How to get rid of a cold and nasal congestion

How to get rid of nasal congestion at home



If you have a cold, treatment should be comprehensive

It is necessary to combat catarrhal diseases in a complex way: use medicinal and physiotherapeutic means. If you have a runny nose, treatment should be aimed at eliminating the congestion and underlying cause of the disease. Only in this case the therapy will be effective.

Drugs used to relieve nasal congestion tend to be vasoconstrictors and sprays. They quickly remove the stuffiness, "punching" the nose and eliminating the discharge. A significant drawback of such drugs is that in many cases they are addictive and have only a temporary effect.

To strengthen the therapeutic effect of medications prescribed for the common cold, doctors recommend additional procedures. For example, washing the nasal cavity, inhalation, physiotherapy, warming the nasal sinuses (strictly according to individual indications). The most accessible, simple and effective procedure is washing the nose with an isotonic solution of sea water.

Washing of the nasal cavity with sea water and other means

Washing with sea water helps to clean the nasal passages from crusts and mucus, helps to facilitate breathing with a cold. Sea water contains many microelements and compounds that have antiseptic properties. It consists of sodium chloride (NaCl), potassium, magnesium, sodium, selenium and other substances. With regular washing of the nasal cavity, they help to remove edema, reduce inflammation and restore the mucosa.

The isotonic solution of sea water contains a concentration of sodium chloride, which is as close as possible to the concentration of NaCl in the blood plasma. Due to the optimal composition, the product is well perceived by the body and completely safe for health.

On the basis of sea water special means are made, which are easy and convenient to use. These include natural nasal drops and sprays from the "Akvalor" series.

"Aqualor" - a series of natural remedies for breathing

Sprays and drops "Aqualor" are auxiliary tools, the action of which is aimed at eliminating nasal obstruction and swelling of the nasal mucosa. The series includes preparations developed specifically for adults:

«Akvalor Norm»,
"Akvalor Forte,
"Akvalor Forte Mini".
... and for children:

"Aqualor Baby Spray,
"Aqualor Baby Bed".
The drugs in this series can be used concomitantly with medications to eliminate the causes rhinitis, influenza, sinusitis, adenoiditis and other diseases of the nasopharynx, accompanied by difficulties respiration.

Nelya Kudryavtseva

"I give copies. 1) Sinusitis, etc. if you start to break and headache and torba, then you can not get away... but if the condition is stable, then continue to treat, each with its own method. there is such: for the night in one nostril to stick a piece of butter, on a trace. night to another. During the night, everything is in the sinuses, it will dissolve and come out in the morning. And so on, until there is a way out. In the same pus green... try to get rid of it naturally! Nostrils wash the little finger soapy to crunch with water at room temperature. It helps to get rid of a cold without any medication. I'm afraid of fear: pus to warm... Copies of other recipes! ANGINA is terrible with complications! Very simple and effective. You take an orange and clean it like a potato. Peel the peel on the lid of the pot with boiling water or a battery. You chew this peel like a chewing gum and do not eat. Only you suck. Orange oil KILLS Staphylococcus aureus. You can chew and a simple peel, but we always have dried in a jar. He locked himself up in the throat. Take the orange from the jar. Skins and chew And now for the common cold! Litvina's recipe L milk to bring to a boil and throw there a mush of bulb rubbed on a grater. Cool to hot, when you can already drink and strain and drink hot 1 glass. To bed and so several times a day. At night 1 st and in the morning, heat the remainder and drink. LYING! Will pass even the flu WITHOUT COMPLICATIONS. In my family all forgot about ANGINA. JUST HAPPY TO CLEAR THE THROAT WITH AN ORANGE OIL!! "

nifiga sebe

sleep in woolen socks on bare feet! paracetamolchiku!


blow your nose into the sink and that's it.

Ivan Laguta

Buy a blue lamp in a pharmacy, this is the best thing that can be, and without addiction.

