Coughing attacks

Treatment of coughing attacks at night in an adult

Coughing is an arbitrary excretion of sputum or other foreign particles from the respiratory tract. Coughing attacks at night in an adult can occur as a result of a cold, allergy or smoking. They can be dry or productive, with excretion of sputum. Dry cough is most often accompanied by loss of voice and hoarseness. Such symptoms are in most cases caused by laryngitis - acute inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.

Causes of laryngitis - a strong voice tension, hypothermia, any pollution or steam release into the air, smoking. Usually, these symptoms are accompanied by a slight inflammation of the larynx, and therapy is possible at home.But if suddenly the treatment will be protracted and the state of health will only worsen, then a doctor's consultation is urgently needed, since serious complications are possible.

Treatment of laryngitis

For successful therapy of laryngitis it is necessary:

  • to ensure complete peace, not to talk even in a whisper;
  • give up alcohol and smoking;
  • Regularly use warm drinks made from herbs such as St. John's wort, lime blossom, chamomile, sage, gargle with soda or herbs;
  • periodically apply a warm compress to the throat;
  • carry out alkaline inhalation.

Cough in adults, which is accompanied by wheezing, is most often associated with bronchitis. If there are no other symptoms, then it means that one does not have to endure until other manifestations have appeared. Usually such breathing is not audible, but under heavy loads it becomes more noticeable. If other ailments occur, such as a temperature above 38 ° C, a runny nose, tracheitis or laryngitis, an acute bronchitis may develop. His treatment is much more complicated than the usual cough.

The following recommendations should be observed:

  • abundant drinking;
  • bed rest;
  • refusal of any physical exertion.

If the health deteriorated within a few days, you should seek the help of a specialist.

Coughing attacks at night in an adult can be after stagnant discharge from the bronchi. If the time is not treated, the disease can go to chronic bronchitis. In this case, you need to conduct a study of the chest. Based on the results, the doctor will prescribe the treatment.

Sizzling breath can also cause bronchial asthma, an attack of suffocation occurs during the course of the disease. In this case, you need to seek help from a specialist who will find out what the seizures are related to. It may be found that the patient is allergic, in this case the treatment should be individual.

But in any case, going to the doctor is mandatory, because the consequences of asthma can become deplorable. There are difficulties in breathing, pale face, sweat on the forehead. When the lips turn blue, urgent hospitalization is needed. A man needs help.

Usually people with asthma have an inhaler. It is important to put the patient on a chair and use the necessary medications once. If the condition does not improve, then repeat the procedure.

After that, release from the outer clothing, offer to tilt your head and lean on your hands, so it is easier for a person to suffer an attack. Before the ambulance arrives, it is important to follow the recommendations.

Coughing at night in adults delivers discomfort not only to the patient, but also to others. Especially if there is a new force, a sleepless night is secured.

But even a night cough can accompany much more serious problems, such as chest pain, drying of the larynx, constant perspiration.

At night, a person is more difficult to tolerate the illness that accompanies a cough, because it is in a horizontal position.

The patient simply can not completely free his breath.

Only at night the body is not able to fully function fully, thereby sputum accumulates and the symptoms worsen. It should be remembered that the causes of night cough in adults and children can be a serious cause for concern.

Causes of a night cough:

  • smoking;
  • uncomfortable position of the body during sleep;
  • increased or lowered air temperature in the room in which the person is located;
  • acute bronchitis, chronic or mild;
  • allergy;
  • virus infection, flu, cold.

Folk remedies for treatment

To get rid of a pesky cough at night it is possible with the help of medicines or folk remedies. Any medications containing mucolytics will help to eliminate symptoms at the time. It is important to drink as much warm liquid as possible, and preferably milk with honey or soda. Periodically ventilate the room in which the patient is. Dry air will only aggravate the situation. Traditional medicine comes to the rescue when drugs do not help. Several tips for eliminating a night cough in an adult are suggested:

