Cough in prone position in an adult

Why bother coughing when you go to bed?

Sometimes it happens that it disturbs the cough when you lie down. This is a very unpleasant phenomenon. In the daytime, when we are active, the cough does not hinder so much. Why does it make itself felt in the recumbent position, what is the cause of this state of affairs?

Cough can be characterized not only as the main sign of the inflammatory process, as many believe. Cough is a protective measure that organizes the human immune system. With the help of cough, there is elimination in the body of harmful microbes, dust, other foreign bodies and tiny fragments. Using a cough, a person cleanses his lungs, including trachea and bronchi, and also heals the entire complex of respiratory organs. Thus, coughing is a very common physiological phenomenon.

Etiology of cough in lying position

If the exacerbation of the cough occurs immediately in the night and in the morning, then this is due to the fact that the person is in a horizontal position.The cause of this is mucus, located in the nasopharynx. She can not be absorbed in the prone position in the same amounts as in the standing position. Formations of mucus build up that clog the nasopharynx, the result of which is a dry, irritable cough, when you lie down. The sputum discharge of a person who is lying down can not be immediately and thoroughly absorbed, because in this position the blood flow of the lungs slows down and the amount of blood in them decreases.

In general, there are 2 main reasons for the appearance of a cough in a lying posture:

  1. Cough, when the patient lies on his back, is manifested due to the fact that the mucus when flowing through the throat from the nose has an irritant effect on the cough reflex organs. The result of these processes is the implementation of an involuntary reaction, that is, a cough with a horizontal arrangement of the body.
  2. Accumulation of secretions in the trachea and lungs. In this situation, there is a wet chest cough in the horizontal position, and it can have the nature of attacks. If it persists throughout the day, but in the supine position increases and becomes coughing in the time of sleep, then before going to bed, it is necessary to take medications that promote liquefaction phlegm.

Causes of cough and treatment

To these reasons it is possible to carry the following:
  1. If a patient has a dry cough that is worse at night, then it is most likely a response reflex event of an asthmatic order. The fact is that people with this pathology have an active secretion of an expectorant secretion. At night, it accumulates in the respiratory tract and clogs them. At this time a man has a strong sore cough with abundant sputum.
  2. Natural physiological reactions in the body. Very often this is observed in people who work in harmful enterprises, and in the inhabitants of large cities. During the daytime, large amounts of harmful compounds enter the lungs. Therefore, when you go to bed, there is a reflex cough that turns into a cough after sleep.
  3. After a cure for chronic tracheitis, the reflex action has the following characteristic symptoms: there is a secret secretion, involuntary action has a short duration, the patient does not see dreams.
  4. Pneumonia with an unclear pathology. One of the most famous misconceptions about this disease is this myth: lung inflammation is always a companion of heat and brings a whole range of unpleasant symptoms. In fact, this is absolutely not the case. If a person coughs, when he goes to bed, then he may have weak pneumonia. In this case, during coughing, which occurs when the patient lies on his back, the heaviness and light aches in the chest are felt. The duration of this reflex act can be very significant. There are often paroxysmal phenomena of an involuntary nature, which end in a sense of suffocation, reminiscent of a nightmare.
  5. Smoking and alcohol abuse. Reflex response may be in the daytime, but it increases in lying position before bedtime. In such cases, patients complain: "I go to bed and immediately cough."
  6. Allergy. An involuntary reaction may occur in response to a feather filler and a synthetic blanket, which causes a cough during sleep.

What should I do to alleviate the situation of the patient with an uninterrupted cough? First of all, you need to change the drinking regime: as often as possible to take hot tea with raspberries or black currant, drink warm milk with honey, especially before you go to bed.

You can eat a teaspoon of lime honey, make inhalation with a warm steam (one teaspoon of soda for a glass of hot water), apply a heating compress, then wrap, lie down and sweat, thus eliminating and coughing in a dream.


If the cough is superficial and dry, you need to convert it to wet, before you go to bed. To do this, use funds that are conducive to liquefying phlegm, its more relaxed exit. Immediately, after a dry cough in the supine position began to go into sputum, these funds must be canceled. It is also necessary to drink healing herbs from herbs and moisten the air in the room where the patient is.

Treatment of coughing attacks at night in an adult

Coughing is an arbitrary excretion of sputum or other foreign particles from the respiratory tract. Coughing attacks at night in an adult can occur as a result of a cold, allergy or smoking. They can be dry or productive, with excretion of sputum. Dry cough is most often accompanied by loss of voice and hoarseness. Such symptoms are in most cases caused by laryngitis - acute inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.

Causes of laryngitis - a strong voice tension, hypothermia, any pollution or steam release into the air, smoking. Usually, these symptoms are accompanied by a slight inflammation of the larynx, and therapy is possible at home.But if suddenly the treatment will be protracted and the state of health will only worsen, then a doctor's consultation is urgently needed, since serious complications are possible.

