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Now it's time that you should not turn your nose away from old proven means!!! Try to buy antiviral-them in pharmacies wild prices and, unfortunately, not all people can afford! !
And on this topic there is a good saying "An old friend is better than the new two" !!!

Mouse White

We dibasol was given in school as a preventive measure. I never drank it. And I never got sick.
So, I can not say anything.

The Count de Vall

Do you understand the difference between prevention and treatment?
When the flu came, how did you manage to treat it with dibazole?
If you want to live, run for Arbidol!


Well, on the idea of ​​dibazol is an antihistamine drug (t. e. anti-allergic) at the expense of its properties as a preparation of the immune content, I have not heard and I do not think so, and the cheapest way to strengthen immunity is oksolinovaya ointment, ascorbic, with what it does not dissolve and swallow whole, as well as onions and garlic, that's all, more briars, cranberries!


is that an advertisement of dibazol?

Svetlana Loktionova

Earlier, during the rise of ARI, tincture of eleutherococcus was prescribed, aralia - inward to children 1 cap. for a year of life, and for adults, 15 cap. 1-2 times a day, as well as instillation into the nose of interferon leukocyte every 4 hours with the onset of cold symptoms and 1-2 times a day for prevention. Remantadine - antiviral tablets. And also inside dibazol. And all these funds really helped. Now they forgot about them, maybe in vain, because in pharmacies appeared more modern (believe that more effective), but the expensive antiviral agents that you mentioned.

Good Cobra

When a pediatrician came to us for a call, she also prescribed dibazol in the morning for 2-3 days. Now the son has not been sick for five years, I forgot, well, that reminded me, I'm currently ill, tomorrow I'll go for dibazol.


If you are interested in information about all these drugs, you can find it here:

Here, if you want, information about Dibazol:
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But about Arbidole:
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There you can see detailed information about each.

In my opinion, the main prevention is a full balanced diet with enough vitamins.

The drug "Dibazol indications for use and the features of its action

In order to remove spasms in various organs and dilate blood vessels, use drugs, They can stimulate the process of vasodilation - relaxing the smooth muscles that make up them walls. This leads to an expansion of the lumen of blood vessels (this lowers blood pressure), as well as more active penetration of T-lymphocytes (this helps remove the existing inflammation). To such medicines the drug "Dibazol" also belongs. Indications for use and ways to use this tool, we consider in our article.

dibasol indications for use

When the drug "Dibazol" is used

The described drug, in addition to the above, has neurotropic properties (that is, it stimulates the transmission of excitation in the spinal cord). All this makes it possible to use it for the treatment of diseases of the nervous system during the recovery period, as well as spasmolytic, vasodilating and hypotensive agents. This drug is prescribed for residual phenomena of polyneuritis and poliomyelitis, peripheral paralysis of the facial nerve, for the treatment of hypertension, for headaches, angina pectoris, intestinal spasms. As you can see, for the drug "Dibazol" indications for use are in a fairly wide range.

Dosage of the drug

drug injectionThe described medicament is administered either orally or parenterally (i.e. e. in a vein or a muscle). In neurological diseases, its administration by electrophoresis is allowed. Hypertension is treated, as a rule, by injecting the drug "Dibazol" intramuscularly in an amount of 2-3 ml (if the solution is 1%) or 4-6 ml (if the solution,%). This corresponds to a dosage of 20-30 mg of the drug in tablets. The duration of such treatment is from eight days to two weeks. To stop the hypertensive crisis, this drug is injected into the muscle or vein. Its dose in such cases is 30-40 mg. This means that for a 1% solution, 3-4 ml of the drug is needed, and for 6% - 6 ml. Neurological practice involves the appointment of the drug "Dibazol" in an amount of 5 mg once a day for ten days. The maximum dose for oral administration is, 5 g per day, and once a day - no more than 5 mg.

In what quantities is the drug prescribed for children

For children, the prescribed medication is prescribed depending on the age. So, babies up to one year (newborns including) are offered 1 mg of the drug. In the period from one year to 12 years - 2-5 mg. But it should be noted that the exact dosage is selected individually for each patient. As a rule, no later than 28 days, the course of treatment is repeated. The following courses take place in one to two months.


