We treat allergic dermatitis in the home

Allergic reactions to the skin occur under the influence of certain substances in people with increased sensitivity of the skin.

  • Treatment of allergic dermatitis in the home
  • How to treat folk medicine
  • Therapeutic collection in the form of tinctures
  • Tincture of hops
  • Ointments for the treatment of allergic dermatitis
  • Compresses for dermatitis
  • Compresses from vegetables
  • Treatment of allergic dermatitis in infants
  • Prevention of dermatitis
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The mechanism of dermatological allergy is as follows:

  • first, certain substances enter the skin;
  • on the skin antibodies are formed;
  • the human immune system becomes sensitive to this allergen;
  • the skin becomes blistered and turns red.

Treatment of allergic dermatitis in the home

The universal treatment of such skin reactions consists in determining the allergen and further eliminating its effect. This study can be done only with the help of tests. Only a dermatologist can determine the allergen, and prescribe a treatment. Of course, there are many widely publicized medicines with chemical content. But chemical reagents can adversely affect your health. Especially it concerns children. Therefore, parents often use the recommendations of traditional medicine to treat allergic reactions to the skin. Moreover, its harmlessness for the smallest organism is proved by many laboratory studies.

Let us consider in more detail which caring parents can use antiallergenic medicines at home.

How to treat folk medicine

Treatment of allergic dermatitis in adults with folk remedies helps to get rid of unpleasant irritations on the skin and face without any consequences. But this is a long-term treatment and it is used only in cases when the patient does not have allergies to medicines. In folk medicine for these purposes use ointments, infusions and decoctions.

Therapeutic collection in the form of tinctures

Folk phytotagy recommends the following tinctures based on a herbal composition.

Recipe # 1

For the tincture, you need a medicinal collection in the form of dry herbs:

  • 2 hours l. herbs of oregano;
  • 3 hours l. flowers cornflower blue and the roots of valerian officinalis;
  • 2 tbsp. l. nettle.

All the ingredients are mixed and poured into 500 ml of boiling water. The agent is wrapped. The mixture is insisted for 5 hours. All the contents are used as medical baths before bedtime for a month.

Recipe # 2

Tincture of Ledum is also used as a bath. For its preparation use:

  • 6 tbsp. l. shredded lemon leaves;
  • 500 ml of boiled water.

Dry leaves of Ledum beetroot and pour in boiling water for 3 hours. After that, the mixture is filtered and added to the bath.

Recipe # 3

Another, perhaps, simple recipe for taking baths with dermatitis. To prepare the preparation, take 4 cups of crushed oats and boil in 2 liters of water over a slow fire for about 15 minutes. A strained broth is added to the bath.

Recipe # 4

A universal recipe, which is prepared on the basis of birch and pine buds. To prepare tincture for a bath will take 3 hours each. l. medicinal products and 500 ml of water. The mixture is boiled for 40 minutes on a steam bath. After a three-hour settling, baths are used.

Recipe No.5

If dermatitis is manifested on the hands, the following ingredients can be tested for treatment:

  • 3 hours l. mustard;
  • 500 ml of boiled water.

Mustard is stirred in hot water until a uniform consistency is formed.

Hand baths are taken in a warm solution before cooling. This is an aggressive remedy, so you should start with taking baths with an interval of 3 days. The course of this treatment is 2 weeks.

Recipe No.6

To prepare the tincture, you will need:

  • 1 hour l. dry grass alternating;
  • 2 tbsp. l. Currant leaves;
  • 3 tbsp. l. flowers of chamomile, crushed bark of viburnum and licorice root.

All the ingredients are mixed and poured into 300 ml of boiling water. The contents are put on a water bath for about 20 minutes. After that, they insist for 3 hours. Tincture is filtered and taken in the cooled form to 50 ml during the day.

Tincture of hops

In folk medicine hops have long been used to treat problem skin. Now this knowledge is successfully used to treat dermatitis. For tinctures based on hop will need cones of the plant. They should be light green. They are ground and kept in boiling water on a water bath for about 20 minutes. The ratio of hop and water should be: 2 parts of hop and 5 parts of water. After the water bath, the infusion is allowed to stand for 2 hours and is drunk 50 ml before each meal.

Ointments for the treatment of allergic dermatitis

Sea-buckthorn ointment

For the preparation of the drug use the pharmaceutical form of sea buckthorn oil. It takes 2-3 hours. l. and mixed with any fat emulsion: melted, pork, chicken fat, baby cream. The resulting mixture is smeared with itchy skin areas. The tool is universal. It not only cures allergic reactions, but also neurodermatitis.

Propolis ointment

A complicated form of dermatitis perfectly cures ointment based on propolis. For the ointment use propolis and any oil: sesame, olive, vegetable. Ingredients take in the ratio 1: 5. The mixture is placed in an oven and the propolis is completely dissolved. The mixture is poured into a glass container. After cooling, wax appears on the bottom. Ointment is used as external lotion.

Compresses for dermatitis

Herbal compresses help cure allergies to the skin of the hands and face.

Recipe # 1

Compress based on the roots of elecampane is very easy to prepare. For cooking, you need to take half a glass of chopped grass and pour three glasses of water. The agent is boiled on a steam bath for 40 minutes. After that, the broth cools. When he is at room temperature, take gauze. Stacked in several layers, and wetted in solution. Then such a compress is applied to the dermatitis-affected skin of the hands and left for 30 minutes.

Recipe # 2

For the treatment of dermatitis on the face the following medicinal fee is suitable:

  • 3 hours l. oak bark;
  • 2 hours l. shredded horsetail leaves;
  • for 1 hour. l. lemon balm, calendula flowers, burdock root and immortelle flowers.

Dry ingredients are mixed together with one glass of vegetable oil. The medium is boiled for 15 minutes and insisted in the heat for up to 15 hours. Compress put on face and stand for 20 minutes.

Compresses from vegetables

To prepare compresses for dermatitis, you can use even improvised means. Such, for example, are grated raw potatoes and celery. Vegetables can be applied alternately or mixed.

Another vegetable composition: chopped pulp of pumpkin and cucumber. To this mixture, you can add aloe juice in the ratio: four parts of crushed vegetables and one part of the juice. Especially useful are such compresses for the treatment of allergic dermatitis in a child.

Treatment of allergic dermatitis in infants

Due to the fact that newborns do not have a sufficiently developed protective mechanism, they are often prone to allergic reactions. If this occurs during lactation, then the nursing mother must change her diet. As an external remedy, apply a pack of rice decoction of glycerin and starch.

The same parts of the ingredients are mixed and applied to the affected areas in the form of a gauze dressing. In view of the fact that babies can be capricious, the compress can be kept up to 5 minutes. Then it is removed and after a while the treatment is repeated. During the day, up to 5 compresses are needed.

Another effective remedy for the youngest - compresses of St. John's wort oil. To prepare the preparation take 2 tbsp. l. Juice of St. John's wort and 2 tbsp. l. butter. The medium is stirred and stored in a refrigerator. Apply compress applications throughout the day with an interval of 4-5 hours. This tool is great for children under 2 years old.

Prevention of dermatitis

For the prevention of dermatitis recommend:

  1. Exclude from the diet allergen products: sweet, carbonated drinks, seafood.
  2. Prone to allergic reactions, you should eat more foods with zinc content: seafood, lean meat, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, wheat and oat bran.

In general, allergic dermatitis is perfectly cured by folk medicine at home and in adults and children. A little patience and perseverance, and you will get rid of the disease.

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