How to keep the posture smoothly? learn at home


  • 1How to learn to keep a posture? Recommendations and basic exercises
    • 1.1What spoils the posture
    • 1.2What to do with stoop
    • 1.3Exercises for strengthening the pelvis and lumbar spine
    • 1.4Consider the main exercises
    • 1.5Exercises for the thoracic department
  • 2How to train yourself to keep your back straight
    • 2.1Influence of posture on health
    • 2.2How to improve posture and learn to keep your back straight?
  • 3How to keep your back straight
    • 3.1What is the correct posture?
    • 3.2Condition of posture as a sign of psychological health
    • 3.3How to learn to keep a posture
    • 3.4A great exercise to straighten your back
    • 3.5Ways to keep your back straight for women
    • 3.6Ways to keep your back flat for men
  • 4How to keep your back always straight: tips
    • 4.1How posture affects health
    • 4.2How to improve posture
    • 4.3How to keep your back always straight for scoliosis
    • 4.4Tips for correcting posture from professional ballet dancers
  • 5What exercises will help keep your back straight?
    • 5.1Influence of posture on health
    • 5.2What to do to correct posture
    • 5.3Exercises to correct posture
  • 6How to improve posture?
    • 6.1Test for correct posture
    • 6.2How to correct the posture?
    • 6.3Methods of posture correction
    • 6.4Exercises to improve posture
    • 6.51. Exercise to strengthen the pelvic muscles
    • 6.62. Exercise to adjust the position of the blades
    • 6.73. "Flying Superman"

How to learn to keep a posture? Recommendations and basic exercises

Correct posture, a proud walk are the main attributes of a successful and confident person.

The owner of an even spine with open shoulders and chest will always attract attention, and, most importantly, will always be healthy.

Do not underestimate the importance of keeping your back flat, because its curvature can adversely affect internal organs, the general physical and mental state. Therefore, it is important to know how to keep the posture correctly.

What spoils the posture

We rarely notice how we look from the outside, how we hold our back, how we walk. After all, the most important role for posture is played by the habitual motor stereotype or habitual position of the body: the habit of not sitting properly, walking throughout the day.

  • For example, in children the wrong posture, most often, is formed in school sitting at a desk that is not suitable for growth, with the back constantly round.
  • Office workers or programmers incorrectly install the monitor, all day sitting half-sideways to the computer.
  • Drivers wrongly sit in the car, leaning forward holding the steering wheel, with the shoulders and thoracic area falling forward.
  • Often in adolescents because of fear and complexes there is a stoop, shoulders go forward, as if perform a protective function, since such a situation characterizes the oppressed state and the internal discomfort.

What are the problems with poor posture?

Indeed, most of the problems with the spine are problems of motor stereotype. In this case, dysfunction occurs, more accurately, a violation of the musculoskeletal system, the inability to correctly move and position the structure of the body.

For example: for forced walking after injury of any joint of the lower limb, additional back and pelvic muscles are included, which were not included before the injury.

Thus, to help the weak part of the body, other stronger muscles always come, compensating for the position and load.

There is an increase in energy costs, increasing the burden not only on the back, but the respiratory, vascular, nervous systems.

With stoop, there may be a violation:

  1. cerebral circulation;
  2. diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  3. gynecological diseases;
  4. proctologic diseases in women and men.

What to do with stoop

Knowing the problems that arise from incorrect retention of the spine, you will not want to stoop at all. Now let's look at how to learn how to keep your posture.

  • The main thing is to keep the posture correctly: the shoulders are laid back, the shoulder blades are assembled, the chin looks straight ahead, the top reaches up, the abdominal muscles are pulled up, lifting the chest up.
  • If the habit of hunching has led to a change in the skeleton of those who do not hold a posture, it means that this should be done with simple physical exercises. Especially they can be performed both in the gymnasium and at home. These exercises will help to get a smooth posture when walking both a girl and a man.

Exercises for strengthening the pelvis and lumbar spine

For example, the curvature of the sacrum (occurs less frequently), leads to a curvature of the waist, causing the stomach to be rounded, the waist crouchs forward.

With such a curvature, you need to know which muscles are relaxed, and which, on the contrary, are too strained.

To straighten this curvature, you need to strengthen the abdominal muscles, and strengthen the waist and stretch! It is also important to strengthen the legs, as they are the foundation for the entire spine. Force yourself to practice!