With the uncontrolled use of the drug "Dibazol the indication for which we are considering, there may be symptoms of an overdose. They manifest themselves in the form of a feeling of heat, increased sweating, headache, nausea and (rarely) vomiting. Antidote to this tool does not exist, so in such cases, gastric lavage and taking laxatives are used. Please note that the appearance of the first symptoms of an overdose should force the patient to see a doctor to decide whether to use the drug.

Dibazol during pregnancy

dibasol in pregnancyIn the midwifery practice, the drug described also found wide application. It is prescribed as a means to reduce pressure, since it is considered safe enough. Studies have confirmed the lack of threatening effects of the components of this drug on the fetus or on the baby who is breastfed. At pregnancy the agent appoint or nominate in cases of increase of arterial pressure without dependence from that, what exactly it has been caused or called. If the drug is injected, then after 15-20 minutes. he begins mild hypotensive effect on the pregnant woman, which is especially important for a woman in this state. The fact is that a more severe decrease in pressure can provoke a violation of the fetoplacental blood circulation, and this, in turn, will cause fetal hypoxia (that is, its oxygen starvation).

The drug "Dibazol" for the prevention of influenza

dibazol for the prevention of influenzaSeparately, I want to dwell on the adaptogenic properties of this drug. The researchers proved that it contributes to the increase of our body's resistance to various external influences. Small doses of this drug stimulate the production of interferons and increase the amount of endorphins and itlelekin in the blood (these natural killers are the components of the immune defense of our body). But taking Dibazol tablets to prevent viral infections follows a long time (at least 30 days). To do this, you need a dose, 1 g per day. By the way, besides the stimulation of immunity, the drug enhances the stability of the nervous system, which controls the constancy of all the physiological processes that take place in our body. For treatment of acute respiratory viral infection medication is prescribed in individual dosages intravenously. As a rule, it is combined with calcium gluconate or ascorbic acid.

Side effects and contraindications for use

adverse events from the use of drugsIn the process of using the drug "Dibazol" should always take into account that its use does not give an immediate effect of lowering the pressure. On the contrary, with intravenous administration, it can briefly rise and only after a while will begin to decrease smoothly. Therefore, the independent uncontrolled use of this drug is fraught with negative consequences. These include ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, as well as hypertensive crisis, which is caused by the peculiarities of the action of this drug. It is inappropriate to prescribe the drug "Dibazol" to the elderly, since it can have a negative impact on the cardiovascular system of these patients. Do not prescribe the drug to patients who have increased muscle tone, convulsive syndrome, as well as patients suffering from diabetes mellitus or severe heart failure.

How the drug interacts with other drugs

  • If the use of the drug "Dibazol" is combined with the use of drugs containing phentolamine, then its hypotensive effect will increase.
  • The simultaneous use of diuretic (diuretic) and hypotensive (pressure-lowering) medicines with it enhances the effect of the latter.
  • The drug in combination with the beta-adrenergic blocker (they are responsible for the body's response to stress) prevents the increase in resistance in the vascular bed, caused by this drug. Such medications include "Anaprilin" medication.

Reviews about the drug "Dibazol"

the drug is prescribed by a doctorThe history of the described drug has been more than 60 years. But its use in modern medicine has not lost its relevance. Usually the named drug is well tolerated. Especially noted patients accurate, gradual decrease in pressure with his help. True, the effect of the reception lasts no more than three hours, and the persistent high pressure by this means does not get off. In addition, without consulting a doctor in cases of a strong increase in blood pressure, as already mentioned above, serious consequences are possible. Patients are also pleased with the low cost of the drug "Dibazol". Indications for use, as mentioned, are both vasospasm, and gastrointestinal ulcer, and colic of various origin, and polyneuritis. And in the 90 years of the last century, this tool was used in schools for the prevention of influenza and thus achieved a reduction in morbidity by 80%. But without consulting a doctor, you do not need to use it, since you can harm your health. Do not self-medicate!


