Nutrition for gastritis with high acidity

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  • General recommendations
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Gastritis with hyperacidity is called hyperacid. It manifests itself in the form of heartburn, belching, nausea, vomiting, bloating, aching pain. To provoke the development of the pathological process can overeating, radical diets, alcohol abuse, severe stress and much more.

An untreated disease can develop into a peptic ulcer or even a malignant tumor. Treatment of gastritis - is not only the use of medicines, to accelerate the recovery process is important to follow a diet. The most important thing with hyperacid inflammation of the stomach is to eat more often, but not in large quantities.

One serving should not exceed 250 g. Diet should be balanced and rich in vitamins. Food is important to eat in a warm form, they should not be too cold and hot. Specialists recommend to give up products that increase the production of hydrochloric acid, increasing the acidity of the stomach, and irritate the mucous membrane of the organ.

What are these products? We'll talk about this later in the article. In general, proper nutrition plays an important role not only in the treatment, but also in the prevention of stomach diseases. Diet with gastritis with high acidity should be prescribed by a competent specialist.

It is better to consult a qualified nutritionist. But there are general recommendations for the formulation of proper nutrition in gastritis with high acidity. So, what can and can not be eaten with inflammation of the stomach?

Proper nutrition with gastritis with increased acidity will help reduce pain and speed up the healing process

General recommendations

Which diet is indicated for hyperacid gastritis? Patients recommended table number 1. The main task of the diet for gastritis is to observe the correct regime, which will ensure normal digestion. Let's outline the main recommendations that should be observed when hyperacid gastritis:

  • use a sufficient amount of water;
  • do not rush to eat, thoroughly chew food;
  • eat five to six times a day;
  • breakfast should be light and nutritious at the same time;
  • lunch must include the first course;
  • dinner should be easy, so as not to overload the stomach;
  • feeling of saturation comes only after fifteen to twenty minutes, so take your time;
  • do not drink food with water, juices or compotes;
  • refuse meals on the go;
  • after meals, rest for twenty minutes;
  • do not overeat, after a meal should remain a slight feeling of hunger;
  • try to eat at the same time;
  • minimize the use of solid foods, which can damage the gastric mucosa.

What does it mean by proper nutrition with gastric gastritis with high acidity? This does not mean you have to eat tasteless food. Food can be varied, nutritious and useful. The treatment table with hyperacid gastritis is a full and healthy food, it is the normalization of the way of life, as well as the rejection of bad habits and poor-quality products.

The diet will help to normalize weight, work of the whole digestive tract, metabolism and, as a result, strengthen immunity.

Non-compliance with dietary nutrition threatens the development of serious consequences, namely:

  • hypovitaminosis;
  • diseases of the liver, pancreas, and intestines;
  • rapid weight loss. The patient develops a fear of eating;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • bleeding;
  • atrophy of the gastric mucosa;
  • malignant formation.

If you do not follow a diet with acute hyperacid gastritis, the disease can develop into a ulcer or even cancer

Authorized and prohibited products

First let's talk about foods that can and can not be eaten with acute gastritis:

Can I drink alcohol with gastritis?
  • cereals. Buckwheat, semolina, oatmeal, and also rice porridge are allowed. Specialists do not recommend the use of pearl barley, corn, barley, and millet;
  • first courses. When exacerbating it is useful to prepare vegetable soups with carrots and potatoes. In the soup of milk you can add boiled rice and pasta from durum wheat. Also allowed to eat soup with boiled chicken. It is forbidden to use rich mushroom, meat and fish broths;
  • meat. Low-fat varieties of beef, rabbit, and turkey are allowed. Experts recommend to cook meat for a couple. Fatty and fatty meat is prohibited. Also you can not eat sausages, sausages, and also fish and meat canned food;
  • fish. From river fish it is better to give preference to a pike or a pike perch, and from a sea fish it is a hake or pollock. Canned and salted fish, as well as fatty varieties are prohibited;
  • bread. Allowed dried or yesterday's bread. Cookies are also possible, only dry. Freshly baked bread, of course, that is impossible. All store baking is also prohibited;
  • vegetables. You can eat carrots, potatoes, beets, cauliflower. It is better to cook them steamed or eat as a soufflé;
  • fruit. You can eat only in frayed form. Berries and fruits can be added to the jelly, compote, jelly. Sour fruit and dried fruits are prohibited;
  • dairy products. You are allowed to use cream and milk, as well as low-fat dairy products. Eliminate fatty dairy products. The amount of sour cream used should be clearly controlled;
  • drinks. Freshly squeezed juices from sweet fruit, slightly boiled green tea, rosehip broth, tea with milk are allowed. Soda and kvass are prohibited.

