How to treat dry cough at home

Tip 1: Than to treat a cough at home

Cough is a protective reflex, during it there is an impetuous muscle contraction, after which there is a sharp release of air from the lungs. From the inside, this organ is covered with special sensitive receptors, their irritation and triggers a cough reflex, a mechanism that aims to remove foreign bodies, sputum and bacteria.

Cough can be called a useful phenomenon, with it you should not fight, on the contrary, you need to help the lungs by taking various expectorants. If this phenomenon is started, then it will go to a chronic stage. Especially it is necessary to show attention if the cough does not pass for a long time, since in this case the standard treatment does not help.

Treatment for wet cough

At home, curing a wet cough is quite simple. The main task of his treatment is to accelerate the excretion of phlegm accumulated in the lumen of the respiratory organs. To do this, try to take more fluid. For this purpose, tea from currant, hips, raspberries and lime trees is perfect. A mixture of honey and hazelnuts can help get rid of cough. It is prepared very simply, you need to grind 20 grams of nuts and mix them with 100 grams of honey. The resulting mixture is recommended to be consumed during the day in small portions, washed down with warm milk.

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Also, when coughing, you can use the healing properties of onions. Vegetables need to be cut, covered with sugar and wait a little. Take onion juice should be small portions throughout the day. The patient will be much less coughing the next day. With a moist cough, inhalations with eucalyptus oil help. Thanks to this procedure it will be possible to quickly recover.

Treatment of dry cough

Dry cough is not very useful for the body, so treatment is not to stimulate it, but rather to suppress or transfer it to a wet form. A good result is chest and inhalation. Also in this case, the use of medicines is required.

But we should not forget about popular methods. So, to soften dry cough it is possible thanks to goose fat. It will be necessary to prepare a mixture consisting of it and the chopped onion. After that, it must be rubbed before going to sleep in the neck and chest area. However, this method is not suitable for those who need to go to work tomorrow, because the onion smell is very persistent and it will not be easy to get rid of it. Dry cough can be cured with a decoction of nettle. It should be drunk several times a day.

And to make the cough go into a wet form, you also need to make a decoction of elecampane or coltsfoot. It is recommended to use it after a lapse of 30 minutes after drinking a decoction of the nettle. This treatment will require a person to be disciplined, but the next day the cough will bother much less often, and later go away altogether.

What can cough cure at home?

Folk remedies for cough are used for a long time. Depending on what form the disease has and what type of cough the patient suffers, doctors offer different treatment options: from medications to traditional medicine methods.

There are many recipes to cure cough at home, but only the most qualified doctor can help choose the most effective one. For effective use of traditional methods of cough treatment, doctors recommend consulting with phytotherapists or consultants of homeopathic pharmacies.

How to help children?

As soon as the doctor determines the nature of the cough, its causes, the patient is offered to undergo a course of treatment with medicines that are divided into:

  • mucolytics - drugs that can dilute mucus;
  • expectorant - stimulating cough ejection;
  • soothing - reducing the activity of cough.

Treatment of cough in the home at the child is conducted after consultation with the attending physician, who, on the basis of the clinical characteristics of the disease, prescribes a treatment course. Therapy for children should begin with the first hours of manifestation of cold symptoms. Proper cure treatment consists of eliminating the causes and enhancing immunity.

At home, in addition to drug therapy, it is necessary to create conditions for the child's recovery:

  • the patient should have a gentle regimen that does not restrict his movements, the activity of the baby helps in cleansing the bronchi and promotes faster recovery;
  • when refusing to eat, the baby should not be forced to eat;
  • The obligatory condition should be the humidification of the room where the child is;
  • give the child the amount of drinking necessary for the age - juices, decoctions - to improve the patient's condition and cleanse the body of harmful toxins.
The basis for the treatment of children from cough at home includes expectorants of vegetable and pharmacological origin: decoctions of medicinal herbs, the use of folk remedies. For example, a rosemary from a cough to children should be taken very carefully and only on the recommended dosage.

