Should I get a flu shot

Do I need to get a flu shot?


The flu is so dangerous for people that it is on the third place among the most treacherous diseases of our time. Therefore, doctors recommend that you vaccinate to avoid the flu and its complications. Meanwhile, up to 80% of US residents prefer to vaccinate, about 10% of the population of Russia, and in Ukraine - up to 1%. There are a lot of rumors about vaccinations - truthful and not very good. Do I need to get a flu shot?

Do I need to get a flu shot?

Who needs flu vaccination?

WHO argues that although everyone is sick with the flu, not everyone needs vaccinations. But there are groups of people who need flu shots. It:

  • Children from six months who have not yet acquired immunity to colds and whose immune system is still very weak
Who needs flu vaccination?
  • People with chronic diseases of the respiratory system (but not in an acute state and without temperature)
  • Those who have immunodeficiency
  • People who have crossed the threshold of 50 years

Why is it so difficult to get a flu shot?

In the composition of the influenza virus, there are special antigens, the formula and form of which forms varieties of the same viruses. These varieties, to our regret, change their composition every year, because of what it is quite difficult to find an effective vaccine against the flu.

Why is it so difficult to get a flu shot?

In order for the vaccine to be developed correctly and, accordingly, it is necessary to rely on the doctors' forecasts regarding the likely changes in the structure of the virus. This is quite difficult, so if the vaccine is not properly selected, you can not guess and not protect the person from the flu completely. The fact is that if scientists have not guessed with the vaccine, then it will not have enough antimatter to withstand the flu. With an incorrectly selected vaccine, its effectiveness is reduced by a factor of three - this explains the inefficiency of vaccinations.

What is the composition of the flu vaccine?

As part of the vaccination against influenza viruses are contained, but not alive, but already killed. These viruses, getting into the human body, increase its immunity and cause it to fight with the infection. Having trained on weak viruses, the body instantly recognizes influenza viruses that get to it from the external environment. And easily copes with them. In this - the essence of the vaccine against the flu.

What is the composition of the flu vaccine?

The vaccine differs from the present influenza virus in that it contains too weak viruses or inactivated viruses (generally without virus content). These are inactivated viruses and can give most complications after the flu. After the vaccination, two weeks pass from the flu, and this is the time when the body fully adapts to this type of flu. Therefore, it is better to vaccinate against influenza not during epidemics, but before their onset - beginning in October.

Pros of vaccination against influenza

Vaccination against influenza helps reduce the incidence of influenza in a rather impressive scale - this is a fact. For example, among the elderly people who were vaccinated against the flu, up to 60% later they are not sick with acute respiratory diseases in general. Vaccination from the flu makes it possible not to ache more than 80% of people of all ages who have been vaccinated. Children who were vaccinated against influenza cease to be ill in more than 92% of cases. Vaccination against influenza also reduces the likelihood of complications by more than a third - one of them is a painful otitis for children.

Cons of vaccination against influenza

There are also side effects of flu vaccination. They are related to:

  • Incorrect use of the vaccine (not corresponding to the influenza strain)
  • Vaccination in those conditions that are prohibited for vaccinations - pregnancy in the first trimester, high fever, acute disease during vaccination
  • A negative reaction to vaccine substances that were not taken into account
Cons of vaccination against influenza

Consequences of the negative reaction of the body to the vaccine - weakness of the body, redness at the injection site, fever and flu symptoms in mild form - headache, lethargy and so on. With a normal reaction of the body to the vaccine, these symptoms disappear within two days after the vaccination, and In case of complications, a person's condition worsens after 6-12 hours Inoculations.

It is worth knowing that, in addition to vaccination against influenza, there are other methods of prevention: more abundant drinking with vitamins (decoction of rose hips, sea ​​buckthorn, tea with lemon and honey), wearing an antiviral mask, taking multivitamin preparations to maintain immunity, frequent washing hands. They should be used, because in the cold season, a person loses a lot of vitamins - up to 70% of what is needed!

Therefore, using a vaccine against influenza as the only means is wrong. But you do not need to give it up. Especially if you find yourself on the list of people who need flu shots.

Who does not have a flu vaccine?

There are people who do not get a flu shot, because it can cause a number of complications.