Fedotova Daria

blow your nose into the sink

How quickly and efficiently get rid of a cold and nasal congestion?



With a prolonged runny nose: sniff powder of oregano grass or powder of the herb letter.

With a chronic cold: finely chop the leaves of aloe and mix them with the same amount of honey. Insist 5 hours. Bury in the nose with this heated remedy 3-4 times a day.

With a cold, 1-2 times lubricate the nasal mucosa with freshly squeezed Kalanchoe leaves.

Runny nose can be cured by warming the area of ​​the soles or by applying mustard plasters on the calf muscles of the legs. Mustard foot baths have a good effect: 1 tbsp. l. mustard powder carefully diluted in six liters of hot water (41-43 ° C). Contraindications are varicose veins on the legs, high blood pressure and some common diseases.
1. Washing solutions
Despite the abundance of ready-made dosage forms, the best of all methods of treating the common cold is a banal rinse. The recipe for this procedure is simple: 2 teaspoons of salt or 2 teaspoons of salt and soda per liter of water. You can use and decoction of herbs that have anti-inflammatory properties - chamomile, sage. (Incidentally, washing compounds are also sold in pharmacies - for example, sinamarin).
Any solution must be heated to the temperature of the body before the procedure begins, or else you can prepare a small syringe or syringe without a needle. In order not to earn inflammation of the middle ear, the nose should be washed slightly with the head down, otherwise the liquid from the syringe will fall into the auditory tube. One wash requires at least a glass (200 ml) of the solution. This procedure is not very pleasant, but the effect is guaranteed.
Help is needed
Taking the above drugs (or washing your nose), you will get rid of the cold in a couple of days and will feel great. But if:
● 10 days after the start of treatment, your nose still flows;
● fever has risen or a cold in the ear has become painful;
● you feel a toothache at the level of fangs or a headache in the forehead and eyebrows area;
● only one nostril is laid down - contact a doctor!
Folk meditation
● Freshly prepared aloe juice to dig in 3 drops in each nostril 3-4 times a day.
● Mix an equal amount of freshly prepared aloe and carrot juice. Mix the mixture 3 drops 3-4 times a day.
● Freshly squeezed lemon juice to dig in 1-2 drops several times a day (as needed).
● Mix 10 teaspoons of honey and half a teaspoon of fresh horseradish juice. Lubricate this mixture with the nasal mucosa (using a cotton swab).
● Mix a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of beet juice to lubricate the nasal mucosa.
● Prepare a mixture of 3 teaspoons of olive oil, a teaspoon of spirituous tincture of propolis and half a teaspoon of fresh horseradish juice. Bury 3 drops in the nostril (you can lubricate the sinuses of the nose).
● A tablespoon of marigold flowers (marigolds) pour a glass of steep boiling water, insist 10 minutes, strain infusion and drink it warm. You can add honey.


Several times inhale ammonia.


Drops in the nose "Ximelin"

Svetlana Tropicana

Try "Zanos" Nazivin "etc.


trash onion grated.. squeezing juice into the juice you add 2-4 drops of honey and for the night you dig into your nose 6 drops into each nostril and everything will pass

Koskina Elena

Try Aquamaris... this nosal spray with the salts of the Adriatic Sea. It helps me...

Irina Ukraine

In the broadcast Malakhov + told, you need to take from the garlic stalk dry and set on fire and breathe. I tried, it helps. And there is a good medicine Vitaon-balm Karavaeva. Do not be lazy and drip. I do this to my children. Do not be ill!!!


go to the bathhouse


to breathe a lemon

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petal squeeze out
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bury in your
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How to get rid of stuffy nose and runny nose. How to quickly get rid of nasal congestion

Most often with cold and flu, breathing through the nose is difficult, and a runny nose is observed. These seemingly banal symptoms people often do not pay attention. But in vain. They can cause not only ordinary colds, but also very serious diseases. How to get rid of stuffy nose and runny nose? Before turning to this question, let us consider what the rhinitis and possible causes of such a condition are.

