How to take and how much to drink castor oil as a laxative

A normal chair is a regular soft stool. Ideally, the morning. But alas, the wrong diet, stress, old age and various diseases can cause constipation, that is, the difficulty of defecation.

The cheapest, most popular and fastest remedy for this problem is castor oil or castor oil.

Contents of the article:

What is the castor oil
  • How does the
  • work? When to drink a laxative
  • How to take
  • Contraindications
  • Conclusion

  • Oil has long passed from traditional medicine to the official, is sold in pharmacies with instructions for use, often prescribed by doctors.

    What is castor oil

    Oil is made from seeds of a castor oil plant.

    This shrub grows, practically, everywhere.

    In the tropics and subtropics this is a high powerful plant, in a moderate Russian climate, low shrubs.

    The oil is obtained by cold pressing.

    Castor oil is similar in appearance to olive, it does not harden, it does not dry out. The taste is not the most pleasant, the smell is weak.

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    How does

    Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid. It irritates the nerve receptors of the intestinal walls.

    Intestine begins to contract, there is an intensified peristalsis, and the body is cleansed of stool.

    The effect of castor oil is usually manifested a few hours after ingestion. That is, the oil does not act abruptly, but gives an impetus to the intestines to actively work.

    And what do you know about useful properties and contraindications to mummies? The article is written for the treatment of which diseases it is applied.

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    When to drink laxative

    Castor oil stimulates peristalsis, softening feces.

    Due to the specificity of the action, it, unlike the enema, causes the body to work independently, and not just displays the contents of the intestine.

    So, castor oil is shown, including, and with problems with the anus.

    Indications for receiving castor oil as a laxative:

    • Constipation, that is, a hard stool.
      Castor will soften it and bring it out.
    • Periodic problems with defecation, when the constipation has not yet begun, but there are already difficulties.
      Castor can be drunk in a three-day course in parallel with other methods.
    • Hemorrhoids.
      With this disease it is impossible to bring to a solid stool, it is necessary to soften it and withdraw, the sooner, the better, otherwise the blood vessels will burst and bleed, the nodes will ache.
    • Cleansing of the intestine before examination with a proctologist.
    • Postoperative period.
      After abdominal operations, the abdominal wall and muscles can not be strained, the defecation should be eased as much as possible.
    • When food poisoning, when you need to quickly remove toxins.
    • With mild labor.

    How to take

    Castor oil can be drunk in liquid form, and for those who can not swallow an unpleasant substance, castor oil is released in capsules.

    The norm for an adult is 15-30 ml of castor oil, which must be drunk within half an hour. If you drink capsules, you need 15-30 capsules.

    Children under 12 are not given castor oil, they have a sensitive bowel, castor oil is too aggressive for it.

    For children over 12 years, the norm is 5-15 ml for half an hour( or 5-15 capsules).

    Castor oil is drunk on an empty stomach .

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    If you drink oil as a liquid, it can cause a vomiting reflex, so it can be mixed with lemon or orange juice to quench fat and unpleasant taste.

    Capsules usually do not have problems, they just need to drink with water.

    Castor must be drunk in such a way that after 4-6 hours you should have the opportunity to visit the toilet frequently.

    You can drink butter at night, then by morning there will be an effect. If there is no other possibility, you can drink during the day, but then you will have to wait longer until the castor oil will work.

    To clean the intestines, a teaspoon of castor oil is mixed with a tablespoon of kefir, you can add bran. This is a one-off procedure.

    Castor oil is drunk for no more than three days. That is, one dose per day. If you drink longer, it can cause addiction and malfunction in the self-working of the intestine.


    You should never drink castor oil during pregnancy .The oil causes bowel contractions, which can provoke uterine contractions, and this leads to the tone of the uterus and even to miscarriage.

    This is especially dangerous in the early stages.

    And in later terms, stimulation of uterine contractions can cause premature birth.

    There is a widespread opinion among the people that if the birth does not begin for a long time, you need to drink castor oil.

    This is possible only with the permission of the doctor, when the child and the mother are healthy and ready for delivery. This is a gentle way to stimulate childbirth.

    When lactation is also not worth drinking castor oil. It is better to replace it with glycerin suppositories or microclysters, that is, topical preparations.

    Castor oil can not be used as a laxative in conditions such as:

    1. kidney disease;
    2. Suspicion of appendicitis;
    3. exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases;
    4. severe abdominal pain, which in medical terminology is called "acute abdomen";
    5. bleeding( uterine or intestinal).


    Castor helps to cope with the constipation itself, to remove stagnant stool masses. But she does not cure the cause. After the castor oil relieves you of constipation, you should try not to allow its repetition.

    To do this, moderately soft food is needed, it is desirable to eat oatmeal more often, to drink sour milk, from time to time there are weakening vegetables( cauliflower, boiled beets) and fruits( plums, apricots).But as the first and most effective aid for constipation of equal castor oil there is no price-effect ratio, simplicity in application.

    How to take castor oil to cleanse the body you will see while watching the video.

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