Dibasol for improving immunity

dibasol for improving immunity

Dibasol- a synthetic drug, which is classified as a pharmaceutical group of myotropic antispasmodics. This drug is one of the successful developments of Soviet scientists in the field of pharmacology as an effective and practically harmless drug. Dibasol is produced in the form of tablets and a solution for injections in ampoules. The active substance of the drug is bendazole.

Pharmacological action of dibasol

Dibazol has an effect on muscle fibers, smooth muscles of blood vessels and vessels of internal organs. Eliminates spasms, reduces the tone of blood vessels and promotes their expansion, thereby reducing the level of blood pressure and activating the supply of blood in the areas of myocardial ischemia. However, the hypotensive effect of the drug is short.

By influencing the operation of the spinal cord, the drug facilitates the facilitation of synaptic transmission (neurotransmission). Also, Dibazol has a moderate, mild-acting immunomodulating activity, helps to increase the nonspecific resistance of the organism to various harmful effects.

Indications for use Diabazole:

  • arterial hypertension in the early stages;
  • hypertensive crisis;
  • coronary spasm;
  • diseases of internal organs characterized by spasms of smooth muscles (peptic ulcer, renal, intestinal and hepatic colic, spasms of the gatekeeper and intestines, etc.);
  • diseases of the nervous system (poliomyelitis, polyneuritis, paralysis of the facial nerve, etc.);
  • frequent catarrhal and viral diseases.

Dibasol as an immunomodulator

The use of dibazol to enhance immunity was suggested by the famous physician and pharmacologist, Professor Lazarev. According to the conducted studies, taking small doses of this medication for the purpose of preventing viral infections during epidemics made it possible to reduce the incidence by almost 80%.

Dibazol promotes the production of interferon by the body, an increase in the level of endorphins, interleukins and phagocytes related to the active components of immune defense. In addition, it was found that the activation of the synthesis of its own interferon is observed even in periods when the virus has already been infected with influenza viruses or acute respiratory infections. Data from clinical trials suggest that if you start taking Dibazol on the first day of an acute respiratory viral infection or the flu, then recovery will come faster and the symptoms will be less pronounced.

The drug gently affects after vaccination, stimulating the production of immunoglobulins, thereby increasing the immunity acquired after the introduction of the vaccine. Immunomodulatory effect of dibazol is realized by affecting the central nervous system, stimulation central mechanisms of homeostasis to maintain the constancy of the internal environment of the body and its basic functions.

Dibazol Dosage

In order to prevent catarrhal and viral infections, as well as to enhance the body's immune defenses, Dibazol is recommended

dibasol applicationtake adults 1 tablet (20 mg) once a day for an hour before meals or an hour after eating. The course of admission is 10 days, after which you should take a break for a month and again repeat the preventive course.

Electrophoresis with dibasol

Dibazol therapy may be performed by electrophoresis procedures. In this case, the medicinal solution is applied to the electrode pads and under the influence of the electric field penetrates the body through the skin, providing an effective vasodilator and spasmolytic act. In general, electrophoresis with dibasol is recommended for neurological diseases.


How to take "Dibazol"

How to use

Doctors recommend "Dibazol" for arterial hypertension, spasms of the arteries and smooth muscles of the internal organs (this includes peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcers, as well as intestinal colic); diseases of the nervous system - such as residual phenomena of poliomyelitis, peripheral paralysis of the facial nerve and m... However, now "Dibazol" is used even for the prevention of influenza.

You will need

  1. - prescription from a doctor.


  1. «Dibasol"Is produced in the form of a solution for injection (injections are given in a vein or muscle), powders and tablets. Currently, doctors are most often prescribed exactly pills, since it is believed that taking tablets "Dibasoland in many cases more effective. Inside «Dibasol"Appoint 1-2 tablets 2-3 times a day. Take it preferably not more than a month, taking a break for 1-2 months.
  2. «Dibasol"Even for children. Usually this medicine is well tolerated. The tablet should be swallowed two hours before meals or two hours after eating. For the prevention of influenza "Dibasol"Take inside once a day for one tablet for 3-4 weeks.
  3. «Dibasol"Has vasodilator, spasmolytic and hypotensive (lowering blood pressure) effects. Also this medication has a stimulating effect on the function of the spinal cord. Besides "Dibasol"Stimulates the immune system of the body, increasing the protective capabilities of the internal organs of a person when influencing on it the pathogens of certain infectious diseases.
  4. «Dibasol"It is not recommended to prescribe for long-term treatment of hypertension, especially the elderly.
  5. Sometimes when applying "Dibasola "allergic reactions are possible. Also at high doses, there may be a feeling of heat, intense sweating, dizziness, nausea and headache. During long-term use, the ECG may deteriorate due to a decrease in cardiac output.