  • These are people with chronic diseases of the nervous system
  • Those who have problems with the genitourinary system (ureter, bladder, kidneys and so on)
  • People suffering from diseases of the endocrine organs (thyroid, adrenal, pituitary)
  • Those who have heart failure, and clearly expressed
  • People with bronchial asthma
  • Patients with blood diseases of any age
  • Pregnant women before the third trimester of pregnancy
  • Those who have an allergy to chicken protein

Vaccination against influenza, introducing viruses into the body, can cause an adverse reaction even in healthy people who do not suffer from the above contraindications.

Influenza in Figures

Today the flu is a real plague of the century. In terms of complications and mortality, influenza is in third place after cardiovascular diseases and cancer. And the flu together with ARVI occupy 95% of infectious diseases. These viruses each year strike up to 500 million people on the planet. Of these people, up to 2 million people die. To reduce these deaths, scientists recommend vaccination.

Vaccination, according to WHO, should protect people from the flu and prevent complications after the flu, not to mention the mortality, which is significantly reduced. The vaccine works, strengthening primarily the immune system.

Influenza in Figures

But, unfortunately, this protection does not always work. As a minus, it is not always right for physicians to select a vaccine, but as a plus, even if the vaccine does not fully protect against infection with the virus, but it makes it possible to weaken its influence on the body.

More on the influenza virus

The flu virus is far from alone. There are at least three of them - the influenza virus A, B, C - as the first letters in the English alphabet. The most dangerous is considered to be influenza type A, epidemics and pandemics are associated with it. Influenza type B is also not a gift - it causes damage to the body in many people, but affects people more locally. The most mild in its impact is the influenza C virus, although it is undesirable to suffer from none of the three types of influenza.

How do you think it is worth getting a flu shot? practice shows that it only gets worse.



I think that it is not necessary. Vaccinations as a Russian roulette - lucky or unlucky, there will be complications or not.. .
Yesterday there was a film on TVC again about vaccinations - the arguments are FOR and AGAINST.
Recently ridicule advertising of stomatologists about a tooth-paste "And you know, what at you in a mouth bacteria reproduce? "Everybody scolds the antimonopoly service that they allow advertising based on intimidation. So in vaccination for many decades people are being intimidated, for our money you are buying vaccines - if all these billions were spent on the development of medicine and safe treatment.. .
It is characteristic that most doctors are not vaccinated themselves, their children and grandchildren from this save, but not all have the courage to report it, draw a tick.
I am for an informed choice - before playing roulette, you need to get acquainted with the statistics on postvaccinal complications - but it is available to the units.
And here is interesting information:
Comed Files prove that Thimerosal-containing influenza vaccinations lead to miscarriage & amp; tart = 135
Read this link to William Endgal: Bill Gates on the "vaccine for population reduction"
"In plain English, one of the most influential people in the world clearly said that he expects a vaccine that will be used to reduce population growth.
The main emphasis in his multi-billion fund is vaccination, especially in Africa and other developing countries. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a founding member of the GAVI Alliance (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations) in partnership with the World Bank, WHO and vaccine manufacturers. The goal of GAVI is the vaccination of every newborn child in the developing world.
Today it looks like a noble charitable work. The problem is that the vaccine industry has been repeatedly caught by the hand of concealing dangerous consequences (insecurity due to unverified or even proven harmful to health) vaccines for the unsuspecting Third World population when they can not get rid of Western vaccines. (3) Some organizations believe that the true goal of vaccination is to weaken people and make them even more susceptible to disease and premature death. (4)
Pharmaceutical manufacturers of vaccines are silent about the huge health impact of vaccination for children, including autism and Numerous neuromuscular deformities caused by toxic adjuvants and preservatives used in most vaccines. "

Travnitsa Anna

My friend nearly got his hands off after this vaccination - she was lying in an extremely difficult condition after her.
Just make a shield of influenza from strong anti-influenza natural remedies - eat more often lemon, dip it into honey or sugar, eat onion fried or in salads, just garlic rub into salads. Drink herbal teas. And more fresh fruit, berries, greens, vegetables, eat.

Natalia Ignatova

in the past to year did or made to itself and the child, years of a flu - did not hurt or be ill; be sick all the year. now, too, most likely will. in the kindergarten grafted children also did not get sick.

Marina Pryazhnikova

and my son is a year and three. goes to the manger. from vaccination, I refused! I think it's better to give Anaferon, aktsinukatsinum (not sure what I wrote correctly), bronchus immunal. Good prophylaxis. Even adults badly inoculated, sometimes they get into the hospital with various exacerbations. And the children ...