Children under one year are recommended to give beet juice.Beetroot has a bactericidal effect, and a large amount of alkali in its composition helps to strengthen expectoration.A good remedy are phytopreparations Prozpan and Gedelix, which contain thinner mucus plant substances. They help to strengthen the reduction of bronchial tubes and thereby improve the sputum discharge. Parents should ensure that the reception of such funds is gradual and only in accordance with established dosage, as in case of dose disorders they can cause vomiting and upset intestines. In addition, some natural remedies can increase the sputum production, which is difficult for the baby to expectorate.

Severe divergence of the mucosal secretion is treated with the help of drugs ACTS, Mukobene, Fluimutsil. These drugs well dilute sputum and have an anti-inflammatory effect. Effective mucolytics recognized Ambrobene, Ambroghexal and Lazolvan. Bromgexin, a fine evacuator of sputum, proved to be a good candidate.

Effective agents that help restore the microflora of the bronchial mucosa are Bronkatar, Mukodin, Mukopron. But their excessive use can cause constipation. Strong cough is helped by antitussive drugs, which have a sparing composition and can be used to treat children. This group includes selective drugs - Libexin, Sinekod. They help with a strong dry cough, accompanied by pain in the sternum, worsening the general condition of the patient.

Helps to remove the cough symptoms effective combination drugs Loraine, Stoptussin. With the start of inflammation accompanied by cough, antibiotics are prescribed. If there is a narrowing of the bronchi, the doctor prescribes preparations against inflammatory processes in the bronchi that are used for inhalations, - Ventolin, Salbutamol. Inhalations are the most affordable method, how to cure cough at home. For this purpose, use alkaline water or home remedies based on herbal infusions, decoctions, essential oils. A sufficiently high result in the treatment and give essential oils.

To help cough cure without medication helps breast massage, which is done to children to improve sputum discharge. Massage is done using herbal balms Dr. MOM, Bronhicum.

Ways to treat adults

By its nature, cough can be dry without spitting, wet and allergic. Cough without sputum is accompanied by inflammatory processes of bronchodilator. Quickly cure a dry cough can not. In order to begin the departure of sputum, you must take decoctions and infusions, as well as expectorants for several days. For this purpose, warm alkaline inhalations, ledum bean infusions, licorice, althea, which must be taken several times a day, are effective. Bronchitis can be treated with Libexin, adding to the therapy an abundant warm drink.

Wet cough is treated using folk methods. With this kind of cough helps instill in the nasal canals of a solution of sea salt in warm water - 1 glass of 1 tbsp. salt. Buried in the nose 4 times a day. The complex uses anti-inflammatory drugs.

Coryza and cough can also trigger an allergy. Insufficiently effective treatment of such cough can provoke its transition to bronchial asthma. This kind of cough helps to cure folk medicine - breast pills, herbal preparations. Good antihistamines, anti-allergic drugs. Purifying medicines for self-coughing Haliksol, Mukaltin, Bromhexine is used as an attendant.

The best phytotoxic drugs for coughing

Treating cough with folk remedies means using only herbal medicines. Collection of herbs is the best means of coughing a folk remedy, which includes a set of medicinal species that help to facilitate the withdrawal of phlegm. Herbs have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial effect. This collection can be purchased at the pharmacy, and you can prepare yourself as a home remedy for cough from different herbs. They can be collected by yourself, but only in an ecologically clean area.

To prepare yourself at home, such a remedy, you must take in equal quantities herbs: thyme, lime blossom, licorice, oregano, mint, mother-and-stepmother, plantain, pine buds, calendula, Medinitsu. Chest broth is prepared in this way: all herbs are mixed, 2 tablespoons. collection pour a glass of boiling water, insist. After percolation, drink half the glass 4 times a day in a warm form. Decoction takes the entire medical period.