Treatment of laryngitis

For successful therapy of laryngitis it is necessary:

  • to ensure complete peace, not to talk even in a whisper;
  • give up alcohol and smoking;
  • Regularly use warm drinks made from herbs such as St. John's wort, lime blossom, chamomile, sage, gargle with soda or herbs;
  • periodically apply a warm compress to the throat;
  • carry out alkaline inhalation.

Cough in adults, which is accompanied by wheezing, is most often associated with bronchitis. If there are no other symptoms, then it means that one does not have to endure until other manifestations have appeared. Usually such breathing is not audible, but under heavy loads it becomes more noticeable. If other ailments occur, such as a temperature above 38 ° C, a runny nose, tracheitis or laryngitis, an acute bronchitis may develop. His treatment is much more complicated than the usual cough.

The following recommendations should be observed:

  • abundant drinking;
  • bed rest;
  • refusal of any physical exertion.

If the health deteriorated within a few days, you should seek the help of a specialist.

Coughing attacks at night in an adult can be after stagnant discharge from the bronchi. If the time is not treated, the disease can go to chronic bronchitis. In this case, you need to conduct a study of the chest. Based on the results, the doctor will prescribe the treatment.

Sizzling breath can also cause bronchial asthma, an attack of suffocation occurs during the course of the disease. In this case, you need to seek help from a specialist who will find out what the seizures are related to. It may be found that the patient is allergic, in this case the treatment should be individual.

But in any case, going to the doctor is mandatory, because the consequences of asthma can become deplorable. There are difficulties in breathing, pale face, sweat on the forehead. When the lips turn blue, urgent hospitalization is needed. A man needs help.

Usually people with asthma have an inhaler. It is important to put the patient on a chair and use the necessary medications once. If the condition does not improve, then repeat the procedure.

After that, release from the outer clothing, offer to tilt your head and lean on your hands, so it is easier for a person to suffer an attack. Before the ambulance arrives, it is important to follow the recommendations.

Coughing at night in adults delivers discomfort not only to the patient, but also to others. Especially if there is a new force, a sleepless night is secured.

But even a night cough can accompany much more serious problems, such as chest pain, drying of the larynx, constant perspiration.

At night, a person is more difficult to tolerate the illness that accompanies a cough, because it is in a horizontal position.

The patient simply can not completely free his breath.

Only at night the body is not able to fully function fully, thereby sputum accumulates and the symptoms worsen. It should be remembered that the causes of night cough in adults and children can be a serious cause for concern.

Causes of a night cough:

  • smoking;
  • uncomfortable position of the body during sleep;
  • increased or lowered air temperature in the room in which the person is located;
  • acute bronchitis, chronic or mild;
  • allergy;
  • virus infection, flu, cold.

Folk remedies for treatment

To get rid of a pesky cough at night it is possible with the help of medicines or folk remedies. Any medications containing mucolytics will help to eliminate symptoms at the time. It is important to drink as much warm liquid as possible, and preferably milk with honey or soda. Periodically ventilate the room in which the patient is. Dry air will only aggravate the situation. Traditional medicine comes to the rescue when drugs do not help. Several tips for eliminating a night cough in an adult are suggested:

  1. Treatment with honey. You need to put a teaspoon of honey on the tongue and dissolve, the cough will not bother all night. Also at night you can drink a glass of milk with the addition of a teaspoon of honey and butter. This drink warms, if the room is cold, and softens the throat.
  2. You need to take a pinch of salt, hold it in your mouth for a while, and then swallow it. This old method has already helped many.
  3. Pine buds also help to avoid a strong night cough. 1 tablespoon of raw material is brewed with 1 glass of steep boiling water. If you have an attack, take a sip of the infusion, immediately you will feel relief.
  4. If you chew a leaf of a golden mustache during an attack of cough, then it eventually stops.
  5. Quickly to remove a strong cough in an adult can be with the help of nettle. Several sheets or a tablespoon of dry herbs brew 1 cup of boiling water.
  6. Infusion of valerian not only helps to get enough sleep, but also calms a strong cough. For 1 glass of water you need 20 drops of infusion. The agent is drunk in small sips.
  7. The black radish is cut in half, in one part the contents are removed with a spoon, several honey spoons are put there. The product closes for several hours. Over time, the medicine will infuse and will have healing properties. Black radish juice can be used to spread the area of ​​the chest and back.
  8. Infusion of 1 tablespoon of sage and a glass of boiling water should be taken in small sips during a strong cough.

But with self-treatment, do not forget that if any complications arise, you should immediately consult a doctor.


The consequences can be severe (possibly the onset of pneumonia).

How to recognize pneumonia?