  1. Treatment with honey. You need to put a teaspoon of honey on the tongue and dissolve, the cough will not bother all night. Also at night you can drink a glass of milk with the addition of a teaspoon of honey and butter. This drink warms, if the room is cold, and softens the throat.
  2. You need to take a pinch of salt, hold it in your mouth for a while, and then swallow it. This old method has already helped many.
  3. Pine buds also help to avoid a strong night cough. 1 tablespoon of raw material is brewed with 1 glass of steep boiling water. If you have an attack, take a sip of the infusion, immediately you will feel relief.
  4. If you chew a leaf of a golden mustache during an attack of cough, then it eventually stops.
  5. Quickly to remove a strong cough in an adult can be with the help of nettle. Several sheets or a tablespoon of dry herbs brew 1 cup of boiling water.
  6. Infusion of valerian not only helps to get enough sleep, but also calms a strong cough. For 1 glass of water you need 20 drops of infusion. The agent is drunk in small sips.
  7. The black radish is cut in half, in one part the contents are removed with a spoon, several honey spoons are put there. The product closes for several hours. Over time, the medicine will infuse and will have healing properties. Black radish juice can be used to spread the area of ​​the chest and back.
  8. Infusion of 1 tablespoon of sage and a glass of boiling water should be taken in small sips during a strong cough.

But with self-treatment, do not forget that if any complications arise, you should immediately consult a doctor.


The consequences can be severe (possibly the onset of pneumonia).

How to recognize pneumonia?

Recognize the ailment can be on the following grounds:

  • coughing;
  • sudden deterioration or improvement of the condition;
  • pallor of the face;
  • chest pain;
  • increased body temperature;
  • at a high temperature, medicines do not help;
  • wheezing with tight ligaments or coughing.

With any symptoms, specialist help is required. The doctor should prescribe a treatment based on the severity of the patient's condition. In any case, the appointment of antibiotics and lower body temperature. Pneumonia does not need to be treated independently, especially to resort to folk medicine.


All of the above diseases are accompanied by a strong cough at night, which is hard to get rid of. As a result, the body does not rest. An organism in the period of any disease needs a healthy and strong sleep. Only at this time the body is restored and most of all gives in to treatment. In any case, it is worth remembering that only an expert can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment. Be healthy!

How to stop a fit of coughing

Coughing is a natural reaction of the body, on the action of any stimuli, and can also be one of the symptoms of diseases of the respiratory system of the body. Very often, cough interferes with the normal rhythm of life, especially at times when it is necessary to clearly and clearly express their thoughts to others. At this point, one of the most important questions is how to stop a fit of coughing.

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Why there are attacks of a cough?

The most severe coughing attacks are the characters for the first few days of the illness, when the sputum is not yet gone. These attacks not only interfere with normal communication with people, but also prevent sleep, it leads to the appearance of a severe headache in the morning. There are several solutions to this problem today. First, you can take medications, and secondly - perform various procedures that help to moisturize the airways, and relieve irritation.

How to stop an attack of cough effectively?

1. Effectively help stop the attack of coughing codeine-containing drugs, but more recently, they require a prescription for their purchase. That is why, when cold and flu symptoms appear, you should always seek medical advice from a doctor who will wash out the most suitable and effective treatment for you. Those drugs that are available on a free sale, also need to be taken only as prescribed by the doctor, as self-medication can be not only inefficient, but also harm your health.

2. An excellent solution to the problem of how to stop a fit of cough is the inhalation procedure of the airways. In some cases, even an open faucet in the bathroom can help, thanks to which, high humidity will soften and moisturize your throat, which will lead to an arrest of the attack. In cases where this method is ineffective for your particular case, it is necessary to take a deep and wide bowl, fill it with hot water, and add fir and soda to it. Taking deep breaths, you moisturize your bronchi, which will lead to a cough.

3. With coughing attacks, a glass of warmed milk helps to stop the attack, with the addition of a tablespoon of honey. Drink this milk in small sips, after which it is strongly recommended to lie down. This way to stop a fit of cough is great at night attacks and helps to get rid of headache in the morning. Remember that the more you cough, the stronger the irritation, so you need to try to restrain the cough, and control it.

4. When night cough caused by a throat swelling, which is most often observed with angina and laryngitis, it is necessary to regularly water the pharynx special medication such as Stop-Anginom, Ingalipt, and other sprays that have a soothing effect act. In this case, you need to remember that these funds should also be used only after a visit to the doctor, in order to avoid complications.