Honey is one of the most popular ingredients in the treatment of cough and colds. It is widely used and as a cure for influenza and bronchitis. For the preparation of a medicinal product, a small onion must be ground in any way, and honey should be added in equal amounts to the resulting composition. This medicated mixture is taken after eating 1 tbsp. 3 times a day. Such a medicine is used not only in the period of illness, but also with the onset of the first colds as a preventive remedy. This is the best emollient and anti-inflammatory agent for treating cough in babies. 1 teaspoon of warm milk is added to 1 cup of warm milk. honey, 1 tablet Mukaltina, soda at the tip of the knife. All are well disturbed and given to the child before bedtime with a protracted cough without sputum discharge.

As a strong antitussive drug use goat fat with milk.

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This remedy helps with congestive bronchitis. Add 1 tablespoon to 300 ml of milk. Goat's fat and 1 tbsp. honey. Give the patient a warm bath before going to bed. Healing elixir from a cough is drunk 4 times a day in short sips. Good help as a healing remedy for cold goat's milk, which is mixed with honey (for 1 glass of milk 2 teaspoons of honey).

Natural tea from cough is prepared from the color of linden, berries of wild rose, hips. Components are taken in equal amounts. Pour a glass of boiling water 2 tsp. collection. Insist half an hour, filter and drink with 1 tsp. honey 2 times a day. It is better to warm the mixture. Kalina must be collected when the first frosts strike, because this enhances the healing properties of the berries.

Helps to relieve inflammatory conditions in the throat causing cough, and raspberry. For treatment use all its components - leaves, berries and even stems. 2 tablespoons berries pour a glass of steep boiling water. Drink like tea 3-4 times a day. Its diaphoretic properties help to remove pathogenic toxins from the body and alleviate the condition of the patient.

Lime honey and vodka help to remove cold symptoms of any nature. In a saucepan mix 50 grams of vodka and honey. Add a slice of lemon, a little ginger and 1 teaspoon. cumin. The infusion is heated in a water bath until the honey dissolves and is drunk shortly before going to bed. With the initial symptoms of a cold, this is the most effective method of treatment.

A very effective medicine is warm milk, in which a pod of red pepper is dropped. Take the pepper immediately and drink.

Aloe in the fight against coughing

For a long time, people know how to cure coughs with domestic plants. One of them is aloe. To prepare any medicine, which includes this flower, you must use only the leaves of the plant, which is older than three years. To prepare a medicinal product, take 1 glass of twisted aloe, 250 g of butter, 200 g of lard, a glass of honey, 1 tbsp. cocoa. Oil, fat is melted in a water bath. Add honey, cocoa. All mix well. This oil is stored in a cool room and used for severe attacks of cough for 1 tbsp. 3 times a day before meals, until the cough fails completely.

A great way to cough is vodka mixed with aloe. 300 g of aloe, twisted in a meat grinder, 3 tbsp. vodka, 4 tbsp. honey is mixed. Use the drug for 1 tablespoon. 3 times a day before meals. Take at least 5 days. Folk recipes with vodka should be consumed very carefully by patients with heart problems. In no case can you increase the dosage of this component, otherwise it will be an alcoholic beverage.

Recipes for children

There are folk remedies for cough for children, which are both a medicine and a treat for young patients. To prepare it is necessary to take 100 g of butter, 100 g of chocolate, 4 tbsp. pork fat, 3 tbsp. cocoa powder. All melt in a water bath and mix. To children such a medicine is smeared on bread. There is this therapeutic chocolate oil needed 4 times a day. Drink it with milk or tea with chamomile and lime color.

Help to calm the incessant cough of folk remedies from the garden. To such kinds it is possible to carry carrots, cabbage and potato juices. To prepare carrot cough medicine, squeeze the carrot juice and mix it with honey in equal proportion. This mixture is drunk 5 times a day before eating. Small patients receive such a drug for 1 tsp. 3 times a day, but only if they do not have allergies to this component.

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Children with severe cough rub their feet with garlic. During this procedure, the active points are affected by the burning property of garlic. A few hours later, relief may come. In no case can you lubricate feet with very small children. Garlic can cause burns or allergies.

When buying homeopathic medicines in pharmacies and other outlets, you should prefer certified products.