Recognize the ailment can be on the following grounds:

  • coughing;
  • sudden deterioration or improvement of the condition;
  • pallor of the face;
  • chest pain;
  • increased body temperature;
  • at a high temperature, medicines do not help;
  • wheezing with tight ligaments or coughing.

With any symptoms, specialist help is required. The doctor should prescribe a treatment based on the severity of the patient's condition. In any case, the appointment of antibiotics and lower body temperature. Pneumonia does not need to be treated independently, especially to resort to folk medicine.


All of the above diseases are accompanied by a strong cough at night, which is hard to get rid of. As a result, the body does not rest. An organism in the period of any disease needs a healthy and strong sleep. Only at this time the body is restored and most of all gives in to treatment. In any case, it is worth remembering that only an expert can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment. Be healthy!

I like to go to bed, start coughing uncontrollably, I sit down coughing and so it's half a night, because of this, I sleep badly, what do you advise?: (



If the cough is cold and there is NO TEMPERATURE!!! then you can or mustard plaster or "star" (and something to wrap up the chest) - but not in any way not in the region of the heart! You can oily compress: gauze dipped in a warm (on the heated water bath), sunflower oil on top of the film (regular n / ethyl. bag, cut), on top of the diaper or towel (preferably not new - in the oil is smeared), then a T-shirt and under the blanket. However, when I do my son, I wrap it up with an elastic bandage, and then it turns and everything falls off. Also it is possible under a blanket.
Good luck and recovery!
I almost forgot: and to fall asleep, waiting for when will start to act, a pectusin tablet.
But the doctor would not hurt to seem. The last time I had such a cough (started), pneumonia was detected. (


sleeping sitting


Watching what cough - cold or allergic.

Violetta Shagieva

smoke? drink something from a cough, mukalti, azolvan, tea with lemon also helps


Tracheitis apparently, stop smoking, physio cabinet should be like, and in general to be treated, to see a doctor, finally.

Eugene from Moldova

On a high pillow
And just do it better to go to LOR to check up, make a fluorography
Tuberculosis is very contagious


I when I have a cold, I'm the same garbage, oh, when the cold passes, and cough will also pass

Personal Cabinet Removed

take a picture and check !!!
there can be several reasons!! from inflammation in the bronchi and nasopharynx, to bronchiectasises and... what's even worse!


One of my friends had the same symptoms. She smokes, has passed the analysis on a sputum, fungi were found out. After the prescribed course of "Nizoral" cough ceased.

Lesya A.

Rinse your throat before going to bed and not only (more often) a solution of soda and a solution of apple cider vinegar in turn.

Maria Bagrova


Why there is a night cough in an adult: the main reasons

Cough itself is not a disease. It's just a symptom. His appearance can say that the body is fighting infection. It happens both during the day and at night. Sometimes a person during the day feels fine, and at night can not fall asleep because of severe attacks of coughing. It can provoke the beginning catarrhal diseases, and the person in a horizontal position can not completely clear his throat. At night, all processes slow down. Slime does not resolve, but accumulates and this causes buhikanie.

Destination in case of disease

It performs the protective function of the body, which appears as a result of a disease or the presence of a foreign body inside the person's airways. It manifests itself in the form of jerky exhalations, which contribute to the removal of infection or sputum. Buhykanie helps the bronchi to clear and protects the patient from suffocation.Sudden occurrence of a cough may indicate the ingress of an alien body into the body, and if it does not go out by itself, you should immediately consult a doctor.Prolonged seizures, lasting for two weeks, mean that the cough passes into acute form, and if there is a protracted option - more than two months, it means that he moved to chronic.

A night cough that does not recur during the day can indicate serious illness. Therefore, it is necessary to establish the diagnosis accurately, and according to it to conduct treatment. It may be that it is caused by an allergic reaction to bedding. For example, down in the pillow. And then when it is replaced, there will be a night phenomenon.

Cough begins when mucous respiratory organs are irritated. After removing the cause of their occurrence, there will be a buzzing. And in order to understand which of them caused it, we must first determine the type of cough. It can be unproductive and damp.

Why does a dry cough appear at night?

This kind of buxing itself is fraught with danger. At night, attacks of an unproductive cough can lead to apnea. And the process of coughing brings unpleasant sensations, accompanied by nausea, shortness of breath, and sometimes suffocating.

The reason for this can be:

  • obstructive bronchitis (here symptoms and treatment of obstructive bronchitis in adults are described);

    In the picture - lungs with obstructive bronchitis

  • defeat pleura in tuberculosis;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • heart failure;
  • problems in the field of gastroenterology;
  • pneumonia;
  • respiratory chlamydia and mycoplasmosis;
  • whooping cough;
  • allergy.

Negative effects on the body of the latter can lead to a fit of coughing with suffocation, which is due to a lack of oxygen and often results in a loss of consciousness. This often occurs in people with asthma. Her pathogens can be all around: dust, fluff, plant pollen or insect bites.

