Sore throat and cough what to do

Pershit in the throat and dry cough: what to do and how to treat

Pershit in the throat from time to time every person. If this symptom quickly passes by itself, the patient does not bother.

But if pershit strongly in the throat for a long time, there is a constant dry cough, the throat hurts, you need to start treatment.

Causes of Persecution in the Throat

Sore throat and cough are most often symptoms of inflammation of the respiratory system, but there are other causes. The causes of inflammation are usually in infectious diseases of the upper or lower respiratory tract:

  • Angina;
  • Pharyngitis;
  • Laryngitis;
  • Tracheitis;
  • Bronchitis;
  • Tuberculosis;
  • Pneumonia.
But there are other reasons, as we have already said, for which a dry and strong cough and a swelling in the throat can occur. Pharyngeal neuralgia is one of them. This condition occurs in patients with a malfunction in the functions of the swallowing apparatus, which in turn is caused by the inferior work of the CNS or nerve receptors in the brain.

Accordingly, you need to know how to get rid of it and what medicines to take.

In this case, the patient not only has a perspiration in his throat, but also a burning sensation, a loss of sensitivity mucous, or, conversely, its increased sensitivity, a sensation of a lump in the throat, pain that is given in the ear or sublingual area.

Causes of pharyngeal neuralgia:

  1. Syphilis.
  2. Tumors of any nature in the body.
  3. Pathologies of the nervous system, mental disorders.

Often, prolonged perspiration in the throat and coughing causes an allergy. In this case, irritants can be house and book dust, animal fur, duvets and pillows, medicines, food or pollen of plants during flowering.

If pershit in the throat, but it does not hurt much, and there are no other symptoms, most likely, the reasons are in allergic reactions. Remove this phenomenon can only antihistamines.

Sometimes he throats with constant pressure on the vocal cords associated with professional activities - for example, when working as a television announcer, teacher or lecturer. In this case, the best remedy for persecution in the throat - at least temporarily change the profession.

Other reasons that pershit throat - the pathology of the digestive system. It:

  • Gastritis;
  • Stomach ulcer;
  • Cholecystitis;
  • Irritation of the mucosa of the esophagus, which causes the release of acidic digested food from the stomach with reflux gastroesophagitis;
  • Herniated in the larynx or esophagus.

At hormonal failures the thyroid gland increases, on it nodules are formed. They press on the trachea and cause irritation of the larynx - as a result of the patient's pershit in the throat. He loses his appetite, grows thin or vice versa, sharply becomes fuller, becomes sluggish and irritable. A very strong throat in the mornings of heavy smokers.

The reasons for the sore throat are very different, they are often associated with serious chronic diseases of the internal organs.

Therefore, treatment with folk remedies is not always effective: the herbal broth will soften the throat, but it will not help get rid of the factor that caused this symptom.

How to recognize and get rid of a sore throat

Treatment of perspiration in the throat is selected depending on the severity of the disease that caused it. In itself, it is not a disease, but only its sign. Under the influence of certain factors, the patient feels like tickling in the throat, a desire to clear his throat well.

The cough can be wet or dry. A dry, persistent cough does not contribute to mucus secretion, which could soften the larynx and slightly relieve irritation.

That's why my throat hurts even more. Usually, dry cough is characteristic for infectious and viral diseases of the upper respiratory tract. At the same time, other typical symptoms of colds or influenza are added to the dyspnea:

  1. Headache.
  2. Chills.
  3. Coryza.
  4. Lethargy.
  5. Increased body temperature.

If you can not get rid of dry cough and perspiration for a long time, the pills from the throat swelling and treatment with folk remedies, we can say that the pathology has passed into a chronic form and treatment requires adjustments.

Often patients complain that they have a stronger throat at night. Why is this happening and what to do in this case? The reasons are usually that during the night sleep muscles of the larynx and nasopharynx relax, blood circulation slows down, and sputum is not separated, but thickens and accumulates in the upper respiratory tract.

Sticking to the walls of the larynx, they irritate the mucous and cause coughing attacks, also it can be pus in the throat. Treatment in this case is aimed at eliminating the cause of the disease and excretion of sputum from the bronchi. It is not necessarily a cold or flu, chronic respiratory pathologies, allergies or vocal cord strain at work.

One should not forget about bad habits - the abuse of alcohol and cigarettes can cause chronic persecution. And sometimes a foreign body gets into the throat - for example, a fish or meat bone - and thereby provokes a constant cough and discomfort.

Because the treatment will not be effective, and neither tablets nor folk recipes will help, until the provoking factor is eliminated.