How to get rid of stuffy nose and runny nose?

Coryza - what is it?

The condition when there is a discharge from the nose, in the language of doctors is called rhinitis. It arises from the inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity, they swell. Hence the difficulty of breathing through the nose, and discharge, which can be mucous and purulent. Most often, the onset of a cold provoked by viruses. Rhinitis can act as an independent disease or be a symptom of another infection, for example, influenza, diphtheria, measles, gonorrhea, HIV and so on.

Causes of rhinitis

  • Sharp temperature changes, for example, when moving from frost to a warm room. And it's not about the pathology - it's a physiological reaction.
  • Excessive use of spices. If there are sharp dishes in the menu, nasal congestion may also occur, but, as a rule, there are no excretions.
  • Effects of tobacco smoke and other irritants.
  • Changes in the hormonal background.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Tumors, polyps and foreign bodies in the nasal passages.
  • Carthage syndrome (a rare hereditary disease).
  • Vasomotor rhinitis.
  • Sinusitis.
  • Viral infections.

How to get rid of stuffy nose and runny nose? This will depend on the cause that caused the rhinitis.

Get rid of stuffy nose. Treatment of a cold

How is rhinitis manifested?

Symptomatic of acute rhinitis depends on the stage of the disease. There are only three:

  1. The first - at this stage, microorganisms have just penetrated the nasal cavity and began to have a negative effect on the mucosa. This is manifested by a sensation of tickling and dryness in the nose. Sometimes a headache and an increase in temperature can be associated with subfebrile. The duration of this period is from a few hours to a day, sometimes a little more.
  2. The second stage is characterized by abundant discharge from the nose of the mucous fluid and difficulty breathing. The olfactory sensitivity is dulled. There may be lacrimation and stuffiness of the ears. This is because the nasal cavity is connected with the conjunctiva and inner ear by means of separate small passages.
  3. The third stage usually begins on the 4th-5th day from the time of infection on the nasal mucosa, and it is associated with the reaction of the immune system. The discharge from the nose becomes thick, muco-purulent, greenish or yellowish-green in color, sometimes have an unpleasant odor. Phagocytes and neutrophils (protective cells) compete with bacteria that fall on the mucosa. They destroy the infection, seizing and digesting it, and they themselves die. This, in fact, is a purulent discharge. After a few days, the discharge becomes less and less, the swelling subsides, the obstruction disappears, and recovery comes.
How to get rid of nasal congestion? Simple recommendations

How to get rid of a cold, stuffiness? Treatment will depend on the cause that caused rhinitis. So, for example, if these symptoms are allergic in nature, then it will be enough to take antihistamines Tavegil Diazolin "Tsetrin etc. With an allergic rhinitis, the third stage is usually absent.

How to get rid of nasal congestion? Simple recommendations

Uncomplicated acute rhinitis is easy to cure at home. How quickly to get rid of a cold? We conquer the runny nose with folk remedies. Such treatment will help in the first stage of rhinitis:

  • At the initial stage of the disease, sometimes it is enough to make several hot foot baths lasting 10-15 minutes. They do it before going to bed, then put on warm socks and go to bed.
  • A similar effect is imposed by the placement of mustard plasters on the sole and calf muscles.
  • It is recommended an abundant warm drink, in which it is good to add lemon or raspberry.
How to get rid of a cold, stuffiness. Treatment

How to get rid of nasal congestion? Treatment of rhinitis medications

For the treatment of rhinitis of the first stage, the following medicines are suitable:

  • Local antiseptics, for example, it is recommended to dig in a 3-5% solution of "Protargol" 2 times a day.
  • A good effect is provided by means that increase immunity, for example, drops "Lizotzim" or "Interferon".
  • If a headache worries, analgesics are used: "Solpadein" Tylenol "Analgin".