Fresh baking is forbidden for patients with gastritis with high acidity, yesterday's bread

is allowed. What can not be eaten?

With the increased acidity of the stomach the following products are contraindicated: stimulating the production of gastric juice( kiwi, garlic, orange), aggressively affecting the state of the walls of the stomach( chocolate, ice cream, nuts), enhancing fermentation processes( peanuts, grapes, beans, pearl barley), poorly digestiblestomach foods( canned food, lard, dumplings, liver).Try to avoid prohibited products.

What can I eat?

Patients are shown such food that will neutralize the excess of hydrochloric acid and facilitate digestion in the stomach - these are the wiped dishes, liquid porridges, and also boiled meat, poultry and fish. Let's talk more about what else can be done with a hyperacid gastritis:

  • yesterday's bread;
  • puree from carrots, beets, cauliflower, potatoes;Marshmallow, pastille, honey;
  • vegetable and butter;
  • broth of dogrose, cocoa, coffee with milk, loose tea, mineral water without gas;
  • soups on water, milk or vegetable broth.

Sample menu

Consider the menu for gastritis with high acidity for one week:

  • For breakfast, you can eat a soufflé of low-fat cottage cheese, milk porridge with the addition of buckwheat, which is preliminarily chopped in a coffee grinder, and also tea that is not strong. The second breakfast is a soft-boiled egg. Lunch - slimy soup with oatmeal, steamed meatballs, vegetable puree and compote of dried fruits. For dinner, you can prepare fish balls with vermicelli. Two hours before bedtime, you can drink a glass of low-fat milk.
  • Breakfast - steamed meatballs, carrot-mashed potatoes, milk porridge from flakes and tea with milk. For the second breakfast you can cook beet curd pancakes. For lunch, you can cook soup-puree from zucchini, boiled veal and mashed potatoes. Dinner - lazy dumplings and slightly brewed tea.
  • For breakfast, eat rice porridge, crushed in a blender. As a snack, drink herbal tea and yesterday's bread with cheese. For lunch - vegetable soup, baked turkey with vegetables. Supper - boiled pollock and chamomile broth. At night you can drink milk with a zoo cookie.
  • Breakfast - boiled egg with a pastry bun. As a snack, eat the curd pudding. For lunch, cook vegetable soup, chicken zrazy and compote. For dinner - mashed potatoes and boiled chicken breast.
  • For breakfast prepare a cottage cheese casserole and drink it with herbal tea. You can have a bite with berry jelly and yesterday's bun. Lunch - soup with chicken, rice, carrot-apple salad, compote. Dinner - vermicelli with meatballs.
  • The first dinner is milk semolina porridge. The second dinner is tea with milk and soufflé.For lunch, cook the vegetable soup and bake apples. Dinner - stuffed peppers, curd casserole and kissel.
  • For breakfast prepare egg soufflé and oatmeal. At the second breakfast - fruit jelly. Lunch - carrot soup puree and fish balls from hake. For supper, eat boiled veal, spinach and dog-boiled broth.

Hyperacid gastritis is prescribed diet number 1

Nutrition for atrophic gastritis

Atrophic inflammation of the stomach is characterized by thinning of the mucosa and a decrease in functioning cells. Patients report a feeling of overcrowding after eating, heaviness, rumbling in the abdomen, belching, heartburn. Painful sensations are almost always absent.

The pathological process affects the absorption of nutrients, which causes hypovitaminosis to develop over time. Increased fermentation and production of hydrochloric acid leads to pathological manifestations in the digestive tract.

To reduce acidity, it is important to exclude from your diet fatty foods, fried foods, spicy sauces and condiments. Alcoholic and carbonated drinks will even more provoke the production of hydrochloric acid. Increase acidity and increase the burden on the stomach can and such products: onions, garlic, cabbage, radish, radish.