6. You can also cough and stop the attack by using expectorants, but combining them with codeine-containing drugs is strictly prohibited. Also good for coughing broth of licorice root, marsh rosemary and thyme. Of these herbs, you can prepare yourself an infusion, which must be taken four times a day for 30 milligrams. These remedies are quite effective in stopping a coughing attack, although the effect itself appears only a few days after a regular intake.

In the event that the cough is accompanied by pain in the chest area, it is mandatory, and in the shortest possible time to see a doctor, consult and pass a series of tests to stop seizures cough.

How to stop paroxysmal cough: effective treatment for ailment

Signal of the beginning and development of many pathologies in the human body are periodic attacks of severe cough. Such phenomena should be alarming, since in most cases they are signs of many serious anomalies and diseases respiratory organs, cardiovascular and nervous systems, gastrointestinal tract, allergies and, of course, the emergence of various colds.

In order to understand how to stop paroxysmal cough, the treatment of which depends entirely on the disease that provokes this symptom, it is necessary to visit a doctor. According to medical data, the most common causes of an unpleasant phenomenon are:

  • Sore throat and respiratory tract of foreign bodies, particles.
  • Tuberculosis.
  • Pneumonia.
  • Whooping cough.
  • Bronchial asthma.
  • ARI, ARVI.
  • Allergy.

Only a doctor can diagnose the ailment causing the symptom, and prescribe methods of dealing with it, and also determine the symptomatic treatment of coughing attacks, directly depending on the nature of it manifestations. It should be remembered that the sharp emergence of various types of reflex respiratory cramps requires a different approach to their mitigation and cupping.

How to treat an attack of cough: general recommendations

The most important rule of effective disposal of an unpleasant phenomenon is that the symptomatic treatment of sudden diaphragm spasms is performed only in parallel with the eradication of the underlying disease. In another case, the result will be only a short-term, and ignoring the main reason for the occurrence frequent coughing will lead to rather disastrous consequences, so treatment should be fast.

There are basic rules that are recommended to know when removing sudden reflex spasms of the airways. It is necessary:

  • Create and maintain an environment that excludes the patient from contact with any substances - provocateurs of coughing attacks: dust, dirty air, allergens and so on.
  • To provide a person with an emotionally stable calm atmosphere. If convulsive tremors of the diaphragm arise on the nerves, they will disappear and further treatment will not be needed.
  • At the first signs of dry or wet cough, it is recommended to raise the head of the bed so that the head of the patient is above the body level.
  • If there are sharp spastic exhalations of any kind, you need to consume more liquid.
  • Try to be out in the fresh air more often.

Symptomatic treatment of bouts of dry cough

If there is a sudden occurrence of spastic reflex exhalations without sputum, it is necessary to establish their cause and take appropriate measures:

  • If they are caused by a cold, bronchitis, ARVI, then it is necessary to translate their quality into a productive one. Make the cough moist. To do this, increase the amount of liquid consumed to 3 liters per day, constantly moisturize the room. To stop or calm the painful exhalations, doctors often prescribe drugs that inhibit the activity of the cough center: oxeladine, codeine, glaucin, prenoxdiazine. With their help irritating spasms are removed quite successfully. However, it must be remembered that the independent treatment of dry paroxysmal cough in adults and children with the help of these medicines is categorically prohibited.
  • If a sudden symptom arises as an allergic reaction to a particular provoker, then antihistamines are taken to remove it. Their goal is to reduce the lumens in the bronchi that arise as a result of puffiness.
  • Symptomatic treatment of attacks of dry cough caused by diseases of the nasopharynx, is carried out with the help of various emollients. Cough lozenges, milk with honey and butter, buckthorn, inhalation of eucalyptus vapors, application of warming compresses are good.

How to stop a fit of a wet cough?

For the symptomatic treatment of sudden sharp spastic moist exhalations, the following techniques are used:

Accept mukoliticheskie drugs that contribute to liquefaction of sputum and acceleration of its withdrawal from the respiratory tract, and therefore - to reduce reflex irritation and ease coughing attacks:

  • Soar your feet in hot water.
  • Make compresses on the throat.
  • Smear the breast with animal fat or rub it with vodka.
  • They put cans and mustards.
  • Draw on the back and chest Iodine mesh.
  • Carry out treatment with the help of inhalations from herbs, soda solutions, mineral water, medicinal preparations.

