that he too will help.

Yaroslav B., 26 years old
Corrector of Posture "Med Textile"

The work is connected with many hours of "sticking" in front of the monitor. And my wife insisted that I buy a proofreader, because I became very stooped. Chose, of course, is not the most expensive, but it will not work.

He has 2 stiffeners, which fix the spine, and shoulder straps restrain the shoulders. I liked that not only does my back align, but I also relieve tension, as if unloading, so the pains also left.

According to the instructions to wear it you need no more than 2 hours a day. It is clear that if a person has serious back problems, then one corrector is unlikely to help, but as prevention or at the initial stages for unloading the back is a great thing.

Very high quality sewn, all the seams are even, nothing sticks out and does not fall off. I give 5 points out of 5!

Christina R., 24 years old
thoraco-lumbar corset «Variteks 130»

Standing behind the counter, you can not avoid problems with your back. By evening it looks like a question mark. I read on the Internet, which can help corrector posture. She chose a corset from the Turkish manufacturer Variteks in the pharmacy.


And although it is prescribed for hernia, disc dislocation, scoliosis and other serious diseases, I decided to use it. It is chosen according to the waist circumference and is suitable for those who have a size from 60 to 130 cm. The corset is elastic and snug against the body.


Plates inside can be used either metal or plastic. Double pulling helps very well fit the figure. And inside there is a warming layer. I put it on for an hour and a half in the evenings, and I feel my back relax.

I shoot and can safely do household chores. It's like a corset of strength attached. I understand that you should go to the doctor or go to the salon to the orthopedist to drop in order to get advice, does not harm me the corset.

And then suddenly everything is fine now, and then any difficulties will arise? I will definitely do it when I go on vacation.

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What is an orthopedic reklinator and why is it needed?

The lifestyle of most modern people creates a risk for the development of many diseases. An incorrect stereotype of behavior often leads to disruption of posture, injuries, illnesses.

Restoring lost health requires a lot of strength, patience, time. A special orthopedic device - a reclinator - will help those who have encountered problems with the spine.


There are many varieties of posture corrector. What makes a recliner different from them is understandable from the title. The word in the literal translation means to pull back.

It is designed in such a way that it deflects the shoulder girdle back and causes the spine to take a physiological position.

The orthopedic device is designed specifically for the prevention and treatment of impaired posture for various reasons, in particular, such:

Under the influence of the reclinator, the shoulders unfold, the stoop disappears

  • scoliosis - lateral right or left-sided curvature of the spine;
  • lordosis - an increase in the physiological bending of the waist in the direction of concavity;
  • kyphosis - an increase in the physiological bend in the direction of curvature.

Orthopedic recliners are restored many visible defects of posture, such as a humpbacked back, an incorrect position of the shoulder blades, a different height of the shoulders.

Devices form the habit of keeping your shoulders even. Prevent the appearance of stoop.

In addition to posture, there are other causes of deformation of the spine, requiring correction - trauma, disease:

  • osteochondrosis,
  • spondylopathy,
  • spondylosis,
  • osteoarthrosis of the vertebrae,
  • hernia, protrusion,
  • osteoporosis,
  • bruises, fractures,
  • osteochondropathy.

Return health

Poor posture is not only a physical defect. Physiological bends, formed in early childhood, are necessary for man.

They allow the spine to evenly distribute the load, give it firmness.

If you do not pay attention to how the child sits while drawing, table games, incorrect posture begins to form in the preschool age.

In a school where children have to sit much and move little, the situation is only aggravated. Reduce the impact of incorrect posture and get rid of more serious health problems in the future, using a recliner.

Fixation of the thoracic region is effective in kyphosis

What is dangerous is the wrong posture? Repeated daily habitual posture leads to stiffness of the muscles of the back. The range of motor activity gradually decreases.

The ratio of vertebral bends is disturbed. The lower part of the vertebrae is squeezed, affects the activity of the pelvic organs. There is pain in the region of the sciatic nerve.