Consider an approximate menu that can be used for atrophic gastritis with high acidity:

  • Monday .For breakfast, you can eat a steam omelet, a biscuit biscuit and a slightly brewed green tea. As a snack, drink low-fat yogurt. For lunch - vegetable soup, mashed potatoes and apple juice. For a mid-morning snack, prepare the curd casserole. Dinner - chicken schnitzels with vegetable stew. Two hours before bedtime, you can drink curdled milk.
  • Tuesday .Breakfast - cheese with unsweetened homemade cakes and tea. At a snack drink compote with a zoo cookie. For lunch, cook broth from chicken breast, rice porridge and jelly. Snack - baked apple with compote. For dinner, eat a steamed cutlet with a salad dressed with olive oil.
  • Wednesday .For breakfast - yoghurt with a cupcake. On the snack prepare compote and pancakes with chicken breast. In the afternoon you can eat beetroot and stewed fish. For a mid-morning snack - fritters with apple compote. For dinner, you can eat baked potatoes and yogurt.
  • Thursday .Breakfast - fruit muesli and semolina porridge. For a snack - lean cookies with compote. Lunch - soup with meatballs, rice porridge with vegetables. Snack - apple compote and cottage cheese soufflé.For dinner, you can cook stewed potatoes with yogurt.
  • Friday .Breakfast - two soft-boiled eggs, vegetable patties and jelly. The second breakfast - tea and crackers. Lunch - soup-puree and baked fish. Afternoon snack - mannik with curdled milk. For dinner, cook apple pancakes with kefir.
  • Saturday .For breakfast - oatmeal, broccoli and jelly. A snack is a fruit pie with tea. Lunch - soup-puree, stew and baked chicken breast, as well as jelly. Afternoon snack - yesterday's roll with tea. Dinner - boiled fish with compote.
  • Sunday .Breakfast - soft-boiled egg, oatmeal, stale bun and tea. The second breakfast - cheesecake and tea. Lunch - the ear, stew, a slice of yesterday's bread and compote. Afternoon snack - homemade patty with pumpkin and apple with tea. Dinner - syrniki with tea.

Therapeutic table number 1 implies the use of cooked, stewed, baked food, as well as steamed

Diet with erosive gastritis

This form of the disease is characterized by the formation of erosions on the gastric mucosa. Patients are concerned about painful spasms, the more ulcers are formed, the more pronounced is the painful outbreak. There is also heartburn, heaviness, belching, deterioration of appetite, constipation, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting.

There are impurities of blood in the vomit and feces. Erosive changes can be the result of getting into the stomach of poor-quality food or toxic products, prolonged intake of certain medicines, hormonal imbalance and much more. Because of erosion, bleeding may begin.

In acute process on the first day, generally speaking, it is recommended to starve. On the second day it is allowed to eat liquid food and eggs. Patients have shown a strict diet for three weeks. Food can be consumed in cooked form or cooked for a couple. The basis of the menu is made up of cereals, meat, low-fat milk, soup-puree, vegetables.

Patients are advised to drink mineral water with high sulfate content to stabilize the production of gastric juice.

Consider an exemplary menu with an erosive gastritis with increased acidity:

  • Oat casserole, baked apple with honey, weak green tea, pumpkin soup, boiled liver, berry jelly, braised potatoes with chicken fillet, fat-free kefir.
  • Soft-boiled eggs, green tea, banana, vegetable spinach soup cream, steamed chicken cutlets with mashed potatoes, dried apricots, dried biscuits, stew with vegetables, curdled milk.
  • Oatmeal with mint tea, dried fruits with yogurt, soup-puree, fish fillet, steamed, soufflé, baked pear.
  • Low-fat curd with raisins, jelly, beet soup with fish casserole, jelly, goat's milk, turkey fillet baked with potatoes.
  • Buckwheat porridge and tea with lemon, jelly with cake, vermicelli soup and potato casserole, tefelka with mashed potatoes, yogurt. Rice porridge with black slightly boiled tea, berry mousse, soup with celery, mashed potatoes with meat balls, carrot juice, biscuit biscuit, fermented baked milk.
  • Vareniki with cottage cheese and barley broth, jelly, rice soup, vegetable stew, pasta baked with meat, souffle berry, fat-free kefir.

Nuances of correction of nutrition will tell the attending physician

So, treatment of gastritis with high acidity is not only the taking of medicines. Proper nutrition will help to speed up the healing process and reduce the likelihood of an exacerbation. To eat it is necessary in small, small portions. It is important to use a sufficient amount of plain water. Avoid spicy, fatty, fried, smoked.

The basis of the diet should be mucous soups, cereals, low-fat varieties of meat and fish, boiled or baked vegetables. Diet is not a temporary phenomenon, it should become your way of life. The treatment table includes a wide variety of dishes, you should not think that you can not stand such food. The right attitude is important, do not forget that we are what we eat!