What if the attack of a cough is caused by ingress of foreign body into the respiratory tract? The principle of treating a symptom

One of the reasons for the sudden appearance of sharp spastic exhalations is a mechanical irritation of the throat or respiratory organs due to the ingress of various particles into them:

  • Dust.
  • Food.
  • Water.
  • Coins, small peas, toys in children.
  • Moss, beetles and stuff.

In such cases, the appearance of a cough with attacks of suffocation, which ends after a natural or forced removal of a foreign body. In the first case, the victim clears his throat and stops the attack. If you can not get rid of the stimulus yourself, and take measures immediately, because of the threat of suffocation, the following techniques are used to help stop the coughing attack:

  • The victim should be in a standing position. It is necessary to grab it from behind with two hands at the level of the abdomen and make a sharp squeezing motion of the lower ribs to cause in response reflex strong airflow out of the lungs, helping to get rid of the foreign body and putting an end to the attack cough.
  • If the injured person is lying down, he must be turned on his back. Fists of both hands are made by pressing movements on the upper abdomen, they are directed towards the lungs. With a sharp exhalation, the stimulus must come out of the body.
When forcibly removing a foreign body, it must be remembered that after the pressure and the exhalations following them, the injured person will be inhaled, so the body that has jumped out of the throat should be immediately removed in order to avoid its re-entry into organism. After successful extraction of the stimulus, you need to undergo a medical examination to exclude damage to the internal organs.

If the threat of suffocation is absent, then to stop coughing and remove a foreign body from the respiratory organs it is better to consult a doctor. The specialist with the help of a bronchoscope will extract the stimulus, inspect the respiratory system for absence or damage.

Coughing attacks can be caused by other pathological causes, as well as by the wrong way of life (smoking, drinking alcohol). The main rule when they appear is a visit to the doctor for the diagnosis and obtaining a competent consultation. It should be remembered that only an expert can determine how to cure from bouts of coughing forever, applying various methods of treating the underlying disease and its unpleasant symptom.

How to get rid of coughing attacks at night

Attacks of night coughs cause a lot of inconvenience. The person, being in a horizontal position, can not cough well. The reason lies in the slowing down of all processes, as a result of which sputum accumulates in the lungs.

You will need

  1. - warm milk or a decoction;
  2. - antitussives;
  3. - inhalation.


  1. Various factors can become the reasons for this phenomenon. For example, excessively dry or cold air in the room. But also nocturnal seizures appear in certain diseases: sinusitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis, asthma, infection, whooping cough, tonsillitis, allergic reaction, gastroesophageal reflux and others. As a rule, treatment of the underlying disease leads to the disappearance of coughing attacks at night.
  2. To calmly spend the night without coughing, you should take antitussive drugs. But it is worth remembering that they are appointed only by a doctor after examining and studying the anamnesis. If cough is a symptom of an allergy, you need to drink a course of antihistamines that improve a person's condition.
  3. To relieve an attack, it is recommended to drink warm milk with honey or a decoction of herbs before going to bed. These drinks soften the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and easily remove phlegm from the body. Helps to soothe mucous gruel from 1 tsp. honey and 1 tsp. butter. Dissolve the product, and then drink a small amount of warm milk.
  4. For rapid soothing of night cough, steam inhalations are effective. You can use special inhalers or breathe over the hot decoction of medicinal plants.
  5. Children of the first year are contraindicated with medications, since they can cause serious complications. When there are nocturnal coughing attacks, it is recommended to change the position of the body more often so that the sputum does not accumulate in the lungs. Under the head, you can put a pillow, which helps to get out of sputum.
  6. Effective infusion of nettle: pour 2 tablespoons. dry leaves with a glass of vodka and infuse for 10 days. Take the drug for every attack of 1 tbsp. Of course, this remedy is not suitable for cough treatment in children. A similar action is possessed by sage, but it is necessary to pour it with hot milk for 30-40 minutes.
  7. If you do not have any drugs at your fingertips, you can try the folk method: stand up straight and stretch your right arm for the maximum distance. After a short time, a fit of coughing should stop.

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