Victoria Burtseva

Well I would put

Julia Solovyov

Well, if the practice shows not prite against

Anastasia Semenova

It's not worth it.

Tanyushka Sukhanosova

All vaccinations (absolutely, and this is proven) are HARMFUL!!! When we get sick, we get sick with a small disease, and whoever does not get lucky gets sick really. Therefore, neither myself, nor my children and close relatives for anything in the world will not put inoculations!!! My child's cerebral palsy (an easy form) manifested itself in three years, after a regular inoculation from hepatitis. T. e. just vaccinated provoked an aggravation of this ailment.
In general, the person himself must decide whether or not it is necessary ...

Natalie Gorshanova

Yeah, once stupidly done. Symptoms are the same as with the flu, but there is no temperature. Oh, I figured the same thing, but the hospital did not give. Type, gripe without temperature does not happen and I'm a simulator. So I do not do more vaccinations.

Frau Steiner

Me - definitely not worth it, the doctor banned me categorically. And the example of people close to me shows that the one who did it - will definitely get sick with the flu even in mild form (without heat), and who did not, can not even get infected at all.

Is it worthwhile to put a flu shot against a child of 3 years old?



In recent days, a lot of questions and answers to this burning issue. Put on the label of the words: HEALTH, RIVIVK, ET, RIP, YETSKY GARDEN. I think you'll find the right answer for yourself.

Assistant to the deputy GD.RF.



it will not be worse.


Consult with the district pediatrician ...

Jana Jane

I do not understand the correct answer. But I would refuse to be a child and having the current skill


NO! I did it last year, then I was lying in bed for two weeks with horrible flu, such a strong remission was for this inoculation, that I will never do it again. If the adult organism reacts like that, then what about the child to say, though, each person's reaction is individual.


Consult your pediatrician, for adults, the effectiveness of this vaccination is not used by 30%. Good luck.

Dmitry Serkov

from their practice - all the children in the group after that were completely sick from the vaccination, but safely - during the flu epidemic, except for one child - mine, we do not set habits, but we temper and immunity raise


Totally agree with Dmitry Serkov. Too much is known about cases of reactions to vaccinations, in this case it is appropriate to say infection. I just hear that not only that, after the vaccination, it was very hard, they also fell into the epidemic. So get busy strengthening immunity. If the child belongs to the category of BWA, then go to the site

Should I put a flu vaccine in school?


Inna Orlik

Any vaccination is an additional burden on the immune system, so at the time of vaccination, the child must be absolutely healthy, so that the immune system responds adequately to the vaccination. Ideally, before any vaccination it is recommended to conduct an immunological examination - an "immune passport" and make decisions on the need for vaccination based on the results of the tests.

Hope E

If there is no egg allergy. or any problems, I would have done.


xs. To me that they did or made them - was ill, that did not do or made - hurted or was ill; was sick. And if there is no difference... In addition, all vaccinations are a weakened virus. If the body is weaker than that, it is possible that a person will get sick from vaccination. The vaccination will protect against one type of virus. And which of them will be atrocities this year?

Svetlana Putivets

It depends on the immunity of the baby.. Even cases of deaths from vaccinations are known ...

Andrey Shibaev

The list of seasonal epidemic strains has long been determined. Polyvalent grafts are ready. The epidemic of seasonal flu in Russia is expected in late November. If there is a desire, why not? The technology of grafting is not difficult, in school conditions it is quite accessible.

Xenia V-I

the most useless vaccination. and in addition the child should be absolutely healthy (and the incubation period is mb up to 7 days, here and guess he did not catch the infection before vaccination, then you will be sick 2a times stronger, ttt)

Natalia Žilina

I NEVER put, I do not put and I will not put! neither from the flu nor from the tick! enough from our children and obyazalovki. would have had the strength to fight with our bureaucracy so generally would not set!


Yes, put it, here at my daughter's school last year nothing was done at all, or they invite me when everything is in full swing, so we get ourselves vaccinated ourselves, in paid clinics, and when we need to ..

no no


Alenka -_-

It's not worth it.
There is no sense in it.

Inoculation against influenza. Is it necessary to put a child of 8 years?



Yes, now once vaccinated with the flu virus, he will recover in the near future, only in the form of a mild cold, I do not give my daughter my consent and our pediatrician does not give his kind to his 8-year-old son


We have never been vaccinated against influenza.