Reclinator in combination with other effective methods of treatment allows:

  • to eliminate the existing pain in the back and prevent their appearance;
  • eliminate spasm and stiffness of muscles;
  • increase the vital capacity of the lungs;
  • improve the blood supply to the brain and other organs;
  • compensate for the weakness of the ligament apparatus;
  • Improve balance and reduce the likelihood of bruises and fractures.

Types of recliners

To correct posture, several types of recliners have been developed, differing in purpose, complexity, and material. Reklinator used to correct the following parts of the spine:

Children's thoracolumbar reclinator is strengthened by two ribs of rigidity

  • thoracic,
  • lumbar,
  • chest-lumbar.

Devices are manufactured for adults and children, starting from the age of 4. Used alone for mild forms of deformity of the spine and postural disorders or in combination with massage, exercise therapy, manual therapy.

Prophylactic thoracic corrector has a simple design. It is based on straps of different width, pulled in front through loops, crossed on the chest, fixed on the back in the area of ​​the shoulder blades.

For the manufacture of breast recliners, strong artificial or natural materials are used - cotton, satin, hypoallergenic mesh.

To avoid scratches, the straps are decorated with elastic pads made of polyamide, elastin.

In most models, the tension of the straps is adjusted in the direction of reduction and increase.

Children's reklinator for prevention of posture disorders

The reclinator for correcting scoliosis has a more complex structure. It consists of two parts: a corset and adjustable straps.

Equipped with metal or durable plastic stiffeners. Gentle child's reklinator for preventive purposes is made in the form of a soft clutch with wide straps.


A child in such an orthopedic device feels comfortable and at ease.


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In severe disorders of posture in the thoracic spine or pathological changes in the lumbar, a thoracolumbar reclinator is used. It covers almost the entire spine. Promotes:

  • straightening the shoulders;
  • reduction of the thorax kyphosis;
  • elimination of lumbar lordosis.

Innovative technologies also touched orthopedic devices. To the mechanical correctors of posture were added electronic. They signal a person about misconduct. Signals are attached under the clothes, on the neck, behind the ear.

How to use

The type of recliner is selected individually on the recommendation of a doctor. Before buying, you need to measure the height of a person, the circumference of the chest and the waist. The device can be worn on a bare body under clothes or put on a T-shirt, T-shirt. The movements remain relaxed and free.

Corrector posture is put on standing position

The corrector is put on immediately after sleep, while standing, while the muscles are relaxed and easier to fix. The body is given the right position. As far as possible, the back is leveled, shoulders straighten, the head is raised.

To accustom an organism to wearing proof-readers is necessary gradually. The first week the fixator is worn two hours a day. Then weekly time increases by one hour to a six-hour boundary.

During the next 2 - 4 months the device is worn for 6 hours daily. Then the period of wearing is also gradually reduced to 2 hours a day. After the treatment course, the corrector is not worn for some time.

If the posture begins to break again, the device is worn daily for 4 hours.


Acquire reklinator in orthopedic salons, medical stores, rehabilitation centers or specialized departments of pharmacies.

Orthopedic products offer many online stores.

On the Internet you can find inexpensive Russian recliners for any back department costing in the range of 600 rubles.

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One of the cheapest reklinators from hypoallergenic mesh

The brand reklinator for the shoulder belt Orlett CS-150 costs from 1500 to 2000 rubles. The cost of quality pectoral correctors of foreign manufacturers varies from 3000 to 6000 rubles. The final price consists of several indicators:

  • producer - domestic products by an order of magnitude cheaper than imported analogues;
  • the seller - in different outlets of the same city or region, the price of identical products may vary;
  • material;
  • complexity of the device;
  • range of delivery by country or city.

Do not choose between price and quality. The main attention should be paid to the functional capabilities of the product. A reliable reclinator will retain the posture and prevent other problems of the spine.

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Orthopedic reklinator: types, benefits, price, popular models

One of the means to solve the problem with back pain, stoop and curvature is the orthopedic device - the reclinator.

In the modern world there are practically no people who have no problems with their backs.

According to statistics, 90% of the world's population suffers from such problems as scoliosis, osteochondrosis and many others diseases associated with curvature of the spine, violation of posture, and causing severe discomfort in everyday life.