Consider the main exercises

  1. Extension of the pelviswith strengthening of the transverse abdominal muscle. Starting position: lying on the back, hands stretched to the knees, head, neck and shoulder blades raised above the floor. On the breath: while maintaining the position of the body, stretch the stomach ("inflate the balloon in the belly"); to exhale: retract stomach inside, with simultaneous contraction of the gluteal muscles with a rise of the pelvis upwards (the loin is tightly pressed to sex!). Perform 20-30 respiratory cycles 1-3 approaches.
  2. Reverse hyperextension.Belly down, slowly and gently exhale up the body. Exercise is carried out in a special simulator for loins extension. Also, the muscles of the lumbar region are well stretched. Repeat 1-3 approaches for 20-30 times.
  3. Squats. Stops slightly wider than the shoulders, feet parallel to each other, the back is even; on the breath we lower the pelvis down (as in a chair), we remove the coccyx back, look straight, knees 90 degrees, do not go beyond socks; to exhale due to the efforts of the gluteal muscles lift the trunk up. We execute without jerks 20-30 times.
  4. The falls.The right leg in front, left behind on the toe, the distance of the feet is determined in such a way that the knees when bending are bent at 90 degrees. Thus, on the breath we sink down, the knee of the right leg does not go forward for the sock; to exhale due to the gluteus muscle, we go up. Repeat one side 20-30 times, then change to another. In the same way, another 1-2 approaches.
  5. Load on the abdominal muscles. Starting position: sitting on the floor, knees bent, feet on the floor, arms crossed - brushes on opposite shoulders. On a uniform, smooth exhalation (extend for 5-20 seconds), "the vertebra behind the vertebrae" we lower the back to the floor, the head gradually approaches the hands. Pause - breathe in 2-3 seconds, also on a slow exhalation, go back to the starting position, repeat 10-20 times.
  6. Alternative climb. Lying on the belly, bent hands under the chin, straight legs at the width, -2 shoulder widths: Inhalation 1: compression of gluteal muscles; Exhalation 1: lifting the head and neck (gaze forward, hands on the floor); Inhale 2: two seconds fixed hold position; Exhalation 2: lifting of bent hands to the chin (relax neck); Inhale 3: two seconds fixed hold position; Exhalation 3: Ascent straight legs, without lifting the feet above the head (knees straight); Inhale 4: two seconds fixed hold position; Exhalation 4: Relaxation of all muscles, with a smooth simultaneous lowering of the body on the floor. Repeat 10-15 times.

To maintain the correct posture, it will be important to perform a relaxing massage, as well as lymphatic drainage of the abdomen and lower back. Above all, try to teach yourself to keep your back straight.

Exercises for the thoracic department

In the curvature of the thoracic region, the main signs are: the displacement of the sternum (hump), "pterygoid shoulder blades protruding vertebrae. This situation is formed not only because of injuries, but also smoking, violated the tone of the large pectoral muscle.

And also smoking, of course, causes the small pectoral muscle to weaken, which further strengthens the thoracic kyphosis.

And the more a person smokes, the worse the thoracic department suffers.

Forget about this bad habit, as they spoil not only the respiratory organs, but also the posture! For this department of the spine the following exercises are shown:

  1. Disclosure of the chest lying. Lying on the back, bent elbows are fixed on the floor, knees are bent, the loin is also fixed on the floor. On inhalation, we smoothly open the chest with the lumbar position fixed (the stomach is tense), leaning against the floor with shoulders and shoulder blades (the head on the floor is fixed). Pause breathing 3-10 seconds - tight fixation of the position without overexertion of the respiratory neck. On exhalation, smooth relaxation of all muscles. Repeat 5-10 times.
  2. The upper lock (an element of yoga). Standing or sitting, the arms are relaxed and lowered, the neck is relaxed, the head rests with the chin to the sternum handle, the pelvis and the waist in the neutral position. On inhalation, the chest is slowed to open up and up and lift the head (without straining the muscles of the head and neck, the jaws are closed). Pause of breathing 3-20 seconds - complete relaxation in all muscles, except those that hold the thorax in the raised position. With the right technique, stretching in the lower inner part of the chest is felt. On exhalation, we gradually release air and relax all muscles. Repeat 5-10 times.

Learn to constantly follow your posture, not only when walking, but also in a sitting position.

Be sure to perform physical exercises, as they help not only to get a beautiful posture, but also prevents the appearance of male and female health problems. And the correct posture attracts the opposite sex.

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How to train yourself to keep your back straight

Violation of posture is one of the main factors that can lead to serious health problems. Even from an early age, you need to keep your back straight, but not everyone can do it.