Vaccinations are not done for influenza varieties - one vaccine for everything. One vaccination in 500r (income). Privyut and sense of zero.


I think it's best not to. Vaccination against the flu was never raised. In that year, the senior 11-year-old influenza ball 2 days, and who in the class put almost one month sick.


Do not worry! I always agreed to vaccinations. I think that you can go to the competitions, and go to the pool again! That's how you set yourself up, so everything will be. I wish you luck and health to your son.

Ekaterina Gerasimova

Personally, I did not get sick after the vaccination, last year we (children 3 years old) in the kindergarten did, no complications and no one got sick.


Once already put now why worry, back still can not get. Think about the good. Usually, after the vaccination, the reaction begins in a few hours. Look at his condition if tomorrow he will be healthy why should not he go to the pool ?!


People say (and why it works! ): What are you afraid of, then it will happen!. Therefore, more positive, it is better not to go to the pool tomorrow. Each person has its own non-repeatable immunity, so it is possible that everything will be fine. Good luck and victory!

Nina Abdrashitova (Mikhailova)

find in the internet movie ALL THE TRUTH ABOUT VACCINES and look necessarily and make conclusions for yourself and WHY BENEFITS OF PRIVACY, PARTICULARLY AGAINST FLU?


Nothing terrible will happen, the child is healthy, so it will be normal. But next time be smarter. The benefits of vaccination are no, but the probability of harm exists. Better strengthen the body - a healthy mindset, peace, an active lifestyle, a healthy natural diet - what is given to us by the Supreme mind. All the rest is from the evil one.

Vladimir Shchukin

Our doctors do not trust a cat, and you are a child.

Will prompt, please, whether to put an inoculation against a flu?



If you have not been ill with your whole life... why then put ..))) At least the last 3-5 years ..))) And in general when Love in the shower... hold her in your heart... the disease will not affect you ...)))

Irina Strizhkova

Why do you artificially undermine immunity? The flu can get sick, but maybe not. And after the vaccination 100 percent will be sick.

art Stepanenkov

I would not advise - the virus mutates constantly, so you will be ill, but maybe not so hard


Necessarily it is necessary. Unless of course there are contraindications to you. Vaccination protects not from illness, but from complications that can be very serious, even fatal.
We have a family of doctors and every year we are vaccinated. Probably I would not be able to poison myself.

Elena Bykova

After a similar vaccination in 2000, I got sick and got bronchial asthma. Since then I have not given flu vaccines.


How can you randomly get a flu shot if you do not know what kind of flu you are going to get sick. I am generally amazed by such blind trust and confusion about the benefits of vaccination.

xxxxx xxxxx

if you are a psychic and know exactly what kind of flu this year will cover us, it's worth

Natalia Vasilyeva

Viral infection, belonging to the ARVI group.
Treatment: abundant drink, refusal to eat, there is a product Tentorium, it must always be in the mouth. Extra-lor + O-de-vit, Ai-pi-vi, Tentorium + ...
The vaccination is absolutely useless. Suppresses immunity.
The abolition of vaccination is accompanied by a sharp decline in diseases.
Complications appear only in two cases:
1. if there is a chronic disease.
2. Inappropriately aggressive treatment (antibiotics are contraindicated0
Coronary complication from grafting - Hyena-barre syndrome is a rapidly progressive weakness of the muscles right up to paralysis (inoculation against hepatitis, smallpox, anticonvulsant, sleeping pills, antibiotics, sulfonamides-beseptol, bactrim medicines.

Whether it is necessary to put an inoculation against a flu to the child of 7 years? We go to school. THANK YOU!!!


Natalia Kaurova

Mine is also 7 years old, we go to school, never vaccinated against her, there are a lot of flu viruses, and one vaccination against all viruses will not insure, in addition, after vaccination, the child may take several days to become ill.

Communication MegaFonCaucasus

Do not even think! From flu, there's no use in grafting.


Absolutely not!

Oksana Vdovina

Our 9 years old. in the garden once vaccinated against the flu, then the sex of the year was ill: (we refused these unnecessary vaccinations. immunity recovered. Now we do not get sick at all.

Fairy Winged

No, it's not worth it!


I now refuse this vaccination, took root somehow, wildly got sick with the flu, hardly pumped out.

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