The drug "Dibazol reviews, prevention of influenza, increased immunity

For the expansion of blood vessels and the removal of spasms in various organs use drugs that can relax the smooth muscles from which their walls consist. As a result, the lumen of the vessels expands, blood pressure decreases, and the T-lymphocytes that penetrate them help to relieve inflammation. Such medicines include "Dibazol".

Application of the drug

dibasol reviews

"Dibazol" has a wide scope of application. In addition to the removal of spasms and vasodilation, it also possesses neurotropic properties, that is, it can stimulate the transmission of excitation in the spinal cord. Due to this quality, the drug is used to treat the nervous system during the recovery period. It is also used for residual phenomena of poliomyelitis and polyneuritis, with headaches, spasms of the intestine, peripheral paralysis of the facial nerve, angina pectoris. Use "Dibazol" from the flu for preventive purposes.


"Dibazol" can be taken orally and parenterally, that is, it is injected into a muscle or vein. If there are neurological diseases, then its administration by electrophoresis is acceptable. Treatment of hypertension is carried out by administering the drug intramuscularly. If the solution is 1%, then the amount should be 2-3 ml, if, the% - 4-6 ml. In tablets, this dosage corresponds to 20-30 mg.

dibazol price

To suppress the hypertensive crisis, the agent is injected into a vein or muscle. The dosage is 30-40 mg. In the treatment of neurological diseases, the dose of the drug is 5 mg.

Side effects and contraindications of the drug "Dibazol"

Reviews of people taking this drug, suggest that it lowers the pressure not immediately. If it is administered intravenously, at first it rises slightly and only after a while begins to gradually decrease. Therefore, without the supervision of a doctor, it is forbidden to take it, because the likelihood of such adverse effects as hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke and hypertensive crisis is high.

dibasol for influenza

It is not recommended for elderly people to prescribe Dibazol. The testimonies of patients of the age indicate that it negatively affects the functioning of the cardiovascular system of such patients. Do not take it and people with increased muscle tone, suffering from convulsive syndrome, diabetes mellitus or severe heart failure.


If uncontrolled to take this drug, then an overdose may occur. It manifests itself in the form of excessive sweating, nausea, heat, headache. Antidote to it does not exist, therefore it is necessary to wash the stomach and take laxatives.

"Dibasol" against influenza and to enhance immunity

In the body such a drug acts as an adaptogen - a substance that increases its resistance to various external influences. It helps to accelerate the synthesis of protein and nucleic acids, and also activates the process of glycolysis. Using "Dibazol" for immunity (more precisely, increasing it) for three weeks, you can prevent the disease with angina. With the help of this drug, resistance to pneumococcal and staphylococcal infections increases. If this drug is taken in small doses, then the number of phagocytes and endorphins significantly increases and interferon begins to be produced. "Dibazol" for the prevention of influenza and other viral diseases use at least a month.

dibasol for immunity

The drug boosts immunity after the vaccinations. Immunomodulating effect is achieved due to the influence on the basic mechanisms of homeostasis and mild stimulation of the nervous system.

Dibazol in pregnancy

In cases of high blood pressure during pregnancy, doctors appoint "Dibazol". Feedback from specialists and women suggests that it does not have any adverse effects on the fetus. The drug effectively lowers blood pressure, which is considered quite dangerous for a pregnant woman, as it can accompany such diseases as hyperthyroidism, glomerulonephritis, gestosis.

dibasol for prophylaxis

After 15-20 minutes after the administration of the drug, blood pressure begins to decrease gradually, which is very it is important in this state of the body, since a sharp decrease in pressure can disrupt the fetoplacental circulation. This often leads to the development of fetal hypoxia.