Dry cough in children: treatment and reasons. Treatment of dry cough in children at home

Childhood is such a pleasant and fun time. But this period of life is constantly overshadowed by various diseases. Perhaps because of the ecology, products or sedentary lifestyle of children, they have to suffer more diseases. Their range is wide: starting a simple ARVI, ending with very severe and chronic diseases of immunity, metabolism, cellular pathologies.

More often parents face seasonal pathological processes, such as ARI or flu, laryngitis or bronchitis. These diseases have an infectious basis, so the children's organism attacks during the period of active spread of infections - in the spring and in the autumn. Symptom to many diseases is cough. What is its danger and how to get rid of it, consider below.

Unpleasant symptom of the disease - cough

With various diseases of our body, a cough may occur. In children, it occurs mainly with colds. When you cough, the child irritates the mucous membrane of the throat, the subcortical cough centers become irritated, the peace of the baby and mother is disturbed. Because of this, all those involved in this process are exhausted. But this is not all the troubles that this symptom brings. The worst thing is that under certain circumstances it can lead to serious consequences.

Types of cough in babies

  1. Productive or wet.
  2. Dry cough in children.
  3. Barking.
  4. Whooping cough.
  5. Spasmodic cough.
  6. With the syncopation.
  7. Sick.
  8. Bitonal.
  9. Cough sink.

The names may seem complicated and incomprehensible, but the children do not often find all these types. The cause for concern for parents is a dry cough that has arisen. It can bring a lot of harm if not treated in time.

Dry cough in children, what does it threaten?

It is a reaction of the child's organism to the infection that has settled in it. It is interesting that cough itself is beneficial, because it helps the child get rid of harmful elements such as mucus or microbes, viruses. But with hard breathing, the release of the respiratory tract does not occur, the child can not clear his throat, sometimes he has to endure attacks of dry cough. In a child whose immunity is weakened during illness, all metabolic processes, including protection from infections, are difficult. Dry cough only exacerbates the process of recovery, because the mucus, which must go out with the help of reflex actions of the respiratory tract, dries up and absorbed into the baby's body. This is a dangerous dry cough in children. Treatment of it should occur immediately.

The physiological causes of this cough

Any reaction to an infection of the body passes through the brain. It is he who gives the command to subordinate organs and cells to defend themselves in various ways: sneezing, coughing, runny nose and so on. Dry cough in children at the physiological level occurs due to irritation of nerve endings and receptors located in organs such as the nasopharynx, ear, trachea, pleura, bronchi, diaphragm, esophagus and pericardium. But there is the concept of "cough zones" - the back of the nasopharynx, bronchi and trachea. This type of cough in most cases occurs due to irritation of these zones.

The child also reacts with such a protective reaction to smoke, dust, foreign bodies in the respiratory organs. All these stimuli affect the mucosa. The most common are the following causes of dry cough in children: respiratory infections caught in children the body in the period of their rapid reproduction (autumn and winter), influenza, as well as some viruses and microbes that attack only children.

What diseases can be accompanied by a dry cough?

When the child begins to cough dryly and exhaustionily, the first thought that comes to my mother's mind is that he fell ill with a cold or flu. But this kind of topics is dangerous, which can indicate the occurrence of diseases that are not related to respiratory organs, but, for example, the heart or the gastrointestinal tract.

We already know what are the causes of dry cough in children, what kind of diseases does this phenomenon show? Such an organism reaction occurs when:

  • infectious diseases (ARVI);
  • tracheitis;
  • pertussis;
  • laryngitis;
  • pleurisy;
  • obstructive bronchitis;
  • neoplasm in the lungs;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • hit of a foreign body in the respiratory system or its path.

Parents should pay attention and urgently seek medical attention if the child has a barking cough after eating. This indicates that an element of food has got into the respiratory tract. It can reach the narrow branches of the bronchi or the pathways in the lungs and close them. Also, stopping somewhere in the respiratory system, this piece will not be able to undergo the chemical cleavage procedure, and the decay process will begin.