Night cough with cardiac dysfunction is accompanied by shortness of breath, as well as an accelerated heartbeat. If it is associated with a malfunction in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, then his attacks will be caused by irritation nerve endings of the esophagus and airway membranes, in which there may be acid content stomach.

Also, the appearance of a cough may be affected by overdried air in a room where a person sleeps. Then you need to buy a special humidifier, so that it does not happen again.

If the cause is cardiovascular disease, then they can be accompanied by shortness of breath, with the nasolabial triangle becoming bluish.

The appearance of a night cough can also cause the localization of malignant neoplasms or pulmonary tuberculosis. Because of the ingress of foreign bodies in the form of coarsely dispersed dust or grains, which were deposited in the throat and began to affect its mucous membranes. It can be caused by aortic dilatation or enlarged lymph nodes.

The nature of dry buhikany can prompt the cause of the disease. So, if you cough:

  • loud and similar to barking a dogTrachea or larynx;
  • frequent coughsIrritation of the pleura;
  • whooping coughwith a noise and the urge to vomit - whooping cough;
  • sharp boutsPleurisy or acute tracheobronchitis;
  • bitonal buzzing- inflammation of the lymph nodes (often occurs in smokers);
  • reflex attacks outside the respiratory system- Disease of the ears;
  • stubborn coughspeaks about the problems in the lungs (pneumoconiosis, tuberculosis, collagenosis and sarcoidosis);
  • whistlingoccurs with bronchial asthma;
  • stiffindicates a pathology in the region of the bronchi.

For the correct diagnosis of a cough, it is necessary to take into account the accompanying symptoms and the environment of the patient.

Find out if laryngitis is transmitted by airborne droplets.

What does dry cough mean in the morning?

Possible treatment of green sputum when coughing:

Causes of a damp cough in the middle of the night

With acute inflammation of the throat, there is a buildup of mucus and a person begins to reflexively get rid of it. This is causing a productive cough. It often appears as a continuation of the dry kind, and lasts much longer than the previous one. With a protracted phenomenon can go into a chronic form.

It can cause the following diseases:

  • focal pneumonia;
  • breakthrough abscess in the lung;
  • viral diseases;
  • tuberculosis;
  • stress;
  • ARVI;
  • rhinitis (here you can read about the treatment of chronic rhinitis at home);
  • pleuropneumonia;
  • breakthrough of the hepatic abscess;
  • genyantritis (the reference describes drops in the nose with sinusitis and sinusitis);
  • trachea or heart swelling;
  • Gastrointestinal diseases;
  • oncological diseases of the respiratory system;
  • sinusitis (read what antibiotics to drink with sinusitis).

The video tells about the causes of a night cough in an adult:

Depending on the type of sputum, you can determine which disease caused it.

So, if it is scant and viscous, then the cause is bronchitis, asthma or tracheitis.

Slime, accompanied by fetid odor, appears as a result of breakthrough of lung abscess. Her color can also tell you about the alleged disease. So, the yellow-orange color of mucus may indicate pleuropneumonia. And if it shows blood splittings and along with a cough there is chills and fever, then this indicates the course of tuberculosis or the presence of oncological pathology. In viral diseases, dizziness, vomiting and high fever can occur simultaneously with a wet cough. By reference, you can read more about the causes, if you cough up yellow sputum.

If a cough with mucus secretion is the only symptom that is not accompanied by anything, it indicates an inflammatory process in the lungs or the course of tuberculosis.

The acute form often appears on the background of acute respiratory disease. Prolonged may indicate pertussis, rhinitis, or sinusitis. A prolonged wet cough at night should be treated only as prescribed by the doctor, this is not the case when it can be delayed with his treatment.

Even knowing the cause of its occurrence, you do not need to put a definitive diagnosis yourself. It is better to provide doctors who, after observing the diagnostic algorithm: examinations, examinations, X-rays and endoscopic examinations will be able to prescribe the necessary treatment. If it is done on time, the consequences in the form of complications will be bypassed. Here you can read about the causes of a child's night cough.

What is the reason for the cough in the lying position? what can I do?



After a sore throat, she coughs for a long time, especially when lying down. And even if she has a feather pillow - throw it away and buy it with artificial filler - allergy is possible.
And just for the night, give libexin, so that at night you can not cough, and in the daytime treat it with expectorants.


Stagnation of phlegm in the lungs. It rises higher when you lie down and begins to irritate the receptors. Warm, make an iodine mesh on the chest,
Make the solution in very warm water, (salt-a little soda-butter)
and give a drink. Just drink hot before going to bed.

Natalia Tolkach

All will pass. Lechis Georges wrote everything right. Do not throw out the feather pillow. It is normal. And synthetics bring us nothing but grief!

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