You should know that "Dibazol" during pregnancy is used only in emergency cases and it can not be taken every day. If the increase in blood pressure is persistent, then it is necessary to select other antihypertensive drugs for long-term use, which will not cause harm to the fetus.

Interaction with other drugs

If "Dibazol the price of which is indicated below, is used in combination with such drugs as "Clonidine "Reserpine "Fentolamine then may increase the antihypertensive effect, which is necessarily taken into account with the simultaneous appointment of several antihypertensive means. Interaction with papaverine hydrochloride helps to increase the spasmolytic effect of both drugs.


The cost of the drug is very attractive, and it will not be difficult to acquire. Very happy with the high efficiency and low cost of the drug "Dibazol". The price of the solution for injections is about 45 rubles, and the tablets - 25-50 rubles.


Many people have been helped by a drug such as Dibazol. Feedback from patients and pregnant women suggests that it is quite effective. But in no case can not take it without the appointment of a doctor, otherwise instead of the long-awaited improvement may appear adverse effects.


Dibazol for children

dibazol for children

Dibasol is a widely known drug that is used in many medical fields - from cardiology, otolaryngology, neurology, gastroenterology to pediatrics.

The multifaceted action of dibazol is due to the composition that "works" at the molecular level, stimulating the production energy and "growth" of cells - immune, blood, and also helps to relax the smooth muscles of organs and vessels.

Many of these effects determine the completely arumentenovannoe use of dibazol for the treatment of children.

Indications dibazol for newborns and children of older age

Proceeding from the listed properties of dibazol, it is possible to deduce its indications. So, dibazol for children is shown at:

  • colic - due to its soft influence on the smooth muscles of the internal organs, relieves the babies from the tormenting colic, providing them with a calm sleep and harmonious development;
  • Muscular hypotension - most often due to severe childbirth, when the baby is for a long time without access to oxygen. Also, it occurs in premature babies, with hereditary neuromuscular diseases, with chromosomal syndromes. The effectiveness of dibazol for the treatment of hypotonic syndrome in newborns depends on the severity of the disease;
  • increased fatigue, stress - this action is due to the adaptogenic property of dibazol, increasing the nonspecific resistance of the organism;
  • frequent colds, acute respiratory infections, influenza is a very interesting property of dibazol, which has found a very wide use for the treatment of young children. It stimulates the production of interferon in response to the entry of viruses into the body.

Dibazol - a method of application and contraindications

dibasol for newborns

For the prevention of colds and flu, the dosage of dibazol is, 01 grams. Take it should be once a day in the "season" of ARVI. Muscular hypotension uses dibazol powder for children, which includes, 01 grams of dibasol +, 5 glucose. The same dosage of dibazol is used for stress and colic.

Dibazol tablets are contraindicated for children under 12 years.

Also, do not use it in case of diabetes, allergies to the drug, heart failure and convulsive syndrome.

Dibasol - overdose

In the case of an overdose of dibazolum appears, fever, sweating, low blood pressure. Antidote for this drug does not exist, the treatment is based on methods of detoxification - flushing the stomach, droppers.

Overdose can occur only in the case of a significant excess of the recommended dose.


What is better for prophylaxis against influenza dibazol or rementadine?


little bird

the best arbidol 2 tabs a day, remantadin the same can. Dibasol for the prevention of influenza is not appropriate. To arbidol it is possible to add tsikloferon. from homeopathic aflubin


remenadin, dibazol in general from pressure!

Alexey Ignatiev

Dibasol is not specific, it increases the overall resistance of the body.

Idel Tansykkuzhin

Both preporata are not effective, the best remedies are onions and garlic.

Anny Mo

the best prevention is a healthy sleep, consumption of vitamins and walking in the fresh air.
but medicines... do not save... believe me.

alexander weiner

onion, garlic, sauna and hardening

Julia Smith 83

Onions, garlic, ascorbic. Of the drugs - arbidol, anaferon, remantadine, cytovir, kagocel, amixin, ocillococcinum.

Elena Berezovskaya

In order not to guess, carefully read the section on Prevention (part 2)

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