Specialists noted that a dry cough at night in a child manifests itself in bronchial asthma, sinusitis, heart failure, whooping cough. While a morning attack can indicate the presence of chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis and violations in the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

What you need to do with dry cough, treatment methods

As soon as a dry cough appeared in children, treatment should begin immediately. Do not have to rely on your knowledge and strength in overcoming this problem if you are not a doctor. With this type of cough in babies, specialist advice is required. From the correct diagnosis depends the effectiveness of treatment.

For the treatment of dry cough, several methods are used:

  • use of drugs with expectorant action;
  • antibiotic treatment;
  • use of folk remedies.

Dry cough in children, treatment, drugs

Once again we pay attention to the fact that self-medication can lead to undesirable consequences, therefore it is important to get a specialist consultation. If there is no possibility to consult a doctor and you are sure that a frequent dry cough in a child is of an infectious nature, then you need to know some information about medicines for cough.

All preparations for cough are divided into several groups: antitussive, expectorant and mucolytic.

The drugs of the first group act on the cough centers in the brain, soothing them. More often such preparations are necessary at a whooping cough, in fact he is not treated, therefore it is necessary to reduce its or his display. In this case only antitussives are used, for example "Sinekod".

To treat a dry cough in a child help expectorant drugs. There are many, most common is the drug Ambroxol. Medicines with this action help to isolate phlegm when it begins to be absorbed into the mucosa, and to withdraw it from the respiratory tract.

Mukoliticheskie drugs well dilute sputum and remove it, used mainly with a wet cough ("Mukoltin" Fluimutsil "Lazolvan" ACTS ").

But there are such situations, especially in small children, when a long cough is manifested in children, treatment with one group of drugs does not give the desired results. Then it is recommended to use combined medicines. These are medications that have a substance of two or three groups. It can be a drug with expectorant and antitussive effect. Also often for children use drugs with expectorant and mucolytic properties. Such drugs give very small crumbs that can not themselves cough up mucus, or children older, with viscidity and complex sputum formation. To such combined preparations carry means "Pektolvan S" Glikodin "Stoptussin" Bronhosan "and others.

Phytotherapy - effectiveness in treatment

Medications help you get rid of the problem quickly. But not all of them can come. In some cases (for safety reasons), cough treatment with herbs can be used.

In nature, there are also herbs that have mucolytic and expectorant properties. Thyme, licorice root, coltsfoot, plantain, althea root help in liquefying mucus and removing it from the respiratory tract. These herbs can be boiled and insisted either separately or in the collection. For the effectiveness of herbal therapy, it is enough to brew and infuse 1-2 tablespoons of any of the above herbs, and you will be able to overcome dry cough in children. Treatment can be carried out not only phytotherapy, but also other home remedies.

Dry cough, treatment with folk remedies

Unconventional (folk) medicine has successfully coped with this problem long before the appearance of chemical combinations of substances that help dissolve and excrete sputum. There are several proven methods that help overcome the dry cough in children. Treatment of folk remedies of an infection spreading in the respiratory tract was not without the use of natural antibiotics and antiseptics - onions and garlic.

For easy sputum discharge recommend using onions and honey. Onions are ground, mixed with 1 tbsp. honey. A mixture of 1 teaspoon must be taken after a meal.

Garlic finely chopped and put in a glass of milk. This mixture should be brought to a boil and applied through time after meals 3 times a day (1/3 cup).

Honey is used with black radish (it makes a hole, honey is applied and insisted, then the juice that appears can be taken before eating), horseradish juice (: drink after eating).

Abundant drink, which in the composition has vitamin C (broth of cranberries, viburnum, tea with lemon), fruit.

Inhalations and rubbers are also widely used. In this case, eucalyptus oils, camphor are used. In addition, compresses are effective. It can be a combination of cabbage leaves with honey or crushed potatoes with honey, alcohol and mustard.

Attacks of this cough in babies

Dangerous is dry cough in children. Treatment in the home of infants can be limited only to a plentiful drink or a shake. But for them, smelling oils are contraindicated because of a possible allergic reaction. In addition, small children can not be triturated from the front. You can rub the back of a harmless and anti-allergic ointment or oil. But in order to avoid the occurrence of unforeseen results and deterioration of the state before using any rubbing, consult a doctor.