Than to treat pershenie in a throat

Treatment is required complex - local remedies will soften and soothe the mucous membrane, and the drugs of systemic action will help to cope with the underlying disease.

In the first case, you can take pills and lozenges for resorption, rinse or inhalation from a sore throat. Such medications are popular.


This drug is available in the pharmacy in various pharmaceutical forms. In the form of a solution it is used for rinsing. They should be done after meals, three to four times a day. The duration of the procedure is 3-4 minutes. And the treatment itself can last up to ten days.

In the form of a spray, the drug is used twice a day, spraying it in the larynx for at least two seconds. The medicine can cause allergic reactions, if the mucosal edema becomes stronger, there is a rash, a cough intensifies, treatment should be stopped.


These tablets should not be absorbed until after fifteen minutes after ingestion. You can do the procedure up to five times a day. After taking the pill is not recommended to drink and eat for two hours to keep the effect of its action.


This drug belongs to the group of antibiotics. Dosage is determined in an individual order, as a rule, not more than 4 gr. per day, breaking this amount into several 250-mg doses.


It is prescribed today rarely, in those cases when the reception of other drugs is contraindicated because of individual patient intolerance to its components. Adults appoint 100-150 mg at a time up to six times a day. Take the pill should be no later than half an hour before meals.


This is a preparation in the form of a spray, Bioparox should be used to irrigate the oral cavity and larynx. The procedure is carried out up to five times a day, after meals. The course of treatment lasts about seven days.


This is a common and affordable antihistamine. It is used to treat cough and sore throat caused by allergies. First of all, you need to moisten the air in the room and eliminate the irritant. It is necessary to ventilate the rooms well. Tavegil is taken 1 mg twice daily before meals. The daily dose should not exceed 6 mg.

It is possible to reduce perspiration and sore throats with folk remedies. Such herbs and plants help:

  • Oak bark;
  • Chamomile;
  • Sage;
  • Tincture of calendula for gargling;
  • Thyme.

You can do rinses or inhalations for the throat, using folk remedies. But it is necessary to combine them with medicamental treatment, otherwise the effect will be short and the disease can go on into a chronic form.

What else should I do? Doctors recommend to follow a diet. To refuse it is necessary from salty, acidic, sharp dishes and drinks, too hot or cold, naturally, alcohol and cigarettes are now out of place.

Rinsings and other products from throat swelling

In the pharmacy, you can find a variety of means from persheniya in the throat. If the disease has just begun, you can try to cure it with folk remedies. If the herbs were ineffective, and the disease worsened, you should choose stronger medications.

For example, Angilex is very effective - it is a rinse solution, but it must be diluted before use. For a quarter of a glass of warm water you need to take two teaspoons of the solution. Before the procedure, rinse your mouth with plain clean water. Then use Angilex.

Rinses are done up to four times a day, the duration of the course of treatment is five days. An alternative is the drug Givalex. It is also a rinse solution, which must be diluted with water. In the package, along with the solution is a measuring cup. First, pour two teaspoons of the drug into the cup - 10 ml.

Then add another 50 ml of water at a temperature of 30-35 degrees. After that, the solution is ready for use. But it can not be done in advance, it must be used immediately.

For resorption it is convenient to use tablets that have softening, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. Angissept and Septifril are popular. They are placed in the mouth and slowly dissolve until completely dissolved. Apply these drugs 4-6 times a day. The course of treatment does not exceed seven days.

It is convenient to carry aerosols for irrigation of the larynx - Ingalipt and Cameton. They are sprayed onto the mucosa for 1-2 seconds. Repeat the procedure can be up to four times a day.

Even very strong perspiration can be removed at home with inhalation. Of the folk remedies, soda or sea salt, a decoction of marigold and chamomile, an infusion of eucalyptus. You can buy Inhalar in pharmacies. This preparation is added to the inhaler or to a container of hot water. Do inhalation twice a day.

An approximate scheme of treatment of a sore throat: carrying out inhalations twice a day, resorption of pastilles or tablets throughout the day, if required - taking antibiotics in the dosage indicated by your doctor, or antihistamines means. It is recommended to observe a sparing diet and avoid bad habits.

What happens in the throat, will roll in the video in this article Elena Malysheva.

Tell me what to do if the cough is dry right up your throat, which pills or syrups better help! I cough every minute


Lemon fish

Glaucine hydrochloride, Libexin (prescription) milk with honey and cocoa butter. If the cough is dry - it is necessary to remove the cough reflex, and not to give expectorants (ACC, lazolvan, gedelix, ) there is nothing to expectorate.


