Full complex of exercises for the restoration of vision using the Zhdanov method

Any person during life can face problems with vision. This can be associated with the environment, lifestyle, work. Especially these factors concern mature people. As a result, the appearance of such diseases as astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia, severe eye fatigue in any kind of activity is possible.Professor Zhdanov has developed a special methodology capable of providing an effective result in such problems.


  • 1What it is
  • 2History of creation
  • 3Basic principles of the methodology
  • 4Application in practice
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  • 6conclusions

What it is

The main principle of his method is a direct link between the physical and spiritual health of a person. The professor himself believes and argues that any optical objects such as glasses and lenses are very harmful to vision.Therefore, through simple exercises for the eyes, you can, although not cure, but improve your vision with such diseases as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism.

Eye problems

Gymnastics for Zhdanov is just part of the health activities.

In addition, the professor calls for proper nutrition, as well as abstinence from bad habits and negative emotions.

The goal, which Vladimir Georgievich puts, is to achieve the restoration of a healthy spirit, which in the end will positively affect the internal organs and the general physical condition of the patient.

Prof. Zhdanov Vladimir Georgievich

This technique is a way to restore the spiritual world of a person, improve physical health.

History of creation

To create such a unique methodology, the professor used the works of the most influential scientists in his field.

As the basis of his exercises, he turned to the works of Shichko and Bates.These specialists are ophthalmologists, as well as psychophysiologists.

Exercises for training the muscles of the eyes were created on the basis of Bates' conclusion, which stated that the picture we see is due to the fact that the eye changes its length due to the oculomotor muscle.

Shichko created the eponymous ladder, without which help to return good vision will not succeed.It includes six levels of bad habits.These include:

  1. All that is pawned from the outside. This is television, family, all our environment.
  2. There is not always the ability and the ability to act on this or that program.
  3. Habits and dependence on something.
  4. The need for certain actions.
  5. The meaning of life is the repetition of any action.
  6. Inability to go back.

The closer to the final stage, the more difficult it is for a person to live without some harmful habit.

Basic principles of the methodology

Everyone who resolutely wants to get rid of vision problems needs to keep a personal diary. All good wishes fit into it, which leads to a self-suggestion of a positive result.

The intake of vitamin preparations aimed at improving eyesight will help accelerate the recovery of the quality of the organs of vision.

Vitamin complex for improving vision

It is worth considering that the usefulness of Zhdanov's method is not always the same. It depends on the following factors:

  1. The degree of suggestion of the patient is a good result.For a group of people capable of strong self-hypnosis, solving a number of problems will be much easier.
  2. From the disease itself.If the ailments are caused by depression, stressful situations, then in this case, it is very easy to restore visual acuity.
  3. From the desire to engage in and develop.Chances to recover more from those who devote a lot of time and energy to these exercises.

In the event that a person wears glasses, it is worth to abandon them for as long as possible. If this is extremely difficult, then lenses and glasses should be replaced by weaker ones. This approach will help the muscles of the eye to show activity and make them work.The professor assures people that a full recovery is possible only if there is a strong sense of purpose and a desire to help oneself.

Also it is worth taking into account the fact that for each disease there are their own methodical exercises: for strabismus, myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism.

The main principle of this technique is self-suggestion and commitment to recovery.

Application in practice

The entire methodology of Professor Zhdanov consists of the following exercises:

  • Palming.Great for working with a computer, especially if you spend a very long period of time with it. Rub your palms against each other, they should get a little warm. Close your eyes, and on top of them put your hands, but do not click. In this position, you should sit for about five minutes. It is important that the light does not get into your eyes, so your fingers should be pressed tightly against each other. Now you need to think about a positive result. At the end of time, you will feel light, as if you just woke up after a long and sound sleep.

  • Gymnastics.Any eye gymnastics available will be a very good addition to Palming. Do it at least three times a day, after removing the lens or glasses. Repeat each exercise at least three times, gradually increasing the number of repetitions. It is not recommended immediately to strain the organs of vision, so as not to disrupt the work of muscles. Repeat all slowly, without sudden movements, and before the procedure blink very quickly to let the eyes relax as much as possible.

As ancillary procedures, you can use the following methods:

  • Eye massage.It is very useful for hyperopia, myopia. As preventive measures can prevent glaucoma and cataracts. So, first you need to close your eyes and press your fingers on special points. You need to massage the eyelids, corners, the apple itself, the point of astigmatism, the bridge of the nose from the inside, squint, but do not close your eyes. At each point you need to spend at least three times and a few seconds of time.
Massage of eyeballs
  • Glasses of the pirate.It is necessary to do every day in the performance of any work that requires a load on the organs of vision. This way the muscles are trained, which contributes to the gradual recovery of health. It is very easy to make such a device. Take a frame without lenses and cover one side with a cloth that does not let light through. Every half hour change the twisted side. Thanks to this, the muscles are trained, because every time we blink, our brain tries to adjust the sharpness, due to which the useful load goes.
  • Another exercise should be done without glasses or contact lenses.Stand in front of the window, blink and catch the focus on any object outside the window frame. Once you were able to focus on this subject - blink once again and focus on the window itself. Thus, you will change the focal length, stretch the muscles, let the eyes work and develop. With time and practice, you can easily and quickly learn how to refocus your eyes on large objects. That's why, for constant progress, train gradually on smaller objects.

It is worth knowing that if a person has recently undergone eye surgery (laser correction, lens implantation), then these exercises can not be done.Only after six months you can start these health procedures.

With complex exercises, Palming and gymnastics, the chances of improving your health are several times greater than with selective treatment.



Such methods prove in practice that it is quite possible to restore vision without medication and surgical intervention.The main thing is to work hard on yourself, to believe in a good result. Professor Zhdanov helped many patients to become healthy with the help of their methods and keeping a diary with positive records.

It is important to lead a healthy lifestyle, not to succumb to the harmful effects of bad habits and never give up on health procedures. In addition to physical well-being, you also need to have a strong spiritual component.Only in this way, according to Vladimir Georgievich, a person acquires real health.