Provision of conditions for the development of dry cough

Regardless of the nature of the dry cough (unless it is the presence of a foreign object in the airway), the child needs certain conditions in his environment. Most often, a dry cough is worse at night in a child. Therefore, parents must provide the maximum conditions for the relief of an attack.

The temperature should not be above 21-22 degrees, low humidity is unacceptable. The air should be fresh, it is better to ventilate the room before going to bed. You need to do wet cleaning more often, since dry cough can be triggered by allergy. In whooping cough, to reduce the intensity of the attack, a wet sheet should be dipped in iodine and placed near the baby. This is an imitation of the sea air.

Efficacy and contraindications to needles in the treatment of dry cough

Dry cough in children, popular treatment of which is popular, quickly disappears after the use of needles. The needles are most often used with milk. To do this, half a glass of pine buds should be boiled in, l milk for 20 minutes. All the amount of broth to the child to drink for two days. Inhalation is also used on coniferous broth. But for the use of coniferous treatment it is important to know that your child does not have allergies to it.

Dry cough and fever

Not always the temperature is accompanied by a dry cough in children. Treatment at home can safely continue until it appears. If it appeared in the child, it indicates that the mucus began to be absorbed into the baby's blood and transferred to its organs. In this case, antibiotics must be used, which only the doctor has the right to prescribe. It takes into account allergic reactions to such drugs, the age, weight of the child, the reason why the condition worsened.

If the child has a dry cough that lasts more than a week, you can not postpone the visit to a specialist. The child's health is too expensive to be negligent.

Dry cough in adults. Home Treatment

Such a symptom, as a dry cough, can be a reaction of the body to allergens. But in

mainly it is a sign of many diseases of the respiratory system: acute respiratory disease, laryngitis, tracheitis and bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis, etc. In elderly people, dry cough often causes fungal infection of the respiratory system. To establish an accurate diagnosis with the subsequent appointment of a course of treatment, it is necessary to examine the patient and make an anamnesis of the disease by the doctor (to get rid of the underlying ailment). To alleviate the debilitating dry cough in adults, treatment with drugs is desirable to be carried out in conjunction with physiotherapy and folk medicine.

Reactive cough

Such irritants as dust, smoke, pollen of plants, mold, strong aromas of perfumes and powders, household chemicals often cause dry cough in adults. Treatment in this case should begin with the exclusion of contact with the allergen. Attacks of a dry cough sometimes provokes the taking of certain medicines (drug allergies), so before taking new drugs, you should always read the annotations. Allergic dry cough can quickly turn into bronchial asthma. To avoid this, it is necessary to urgently rid the body of the presence of pathogens in it - for this use anti-allergenic drugs, having received the advice of a doctor.

We treat dry cough at home: herbs and infusions

If you do not want to immediately resort to chemical drugs, use medicinal herbs. Phytotherapy greatly facilitates dry cough in adults. Treatment of cold seasonal diseases with folk remedies means, first of all, abundant drinking. A warm tea with raspberry jam, honey, kalina or grated currant helps a lot. These foods are rich in vitamin C, which means they can strengthen immunity and help the body cope with the infection. Cough, thyme, elecampane have an antitussive effect - these herbs are included in the dues with a very strong, debilitating cough. Good to remove attacks of dry cough broth peppermint (you can dilute the tea with a ready-made pharmacy tincture). Try to lubricate the liqueur with a dimple on your throat, if you feel a constant perspiration. It facilitates coughing frequent rinsing of the throat and ingestion of herbal decoctions and infusions with enveloping (althaea root, seed flax), expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect (flowers of black elderberry, 3-color violet grass, chamomile flowers and lindens). We also use plantain grass and alternatives, licorice root, motherwort, valerian rhizome and elecampane root, hips, a mother-and-stepmother leaf.A good expectorant effect is provided by essential oil plants - from them are prepared decoctions for drinking and inhalation. This is a marsh feather, seeds of anise and fennel, dill and cumin, pine buds, eucalyptus leaf, lemon balm leaves, sage, thyme. You can make a collection, including in it 1-2 plants with different effects, for example: the roots of the althaea, grass and flowers of oregano, mother-and-stepmother. Or here is the composition: licorice, plantain, mother-and-stepmother. From simple medicines, "Mukaltin" has proved to be well-dry cough quickly softens and becomes moist after taking these pills.