ATSTS rastroivymy. usual or "lingochen is convenient for a single appointment per day and it helps


Every minute? Yes to you to the doctor.

* Awesome

Sinecod is not a cheap drug, but it is used even with pneumonia, children from 9 months.. very good tool

Nikopai Rostovsky

IMUDOON, try, an effective remedy


If there really is no power, then buy simple tablets from the cough. They will take away the cough, but you need to heal anyway. Have a drink MOTHER-MACHEUCHI, Kalina, honey with milk warm, And on the sternum, the best remedy PLASTER PEPTSOVY, will burn, suffer as much as you can.


In fact, it is better to get your feet on the night and put mustard plasters. I'm just saving myself. 3-4 days and coughing passes. And dry, in general, the next day turns into a coughing-up.
Sometimes, the lozenge "Doctor Mom" ​​dissolves.

merkul den

Grammedin with an anapeptic is a tight thing. You can also anoint the throat with sea buckthorn oil and breathe eucalyptus through the inhaler


I use the grandmother's recipe-always helps. .
Boil the potatoes.. Rummage covered with a blanket add soda. .
Breathe over the steam.. when there will be a reaction with soda. .
Success ..

Lilia Mustafina

Praverte thyroid. Such a cough often results from changes in the thyroid gland.


use the folk remedies, the dried mandarin crust (mandarin) helps very well, break into small pieces, pour a teaspoon of boiling water, insist for 1 hour. To drink during the day the whole glass.
Drink a week or two.


In a hot sweet tea - a spoonful of vodka or cognac... And so 6 times a day ...

Pershit in the throat and want to cough. Remedies for throat pain

Every person has to cough. Currently, medicine knows many varieties of this ailment. If a wet cough does not cause a special discomfort, then this can not be said for dry. This is exactly what will be discussed later. You will find out why a person has a pershin in his throat and wants to cough. The most common causes of pathology will be described below.

Also from the presented material you can find out what are the means from the throat. With perspiration and coughing, they are very effective.

Irritable Throat Syndrome

If you feel that you have pershit in your throat and want to cough, then this may be the initial symptom of an irritated throat. There may be several reasons for this pathology. Quite often the usual perspiration and irritation in the pharynx leads to a cough.

Dry cough is the most unpleasant of all its varieties. A person regularly experiences spasms in the throat. To treat such a pathology is not only possible, but also necessary. Otherwise, you can get pretty serious complications.

Why pershit in the throat and want to cough?

The causes of this pathology can be many. Most often, a cause for irritation in the throat is a viral or bacterial infection. In this case, soon the person begins to notice additional symptoms: a runny nose, temperature, headache.

If you have pershit in the throat and want to cough, then the cause of this can be a banal allergy. At the same time, for a long time you do not feel a deterioration of well-being, and the doctor during the examination says that there is no cause for concern. To treat an allergy it is necessary. However, it must be done wisely.

If you have pershit in the throat and cough is indomitable, then the cause of this may be a wrong lifestyle. Often with this problem faced by heavy smokers. It should be noted that this symptom is very disturbing.

There are a number of other reasons why a person has a pershin in his throat and wants to cough. It is only the doctor who can determine what is the cause for the development of the disease. To do this, the patient is assigned a series of examinations and analyzes.

Remedies for throat pain

Before using these or other funds from the throat, it is necessary to find out the cause of the pathology. Otherwise, the drugs may simply not help you cope with the problem. For the treatment of pathology, doctors use antimicrobial and antibacterial agents, antiviral drugs, antiseptics, immunomodulators, antihistamines and so on. The list of medicines can be infinite. In addition, doctors use traditional medicine. Consider the most popular drugs that help cope with a sore throat and stop or prevent coughing.

Medications for oral administration

So, you found out why the Pershit is in the throat. Now you can choose the right treatment. Doctors strongly do not recommend doing it yourself. However, most patients do not turn to doctors because of their employment.

If the cause of persecution is an allergic reaction, then antihistamines should be used. These include the funds "Zirtek "Suprastin "Fenistil" and so on.

When a virus infection occurs, it is worthwhile to use immunomodulating medications. Among them you can distinguish drops "Derinat tablets "Anaferon suppositories "Kipferon" and many others. If necessary, use antiviral drugs such as Aflubin, Antigrippin, and so on.

If the persistence is caused by the multiplication of bacteria, antimicrobial drugs are prescribed. Among them you can meet "Amoxicillin "Amoxiclav "Sumamed" and so on.