The second stage of the disease is characterized by purulent discharge from the nose, which means that a bacterial infection has joined. For treatment at this stage it is recommended to use antibacterial agents, for example, a spray "Bioparox" or a tablet "Amoxicillin".

How quickly to get rid of stuffy nose at this stage? Here, vasoconstrictors, such as Naphtizine or Xylometazoline drops, can help.

To facilitate the outflow of mucus from the nasal passages, one can recommend a plant-derived preparation "Sinupret". It is available in drops and dragees.

Treatment of rhinitis in infants

How to get rid of nasal congestion and runny nose in infants? Such symptoms disturb the babies and interfere with normal feeding. Children are restless, can not breathe during feeding and therefore cry.

How to quickly get rid of nasal congestion?

Immediately before feeding they are recommended to clean the nasal passages with the help of a suction can. If the baby's crusts formed in the nose, they are removed with a cotton turunda (twisted into a thin tube with a cotton swab) moistened with sterile vegetable oil or petroleum jelly. So the crusts easily soften. Then they are removed.

If you can not do without medicamental treatment, and nasal breathing has not recovered, then apply a 5% solution of "Galazolin" ("Xylometazoline") before feeding.

Between the feeds use a 2% solution of Protargol which reduces the discharge from the nose.

How to get rid of stuffy nose and runny nose in adults and small children, we now know. Consider measures to prevent this ailment.

Prevention of rhinitis

How quickly to get rid of a cold? We defeat the runny nose

The preventive measures for the common cold include:

  • Prevention of colds.
  • Avoid prolonged stay in drafts.
  • Proper nutrition, especially during periods of seasonal colds. It should be high-calorie with enough fresh vegetables and fruits. In food, it is recommended to include onions, currants, citrus fruits, raspberries, honey. But it should be remembered that right after tea with honey or raspberries you can not go out into the street, it should take at least 45 minutes.
  • In the premises it is important to regularly wet cleaning and airing.
  • Be sure to follow personal hygiene measures: washing hands after the street, the toilet and before eating.
  • At the first signs of the disease, it is advisable to immediately consult a doctor to prevent the development of possible complications. This is especially true for young children.

The stuffy nose, what to do, the drops do not help. How to get rid of a cold and nasal congestion?

Each disease has a different symptomatology. And only on these indicators, you can sometimes understand that a person is something sick. In the same article I want to talk about a problem when the nose does not breathe: what to do if the nose is stuffy, and how to help yourself in this situation.

stuffy nose that do not help drop


Initially, it should be noted that nasal congestion is not an independent disease. But only a symptom of a certain disease. So, if you struggle exclusively with this problem, coping with it will be quite difficult. But if you treat the disease itself, which caused the appearance of this symptom, then everything will be much sooner. What can cause nasal congestion?

  1. Curvature of the nasal septum. In this case, a person often has various problems with breathing. Including often there are colds and zalozhennost. It is impossible to cope with this problem with the help of any means. If this is the reason the nose is laid, there's no rhinitis, drops do not help, you will have to use surgical intervention. This operation is completely uncomplicated and does not threaten the patient's life. After it there is no long period of rehabilitation or recovery, and the problem disappears immediately after correction.
  2. Adenoids. This is also a very common cause of nasal congestion, which does not go away even when medications are used. It is worth noting that the problem is inherent mainly in children. You can also cope with it with the help of surgical intervention. In this case, the doctor will simply remove these processes.
  3. Polyps. This is almost the same problem as adenoids. Polyps in the nose prevent the child from breathing freely, can cause stagnation. They are also removed surgically.
  4. Allergic reactions. This is a very common problem of nasal congestion.