To learn how to maintain a smooth posture, you should know the basic methods that do not allow the spine to curl during movement and in a calm state.

Female beauty is called not only a well-done make-up, clean skin and fashionable clothes, but also a good posture, affecting gait and health.

But some professional occupations, an incorrect way of life and bad habits can affect the posture negatively.

Moreover, bad habits and an inactive way of life are formed from childhood, when parents were engaged in their own affairs, and children paid maximum attention to watching television programs and games on computer. But with a strong desire to correct the posture, and at a later age.

Influence of posture on health

All internal organs and tissues in the human body need the basic two things - full-blown nerve and normal blood supply.

Oxygen and all nutrients, getting into the bloodstream, are carried to the vital organs and tissues, and in the nerves there are electrical impulses on which the energy production depends.

If the tissues or organs do not receive one of the above factors, they will wear out and degenerate much faster.

With poor posture, the human nerve trunks and blood vessels are compressed, blood supply is worse, innervation and muscle spasms occur. In addition, with poor posture, there are other problems: - worse digestion weakens the abdominal muscles and breasts there are serious problems with breathing, health deteriorates in general.

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How to improve posture and learn to keep your back straight?

To begin with while walking, you need to straighten and pull back your shoulders, then you need to constantly monitor this process.

If you control this state on the subconscious level is difficult, at first you can wear a special belt from the stoop, but it should be chosen correctly.

Three times a week, you need to perform simple exercises to strengthen the back muscles, which will also help improve posture. Even in the Soviet era, doctors recommended that heavy books, such as encyclopedias, be placed on their heads, and they should walk around the whole apartment or house.

When performing this exercise, the back should be kept exactly, only then the books will not fall while walking. Another useful exercise is that it is necessary to stand against a wall or other vertical surface, press against it, straightening the body.

It is necessary to stand in this position for ten minutes, and repeat the exercise every day.

During the trip to the store, you should distribute the products evenly in two packages so that each hand has the same weight. All these simple rules and tips will help to maintain a good posture.

Hysteria does not adorn anyone. Of course, there are situations in life when it is very difficult to control, but it is necessary to learn to overcome negative emotions. Learn to cope with flashes of irritation. If someone's words or actions cause your anger, do not answer immediately.

When an angry person is nearby, count to ten and try for this time to understand what happened and why you are angry. During a conversation on the phone, politely say that you can not talk now and let your caller call later.

If you have a skirmish on the Internet before writing a response post, have a cup of coffee or do something. A respite will give you time to gather strength and formulate a calm response. If a loved one provokes a conflict, think about why he does it.

It is possible that he is just trying to get your attention. So very often children come when they feel abandoned. But in the same way a husband or wife can behave. Give the person close to him the necessary attention to him in some more peaceful way.

Look at the problem under discussion from the opponent's point of view. It may well be that he is right, not you. If this is true, admit your mistake.

Discussing a matter of principle and knowing exactly what you are right, find such arguments that can convince your interlocutor. Try not to think all the time about the things that hurt you. Distract to a hobby, walk with a dog, hike with friends in the cinema.

Very different household matters help. Even if you are very ill, the chandelier, shining to the shine, will make this world a little better. Soberly assess the opportunities of others, like their own. Try first of all to see the positive aspects of people close to you.

It is possible that in this case their shortcomings will become invisible to you and will cease to irritate. Your own shortcomings should not oppress you. Try to correct those that can be adjusted. But remember that it is impossible to be an ideal in everything.

Identify several areas in which you can become a true professional.

Let your relatives know that if you are not very good at making soup or not understanding the classical music, then you sew perfectly and find a common language with all the children that meet on your way.

Faced with failure in the area in which you consider yourself almost an expert, do not be discouraged. In the activity to which you feel inimagineabilities, all the failures are overcome, you just have to make some efforts. Problems in "not your" sphere should not at all influence your self-esteem. Understand that your wrongfulness in some particular issue does not mean that you are always wrong.

Do not consider your partner to be stupid or bad, even if he is in some way in error. Everyone should have the right to make a mistake.

When discussing non-fundamental questions, you can give in if you are right, and not your interlocutor.

Take a loved one as he is. Attempts to re-educate to anything other than conflict, will not. Never remind your interlocutor of his past mistakes.

"What is 10 minutes in the morning, when you want to sleep so much after a night spent on the Internet?" That's what everyone thinks, who has to get up to work at 9 or even 8 in the morning. In fact, it is these few minutes that can be useful when you are late for a meeting or do not have time for a bus. Forgetting about breakfast, you rush a taxi and think that tomorrow you will definitely get up early... Do you know?