Medicine does not stand still, and now to get rid of stoop or recover from injury will help orthopedic recliners - devices that will solve most problems in the back area.

What is a posture corrector

Types of proofreaders

To date, there are various correctors of posture. All of them differ: at the place of attachment, the degree of fixation, the material of manufacture, the purposes of application.

Conditionally subdivided into:

  • Therapeutic - used to treat a diagnosed

pathology of the spine, the most common is scoliosis;

  • Prophylactic are correctors, reklinators for maintaining normal physiological posture.

There are also three groups of stiffness:

  • Soft;
  • Semi-rigid;
  • Rigid;

Each degree of rigidity is assigned depending on the problem.

Soft fixatives are assigned to correct light curvatures. Among the popular models can be identified: Trives T-1778, Otto Bock, Ecoten.

Semi-rigid fixatives are used to recover from injuries, or treat problems of the spine. Especially distinguished models: Orlett IBS, Trives Evolution T.

Hard models are used for serious back problems, and strong curvatures. Doctors distinguish several models of this degree: Dorso Direxa Posture, Kreuth F.

Important! There is a huge variety of these corsets and each person is selected individually by a doctor.

Popular Models

Trives T-1553

Orthopedic corset for strong fixation of the thoracolumbar spine has its own structural features, 4 simulated stiffeners, main fixing belts, additional triple ties. The height of the product allows using it not only to stabilize the fixation of the thoracolumbar region, but also the lumbosacral spine. Price 2190 rub.


Corrector posture has the correct anatomical design. It is very convenient. The ease and simplicity of the design allows you to move without discomfort, and the quality material will not rub.

Two inserts, located on the rear surface, provide a full fit to the body, which allows you to securely fix your back. In front is a durable velcro, which provides a strong fixation from the front. And also has two tensile belts that promote reclamation.

The structure of the material is very soft, it imparts additional elasticity, eliminates the curl of the corset and rubbing. The price for this corrector of posture, the recliner 5000r.

Dorso Direxa Posture 50R59

Dorso Direxa Posture 50R59

Breast loin corset with declinator. Made of basic Velcro that unload the lumbosacral department. Also, there are tapes that contribute to the reclamation of the thoracic spine.

Additional ties, which regulate the degree of fixation of the lumbosacral department. The corset is made of innovative fabric that allows moisture to pass through, allows breathing the skin.

The corset is small and will not be visible under the clothes. The price of a corset-recliner is 11100 rubles.

How to wear

Reklinator is the same remedy as tablets or medicine and is prescribed only by a doctor. Self-selection of the recliner may end sadly for your spine.

Important! When wearing a corset, you may experience a feeling of muscle fatigue. This is natural, and indicates that the muscles are working, and are in good shape.

The reklinator must be worn in the supine position on the back.


To begin with, straps of a wide belt on the abdomen or loin are fixed, depending on the doctor's recommendation. The upper straps overlap over the shoulders, go lapping on the back and are fixed on the abdomen.


After this, it is necessary to roll over on one side, and rise from the lying position to the standing position.

How to choose

When choosing this device, preference should be given to recliners made of cotton fabric.

The wearing time can be extended up to 12-18 hours per day, and being in a corset made of synthetic tissue, complicates hygienic care for the corset, and also causes discomfort in rooms with increased temperature.

The device has several ribs on its rear surface. The most comfortable is the presence of 4 to 6 ribs.

When choosing a reclinator, you need to consider that it can be:

  • Thoracic.
  • Lumbosacral.
  • Chest-lumbosacral.
  • Lumbosacral.

Which is necessary to apply to you, determines the orthopedic doctor after a detailed examination.

Also, the use of a reclinator is recommended by passing a course of massage and exercise therapy to strengthen muscle corset and prompt recovery.

Benefits of corsets

The design of this device is such that it does not squeeze the chest. Straps, worn on the shoulders and elastic fixation on the lumbar spine, helps increase the intra-abdominal pressure.

This design helps to straighten the spine in the lumbar spine, then unload the thoracic and cervical spine.