There is congestion due to edema of the mucous membrane. This occurs most often before a cold. In this case, congestion is a symptom of an approaching illness. Also this condition can be observed in people due to other diseases, for example, sinusitis.

a stuffy nose

Drops and Sprays

So, what to do if the nose is laid, how can you help yourself? In this case, various drops and sprays will perfectly help to cope with the problem. The advantage of them is that they are sold in a pharmacy without a prescription and give a quick result. But they are often addictive. The action of drops is vasoconstrictive. They affect the dilated vessels in the nose (which causes swelling of the mucosa). Most often, doctors recommend the following drugs: "Nazivin" (there is even for the smallest children), "Pinosol "Sanorin".

If a person decides to use such drops, it is important for him to know the following nuances:

  • Use these medications can be no more than 4 times a day.
  • Bury in each nostril needs not more than a couple of drops.
  • Duration of use of these drugs: approximately 5 days. Not more. After all, in this case, they will not have the desired effect, because it is getting used to.
  • It is best to choose a drop on a plant basis. This can be, for example, the drug "Vibrocil". The thing is that these drugs less injure the nasal mucosa and do not cause addiction.


If a person has a stuffy nose, what should I do? Drops do not help, so you should look to the following medicines. So, if the cause of congestion is a catarrhal disease, then you can cope with the problem with the help of cold remedies alone. For example, if you take a pill of "Coldrex" or "Flukolda the main symptoms of colds disappear. And, as a consequence, the nasal congestion takes place. Many people may be interested in the question of why this is so. It's all about a special active substance - phenylephrine. It helps to remove the swelling of the mucous, which gives the patient the opportunity to breathe normally.

what to do if the nose is laid


If the patient has a nose, and then the ear, the sense of smell has disappeared, this is a very serious problem. It is worth remembering that the ear, throat and nose - all these parts of the body are connected. And if for a long time one of them does not work normally, it can start to "flounder" and another. So in this case. If there is no normal flow of air through the nose, the ear may begin to hurt. In this case, very good washing of the nose. Use for this can be various medications: "Saline "No-Sol "Aquamaris etc. However, if you can not buy one of these drugs, you can wash your nose with a normal pear and brine (sold in pharmacies as a solution for infusions - sodium chloride). If there is absolutely no possibility to get into the pharmacy, saline can be done at home on your own. To do this, you need only a fifth of a teaspoon of salt (can be sea) to dissolve in a glass of warm water. Next, you need to collect a little water in the pear and let out all the liquid into the nasal passage. This tool helps much better than the usual blow-out. And the saline solution does not negatively affect the mucous membrane (which can happen in case of using ordinary washing water). However, even here there is one "but". You can not release a jet of water in the nose under a lot of pressure. In this case, there is a risk of getting mucus in the ears, which will cause new problems, and sometimes even illnesses.

When the mother understands how to pierce the nose to the child, if the drops do not help, it is worth noting that this way it perfectly fits. So, you can use it even for the smallest children, who can not yet blow out the accumulated mucus. The saline solution not only cleans the spout, but also removes the mucous edema perfectly, which removes the stuffiness.

stuffy nose to do if the nose is heavily stuffed

Warming up

If the patient has a stuffy nose, what should I do? Drops do not help, so it's worth turning to folk methods of getting rid of the problem. So, it is worth noting that in some cases it is possible to apply warming. However, not always. This method can significantly harm if a person, for example, sinusitis. So these procedures can be safely carried out only if there is a doctor's permission.

  1. You can warm your nose with eggs. So, two chicken eggs must first be hard-boiled, wrapped with rags and attached to the nose on both sides of the sinus.
  2. Excellent edema of the mucous membrane when heated with salt. So, it must first be heated in a frying pan or in a microwave, then put in a linen bag and attach to the sinuses of the nose. As an alternative, my grandmothers put warmed salt in a clean children's socks.