One of the most common tips is to go to bed and get up at the same time. The organism gets used to the regime and in the mornings itself signals about awakening. The method is not suitable for those who have a non-standard working day and the time to go to bed every day is different.

The way "sparing". Set the alarm for an hour earlier than usual. After you wake up, do not rush to jump out of bed. Lie down, think about the day ahead. Get up at the usual time and start the morning as always. So in a week the body will get used to an early awakening, but will not experience stress from it.

In order to accustom yourself to go to bed at the same time, devise a ritual. It can be listening to music before going to sleep (the same thing), taking a bath or, for example, a glass of herbal tea. After a while your body will get used to the fact that after this ritual you need to fall asleep. Thus, you can adjust the time of going to sleep. The method is convenient in the case when after an active day you can not fall asleep, or when resting on a business trip.

If every morning you persuade yourself to sleep "a little more you can try to act in a tough way. As soon as the alarm rings, immediately get up. Immediately fill the bed so that there is no temptation to lie down. The organism will receive a certain shake-up and, possibly, will be retrained to an earlier rise. Or maybe not. It all depends on your perseverance and desire.

A modern woman leads a very active lifestyle. And often she just does not have enough time to maintain her own health. This can lead to dangerous consequences at an older age. Therefore, it is important to monitor your health from youth and adhere to simple, but useful rules.

Drink enough water - at least 8 glasses per day. Water purifies the body and removes toxins.

Develop the habit of eating right. Include in the diet fresh fruit, green leafy vegetables, foods rich in fiber, a variety of nuts, seeds and cereals.

Increase protein and carbohydrate intake. They will charge you with energy for the whole day.

Avoid food with saturated fats. Always start your day with breakfast. Skipping breakfast is bad for your health.

Be active. Do simple physical exercises. This will help reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, strengthen bones and joints and reduce stress.

Find a hobby. Hobby is a great way to relieve stress and distraction from everyday worries.

  • Keep your weight under control. Excess weight not only creates inconveniences in everyday life, but also reduces self-esteem.
  • Regularly undergo a medical examination. This can save you from many health problems in the future.
  • Do yoga and breathing exercises. This is an excellent tool for strengthening immunity.
  • Sleep enough - at least 7-8 hours. Develop a habit of going to bed early and getting up early. In a dream, the development of anti-aging hormones, so your beauty and health directly depend on how and how much you sleep.

People tend to blame the circumstances for their failures, sincerely believing that in their troubles the case is to blame. However, low self-esteem and self-doubt are often the true causes of the main problems in a person's life. No wonder people who radiate confidence can achieve more in their professional careers and personal lives than those who suffer from eternal doubts and complexes. Here are some simple tips to help you gain self-confidence and improve self-esteem.

Learn to hide your true emotions. Manners and style of communication can say a lot. Insightful people instinctively can read the body language of the interlocutor and draw the appropriate conclusions. Uncertainty, fear, squeeze, shyness, shyness will be immediately apparent.

A person with low self-esteem will be considered a loser, a coward and a rag, especially for men. If you have problems in life, you fail and do not want to even wake up in the morning, then it is better to learn to keep these feelings to yourself. If all your appearance says that you are now sad and sad, then do not count on someone's compassion and understanding.

  1. Do not slouch. Wrong posture has become a real problem for modern man. A stooped man looks depressed, uncertain and tired. You need to train yourself sitting, standing and keeping your back straight while walking. You will look much better.
  2. Do not look under your feet. If you keep looking down or to the side, you immediately appear to your interlocutor as a non-initiative and insecure person. Learn to look directly at the person with whom you are talking, but do not always focus your eyes only on the eyes. The ideal point is the area between the eyes and the mouth.
  3. Do not be fussed. Many people begin to fuss during a serious conversation and panic.

Many people begin to fidget in the chair, actively gesticulate, shake their feet, pull out foreign objects in their hands. They create an atmosphere of nervousness, which is surely transmitted to others, and someone like this behavior frankly irritates.

Watch your speech. A good clear diction and ability to correctly express your thoughts help to place others around you. Learn not to swallow words, take your time and do not jump to high notes. Your voice should show confidence and strength of character.

A firm handshake speaks of your character. Stretch the palm perpendicular to the floor. Shake your hand tightly, but at the same time not too much.

Watch your appearance. Sloppiness and sloppiness in clothes can cause rejection of others. Try to always look presentable and then in any situation you will feel comfortable and confident.