When using the reclinator, first, the back is straightened, the shoulders are bent back, the shoulder blades are brought together, which helps to get rid of the stoop. Visually, the formation of a correct posture is noticeable.

Important! The corrector can not completely correct the posture. Its main task is to develop an understanding of what a proper posture is. At a time when you need to remove the corrector there is a muscle memory that will help you keep your back flat without the aid of the device.


Causes of pain in the spine, and posture disorders can be very diverse, from simple violations to scoliotic deformations.

The corset is prescribed in case of curvature, stoop, after surgery on the thoracolumbar spine, as well as with pain during osteochondrosis and other disorders in the dorsal part.

In such situations it is necessary to use a posture corrector. It will help a little to relieve the tired muscles and thus better transfer the static load.

In time, orthopedic doctors recommend wearing a recliner when you are in a static position (behind a computer, at school, at work) or during long dynamic loads (running, walking). If the corset is worn for rehabilitation after a trauma, in that case it is put on in the morning, when the muscles of the back are as relaxed as possible, and must be removed for the night.

In addition to the appointment, there are a number of contraindications to the use of the reclinator:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Allergic reaction to materials;
  • Open wounds or skin disorders in places of contact with the device.

It must be remembered that the time of wearing the proof-reader, like his choice, is appointed by the doctor individually.

Independent solutions can lead to undesirable consequences.

Can recliners do harm

Curvature of the spine affects those people who have a muscle corset is not sufficiently strengthened, to maintain a smooth posture.

If the reclinator of the thoracic spine is used constantly, neglecting those situations when it is not needed, one can do harm to oneself. Muscles cease to work, and consequently the muscular corset weakens even more.

In the end, this leads to the opposite result. This forces a person to constantly use a corset or experience chronic back pain.

Where can I buy

There are three simple ways to purchase a reclinator:

  1. You can purchase the device in any pharmacy in your city. This is a great way to purchase, as you can personally try on, evaluate the quality and convenience.
  2. Another fairly common method of purchase is an order through the Internet on specialized sites. This type of purchase is quite convenient, because you can choose a corset of any rigidity, any company, from any material that you need.
Circumference of thorax, m. Product Size
60-70 XS
70-80 S
80-90 M
90-100 L
100-110 XL
  1. And the last third way is the purchase of an individual corset to order in specialized centers. This method is the most expensive, but the price justifies the quality, you can make a corset completely for yourself, and do not be afraid that it will not suit you.

Thus, the reclinator for recovery and prevention, spinal injuries, is a remedy and can be used only after the appointment of an orthopedic physician. It determines the mode of wearing and using the fixator for each patient individually.

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Posture Corrector (recliner): how to choose how to wear

Wrong posture is not only ugly. Curvature of the spine leads to various diseases of internal organs.

The weakened back muscles in many people do not allow them to maintain the spine in the right position.

In order to help a person cope with stoop, often use a posture corrector.

A reclinator for the shoulder girdle, or a corset covering the entire vertebral column, helps to correct posture and improve the condition in various diseases of the spine. But it is very important to correctly apply these orthopedic products, for the selection of which it is better to turn to a specialist.

What is the danger of spinal pathologies?

In modern society, many people, and even children, spend a lot of time in a sitting position. This negatively affects the health of the spine.

Weakening of the back muscles leads to a curvature of the posture and the development of scoliosis, kyphosis or lordosis. Because of this, over time, more serious pathologies progress: osteochondrosis, disc herniation, radiculitis.

The ligaments and muscles suffer, the vertebrae are deformed and shifted.

Such diseases not only reduce the quality of life of the patient, not giving him a normal move, worsen the appearance. Pathological processes in different structures of the spine lead to impaired blood circulation and passage of nerve impulses to the brain.

This interferes with the work of many human organs and systems. Violation of posture reflects primarily on the work of the digestive system, lungs and heart.

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A person has constant headaches and back pain, difficulty breathing, chronic fatigue, an intestinal disorder.

Indications for the use of posture correctors

Reklinator orthopedic is used for various pathologies of functioning of the spine. It can be used for preventive purposes to prevent curvature of the posture or to treat such diseases:

  • congenital pathologies in the structure and functioning of the spine;
  • slouch;
  • scoliosis in the early stages;
  • thoracic kyphosis;
  • lumbar lordosis;
  • intervertebral hernia;
  • osteochondrosis, sciatica.

