Treatment of elbow bursitis

The arm flexes freely at the elbow due to the presence of a special periarticular bag called the bursa.

In its cavity there is a little liquid, which acts as a lubricant, thereby reducing friction and preventing various micro-traumas.

When there is inflammation of the joint bag, then bursitis progresses. Successful treatment eventually returns limbs mobility.

Bursitis of the elbow is the process of inflammation in the synovial bags surrounding the joint.

Any trauma can lead to the manifestation of a pathology requiring long-term treatment and serious therapies.

The ulnar bursitis is considered the most common form among all known forms. It is aseptic or purulent, proceeds chronically or acutely.

Usually, the disease develops due to excessive loadorinjuries of the elbow joint. Most of this applies to professional athletes. The disease is more often diagnosed in people in young or middle age, the representatives of the male are more prone to pathology.

Treatment for chronic course is performed by a trauma doctor, and exacerbations are treated by surgeons.


  • 1The main causes of the manifestation of the disease and risk factors
  • 2Manifestations with involvement of the elbow joints
  • 3Methods and approaches to the treatment process
  • 4Opportunities of traditional medicine

The main causes of the manifestation of the disease and risk factors

There are numerous causes of bursitis of the elbow joint, namely:

  1. Acute traumatic - this is a common phenomenon for professional athletes. Unexpected dislocation, bruising, stretching can provoke inflammation, when the volume of exudate increases and edema develops. The size of a tumor can be equal to a chicken egg.
  2. Another risk factor for the lesion is constant large physical exertion affecting the elbow joint. As a rule, this applies to people who, by virtue of their work, must perform the same movements with their hands. Constant irritation provokes persistent abnormalities in the joint cavities.
  3. Nonspecific infectious ulnar also begins with an ordinary injury - a bruise or cut. In the wound wound the pathogen enters, inflammation begins and blood and pus get into the exudate. This process is very dangerous, because it can cause tissue death or blood poisoning.
  4. The specific infectious develops with specific pathologies and becomes their constant companion. This happens in people with gonorrhea, syphilis and tuberculosis. In this situation the joint disease will recede only after the elimination of the original cause.
  5. Sometimes the causes are gout and chronic arthritis.
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Manifestations with involvement of the elbow joints

In acute or with the development of serous-hemorrhagic form in the lesion, a swelling with characteristic moderate pain sensations is formed. There is also local swelling, restriction of motor activity, local redness and increased skin temperature.

Symptoms relating to the general condition of the patient appear slightly - may slightly increase body temperature, palpation indicates the presence of a limited neoplasm of elastic consistency.

With further progression of the disease, two outcomes are possible:

  • recovery - when the inflammation recedes, and the excess exudate resolves;
  • transformation of pathology into a chronic form.

Such a chronic illness as bursitis of the elbow joint becomes a consequence of an exacerbation or develops without its precursor, that is, primarily.

During the transformation, the inflammation gradually recedes, the skin becomes normal, and the temperature regime is restored.

The intensity of pain is reduced, but worries the patient during physical exertion, when dealing with any surfaces, etc., so there is still some limited movement.

The consistency of the tumor differs from elastic to soft.

If there is a wound in the site of the elbow joint, the suppuration can also progress primarily, without the preliminary bursitis. In another scenario pus is allocated against the background of the already existing exacerbation, when the site of the lesion is very sore.

In this case the elbow joint swells, reddens, it hurts when touching and is characterized by limited movements.Regional lymph nodes also increase and signs of general poisoning of the body progress - headaches, weakness, body temperature rise.

After the spread of the process, fistulas, phlegmon, abscess, and the like can form. To stop the negative consequences, urgent treatment is required.

Methods and approaches to the treatment process

To answer the question of how to treat the disease, it is important to understand, first of all, an integrated approach to therapy, and in neglected cases - the implementation of a surgical operation. With strict adherence to the methods and rules established by the attending physician, the disease quickly gives in to treatment and recedes.

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The first and main measure among all that to treat bursitis of the elbow joint during exacerbation is the imposition of a tight bandage, which reliably fixes the injured limb. Such measures will reduce the swelling, prevent the progression of the disease and reduce pain, since they exclude flexion of the affected joint.

Symptomatic procedures of therapy include the application of compresses, which help to improve the patient's well-being. Procedures with the use of ointments help to stop inflammation and significantly accelerate recovery.Most often the following ointments are prescribed: Ketonol or Collagen Ultra.

Treatment of pathology at advanced stages requires the implementation of the whole complex of measures and familiarization with the rules, how to fix the elbow, which the patient should explain to the treating doctor.

Puncture for the treatment of pathology makes it possible to withdraw excess exudate. After a puncture, the joint cavity is flushed with antiseptics and antibiotics that stop the progression of the infection and do not produce pus.

With the development of severe purulent form, a surgical operation is required, during which the synovial bag is carefully cleaned after its opening.The postoperative healing period can be prolonged for a long time.

Ointment accelerates the regeneration of tissues and relieves pain.

If we talk about how dangerous the disease is, then it is necessary to mention the consequences of the operation and the high risk of recurrence of the disease.

Treatment can be made even more effective by using physiotherapy procedures in it, but only after the complete elimination of the body from the inflammatory process:

  • Exercise therapy;
  • applications with paraffin;
  • balneotherapy;
  • massages.

Opportunities of traditional medicine

Treatment of bursitis elbow joint folk recipes does not contradict medical indications, so it is actively used among patients on the advice of doctors.

Approximately four to five days after the onset of the disease, the pain subsides, but does not go away completely. At this time, you can stop aching pain with a compress of castor oil with milk. For this, the mixture is applied to the affected area and covered from above with a woolen or cotton cloth.

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Other effective recipes are:

  1. Wraps from cabbage, beets and potatoes for the night - thin slices of vegetables are laid out on cotton cloth and applied to a sore spot, on top the wrap is wrapped up with a food film. The course of treatment is three to four cycles.
  2. Drinking infusion from the seeds of celery - it weakens inflammation in the body and restores the work of immunity.
  3. Treatment with folk remedies also includes a method of lotions from propolis tincture. For this purpose, propolis is poured with vodka and insisted for a week in a closed container. Tincture allows you to quickly remove puffiness.
  4. Reception of baths with an extract of needles is an excellent method of treatment of an elbow joint at home. First, you have to prepare the extract, and then add it to the water while bathing. Baths with pine extract quickly reduce swelling and restore the work of immunity.
  5. With regard to compresses, at home, you can treat elbow joint burdock. To prepare the broth from the mug it is poured with water and boiled for several minutes. It is recommended to carry out treatment before going to bed, and the course of treatment should be 20-25 compressions.

Bursitis of the elbow joint is a dangerous disease, which in the absence of quality treatment leads to serious consequences.Naturally, it is easier to prevent the disease or start its treatment already at the first stages, without delaying treatment.

Modern medicine and a lot of folk recipes can effectively resist bursitis.

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