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How to keep your back straight

Imagine a ballerina, or military, imagination draws, first of all, a man with a straight back, head held high, a majestic gait. For all this it is necessary to say "thank you" to an even posture.

Of course, in the examples examined, the chosen profession leaves an imprint on the appearance of the person, but people far from dancing and military affairs, also want to look and behave like a king.

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In order to achieve this, let's look at how to learn to keep a posture.

What is the correct posture?

First, let's define what is a correct posture. This is the position of the trunk, in which a man holds his head and back straight, while not experiencing discomfort, and feels at ease.
How does a person with a smooth, regular posture:

  • head raised, chin set forward;
  • chin and neck form a right angle;
  • The shoulders are laid back, they are on the same level, symmetrical;
  • the chest is slightly forward;
  • the stomach is drawn.

In a person with such a position of back, the movements are smooth and relaxed, the gait is even. Under all these conditions, this position of the back is familiar and unconstrained.

This position carries not only external beauty, but also directly affects the overall health of a person.

There are no problems with the spine, breathing and even with digestion.

Condition of posture as a sign of psychological health

On the posture it is possible to judge the psychological state of a person. So, if everything is good with the psyche and mood - this state is expressed directly and in the posture itself: the head is raised high, the shoulders are straightened.

Looking at such a person, there is a feeling of his wings.
But when stresses, fatigue and sickness roll, the person involuntarily takes a defensive position - the back bends, the head is drawn in, there is a stoop, i.e.

It seems that a heavy burden has been hung on a person.

How to learn to keep a posture

To become the owner of a straight and straight back, you must follow the following rules for maintaining your posture:

  1. Control over the "straightness" of the back. At home, at work, while driving in the car, for a walk, in other words, always and everywhere watch the position of the back.
  2. For a proper fit, choose a stiff chair, preferably with an anatomically correct back. Optimum would be the option of a special orthopedic chair, do not be afraid of the name, this chair is suitable for everyone, including for children.
  3. Do not pay too much attention to the mattress and cushion. The mattress should be of medium stiffness, preferably orthopedic. Pillow - dense, low, which will ensure the correct position of the neck during sleep.
  4. Along with the muscles of the back, the posture is supported by the abdominal muscles, therefore, in order to straighten your back, you need to keep the press in tension. This can help a wide belt, trousers, or a skirt with a high fit, they will help support the abdominal muscles in the right condition.

In order not to forget about the need to comply with the rules of good posture, you can add game elements and associations:

  • When walking, look not only at your feet, but a little higher, for example in shop windows or windows, so that the chin and neck form a right angle.
  • In order for the brain to know how to properly hold the posture and, accordingly, give commands to the muscles, it is necessary to perform a simple procedure. Lean against the wall, the touch should be at the following points: the back of the head, buttocks, shoulder blades and calves. At this moment, feel the body this situation - it is the most correct and natural. After a while, try to reproduce this situation. In order to no longer stoop and consolidate in memory such a position of the body, you can imagine that the back of a stick to tape the board, imagine how it will look from the side. Try every time you feel that you are stoop to represent this picture from memory - it will allow you to train yourself in a relaxed form with a sense of humor to keep a healthy and beautiful posture.
  • When writing, working at a computer or watching a favorite broadcast on TV, to maintain proper posture, learn to perform simple exercises: imagine that you have on your head is an expensive and rare Chinese vase and drop it it is impossible. Thus, the brain will give commands to the muscles to maintain balance, thus achieving the correct position of the upper part of the spine.
  • Often look at yourself in the mirror. There is no more effective way to straighten yourself up as seeing yourself hunched and stooped. Mirror at the psychological level will give an opportunity to straighten the back and immediately see the result.
  • To maintain proper posture when working at a computer, you need to raise the monitor higher, and the chair accordingly lower.
  • Keep your abdominal muscles toned - these are excellent stabilizers for the back.
  • Train your muscles in the workplace and at home on a chair. To do this, you need to sit on the edge of the chair, so as not to fall, you have to maintain balance and balance, the spine straightens as an arrow during such exercises. In order to complicate the task, you can turn one leg under the chair and pull the other forward.

A great exercise to straighten your back

The value of this exercise is that it does not require high physical fitness and special simulators. You can see the result in half a month, subject to regularity in execution.

For this exercise, you need to allocate 15 minutes a day.

Initially, this exercise may not work because of unprepared muscles, but this should not stop, after a while the muscles will get used to the load.