What should I do if I have a painful dry cough?

Treatment in adults is reduced to frequent intake (in an hour or two) of a decoction in such a composition: aira root, linden flowers or elderberry, leaves of St. John's wort, herb thyme, coltsfoot, pine buds, seeds of anise and cumin (all in equal parts).

If you can not prepare the above-described remedy, use products that can be found in almost every home - onions, sugar and honey. Grind 500 g of onion, mix with 350 g of sugar and 3 tbsp. l. honey. Dissolve all in 1 liter of water and protil 3 hours at low heat. Cool and strain. The finished medicine is stored in the refrigerator. Take it you need to 1 tablespoon every 3-4 hours, pre-warmed. It is said that this remedy very well relieves dry cough in adults. It is recommended that the treatment be complemented by rubbing into the chest area a mixture of goat's fat with honey (take in equal amounts). Then you need to wrap the body with a compress paper, top with a downy shawl or woolen cloth and go to bed.

Advice to those who cough dry cough too often - prepare a healing wine from the root of elecampane, fruits of anise, grass of a thousand-year-old grass and a herb of St. John's wort - to take everyone by 20 g. To these ingredients add 50 g raisins and pour all dry red wine of good quality (about, l), infuse for 14 days. Take a glass for half an hour before eating.

The last advice is very important

With prolonged dry cough, it is necessary to be examined in a polyclinic. Only the doctor will determine the cause, which caused a dry cough. In adults, treatment with some folk remedies may be ineffective, especially if the disease is more severe than the common ARD.

Treat dry cough correctly

With the onset of winter cold, uninvited guests come to our cities - epidemics of acute respiratory diseases. During the epidemic outbreaks of disease all suffer: adults and children, the elderly and pregnant women. The target for pathogens is the respiratory system. Acute respiratory diseases are often complicated by attacks of dry cough.

Patients have many questions:
  • how effective is the treatment of dry cough with folk remedies?
  • what medications can you cure a dry cough, and what means should I give up?
  • How to choose safe treatment for dry cough during pregnancy?
  • What are the ways of treating dry cough in children?

Before you start treating any disease, including cough, you need to find out the reasons for its appearance. They can be very diverse. Ideally, treatment methods should influence the immediate cause of the disease. Then the effective effect on the cough will be guaranteed.

Cause of cough - acute tracheobronchitis

The cause that causes acute dry cough in a person is most often a respiratory viral infection. With the weakening of the defenses of the organism, viruses are joined by pathogenic bacteria as pathogens. With such a course of illness, doctors talk about acute bronchitis or tracheobronchitis.

Symptoms characterizing acute viral bronchitis:

  • dry or unproductive cough;
  • moderate general weakness;
  • shortness of breath (in some cases);
  • increased body temperature;
  • absence of infiltrative changes in the lungs on the roentgenogram.

To treat cough with acute bronchitis apply a variety of medications: antiviral, antimicrobial, expectorant, as well as symptomatic antitussives. Most often, the treatment of dry cough in adults is carried out at home (outpatient) conditions.

Folk methods

Patients with bouts of dry cough will be helped by an abundant warm drink - tea with lime color, honey or raspberries (in the absence of allergic reactions), alkaline warmed-up mineral water. A mild expectorant effect has warm milk with soda, taken inwards.

Some folk recipes for cough healing contain the recommendation of adding badger oil to warm milk. Probably, the real fat of a wild badger has curative properties. Doubts cause the authenticity of the drug called "badger fat offered in pharmacies. If you estimate the volume of supplies, badgers need to be bred on fur farms, like pigs, in order to get a sufficient amount of the drug. But, then the healing qualities of this fat will not come from anywhere if the animals are kept in captivity.