These and some other cases are suitable for the application of the reclinator. To straighten the posture, reduce back pain and relieve the spine, you need to see a doctor to choose the right product.

Especially they are necessary for people who are forced to stay immobile for a long time: schoolchildren, students, office workers, seamstresses. At them the backbone tests a strong load because of the compelled wrong position. The wearing of corsets is also shown for elderly people.

Relieve the muscles and prevent curvature and helps corrector posture.

Types of posture correctors

Depending on the location of the curvature of the spine and the stage of the disease, several types of such orthopedic adaptations are used.

  1. The reclinator is most often used in children and in the early stages of development of pathologies, as it simply takes the shoulders back, without affecting the spine itself.
  2. The thoracic corrector, in addition to the ribbons, has a small back with rigid ribs. He is put on his shoulders, like a vest, and is fixed under the chest. This helps to hold the thoracic spine, not allowing it to take the wrong shape. In addition to scoliosis, this reclinator treats kyphosis.
  3. The lumbosacral corrector is a complex device. It consists of an elastic waistband, a rigid back with ribs and a shoulder strap. Such a corset for the posture of the back is the most effective, as it not only spreads the shoulders and fixes the thoracic area, but also creates traction in the lower back.
  4. There are also varieties of correctors that have magnetic inserts. They additionally relieve pain, tone the muscles and improve blood circulation.
  5. A more modern model is an electronic posture corrector. This is a small device, which is fixed behind the ear or under the clothes. As soon as a person begins to hump, the device gives a signal. This is very effective, as it makes you keep your back straight.

Reclaimer - what is it?

Often, for the correction of posture, a special device is used in the form of a tape folded by a figure-eight and reinforced from behind with a plastic or metal insert.

The orthopedic reklinator has received such a name because it pulls the shoulders back and thereby fixes the spine in the correct position.

He puts it on his shoulders, so that the rigid insert is between the blades.

Reklinators are shown to people with the initial stage of scoliosis in the upper part of the thoracic spine or with posture disorder associated with weakness of the back muscles. Best of all, this device works when used in children under 8 years old, when the bones are plastic and capable of changing shape.

Corrector posture - reklinator - helps the spine to take the right position, does not allow you to hump.


But if for these purposes to use a corset with elastic straps, somewhere in 2-3 months they will stretch.


Therefore, a more effective reclinator with straps on the buckles, which allow you to tighten them to the desired length.

What material are the correctors made of?

Preventive models of recliners are made of dense elastic materials. Most often it is cotton with the addition of elastin or nylon.

It is very important that the material is well passed air and moisture, stretched, but kept in shape. Sometimes rigid metal or plastic inserts and ribs are used to better fix the spine.

For the production of medical corsets special thermoplastic plastic is used.

Benefits of corsets

Such adaptations should be prescribed by a doctor in accordance with the degree of curvature of the spine and its localization. Then the posture corrector will be very effective. The reclaimer, correctly chosen by size and functions, has such an effect:

  • maintains and restores normal muscle tone;
  • normalizes the position of the shoulder girdle;
  • unloads the spine;
  • contributes to the disappearance of pain in the back;
  • improves blood circulation in the spine;
  • a posture corrector for children not only aligns the back, but also accustoms to keep the spine in the correct position.

Can recliners do harm

Like any other orthopedic product, the corset for the posture of the back should be used strictly according to the doctor's prescription.

Incorrect use or wearing for a long time without readings can lead to muscle weakness and aggravation of the situation.

In addition, the orthopedic declinator is not used in the following cases:

  • in the presence of allergic reactions to the materials from which the corset is made;
  • with severe respiratory failure;
  • in the presence of serious diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • when the epidermis is damaged in the place where the corset abuts, inflammatory skin diseases.

Healing posture correctors

There is a special group of corrective recliners. They are designed to treat various diseases of the spine, recovery from injuries. Such therapeutic models can be prescribed only by a doctor and depending on the characteristics of the pathology.