For convenience, let's break the exercise into 4 stages:

  1. It is necessary to stand with your back to the wall, so that the body touches in the nape of the neck, shoulder blades of the buttocks and heels. Look straight ahead. Imagine that you are tied to the top of a string that pulls you up, while the position of the nose and chin with respect to the floor, try not to change. Should have the effect of stretching the spine
  2. Paddles pull each other and lower it slightly. Do it smoothly and without undue tension.
  3. Next, you need to fix the lumbar sacral region, for this draw the stomach in the direction of the ribs, strain the buttock muscles - the pelvis eventually has to move slightly forward.
  4. Imagine that there is a plumb line from the navel, take such a position that it touches the anterior third of the foot.

In this position, you must stand for 15 minutes every day. By showing discipline and diligence in doing the exercise - proper posture will not keep you waiting long.

Ways to keep your back straight for women

Here are some rules for maintaining a flat back:

  • using the corset;
  • Dancing, swimming or gymnastics;
  • a new direction of fitness - Pilates, which became popular for reasons of safety, the possibility of doing exercises with any level of physical fitness. Exercises are aimed at the technique of performing, proper breathing and understanding on what group of muscles the load is directed.

Ways to keep your back flat for men

Consider ways to keep your back always straight up specifically for men:

  1. Pulling on the bar or even just hanging gives results on straightening and stretching the spine;
  2. Push-ups from the floor will allow to strengthen the muscles of the back, and therefore help to straighten the spine.

Such simple and accessible ways will make it look tight and slender.

To maintain proper posture, it is important to constantly monitor yourself as if from the side to adjust the position of the back. It is also necessary to regularly perform exercises aimed at leveling and maintaining a healthy back.

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How to keep your back always straight: tips

If a person's posture is disturbed, the consequence may be serious health problems.

From an early age you need to teach yourself to keep your back straight, but many do not attach much importance to it, they slouch, which provokes the curvature of the spine.

To fix this, consider a few tips on how to keep your back always straight.

How posture affects health

Correct posture not only makes a person attractive, but also helps to strengthen his health, namely:

  • reduces the burden on the spine;
  • strengthens the muscles of the face and neck;
  • improves digestion.

As a rule, athletes or people who are engaged in choreography have a beautiful posture.

In our age of modern technology, you can often see a picture when office workers sit at the computer hunched.

But the result of constant deformation of the spine can be negative consequences:

  1. Weaken and begin to sag muscles that are not supported by the spine;
  2. there are pains in the back;
  3. deterioration of the skin of the face;
  4. a second chin may appear.

Of course, this also affects the mental state. After looking at yourself in the mirror and watching there is not a very happy picture, a person can become depressed. Therefore, if the stooped back has become the norm for you, it's time to take care of how to keep your back always straight.

How to improve posture

First of all, you need to watch your back while walking. To do this, follow the simple rules:

  • straighten the shoulders;
  • lightly take them back;
  • keep your head straight.

This position shoulders and head should be constantly monitored. If you forget about it and again begin to stoop, you can wear a special belt for some time to correct your posture.

Similar belts in a sufficient range are sold in pharmacies. The main thing is to pick it right, so that you feel comfortable in it.

It is also necessary to perform special exercises at least three times a week to strengthen the muscles of the back. And being at home, you can do the following:

  1. put a heavy book on your head;
  2. try to take a stable position, so that the book does not fall;
  3. Slowly, trying to keep your back straight, walk around the room.

This exercise will help to strengthen the muscles of the back, and will also develop a habit of keeping your back straight. And one more tip, how to get used to keeping your back always straight.

When shopping in a store, put them in two equal packages, so that you have the same weight in each hand.

This simple rule will also help you maintain a good posture.

How to keep your back always straight for scoliosis

Unfortunately, a person who constantly stoops not only spoils his posture, but also can develop such a disease as scoliosis, or lateral curvature of the spine. Modern medicine identifies several main causes of scoliosis:

  • permanent body finding in the wrong position with a curved back;
  • a malfunction in the digestive system, resulting in malnutrition, muscles, ligaments and bones;
  • uneven load on the muscles and a number of others.

Also, the appearance of scoliosis can contribute to a sedentary lifestyle. To understand how to keep your back always straight, you need to take advice from specialists.

