Eye drops Ozovit: instruction

Computer technology has become a part of our everyday life. Today, no office worker can do without a computer, they are in savings banks and at the post office, in the teacher's and doctor's office, in the library and even in the store. However, together with them, as an inevitable consequence, mankind has received a number of related pathologies, and among the most topical of these are eye diseases.


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  • 3Indications and contraindications
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    • 3.2In pregnancy
    • 3.3To small children
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Description of the preparation

Ogovit drops belong to the group of vitamin preparations that help to provide the eyes with everything necessary for intense long-term work.Under normal conditions, the human body receives all the valuable nutrients from everyday life. However, today the quality of consumed products has largely decreased and is not able to meet the increased needs of the body in vitamins and trace elements.

And after all, they, in most cases, have a decisive role in ensuring the normal functioning of all organs and systems.

Eyes are the main organ that is necessary when working on a computer. Everyday load is very high, so the diet should contain natural vitaminsoderzhaschie products, and in their absence - vitamin preparations, one of which is eye drops Ogovit.

Pharmacological action and group

The drug is a complex tool for several immediate effects: restorative, immunostimulating, antioxidant. The therapeutic effect is made up of the properties of its components:

  • Vitamin A.One of the main vitamins for vision. The lack of it leads to a violation of color perception and deterioration of vision in the dark. The consequence is the drying out of the cornea, which means that there is a risk of developing conjunctivitis;
  • Vitamin C.It is a source of antioxidants, and also has a significant effect on slowing the growth of cataracts and macular degeneration, in which dystrophic processes occur in the central part of the retina (macula);
  • Vitamin E.Has a pronounced antioxidant and radioprotective action, is an important element of most metabolic processes in the body. It is necessary for complete digestibility of vitamin A;
  • Zinc.It is a part of many important enzymes, in particular, carbonic anhydrases, which are active catalysts and accelerate biochemical reactions. Carboanhydrases are contained in the retina of the eye, and their deficiency can cause age-related macular degeneration, retinal detachment, damage to retinal cells by iron;
  • Manganese.Deficiency of manganese is observed with many visual impairments: night blindness, cataract, retinopathy, decreased visual acuity;
  • Selenium.Microelement, which affects the processes of self-regulation and the intensity of the release of the body from slags. Lack of selenium increases the risk of developing cataracts and glaucoma, because its antioxidant properties are extremely in demand in the processes of cell renewal.

Ocovit can fully meet the need for different eye structures in the necessary for the normal vital activity of the elements and to prevent the development of a variety of ophthalmic pathologies.

Indications and contraindications

Eye vitamin drops, including Ochovit, are fortified means and are not a medicine, but before using, you should get advice ophthalmologist. The eye is a delicate enough structure to apply any safest means to it without further consultation.

The drug will be useful for the following categories of people:

  • Persons who have visual impairment: nearsightedness or farsightedness;
  • People aged more than 40 years, who are already beginning age changes and which will be superfluous by vitamin replenishment of the vascular system;
  • Those whose professional activities are related to work on the computer and exceeds the duration of 6 hours: managers, accountants, secretaries, dispatchers, cashiers at railway stations and other office employees;
  • Women who have a tendency to progressive varicose veins, since it adversely affects the condition of the retina;
  • Persons who have cataract or glaucoma diagnosed at an early stage, because vitamin make-up can inhibit the development of the process;
  • Patients diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, since the processes in this disease significantly reduce vision.

The final decision on the use of the drug should only be taken by an ophthalmologist after a preliminary examination and, if necessary, conducted studies.


The main contraindication, which is contained in any instructions for medicines, is the individual intolerance of the components of the drug. The same applies to vitamin drops Okovitis.

Particular care should be taken in patients with a predisposition to allergic reactions, since many vitamin preparations contain herbal supplements.

In pregnancy

Although Ocovit is a preparation of purely preventive action, its use in pregnancy is possible only after consultation with the ophthalmologist and the attending physician.

During pregnancy, any medicinal effect is undesirable, and although vitamin drops do not exert a strong effects on the body, but their use in combination with other vitamin supplements may cause hypervitaminosis.And this is a metabolic disorder, which during pregnancy is absolutely not necessary.

Without consulting a doctor during this period, the use of such drugs as Ophtholik, Hilozar, Vidisik, Vizin Clean tear, having only a moisturizing effect is permitted. To use other eye drops, you should definitely get expert advice.

To small children

If your child needs vitamin make-up, then first of all you should consult a pediatrician and an ophthalmologist about the choice of a suitable remedy.

Vitamin drops are not recommended for the prevention of eye diseases in children younger than 2 years. As for older children, only a qualified specialist can make a responsible appointment.

Possible complications caused by the drug

Eye drops Ocovit should be taken in courses not longer than a month, with mandatory interruptions.The duration of the course, as well as the dosage, is determined by an ophthalmologist, depending on the indications and intake of other medications.

Unwanted side effects are possible only in case of violation of the instructions, as well as with predisposition to allergic reactions.


Ointments for eyes from conjunctivitis are described in this article.

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Ocovit drops for eyes are a means of preventive action and can be used most effectively by persons with already present visual impairment in the initial stage: glaucoma, cataract, visual acuity, nearsightedness or farsightedness. Drops can become a brake for the development of pathological processes in the eyes with age-related changes or prolonged visual loads.

However, even their use should be under the supervision of the doctor, and the dosage and duration of the courses should meet the recommended standards.