What other means can I use if my nose is stuffed? What should I do if my nose is heavily stuffed and how can I help myself? In this case, the usual and well-known "Asterisk" is useful. This is a balm with a strong smell. So, they can anoint the nostrils from the outside, this will also help. But it is best to apply a small amount of this ointment to the nasal sinuses from the inside. In this case, the swelling of the mucosa will be within 5 minutes, and the problem itself will disappear. However, we must remember that in this case it is easy to burn the nasal mucosa. So you need to choose the right amount of balm for use.

badly stuffy nose


We are going to figure out what to do next if the nose is laid. If the drops bought at the pharmacy do not help, you can drip your nose with aloe or Kalanchoe juice. For this it is necessary to cut off a leaf of a plant and a couple of drops from a cut to drip into your nose. The result will not be as fast as it would like. However, this remedy can be buried in the nose every three hours. The course of treatment continues as long as necessary. Basically the problem disappears in about 7 days. In addition, this drug is not addictive and does not completely injure the nasal mucosa. So its use is completely safe.

Inhalation: nebulizer

If a person has a heavily stuffy nose, what to do, how to treat this problem? Excellent with this can be managed by inhalation.

First of all, it should be noted that it is good in this case to use quite a new device, called a nebulizer. The principle of its action is simple: through the tube, air is supplied under pressure into the cavity with the medicine, from which further the therapeutic mixture goes into the mask (or in a special tip for the nose) and in the respiratory tract patient. If you do not want to use various medications, you can breathe a mixture of water "Borjomi" (2 ml) and a couple of drops of alcohol infusions of eucalyptus. Important: it is not necessary to breathe with oils, they settle in the lungs and can cause many problems.

the nose is stuffy, the cold does not help, I do not help

Inhalation: folk remedies

If the patient has a stuffy nose, what should I do? Drops do not help, and the nebulizer is not at hand. In that case, do not be upset. After all, this procedure can be carried out and in different ways:

  1. Potatoes. It must be pre-welded. When the dish is ready, do not take it out of the pan. It will be necessary to put this capacity on a stool, and most to bend over it, having covered with a blanket or a sheet. It takes about 10 minutes to breathe. It perfectly removes the mucosal edema and stuffy nose.
  2. Garlic. Garlic inhalation is very effective. To do this, a couple of denticles of this plant should be poured a small volume of boiling water, then add there two teaspoons of soda. After it is necessary, as in the previous version, to cover with a blanket and breathe over a bowl for 10 minutes.
  3. Bow. Excellent removes the swelling of the nasal mucosa. In this case, it can be crushed in a blender and bent over a bowl, inhaling the vapors of this plant. However, it is better to close your eyes beforehand, because the onion irritates their mucous and causes lachrymation.


The patient often has a question: "If your nose is stuffy, what should you do?" Drops often do not bring the desired relief. In this case, you need to do a nose massage from time to time. It is worth noting that without the use of other means this is unlikely to help. But here as an auxiliary - this is the thing. In this case, you need to massage the nose region as often as possible. Such movements will not allow slime to stagnate in one place.

Tampons in the nose

If the patient has a badly stuffy nose, what should I do? Drops do not help, other means are also ineffective. In this case, you can try to use tampons that need to be placed in the nose. To do this, you must first prepare a special liquid. Make it pretty simple. It is necessary to mix one spoon of honey with one spoon of aloe juice. After that, the cotton swab is wetted in the finished liquid and placed in each nostril for about half an hour. This is a very good remedy, because honey has a full curative effect, and aloe juice helps to cope with mucosal edema and nasal congestion.

How to pierce the nose to the child if the drops do not help


As a small conclusion, I want to say that it is very important to cope with such a problem in time as a nasal congestion. After all, this is fraught with serious complications. So, simple stuffiness can cause chronic rhinitis or pharyngitis. In addition, it often becomes the reason for snoring, sometimes even very strong. If the patient often has a stuffy nose, this leads to a person breathing through his mouth. As a result, air entering the lungs is not cleaned well enough, and the mucous membranes of the mouth dry up. This is also fraught with the emergence of various diseases. Bad sleep, various neuroses and bronchitis are all consequences of the very simple stuffiness of the nose.

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