Local impact

If pershit in the throat, than to treat yet? You can use tools that have a local effect. All these drugs can be divided into sprays, lozenges and rinse aid.

Spray the irrigated larynx several times a day. Among such medicines - "Ingalipt "Cameton "Tantum Verde" and others.

Rinse should be used when there are contraindications to the use of other forms of medication. This often happens during pregnancy or breastfeeding. To the rinse aid can be attributed the following: "Furacilin "Miramistin "Chlorophyllipt" and so on.

Resoluble lozenges can contain medications or be exclusively natural. Among them, we can mention "Strepsils "Bobs "Doctor Mom."

Folk remedies

If you do not want to take medicines, then you can cope with the persecution in the throat with the help of folk remedies.

  • An excellent emollient is a lemon. You can drink warm tea with its addition or to dissolve the product.
  • Chamomile and sage relieve inflammation and have a healing effect. These solutions can rinse the irritated throat or drink them in a diluted form.
  • Lemon restores the body's immune defenses and defeats the infection. The same action is possessed by a cranberry and a dogrose.
  • From persheniya in the throat can get rid of by home inhalation. Breathe over boiled potatoes or ordinary hot water.
  • To prevent cough, which often occurs after a banal persecution, ventilate the room more often. Arrange around the room slices of garlic and onion rings.

Summing up and conclusion

Now you know what can be the cause of perspiration and coughing. Remember that inactivity and delay can lead to complications. It is worth noting that much worse from the misdirection and use of medicines. Ask for help from a specialist. Only in this case, you will be given suitable funds from a throat swelling.

Especially cautious should be if the perspiration in the throat and cough arose in the child. In this case, you can not do without medical assistance. Children's drugs should be selected especially carefully, taking into account all the characteristics of the body.

Are treated on time and do not be ill!

Coryza, cough, throat "gnaw"! What to do?


Elena Savchenkova

If there is no temperature, then this is a common cold. Increase immunity, drink Echinacea extract. Take care and try not to freeze.

Alexander Shulepov

You need to eat vitamins!

A hamster cat from space

When the first symptoms appear, immediately drink rimantadine. It helps me.
Still here immunal like as immunity raises, but on myself yet did not have time to check up.


I'm not the first time I answer these questions, but apparently it still needs someone.
From the temperature and throat Efferalgan, and in your case better with the vitamin "C is a soluble tablet. You need to take a whole, if there is a temperature & g; 8, a half if only gets his throat. By the way half will help and from a headache and a toothache. In addition, for the throat, you can use Hexoral Spray. Here with the common cold it is more difficult, it can be an allergic reaction to medications, so it's better to use folk methods, infusion of garlic or onion in sunflower oil, better refined. Chop garlic or onions finely, add oil, insist 2 hours. Bury after blowing 1-2 drops in 2-3 hours.
Good luck and can advise your friends.
Yet. As you repeat this regularly, you need to increase your immunity, take vitamins, consult a doctor, which you are suitable for by age.


Try to go to bed at night, cover yourself completely with a blanket, you can 2 blankets on your legs and on the trunk and head, tightly wrap and breathe.. .
Try to sleep, before you go for a drink, drink 2-3 glasses of water or tea, because you will sweat all night long. At a high temperature the virus dies faster and immunity works harder, you'll be a cucumber in the morning.

P.S. You can eat beef pre-sleep before going to bed, because there is a lot of pepper.

Efficiency of 100% Do not forget my answer to make the best.

Margarita Shegurova

The same result, yesterday all laid, the head as a potty, but came home, half a lemon and 2 tbsp black currant s / m flooded, boiling water. I drank it under the blanket, and I just ate half a lemon, it's fine today, only my head aches a bit, and my throat and nose are in order. In the morning I drank the same thing, but I replaced the currant with sea-buckthorn and now I'm lying under the deed, but I feel fine.

Olga Kornysheva

If this happens so often, then you need to look for the cause. There may be a so-called gastric fluid and problems with the throat from there, but a coughing-up of the cold! If there is gastritis and reflux esophagitis (this is the casting of bile from the stomach into the esophagus). With such problems, it can irritate the throat, nasopharynx and from here all your problems. It is not excluded! Descend or go to the therapist and to ENT doctor, survey! To treat a runny nose and a throat it is possible as much as necessary, and the problem will not leave! I just painted one for you. There can be several reasons! It is necessary to be surveyed!

A symptomatic treatment: vibrozil spray in the nose to 10 days! Tablets for resorption-isoblactus, pharyngosept, strepsils. Spray in the throat of bioparox, hexoral, tantum verde! ATSTS from coughing!

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