To correct violations of posture, therapeutic corrective rigid corsets are used. They are made to order in accordance with the peculiarities of the structure of the spine.

Most often these corsets are made with the use of rigid inserts or completely made of plastic, for example, the corset Chenot or the corset of Milwaukee.

Features of use in children

The skeleton of the child is formed before 15 years, bones and joints have mobility, muscle tissues grow. Therefore, a posture corrector for children is a popular item, which is used quite often.

Appointed such fixatives after 5 years. It is at this age that the violation of posture becomes noticeable. The orthopedic corset-declinator at this time can prevent deterioration and strengthen the muscles of the back.

Since the bones of children are plastic, they are easily amenable to correction.

But the disadvantage of such treatment is that it is necessary to change these adaptations often, as the child grows up. And some children, especially in their teens, hesitate to wear corsets. Therefore, it is best to choose models that are invisible under clothing.

How to choose the right corset

After consulting a doctor who will recommend which one to choose a posture corrector, the recliner is bought in a pharmacy or orthopedic salon. Prices for such products range from 300 rubles to 20 thousand.

It depends on the type of corset, the material from which it is made, and the manufacturer. If you know how to choose the reclinator correctly, then you will not have to regret the senseless purchase.

There are such criteria, which are most important to pay attention to.

  • The material from which the product is made must be natural, breathable and hypoallergenic.
  • The corset must necessarily fit in size. If you buy a reclinator thoracic spine, you need to measure the volume of the chest and growth. For a common corset, a circle of the abdomen is also needed. When choosing, if the measurements do not coincide with the actual dimensions of the product, you need to buy the one that is larger.
  • To correct posture and prevent spine diseases, soft and semi-rigid models of correctors are used. Hard fixatives are used only for medical purposes.

Most popular models

In pharmacies and orthopedic salons, you can find many models of corsets of varying degrees of rigidity, differing in form, function and price. How to choose the right reklinator? The opinions of people are highlighted by several of the best models.

  • Thoracic corrector 50R49 Dorso Carezza Posture OttoBock. It is a waistcoat with flexible spring inserts along the spine and several elastic straps-recliners. It helps to form a correct posture and fixes the shoulders. There is such a corset just over 5 thousand rubles.
  • Enhanced posture corrector TLSO-251 (F) Orlett for the thoracic and lumbar spine. In addition to the elastic belt and the rigid back, it has ribbon-reklinators for the dilution of the shoulders. It correctly corrects stoop, normalizes muscle tone and relieves back pain. This corset also costs about 5 thousand.
  • Corrector for the thoracic region, invisible under the clothes - KK-04 Ekoten. It helps to get used to correct posture, is effective in scoliosis and kyphosis of 1 and 2 degrees. Its price is low - about 2500 rubles.
  • Different children's recliners cost from 800 rubles to 2 thousand. The price depends on the size and the manufacturer. It is best to buy a child's recliner from Orlett, Fosta, "Trivers" or "Comf Orth". They dilute the shoulders and help keep the back in the right position without causing muscle atrophy.

Rules for wearing posture correctors

The main thing that you need to consider before buying a corset - you can use it only for the doctor's prescription, especially for the child. Otherwise, it can do harm. In addition, you need to know how to wear the reclinator correctly.

If this orthopedic device has been correctly selected and corresponds to the size of the patient, it does not cause any inconvenience when worn. Its belts should not be twisted and pressed, and tapes on shoulders - rub.

There are also special rules governing the time and method of wearing reklinators:

  • The most effective will be such treatment if you wear a posture corrector in the morning, when the muscles are relaxed;
  • First, the recliner is put on for no more than half an hour, gradually increasing the wearing time to 4-5 hours per day;
  • It is best to use a corrector while sitting at a table, standing or walking;
  • every few days, it is recommended to strengthen the tension of the belts, so that the rekliner will dilute his shoulders more;
  • It is undesirable to use corsets with a rigid back during a dynamic load;
  • the total time of wearing the posture corrector is usually 3 to 6 months, longer application of such a device can lead to weakening of the back muscles.

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