  1. It is often necessary to walk - it improves blood circulation in the spine.
  2. Do not wear shoes with high heels. They break stability and provoke a shift in the center of gravity of the trunk.
  3. Sleep preferably on a semi-rigid mattress. Swaying beds can cause sagging of the spine.
  4. Sitting at the table, try to keep your back in an upright position. Choose a comfortable working chair with armrests.
  5. When you sit, try to keep your legs at right angles. They should stand steadily on the floor, not clinging to the legs of the chair.
  6. While working at the computer, choose for yourself the right posture, avoid the strain of the muscular corset.
  7. Constantly watch the correct position of the back. While at work, at home, walking down the street, do not forget that you need to keep your back straight.
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Over time, these simple rules will become your habit, and proper posture will become the norm.

Tips for correcting posture from professional ballet dancers

Professional ballet dancers share their recommendations for correcting posture. Their advice on how to keep your back straight is always straightforward, simple and effective.

  • Keep your head straight. At the same time, move the chin slightly forward.
  • The crown is pulled to the ceiling, stretching the body so that it tenses like a string.
  • Shoulders should not bulge, the back should be flat. You need to keep your shoulders straight and chest.
  • Always, wherever you are, draw in the muscles in the lower abdomen. It should feel like you are wearing a very tight belt.
  • Sitting on a chair, you can put a tightly rolled up towel under the buttocks. The pelvis then tilts forward, supporting the natural bending of the spine. This situation will not allow stoop to develop.


You can choose for yourself certain recommendations to solve a difficult task, how to keep your back always straight. The main thing here is to show persistence and patience, and then we can hope that the goal will be achieved.

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What exercises will help keep your back straight?

How to learn to keep your back straight? The issue is topical for a modern person, sitting all day at the computer and leading a not very active lifestyle. This problem is also faced by parents who notice the outset of violations of posture in children and adolescents and are interested in correcting it.

Influence of posture on health

With constant deformation of the spine, the muscles of the back gradually weaken and can no longer perform the function of supporting the bone matrix of the back.

There are painful sensations during movement, internal organs suffer, general health deteriorates.

Do not enjoy and look when looking in the mirror:

  1. stooped back;
  2. lowered shoulders;
  3. double chin;
  4. dull complexion.

All this leads to nervous breakdown and depression.

Correct posture not only beautifies a person, makes it more slim and fit, but also improves self-esteem, increases self-esteem.

The load on the spine is reduced, the muscles of the face and neck are strengthened, and the work of the digestive organs is improved. They know well how to properly maintain the posture, athletes and people involved in dancing.

Their gait is always noticeable from afar and immediately attracts attention.

Is it possible for an ordinary person to learn how to keep his back flat and what to do? The task is not easy, but it is quite feasible if desired and certain efforts. One should give up some bad habits, follow oneself and accustom oneself to performing simple exercises that fix the effect achieved.

What to do to correct posture

To begin with, you need to carefully monitor some of your usual poses when sitting at a table. Correct position:

  • sit on a chair, occupying the seat not completely, but 2/3;
  • The back should be level and rest on the back of the chair only when resting;
  • the legs are bent at right angles and stand flat on the floor, and not crossed or one on top of the other (adjustable by the height of the chair or stand);
  • Hands lie on their elbows on the table, and do not hang.

It is especially important to monitor the correct posture if there are already serious problems with the spine (scoliosis, hyperlordosis, kyphosis).

When walking, it is also important to monitor the position of the back: shoulders should be straightened and slightly retracted, the neck is straight, eyes are directed in front of them, and not on legs.

Sometimes, existing problems with the spine complicate the constant control of this position of the back.

In this case, special orthopedic belts for correction of posture come to the rescue.

It should be distributed evenly in the hands of gravity: do not drag all the products from the store in one hand, do not hang a heavy bag or briefcase on your shoulder. Women are recommended to wear shoes on a firm low heel.

Important is the position of the body during sleep, so sleep better on an orthopedic semi-rigid mattress that helps maintain the correct position of the spine.

It is necessary to try to increase physical activity: walk more and perform exercises that strengthen the muscles of the back. A good effect is given to swimming, aerobics and yoga classes.