Gorchiki or pepper plaster will reduce pain in the trachea, soften the effects of barking cough. They can be applied in the interblade area. Applicable oil and semi-alcohol compresses on the chest, improving blood circulation in the diseased organ. A good effect with a low-yield cough is applying iodine mesh to the skin of the retina or subscapular zones of the chest. Place the iodine netting alternating to avoid burning the skin.

Medical banks for the treatment of respiratory diseases are used, probably only in Russia. Despite the seeming old-fashionedness, the method has not lost its merits. With this method, you can cure cough, stimulating protective forces and improving blood circulation. Most likely, this method has some other mechanisms of treatment, unknown to official science.

Expectorant drugs

Sometimes with a dry, low-yielding cough, a small amount of viscous, sticky phlegm periodically leaves. In such cases, mucolytics, which dilute bronchial mucus, are used. Inhalation of mucolytics solution is carried out with a special device - a nebulizer. Expectorants and mucolytics in syrups or tablets are also prescribed for ingestion. It is important not to exceed the recommended daily doses of the medicine, so as not to increase the superficial dry cough and burning in the trachea.

In violation of patency of the bronchi with shortness of breath and a painful dry cough patient is shown bronchodilators - drugs that relieve spasms of the muscular layer of the bronchial wall. Safe and effective bronchodilators for reducing cough and dyspnea are used in the form of inhalation through a nebulizer. These drugs (berodual, ipratropium bromide, salbutamol) are approved for use in children with asthma-like cough. Inhalation with bronchodilators adults and children is easy to perform at home with a nebulizer.

Treatment with antibiotics - to be or not to be?

Doctors around the world for many years have not come to a common opinion on the treatment of acute bronchitis with antibiotics. For each sick person and child, the decision is made by his attending physician individually. Acute non-obstructive bronchitis (bronchitis without dyspnea) has a favorable prognosis both for life and for the patient's ability to work.

Stop dry cough - can or can not?

There are in the arsenal of doctors antitussive drugs that block dry cough. These are the products that contain small amounts of vegetable alkaloid codeine. There are also synthetic analogues that suppress the cough reflex. Examples include such drugs as libexin, stoptussin and some others. Applying antitussives, you need to be sure of the absence of a serious lung disease, where cough is only a symptom. Other causes of low-productivity cough in children and adults can be as follows:

  • whooping cough - childhood infectious disease;
  • ingress of a foreign body into the bronchi;
  • tubercular bronchoadenitis - inflammation of the lymph node and perforation of the bronchus due to tuberculosis infection;
  • cancer of the bronchus;
  • dry pleurisy of various origin;
  • cough form of bronchial asthma;
  • heart failure - cardiac asthma.

Blocking the cough reflex in this situation will not cure the patient, but will complicate the diagnosis and worsen the prognosis. Before taking antitussive drugs, you need to consult a doctor, go through the examination to determine the diagnosis.

Drugs against dry cough in pregnant women

Treatment of cough in pregnant women has its own characteristics because of the safety requirements of the drug for the fetus. In medicine, the following rule applies: the drug is not used to treat pregnant women without first checking for laboratory animals of its possible effect on the fetus. And yet, about 5% of congenital malformations of infants are due to the intake of various drugs by their mothers during pregnancy.

In acute bronchitis in pregnant women, accompanied by fever and dry cough, you have to apply antibiotic treatment. In such cases, prescribe drugs that are safe for the future of the child, but effective against the alleged pathogens of the disease. These are funds from the class of new macrolides - josamycin, rovamycin, spiramycin, and also drugs from the group of penicillins, cephalosporins, lincomycin or fuzidine may be prescribed.

As expectorants, softening the dry cough, pregnant women can use medicinal herbs (except marigold and sprouts of Ledum) and alkaline warm drink. If cough is accompanied by shortness of breath, then treatment with inhalants is necessary. You can apply a solution of ipratropium bromide (atrovent) and / or salbutamol. for inhalation with a nebulizer.

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