Exercises to correct posture

At home, you can do the following exercises:

  1. Put a book on your head and take a firm position by holding it. Slowly walk around the room, keeping his balance and keeping his back straight. Remember this position. When walking, imagine that there is a book on your head and you need to hold it. This exercise will allow you to fix the correct posture and remember how to keep your back flat.
  2. Stand at the wall and press against it in such a way that it is touched by four points of the body: the back of the head, shoulder blades, buttocks and calves. In this position, stand for 7-10 minutes and remember it well. When walking, imagine that behind the shoulders is the wall you are touching. This will develop a reflex of a direct gait.
  3. When walking and sitting, imagine that the shoulder blades are stuck together with strong tape, and fix this state in memory.
  4. Periodically walk or sit with the muscles of the belly drawn in. This will strengthen the press and the muscles of the back.
  5. It is useful exercise with small dumbbells in the hands: straighten the shoulders and spread hands with weights in the sides. Stand in this pose for 5-7 minutes. Gradually, you can increase the weight of dumbbells.
  6. Clasp behind the hands of the lock and maximally take them back, connecting the shoulder blades. Stand in this position for a few minutes.
  7. Try to make a "bridge". You can start with the simplest, gradually complicating it, and increasing the bending of the back. Standing in this posture for as long as possible, giving a load to the muscles of the back.
  8. Push-ups will help to cope with the tightness of the chest. It is important to perform them correctly: to rest on the floor with socks and palms of hands, placed on the width of shoulders, and lower, bending arms in the elbows, as low as possible.

These simple exercises will keep your back straight and your posture beautiful. The main thing is to do them constantly and do not forget to monitor the position of the back and head during sitting and walking.

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How to improve posture?

Curvature of the spine and incorrect posture is not just a visual problem.

Humpback back can cause numerous health problems, and flat feet - deprive the ability to walk without pain in a more adult age. However, the posture can not be corrected in a few minutes.

It is enough for one exercise to bring your back back to a straight position - however it is difficult to teach the body to accept and maintain this position automatically. Correction of posture will require a complete reorganization of the entire body - the body must re-learn to keep the body and its muscles right.

Modern anatomy treats a person's body more as one big muscle with different sub-departments, and not just as a set of bones to which independent muscles are attached. In fact, the muscles are inseparable from the bones - they are weaved into each other with the help of special connective tissue.

This connective tissue, called myofascia, covers and binds multiple muscle groups to several layers at a time. That is why it is possible to separate the muscles from the bones solely with the scalpel of the surgeon - they are always closely connected in a living person.

Test for correct posture

Correction of posture always begins with the search for excessively tight or stretched muscles, as well as weak myofascia. However, if a specialist has only one glance at you to understand what problems with posture you have, then it is extremely difficult to diagnose problems yourself.

The easy way to determine the correctness of your posture is leaning against the wall. The feet should stand about 15 cm from the wall, and the back of the head, shoulder blades and buttocks should touch this wall easily. Ideally, for the neck and lower back, there should be a gap of 5 cm from the wall.

How to correct the posture?

The first, with which the correction of posture begins - this is with the exception of the routine worsening the posture habits. If you are hunching, then probably the reason is that the computer screen is too low at work and in regular use of the smartphone, which makes it look down.

It is also important to sleep in the right position on a quality mattress with cushioning and do not use a too high pillow. Excessively hard bed (just like excessively soft) harms the health of the spine, and a high pillow can easily cause pain in the neck, removing it unnecessarily forward.

Methods of posture correction

It is important to understand that correcting a bad posture is not just a job with the muscles. Muscles are very elastic and easily amenable to force exercises. Unlike myofascii, to change the structure of which you need a week of regular performance of static exercises.

The best solution for adjusting your posture will be working with a personal trainer or a physical therapist who can assess your situation and create a training program combining both power and static exercises to straighten your back and improve your posture.

A set of home exercises for improving posture and straightening of the spine. All about how to strengthen the muscles of the lower back.

Exercises to improve posture

Below are three basic exercises that can help correct the most common problems with posture. However, it is necessary to understand that universal exercises for the correction of posture simply do not exist - each person needs exercises taking into account his specific situation.

1. Exercise to strengthen the pelvic muscles

One of the main violations of posture in people working in sedentary work in the office is the pelvic forward tilt, creating excessive deflection in the waist and provoking discomfort. To correct this problem, hyperextensions and exercises, which include lifting the pelvis, will help.

2. Exercise to adjust the position of the blades

When doing the exercise, make sure that the blades are brought together, while simultaneously pointing them down and slightly pushing the chest forward. Also, when squats down, hold the muscles of the body and press in light tension. Use dumbbells to complicate the performance.

3. "Flying Superman"

This exercise is designed to strengthen the muscles of the waist, the shoulder girdle and the stretching of the pectoral muscles. Perform it at the end of strength training in static mode - fix the body in the upper for 15-30 seconds, go down for 30 seconds, repeat 4-5 times.

Correction and improvement of posture requires not just the performance of certain exercises, but the revision of the entire daily routine. In addition, it is preferable to work with a coach or physiotherapist - it is extremely difficult to cure the curvature of the spine independently and at home.

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